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Know How To Make Changes to Will Kit

Making minor changes to your Will can be done simply by using a codicil.

This is a document separate from your actual Will but that forms part of it once you have executed it.

It is important to note that changes should never be made on the Will itself. You should also never attach or affix any document, in any manner, to your Will.

This is to avoid any potential for argument that there are missing documents or as to what was actually affixed.

There are a number of general rules that need to be followed when making a codicil.

The first is that a codicil should only be used for making minor or simple changes to your Will.

If you want to make more substantial changes, you should re-write your Will entirely rather than rely on a codicil.

You should also consider rewriting your Will if you have a major life change to your circumstances, such as marriage, divorce or death of your spouse.

There is no need to lodge your Will and any codicil with a solicitor or to lodge it anywhere else formally.

You only need to ensure your Will and any codicil is kept in a safe place along with other important documents such as title deeds and bank documents.

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