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HEALTH DISPARITY MITIGATION Mobilizing Efforts toward Synergistic Results

Raquel Castro, RN Manager, Health Visions Midwest REACH/Alcance

November 2012 -- Que Viva! Indiana Online Initiative We at Que Viva! Indiana Magazine are exceptionally happy to present to you our newly developed initiative to have our magazine exclusively online. We are happy to follow the behavioral and demographic trends of our community.

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Our extensive research suggests that the Latino community has dramatically grown its online presence over the past few years and we eagerly accommodate to this new media adoption which represents a shift of monumental proportions. Our findings indicate that that sixty eight percent (68%) of Latino households own at least one video or internet enabled cell phone versus forty three percent (43%) for the general population. Compared to the average adult online, Latinos are more likely to follow a brand, more likely to post links, articles, videos and websites. Just as impressive, Latinos are more likely to build or update a personal blog. According to Nielsen the Latino community will increase its purchasing power by $500 Billion to $1.5 Trillion by 2015; this is a tremendous feat and speaks highly of the economic success of our community. Latinos are fueling growth in key sectors such as housing, food, retail, education, financial and transportation. Thirty one percent (31%) of Hispanic adults want to be more Latino while sixty percent (60%) want their children to be bicultural and ninety percent (90%) want their children to be bilingual. One common thread that brings the community together is our common ancestral language. In this issue we highlight the efforts of a very dedicated health professional, Raquel Castro. She is more than a nurse and she lives her passion on a daily basis as she leads her organization toward minimizing health disparities within the community. The initiatives she leads are making an impact for those who have been overlooked. Her broad focus spans the State of Indiana and crosses into other states and across our nation. On a local basis her story and that of her organization, Alcance/REACH US is making a difference. We have also touched upon the concept of safety as we enter the winter season so we can remind ourselves on the topic of fire safety in addition to keeping our children safe from a privacy standpoint. It follows up on a recent event which took place in the Region addressing the concept of safety. Our focus, yet again, is to remind our youth that an education is the foundation for a strong future. As we come to the final days of these important Local, State and National elections we urge you to get out and VOTE. Regardless of your political inclinations, please exercise your civic duty and get out to vote. The topic of civic duty is poignantly articulated by Danny Lopez from the Indiana Civil Rights Commission and the Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs. Saludos, Roberto E. Casta単eda Editorial Director Que Viva! Indiana We at Que Viva! look forward to your thoughts and comments. You may reach us on Facebook or at

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Civic Education Is Critical for Latino Families DANNY LOPEZ, GUEST COLUMNIST course, spans months, and committed staffers in Bloomington’s Community and Family Resources Department spend a great deal of time developing local partnerships, gathering materials from other departments, and preparing for the day. Understanding the role of the governmental agencies, particularly municipal ones, that provide important programs and services in communities throughout Indiana is an important first-step in helping new immigrant families better capitalize upon the wealth of resources available to them and their children. Simple topics – such as knowing how utilities payments are made and processed, how city transit systems run, and how neighborhood associations work with public safety officers to preserve clean and safe streets – are sometimes the ones that can be most difficult to grasp, and the most essential. These programs also introduce families to police and other emergency personnel and break down barriers between government and the most vulnerable clients it serves. I’ve had the good fortune of witnessing, and even participating in, one such program that has demonstrated important positive impacts for local Latinos. The City of Bloomington’s Latino Citizen’s Academy, a one-day crash course in all things municipal government, is conducted in Spanish and helps to foster a trust and understanding in this growing community. City officials and even the Mayor have for several years taken time on one Saturday a year to greet Latino families and offer insights into the intricacies of local governance. The planning, of

Finally, transportation options are often offered. Even as mass transit ridership has decreased in other parts of the state, Director Lew May’s Bloomington Transit continues to be a model of efficiency and effectiveness. A collaboration with a local transit authority might be struck through which a bus A couple strategies make this activ- or two might be made available to pick ity a success in Bloomington. First, up participating families at designated food is provided for participants. An spots around town. Understandably, obvious draw for many families, pro- many transit authorities may not be viding food can not only help boost in the financial position to offer such attendance but can be an important help, so help from local churches – way to spark new community part- many of which have buses or vans that nerships. I have spoken to countless are commonly underutilized – can be restaurateurs who would gladly in-kind solicited. catering of this nature to showcase their food for the community and parThese are just details, obviously. ticipate in an impactful collaborative Any combination of these, or even with city government. The key is to better fresh local ideas, can help make make the ask. There are always local for a successful event at little or no cost entities who understand the impor- to taxpayers. By far the most importance of an endeavor of this kind. tant element, however, is the desire of Latino families to participate and Second, childcare is available, so municipal governments to cooperate. parents who have no alternative can As Latinos, we must do a far better job bring their children to the event. One of taking advantage of opportunities of the creative ways in which the City for betterment that already exist locally of Bloomington made this element and through State agencies, a frequent work was by reaching out to the area’s complaint of those coordinating such greatest community resource of all: activities. City staffers must be willing Indiana University. Nearly every city to give of their free time and think or town in Indiana has a college or outside the box, something with which university, and many have schools of many governmental agencies admiteducation or social work that can be tedly struggle. tapped for partnership. Moreover, activities can be planned by students But, as my mom used to say, where so that child care is not merely baby- there’s a will, there’s a way, and it is sitting, but rather an opportunity for critical that we find budget-neutral young Latinos to engage in educational ways to educate our new immigrant games that can foster growth. By struc- families – be they Latino, Burmese, turing it in this way, there might be Iraqi, or anything else – on how their opportunities for students to receive government functions. Almost no extra credit or needed service hours. concept is more American.

Mr. Lopez is Executive Director of the State of Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs and Director of Education and Legislation of the State of Indiana Civil Rights Commission.

Natural Gas Safety Reminder from NIPSCO Natural gas is a clean, safe and reliable fuel when used properly. However, escaping natural gas can signal potential danger. It’s important that you know how to prevent, recognize and report a gas leak.

You can help prevent gas leaks. Always Call 811 Before You Dig. Each year more than 165,000 underground utility lines are unintentionally damaged nationwide, and one in three are caused by failure to call 811 before digging. Unintentionally striking a line can result in inconvenient outages for entire neighborhoods, harm to yourself or your neighbors, and repair costs. 811 is a free, FCC-designated national one-call number that connects a caller from anywhere in the country to the appropriate local 811 call center. The center will then alert the appropriate underground facility owners so they can dispatch locators to mark the location of their lines with paint or flags.

How it works: 1. Call 811 at least two days before you dig to notify all appropriate utility companies and to ensure enough time for utility lines to be properly marked. 2. When you call 811, a representative will ask for the location and description of your digging project. 3. The 811 center will notify affected utility companies, who will then send a professional locator to the proposed dig site to mark the approximate location of your lines. 4. Once lines have been properly marked, roll up those sleeves and carefully dig around the marked areas.

