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lutathione essential help to good health. Glutathione is a natural protein that protects cells, tissues and organs from disease, aging and cancer. It consists of three amino acids: lysine, glutamate and cytokine. The first two are easily and in sufficient quantity in the cells.

On the other hand the third, cytokine, is rarely found in the diet and, to add to misfortune, the cooking of food the denature, limiting all the more the capacity of the body to produce glutathione. You understand that the vast majority of the European and North American population suffer from a significant deficiency of glutathione, which explains the poor state of health of the majority and the constant increase in diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer and heart disease. This consequence is part of an obvious logic, as glutathione is the main agent responsible for the healthy body: antioxidant, immune system stimulant, detoxifying, energizing and ageing resistant.

This small protein, naturally produced by the body, maintains these protective functions vital. Your life depends on glutathione. Without it, your cells would disintegrate by uncontrolled oxidation; your body would have little resistance to bacteria, viruses and cancers. Moreover, as if it were not enough, your liver would disintegrate and eventually die from a buildup of toxins. "Glutathione" is not yet part of the common language. Even most doctors have a vague idea although the number is increasing. But we know that in a few years everyone will talk about this vital substance. In the same way, there was a time when words like "cholesterol" and "vitamins" were known and understood only by scientists, but nowadays all have heard about it. Now it's the turn of glutathione. Over the last ten years, an approximate number of fifty thousand medical articles have been published on the subject. So scientific knowledge is gradually spreading. Each cell of the body is responsible for generating its own glutathione and must therefore have at its disposal the raw material necessary for its manufacture. Glutathione is always in great demand and is quickly consumed when we undergo all kinds of challenges: disease, stress, fatigue and even physical exercise. An exhaustive list of Glutathione's fields of action can be drawn up:

Slowing down the aging process: 

Parkinson's disease

Alzheimer's Disease

Cataract Formation

Degeneration of the macula

Cancers related to aging (e.g. prostate)


Cardiovascular system: 

Prevention of heart disease

Prevention of stroke

Prevention of Atherosclerosis

Regression of the Atherosclerosis

Prevention of injury caused by infusions

Digestive system: 

Intestinal inflammation


Food intolerance


Infectious and immunological diseases: 

Antiviral diseases (AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, colds, etc.)

Bacterial Infections

Some auto-immune dysfunctions

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Cancer: 

Cancer Prevention

Suppression of tumor growth

Elimination of carcinogens and Mutagens

Slowing of the oxidation of the DNA

Prevention of wasting

Reduction of adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Pulmonary system: 

Disaggregation of mucus (especially cystic fibrosis)


Chronic bronchitis

Metabolism: 

Increased athletic performance

Reduction recovery time after a physical effort

Cholesterol and LDL oxidation reduction


Detoxification in some cases of overdose

Detoxification of substances present in cigarette smoke and in exhaust gases

Detoxification of pollutants including heavy metals and pesticides

Prevention of loss of hearing caused by pollution and noise

Glutathione levels also decrease as we age and several diseases generally associated with aging are related to glutathione deficiency.

Whey protein Whey, a large group of proteins, is a constituent of the milk of humans and other mammals and, under ideal conditions, contains large amounts of precursors of glutathione such as lactoferrin, beta-lactalbumin and albumin of which are easily denatured by heat or mechanical actions. As a result of their pasteurization and industrial transformation, dairy products tend to be denatured. When most dairy products arrive on your table, their bioactivity is lost. In order to maintain the bioactivity of the glutathione precursors contained in whey, they must be extracted with special care and the process must be carefully supervised. Whey protein concentration may vary from 20 to 90% depending on the product under consideration. Protein quality also varies greatly, as is the more or less significant denaturation of glutathione precursors. Some of these products are bioactive, most of which are not.

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Role and nature of glutathione  

Glutathione essential help to good health. Glutathione is a natural protein that protects cells, tissues and organs from disease, aging and...

Role and nature of glutathione  

Glutathione essential help to good health. Glutathione is a natural protein that protects cells, tissues and organs from disease, aging and...