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As signs of an improved economy abound throughout the nation we focus on providing additional information to the community and further foster a “spirit” of contribution to our society.

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According to Pew Research, Latinos are the largest and youngest minority group in the United States. One-in-five school children are Latino. In the history of this great nation, never has a minority ethnic group made up such a large share of the youngest Americans. It flows logically that the types of individuals our Latino youth become will help form the character and nature of the United States during this century. Two thirds of Latinos ages 16-25 were born in the US as the big wave of Latino immigration in the 1960’s has spawned a big second generation of US born Latinos. Back in 1995 nearly half of all Latinos were immigrants so we are seeing a significant demographic shift via sheer force of numbers.

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Que Viva! is Indiana’s Premier Bilingual Magazine aimed at keeping the Hispanic Community updated on relevant news and current events in Indiana. A community Inspired and empowered by an understanding of current events is an educated community that will contribute and partake in this State’s climate of vibrant economic opportunities.

While it is heartening to know that close to 90% of both Latino youth and parents agree that a college degree is important for getting ahead in life, it is sad to learn that only half of our youth actually enroll in college. The chief reason for not pursuing higher education is related to financial pressures to support a family. In Que Viva’s Education Section we provide information aimed at assisting our youth to find ways to obtain a formal education beyond high school. Our focus is to raise the level of awareness of the multitude of resources available to our youth that can be pivotal in their quest toward reaching their dreams. We also highlight successful individuals in our community who have and continue to make their mark. In this issue we have included Mr. Joe Medellin, a prominent ArcelorMittal executive who has given of himself in such a manner that has benefitted not only him and his family, but also our community. Also highlighted is Mr. Sergio Urquiza owner of Meyer’s Castle, a consummate entrepreneur with a flair for style and good taste. We continue our quest to stay at the forefront of relevant topics on a State-wide level and Danny Lopez from the Indiana Commission of Hispanic/Latino Affairs offers his perspective. His focus is on the latent but real potential benefits from collaborative efforts between our Latino community and other communities toward a better social infrastructure. As scientist Louis Pasteur said “chance favors the prepared mind”. We hope the preparation of our youth and our encouragement as parents, teachers or mentors, fosters a strong and rooted environment toward their advancement. We look forward to your comments either via Facebook www.facebook. com/QueVivaIndiana or email us at


The Que Viva! Team

As Indiana Changes, Communities Must Collaborate to Ensure Success for All Groups GUEST COLUMNIST

Danny Lopez One of the important points I consistently try to stress to groups, organizations, and individuals to whom I speak in my dual roles in State Government is the idea that Indiana is a state on the cusp of some very dramatic, very significant changes. We have seen manifestations of that already. In the past decade, our state’s Latino population has nearly doubled, and now more than 450,000 people from all over Central and South America and the Caribbean call Indiana home. Thanks to the tireless work of groups servicing refugee communities, we now boast the second- and third-largest Burmese populations in the entire world. We have growing Somali, Iraqi, Russian, and Chinese communities that are peppered throughout the state and have helped to bring the kind of cultural diversity that, outside of Chicago, has not traditionally been a part of the fabric of life in America’s heartland. Moreover, the work of the Daniel’s administration to attract new businesses from all over the world, our high quality of life, competitive schools, and sensible fiscal policies have all played a role in making Indiana a place attractive to people and businesses looking to better their situations and achieve upward mobility. But such changes strain the social infrastructure of many communities, and I have spoken at great length to anyone who will listen about the need for collaboration and cooperation between demographic groups across the state. Many of us, just like many from other nationalities and ethnicities, like to believe that the challenges we face are singular to our communities. It gives us purpose to think that it is impossible for those outside of our communities to understand our experiences and to feel as if the obstacles we face and, by consequence, the solutions we propose are remedies inextricably our own. The truth is that while the manifestations of our problems are often unique to our culture and our experiences certainly take different shape as compared to African Americans, Burmese, or Eastern Europeans living in our state, the end results are sadly similar and the solutions must be comprehensive and collective. Best practices are best practices, and while I would never advocate for a “cookie cutter” approach to implementation, I certainly believe that we Latinos have much to learn from the ways in which other underrepresented populations have struggled with some of our same challenges. In Indiana, low graduation rates are pervasive in nearly all underrepresented communities. This often, I should add, includes many rural white communities that have seen the achievement gap steadily grow. Too many of our children are shepherded into special education programming unnecessarily. Too few have the support they need at home from their families. Too many fall through the cracks, don’t get the college preparation they need, are not challenged by their counselors, don’t capitalize on programs and services available to them, and lack parents at home who truly understand that education in the United States is what determines individual and community self-sustainability. These disturbing trends and the abhorrent statistics that accompany them are in no way singular to the Latino experience – nor to that of the African American, Asian, Indian, or any other culture that has in recent years flourished and grown across our state. If we are ever going to address the difficulties we are facing, we absolutely must seek commonalities, share resources and best practices, learn from other populations, and help each other cope and overcome. We have to continue to encourage other groups to work with us, not against us, and but we have to be willing to work with them. Indiana’s changing, and it’s about time we start working together to finding ways to ensure that our most vulnerable populations are posed to compete. Mr. Lopez is Executive Director of the State of Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs and Director of Education and Legislation of the State of Indiana Civil Rights Commission.



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cash is king

What is a Cash Flow Statement?

A cash flow statement is a powerful tool for monitoring the health of a business. This statement is one of the three primary financial statements: the income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement. Brilliant investors like Warren Buffet have said that the cash flow statement is the most important of the three because – as any business owner knows – cash is king. The purpose of the cash flow statement is to reconcile the change in cash balances from one period to the next by reconciling the inflows of cash and outflows of cash. A cash flow statement covers activity over a period of time – typically monthly, quarterly or annually. All three of the financial statements are interdependent; changes in one affect the others. This is most apparent in the cash flow statement which typically begins with net income - pulled from the income statement - and includes changes in balance sheet accounts, such as change in current assets.

Importance of a Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow statement often groups the cash flows into three basic categories: operation activities, investing activities and financing activities. The key to understanding each section lies in their names. The section entitled “Cash Flow from Operations” includes any kind of revenue received from the sale of goods or services, payments made to employees, suppliers and the government – in short, the operations of the business. Moving ahead, the investment section includes outlays for, and proceeds from, owned assets that are intended to garner returns in the future. For instance, purchasing new machinery would be labeled as a capital expenditure in the investment section of the cash flow statement. If the investment section covers investments made by the business, the financing section of the statement summarizes investments made in the business. This section includes receipts from issuing or purchasing shares and the increase or reduction in debts. A cash flow statement serves various purposes and is beneficial for multiple constituencies of a business. For a business owner, it can be a way of predicting the foreseeable cash flow for the near future and so can help in budgeting. For investors, the cash flow statement can help them assess the health level of a business as well as anticipating future investment needs. Keeping cash flowing is a challenge for most business owners. Keeping up-to-date on the most successful cash flow strategies is a Horizon Bank specialization. Our advisors are experts in business financing and will work with you to develop a steady stream of solutions to help manage your cash flow. Apply for a loan by speaking with a business advisor at 888-873-2640.

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making preparations to advance your education Indiana Youth Institute

In today’s economy students need some education or training after high school. The options include a traditional four-year college degree, a two year community college degree, a oneyear certificate, an apprenticeship or even military service.

