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Make barcode label printing simple with a Pronto! 486 Barcodes are, arguably, the most essential part of all the packaging and labelling that comes with any product nowadays, whatever the commercial retail setting within which they end up being sold. In terms of efficiently integrating barcode design, printing and production into existing business operations, barcode label printers are an affordable way to go, not only printing barcodes at speed and with clarity but also allowing for flexibility in the design, order amount and customisation of barcodes per batch order.

The Pronto! 486 barcode printer, from printing specialists QuickLabel, is a market leading piece of hardware that comes with equally impressive design and printing software. Featuring an impressive printing resolution of 600 dpi, the Pronto! 486 produces consistently clear text at the 4 pt. size commonly used on labelled barcodes. Designed to use thermal transfer ribbon for printing, the reliable printing mechanism of the Pronto! 486 ensures that all lines, solid fills and curves are produced in nearlithographic print quality so that all barcodes printed are guaranteed to be properly read by scanners. As can be seen in the images left and right, the Pronto! 486 can print a variety of types of barcode label, from the standard solid line barcode to the square Q-code barcode, including labels that contain images and branding alongside the barcode.

A wide range of small-scale, commercial and industrial manufacturing operations need to design and print barcodes. Some businesses use the Pronto! 486 to create specifically labelled barcodes for different products, especially in the food industry, whilst others in more industrial sectors, for instance computer circuit board manufacturers, continuously run the barcode printer as part of an integrated production line, being able to monitor it remotely thanks to its built-in Ethernet and web servers. A number of accessories are available which make it possible to easily get the Pronto! 486 working seamlessly within any existing production line.

Find an affordable barcode label printer at QuickLabel  

QuickLabel specialise in producing barcode label printers which are intuitive, print quickly and clearly and are customisable per barcode an...

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