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Each year I look forward to being invited to the screening of the animations. I am always excited and impressed with the hard work and dedication these young adults put into their work. This program gives the participants an opportunity to focus their creative energies to craft animations relating to youth, action and the environment. Kent Hehr MLA for Calgary Buffalo

The Youth Animation Project has played an integral role over the past several years in offering youth facing barriers to employment an opportunity to develop life and employment skills in a creative, stimulating environment that fosters self-confidence, skill development, personal accomplishment, team work and peer relationship development. Brian Lambier Team Leader, BGS Youth Ventures Program

meet quickdraw Quickdraw Animation is a charitable society that provides resources for animation lovers including courses, screenings, and a library with over 3000 books and videos.

Quickdraw cultivates healthy communities by encouraging creative expression through animation.

The Youth Animation Project helped Tanice come out of her shell and learn how to work in a team environment. She is a more confident and independent person because of her interaction with fellow participants in the program. She was exposed to life skills that she would have otherwise avoided, or missed out on. We strongly support the continuation of this program, as we feel it helps young adults develop into productive members of society. Bob and Bev McMinis Parents of past participant, Tanice McMinis

community outreach Our award winning Youth Animation Programs build the confidence and resiliency needed in order for youth to set and achieve their goals. Recognized in 2007 by Governor .. General Michaelle Jean (pictured at left) as positive step towards sustainable community, our programs equip youth with fundamental life, teamwork, creative thinking, and personal management skills needed to participate in today’s labour market.

My experience with the Youth Animation Project has been out of this world! Tanice McMinis Past participant

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Jessi is an artist and a part-time respite worker who volunteers countless hours each week with a number of local community organizations and festivals, but this was not always the case. In fact, Jessi credits her time in the Youth Animation Project as a major turning point, opening her eyes to a world of possibilities that because of her age and inexperience, she didn’t think were there for her. Far from the confident person you see today, Jessi was unemployed and experiencing anxiety and depression about her future. She lacked knowledge about the labour market, higher education, and most of all about her own strengths. Through the Youth Animation Project, Jessi learned how to market herself to prospective employers and uncovered new strengths and abilities through the grueling process of creating her own animated film. Jessi is set to attend school in the fall, and has received a number of job offers through her recent community work. Beaming, Jessi adamantly confirms:

“None of this would have been possible without the Youth Animation Project.”

our priorities Community development by investing in Calgary youth in the following ways: 1. Supporting independence & well being 2. Developing life and employability skills 3. Mentorship & support for those in crisis

We will invest financial support in the following ways in support of these identified priorities: 1. Scholarships & Awards 2. Bursaries 3. Capital Equipment Costs 4. Program Costs

transforming communities one frame at a time

You can make a difference in your community To find out how, contact:

Erin Belanger, Project Director Quickdraw Animation 201-351 11 Avenue SW Calgary AB, T2R 0C7 (403) 585-0466

The Youth Animation Project  
The Youth Animation Project  

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