Use your senses. Sight, sound and smell can help you detect a gas leak: • A “rotten egg” odor (Note: Utility companies add a distinct odor to natural gas to help alert you of a leak or problem.) • A blowing or hissing sound • Continuous bubbling in wet or flooded areas • Dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area • Dirt or dust blowing from a hole in the ground • Flames, if a leak has ignited

If you suspect a leak or other problem, 1. Do not switch on/off any electrical equipment, use a phone, light matches or smoke. 2. Leave the premises immediately and move to a safe location. 3. Call NIPSCO’s 24-hour emergency hotline at (800) 634-3524. 4. Remain in a safe location until a service person arrives. For more information on natural gas safety, visit

Fire Safety through Prevention Que Viva! Indiana Staff

It is estimated that 60-80% of individuals that lose their lives in fires get trapped in structures and ultimately suffer mainly from smoke inhalation as a primary cause of death as opposed to lesions associated with fire. Young children and the elderly have a disproportionately higher incidence of death as compared to the rest of the population in the United States. It is estimated that the ratio of deaths due to smoke inhalation is two to three times higher than those that die of burns each year. Structural fires are the primary cause of smoke inhalation. In order to prevent these, it is important to have regular inspection of wiring as well as exercising safe use and storage of flammable liquids. It is also important to have a regular maintenance and cleaning program to keep well-ventilated chimneys, wood stoves, and properly positioned space heaters. It is also important to have working smoke detectors strategically located throughout a home or apartment in combination with a well thought out evacuation plan to minimize a person’s exposure to smoke in the event of a fire. When escaping a burning building, a person should move close to the floor where there is cooler, clear air to breathe because hot air rises, carrying gases and particulate matter upward. To further accentuate, some chief contributors to structural fires include but are not limited to the following:

Cooking Fires: Leaving flammable materials such as cloths too close to a the stove.

Space Heaters: Leaving space heaters too close to clothes or bedding material that catch fire.

Electrical Equipment: Overloading a circuit with too many appliances is also a primary fire hazard.

Appliances: Leaving clutter near clothes dryers or gas water heaters presents a problem and has caused many fires. Layers of dust that accumulates behind clothes dryers are a fire hazard and need to be cleaned periodically.

Smoking in Bed: The potential for setting a mattress on fire is risky and smoking in bed is dangerous. Candles: Unattended candles in the home can quickly spread.

Children: Lack of attention to children playing with matches or other fire sources has long been known as a fire hazard.

A few more facts to share: U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 373,900 home structure fires per year during 2005-2009. These fires caused an annual average of 2,650 civilian fire deaths,12,890 civilian fire injuries, and $7.1 billion in direct damage. 92% of all structure fire deaths resulted from home fires. On average, seven people died in U.S. home fires every day. According to statistics well over 60 percent of house-fire fatalities occur in homes that are missing smoke alarms, have disabled alarms or alarms with dead batteries. It is important to test your smoke alarms every month and replace units that are more than 10 years old.

Protecting Your Child’s Personal Information At School (NAPS)—During the school year, parents are asked to sign many forms. In the wrong hands, the personal information on these forms can be used to commit fraud in your child’s name—to apply for government benefits, open bank and credit card accounts, apply for a loan or rent a place to live. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, cautions that when children are victims of identity theft, the crime may go undetected for years. There are laws that help safeguard your child’s and your family’s personal information. For example, the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), enforced by the U.S. Department of Education, protects the privacy of student records. It also gives parents the right to opt out of sharing contact information with third parties, including other families. If your child is enrolled in school, the FTC suggests that you: • Find out who has access to your child’s personal information, and verify that the records are kept in a secure location. • Pay attention to materials sent home asking for personal information. Before you reveal information about your child, find out how it will be used, whether it will be shared and with whom. • Read the notice schools must distribute that explains your rights under the FERPA. • Ask your child’s school about its directory information policy. FERPA requires schools to notify parents and guardians about their school directory policy, and gives you the right to opt out of the release of directory information to third parties. • Ask for a copy of your school’s policy on surveys. The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) gives you the right to see such materials before they are distributed to students. • Take action if your child’s school experiences a data breach. Contact the school to learn more. Talk with teachers, staff or administrators about the incident and their practices. Keep a written record of your conversations. Write a letter to the appropriate administrator, and to the school board, if necessary. The U.S. Department of Education takes complaints about these incidents. Contact the Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20202-5920, and keep a copy for your records. To learn more about FERPA and PPRA, visit For information about identity theft, visit To file a complaint or get free information on consumer issues, visit ftc. gov or call toll-free, (877) FTC-HELP(1-877-382-4357).Watch a video, “How to File a Complaint,” at video to learn more. Protecting Your Child’s Personal Information At School Did You Know? The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, cautions that when children are victims of identity theft, the crime may go undetected for years. To file a complaint or get free information on consumer issues, visit ftc. gov or call toll-free, (877) FTC-HELP (877) 382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261. Verify that your child’s records are kept in a secure location. 8


All they need are the tools to get there. These resources are online and totally FREE! Explore different career paths. Prepare for career training or college. Plus students and parents can network and stay up-to-date on the latest college and career planning news via Trip To College on Facebook.

Diversity & an elite education through recruitm by the Que Viva! Indiana Staff Imagine the prospects of attending an institution that has played a role in how we perceive our place in the universe? Imagine learning in a classroom where former students went on to shape economies of countries. Imagine being able to take your mind and stretching it to its fullest potential by beginning to shape it from an early age in order to be admitted into a top tier business school in the world. Imagine learning at a place that fosters a cauldron-like environment where great ideas are brought to life and then implemented in the world.

chet’s advisors attended the university and would eventually help him navigate through difficult macroeconomic challenges. Another example of the exemplary individuals associated with this institution is George P. Schultz, an American Economist, statesman and businessman, who among his many influential positions held was that of Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan. He helped propel positive relations with Europe, Russia and China. He also served as the Dean of the University of Chicago Graduate School Of Business where he helped establish a

You are about to delve into the way a top tier institution like the University of Chicago recruits individuals from the nation’s underserved, underrepresented populations to its graduate school of business, the Booth School of Business. These target groups include Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, Women and the Gay/ Lesbian/Bisexual and Transsexual communities. As a bit of background, the University of Chicago has provided fertile soil for many prominent individuals. There is Edwin Hubble, the famous astronomer whose insight helped learn how our solar system fits into the universe. Hubble’s theory propelled Albert Einstein to tweak some details about his Theory of Relativity. Then there is Milton Friedman who extolled the virtues of a free market economy with minimal government intervention. Friedman’s influence also traveled to Chile in South America during the Pinochet dictatorship and would eventually contribute to help that country surge as a shining star in the southern Western Hemisphere. Two of Pino10


program to promote the recruitment of minority students.

The Office of Diversity Affairs’ objective is to recruit 10% of its annual recruitment of 600 Full Time MBA students from underrepresented, underserved communities. He shared that there are only about 500 students from these under represented communities applying nationwide and that out of these only 300 compete or get admitted. The top five ranked elite schools in the US that compete to attract these 300 students include University of Chicago, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, and University of Pennsylvania. Frausto commented that “Individuals who have their sights set on expanding their minds toward a life of greater exploration would find it fascinating to learn that an institution of such proportions exists right here in our back yard” The Chicago Approach to Management Education is distinguished by how it leverages fundamental knowledge, its rigor, and its practical application to business challenges.

The key benefit to being admitted to this program is the potential for Que Viva! interviewed Jose Luz a positive economic impact. For the Frausto, Associate Director of Diversity right individuals who meet academic Affairs, from the University of Chica- thresholds, the university has set aside go’s Booth School of Business. During partial to full tuition scholarships. “It this conversation Frausto addressed is important to start at a young age” two audiences. The first audience is says Frausto “in high school, it is widely the young man or woman in his high recognized that sports and extraschool years in effort to provide food curricular activities are part of the for thought about the opportunities student body identity, but don’t lose available for individuals who aspire to sight of the importance of getting intellectually stretch to their potential. strong grades” The second audience aims toward professionals already in the workforce The Office of Diversity Affairs who aim to further their education in attracts, retains and helps individuals from the target communities through the business world.

ment of underrepresented minority communities to graduation by providing a layer of support in academic, career development and career search. This office has been able to leverage the relationship between the university and prominent alumni to help further the advancement of individuals. “The overarching goal is to bring people with different perspectives from the standpoint of race and ethnic diversity toward a broad range of thoughts and ideas” said Frausto.

organization dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos and building leadership and career skills.

