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How to connect Quickbooks to Airtable | QUICKBOOKS AIRTABLE INTEGRATION Airtable is a multifaceted interactive database tool which also works as an online collaboration tool for a wide range of businesses. This software platform is user-friendly with a light and simple interface. Airtable is versatile as well as customizable in working and so it becomes easier to manage work, plan a corporate event, track and organise inventories, and more. Unlike conventional database management systems, Airtable works efficiently as an app, which is easy to learn and use, with simple language, responsive colour scheme and helpful icons. Quickbooks Airtable Integration integrates seamlessly with a wide range of apps and services. Therefore, it is regarded as the most preferred workflow management software in all types of businesses.

This smartly designed and conceived software platform performs like an online system where a group of collaborators can easily share, store as well as collectively edit all types of information. This information ranges from purchase inventories, sales, purchases, invoices and more. Quickbooks Airtable Integration works like an online system for creating as well as editing databases among groups of people. This software platform can also be used in managing work such as updating articles in a website, creating a database listing all types of articles on the website, which are to be updated. The users of Airtable can design records for the database for containing fields for the name of the article,

the publication date, its URL, the original author, deadline for updating it and more. Subsequently, the users can confidently invite editors and writers into the database for assigning themselves works where they can tick a checkbox in each record in the database for indicating for complete up-dation of the article. Airtable app also offers a helpful selection of templates such as Wedding Planner, Bug Tracker, Social Media Calendar, Employee Onboarding, Product Launch, Non-profit Grant Tracker, and more. For providing all types of project management solutions, this software platform is highly rated and preferred by all types of business management specialists worldwide. In many ways, Airtable is superior to Microsoft Excel, as users can easily hide/unhide fields and more. It works effectively as spreadsheets and can easily attach files as well as offers drop-down options, as well as checkboxes and more. Quickbooks Airtable Integration can also be used for bulk editing where users can use blocks and filters. It allows users to go from grid appearances to form appearances where they can easily view projects as a typical spreadsheet. For all these reasons, Airtable is considered to be user-friendly as well as a customizable database management tool.

Integration of Airtable and QuickBooks Online The software platform of Airtable offers a REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) which makes it easier for users to integrate their Airtable base with external systems. As compared to several traditional APIs, users can simply do the schema configuration in the same graphical user interface they are using for entering the data. It makes it simpler for front-end developers to work with this software without writing code or provisioning an API server. The API of Airtable supports standard CRUD (creating, reading, updating,

and deleting records) actions. Therefore, users are supposed to require an API key that can be generated from the account settings. Thus, users can accomplish authentication by using the API key in the HTTP authorization bearer token header. After successful integration of Airtable and QuickBooks Online, users can effortlessly generate invoices and can automatically process payments in QuickBooks Online. Similarly, users can also create rows, search and also update them in their Airtable app, after successful integration of Airtable and QuickBooks Online apps. Consequently, it becomes simpler to organise anything with the software platform of Airtable as it works like an advanced database that can create tables in keeping track of sales leads, marketing plans to inventory management.

Steps to integrate Airtable and QuickBooks For integrating these two apps, Zapier, an effective integration tool, has to be used. For using this integration tool, no code is required as it helps users in sending information between Airtable and QuickBooks Online automatically. 1.To begin with, users should properly authenticate their Quickbooks Airtable Integration and QuickBooks Online accounts. 2. Now, they are supposed to select one of the apps as triggers which will kick off their automation. 3. Next, the user should now select a resulting action from the other app. 4. Thereafter, users are supposed to select the data they wish to send from one app to the other.

Most commonly used integrations of Airtable and QuickBooks Online used by users comprises of: a. Adding a Record in Airtable on a New Customer in QuickBooks Online b. Adding or updating a Customer in QuickBooks Online on a New Record in Airtable c. Adding a Record in Airtable on a New Payment in QuickBooks Online

d. Adding a Record in Airtable on a New Invoice Line Item in QuickBooks Online e. Adding a Record in Airtable on a New Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online f. Adding a Record in Airtable on a New Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online g. Adding a Record in Airtable on a New Expense in QuickBooks Online.