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INFORMATION: VENUE (Theatre Screenings):

“Sticky Ends” by Osman Cerfon VENUE (Workshops) Quickdraw Animation Society 201-351-11th Ave SW

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TICKETS $10 Regular Screenings $8 Quickdraw/CPO/CJSW Members/Students/Seniors $40 Full Festival Pass Tickets Available at the Door ADVANCED TICKETS available online : www.



To the Capricorn AD cutie that drinks Americanos every Thursday: The pretty Pieces would like to meet next Thursday and read our horoscopes together again.

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G7 Acknowledgements Festival Team Festival Director: Karilynn Thompson Audience Development Coordinator: Caitlind r.c. Brown Technical Coordinator: Micheal Welchman Programming Committee: Bryn Evans Erin Belanger Tobias Contreras Court Brinsmead Jessi Schroeyers-Frederick Janna Marynn Brunnen

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Adobe Software Projection Sponsors:

The video projection technology you are watching at this performance has been made possible through the Calgary Foundation’s funding of a unique partnership between Ghost River Theatre and the Pumphouse Theatres. These professional-grade projectors, specifically selected to function well within a theatre setting, are being made available not only to this company but also, through the management and support of the Pumphouse Theatres, to small and mid-sized Calgary cultural institutions at an affordable rental rate. This means that this exciting but expensive new tool for theatrical production will be accessible to innovative Calgary artists, regardless of their budgets.


Special Thanks

President: Nancy Laing Vice President: Leslie Bell Treasurer: Mark Coyte Secretary: Jessi Schroeyers-Frederick Directors: Ian Fitzgerald Vincent Duckworth Xstine Cook Janna Marynn Brunnen Kim Walton

Al Toth & Pete Harris at the Plaza Brenda Lieberman Brian Sew Susan Nosov Anna Lake, Allison Moore Anna Dunn, Mark Belkie, and Judy Lawrence Dan – Impark Cynthia Klaassen Roz Freeman Christian Goutsis Richard Reeves Dana Schloss

Shorts Jury Members Cam Christiansen Amy Darling


Welcome to GIRAF 7


I would like to welcome you to the 7th Annual GIRAF Animation Festival! What makes us different? As Western Canada’s only animation festival, we offer the best in eclectic, strange, and underground animation. See award winning, mind blowing, and technically astute works - animations that will leave you wondering - How was that made?

JOE KELLY + CAVEaged CAMPER: Live music and Animated Visuals Performance Wednesday November 2, 7:30PM 1517 8th St SW -- Parking Lot “Bloom” by Sitji Chou

This is a GIANT year for us, and I am proud to present our theme: Animated City. Featuring huge animations on buildings and in your favorite hang outs, sip your coffee, beer, or tea and watch incredible works from all over the world. You won’t regret the trip outside to see some of Canada’s rising stars, like the exquisite Bloom by Sitji Chou, and colorful, hilarious The Monstrocity by Martin Warszawaski –as building-sized animations at our outdoor, plaid- themed, Log Drivers Waltz Gala Party! Some of my must-see animations this year include Classic Sesame Street animations, the wildly eclectic work of our visiting artist David O’Reilly, and our Short animation packages. Shorts hold a special place in my heart –representing the best in independent animation talent. From award winners like The Eagleman Stag, meticulously created with cutout paper, or The Nuklear Family that reads like an Adult Swim cartoon (only with better animation), to former Calgarian Malcolm Sutherland’s Umbra – a black and white exquisitely crafted existential journey – these shorts call for all of your attention, and there is something for everyone.

“The Eagleman Stag” by Mikey Please

This is an outdoor, parking lot show – not to be missed, and wear your warm clothes for weather. Look for the CAMPER! Presented in collaboration with TRUCK Gallery’s CAMPER. “The Nuklear Family” by Carrette Olivier

“Please Say Something” by David O’Reilly

We’ve worked hard this year, and I would like to thank all of our sponsors, funders, supporters, volunteers, artists, my incredible festival team, and of course YOU – our audience. Enjoy the Festival – and stay warm out there! Sincerely,

Karilynn Thompson Festival Director


In our opening show, catch live animated visuals by Calgary’s Joe Kelly, set to the eclectic noise sounds of CAVEBOURNE (Eric Hamlin and Brad Hawkins). Joe Kelly, is best known for his live animated film performances entitled Manjelo, will be live syncing his new digital work to live sound. Psychedelic, rotating and colorful, Kelly’s work compliments the ethereal, droning, electronic and improvisational sounds presented by Cavebourne.