Core 40 with Technical Honors. To earn a Core 40 diploma, a student must take 8 credits of English (a credit can be considered equal to a semester), 6 credits of math, 6 credits of science, 5 credits of directed electives (languages, fine arts, career and technical education), 2 credits of physical education, 1 credit of health and wellness, and 6 credits of electives that relate to a student’s college and career aspirations. The requirements for math and science are quite specific. The DOE’s website provides more details, and students also can learn more about the requirements from a school counselor.

Regardless of their plan, students need to be academically prepared to succeed. That preparation includes getting the right high school diploma, of which Indiana offers four—a General Diploma, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors. Requirements for these diplomas can be found at Indiana Department of Education The Core 40 with Academic (DOE) website, and Honors diploma requires students to changes to the requirements will be complete the Core 40 requirements, implemented this fall. but adds coursework in math, languages and fine arts. It also requires All students are encouraged to some college level coursework, taken pursue at least a Core 40 diploma. at the high school, that results in stuIt is the minimum requirement for dents earning college credit. Academic admission to most colleges in Indiana, Honors students must maintain a B though many of the schools prefer or better grade point average, have students who earn the more challeng- no grade lower then a C in courses ing Core 40 with Academic Honors or required for graduation and earn

specific scores on the SAT or ACT placement tests. The Core 40 with Technical Honors provides an intriguing option for students who are interested in pursuing careers in a science, math or technology field or who wish to obtain a trade or certificate program after graduation. As its title suggests, students must meet the Core 40 requirements, plus additional coursework in math and languages. A career technical program, as well as an internship or approved industry-based work experience also must be completed. Students must maintain a B average and receive no grade lower then a C in required courses. While Indiana’s honors diplomas require strong grades, students should set this as a goal regardless of their career track. To learn more about graduation requirements and college admission standards visit www.TripToCollege.Org.



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The tools are online and totally FREE! Explore different career paths. Prepare for career training or college. Plus students and parents can network and stay up-to-date on the latest college and career planning news via Trip To College on Facebook.


¡ Que Viva! Indiana Magazine Correspondent Meyer’s Castle is a renowned landmark in the city of Dyer, IN. It serves as an upscale wedding and banquet hall, a steakhouse and a very popular lounge on the weekends. Of late, one additional element Meyer’s Castle has added is daily work at Lost Marsh Golf course for daily service as well as a great place for weddings and quinceañeras. To many it’s another building, but to owner Sergio Urquiza it is significantly more than that. The castle was completed in the early 1930s and designed by architect L. Cosby Bernard who made the home a dream come true for Joseph Ernest Meyer. Meyer was the founder of the Indiana Botanical Gardens in Hammond and one of the first millionaires to reside in the region. Meyer was inspired by the Jacobethan Revival Architecture of a castle he had seen while he was in Scotland. It was constructed with Indiana limestone and detailed by European designers. The inspired botanist enhanced the grounds with lush gardens to pursue his love for herbal medicine, and lived in the home until his death in 1950. In 1984, the home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Urquiza grew up in a ranch in Argentina and came to America 1960 when he was about 14 years old. He learned the language and worked many different jobs just to survive. As most of his youth was spent in open spaces, he wanted to work outdoors when he came to the city. It was a big change from growing up on a ranch but he successfully adjusted. As he grew older, his mother counseled him to learn a profession; she recommended that he become a hair dresser. Not feeling passionate about working in a factory, he decided to try out cosmetology school. As he adapted to the school, he started learning quickly and becoming 10


very good at what he did. As the gentleman who owned the school noted that many of his audience members for hair shows and demos were Hispanic, he invited Urquiza to his shows to translate and help out. “At the end of the day I did extremely well and I came to Chicago,” said Urquiza. “I was highlighted as one of the top ranking designers in the Chicagoland area. I positioned myself to own shops in Chicago; one on Michigan Avenue and another in Wrigleyville.” Working in downtown Chicago definitely had its perks. Urquiza became good friends with the gentleman who founded Giordano’s pizza, and talked Urquiza into getting into the restaurant business. Soon after that, he attended culinary school and became a chef. When his children were young, Urquiza lived in South Holland, IL and discovered the castle while taking his kids to soccer practice in Dyer. A close friend told him the building was vacant which propelled him to become intrigued. “I made an appointment to see the house with no intentions of buying it,” said Urquiza. “I fell in love with the beauty of it and ended up buying it anyway.” Originally, his intentions with the castle were to use it as a home for him and his family, which they did for about 4 years. What inspired Urquiza and his family to start hosting weddings and banquets came from one of his son’s friends expressed an interest in getting married at their residence. Urquiza agreed and went the whole nine yards. “We brought the caterers and the party and it was absolutely beautiful,” said Urquiza. “All of the sudden many

requests started coming to us, so we started a wedding is unique because it’s a safe place to come,” said Urquiza. business. It worked out with the town and turned out to “We have great security, it’s cozy, and people just have a great time. They don’t let me sleep sometimes but the fact be a very unique place to have weddings.” Having a background in cosmetology, Urquiza had that I provide a great place to come and have a drink and spent a lot of time around making women feel special. He relax makes it worthwhile for me!” had a passion for the wedding business because it allowed Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Urquiza him to make many women’s dreams come true when it learned early on to be a visionary. When he sees an op-

came to their big day. “Whether a bride wants to spend $10,000 or $100,000, it’s still her special day,” said Urquiza. “Many of the people who have gotten married here come back for their anniversaries. That means a lot to me. It’s like they’re almost a part of my family in some weird way.” After success in the bridal industry the Urquiza family opened Rodizio’s, an Argentinean steakhouse that specializes in hard wood charcoal broiled meats. His passion for good food has allowed his business to be successful and to meet many of the locals. The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday and is open on special occasions and holidays. The lounge started around 5 years ago when his son, Mike, wanted to establish a place where people could get bottle service. The vibe originally was going to be reggae themed but ultimately became an upscale lounge. Meyer’s Castle may compete with many bars and other lounges in the Northwest Indiana, but according to Urquiza, it is a special place to come and enjoy good drinks and good people. “There are some pretty cool places around here but it

portunity, he always tries to seize it. “There’s no other place in the world that I’d rather do what I do, than right here in the US,” said Urquiza. “Things open up when you are a positive person. It is a lot of fun, but if you do don’t succeed at first you can bounce right back.” Although he is at the age to retire, he doesn’t feel the need to. According to Urquiza, he feels like he’s only 35 years old. “I may not move as fast as I did when I was that age,” chuckled Urquiza, “but I work just as hard as I did then. I see friends of mine who are retired and their main concern is to decide what channel they should watch. I’d love to not have anything to do sometimes, but I’m glad that I’ve got stuff to do.” For Sergio Urquiza, success has made his life better. He feels like he has a reason in life as there is always something to do. His passion has led him to success and he has this very solid business to showcase his level of success. ¡QUE VIVA! | MARCH 2012