Frausto recognizes that our community yields an economic influence that will continue to impact the US on a long term basis. When asked what he would like to share with our youth, “make every effort to get out of your current environment and see what exists out in the world” he says “you will be able to learn so much Most people who enroll in a and then be able to bring back to graduate business program do it your communities and reinvest for the either to make career transitions or betterment of all of society” deepen their influence within their current fields of endeavor. It is a Frausto went through a similar perfect opportunity for individuals experience. He grew up in Blue Island, who have gathered traction in their IL. His parents are working class careers and have the ability and people and his father, Ruben worked willingness to go through the rigor- at Union Tank in East Chicago while ous application process. The experi- his mother, Consuelo worked in a ence acquired within their careers manufacturing facility in Illinois as well. can be an invaluable factor when combined with entrance exam scores His ability to stay focused and and a well thought out application. involved in school and school activities Ultimately the platform that each of as a youngster allowed him to make these individuals bring as part of their the grades that would eventually experiences combined with this stellar allow him to earn a Bachelor’s Degree education almost always leads to a from Northwestern University. He has creation of value in the outside world. had the opportunity to travel throughout Latin America forging new roads in For high school students there are business development for the private organizations such as Management sector. He has also traveled as far Leaders for Tomorrow, the National as Istanbul and Moscow to promote Hispanic Institute and the National the Office of Diversity Affairs. Society of Hispanic MBAs High School Program that have a wealth of in“Invest in yourself and know that formation and programs to coach there are people throughout the world students and prepare them for the who are competing with you in this business world. For professionals, global economy”, said Frausto, “with there are organizations that can focus and determination, you will be provide assistance. Organizations able to achieve great things” such as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the Society of Hispanic Engineers and ALPFA, a nonprofit

La diversidad y el reclutamiento dentro de comunidades minor por el Personal de ¡Que Viva! Imagínate la posibilidad de matricularte en una institución que ha desempeñado un rol importante hacia la forma en que percibimos nuestro lugar en el universo? Imagínate aprender en un aula donde los estudiantes antiguos pudieron posteriormente dar forma a las economías de de varios países. Imagínate el poder extender tu mente y poder a temprana edad hacer preparativos con el fin de ser admitido en una escuela de negocios de este calibre. Imagínate aprender en un lugar que fomenta un ambiente semejante a un caldero, donde grandes ideas se generan y luego se implementan a nivel mundial. Estás a punto de aprender la forma en la cual una institución de nivel superior como la Universidad de Chicago recluta a personas de sectores marginados y menos representados para estudiar en la Escuela de Negocios Booth. Estos grupos incluyen a los hispanos, los afroamericanos, los indios nativos americanos, las mujeres y las comunidades Gay / Lesbiana / Bisexual y Transexual.

eventualmente, contribuiría a que este país se convirtiera en economía estelar en Sud America. Dos de los asesores de Pinochet asistieron a la Universidad de Chicago y sus consejos al fin y al cabo le ayudaron a Pinochet para navegar a través de difíciles desafíos macroeconómicos. Otro ejemplo de los individuos ejemplares asociados a esta institución es George P. Schultz, economista estadounidense, estadista y hombre de negocios, que entre sus muchas posiciones influyentes fue la de Secretario de Estado bajo el presidente Ronald Reagan. Él ayudó a impulsar las relaciones positivas con Europa, Rusia y China. También se desempeñó como Decano de la Universidad de Chicago Graduate School of Business, donde ayudó a establecer un programa para promover el reclutamiento de estudiantes de grupos minoritarios.

¡Que Viva! entrevistó a José Luz Frausto, Director Asociado de Diversity Affairs, Booth School of Business de la Universidad de Chicago. Durante esta conversación Frausto se dirigió a dos audiencias. La primera audiencia Como historial, la Universidad es el joven o la joven en sus años de de Chicago ha proporcionado un escuela secundaria y se dirige a ellos terreno fértil para muchas perso- con el fin de impulsarles a reflexionar nas prominentes. Por ejemplo Edwin sobre las oportunidades disponibles Hubble, el famoso astrónomo cuya para aquellos que aspiran a optimizar visión nos ayudó a aprender cómo su potencial intelectual. La segunda nuestro sistema solar se inscribe en audiencia son los profesionales que el universo. La teoría del Hubble ya están en la fuerza de trabajo y impulsó a Albert Einstein a que que pretenden continuar su educación ajustara algunos detalles sobre su en el mundo de los negocios. Teoría de la Relatividad. Luego Milton Friedman, que ensalzó las virtudes de una economía de libre mercado con intervención mínima del gobierno. La influencia de Friedman también La Oficina de Diversity Affairs viajó hasta Chile en América del Sur tiene como meta el poder reclutar durante la dictadura de Pinochet y, a 10% de su contratación anual de 12


600 estudiantes de MBA de las comunidades marginadas y de baja representación, Compartió que cada año a nivel nacional solamente 500 estudiantes de estas comunidades aplican y de éstos sólo 300 son elegibles o se admiten a estos programas de MBA. Las cinco universidades sobresalientes en los EE.UU. que tratan de atraer a estos 300 estudiantes son las siguientes: La Universidad de Chicago, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford y la Universidad de Pennsylvania.

Frausto comentó que “Para aquellos que tienen una mirada de ampliar su mente hacia una vida de mayor exploración les fascinara saber que hay una institución que puede proveer una gran plataforma para este fin aquí en esta gran ciudad de Chicago” El enfoque de esta universidad hacia la educación del mundo de negocios se distingue ya que aprovecha y usa conocimientos elementales a nivel riguroso para aplicarlos en forma práctica para contrarrestar los retos empresariales.

ritarias menos representadas para una educación destacada El beneficio clave del participar en este programa es el potencial económico positivo. Para aquellos que cumplen con los umbrales académicos, la universidad ha destinado becas parciales y becas completas. “Es importante comenzar a una edad temprana”, dice Frausto “en la escuela secundaria, es ampliamente reconocido que el deporte y las actividades extracurriculares son parte de la identidad del cuerpo estudiantil, pero es importante no perder de vista la importancia de obtener buenos grados”

pensamientos e ideas”, dijo Frausto.

La mayoría de las personas que se inscriben en un programa de posgrado de negocios, ya sea debido a una etapa transicional de una carrera a otra o para profundizar su influencia dentro de su campo actual. Es una oportunidad perfecta para que aquellos que han forjado un camino en su carrera y tienen la capacidad y la voluntad de pasar por el riguroso proceso de aplicación. La experiencia adquirida en su carrera es muchas veces un factor valioso cuando se combina con los resultados del examen de entrada y una planilla de aplicación L a a la universidad bien preparada. Oficina de Ultimadamente, la plataforma que Diversity cada una de los graduados aporta Affairs, combinado con la gran educación de retiene esta gran universidad, casi siempre conduce hacia la creación de grandes y ayuda acontecimientos en el mundo exterior. a las Para estudiantes de secundaria personas de hay organizaciones como Managelas comu- ment Leaders for Tomorrow, el Nan i d a d e s tional Hispanic Institute y el National minoritarias Society of Hispanic MBAs –High School y les provee Program que tienen una gran cantidad ayuda hasta de información y programas para que se gradúen. guiar y aconsejar y preparar a los La oficina les propor- estudiantes para el mundo de los ciona un nivel de apoyo negocios. Para los profesionales, hay hacia su desarrollo académico, organizaciones que pueden proveer desarrollo de su carrera e inclusive en asistencia. Organizaciones como la la búsqueda de empleo. Esta oficina National Society of Hispanic MBAs, ha sido capaz de utilizar la relación la Sociedad de Ingenieros Hispanos entre la universidad y ex alumnos de- y ALPFA, una organización sin fines stacados para ayudar a promover el de lucro dedicada a mejorar las progreso de los individuos. “El objetivo oportunidades para los latinos y el principal es de reunir a la gente con liderazgo de la construcción y habidiferentes perspectivas desde el punto lidades profesionales. de vista de la raza y la diversidad étnica hacia una amplia gama de

