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Assassins Creed Directors Review Created by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, comes Assassin's Creed. November 2007 marked the release of this game on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 game systems. A PC version was also released in North America on April 2, 2008. Gameloft created Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles which is a prequel to this game. That was released for Nintendo DS on February 5, 2008. Assassin's Creed created a lot of hype preceding it's release on Xbox 360 and PS3 last holiday season. Players are able to control a talented assassin named Altair who is part of a mystifying brotherhood. The brotherhood is assignment is to take out nine main targets located in Jerusalem, Damascus, and Acre. This plot has many more twists and turns and will prove to get much deeper and exciting throughout the game. Players will first go through a long tutorial where Altair angers his brotherhood when he infringes on their guiding rules. Altair is ridded of his super-power abilities, his wealth, possessions and health pellets. He then has no choice but to execute the main story content and earn everything he lost back. This games setting is from a third person perspective and players are able to explore and adventure around the city and environment collecting clues by conducting side missions moving an attack towards the primary targets of the brotherhood. This game has many reviews and tons of information pertaining to the structure of this game and how to be successful. So what we will mention are a few issues we have come across during installation and play. The first being that when installation was first ran on Windows Vista 32-bit, the task failed. The PC version had worked a bit better when compared to on the game consoles. This was mostly due to Altair's movement ability with the mouse and WASD keys and aiming capability. The mouse is able to control the camera behind Altair causing him to move any in which direction it is aimed. Of course this would make moving around much easier compared to the control of a thumb-stick.

Altair is also able to receive quick commands using the A or D or left or right keys such as change direction in a 45 degrees angle to either side. This comes in quite handy when alluding guards and executing your escape path. You are also able to assign tasks to whichever keys you desire. But as a default, the WASD keys will move you forward, backward, left and right. Altair's head is controlled using the E key, which is also used to move to first person mode to execute necessary tasks. This includes things such as painting threats and to begin eavesdropping missions. Altair's open hand is controlled using the left shift controls. This is useful to move aside pedestrians when walking through the city streets, to drop from ledges and mount horses. His legs are controlled with the space bar, and it also allows him jump behind crowds. Cherish Lytle is Owner of Research2You. Need Articles, Internet Research or Admin Support?Stop by and shoot us an email for a free quote. The gamer When real life won´t do

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Assassins Creed Directors Review