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“The MonstronCity” (at left and above) by Martin Warsawski

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Animated City


In our 7th year, GIRAF debuts a new animated installation component to our festival. Animated city is a presentation of large-scale animayour favorite coffee shops, bars, and stores. tions throughout Calgary, including in


Look for our large scale projections as well – made through the QuickTrack Program: an artist-in-residence, animation production project, held out of Quickdraw Animation Society. Over a 3 month period, 4 emerging professional artists are paid to work with a producer, mentor, technicians, and have access to full animation facilities in order to create a short animation. SoftCity By Lydia Karpenko Thursday November 3, 7-11PM North Wall of TEATRO (200 - 8th Avenue SE) Lacrimosa By Mohammad Sharar Friday November 4, 7-11PM Enoch House, Yellow house on the Stampede Grounds (314 12th AVE SE) Bloom by Sitji Chou Saturday November 5, 7 to Midnight Jubilee Auditorium, North Parking Lot (1415 14 Ave NW) The Monstrocity By Martin Warsawski Saturday November 5, 7 to Midnight Jubilee Auditorium, North Parking Lot (1415 14 Ave NW)

Daily from 6 pm to 11 pm Looped animation packages Cafe Beano 1613 9 St SW

Local 510 510 17 Ave SW

Purr 601 17th Ave SW

The Roasterie 314 10 St NW


1925 AKA Hell

By Max Hattler 2MIN, 2010 DEN

Why do you have a beard?


By Leslie Bell 8MIN, 2011 CAD Impetus

Space Junk

By Stephan Larson 4MIN, 2011 USA

By Stuart Hughes 5MIN, 2011 CAD

Slippery Grounds

Optimal Shimmer Source Solid Black

By Francois Vogel 10 MIN, 2011 FR

By Brandon Blommaert 11MIN, 2011 CAD I was Crying out at life. or for it.

By Vergine Keaton 9MIN, 2009 FR


By Paul O’Donoghue 6MIN, 2010 IRE

By Dylan Ladds 4MIN, 2011 USA Bermuda

By Calvin Frederick Newhall 4MIN, 2011 USA Elements of Time

By David Montgomery 7.5MIN, 2009 USA

Pages 1135 Kensington Rd NW Apollo

By Leslie Bell 16MIN, 2011 CAD

Oolong Tea House 110 10 St NW Ad infinitum /Tribolumine scence

By Benjamin Ridgeway 2MIN, 2010 USA Nova

By Leslie Bell 4MIN, 2011 CAD

BEAMA - Projection Mapping Outside the Plaza Theatre, Friday and Saturday Evening Artist collective BEAMA visual environments (Darren Caufield),7with the help of local animators turn the outside of the Plaza Theatre into a dazzling display. BEAMA, best known for visuals at the Pagoda stage (Shambhala Music Festival), will be creating animations that interact with the building façade, turning the Plaza into a space defying projection mapped illusion.


In Conversation: David O’Reilly


November 3, 2011 7:30pm ConcoPhillips Theatre, Glenbow Museum Glenbow/Quickdraw Members $12/ General $15 Call 403.268.4110 for tickets

“The External World” by David O’Reilly

David O’Reilly is an Irish illustrator/animator currently based in Los Angeles. O’Reilly’s work is regarded as an edgy, groundbreaking force in contemporary 3D animation, that has been featured at over 50 festivals including such prestigious locations as Sundance Film Festival and Cannes International Film Festival. O’Reilly has created music videos for Irish rock band U2 and stage visuals for English singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer M.I.A. David O’Reilly will sit down with artist, filmmaker, collaborator and co-host of Artslink, an Arts & Culture radio program on CJSW Caitlind r.c. Brown, for what promises to be a lively and insightful conversation about O’Reilly’s practice and career as an animator. In partnership with the Glenbow Museum

Screening: Czech Surrealism and Magic Realism November 3, 7:00PM Plaza Theatre

“Labrint” by Zuzana Schebestova

Dreams of the Blind Watchmaker Curated by Kaspar J. Saxena and Milada Kovacova

Our feelings about Czech Surrealist and Magic Realist animation were summed up in a blog comment: "What the heck's in the water over there?! And will they bottle it?" Much emulated, but never matched, we wondered about the uncontrived Czech legacy and the cultural landscape it evolved from. Was it the wordless transfigurations of the mundane and everyday sub-conscious in the Czech Surrealist school? Or the modernist collaging of indigenous archetypes, symbols of Czech folklore? Or was it ultimately the arcane visual legacies of Neoplatonism, Alchemy and early sciences and technologies in the Rudolfine era, that breathed life into the Dreams of the Blind Watchmaker? ~ KJS (Please see GIRAF website for curatorial essay, images and full program descriptions.)

