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veryone knows of the reputation of natural liposomal vitamin c, but apart from immune defenses, few know its multiple functions, and the precise effects of its deficiency.

In fact, Humans have no luck because we would, it seems, be part of a minority of animals unable to make it from glucose, such as the Monkey, the guinea pig, the Frugivore bat, some fish and many insects. Of course, we find vitamin C in fresh fruits and vegetables and uncooked meats, because being water soluble, it is decomposed at 70 °. How to get vitamin C in its most potent form? A very promising new process has come to light, so we obtain liposomal vitamin c

Every day risk the breakdown of liposomal vitamin c Toxic substances, intense stress, small surgery or dental anesthesia, consumption








painkillers, tranquilizers, an intense athletic effort, an intellectual effort

Sustained, significant surrounding pollution, etc. are great consumers of liposomal vitamin c in our body. Smokers, cancer patients and schizophrenics do not practically reject them in the urine regardless of the amount they are given, as their state of deficiency is Important. It turns out that many people are deficient without knowing it, because of the imbalance of their eating habits that are not enough to their needs in liposomal vitamin c. The result is the so-called Hypoascorbémie, which manifests itself in very different forms or in the following cases: 


Cardiovascular diseases




Bad Blood clotting


Chronic Crazy

Various recurring pains

Chronic fatigue

Capillary fragility – purport







School delay-Not enough IQ

Aftermath of stroke

Male and female sterility




Varicose Veins and venous diseases

There are several kinds of liposomal vitamin c. He thinks she's keeping her awake.










disturbances only appear in the consumers of synthetic liposomal vitamin c of pharmacy, often very poorly dosed since regulated to 120 mg maxi per day










preservatives, sweeteners, dyes, and caffeine! Natural liposomal vitamin c On the contrary does not excite and promotes good sleep.

A catalyst for many vital metabolisms Natural liposomal vitamin c: 

Potentiates the action of the other vitamins of which it is the starter,

acts as a transporter of hydrogen in the phenomena of redo-cell reduction,

Fight against an anarchic production of free radicals,

is the most effective antioxidant substances,

Slows down cell ageing,

Stimulates brain functions,

Has an important anti-fatigue power,

is a powerful over passing factor,

Increases the body's resistance to anaphylactic shocks and allergies,

Plays a very important anti-infectious role in strengthening our immune defenses,

has an anti-tumor action,

Increases the tone of the capillary walls and improves the cellular micro-circulation,

contributes to the production of red blood cells,

Stimulates the formation of bone substances in the event of a fracture,

Plays a favorable role in phosphor-calcium metabolism. Curiously, the same criteria are found in diabetes and scurvy: immune depression, hemorrhages, fatigue, cell ruptures, healing times, Atheromas. For example, when the guinea pig is subjected to a deficient diet in liposomal vitamin c, it becomes diabetic in a month...

Diabetic blindness is also often recovered in a month with 5 G natural liposomal vitamin c catches per day.

Scurvy, the terminal state of the Hypoascorbemie Even if no outside symptoms indicate a problem, a person may be in a state of liposomal vitamin c deficiency more dangerous than scurvy itself. When this condition is not detected, and persists without being corrected, the teeth and bones will be damaged, and even more serious, blood flow may weaken until it is no longer able to resist or fight difficultly curable infections such as scurvy. In fact, scurvy can present different causal forms: 

Food Scurvy

Scurvy of famine

The scurvy of the smoker

Scurvy of pollution (Mercury)

The scurvy of the pill


Scurvy of antibiotics


Surgical Scurvy.

In these huge deficiency states, there are often body degradation, bleeding gums, spontaneous hematomas or at the slightest blow, macular degeneration of the retina.

Classic Cure Reminder To start a deep detoxification, in times of stress or high fatigue, it is necessary to climb gradually to 4 or 5 g per day of good liposomal vitamin c of Aerial (without additives), this to not suddenly trigger a breakup of toxins. Higher doses can cause bloating, colic, or diarrhea, because when liposomal vitamin c exceeds the body's needs, it is not absorbed. During a disease, you can gradually increase liposomal vitamin c by 2 grams per hour until your belly starts to rumble or you have soft stools. This is called the titration of vitamin C doses. The cheapest liposomal vitamin c is the ascorbic acid that you can have in large quantities, although other forms of high quality and better absorbed alkaline versions are available as sodium acerbates. If you find ascorbic acid too acid, mix it with a little sodium bicarbonate to soften it. Some are afraid that liposomal vitamin c increases their blood sugar level; this is not the case, even at doses of 2 grams every 3 hours. Note: Vitamin has recently gained popularity for its protective effect on the damage caused by free radicals on DNA in workers severely exposed to radiation nuclear power plant, where those who took vitamin C had no significant change in both free DNA and overall cancer risk.

Injectable liposomal vitamin c This is the Laroscorbine in inject able ampoules which is synthetic vitamin to the use of heavy syndromes such as: serious intoxication, cancer, heavy diseases.

This form is intended for intravenous infusions that can go to 50 ml or more per session. These bulbs have long existed in 10 ml, and then one day they were replaced by ampoules of 1 ml, which consider an act of maliciousness to discourage users... But that does not hold, each attack generates new solutions, and more, even more powerful! Today, it is possible to replace the liposomal vitamin c administered in mega doses intravenously (I.V.), by liposomal vitamin c which can be taken orally – which is more sympathetic, and more manufactured at home.

What is liposomal vitamin c? A liposomal vitamin c is like a bag that carries a substance into your body and its cells. It is incredibly effective to accomplish this task because it is made of fat. It turns out that it is the same type of fat that makes up the cell membranes, which allows it to cross this barrier much more easily. In addition, the liposomal vitamin c is tiny and can pass through all the tiniest cracks of our cellular barriers.

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Liposome vitamin c- what you need to know  

Everyone knows of the reputation of natural liposomal vitamin c, but apart from immune defenses, few know its multiple functions, and the pr...

Liposome vitamin c- what you need to know  

Everyone knows of the reputation of natural liposomal vitamin c, but apart from immune defenses, few know its multiple functions, and the pr...