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Winter 2012 - News from QuickSilver Exhausts


Our Cars

Mini Cooper S

Bentley GT - Comfort

  ‘Actually a 1994 Mini with 1275 SPi engine, but 60 bhp & 71 ft lbs mean the power more than matches the proper Cooper S.  In 1996 BMW added weight with more crash

‘It’s Quick, it’s Silver and It’s British.  Plus it does nearly 200 mph, smells wonderful and I am usually invited to park right by the door. A brilliant car, superbly comfortable, crazy fast (esp over 100 mph) and utterly reliable.  I bought it from a property billionaire living in Kensington Palace Gardens, who boasted that his house was worth £80 million and then threw his hands up and declared, ‘but I am the poorest man in my street!’.  It had depreciated about £90,000 before it came to me but with only 16,000 miles and the decadent Mulliner specification I smile every time I open the door.  It is a perfect

- Handling


“It is a gas to drive,it’s totally unbeatable!”

Paul Goddard, QuickSilver’s MD justifies the cars presently in his Garage:

protection and spoiled the ride with 13” wheels. I found a never-rained-on example and retro-ed it back to the 60‘s with 10” wheels, smaller brakes, Minifins, special Dunlops and some excellent Kabaya shock absorbers – reducing unsprung weight by 6 kilos / wheel. 560 kilos is as light as it gets.   It’s a gas to drive, steering is superbly light and nothing corners with more feel. On country lanes it’s unbeatable with the ability to overtake in the smallest gap and other drivers willingness to let you go’.

Porsche 911 Turbo

“but I am the poorest man in my street!” showcase for our QuickSilver Sports Exhausts and has visited events all through the summer. My favourite being the, ‘Supercars at Wilton House’, where we judged the rowdy Supercar ‘Rev-Off’.  A wonderful day that made us appreciate how fortunate we can be.

- Power

  ‘As an old Biker, I wanted the four wheel equivalent of Superbike thrills - and this delivers. Starting with a plain 1989 Carrera 3.2 Targa Sport we added ‘917’ brakes and Turbo wheels. Weight has been reduced by some 200 kilos. The suspension was already ‘Sports’ specification but new bushes,

“It does tend to pull it’s front up a bit too high!” dampers and updated roll-bar mounts provide proper feel. I resisted advice to lower the suspension as I want to retain the original look, however under hard acceleration it does tend to pull it’s front up a bit too high. Due to the biggest change which was the installation of a 3.3 engine to factory Turbo S (c 1993) spec. With under 1100 kilos, 380 bhp, and a whacking power delivery (no ECU restrictions here – it delivers all the power all the time) - it can be a scary ride. Paul Frere described the 1993 Turbo S’s performance as, ‘exuberant’, going on to say that he preferred the normally aspirated models as they, ‘do not require such concentration’ – I should say so. But, driven like a motorbike, it is extremely rewarding.

i n i M


he 9 11

T G y

Welcome to Crescendo Welcome to Crescendo QuickSilver exist to, hopefully, put just a bit more fun into the world. We certainly have fun, and appreciate how lucky we are to combine our enthusiam and our business. In 2011 we have accepted the hospitality of Aston Martin at race circuits all over Europe, we have participated in events of England’s grand houses and we have enjoyed working with enthusiast owners and specialists all over the world. It is suggested that in a few years ‘everyday’ motoring may become extinct and that driving for pleasure will become just a hobby (as horse riding already has) - maybe? In the meantime we should make the most of what freedom is left. Sound is an essential part of the experience of driving a sportscar and QuickSilver provide enthusiast owners with the ability to persoalise and enhance their driving with a soundtrack that matches their expectation. The deep muscle-car rumble of a V8, the howling shriek of a high-revving V12 or the mellow bark of a flat 6. We make these as good they can be. Crescendo presents a taste of what we do.