Screening: Stop Motion Spectacular November 3, 9:00PM Plaza Theatre

“Maska” by The Brothers Quay

Sky Song, Mati Kutt, Estonia 45 min

Lydia Karpenko soft


The “Soft City” animated installation depicts an imaginary, surrealistic dreamscape full of strange animals and plants taking over a building in downtown Calgary. Inspired by oceanic, under-water life, curious creatures emerge from openings in the façade, slowly filling the building with vibrant, tactile imagery. Using stop-motion animation techniques, the creatures constructed with wire, yarn and wool felt come alive in an interactive dance with the building.

nimated 8

Is it possible to reach the moon in one breath? Yes, if you have the will to fly and the appropriate training. Surreal stop motion, created by Mati Kutt, one of Estonia’s most talented animators, explores the deep recesses of the human mind. Meticulously created puppets guide us through a philosophical journey– combining physical experiments, Freud, and a postman’s journey to deliver a package to the moon.

“Maska” by The Brothers Quay

Preceded by: Maska, The Brothers Quay, 24 min Sci-Fi and Stop Motion meet in the newest animation by the legendary animators Timothy and Simon Quay. Maska, a dark adaptation of the story by Solaris author Stanislaw Lem, is sure to please with its fantastically lit scenes, and masterfull puppet animation. “Sky Song” by Mati Kutt


1578 8 St SW -- Parking Lot NFB New Releases

Joe Kelly + Caveaged


9:00 to 12:00 am

Cafe Kawa

Death by Short

The Plaza 7:00* to 8:00 PM

Death by Short




Czech Surrealism & Magic Realism

Live Visuals Spectrum with Joe Kelly The MonstroCity

Logdriver’s Gala

Shorts Package:

Answers to all of Lifes Questions

Jubilee Auditorium featuring Answers to All of Life’s Questions

9:00 to 10:00 PM



Martin Warsawski’s MonstroCity & Sitji Chou’s Bloom *From 7 PM till LATE

Answers to All of Life’s Questions

The Plaza

Lydia Karpenko: Soft City


Teatro (North Wall)

Stop Motion Spectacular

Looped animation from 7 to 11 PM




*This event begins at 7:30


12:00* to 3:00 pm


NFB’s Family Program

Animation on Film with Richard Reeves

*from 1 to 2:15 pm

The Life of the Artist


*From 1 to 2:15 pm

Answers to All of Life’s Questions

NFB Family Program

6:00* to 7:45 pm David O’Reilly


The Life of the Artist


David O’Reilly


Panel Discussion:

NFB’s New Releases

Animation & Architecture

*from 7 to 7:45 pm


NFB New Releases

9:00 to 10:00 PM

Mohammad Sharar: Lacrimosa

Shorts Package:

Death by Short

Enoch House Looped animation from 7 to 11 PM Death by Short



Answers to All of Life’s Questions

Conoco phillips theatre

Stop Motion Spectacular

7:00 to 8:30 PM



1:00 to 4:00 pm

7:00 to 9:00 pm


In Conversation: David O’Reilly

Czech Surrealism & Magic Realism

9:00 to 10:00 PM

Offsite Joe Kelly + Caveaged

7:30 to 9:00 pm

The Plaza



The Plaza


The Plaza

at a glance




giraf + animated city

The Plaza Theatre 1133 Kensington Road NW (403) 283-3636

Quickdraw Animation 201-351 11 Ave SW (403) 261-5767

Conoco Phillips Theatre @ The Glenbow Museum 130 9 AVE SE (403) 268-4100

Looped Animation Packages Daily from 6 to 11 PM Cafe Beano 1613 9 St SW

Teatro Restaurant 200 8 Ave SE (403) 290-1012

Enoch House (Yellow house) 12th avenue and Macleod Trail SE

Local 510 510 17 Ave SW

Jubilee Auditorium 1415 14 Ave NW (403) 297-8000

Purr 601 17th Ave SW

The Roasterie 314 10 St NW

Pages 1135 Kensington Rd NW

Oolong Tea House 110 10 St NW




Shorts Package

Spotlight: David O’Reilly

The Nuklear Family

Carrette Olivier, FR, 2010, 9MIN

November 4, 7PM Plaza Theatre

La Plage

Agathe Bray-Bourret, CAD, 2011, 2MIN Making of LongBird

Will Anderson, SCOT, 2011, 15MIN

Spotlight: David O’Reilly Friday November 4, 7PM Plaza Theatre

“The External World”

“Please Say Something”

David O’Reilly’s animations certainly arn’t the candy coated family-friendly 3D animation represented in the mainstream. Best categorized as edgy, space altering, glitchey, and even offensive at times, and traversing commentary on everything from love and rejection to the history of animation, O’Reilly noted for his disregard of animation conventions. O’Reilly will be in attendance to present a retrospective of his films, including Please Say Something, and the External World.