Frausto reconoce que nuestra comunidad tiene una influencia económica que seguirá afectando los EE.UU. a largo plazo. Cuando se le preguntó qué le gustaría compartir con nuestros jóvenes, “haz todo lo posible para salir de tu ambiente actual para que veas lo que existe en el mundo”, dice, “serás capaz de aprender mucho y luego ser capaz de poder volver a tu comunidad para reinvertir y poder ayudar hacia el mejoramiento de toda la sociedad “ Frausto vivio una experiencia semejante. Él creció en Blue Island, Illinois. Sus padres son gente de clase trabajadora y su padre, Rubén trabajó en Union Tank en East Chicago, Indiana, mientras que su madre, Consuelo trabajó en una fábrica en Illinois también. El pudo concentrarse y pudo balancear su participación en actividades escolares en la escuela secundaria que le permitió lograr los grados que eventualmente le permitieron obtener un título de licenciatura de la Universidad de Northwestern. Él ha tenido la oportunidad de viajar por todo Latinoamérica forjando nuevos caminos hacia el desarrollo de negocios para el sector privado. Él también ha viajado hasta Estambul y Moscú para promover la Oficina de Diversity Affairs. “No dejes de invertir en ti mismo y en el desarrollo de tu mente. Siempre se consciente que hay gente de todo el mundo que compite contigo en esta economía global”, dijo Frausto, “con enfoque y determinación, podrás lograr grandes cosas”



I Chose Methodist I recognized my stroke symptoms because my doctor told me what to look for. So, I was at Methodist within an hour. Letha Bond, Gary

...for Stroke Care.

Methodist Hospitals is among the pioneers of therapies, including the Penumbra clot removal system, that are extending the window for effective stroke treatment to as much as eight hours. Methodist is recognized as a primary stroke center by HFAP, and is rated among the TOP 25% for Stroke Care by U.S. News and World Report. By the time Letha arrived at Methodist, she had movement issues and trouble speaking. Interventional Neuroradiologist, Dr. Mayumi Oka, used an intra-arterial tPA to remove a blood clot that was blocking blood flow to Letha’s brain. Within a day, she was back to her normal self, and ready to resume her life with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Methodist Hospitals offers FREE Stroke, Heart Attack and PAD Risk Assessments, including blood pressure and carotid bruit checks. To register, call 1-888-909-DOCS (3627).

Leading the Way to Better Health Now is the time for women to get heart healthy by Abdul Kawamleh, M.D. It’s essential for women to pay more attention to heart health, and there’s no better time to begin than right now. Many people don’t realize that cardiovascular disease, not breast cancer, is the most common cause of death and disability of women in the United States. In fact, more women than men die of heart disease each year. Before menopause, the estrogen in a woman’s body usually protects her from heart disease. The loss of estrogen following menopause opens the door to heart disease. Because of this, women’s heart disease symptoms present about 10 years later than men, bringing with it additional risk factors associated with advancing age. You can play an active role in preventing heart disease 14


by understanding your risk factors and staying on top of them. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, keep them under control with a doctor’s care. Cigarette smoking more than doubles your risk of dying of heart disease. Anyone with a family history of heart disease should be particularly attentive to maintaining good heart health. See your physician, who can take a complete medical history, perform a thorough physical exam, and order blood tests to assess your risks. Women with intermediate risk can benefit from a stress test. Those at high risk are candidates for an angiogram. Anything we discover during an angiogram can be fixed on the spot. Often, women’s heart attacks go unrecognized because of their atypical presentation. What have been considered to be “classic” symptoms can include chest pain or heaviness, a feeling of squeezing or tightness, pain in the left arm, neck or jaw; shortness of breath, dizziness, and a cold sweat. Women, however, are more likely to initially present with symptoms such as pain in the jaw, back or neck; fatigue or weakness, a burning sensation in the chest, shortness of breath, and stomach upset similar to acid reflux. Historically, heart disease in women has been under

Yo Elegí a Methodist

...Para el cuidado de derrames cerebrales Methodist Hospitals es uno de los pioneros de varias terapias, inclusive el sistema llamado Penumbra el cual elimina los coágulos sanguineos. Este sistema ha extendido el tiempo para el tratamiento eficaz de derrames cerebrales hasta un total de ocho horas. A Methodist se le reconoce como un centro principal contra el derrame cerebral según el HFAP, y ocupa el puesto como uno de los 25% mejores centros sobresalientes hacia el cuidado de estos derrames cerebrales según U.S. News and World Report. Al llegar al Methodist Hospitals, Letha padecía de problemas con su movimiento fisico y se le dificultaba el hablar. El Dr. Mayumi Oka, un neurorradiólogo intervencionista utilizó un tPA intra-arterial para eliminar un coágulo que bloqueaba el flujo sanguíneo hacia su cerebro. Dentro de solo un día, Letha volvió a la normalidad, y pudo reanudar su vida con sus hijos, nietos y bisnietos. Methodist Hospitals ofrece evaluaciones gratis para diagnosticar potenciales derrames cerebrales, ataques cardiacos y las evaluaciones de riesgo de PAD, inclusive la presión sanguínea y chequeos del soplo carotideo. Para registrarse, llame al 1-888-909-DOCS (3627).

Dr. Sanjeev Maniar Stroke Program Medical Doctor

Dr. Mayumi Oka

Lideres en Obtener una Mejor Salud

diagnosed, particularly in young women, who are likely to be misdiagnosed with anxiety. There is an interesting syndrome that mimics classic heart attack symptoms called stress cardiomyopathy. Nicknamed “broken heart syndrome,” it causes severe but reversible heart muscle weakness. It happens when sudden shock or stress brings on a surge of adrenalin and other stress hormones, temporarily

stunning the heart. My best advice to women is to pay attention to their bodies. If you experience any unusual symptoms, see your doctor. Have your cholesterol and triglycerides checked, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise at least 15 minutes a day, five days a week.

Statins and Cancer Prevention: Fact Sheet • Statins are a type of drug that blocks the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase, which the body needs to make cholesterol (Question 1). • Statins help to treat and prevent heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol (Question 1). • Research suggests that statins may lower the risk of certain cancers such as colorectal and skin cancers. This is because statins work against cellular functions that may help control tumor initiation, tumor growth, and metastasis (Questions 2 and 3). • The National Cancer Institute is developing a phase II placebo-controlled trial to determine whether lovastatin has the potential to prevent melanoma from developing from an atypical dysplastic nevi (a precursor to melanoma skin cancer) (Question 7). • Two cardiovascular clinical trials have demonstrated a significant reduction in skin cancer among patients taking lipid-lowering drugs (Question 8). 1. What are statins? Statins are a type of drug taken by millions of Americans to lower cholesterol. This class of drugs works by blocking an enzyme known as HMG-CoA (3-hydroxy-3-methyglutaryl COA) reductase, which the body needs to make cholesterol. Statins help to treat and prevent heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol. In the United States, statins available by prescription include atorvastatin (Lipitor), lovastatin (Mevacor), pravastatin (Pravachol), and simvastatin (Zocor). In the United States, statins are available by prescription only. 2. Can statins prevent cancer? Animal research and ongoing observation of people who take statins suggest that these drugs may lower the risk of certain cancers, including colorectal and skin cancers. Statins’ known benefits in preventing cardiovascular disease, along with years of strong evidence that these agents are relatively safe, have led researchers to explore whether statins have the potential to prevent cancer. People should not take statins for cancer prevention outside of a clinical trial. 3. Why do scientists think statins might prevent cancer? By exploring the effects of statins on the process of cancer at the molecular level, researchers have found that statins work against critical cellular functions that may help control tumor initiation, tumor growth, and metastasis. Specifically, statins reduce (or block) the activity of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase and thereby reduce the levels of mevalonate and its associated products. The mevalonate pathway plays a role in cell membrane integrity, cell signaling, protein synthesis, and cell cycle progression, all of which are potential areas of intervention to arrest the cancer process.