Where to find QuickSilver in 2012 Goodwood Breakfast Club - Sussex - 1st Sunday of each month Pistonheads Sunday Service - Various venues and dates Goodwood Festival and Revival - Sussex - June & September Techno-Classica - Essen - March Supercars at Wilton House - Wiltshire - August Retromobile Paris - Paris - February Chelsea Autolegends - London - September Concours d’Elegance - Hurlingham Club London - July Exciting Car Showdown - Nagoya - April Britcar 24 hours - Silverstone - October Monterey & Pebble Beach - California - August

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Aston Martin Vantage Road to Race Day Wednesday April 13th 2011 QuickSilver were guests of Aston Martin Racing at Silverstone to attend the Aston Martin Vantage Road to Race Day.

The event was to present Aston Martin’s GT4 Challenge cars for 2011 and most of the teams contesting this series took the opportunity to treat this as a test day. With over twenty GT4’s constantly circulating the sound of bass V8’s was non-stop.

Aston Martin GT4 Challenge - 2011

In addition there were a number DBR9 GT1 cars to add some V12 treble. Lapping for much of the day was a beautiful Aston Martin One-77 – stupendously fast down the straights but it’s road tyres were at a disadvantage to the Vantage’s slicks in the corners. Admired & desired by everyone. Aston Martin’s Chief Executive Dr Ulrich Bez and Aston Martin Racing Chairman David Richards were both spirited drivers in the special AM Rapide ‘Nurburgring’ and a very interesting new V12 Vantage Racer. Both ‘Bosses’ made short speeches after a tasty lunch at the splendid new BRDC clubhouse. QuickSilver are proud to be partners with Aston Martin Racing’s GT4 Challenge.

The Aston Martin GT4 Challenge is surely the definitive ‘Gentlemen’s’ race series. Many of the participants are extremely successful businessmen working towards a competitive drive at Le Mans. Competitive being the important word, as an AM insider said, ‘The only problem we have is, All these guys want to win!’ 

With super support from Aston Martin Racing, and Prodrive, a level field and the most professional preparation, this formula provides an experience that cannot be matched by the simple purchase of a ‘Supercar’ (though we understand that a number of the drivers are also One-77 owners).   Christian Horner (Team Boss of F1 Champions Red Bull) hadn’t raced since leaving F3000 in 1998 but took his ‘wings’ to share a car with David Richards (AMR & Prodrive Boss) in the first round. He led the first race for some time after qualifying third. Apparently Rowan Atkinson was due to drive also, but his invitation to the previous day’s Royal Wedding meant he was not available to qualify.  The girl in the straw hat driving through the paddock in an Aston Martin DB6 Volante was a nice touch.

One well-heeled driver, over 50 and only entering his third season, revealed his team already has a DBR9 - he finished on the podium in the first race.  These competitor’s racing heroes are Paul Newman and Mario Andretti and they are ‘Aston GT4s were not here to just wear the overalls. posting similiar

QuickSilver are one of the series Partners and delighted to be involved, enjoying the warm camaraderie and the very pleasant hospitality of Aston Martin Racing.

times to the ferrari On the same afternoon’s 458 Challenge cars!’ qualifying all the Aston GT4s were posting similar times to the   fastest Ferrari 458 Challenge cars – and After the chequered flag, the trophy the Aston’s are running basic road car winners and their teams enjoyed the engines that last up to two seasons of right celebration thanks to sponsor, endurance racing.    Taittinger’s Champagne.  




With the additional presence of a large number of AMOC members and their families and picnics, the atmosphere and company were more Ascot than the usual racing circuit. The 2011 season was packed with excitement and close competition in every race. Race 1 at Silverstone in April saw Generation AMR (Poole & Abra) take the first race win. Race 2 at Snetterton in May saw Nicholas Mee Racing take their first win (Le Blanc & De Zille). Race 3 at Donington saw real excitement with Saturday’s race being red flagged after Mario Corden rolled into the gravel at the Craner Curves. Sunday’s race was then extended and even after 2 hours the four lead cars were all racing for the line in a nail biting finish. In the end the honours went to Stratton Motorsport with lady driver Tiffany Chittenden. Race 4 at the formidable Spa circuit claimed Vantage Racing as a victim when Tom Black had a heavy shunt in qualifying, but not before securing Pole position for the team. NMR eventually