Malcom Sutherland, CAD, 2010, 6MIN Princess

Frédérick Tremblay, CAD, 2010, 12MIN INtermission Time

“Sticky Ends” by Osman Cerfon

Michael Degg, USA, 2011, 3.5MIN Enrique Wrecks the WOrld

David Chai, USA, 2010, 4MIN Something Left, something taken

November 4, 2011 @ 9:00PM Plaza Theatre

Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata, USA, 2010, 10MIN Death of an Insect

Hannes Vartiainen, FIN, 2010, 7MIN The Boy who wanted to be a Lion

Alois Di Leo, UK, 2010, 9MIN Cowboy Love

Natalie Young, UK, 2011, 3MIN

Death by Short 85.5 MIN We all die someday. Explore your morbid tendencies with this package, and ponder the realities and surrealities of death... We'll keep it short.

Sticky Ends

Osman Cerfon, FR, 2010, 5MIN

Animated city Lacrimosa is an interpretation - the beginning of life and existence. It’s about when two eyes meet and what unfolds between them. It’s about weeping and vindication. The animation passes through interpretive stages of sentience only to find itself back at the very ‘beginning’.

Workshop: Live Animation Visuals With Joe Kelly

Mohammad sharar 12


Nov 5, 1:00-4:00PM Quickdraw/EM Screening Room Must Pre-Register (Call 403-261-5767) Free!

saturday Join us for this workshop demonstrating the use of many types of media gear in the context of providing live visuals. We will explore multiple formats of film, analog video and digital video with Modul8 Software. A Newfoundland born media artist living and working in Calgary, Joe has made a number of films that have been screened and awarded internationally. He works primarily with film, and has completed and screened ten films on super 8, 16 and 35mm formats. He has also created film and video-based installations that have been shown in art galleries around Canada.



Shorts Package A morning stroll

Grant Orchard/Studio AKA, UK, 2010, 7MIN In conclusion, We should fuck: a story about love, sex, and clay

Tess Sibthorphe, CAD, 2010, 11MIN static void Main

Jessi Schroeyers, CAD, 2010, 2MIN Employee of the MOnth

Clemant Cornu, FR, 2010, 12MIN Traumdeutung “Employee of the Month” by Clemant Cornu

Lauri Warsta, FIN, 2010, 5 MIN Mulvar is correct candidate

Patrick Désilets, CAD, 2010, 1MIN

November 5, 2011 @ 7:00PM Plaza Theatre

Answers to All of Lifes QUestions 73 MIN Answers to all of your existential questions: love, procreation, career choices, dreams, who to vote for… featuring whales, squirrels, chickens, wrestling, and a beetle!

The Whale and the Dog

Garner Beckett, CAD, 2010, 3MIN Hinterland

Linda McCarthy, UK, 2010, 2MIN Dauphin 007

Jonathan Monaghan, USA, 2010, 3MIN Matter Fisher

David Fisher, UK, 2010, 7MIN Hogan

Peter Millard, UK, 2010, 2MIN Bout

Malcolm Sutherland, CAD, 2010, 5MIN



Leslie Bell, CAD, 2010, 4MIN The eagleman stag

Mikey Please, UK, 2010, 9MIN

Feature TBA

15 14




Sitji Chou

Animat city “Bloom” is a short film made using a range of techniques: a mix of live footage, projections, compositing, and traditional animation. Flowers bloom and perform, becoming characters in the process.

Wear your plaid to our ode to all things Canadiana, and celebrate the spirit of new and retro Canadian Animation!

First Steamwhistle pint free to those (18+) who wear plaid!

Log Drivers Waltz Gala Plaid Party November 5th, 2011 7PM-Late Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium – North Parking lot All Ages – FREE!