4. What are the common side effects of statins? Although generally well-tolerated, statins have been associated with muscle pain (myopathy) and liver toxicity (hepatotoxicity). People who take statins should be monitored by their health care providers for these reasons. 5. Is the National Cancer Institute (NCI) supporting research testing whether statins might prevent colorectal cancer? NCI’s Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Consortia is developing a trial for people at increased risk for colorectal cancer who also have been found to have aberrant crypt foci (ACF). ACF are clusters of abnormal cells in the lining of the colon and rectum that have been associated with the development of colorectal tumors. Using existing technology, ACF represent the earliest stage of detectable risk for colorectal cancer. This NCI-sponsored phase II trial will begin patient enrollment in late 2005 or early 2006. The study will assess the efficacy of atorvastatin (and two other investigational agents, an anti-inflammatory, sulindac, and another compound that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon) against ACF. Paul Limburg, M.D., a researcher in gastroenterology at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minn.), will be leading this multicenter effort. 6. What evidence is there that statins may have an effect on colorectal cancer? Studies have shown that statins inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells grown in the laboratory. Consistent preventive effects of certain statins against colon cancer were first described in cancer studies in rodents published in 1994. Some human observational studies have since suggested that statins may have protective effects against colorectal cancer. Most recently, researchers from the University of Michigan, collaborating with researchers in Israel, compared the use of statins among 1,953 patients who were diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 2,015 other people who did not have the disease. This study specifically associated a 47 percent reduction in the risk of colorectal cancer with statin use (as opposed to the use of another type of lipid-lowering drug, fibrates). [Statins and the risk of colorectal cancer. Poynter, JN., et al. New England Journal of Medicine, May 26, 2005, (352:2184–92]. 7. Is NCI supporting research with statins to prevent other types of cancer? NCI is developing a phase II placebo-controlled trial to evaluate whether lovastatin can reverse precancerous changes in atypical (so-called dysplastic) nevi, a precursor to melanoma skin cancer, and thus have the potential to prevent progression to melanoma. Ken Linden, M.D., Ph.D., a researcher in dermatology at the University of California, Irvine, will be leading this multicenter effort. The study will begin patient enrollment in late 2005 or early 2006. 8. What evidence is there that lipid-lowering drugs can prevent skin cancer? Two large cardiovascular clinical trials have demonstrated a significant reduction in skin cancer among patients taking lipid-lowering drugs. Although clinical data do not consistently show a decreased risk of skin cancer with statin use, various human trials and preclinical studies suggest that statins may have chemopreventive activity against skin cancer. 9. Where can I get more information? For more information about cancer, visit the NCI Web site at or call NCI’s Cancer Information Service at 1–800–4–CANCER (1–800–422–6237). Information on cancer prevention is available at the NCI Division of Cancer Prevention Web site at on the Internet. More information on cholesterol-lowering drugs can be obtained from the FDA Web site at on the Internet.

Toward a Hea Raquel Castro is a nurse and is currently the Program Manager of REACH /Alcance a program of HealthVisions Midwest a ministry sponsored by the religious congregation Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ based in Hammond, IN. Alcance which means “REACH” in Spanish, is a program funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The main goal of the organization is to decrease racial and ethnic disparities among minority populations. The organization offers services for pregnancy assistance, community referrals and Spanish interpretation. The organization’s chief goal is to decrease the Hispanic infant mortality in Lake County; however, when it comes to providing assistance everyone is served regardless of ethnicity or race. As REACH/ Alcance carries out its daily endeavors, it is enhancing the health of everyone in Northwest Indiana. The program is designed to assist pregnant women to obtain healthcare on a micro level. The macro level view is to advocate and mobilize local and state resources toward a broader and more significant systemic change to improve the health of the community. The REACH/Alcance Coalition has been able to engage leaders within the local Hispanic community and has been a key driver in achieving change in Northwest Indiana. The Coalition has diligently worked with local community leaders, partners and collaborators that have helped the organization assist the CDC reach in its aim to decrease health disparities.

althy Community via Local Talent We recently interviewed Raquel Castro to learn of the most recent initiatives she is leading her organization toward. Raquel’s conception of making significant impact in the community involves a multi-level approach. This approach is a triad which includes System-CommunityIndividual.

Specific to Northwest Indiana the sustained health CHW is a liaison between Physicians/ Nurses and the general population. The community has needs such as The key tasks that these individuals understanding which doctors to access, have filling out insurance forms, and basic guidance on decision-making rooted on having the ability to understand the topic at hand through medical interpreting.

The structure of the system is first analyzed prior to attracting the community to get involved by recruiting folks from the community on an individual basis. Each individual has the potential for making significant contributions at a local level. There are professionals like Raquel who take it upon themselves to work within local and state governmental organizations to make change recommendations toward better health for the communities. are the lowing:

REACH/Alcance has advocated strongly with the State of Indiana to find a way that Community Health Workers can be instituted into the health profession. Raquel has coordinated with several educational institutions such as the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Texas.


Community Health Worker: A reinvigorated approach toward health

• Basic follow up after hospitalization to answer questions regarding medical One of Raquel’s most recent direc- condition tives has kept her very busy networking on a nationwide basis to build • Assuring quality of care remains upon a concept that, while not new after hospitalization through home to healthcare, still requires much work visits to ensure it is optimized in our community. The concept is that of the • Assistance of self care after hospi“Community Health Worker” (CHW). talization for a defined period of time • Coordination of Services needed to

On a local level REACH/ Alcance has worked with Ivy Tech Community College to certify all of its Community Health Workers. The local Ivy Tech Community College campuses are working with the State Administration so as to transfer the same curriculum to other Ivy Tech campuses throughout the entire State of Indiana. There was a recent symposium that involved the East Chicago Community Foundations’ Linda Klein in addition to Dr. E. Ric Frataccia Superintendent of Portage Township Schools that helped further identify the most effective use of Community Health Workers.

these freshly minted Community This kind of thorough work has led Health Workers in our community REACH/Alcance - HealthVisions to the obvious answer was entities like coordinate with St. Catherine Hospital hospitals, emergency clinics, dialysis to develop a project for patients with clinics and many more. Congestive Heart Failure. The new Sources of people to do this kind project is called “Bridges to Wellness.” of work are directly out of community Effectively the Community Health colleges such as Ivy Tech or directly out Worker will assist patients to get home of high school for individuals seeking and provide follow up toward effective careers in healthcare. With organizaself management via taking medica- tions like Work One where there are tions properly, ensuring that follow individuals seeking new skills, it would up appointments are kept in addition to assisting with any other social issues that may be germane to that individual or their immediate family. The Community Health Worker catalyzes the bond between the hospital, the medical staff and the community. This individual ensures that the medical care received at the hospital continues once the individual is at home and further recurrence of the same ailments is minimized. From an economic standpoint, the Community Health Worker is much more cost effective than a nurse, but the tasks associated with this role are crucial in enhancing the community’s health in addition to optimizing the way in which hospitals and the medical community work.