¡ Que Viva! Indiana Magazine Correspondent El Castillo Meyer es lugar muy reconocido en la ciudad de Dyer, IN. Sirve como lugar para celebrar lujosas bodas o salón de banquetes. También es un restaurante especializado en deleitosas carnes y a la vez es un bar (lounge) especial y muy popular los fines de semana. Un elemento que se ha desarrollado últimamente aparte del castillo es servicio en el curso de golf Lost Marsh en Hammond. Ahí también se ofrece servicio completo inclusive el de bodas y quinceañeras. Para una persona normal El Castillo es otro edificio, para Sergio Urquiza, su dueño, es mucho más que eso. El castillo fue terminado a principios de 1930 y diseñado por el arquitecto L. Cosby Bernard quien hizo la casa de un sueño hecho realidad para Joseph Ernest Meyer. Meyer fue el fundador de los Jardines Botánicos de Indiana en Hammond y uno de los primeros millonarios que residió en la región del noroeste de Indiana. Meyer se inspiró en la arquitectura del Renacimiento Jacobethano por un castillo que vio durante su estancia en Escocia. Fue construido con piedra caliza de Indiana los detallados los llevaron a cabo un equipo de diseñadores europeos. Meyer era botánico y uso su inspiración para diseñar frondosos jardines al perseguir su amor por la medicina herbal, y vivió en esta casa hasta que falleció en el año 1950. En 1984, la casa fue inscrita al Registro Nacional de Lugares Históricos. Urquiza se crió en un rancho en Argentina y llegó a Estados Unidos 1960, cuando tenía unos 14 años de edad. Aprendió Ingles al desempeñar varios oficios y poder sobrevivir. Como la mayor parte de su juventud la pasó en los espacios abiertos, se enfocó a trabajar al aire libre cuando llegó a la Chicago. Fue un gran cambio el vivir 12


en una ciudad grande comparada al rancho, pero se ajusto con gran éxito. . A medida que crecía, su madre le aconsejo que aprendiera un oficio y que tal vez estudiara la peluquería. Al no sentir pasión por trabajar en una fábrica, decidió probar la escuela de cosmetología. Al adaptarse a la escuela, empezó a aprender en forma rápida a ejercer su oficio en forma muy diestra. El caballero que era dueño de la escuela de cosmetología se dio cuenta que la mayoría de las audiencias en las exhibiciones de cabello eran hispanos. A Sergio se le invito a que atendiera a estas exhibiciones para ser intérprete y para colaborar con su ayuda. “Al final del cuenta me fue muy bien y llegué a Chicago”, dijo Urquiza. “Se me reconoció como un ‘diseñador estrella’ en el área de Chicago. A través de mis esfuerzos pude adquirir unas cuantas tiendas en Chicago;. Una en la avenida Michigan y otra en Wrigleyville “ Mi trabajo en el centro de Chicago sin duda tuvo grandes ventajas. Urquiza estableció buena amistad con el fundador de la franquicia de pizza Giordano’s, y tal amistad le permitió el integrarse al la industria de restaurantes. Despues de un corto tiempo se dedico a estudiar en la escuela culinaria se convirtió en un chef profesional. Cuando sus hijos eran pequeños, Urquiza vivió en South Holland, IL y al llevar a sus hijos a una práctica de futbol en Dyer se dio cuenta del Castillo de Meyer. Se dio cuenta por parte de un amigo que el castillo estaba vacío

y de inmediato se interesó. “Hice una cita para ver la casa sin ninguna intención de comprarla”, dijo Urquiza. “Me enamoré de su belleza y al final de cuenta resulte comprándola.” Al principio, sus intenciones fueron de simplemente hacer su hogar en el castillo, lo que hizo exactamente durante unos 4 años. ¿Qué inspiró a Urquiza y a su familia el establecer el castillo como centro de bodas y banquetes? Provino de un amigo de su hijo quien deseo casarse en el castillo. Urquiza le cumplio su gusto y deseo en forma grande. “Trajimos a los servicios de restaurante y la celebración se elaboro en forma absolutamente fabulosa”, dijo Urquiza. “De inmediato muchas solicitudes de bodas nos llegaron y así decidimos establecer un negocio de bodas. La ciudad de Dyer coopero con nosotros y establecimos un lugar único para celebrar bodas. “ Su experiencia en el campo de cosmetología le permitió a Urquiza un gran entendimiento que a las mujeres les gusta sentirse especiales. Su pasión por el negocio de la boda se anclo en el hecho que esto le permitió hacerles sus sueños realidad a muchas mujeres al tratarse de su gran día. “Ya sea que la novia quiere gastar $ 10.000 o $ 100.000, sigue siendo un día especial”, dijo Urquiza. “Muchas de las personas que se han casado aquí regresan en sus aniversarios. Eso significa mucho para mí. En manera extraña, siento como si fueran parte de mi familia.” Tras el éxito en la industria nupcial, la familia Urquiza estableció el restaurante Rodizio, especializado en carnes argentinas cocinadas sobre brasas de madera dura. Su pasión por la buena comida ha contribuido al éxito de su negocio, y ha llegado a conocer a mucha de la gente de la comunidad. El restaurante está abierto de miércoles a domingo y también en ocasiones especiales y días festivos. El castillo ahora tiene un “lounge”y se estableció hace cerca de 5 años cuando su hijo, Mike, quiso iniciar un lugar

donde se pudieran servir tragos especiales. El ambiente originalmente iba a ser tipo reggae, pero ultimadamente se convirtió en un lujoso “lounge”. El Castillo de Meyer definitivamente compite con muchos bares y otros salones en el área del noroeste de Indiana, pero según dice Urquiza, el castillo Meyer es un lugar muy especial para venir y disfrutar de buenos tragos y buenas personas. “Hay algunos lugares muy interesantes por aquí, pero somos únicos porque es un lugar sano y seguro para venir”, dijo Urquiza. “Tenemos buen servicio de seguridad, es acogedor, y la gente simplemente pasa buen tiempo con nosotros. Hay noches que el ambiente no me deja dormir, pero es un gran lugar para venir y tomar una copa y relajarse! “ Viniendo de una larga línea de los empresarios, Urquiza aprendió de muy temprana edad a ser visionario. Cuando él ve una oportunidad, siempre trata de aprovechar de ella hacia el exito. “No hay ningún lugar del mundo que preferiría ejercer mi oficio que aquí en Estados Unidos”, dijo Urquiza. “Las puertas se abren cuando uno como persona es positiva. Es muy divertido, pero si al inicio no se llega al éxito, es posible intentar de nuevo.” Aunque el ha llegado a una edad donde pudiera jubilarse, el no siente tal necesidad. Urquiza, siente como tuviera a tan sólo 35 años de edad en forma energética y sonriente. “No me muevo con la rapidez que tuve a esa edad,” dijo Urquiza al sonreír “, pero trabajo con la misma intensidad. Yo veo amigos míos que son jubilados y su principal preocupación es el canal de televisión van a ver. Me encantaría no tener nada que hacer algunos días, pero me encanta mantenerme ocupado. “ Para Sergio Urquiza, el éxito le ha mejorado su vida. Siente una razón por vivir con el hecho que siempre tiene algo por hacer. Su pasión le ha llevado al éxito y que tiene su exitoso negocio es prueba como tal.