Featuring: Animated City Presentations – Animated Installations (throughout): Bloom by Sitji Chou & The MonstroCity by Martin Warsawski 8:30 PM – Canadian Animations of Sesame Street Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Did you know that Sesame Street featured specific Canadian content from animators like Janet Perlman, Cordell Barker, and Ishu Patel? From Q is for Quarter to refreshing your basic French – this hopes to be a nostalgic and strange ride for all. 10 PM Log Drivers Waltz featuring Retro Films from the NFB (90 min) We all grew up with classics like the BlackFly and the Cat Came Back. Join us for this journey through 70 years of Animated NFB – from Norman McLaren experiments, to ACAD grads in the Hothouse program, ending of course with the Log Drivers Waltz!

Animated The Monstrocity city

Featuring Live music by the Bitterweed Draw and Friendo. Twoonie drinks, free hot chocolate, and outdoor fire pits! This is an all ages event. Indoor and outdoor spaces to keep warm - Snow or shine!

Colorful Animated monsters inhabit the walls of the Jubilee – eating, growling, and proliferating.

Martin Warsawski

Presented in collaboration with The Jubilee Auditorium

– this hopes to be a nostalgic and strange ride for all.


Panel Discussion: Animation and Architecture Sunday Nov 6, 3:00-4:00PM Quickdraw/EM Screening Room Free!

Life of the Animator

Join animators from the QuickTrack Project, and visiting artist collective Beama to discuss ideas around the use of animation in the city, including projection mapping and interactive animations.

November 6, 1PM Quickdraw Screening Room, Free!

GET ANIMATED! The NFB’s annual cross-Canada animation celebration! The Florenstine Collection, Paul Gailiunas, 2011, 31min Preceded by an encore screening of the C’est La Vie: The Chris J. Melnychuk Story Various Animators, 2011, 5 min When Helen Hill found over 100 handmade dresses in a trash pile, she set out to make a film about their maker. The Florenstine Collection was completed by her husband, Paul Gailiunas, after Helen’s murder in 2007, with inclusions of Hill's original silhouette, cutout and puppet animation. Through water-damaged home movies rescued out of the Katrina aftermath, and punctuated by songs sung by Paul, The Florenstine Collection is a touching memorial to the life of an animator. C’est La Vie: The Chris J. Melnychuk Story is a locally made film, celebrating the life of a Calgary Animator and Artist. Using footage from Chris’ last, incomplete film, it was collaboratively completed by 17 local animators, to raise funds for a memorial Scholarship in Chris’ name. The animation documents Chris’ struggle with tongue cancer, self-realization, and the power of one’s own voice.

Workshop: Animation on Film Animation on Film: Oxberry Camera Stands and Hand Processing with Richard Reeves Sunday November 6, 12-3PM Quickdraw Must Pre-Register (Call 403-261-5767) FREE! Did you know that Quickdraw houses the camera stand that Cordell Barker made The Cat Came Back on? Now you too can learn the basics of our Oxberry Camera Stands -- Much like what would have been used to shoot classic cel-animation Disney films. The Oxberry can be used to shoot complex movements, zooms, pans, special effects, and multi-pane shots. Learn to load and unlead film, table and camera movements, and exposures. As a group, you will shoot a short animation on 16mm film, and learn techniques for hand processing film in Quickdraw’s dark room.


Get Animated! brings you some of Canada’s finest (and funniest!) animation. See the Prairies from the crowded back seat of a car, enter the miraculous world of spirits, and be dazzled by a celebration of music and colour. The NFB, in partnership with GIRAF, is bringing the magic of animation to CALGARy, with two exclusive screening programs – including one for families. Get Animated! marks World Animation Day with an amazing selection of films: From boldly experimental to flat-out funny, there’s something for everyone. So come join us and Get Animated!

NFB New Releases Sunday November 6, 7PM Plaza Theatre Free! An eclectic collection of entertaining new animation films, from the whimsical to the experimental. Watch the newest films by Calgary Animators Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis, Koji Yamamura and more! Big Drive

Anita Lebeau, 09:14MIN Pumpkins & Old Lace

Juliette Loubières, 08:46MIN I was a child of Holocaust Survivors

Ann Marie Fleming, 15:03MIN CMYK

Marv Newland, 07:13MIN Muybridge’s Strings

Koji Yamamura, 12:40MIN Wild Life

Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby, 13:30MIN

NFB- Family Program Sunday November 6, 1PM Plaza Theatre Free! Come and enjoy a fun-filled selection of NFB films, both new and classic animation loved by all. Animate Everything: Animate Anything

03:27MIN Animate Everything: Flip it

01:05MIN Big Drive

Anita Lebeau, 09:14MIN Waseteg

Phyllis Grant, 06:28 Private Eyes

Nicole Lemay, 14:25 The Girl who hated books

Jo Meuris, 07:21


Patrick Doyon, 10:00MIN




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