took victory at the fabulous Belgium circuit. Race 5 at Oulton Park in August was the turn of NMR to be caught out when newcomer Hannes Van Asseldonk slipped off the tarmac at Cascades, heavily damaging the car and leaving Vantage Racing to take the weekend win. Race 6 at Brands hatch saw Dan de Zille drive the freshly rebuilt NMR car to victory with Vantage Racing 2nd and Stratton Motorsport 3rd. Prior to the final round at Dijon, Vantage Racing and NMR were on level points, with everything to play for. Race 7 at Dijon – Le Blanc drove solo for this final round. Vantage’s Bonner illegally crossed the white line leaving the pitlane, giving him a drive through penalty and leaving him a lap down. But it nearly all changed when 30 minutes before the end the rain intervened, leaving some cars beached in the gravel. Now everyone but Le Blanc dived into the pits for wets, but his lap advantage meant that Le Blanc could stay out on slicks to take the race victory and secure the 2011 GT4 Challenge Cup for Nicholas Mee Racing.

The Aston Martin Celebrity car saw its fair share of action during the year, with F1 Team Boss Christian Horner and David Richards finishing 6th at Silverstone. Times Journalist Andrew Frankel had a sump bursting moment at Snetterton at Round 2. Jethro Bovingdon enjoyed a podium finish in Race 1 at Spa, then had a coming together with the NMR car in Race 2 leaving him limping in with a puncture. At the final race, BBC News Producer Chris Partridge was in the hot-seat at Brands Hatch alongside Aston Martin engineer Chris Porritt. Chris’s progress from Novice to Racer was featured over several weeks on the BBC TV News and is still available on their I-Player (see the QR code below). QuickSilver Exhausts would like to thank Prodrive / Aston Martin Racing and congratulate Champions Karsten Le Blanc and the Nicholas Mee Team on a successful and consistent year. And to runners-up Vantage Racing’s, Tom Black and Alan Bonner for pushing them all the way and to Stratton Motorsports Chris Kemp who was third in the 2011 series (in only his second season of racing).

Watch the Video (BBC reporter Chris Partridge in action at Brands Hatch).





Goodwood ‘Soft top Sunday’ QuickSilver were up early on Sunday morning for a spirited drive through Sussex in our ‘Soft-Top’ SLK55 AMG to Goodwood’s monthly Breakfast club.

SuperCars AT


In reverse order... TVR Typhon Black 109.0 db

A great sound from stereophonic exhausts tips with the owner exercising rare mechanical sympathy.

Aston Martin DB9 Black wrap 110.2 db

V12 engine – A well-known Pistonhead’s car beautifully presented in matt-black with a nice smooth sound but, arguably, too flat - lacking the variation in note of some of the best aftermarket exhaust systems. A very popular entrant that got a special shout from the crowds as he left later in the afternoon.

Porsche Carrera GT Yellow 115.0 db Thanks to Goodwood for giving us a prime Grid slot where we met lots of friends and past customers. By 08:30 the place was heaving, the car-parks were filling and the circuit was lined with the most interesting ‘Soft-Tops’ from the Lavant corner all the way to Woodcote. Later comers were sent for Breakfast at the ‘Kennels’. Held every month this Free event must be one of the finest anywhere in the world - history everywhere. The variety of cars from the most expensive to mundane – all driven there. By 11:30 it was ending and the Pubs and seaside resorts of West Sussex enjoy a booming afternoon in the warm spring sunshine. Thank you again to Goodwood for putting on such a fabulous event.


August 14th 2011 QuickSilver Exhausts were proud to be Sponsors and to join the judging team for the ‘Rev-Off’ Competition on the 14th August at Lord Pembrook’s ‘SuperCars at Wilton House’ which was an enormously popular part of the day. The spectators were so dense that the judges had difficulty in moving from car to car as you can clearly see from the video from the QR code.