spanish lesson


$330 MILLION FIASCO by Roy Dominguez

As I begin to write this article regarding the bungled “garbage to ethanol project”, I think about you the reader and your family. This has been a five-year project promoted by Commissioner Gerry Schueb and his political operatives. One could write a book on this debacle but I’ll limit my discussion to one issue and expose their misguided effort to make, you, the Lake County taxpayers “Owners” of the facility & its liabilities. This issue has been my concern for our citizens and future generations. Scheub had proposed that upon building the plant facility the Vendor/developer would transfer ownership to the taxpayers of Lake County. Thus, the financial, legal & environmental liabilities would have rested with the taxpayers of Lake County. Why?? The risk of this “first of its kind” scenario in the country or world was at your expense. To begin with, we the taxpayers could have been saddled with paying the $330million debt and legal/environmental liabilities. Those liabilities have the potential to bankrupt our County and significantly increase our taxes. The proponents would argue that the County was going to benefit because of the trash/ethanol business enterprise and reduced trash dumping fees. If this process of turning garbage to ethanol was such a great venture, then the Vendor and his associates should have proceeded strictly as a new private business entity. I believe government should attract and support business companies but taxpayers should not be co-owners or sole owners. The developer/CEO Earl Powers & his associates known as “Powers Energy of America” entered into a contract with our County agency - Lake County Solid Waste Management District approximately three years ago to find financing to build the facility, procure all the necessary building/environmental permits, land acquisition and finally build the structure. Sadly, after three years, we the taxpayers have been told of at least five ground-breaking dates and potential project financing but to-date none of such representation has come to fruition. In fact, it’s been “smoke & mirrors” perpetuated by Schueb and his political operatives. As of November, 2011, the LCSWMD Board & Powers Energy agreed to remove the county taxpayers from possible ownership. This is a major policy relief that is of help to our Citizens. On February 2, 2012 the proponents have not presented to the LCSWMD and it’s Board any confirmed financing, land acquisition, government environmental permits, building permits nor could they produce a proposed Facility Design, nothing, Nada!! Thus, we the Citizens of Lake County Indiana are left with no realistic county-wide trash disposal plan that would bring economic benefit(s) to our taxpayers. When coupled with the LCSWMD staff’s time, financial investments and loss of economic dollars, we the taxpayers continue to suffer the loss of millions of dollars of potential revenue. The views expressed by Mr. Dominguez are solely his and they do not represent the opinion of Que Viva! Bilingual Magazine. Roy Dominguez is an attorney based in Merrillville, IN and is Lake County, IN former Sheriff. 14


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The Innovators of the Month

Ben Clement, Linda Eyermann and Stephen Bartholomew are featured as February’s “Innovators of the Month” for the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana from our “2011 – 2012 Class” for the media serving Jasper, Lake, LaPorte, Newton, Porter, Pulaski and Starke Counties. The Society celebrates our Fellows and Chanute Prize recipients, but also recognizes other individual and team Members. The Society shares their inspiring stories of innovation in each monthly edition. The Society is part of the Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center of Ivy Tech Community College Northwest. For information, contact O’Merrial Butchee, Director, Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at (219) 981-4942, or John Davies, Assistant Director, at (219) 981-1111, Ext. 2292.

Ben Clement

Linda Eyermann

Stephen Bartholomew

Making Gary an ‘urban film center’

‘Telling’ heroic story in new way

New Throwing Weights for competition

Ask Ben Clement why Gary should promote film and TV production, and he points toward Chicago. “It’s appropriate given Gary’s proximity to one of the largest motion picture epicenters.” Two recent examples demonstrate the validity of this strategy, and both came as a result of Gary’s proximity to Chicago. The first example is “Transformers 3” in 2010 and another is “Nightmare on Elm Street” in 2009. These are just two of the 80 films produced in part in Gary led by the executive director of the Gary Office of Film and Television. One of the first films was “Pearl Harbor.” This all started when Ben suggested this as a diversification strategy to Mayor King when he headed economic development. Even when his office was closed and his job eliminated, he still worked with producers as a volunteer. Today, Ben has 5 films “…in the pipeline.” This began as a result of Diane Sawyer and ABC World News Tonight doing a feature on film production in Gary last September. His favorite stories include picking up Spike Lee at the airport and driving him to Gary to scout locations. He got stuck in traffic and people realized Spike was in Ben’s truck. “People started shouting and blowing their horns,” he laughed. He was nominated by John Davies.



Linda Eyermann tells visual stories through her art. So when a young man was seriously injured in an auto accident in Wheatfield, this director of Education for South Shore Arts wanted to demonstrate how this tragedy impacted family and friends. The result was a collection of 12 works, mostly paintings. This art captured not just the loss experienced by Joe Nimetz on Christmas Eve, 2004, but also showed the resolve of the Nimetz family and friends to help Joe. “When I heard about it,” the artist said, “I was devastated because I knew the family. I wanted to tell their story of courage and hope.” She became the “voice” for those loved ones who learned to cope with this accident that left Joe in a semi-conscious state. By way of her art, she shared the loss others face under similar circumstances. Receiving a small grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, Linda created the art work in just 8 months called “Knowing Joe.” The exhibit went on display at the Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster in 2008. Over 10,000 people saw this exhibit. Many of the 102 small paintings from a large winter scene were sold with proceeds going to the Nimetz family for expenses. She was nominated by Tricia Hernandez.

Stephen Bartholomew introduced a new generation of throwing weights for indoor competition. One thrower using his weight made the world’s longest throw for 2012! Making these “implements” in his basement in Valparaiso, this VU MBA graduate is racking up “best personal throws” by throwers using his Pro-Series made of his trademarked tungsten material. His company is called Dominator Athletics, LLC. He makes a 35, 25 and 20 pound weights. These consist of a throwing handle connected to ball utilizing the heavier tungsten material that weighs the same as competing implements, but is denser. In fact, his Pro-Series – which cost $1800 per implement – is the smallest ball allowed in competition that is similar to a hammer throw, except it is done inside by both men and women competitors. While others have tried to use tungsten in the ball, he succeeded and trademarked it. His innovation came when he complained about shoddy workmanship of a throwing weight to a manufacturer. The response led him to launch his company, which makes other weights as well. For more information, visit He was nominated by Bruce MacLean.

Local Executive Embraces Family, Career & the Community by Juliet Bustos



Domi Edwards

ยก Que Viva! Indiana Magazine Correspondent

A family man is someone who is devoted to the ones that he loves. Joe Medellin, Human Resources Manager, ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor, is nothing short of that. Born and raised in Gary, IN, Medellin is a hard working, husband and father. Now residing in Hobart, this HR administrator graduated from Lew Wallace High School, attended Valparaiso University and completed a master of business administration from Indiana University Northwest. Although he aspired to become a lawyer, he was able to live his dream through his daughter, Malorie , who attended Northwestern Law and is now a practicing attorney in Chicago. “I’m living my aspirations through my daughter,” said Medellin. “I can recall us talking about the benefits of her getting a law degree when she was very young. And although the inflection point to make such an important decision becomes so much more intense as you get older, it didn’t take much encouragement when she was in high school to make up her mind.” Medellin has made a name for himself while working at ArcelorMittal; many thanks go to his father for getting him into the steel industry after high school. Medellin’s parents were from El Paso, TX and moved to Northwest Indiana when his father found a job opportunity at U.S. Steel. While his father worked every day at the mills, his mother worked at home raising six children. After high school graduation Medellin was looking to earn some bucks and that’s when his father helped him get a job working for U.S. Steel. “My father escorted me to my first job ever,” said Medellin. “I was going to college as well, so I needed to make decent money in order to help pay for tuition. I never understood the mills until I was employed by one. It’s truly a community within itself.” According to Medellin, he has attributed to over 40 years of service in the steel mills including the summers he worked to help get him through college. Needless to say, he has seen many changes throughout the years as well as some promotions. His current role as an HR manager has many responsibilities such as equal employment opportunity, day to day record keeping and reporting, and plant administration as it relates to human resources just to name a few. His primary roles in his position are to ensure that ArcelorMittal has effective and responsive resources for the plant and plant clients. As Northwest Indiana is known for its ‘booming steel mills,’ there was a lot of competition within the field.