Community Health Workers, A Global Phenomena

The concept of Community Health When we inquired as to who Workers is a phenomenon that has would be primary candidates to hire existed throughout the world for


We salute Raquel and her staff as purveyors of good for our community. These individuals are to be commended for their selfless actions and efforts.

One way of learning more about this important initiative is to access the following websites. These highlight the impact that likely be fertile ground to identify Health Visions Midwest - Alcance/ caring people wanting to share their REACH US is having on a local, State energy toward the general well being and National Level. The web page of the community. The idea would from the State of Indiana highlights be to train hundreds of individuals to the participation of Health Visions enter this field possibly growing into Midwest - Alcance/REACH US in a symposium which promoted the the thousands in our State. important role of CHWs.

Who can potentially hire Community Health Workers?


some time. This extends throughout countries like India, China and subSaharan Africa. The migration of populations toward larger cities has required for individuals to take on the role to help out communities at large. In Northwest Indiana the need to minimize health disparities revolves around language and cultural barriers. It is an organization like HealthVisions Midwest -REACH/Alcance and individuals with a passion and leadership like Raquel Castro and her staff that make life a little more bearable for many in our community.

Hacia una Comunidad Saludable a través de Talento Local POR EL PERSONAL DE ¡QUE VIVA! INDIANA

Raquel Castro es enfermera y actualmente es el Gerente del Programa de Alcance / REACH US un programa que es parte de Health Visions Midwest, una ministria apoyada por la congregación religiosa “Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ” basada en Hammond, IN.

sido capaz de involucrar a los líderes de la comunidad hispana local y este acontecimiento ha sido un factor clave para lograr un gran cambio en el noroeste de Indiana. La Coalición ha trabajado diligentemente con los líderes locales de la comunidad, socios y colaboradores que han ayudado a la organización a alcanzar sus metas y Alcance/REACH US es una orga- ayudar al objetivo fundamental de la CDC: nización financiada por los Centros para el La reducción de las disparidades de la salud. Control de Enfermedades (CDC). El objetivo principal de tal organización es la reRecientemente, entrevistamos a ducción de las disparidades raciales y étnicas entre las poblaciones minoritarias. La organización ofrece servicios de asistencia de embarazo, referencias dentro de la comunidad y la interpretación de Ingles a Español. Aunque los fines son hacia la reducción de la mortalidad infantil hispana en el condado de Lake, sin embargo, a todos se les ofrece asistencia independientemente de su etnicidad o raza. Al llevar a cabo su propósito al diario, Alcance/REACH US mejora la salud todo quien lo requiere y lo pide a través del noroeste de Indiana.

Raquel Castro para que compartiera con nosotros las mas recientes iniciativas que se están llevando a cabo dentro de su organización. El concepto que Raquel utiliza hacia un impacto significativo El programa está diseñado para ayudar dentro de la comunidad implica el enfoque a las mujeres embarazadas a obtener aten- a varios niveles. ción médica a un nivel micro. La visión a nivel macro es abogar y movilizar recursos Tal enfoque involucra una tríada que locales y estatales hacia un cambio más incluye una estrategia Sistemica, Comuamplio y más significativo sistémico para nitaria e individual. mejorar la salud de la comunidad. La estructura del sistema se analizó La Coalición Alcance/REACH US ha en primer lugar antes de atraer a la co-

munidad con el fin de reclutar aquellas personas para que pudieran compartir sus ideas y esfuerzos. Cada individuo tiene el potencial para hacer contribuciones significativas a nivel local. Hay profesionales como Raquel que toman responsabilidad sobre sí mismos para maniobrar esfuerzos con organizaciones locales y estatales para hacer recomendaciones hacia cambios para una mejor salud para las los miembros de nuestras comunidades.

Comunidad Personal de salud: Un enfoque nuevo vigor a la salud Una de las directivas más recientes que ha mantenido a Raquel muy ocupada a nivel nacional para añadirle al un concepto, aunque no novedoso, requiere mucho trabajo para adelantar y mejorar a nuestra comunidad con lo que se le llama el “agente de salud comunitario – Community Health Worker” (CHW). Con respecto al noroeste de Indiana el CHW es el enlace entre la comunidad medica y el pueblo en general. Las principales tareas que estas personas tienen son las siguientes: • Darle seguimiento basico después de la hospitalización para contestar cualquier pregunta sobre la condición médica del paciente • Asegurar de que la calidad de la atención ¡QUE VIVA! | NOVEMBER 2012


se mantenga después de la hospitalización a través de visitas a domicilio • Asistencia de cuidado personal después de la hospitalización por un período definido • Coordinación de servicios necesarios hacia una salud estable

con St. Catherine Hospital para desarrollar un proyecto para ayudar a los pacientes con insuficiencia cardíaca congestiva. En efecto, el CHW ayudará a los pacientes a llegar a casa y darle seguimiento a la autogestión eficaz para que así puedan tomar sus medicamentos correctamente, asegurando que las citas de seguimiento se mantengan, además de ayudar con cualquier otro problema social que puede enfrentar esa persona o su familia.

para identificar aquellos quien esmeran dar su energía hacia el bienestar general de la comunidad. La idea es de preparar a cientos o tal vez miles de personas para este campo.

organizaciones como el Work One de donde provienen individuos que buscan nuevos caminos, y seria terreno fértil

en un importante simposio que promovió la iniciativa acerca del CHW.

Trabajadores Comunitarios de Salud (CHW), un fenómeno mundial

El concepto de los CHW es un fenómeno que ha existido en todo el mundo La comunidad tiene necesidades tales durante algún tiempo. Esto se extiende como el identificar a cual doctor ver, la El CHW es un enlace crítico entre a lo largo de países como India, China y preparación de formularios de seguros, el hospital, el personal médico y la co- el África sub-sahariana. La migración de y la orientación básica sobre la toma de munidad. Esta persona asegura que la la población hacia las ciudades grandes decisiones. Muchos de los temas están atención médica recibida en el hospital obligo que personas de la comunidad basados en el poder comprender las cues- continúe una vez que al individuo se le asumieran la responsabilidad de ayudar a tiones a través de la interpretación de de de alta y así evitar que recurran los la comunidad en general. En el Noroeste conceptos médicos. mismos problemas médicos. de Indiana la necesidad de minimizar las disparidades de salud gira en torno a las Alcance / REACH US ha abogado Desde punto de vista económico, el barreras lingüísticas y culturales. Se trata fuertemente con el Estado de Indiana para CHW es mucho más rentable que una de una organización como Health Visions que los CHW se instituyan dentro de la enfermera, pero las tareas asociadas con Midwest - Alcance/REACH US y aquellos profesión médica. Raquel ha coordinado este papel es crucial en la mejora de la salud individuos que aportan pasión y liderazgo con diversas instituciones educativas como de la comunidad, además de optimizar la como Raquel Castro y su personal para que la Universidad de Illinois en Chicago y la forma en que los hospitales y la comunidad puedan hacer contribuciones significativas Universidad de Texas. colaboren. para que la vida de muchos de nuestra comunidad sea un poco más soportable A nivel local Alcance / REACH US ¿Quién podra contratar trabajadores de y serena. ha trabajado con Ivy Tech Community salud comunitaria (CHW)? College para certificar a todos sus trabaLes mostramos respeto a Raquel y a su jadores como CHW. Los colegios locales Cuando preguntamos acerca de quién personal como proveedores del bien hacia de Ivy Tech Community College están serían los candidatos principales para nuestra comunidad. Estos individuos trabajando con la Administración del contratar a estos recién graduados CHW deben ser elogiados por sus actos y sus Estado de Indiana con el fin de transferir en nuestra comunidad, la respuesta obvia esfuerzos sin ningún interés, pues solo el mismo plan de estudios con los otros son las entidades como hospitales, clínicas para el bien de la comunidad. campuses de Ivy Tech a través de todo de emergencia, clínicas de diálisis entre el estado de Indiana. Hubo un reciente ellos. Para mayor información acerca de simposio que involucró a Linda Klein esta importante iniciativa usted podrá de Las Fundaciones de East Chicago del Fuentes de la gente para llevar acabo acceder a estas páginas de la red. Éstas Dr. E. Ric Frataccia Superintendente de este tipo de trabajo son directamente de páginas destacan el impacto que Alcance Escuelas del municipio de Portage que colegios de la comunidad, tales como / REACH US está teniendo a nivel local, ayudaron a identificar mejor el uso más Ivy Tech o directamente de la escuela estatal y nacional. La página del estado eficaz de los CHW (Trabajadores de Salud secundaria para las personas en busca de Indiana nos da información acerca de Comunitaria.) de carreras en el campo médico. Hay la participación del Alcance/REACH US Este tipo de trabajo minucioso ha permitido Alcance/REACH US- Health Visions el poder lograr una colaboración 22



