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Understanding Corporate Gifting In common, gifts are given for three main reasons: 1. On a personal occasion (be it a birthday or anniversary) and in the case of corporate, to mark a day significant to them (their founding day or other significant dates and anniversaries that are not common to other individuals or companies. 2. To celebrate a seasonal holiday/festival – this is the most common type of gifting. Individuals and corporate both give away gifts for holiday seasons to spread happiness and cheer. 3. To appreciate the work an individual or team has done – in some cases, when the company wants to appreciate an individual or a team or group for their success, they show that appreciation by gifting. Why are promotional and bulk gifts the norm? In the current corporate scenario, corporate have tried to develop a rapport with their employees and it is considered prudent and is almost an expected gesture to give gifts to mark occasions or show appreciation. This involves all the employees in the company and therefore the gifts need to be ordered in bulk to ensure everyone gets their gift. What are the norms for promotional gifts? 1. They need not be personal, or really touching on a personal level. The gifts can be useful and still remain out of the personal boundary. This excludes a few gift options that are popular between individuals. 2. The gifts need to be useful – this again is for two reasons. Gifts that cannot be used have no purpose and become an object of mockery in cases. Only if the gifts are used regularly will the personalized branded promotional product serve its intended purpose. 3. Finding the fine balance between using the gift as branding material and actually giving a gift that can be carried around without seeming like a promotional pamphlet / mini billboard is most important. 4. The gifts cannot be too cheap or temporary even if they are purchased in bulk. A gift reflects the taste of the company and must therefore meet a certain level of expectation. 5. Promotional gifts cannot be too expensive and eat into the budget of the company. 6. Since the gifts are going to carry the brand or logo of the company, the company branded gifts have to be of good quality durable material.

Article 2: 7. The gifts need to be interesting – this means branded promotional gifts like personalized koozies, custom can koozies, personalized canvas tote bags and personalized coolers are in vogue. 8. Need to be purchased or made to order from someone who makes them in bulk. Only then will the uniformity of the gifts will be maintained, and no one will feel left out or belittled. This means buying products like discount mugs, personalized tote bags, and other branded promotional products must be done from shops like Quick Ship Promotions where the gifts are manufactured to order and available on time. Corporate gifting is an art and doing it right will change the way employees might perceive the company. Understanding the norms of gifting would make it easier to choose the right gifts. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jimmy Davis is a marketing expert who also likes to write various articles and blogs, helping small business houses in generating maximum impact from their marketing strategies. He recommends as the best name to trust if you are looking for promotional items like coffee cups, travel mugs, stadium cups, can holders, and many more.

Understanding Corporate Gifting  

In the current corporate scenario, corporate have tried to develop a rapport with their employees and it is considered prudent and is almost...

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