However as the economy has declined many steel mills have closed. Somehow, ArcelorMittal has still been able to withstand the economic drought. Not only have the steel mills generally been the driver in the Northwest Indiana area for many families, but it has been the key factor of success for Medellin since he was growing up. “We have been part of this major consolidation throughout the area,” said Medellin, “but this consolidation has made our steel company so much stronger.” As a result of his employment in the steel industry, Medellin has been able to put his daughter through college, provide for his family and have a stable career despite all of the changes throughout the years. Medellin’s passion for his family’s success and happiness truly drives him in life. “I think my primary directive in life is to provide for my wife, Debbie, and daughter,” said Medellin. “I want my family to be successful and happy in the decisions we make whether personal, professional or financial. We love to laugh and travel and we love intense dialogue. It keeps us going.” It is safe to say that Medellin takes his drive and passion to the work place. He is involved in a ‘Ready Now Initiative,’ a program that has been developed in collaboration and led jointly with the Center of Workforce Innovations, local business leaders, and local school superintendants and leaders. Opportunities exist outside of a formal four year degree, and this initiative helps address those opportunities. The initiative helps prepare students with work-ready skills. Not only is this family man driven when it comes to family and his career, but he is also driven when it comes to the Northwest Indiana community. Over the years, he has been very active within the community. He served as a campaign chair for United Way, an organization that envisions that every family has the equal opportunity to achieve human potential through education, income stability and healthy living. During his years of philanthropy with United Way the community was able to raise over five million dollars every year. He has also served on the Salvation Army and Legacy Foundation boards and has also served leadership as an officer for the Boys and Girls Club. “There have been a number of community organizations that I have been a part of that have been very fulfilling,” said Medellin. “You meet so many great people, with a common sense of purpose, and that is something that I’m very proud of.”

Joe Medellin is a perfect example of a successful family man. His hard work over the years and his dedication to his family, career and community has proven that the fundamentals of drive and passion are important components toward achieving success.

Un Ejecutivo local abraza su familia, su carrera y nuestra comunidad by Juliet Bustos

¡ Que Viva! Indiana Magazine Correspondent Un hombre de familia es aquel que se dedica a los que él ama. Joe Medellín, Gerente de Recursos Humanos de la planta de Indiana Harbor de ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor, es nada menos que eso. Medellín nació y creció en Gary, IN. Es un padre y esposo muy dedicado con un gran enfoque hacia su trabajo. Hoy en día radica en Hobart. El se graduó de la escuela secundaria Lew Wallace y se tituló en la Universidad de Valparaíso. También completó una maestría en administración de empresas en la Universidad de Indiana del noroeste. A pesar de que no pudo realizar su sueño de recibirse de abogado, hoy en día ha sido capaz de vivir tal sueño a través de su hija, Malorie, quien recibió su titulo en Leyes de la Universidad de Northwestern y ahora ejerce su profesión como abogado en la ciudad de Chicago. “Vivo mis aspiraciones a través de mi hija”, dijo Medellín. “Recuerdo que le hablábamos a ella del gran beneficio de un título en Leyes a muy temprana edad. Aunque al crecer, las decisiones fuertes tienden ser más complicadas, ella necesito poco impulso para tomar su decisión a estudiar abogacía mientras aun estaba en escuela secundaria.

Domi Edwards

Medellín se ha establecido con gran reputación dentro de ArcelorMittal, y le agradece a su padre por haberle ayudado a integrarse dentro de la industria de acero al graduarse de la secundaria. Los padres de Medellín fueron originarios de El Paso, Texas y se mudaron a Indiana, ya que su padre tuvo la oportunidad de integrarse a U.S. Steel. Mientras que su padre trabajaba en la compañía, su madre se dedicaba a su hogar criando a sus seis hijos. Al graduarse de la secundaria, su padre le ayudo a conseguir trabajo en U.S. Steel y en tal forma se pudo ayudar económicamente.

feliz. Ya sea con decisiones que tomamos a nivel, personal, “Mi padre me acompañó a mi trabajo por primera vez”, profesional o financiero. Nos encanta reír y viajar, a la vez dijo Medellín. “Yo era estudiante de la universidad y los tener conversaciones de gran profundidad. Esto nos ha ingresos fueron fuente de fondos para pagar mi matrícula. mantenido unidos y en marcha hacia adelante. “ Nunca tuve un gran entendimiento de lo que se lleva a cabo dentro de las fábricas mineras hasta que trabaje en una. Es Es muy obvio que Medellín contribuye mucha energía realmente una comunidad dentro de sí misma. “ y pasión hacia su trabajo. Él está involucrado en una “Iniciativa de Ready Now”, un programa que se ha desarMedellín, tiene una antigüedad de más 40 años de rollado junto con el liderazgo del Center of Workforce servicio en la industria de acero, incluyendo los veranos Innovation, líderes de negocios locales, y con los lideres los cuales le ayudaron a pagar su matrícula de universidad. y superintendentes de las escuelas locales. Esta iniciativa Sin duda, el ha visto muchos cambios al transcurso de su ayuda a deletrear que existen oportunidades aparte de estadía en la industria, y a la vez varias promociones. Su una educación universitaria formal de cuatro años, Esta rol actual como Gerente de Recursos Humanos tiene una iniciativa ayuda a los estudiantes con habilidades necesarias amplia base de responsabilidades, tales como igualdad de para estar listos para trabajos actuales. oportunidades laborales, actividades del diario tocante a reportes, la administración de la planta y todo lo que es Es evidente que este hombre no solo le motiva el ser referente a recursos humanos para nombrar algunas. Las responsabilidades principales de su puesto aseguran que dedicado a su familia y su carrera, sino que también le se mantengan procesos administrativos sensibles y eficaces motiva bastante su contribución hacia la comunidad del para los empleados y clientes de la empresa. noroeste de Indiana. Sobre el transcurso de los años, su nivel de participación en la comunidad ha sido a nivel En el noroeste de Indiana se reconoce por su promi- grande. Desempeñó el rol de presidente de campaña de nencia en fábricas de acero, “ en un tiempo había mucha United Way, una organización que permite que cada familia competencia en el campo. Sin embargo, la contracción tenga la misma oportunidad de llegar a su potencial a través de la economía ha causado el cerramiento de muchas de la educación, estabilidad de ingresos y una vida sana. fábricas de acero. De una manera u otra, ArcelorMittal Durante cinco años en el cual estuvo involucrado ha sobrevivido los retos económicos a nivel mundial. La industria del acero tiene gran influencia económica en el en esfuerzos filantrópicos a través de United Way, su noroeste de Indiana para muchas familias. Para Medellin, liderazgo le permitió a la comunidad el recaudar más de esta industria ha sido su ancla hacia el éxito desde muy joven. cinco millones de dólares cada año. También ha tenido puestos en la mesa directiva en el Ejército de Salvación y “Hemos consolidado a nivel grande últimamente”, dijo Legacy Foundation. A la vez, ha desempeñado un puesto Medellín, “pero esta consolidación ha creado una empresa de liderazgo como oficial en el Boys and Girls Club. mucho más fuerte.” “He participado en una serie de organizaciones coSu éxito en ArcelorMittal le ha permitido a Medellin el munitarias y tales experiencias han sido para mí muy ayudarle a su hija el completar sus estudios universitarios gratificantes.”, dijo Medellín. “He llegado a conocer pery criar a su familia. A la vez, le ha dado a él una carrera sonas maravillosas y me enorgullece el haber tenido esas estable a pesar de los grandes cambios de la industria sobre oportunidades.” el transcurso del tiempo. La pasión de Medellín hacia el Joe Medellín es un gran ejemplo de un hombre de éxito y felicidad de su familia es lo que verdaderamente familia que ha logrado grandes acontecimientos. Su arduo lo motiva. trabajo a través de los años y su dedicación a su familia, su “Creo que mi gran enfoque en la vida es el proveer para carrera y su comunidad ha demostrado que la pasión y la mi esposa, Debbie, e hija una buena vida”, dijo Medellín. energía son elementos críticos hacia el éxito. “Quiero que mi familia tenga el éxito máximo y un ambiente ¡QUE VIVA! | MARCH 2012


When you’re considering a college for your child, you want the school with the most choices.