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cash is king

What is a Cash Flow Statement?

A cash flow statement is a powerful tool for monitoring the health of a business. This statement is one of the three primary financial statements: the income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement. Brilliant investors like Warren Buffet have said that the cash flow statement is the most important of the three because – as any business owner knows – cash is king. The purpose of the cash flow statement is to reconcile the change in cash balances from one period to the next by reconciling the inflows of cash and outflows of cash. A cash flow statement covers activity over a period of time – typically monthly, quarterly or annually. All three of the financial statements are interdependent; changes in one affect the others. This is most apparent in the cash flow statement which typically begins with net income - pulled from the income statement - and includes changes in balance sheet accounts, such as change in current assets.

Importance of a Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow statement often groups the cash flows into three basic categories: operation activities, investing activities and financing activities. The key to understanding each section lies in their names. The section entitled “Cash Flow from Operations” includes any kind of revenue received from the sale of goods or services, payments made to employees, suppliers and the government – in short, the operations of the business. Moving ahead, the investment section includes outlays for, and proceeds from, owned assets that are intended to garner returns in the future. For instance, purchasing new machinery would be labeled as a capital expenditure in the investment section of the cash flow statement. If the investment section covers investments made by the business, the financing section of the statement summarizes investments made in the business. This section includes receipts from issuing or purchasing shares and the increase or reduction in debts. A cash flow statement serves various purposes and is beneficial for multiple constituencies of a business. For a business owner, it can be a way of predicting the foreseeable cash flow for the near future and so can help in budgeting. For investors, the cash flow statement can help them assess the health level of a business as well as anticipating future investment needs. Keeping cash flowing is a challenge for most business owners. Keeping up-to-date on the most successful cash flow strategies is a Horizon Bank specialization. Our advisors are experts in business financing and will work with you to develop a steady stream of solutions to help manage your cash flow. Apply for a loan by speaking with a business advisor at 888-873-2640.

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THE STATE THAT WORKS: ENHANCE CAREER, TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Policy Goal: Enhance career, technical and vocational career pathways for high school students by engaging local employers and educators in designing demand-driven curriculum and providing applied learning opportunities. Goals Served: • Goal #1: Increasing private sector employment • Goal #5: Improving the quality of the Hoosier workforce Policy Steps: § Create regional Indiana Works Councils (IWCs) with membership including representation from employers and educators. § Task each IWC to deliver to the state, by November 1, 2013, a comprehensive evaluation of career, technical and vocational educational opportunities for high school students within its region. § Beginning January 1, 2014, empower the IWCs to draft alternative curriculum, subject to approval by the State Board of Education, which offers high school students opportunities to pursue internships and apprenticeships, learn from qualified instructors, and ultimately earn an industry certification or be on a career pathway to a high-wage, high-demand job. § Re-brand the Core40 with Technical Honors1 as the Core40 Career degree and communicate to students the potential earnings associated with each degree pathway. Rationale § §


There is a skills gap in Indiana. Employers are having difficulty finding qualified workers.2 Enhancing career, technical and vocational education will lead to new job opportunities for high school graduates and a more qualified pool of workers for employers. According to the Department of Education, in 2011 only 1 percent (1,010) of all high school graduates earned a Core40 with Technical Honors degree, and yet Indiana has the third highest percentage of high school graduates in our workforce.3 To improve the quality of our workforce, it’s clear that we need to improve the quality of our high school graduates. See Timothy R. Homan, “Workers Lacking Skills Hinder More U.S. Factory Gains: Economy,” Bloomberg (May 14, 2012) (“Paul Bonin has no problem getting enough orders to keep his South Bend, Indiana, factory busy. What he can’t find are enough qualified employees to work on the assembly lines. ‘The biggest challenge we face is a skilled labor force,’ said Bonin, president of Bertrand Products Inc., which makes transmission parts for helicopters. He said he sees opportunities to fill more orders, ‘but I can’t take the work because I can’t find the workforce.’”). 3 See Educational Attainment data from American Community Survey, collected by Stats Indiana, located at 2



Many certifications and associate degrees pay higher salaries than the average bachelor’s degree. While the median earnings of a worker with a bachelor’s degree are $36,662, the median earnings for a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related certificate are $45,554 and $51,737 for a STEM related associate degree.4 Putting high school students on a pathway toward earning these degrees will significantly increase their earnings potential.

Only 1%  of  High  School  Graduates  Earn     a  Core40  with  Technical  Honors  Diploma  

Core40 Technical  Honors   Diplomas   All  Other  Diplomas  

Source: Indiana Department of Education


See Crossing the Starting Line: An Examination of Productivity at Indiana’s Public Colleges and Universities, Figure 2 at page 11, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (October 2010), located at ¡QUE VIVA! | NOVEMBER 2012


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Overcoming 5 Common Barriers to Achieving Success

by T.J. Philpott Author and Internet Entrepreneur

Achieving success is a very fulfilling moment for anybody willing to endure the effort and sacrifice it took to accomplish goals they had set for themselves. The sad fact is however that many fail to ever meet their goals and objectives leaving them feeling empty and discontent. Whether it is success in life or success in business just about everybody has the desire to achieve one or the other or both. What is it that keeps people from gaining the inner happiness and content that is a natural by-product of this personal achievement? Let’s have a look at 5 common barriers that either inhibit or stop people in their pursuit of any goals and objectives that they may have.

Lack of Direction

To set goals you first need to determine what it is that you want to accomplish. As strange as it may seem to goal oriented people there are those who are content to just ‘float’ along without any attempt to better themselves or their situation. On the other hand there are those who do have goals but are unfamiliar with how to establish the proper plan or necessary steps needed to reach their objectives. This is quite often the case for people who fail to achieve the success in business that they are looking for.

Negative Feedback

Receiving negative feedback from your peers is the quickest way to undermine your own self-confidence and thereby give up your goals or beliefs. The key here is to identify this ‘pitfall’ in advance and avoid these types of people. There is no better or quicker way to lose your enthusiasm, motivation, or positive energy then to have people like this drain you with their constant ‘negative’ reinforcement.

Fear of Failure

As crazy as it seems it is ‘normal’ psychology for people to fear failure and as a result decide to not even try. The ‘reasoning’ is that if you do not try you cannot fail. As ‘twisted’ as this may seem to some it is a ‘workable’ defense psychology for people afraid to fail.

