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When a bigger label printer is needed Not all labels are created equal. Some are fairly small, as they have to fit onto tiny boxes of pharmaceutical products, for instance, or be stitched inside garments with care instructions. Sometimes, however, the opposite is true, with large labels required to fit around paint tins, catering-sized food products (a 450g tin of baked beans wouldn’t go far in a school canteen!) or plumbing or other building trade items. That’s where a wide-width label printer, such as the Kiaro! 200, produced by comes into its own. High quality labels up to 8 inches (20 cms.) long and 17 inches (43 cms.) wide will satisfy the vast majority of manufacturing labelling needs. With printing speeds of around 40 feet per minute, the Kiaro! 200 wide-width label printer enables manufacturers to print exact requirements very quickly, with no loss of quality. Indeed, at 1200 dpi, even fine detail is clear, making it possible to produce attractive labels, with whatever essential information and barcoding is required, in-house. The advantages of having an in-house colour label printer are manifold; there is no longer any dependency on external label printers, who might make a mistake in the colours, sizes or quantities of labels needed, or who may not deliver in time for that urgent order that has to be despatched tomorrow. Nor is there any wastage, as the labels can be printed on a “just-in-time” basis. When making your choice of label printer, whether for wide-width or standard labels, it is always worth checking out the additional factors, such as routine maintenance requirements, availability of inks and other essential accessories, ease of label winding and after-sales care and support, should it be needed. Having made the decision to carry out your label printing in-house, it makes sense to ensure that you will continue to receive satisfactory service from your purchase for many years.

QuickLabel’s Kiaro! 200 prints wide-width labels  

Sometimes a printer for small labels just isn’t enough. A standard label would be lost on a 2 litre paint tin, but the Kiaro! 200 wide-widt...

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