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Director of Community Affairs and Relations Office of Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

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As the holiday season fast approaches those strolls on crisp autumn nights allow us the opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of Thanksgiving. Many of us, in our own, way take the opportunity to look back upon the calendar year and take stock of the events, both positive, neutral and not so positive and put them in their proper perspective. Through the journey of living out our lives we are continuously reminded by daily events of the precious gift that life is for us all. In this issue we continue to focus on people who have walked journeys that ,warrant not only our applause, but who are torchbearers and prime examples of everyday people doing things incredibly well. Through the course of less than one decade, our featured guest, Diego Morales, managed to “leapfrog” what some families in any community have taken as many as three generations to accomplish. His story is one of passion for excellence and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge with a steadfast and ironclad commitment to his newly adopted homeland and country. Epiphanies that flashed across his mind as a young man led Juan Salgado to identify “what filled his soul” to the benefit of many in Chicago. He along with his trusted team propelled what started out as a small organization to one that is renowned for its effectiveness on a national scale and recognized by none other than the White House as a “Champion of Change”. His organization presents opportunities for those interested in bettering their lives. We touch upon a cultural iconic parade that has been part of Northwest Indiana, the Mexican Independence Parade, both to honor its current president, Tony Barreda, and to show the degree of tenacity and fervor to celebrating Mexican culture while, at the same time, being sensitive to daily life and how geopolitical events unfold for our country. The traditional focus on education and business follows the same thread we have had since the inception of Que Viva! We continue to expand our footprint well beyond the Region as we are now reaching to every major metropolitan city in the United States and throughout Latin America. We thank you for your readership as we continue to make every effort to bring relevant topics that are of value to our readers and just as importantly, a message of “Si Se Puede!”. We have countless examples in our issues, including this one, of people who have triumphed by having the strong belief that success is just ahead and never losing sight of it. We look forward t your feedback and wish each of you and your families a very happy and safe Thanksgiving 2013. We look forward to your thoughts and feedback,

Que Viva! Magazine Team


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Preventing employment discrimination lawsuits - Jamal Smith

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Humble Beginnings, Unparalleled Results: A Success Story - Que Viva! Magazine Staff


American Schools Missing 389,000 Teachers: Associated Press


Techies Urge Kids to Learn Code: PBS Newshour Extra, Elise Garofalo


Why is America not Number 1? Karin Chenoweth, Education Trust

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Realizing the Potential of Latino Small Business - National Council of La Raza

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18 feature article A Dream Transcends Barriers - Diego Morales

Preventing employment discrimination lawsuits by Jamal Smith, Indiana Civil Rights Commission

makes employment discrimination unacceptable in your workplace In employment discrimination lawsuits, the business always loses. Whether an employee’s allegation is later proved to be factual or not, the reputation of the business has already suffered in the court of public opinion. To avoid this, employers need to adopt several serious guidelines for the prevention of discrimination in the workplace. Employment Discrimination Lawsuits Rising The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) statistics reveal that more employment discrimination charges have been filed over the past three years than in any three year period in the agency’s 47 year history. Like our substantially equivalent federal counterpart, we at the Indiana Civil Rights Commission have also seen a rise in employment discrimination complaints in Indiana. A startling trend, that costs businesses millions of dollars each year. What Employers Can Do to Prevent Employment Discrimination Employers who put strong measures in place to prevent and address employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation can limit the likelihood of charges and lawsuits brought against them. Provided below are a list of steps businesses should follow to prevent employment discrimination: 1.) Implement a strict policy that

Developing a comprehensive policy that addresses employment or workplace discrimination is the first step to safeguarding your business from a lawsuit. This policy needs to cover employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The policy should also include a process for reporting any incidents. Preferably employees have several methods for reporting employment discrimination in case their supervisor is involved in the matter. This also allows for situations to be handled “in-house” through an internal investigation as opposed to a third-party review by a civil rights agency or law firm. 2.) Train your managers in the implementation of the anti-discrimination policy A manager’s role in this process is to create a work environment and culture in which employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation do not occur. Managers must recognize signs and symptoms that discrimination, harassment, or retaliation is occurring and know how to address these illegal actions. Managers must thoroughly understand the company’s policy and know how to recognize work situations that might escalate into employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation situations. 3.) Conduct an annual employee training An annual review of your employment discrimination policy should be mandatory for all employees. You should require them to sign a training record and to indicate that they are