Here’s a shot of our Mercedes AMG with its SuperSport QuickSilver exhaust.. perhaps we can encourage some other QuickSilver owners to come along to future events to help make some noise! In fact we have some great new car window stickers to help identify owners at these events - if you would like us to send you one please email your name and address to admin@ and we’ll pop one in the post to you.

V10 engine – The closest sound to Formula One this day, with all the shrieks, howls and gulps – only lacking ultimate volume. Knowing the previous scores, the owner cheerfully turned the stereo up to maximum to try to add to his number and in fact he could have scored higher if he had blipped the throttle more vigorously. Showing quick thinking he used the opportunity to promote a local band. (see video) In the end, the turbine smoothness of this engine at maximum revs did not cut it. 115 db is still bloody loud though!

Following the excitement generated by the event video and due to popular demand we thought we would publish the full results of the competition. So here they are...

Dodge Viper Road Car Red 117.0 db

V10 engine – At 8.3 litres, this engine was biggest in the competition and often said to be originally a truck engine. So what? - this model has proven to be formidable competitor in endurance racing with it’s truck-like torque and reliability. It’s side-exhausts meant that the judges had to adapt their measuring technique, positioning the meters a metre away from the exhaust tips, as with all the other cars. A unique sound, again with lots of American Bass, but this huge engine’s inability to rev meant it was never going to sing like Pavarotti – more like Paul Robeson.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante Light metallic blue 119.3 db V8 engine - This car belonged to well-known Pistonhead and video-blogger ‘Shmee’ and was an enthusiastic revver to open the contest.

Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 Maroon 120.0 db

V12 engine – A Diablo with the big V12, A relentless riff like Metallica - and a crowd pleaser.

De Tomaso Pantera GTS Grey 120.3 db

V8 engine – A proper old-school American V8. This was an old Rocker. Not high-revving so loads of bass. Very popular with the onlookers but, with 1970s carburettors, it was running extremely rich and the acrid fumes of this exhaust caused the crowd to cringe. A great sound and certainly the most fragrant but not enough volume for this contest.

TVR Tuscan S Dark Grey 126.3 db

Straight 6 engine – 400 BHP from this 4.0 litre normally aspirated engine. A ripping 6 cylinder blat.

Lamborghini Gallardo Green 126.9 db

Aston Martin One-77 Maroon 120.5 db

V10 Engine - This car was the winner of the ‘Rev Off’ last year and was a contender again. This generation of Gallardo is regarded as one of finest sounding cars on the road. Lovely Green and Black and outrageously loud but with a great range of notes and one of the judge’s favourites for the quality of sound. This car was the Tenor that would sing all the tunes on the most spirited drive. Though the loudest so far, it was eventually overtaken - though it did win an award for Cleanest Car of the day – and deserved it.

V12 engine – Modern twelve cylinder engines can often sound flat, lacking the character of their V8 or V10 counterparts. Not this One-77 though. A Lamborghini Diablo Metallic sophisticated melody that rose and fell like a soprano. red 127.3 db If there had been an award for sound quality this V12 engine – This earlier Diablo was a very would be the winner. And many thought it the most determined entrant. With the engine bouncing off the beautiful too. rev-limiter, particles were expelled from the exhaust As the cars left, the drives of Wilton House were stinging the judges - who feared for the safety of the lined with hundreds of people – enthusiastic families engine. With a deep frequency of sound like radiation, shouting ‘REV IT!’ to all the cars – who were happy the waves could be felt through bystander’s internal to respond. This One-77 left hand-in-hand with organs. This car had undoubtedly the most presence the Green Aston Martin V8 Vantage. As they drove of any entrant and one of the judges wanted to give it through the dense crowds the award on the spot. urging, ‘REV IT!’ they could be heard revving-it-out for “The ‘Rev-Off’ has only one rule – some distance - making a Dodge Viper great sound together. GTS – Race

Koenigsegg Agera White 123.6 db

The loudest exhaust wins. Putting Decibels into context, sound exceeding 95 db can lead to permanent hearing loss. Pain begins at 125 db. Even brief exposure to 140 db can lead to immediate permanent damage.”