1.888.IVY.LINE ď ł

spanish lesson DIET AND NUTRITION

Diet Breakfast Lunch Dinner Cereal(s) Grain(s) Protein(s) Meat Vegetable Carbohydrate Fruit Vitamin Mineral(s)

dieta desayuno almuerzo cena cereal(es) grano(s) proteina(s) carne verdura carbohidratos fruta vitamina mineral(es)

dyeh-tah dehs-ah-yoo-noh ahl-mwehr-soh seh-nah seh-reh-ahl(ehs) grah-noh(s) pro-teh-ee-nahs kahr-neh vehr-doo-rah kahr-boh-ee-drah-tohs froo-tah vee-tah-meh-nah mee-neh-rahl-(ehs)

Homemade Tortillas Ingredients •3 cups all-purpose flour •2 teaspoons baking powder •2 teaspoons salt •3/4 cup shortening •3/4 cup hot water Directions 1.Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt. Either by hand or with a pastry cutter, add the shortening until the mixture is crumbly. If the mixture looks more floury than crumbly, be sure to add just one or two more tablespoons of shortening to reach a crumbly consistency. Add about 3/4 cup hot water to the mixture, or just enough to make the ingredients look moist. 2.With your hand or a large fork, knead the mixture making sure to rub the dough against the sides of the large mixing bowl to gather any clinging dough. If the dough still sticks to the side of the bowl, add a couple more tablespoons of flour until the dough forms a soft round shape. The dough is ready to roll out now, but it is best to let it rest. Cover it with a dish towel, and let it sit for about an hour or so. 3.Take the dough, and pull it apart into 10 to 12 balls. Lightly flour your rolling area, and roll each ball with a rolling pin to about 1/8 inch thickness. 4.Place each tortilla on a medium hot cast iron skillet. Cook for about 1 to 2 minutes on each side, or until the tortilla does not look doughy.

‘GPS’in the ‘OR’ Methodist Opens the ONLY Multi-Specialty Navigation Surgery Suite in Northwest Indiana. GPS technology has found its way into the operating room at Methodist Hospitals. Its specialized software, infrared navigation cameras, tracking devices and specially designed instruments help our surgeons perform the most precise neurological, spinal and orthopedic surgeries. These delicate, minimally invasive, computer-assisted procedures require smaller incisions, significantly less radiation and surgery time. As a result, our patients often recover faster, require shorter post-op rehabilitation and resume their normal lives sooner. You no longer need to travel for the most up-to-date, innovative treatments. So why would you go anywhere else? That’s what leading the way to better health is all about.

To learn more about Methodist’s new Multi-Specialty Navigational Operating Room Suite, or find the right physician for you and your family, visit

Leading the Way to Better Health NORTHLAKE CAMPUS

Now is the time for women to get heart healthy by Abdul Kawamleh, M.D. It’s essential for women to pay more attention to heart health, and there’s no better time to begin than right now. Many people don’t realize that cardiovascular disease, not breast cancer, is the most common cause of death and disability of women in the United States. In fact, more women than men die of heart disease each year. Before menopause, the estrogen in a woman’s body usually protects her from heart disease. The loss of estrogen following menopause opens the door to heart disease. Because of this, women’s heart disease symptoms present about 10 years later than men, bringing with it additional risk factors associated with advancing age. You can play an active role in preventing heart disease 24





by understanding your risk factors and staying on top of them. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, keep them under control with a doctor’s care. Cigarette smoking more than doubles your risk of dying of heart disease. Anyone with a family history of heart disease should be particularly attentive to maintaining good heart health. See your physician, who can take a complete medical history, perform a thorough physical exam, and order blood tests to assess your risks. Women with intermediate risk can benefit from a stress test. Those at high risk are candidates for an angiogram. Anything we discover during an angiogram can be fixed on the spot. Often, women’s heart attacks go unrecognized because of their atypical presentation. What have been considered to be “classic” symptoms can include chest pain or heaviness, a feeling of squeezing or tightness, pain in the left arm, neck or jaw; shortness of breath, dizziness, and a cold sweat. Women, however, are more likely to initially present with symptoms such as pain in the jaw, back or neck; fatigue or weakness, a burning sensation in the chest, shortness of breath, and stomach upset similar to acid reflux. Historically, heart disease in women has been under

‘GPS’ en la sala de operación El hospital Methodist es el unico en noroeste de Indiana que tiene una Sala Quirurgica con Multi Especialidad con GPS. La tecnología GPS ya se encuentra en la sala de operación en los Hospitales Methodist con software especializado, cámaras infrarrojas de navegación, dispositivos de seguimiento e instrumentos diseñados especialmente para ayudar a nuestros cirujanos realizar las cirugías más precisas neurológicas, vertebrales y ortopédicas. Estos procedimientos delicados, minimamente invasivos son a base de computadora y requieren incisiones mas pequeñas con significativamente menos radiación o tiempo de operación. Como resultado, nuestros pacientes a menudo se recuperan mas rapido y su tratamiento de rehabilitación es mas corto para asi poderse, con mayor rapidez, reanudar a su vida diaria. Ya no es necesario viajar para obtener tratamientos innovadores mas actualizados. Así que ¿por qué ir a otro lugar fuera de este area? Esto es lo que liderés en obtener una mejor salud signifíca.

Para saber mas sobre la Sala Quirurgica con GPS o para encontrar al medico adecuado para usted y su familia entre en

Liderés en Obtener una Mejor Salud

diagnosed, particularly in young women, who are likely to be misdiagnosed with anxiety. There is an interesting syndrome that mimics classic heart attack symptoms called stress cardiomyopathy. Nicknamed “broken heart syndrome,” it causes severe but reversible heart muscle weakness. It happens when sudden shock or stress brings on a surge of adrenalin and other stress hormones, temporarily

stunning the heart. My best advice to women is to pay attention to their bodies. If you experience any unusual symptoms, see your doctor. Have your cholesterol and triglycerides checked, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise at least 15 minutes a day, five days a week. ¡QUE VIVA! | MARCH 2012


GET THE FREE MAKEOVER THAT COULD Go Red BetterU is a FREE 12-week online nutrition and fitness program designed to enhance your heart health. Each week will focus on a different area of your health and provide step-by-step guidance. You’ll have FREE access to everything, including daily expert tips, heart-healthy recipes, an online journal and BetterMe coaching tools.

The Go Red BetterU program offers:

• 12 weeks of step-by-step guidance on becoming healthy • A downloadable online BetterMe Coaching Tool. • 365 daily tips from expert coaches on nutrition, stress, physical activity & more • Structured long- and short-term goal setting for you • Individual journaling capabilities • A BetterU Forum to connect with other participants • Healthy recipes to keep you on track Signing up is easy. Just visit

Abdul Kawamleh, M.D., is a Cardiovascular Disease Specialist affiliated with Methodist Hospitals.