Don’t Know How to Set Goals

Goal planning involves not only determining ‘exactly’ what it is you want but also evaluating whether your goals are realistic. Do you possess or have access to the needed skills and resources that are required to attain these goals. Ambition is great but ‘blind’ ambition will only set you up for failure and frustration. Repeated failure and frustration will discourage any future goal setting by these same people therefore it is important to keep goals realistic. Anything other than that is a dream.

Lack of Motivation

Some people possess the mentality of ‘it was a good idea at the time’ and therefore quickly retreat when they are confronted with challenges in pursuit of their goals. A strong inner desire is needed to achieve any goals worthy of note. A lack of motivation is probably the most common reason people give up when chasing after any objectives they set for themselves. Achieving success is something that anybody would welcome in their lives. The joy and fulfillment that comes when you accomplish goals you have set for yourself is a reward worth having all by itself. Unfortunately however there are certain common barriers that can block people from the success in life they so deeply want. As we have identified above some barriers can even completely block any attempts at putting forth any effort whatsoever. By having a clearer understanding of what causes these barriers however we can place ourselves in a better position to avoid or break through them. The end result should be that many people will now experience the joy of personal achievement that at one time eluded them. This in turn will lead to a richer and more rewarding life. Included in Que Viva! Indiana under the following license:

2832 Willowcreek  Rd

777 Belterrra  Drive 11999  Avenue  of  the  Emperors

Belterra Casino  Resort  &  Spa Caesars  Palace

Hammond, IN    46320

5925 Calumet  Avenue

8505 W.  183rd  St.

Alzheimers Association,  Greater  Indiana  Chapter  Office50  E.  91st  Street,  Suite  100 Portage  Township  YMCA 3100  Willowcreek  Road Su  Casa  Youth  Culture  Center  &  immigration   4506  Tod  Avenue Resource  Office Puerto  Rican  Parade  and  Cultural  Organization  of   P.O.  Box  3029/1607  E.  Columbus  Drive;   Northwest  Indiana,  Inc. East  Chicago,  Indiana    46312 Ballet  Folklorico  de  Santa  Maria 180  Hidden  Lake  Drive Indiana  State  LULAC P.O.  Box  914 Humane  Society  Northwest  Indiana 6100  Melton  Road Greater  Hammond  Community  Services 824  Hoffman  Street The  Salvation  Army,  East  Chicago  Crops 513  W.  Chicago  Ave American  Red  Cross  of  Northwest  Indiana,  Greater   791  E.  83rd  Ave Chicago  Region YWCA  of  NWI 150  West  15th  Avenue International  Institute/LACASA 4506  Tod  Avenue Second  Harvest  Food  Bank 2248  W.  35th  Avenue Lupus  Foundation  of  America P.O.  Box  68467 Indiana  Youth  Institute 603  E.  Washington  Street,  Ste  800 Indiana  Youth  Institute 603  E.  Washington  Street,  Ste  800

Covering Kids  &  Families  of  Indiana Lake  County  Minority  Health  Coalition Alzheimers  Association

Community Organizations

1021 W.  5th  Avenue 1614  W.  5th  Ave 15  N.  Franklin  St

8505 W.  183rd  St.

State Farm

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East Chicago,  IN    46312

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Organization Bus Services  for  persons  with  disabilities College  Bound  Program Gas  Leak Hammond  Public  Library NIPSCO  Customer  Service Poison  Information United  Neighborhoods  Inc.    

219-­‐886-­‐8980 219-­‐886-­‐3648 219-­‐464-­‐9600 3317-­‐575-­‐9620; 24/7  Hotline,  800-­‐272-­‐ 3900 219-­‐762-­‐9622

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Community Organizations Community  Organizations Community  Organizations Community  Organizations Community  Organizations Community  Organizations

Community Organizations

Community Organizations Community  Organizations

Community Organizations Community  Organizations Community  Organizations

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Career Opportunities


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Specially Yours

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Shared Resource  Solutions,  Inc.

153 Franklin  Street

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7781 E.  Ridge  Road 9175  Calumet  Avenue

901 N.  Post  Road 2755  South  State  Road  49

Porter County  Museum

Pets in  Motion

Family  Life  Clinic Dr.  Jorge  Benavente

Indianapolis Police  Department Porter  County  Sheriff

6700 Broadway

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528 E.  77th  Ave 1370  Joliet  Street 4616  Indianapolis  Blvd 4856  Indianapolis  Blvd

USS Steeel  Yard,  One  Stadium  Plaza

Griffin Realty  Company

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Banquets at  St.  George Meyer's  Castle Casablanca  Restaurant Sharks


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spanish lesson DIET AND NUTRITION

Diet Breakfast Lunch Dinner Cereal(s) Grain(s) Protein(s) Meat Vegetable Carbohydrate Fruit Vitamin Mineral(s)

dieta desayuno almuerzo cena cereal(es) grano(s) proteina(s) carne verdura carbohidratos fruta vitamina mineral(es)

dyeh-tah dehs-ah-yoo-noh ahl-mwehr-soh seh-nah seh-reh-ahl(ehs) grah-noh(s) pro-teh-ee-nahs kahr-neh vehr-doo-rah kahr-boh-ee-drah-tohs froo-tah vee-tah-meh-nah mee-neh-rahl-(ehs)

Homemade Tortillas Ingredients •3 cups all-purpose flour •2 teaspoons baking powder •2 teaspoons salt •3/4 cup shortening •3/4 cup hot water Directions 1.Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt. Either by hand or with a pastry cutter, add the shortening until the mixture is crumbly. If the mixture looks more floury than crumbly, be sure to add just one or two more tablespoons of shortening to reach a crumbly consistency. Add about 3/4 cup hot water to the mixture, or just enough to make the ingredients look moist. 2.With your hand or a large fork, knead the mixture making sure to rub the dough against the sides of the large mixing bowl to gather any clinging dough. If the dough still sticks to the side of the bowl, add a couple more tablespoons of flour until the dough forms a soft round shape. The dough is ready to roll out now, but it is best to let it rest. Cover it with a dish towel, and let it sit for about an hour or so. 3.Take the dough, and pull it apart into 10 to 12 balls. Lightly flour your rolling area, and roll each ball with a rolling pin to about 1/8 inch thickness. 4.Place each tortilla on a medium hot cast iron skillet. Cook for about 1 to 2 minutes on each side, or until the tortilla does not look doughy.

Jump Start Start Your Your Jump Business! Business! Become Becomeaacertified certifiedMWBE MWBE

State Stateof ofIndiana Indiana Division Divisionof ofSupplier SupplierDiversity Diversity Phone: Phone:317-232-3061 317-232-3061 Fax: Fax:317-233-6921 317-233-6921 Email:

Más oportunidades de empleo. Mejores escuelas. Un estado que funciona.

¡ VOTE PENCE para Gobernador!



Lea la hoja de ruta de Mike para ver su plan para bajar impuestos, eliminar regulaciones innecesarias, crear nuevas oportunidades de empleo, y subir la taza de graduación en nuestras escuelas.










Count on it. Life has no guarantees, but in business, I knew exactly what I wanted. A company that gave me the start-up help I needed, freedom to make my own decisions … plus the chance to earn a great living. With so many unknowns in life, my career isn’t one of them. I can count on that.


AGENTS NEEDED in Northwest Indiana If you or someone you know is currently exploring career opportunities, consider becoming a State Farm Agent! Some of these opportunities are located in: Hammond, Hobart and Merrillville. For more information: Angel Casas at 708-738-0267,

Rebecca LaFevers State Farm Agent

State Farm • Bloomington, IL


An Equal Opportunity Employer

Que Viva-November 2012  

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