V8 engine – With twin turbochargers generating some 940 bhp and over 1100 nm of torque this Koenigsegg had, by far, the biggest numbers. The original exhaust system is of a secret patented Koenigsegg design and manufactured from Titanium and Inconel to provide a thunderous growl together with the ability to meet emissions and sound regulations. The aftermarket exhaust manufacturers would approach this at their peril. With remarkable technical and cosmetic detail in every component this car was art on wheels. You can imagine this on ‘Antiques Roadshow’ in 200 years. Though a serious number, the sound volume was insufficient in this company. The Koenigsegg won the award for Best in Show.

Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 Yellow 123.8 db V12 engine – A huge sound from a big engine . These Diablos are real Heavy-Metal machines with a presence to match. They can be felt as well as heard.

Lamborghini Gallardo White 124.5 db V10 engine - This was an early model and did not disappoint with a highrevving V10 howl - later cars have a different firing order and lost some of their shriek

Car Red 128.0 db

V10 engine – This was a Monster … prompting the judges to warn the crowds to protect their children and cover their ears. The bass and volume at tickover gave notice and weren’t wrong. Way past the threshold of pain it turned a whopping 128 db. With sheer consistent volume from it’s crisp race exhaust this was easily the loudest so far and was giving high meter readings without blipping. The fly-by-wire throttle meant that the driver had to work from under the bonnet – his ears must be ringing still. And finally the winner...

Ferrari Enzo Red 129.0 db

V12 engine – Of all the entrants this Pistonhead was the most determined and was odds-on favourite before the judging even began. Remembering the 6 Ps ( prior preparation prevents piss-poor performance ) a special exhaust had been produced to provide just maximum volume. And was it loud ! Judged twice, one of the meters briefly showed 133 db – too close to the danger zone. This red Ferrari was a very popular winner – Lord Pembroke presented the ‘QuickSilver Exhausts Trophy’, a bulb-horn from a 1910 London Taxi, restored and engraved for the occasion. (The horn registered 105 db on the meter.)

The QuickSilver team judging the Rev off.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage AM Green 125.4 db V8 engine – This car had been meticulously tuned by scientists to increase engine output to 475 bhp and enhance all the sensations that an enthusiast enjoys from a Supercar. With a sound that ranged from deep to high and, at risk of stretching the metaphor, this car sang like Mel Torme - with a range that most could not match. Of all the cars here, this was the one that you might realistically take home and use daily, enjoying every journey.

See the Video:

Jay Broom and Lord Pembrook present the winner with the engraved QuickSilver trophy.

24 Hours in Dubai QuickSilver at the Dubai 24 Hour Race January 15th.

Starting at 14:00 pm the 5th Dubai 24hrs race was held at the Dubai Autodrome. 77 cars from all over the world gathered at the venue in the desert heat. The most numerous entries were Aston Martin in GT4 and Porsche in GT3. Quicksilver were proud to be a sponsor of the ‘Team930Rush’ Porsche 911 from Japan and working with QuickSilver’s Japanese partner RaceCarParts. Gambling that the superior traction

of 4 wheel drive would more than cancel out the extra weight, this 911 Carrera 4 looked a good bet. Team 930 Rush managed to qualify 5th on the grid in their class. Showing very good early pace, calamity hit the team just 45 minutes in when the team’s starting driver, Yutaka Matsushima, was struck by a BMW as they were coming into turn 10 (a tight right hand corner). Although the BMW fled the scene almost undamaged, Matsushima’s Porsche suffered serious injuries to it’s right rear and had to be towed back to the pit by the marshals.

In fact they immediately started to source the necessary parts for the 964 non-turbo model, which proved to be very hard work. About 3 hours later they found that there were only two 964 non-turbo cars in the whole of Dubai and luckily soon after they found the owners phone numbers. The first attempt failed as the owner did not have his mobile switched on! So the second owner was the teams only hope. The result was... not only did the team manage to get in touch with the owner, but the owner kindly brought his 911 straight to the circuit and offered the use of his car for spares for Team 930 Rush’s repair!

