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Blog 4:

Uses Of A Personalized Koozies When the sun is shining bright and you want to keep your drinks chilled, a koozie is nothing less than a savior. These koozies are available in many personalized designs. One can choose any design, according to his/her personality. Apart from keeping drinks chilled in summers, these koozies also help to fasten your grip on these slippery bottles; and also are a means of identification when eating or drinking at a crowded table. Personalized Koozies are in fashion whether in terms of weddings, Halloween, birthday parties, graduation parties etc. One can write different messages, names, and dates to remember on these koozies, like 4th of July. Even funny or romantic messages can be written on these. Koozies can also be custom made for the one who just became parents or grandparents. One can get the name and date of birth of the newborn on the koozie. Even the picture of the baby can be used to customize the koozie. Apart from the above-mentioned gifting ideas, personalized koozies are also a source of promotion and awards in companies. Custom made koozies having the company name; website and other information are given to the significant employees and clients as awards or mementos. Koozies are being extensively used for promotional activities recently by many companies. Koozies have now evolved as the face of the company and the harbinger of the new product information. These are used for concerts, meetings, conferences to add an element of creativity and as a tool of promotion. Keep your drinks cool, relatives and friends happy, and your promotions the hot topic with personalized koozies!

Uses Of A Personalized Koozies