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All About Conversion and Creation of PDFs! Most of us use computers for our day-to-day work, which means we work on files and documents for various purposes. Documents and files can be created using different formats as per our requirement and needs. One of the most popular document formats used by people across the globe is, Portable Document Format. This format is the brain-child of Adobe, which introduced PDF to the world in 1993 as a universal file format. This was going to change the way people exchange data with each other through the net. Most of the times, when we send files to others, they are unable to view the documents like they are in the source file. Portable document format, on the other hand, capably preserves the original layout of a document so that, when it is opened on another computer the content of the document displays properly. The problem with the PDF format is that more often than not it can prove to be anything but universal. A lot of PCs do not come with built-in software that allows users to view pdf files. This means that you will have to download a special pdf reader so that such files can be easily opened and viewed. Word is a commonly used document format in which people can easily edit the content. On the contrary, PDF is a non-editable format, and this makes handling of such documents a bit tricky! Now what shall be done to face the trouble? The program offered by Adobe seems to be too costly for the common to buy, but then there are many other affordable software programs through which you can edit, create and convert PDFs very quickly. Have you ever come across a situation where you sent a Word document to a friend only to find that the original format had gone haywire? In such a situation, you would understand why PDF is so useful. Previously, only Adobe knew the way in which the format worked, which is why it became mandatory for pdf users to use Adobe Reader. This posed a lot of problems for those who could not afford the expensive reader from Adobe. Now, thankfully, there are many alternative programs that help users to view, edit pdf, create, convert, or use portable document format files without any hassles. Adobe's Reader also comes for free of cost now, which has made it easier for people to install the application and use Pdf files and documents.

All About Conversion and Creation of PDFs!