The Porsche seemed too badly damaged, but the crew at Team 930 Rush had no intention of giving up.

The process was manic... Team 930 Rush’s pit garage became packed as people from other teams and

London to Brighton Mini Run!

It is often said that most drivers in Britain aged between 25 and 55 learnt to drive in a Mini. Here at QuickSilver, we fall into that category so we have more than a hot-spot for what could be the finest car ever designed? There are presently two classic Minis in the QuickSilver car park. QuickSilver were there to join 2100 other Minis in the annual London to Brighton Mini run on Sunday May 15th – the biggest Mini event on the calendar.

the media came to see their effort and to cheer on the crew. It was an incredible feeling to hear the massive applause around the team as they were pushing the car out of the garage and back onto the pit lane. It took them about 2 hours to repair the car and to make it drivable again. So finally six and a half hours after the incident in which everyone thought it would be the end of their road Team 930 Rush re-entered the race!

Rush finished the race in a very respectable 5th in its class (52nd overall).

Some of the body parts were missing, the damper was nowhere near in its best condition (actually taken from a Nissan 34GTR!) but the car handled incredibly well considering and proved Porsche is one of the best made cars on the planet. In the end, Team 930

QuickSilver would like to give a big thank you to Toru Nakano at RaceCarParts, to the drivers Yutaka Matsushima, Masashi Kakiuchi, Jun Yamashita and Yousuke Shimojima and especially all the team who worked so hard to achieve a great finish.

After the race the team members promised to come back to Dubai again, and next time, they believe that they will be better prepared technically as well as mentally for the 24hrs race in the desert. Team 930 Rush’s challenge has only just begun.

It all started on Saturday, gathering at Crystal Palace in south London, the site of a very tight motor circuit used until the 1970s.

To get an early position, the lineup for the start began at 8:00 the previous evening and 12 hours later the swarm were released. Over 5 million Minis were manufactured and the survivors are now all in pretty good shape so nearly all entrants arrived in Brighton by late morning and lined up along the Sussex seafront for a day of Mini fun and Fish & Chips.


With 1001 BHP and a top speed of over 250 mph (400 kph) the Bugatti Veyron is the car with the biggest numbers. We agree, and believe that with 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers the Veyron also has the potential to provide the ultimate exhaust sound. The original exhaust is a wonderful thing but the sound produced has to meet all modern noise regulations and leaves enthusiasts unsatisfied, especially when they consider the possibilities. The sensation of sound is a huge element in enjoying a Sportscar. With a sound as good as this, surely only the

most avid ‘environ-mentalists’ would describe a Bugatti W16 engine as noise pollution. Most drivers will be lucky to see or hear it once in their lifetime. QuickSilver originally developed their ‘Titan’ exhaust for the Veyron in 2008 and it has now undergone a couple of evolutions to make it easier to install. The QS system weighs only 11.6 kilos, saving of 7.4 kilos over the original.

Supplied to Bugatti Importers and owners worldwide.

The Ultima “thank you for the MAGNIFICENT exhaust It sounds like Mt Vesuvius every time I start it up and it makes all the windows shake!”

Oriental Express!

On the PIT wall with Toru at the:

“After a disastrous first 4 hours, we were determined not to give up.”

ate Exhaust Sound “The whole team worked very hard and never looked back.” “Big applause to the 4 Japanese drivers and Topcats Racing, and many thanks to Quicksilver” “We are very pleased to finish in 4th and on the podium in our class.” “Many thanks to Quicksilver Exhausts for their support.” Toru Nakano, (the teams Translater for the full 24 hours!)

COOL STUFF Latest Threads Hot off the rail we have just released our limited edition ‘SuperSports’ GT4 T-Shirts, AND We are giving these away in exchange for cool videos of our systems on your great sounding cars!

McLaren Mercedes

We first heard the standard Mclaren SLR on the local runway at Duns and McLaren’s own test circuit) . It sounded like nothing else - it’s su WW2 fighter than a car.