ยกQUE VIVA! | MARCH 2012


Labor Force Growth Slows, Hispanic Share Grows by Rakesh Kochhar Pew Research Hispanics will account for three-quarters of the growth in the nation’s labor force from 2010 to 2020, according to new projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). One major reason is that the Hispanic population is growing rapidly due to births and immigration. At the same time, the aging of the non-Hispanic white population is expected to reduce their numbers in the labor force. A second important factor is that Hispanics have a higher labor force participation rate than other groups. The nation’s labor force participation rate—that is, the share of the population ages 16 and older either employed or looking for work—was 64.7% in 2010. Among Hispanics, the rate was 67.5%. There are two main explanations for this gap: Hispanics are a younger population than other groups, and include a higher share of immigrants. The figures for Hispanics come from the latest round of BLS projections for the U.S. labor force, covering 20102020, which indicate that growth will slow overall. These projections show that the labor force will increase by 10.5 million in this decade, growing to 164.4 million in 2020 from 153.9 million in 2010. That is less than the increase of 11.3 million from 2000 to 2010, and substantially less than the 16.7 million increase from 1990 to 2000. The projected average annual increase in the labor force from 2010 to 2020—0.7%—is also less than the annual growth of 0.8% from 2000 to 2010 and only about half the 1.3% annual rate of growth from 1990 to 2000.

2020: The labor force will increase 6.8% and the population will increase 10.6% over the decade. The movement of women into the workplace is no longer the tailwind behind the growth in the labor force. The female labor force participation rate peaked at 60% in 1999 and has diminished slightly this century. Meanwhile, other economic and demographic forces have emerged to dampen labor force growth. Economically, the recessions in 2001 and 2007-2009 pulled down the labor force participation rate by generally frustrating people’s efforts to find work. Demographically, baby boomers—the giant generation born between 1946 and 1964—are now entering their retirement years. People ages 55 and older are much less likely to participate in the labor force than people ages 25 to 54, so the overall aging of the U.S. population also will slow the growth of the labor force.

Growing Role for Hispanics

As the population and the labor force age, they are

Reasons for Slower Growth

Why is labor force growth projected to diminish? The main reason is a reduction in the share of people in the labor force. From 1948 to 2000, the U.S. labor force grew faster than the population (1948 is the year the government first started reporting these statistics). This was mainly because a rising share of women went to work. Their labor force participation rate nearly doubled from 32.7% in 1948 to 59.9% in 2000.

also becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, and Hispanics play a more important role. The share of the labor force that is Hispanic is projected to increase from 14.8% in 2010 to 18.6% in 2020. That is partly due to the relative youth and higher growth rate of the Hispanic population and partly due to the aging of the non-Hispanic white population and projected decline in its labor force. From 2010 to 2020, Hispanics are expected to add 7.7 The 2000-2010 decade was the first decade since the million workers to the labor force while the number of 1950s when the growth in the labor force (7.9%) was less non-Hispanic whites in the labor force is projected to than the growth in the working-age population (11.9%). decrease by 1.6 million. The BLS projects that this trend will continue through 28


El Crecimiento del pueblo blanco no-hispano empleado se desacelera, mientras que el pueblo Hispano expande su base de empleo Consequently, Hispanics will account for the vast majority—74%—of the 10.5 million workers added to the labor force from 2010 to 2020. That share is higher than in the previous two decades. Hispanics accounted for 36% of the total increase in the labor force from 1990 to 2000 and for 54% from 2000 to 2010.

Immigration Projection Uncertainty

It is possible that the growth in the labor force from 2010 to 2020 will be less than anticipated by the BLS. The BLS projections assume that immigration will add 1.5 million people a year to the U.S. population. That is at the high end of the range of projections made by the Census Bureau for growth in the foreign-born population. At the low end, the Census Bureau projects an average annual increase of 1.2 million from 2010 to 2020. Also, the actual increase in the foreign-born population from 2000 to 2010 was slightly less than 1 million annually. Thus, the BLS projections assume a significant uptick in immigration from 2010 to 2020. If that does not come to pass, the actual growth in the U.S. population and labor force could be well below the projected increase. Because the majority of the adult Hispanic population is foreign born, lessened immigration would drag down the growth of the Hispanic labor force. Thus, if the BLS projections about immigration are too high, so may be the agency’s projections for the Hispanic share of labor force growth. What are the sorts of jobs that await workers in the coming decade? Overall, the BLS expects non-farm jobs to grow by 19.7 million from 2010 to 2020. The greatest number of new jobs will be in health care and social assistance (5.6 million more jobs), professional and business services (3.8 million) and construction (1.8 million). Job losses are expected to emerge from the manufacturing and federal government sectors. College education will become more valuable. In number, most new jobs will not require post-secondary education. However, the relative importance of these low-skill jobs will diminish because the fastest growth in employment is projected in occupations that do require post-secondary education. The highest rate of employment growth is expected in occupations that typically require a master’s degree.

Por Rakesh Kochhar Pew Research Los hispanos representaran las tres cuartas partes del crecimiento de la fuerza laboral de la nación entre el año 2010 hasta 2020, según las nuevas proyecciones de la Oficina de Estadísticas Laborales (BLS). Una razón importante de que la población hispana está creciendo rápidamente se debe a nacimientos y la inmigración. Al la vez, el envejecimiento de la población blanca no hispana se espera que reduzca su número en la fuerza laboral. Un segundo factor importante es que los hispanos tienen una mayor participación en las tasa de empleo comparado a otros grupos. La tasa de participación laboral a nivel naciónal , es decir, la proporción de la población de 16 años en adelante, empleados o en busca de trabajo-fue de 64.7% en 2010. Entre los hispanos, la tasa fue de 67.5%. Hay dos explicaciones principales para esta brecha: los hispanos son una población más joven que otros grupos, e incluyen una mayor proporción de inmigrantes. Estas cifras acerca de los hispanos provienen de la última ronda de proyecciones del BLS para la fuerza laboral de EE.UU., que abarca 2010-2020, que indican que el crecimiento en general se disminuira. Estas proyecciones muestran que la fuerza de trabajo se incrementará en 10.5 millones en esta década, con un crecimiento de 164.4 millones en 2020 a 153.9 millones en 2010. Eso es menos que el aumento de 11.3 millones de dólares de 2000 a 2010, y sustancialmente inferior al incremento del 16.7 millones entre 1990 y 2000. La proyección de crecimiento promedio anual en la fuerza laboral de 2010 a 2020-0.7%, es también menor que el crecimiento anual de 0,8% entre 2000 y 2010 y sólo la mitad de la tasa de 1.3% anual de crecimiento del 1990 al 2000.

Razones por el lento crecimiento

¿Por qué disminuirá el crecimiento de la fuerza laboral proyectada? La razón principal es una reducción en la proporción de personas en la fuerza laboral. De 1948 a 2000, la fuerza laboral de EE.UU. creció más rápido que la población (el primer año en el cual el gobierno reportó estas estadísticas fue en el 1948). Esto se debió principalmente a que una gran proporción de mujeres entraron a la fuerza laboral. Su tasa de participación laboral casi se duplicó de 32.7% en 1948 al 59.9% en el año 2000. La década 2000¡QUE VIVA! | MARCH 2012


2010 fue la primera década desde el año 1950 en el que se vio un crecimiento en la fuerza laboral (7.9%) menor al crecimiento de la población de edad para trabajar (11.9%). El BLS estima que esta trayectoria continuará hasta el 2020: La fuerza de trabajo aumentará un 6.8% y la población aumentará un 10.6% durante esa década. El movimiento de las mujeres ya no ha contribuido al mismo nivel como lo hizo el siglo pasado hacia la fuerza laboral. La fuerza laboral femenina alcanzó un 60% en 1999 y desde entonces se ha disminuido ligeramente. Mientras tanto, otras fuerzas económicas y demográficas han surgido y a consecuencia han frenado el crecimiento de la fuerza laboral. A nivel económico, las recesiones de 2001 y 2007-2009 bajaron la tasa de participación laboral por el cual frustró al pueblo durante su búsqueda de empleo. Demográficamente, los “baby boomers” ,nacidos entre los años 1946 y 1964, representaron un ola gigante hacia la fuerza laboral y ahora comienzan a entrar en sus años de jubilación. Las personas de 55 años o más tienden a no participar en la fuerza laboral comparado a aquellas personas de entre 25 y 54. El avance en edad de la población en general en los

que se integren a la fuerza de trabajo entre el 2010 al 2020. Esa proporción sumamente mayor comparada a las dos décadas anteriores. Los hispanos representaron el 36% del aumento total de la fuerza laboral desde 1990 a 2000 y el 54% entre 2000 y 2010.