aware of and understand the employer’s policy and complaint process. There are plenty of training options available; including our Power of Diversity™ Statewide Series which provides free training on employment discrimination. For more information about this program visit: 4.) Establish cultural expectations and norms Creating a work environment that is free of employment discrimination, and all forms of harassment and retaliation should be integral in employee job descriptions, the goals in the performance development planning process, and in employee review and evaluation. Like with any policy, their effectiveness is dependent on each level of the organization both embracing and enforcing the policy consistently. Taking this policy lightly or assuming employment discrimination just “doesn’t happen” at your organization will make you much more susceptible to a lawsuit. Final Thoughts As with any employment situation that could result in litigation, document all aspects of policy training, complaint investigation, hiring and promotion practices, management development and employee training. Your good faith efforts to prevent employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation may serve you well in the event of a lawsuit or discrimination complaint. In addition to saving your organization from financial hardship, adopting a comprehensive employment discrimination policy promotes an inclusive and cohesive work environment.

Jamal Smith is the Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC). The ICRC investigates complaints of discrimination and educates organizations, companies, landlords, associations, and individuals on their rights and responsibilities under the Indiana Civil Rights Law.

Humble Beginnings, Unparalleled Results: A Success by the Que Viva! Indiana Staff Creating bridges is what Juan Salgado has dedicated his life to. He grew up in South Suburban Calumet Park, IL and through a series of life events, his focus during most of his adult life, has been to help society solve some of its issues. As a youngster playing both football and baseball his care was to optimize his athletic prowess and attain his personal goals in the sport. As he gained wisdom through the guidance of many mentors and coaches, he developed a passion that has served as the bedrock to his success.

is key. With limited funds, Instituto was founded in 1977 in a former motel in the city of Chicago. Under Salgado’s leadership, Instituto was able to build a beautiful three story steel and glass building in 2010. It houses the Instituto Health Sciences Academy and Instituto Justice Leadership Academy in addition to the core organization Instituto del Progreso Latino.

Dignitaries ranging from Governor Pat Quinn, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel are just some examples of individuDuring his pursuit of his undergrad- als who have been invited to either uate degree while at Illinois Wesleyan sign legislation or share significant University he had some epiphanies accomplishments with the community. based on fundamental questions he had about his identity. He had a “Instituto’s mission is to help people natural ease, through his many per- attain upward mobility”, says Salgado, sonal attributes, to open doors toward “Our focus is to catalyze a full particiachievement and success. Through pation in U.S. Society through educathe study of Economics, in which he tion, training and employment.” The earned a bachelor’s degree, and by five key areas Instituto focuses on proceeding to earn a Master’s Degree are: Workforce Development, Adult in Urban Planning at the University of Basic Education, Youth Development, Illinois, Salgado received answers to Citizenship Preparation and Charter his basic questions and expertly put Schools. More than eighty percent them to good use by orchestrating of their $10 Million per year budget monumental growth and achievement comes primarily from Federal, State at El Instituto Del Progreso Latino in and City sources. “When the economy Chicago (Institute of Latino Progress), is in rough shape, funding sources are exceptionally vigilant with the “Instituto”. effectiveness of each and every dollar Salgado joined the organization they contribute.” in 2001 as Executive Director and in 2008 was promoted to President and Salgado shares that enacted laws CEO. In May of 2013 he gave the to reduce high school drop-out rates commencement speech at his alma and those enacted to re-enlist “school mater, Illinois Wesleyan University to age” individuals can only be executed the graduating class and was awarded upon by systems adept at delivering an honorary doctorate degree. such results. Through Instituto’s structure, tangible results have been achieved in As an ambassador for his organi- helping the community better prepare zation, he recognizes that performance itself toward participation in society.