We were apprehensive about the SLR as the original exhaust had be provide such a distinctive sound. Our brief was to provide more pres over a wider range of use, without going over the top or losing that original note. Mission accomplished and the McLaren Mercedes SLR has become one of QuickSilver’s signature systems, sent to dealers all over the world.

Send us the video to sales@ and mention the promotion to claim yours.

New Factory QuickSilver’s new research and Development building is nearly complete and should be operational in January. Adjacent to the existing factory, this building will house a seperate development unit, a self-contained production facility and a dedicated quality-control area. All ready to introduce a new range of E-marked QuickSilver products for 2012. Watch this space...

New Media Studio Completed in Summer 2011, this is where the magic marketing team is based. The QuickSilver studio has been built for the creation of all the marketing needs to deliver our brand effectively and consistently to all our dealers world wide.


sfold (which is also the Top Gear track upercharged barking V8 was closer to a

een engineered to sence

Taking to the water New QuickSilver dealer Brooks Motor Cars based in San Francisco decided to wrap this 36 foot power house in a custom QS livery! The boat hasn’t made it in the water yet since the wrap due to the weather and timing but should see the Golden Gate Bridge by spring. Specifications • • • •

36 feet long Twin super charged 575 Mercurys 1150 horse power 100+mph on calm bay or ocean

Turning heads

New exhausts to make your car more popular BMW 650i V8 (E63 E64) Sports Exhaust (2007-10) 960.00 GBP The system has been developed to improve the sound, performance and look of the car. The lightweight rear sections remove weight off the very rear of the car which has a profound benefit to the balance and performance and the redesigned internals maximise the flow of the exiting exhaust gases. At low rpm this system has a deeper tone than stock, allowing conversation and the radio. At higher rpm the volume and pitch increase considerably, rising and falling with revs, a robust sound that is appropriate. Type 304 Stainless Steel - Raw finish with polished tips.

Aston Martin DBS V12 TITANIUM Sports Exhaust (2007 on) 9300.00 GBP The system is constructed entirely from ultra light weight Titanium. This Removes maxium weight from the rear section improving performance. The system also provides the driver with a level of sound appropriate to the Aston Martin name. The volume will not spoil the enjoyment of the high-mileage and urban driver as there are no intrusive tones in low or medium rpm. The system also enables a slight improvement in throttle response - Also available in Stainless Steel.

Bentley Continental GT Mrk II Super Sports Exhaust (2011 on) 1620.00 GBP The light weight system has more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in turbo response for even more exuberant acceleration. The system retains the OE tips to keep the bentley style, also making installation much easier. The system’s internal design to allow the volume and flow to increase in proportion with rpm. This provides the W12 engine with a deeper tone at low engine speeds rising to a unique, higher pitched and crisper exhaust note at higher rpm. Type 304 Stainless Steel - Also available in Titanium.

Mini Countryman Cooper S - R60 Sports Exhaust (2010 on) 980.00 GBP

The system is a ‘Bolt-On’ fit that exits in the original position and offers the driver Improved performance, an enhanced sports sound, reduced weight and distinctive Larger Carbon Sleeved Round tail-pipes that fill the rear valance allowing the owner to distinguish their Mini. In Dyno tests the system also showed a 6 bhp improvement.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni Titan Sports Exhaust (2010 on) 2460.00 GBP With a Titanium silencer casing this system provides a greater variation in pitch & volume that make working up and down through the gears much more pleasurable. With a robust volume at higher rpm and a very significant weight reduction from the rear of the car. This system has one of the finest exhaust notes possible.

Mercedes SLS AMG R197 Sports Exhaust (2010 on) 2850.00 GBP Widely quoted as being ‘the best car in the world’ the SLS’s huge & relatively high revving V8 engine has the capability to produce a sound unlike anything else. Coupled with MB’s latest gearbox software that provides the 7 speed box with extra-fast changes - enhancing the sound mix up & down through the gears. QuickSilver’s ‘Sports’ exhaust system is a straightforward ‘bolt-on’ installation that requires no other modifications or retuning. A significant weight reduction is also an extra bonus.

Crescendo Issue 1