La inmigración causa incertidumbre en las proyecciónes. Es posible que el crecimiento de la fuerza de trabajo desde el 2010 al 2020 será menor de lo previsto por el BLS. Las proyecciones del BLS suponen que la inmigración agregara 1.5 millones de personas por año a la población de los EE.UU. Eso sería un máximo según las proyecciones realizadas por la Oficina del Censo. Como mínimo, la Oficina del Censo proyecta un aumento promedio anual de 1.2 millones de personas de 2010 a 2020. Además, el aumento real de la tasa de fuerza de trabajo nacida en el exterior desde 2000 hasta 2010 fue ligeramente inferior a 1 millón al año. Por lo tanto, las proyecciones del BLS asumen un repunte significativo de la inmigración desde 2010 hasta 2020. Si eso no sucede, el crecimiento real de la fuerza de trabajo en los EE.UU. no llegara al aumento previsto. Debido a que la mayoría de la población hispana adulta es nacida en el extranjero, la potencial disminución de inmigración no permitirá tales niveles de crecimiento en la fuerza laboral en Estados Unidos. Por lo tanto, si las proyecciones del BLS sobre la inmigración no resultan ser correctas, significara que los pronósticos tocantes al crecimiento a la participación de los hispanos en la fuerza laboral también serán disminuidos.

¿Cuáles son los tipos de trabajos que esperan a los trabajadores en la próxima década? En general, el BLS E.E. U.U. disminuirá el crecimiento de la fuerza laboral. espera que los trabajos no agrícolas crecerán por 19.7 millones de personas de 2010 a 2020. El mayor número El Rol de los Hispanos Crece de nuevos puestos de trabajo será en el cuidado de la salud A medida que la población y la edad en la fuerza laboral, y asistencia social (5.6 millones de empleos más), servicios que son cada vez más diversas a nivel racial y étnica, los profesionales y empresariales (3.8 millones) y construcción hispanos juegan un papel muy importante. La proporción de (1.8 millones). Las pérdidas de empleo surgirán de los la fuerza laboral de origen hispano se pronostica aumentar sectores manufactureros y del gobierno federal. del 14.8% en 2010 al 18.6% en 2020. Eso se debe en parte La educación universitaria será aun más valiosa en la a que el pueblo hispano es relativamente joven comparado al pueblo blanco no hispano y se pronostica que el pueblo próxima decada. En cantidades, la mayoría de los nuevos blanco-no hispano disminuirá debido a avanzada edad. De puestos de trabajo no requieren educación post-secundaria. los años 2010 a 2020, se espera que se agregen 7.7 millones Sin embargo, la importancia de estos puestos de trabajo con de trabajadores hispanos a la fuerza laboral, mientras que mínimas calificaciones se reducirá debido a que los trabajos el número de blancos no hispanos en la fuerza de trabajo más atractivos requerirán educación universitaria. La mayor tasa de crecimiento del empleo se espera que sea en se prevé una disminución de 1.6 millones. Como consecuencia, los hispanos representarán la puestos que generalmente requerirán un título de maestría. gran mayoría-el 74% de los 10.5 millones de trabajadores 30


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52461Hohman1Ave 8391Broadway,1Suite1103 1001W.184th1Drive 59291Stone1Avenue 59251Calumet1Avenue Phone1Number 219J853J6507 219J853J6316 219J853J6513 219J853J6381 219J853J6346 219J853J6404 219J853J6389 219J853J6388 219J853J6378 219J853J6393 219J853J6447 219J853J6371 219J853J6324 219J845J5901 219J853J6502 219J853J6505 219J853J6336 219J853J6306 219J853J6490 219J852J2950 219J853J6431 16141W.15th1Ave 151N.1Franklin1St 501E.191st1Street,1Suite1100 31001Willowcreek1Road 45061Tod1Avenue P.O.1Box13029/16071E.1Columbus1Drive 1801Hidden1Lake1Drive P.O.1Box1914 61001Melton1Road 8241Hoffman1Street 5131W.1Chicago1Ave 7911E.183rd1Ave 1501West115th1Avenue 45061Tod1Avenue 22481W.135th1Avenue P.O.1Box168467 6031E.1Washington1Street,1Ste1800 6031E.1Washington1Street,1Ste1800 2351N.1Lindbergh 2321Russell1Street 28321Willowcreek1Rd 1440135th1Avenue

USS1Steeel1Yard,1One1Stadium1Plaza Gary,1IN146402 12001West1Washington1Street,1P.O.1Box122309 Indianapolis,1IN1146222J0309

Lakeshore1Chamber1of1Commerce Gary1Chamber1of1Commerce



City1of1Hammond11 1 Department11 Animal1Control Building1Department/Contractor1Licenses Bus1Schedules City1Attorney City1Clerk City1Council1Office City1Court City1Judge Civic1Center Civil1Defense Code1Enforcement Community1Development/Neighborhood1Services Controller's1Office/Animal1Licenses Crime1Watch Disabilities/Human1Relations1Commission Economic1Development Engineering Environmental1Management Fire1Department1(Non1Emergency) Gang1Hotline Garbarge/Large1Discarded1Items1Pickup

Lake1County1Minority1Health1Coalition Alzheimers1Association Alzheimers1Association,1Greater1Indiana1Chapter1Office Portage1Township1YMCA Su1Casa1Youth1Culture1Center1&1immigration1Resource1Office Puerto1Rican1Parade1and1Cultural1Organization1of1Northwest1Indiana,1Inc. Ballet1Folklorico1de1Santa1Maria Indiana1State1LULAC Humane1Society1Northwest1Indiana Greater1Hammond1Community1Services The1Salvation1Army,1East1Chicago1Crops American1Red1Cross1of1Northwest1Indiana,1Greater1Chicago1Region YWCA1of1NWI International1Institute/LACASA Second1Harvest1Food1Bank Lupus1Foundation1of1America Indiana1Youth1Institute Indiana1Youth1Institute Stash1Construction,1Inc Superior1Court1of1Lake1County



Railcats Indianapolis1Zoo

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Gary,1IN1146404 Valparaiso,1IN1146383 Indianapolis,1IN1146240 Portage,1IN1146368 East1Chicago,1IN1146312 East1Chicago,1IN1146312 Hobart,1IN1146342 Chesterton,1IN1146304 Gary,1IN1146403 Hammond,1IN1146320 East1Chicago,1IN1146312 Merrillville,1IN1146410 Gary,1IN1146407 East1Chicago,1IN1146312 Gary,1IN1146408 Indianapolis,1IN1146268 Indianapolis,1IN1146204 Indianapolis,1IN1146204 Griffith,1IN1146319 Hammond,1IN1146320



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Belterra,1IN1147020 Elizabeth,1IN1147117



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Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Community1Organizations Construction1Companies Courts

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219J398J2442 317J232J2651






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