s Story Instituto del Progreso Latino-- Chicago, IL One example has been the licensed practicing nurse program. “We have helped people with a limited education, unemployed or earning less than $10 per hour to graduate from our nursing program and land jobs paying as much as $24 per hour.” It is this level of success that has triggered at least one big management consulting firm to invest financial resources at Instituto to facilitate an exchange of methods and knowledge to other learning institutions throughout the nation. “We started with 40 kids in our small Justice and Leadership Academy and grew it little by little throughout the course of time to a total of 250”, says Salgado, “the quality of our work earned us recognition from the Chicago Public School system. “They awarded us with the support and option to build 15 additional Charter Schools.” Salgado notes that Instituto will probably opt to build 4 or 5 in the near term each helping roughly 250 students. “We will continue to target areas with high density of youngsters who are of school age, but not in school, in the Pilsen neighborhood alone, data suggests there are as many as 2000 people that could benefit from our Charter Schools.” In addition to the tangible financial support from both the public and private sector, the accolades given to Instituto have come from the

White House with their “Champion of Change” Award in 2011. Additional awards included, Affiliate of the Year, by the National Council of La Raza and the Recognition Award by the U.S. Department of Labor.

and each day when he wakes up he delights in thinking of the things he must do to continue to work on his passion. He has chosen a career that has helped countless people succeed. In his commencement address Salgado shared some of his innermost thoughts:

“The key is to do the right things, the right way and the right outcomes “Do what stirs your spirit and soul. will follow”, says You might not fully comprehend where you will end up, but the journey will be rewarding and the pay, not always in dollars, will be immense.”

Such philosophical and profound thoughts run deep in his psyche in spite of his harried schedule running a huge organization, raising a young family and being involved in countless Boards. He is one of six children and proud son of Mr. Daniel Salgado Sr. and Mrs. Carmen Salgado. His three older sisters helped guide him in a direction that would pay off dividends well beyond the family’s domain. The influence of his older brother Daniel has been key to the solidification of the values and beliefs taught to them by their Salgado. parents and grandparents. His key “By doing so we have been able to mantra is to be a good husband and garner additional resources in spite a good father. The rest, as he puts it, of a contracting economy. The most falls in place naturally. important thing is to be present and attentive to the community and reach Society is fortunate to have the out to the outside world and build likes of Dr. Juan Salgado in its midst. bridges by making the proper con- He is an inspiration to all, young and nections. You can do a lot of things old. Que Viva! Congratulates and incredibly well when you work incred- applauds his efforts. ibly well with others and stay focused on the results” Salgado loves what he does

Humildes comienzos , resultados sin precedentes : Una hist por el Personal de ¡Que Viva! El construir puentes ha sido a lo que Juan Salgado se ha dedicado en su vida. Se crió en el suburbio sureño de Chicago de Calumet Park, IL. Por medio de una serie de experiencias de la vida , su enfoque durante la mayor parte de su vida adulta , ha sido la de ayudar a la sociedad el resolver algunos de sus problemas . Cuando era chico al jugar fútbol americano y el béisbol su preocupación se centraba en el optimizar su capacidad atlética y alcanzar sus metas personales deportivas. Al lograr más conocimientos en base a la orientación de muchos mentores y entrenadores , desarrolló una pasión que le ha servido como plataforma para el éxito . Al ganarse su título universitario y al estar matriculado en la Illinois Wesleyan University, Salgado tuvo algunas epifanías sobre varias preguntas elementales que tenía el acerca de su identidad. Tenía una facilidad natural, a través de sus muchos atributos personales , de abrir las puertas hacia el éxito. A través del estudio de la economía , en la cual se graduó con su licenciatura , y al proceder al obtener un título de maestría en Planificación Urbana de la Universidad de Illinois, Salgado obtuvo algunas respuestas a sus preguntas y posteriormente con su mente experta pudo orquestar el crecimiento monumental con grandes acontecimientos dentro del Instituto del Progreso Latino en Chicago, IL “Instituto “ . Salgado se integro al esta organización en el año 2001 como director ejecutivo y en 2008 fue ascendido a Presidente y CEO. En mayo de 2013 el presento el discurso de graduación 8

¡QUE VIVA! | november 2013

en su alma mater , la Universidad “ Cuando la economía está en mal de Illinois Wesleyan en el cual se le estado , las fuentes de financiación otorgo un doctorado honoris causa . estan muy atentas y monitorean con mucho cuidado la eficacia cada dólar Como embajadora de la orga- que aportan. “ nización , reconoce que el rendimiento es la clave. Con recursos limitados , el Instituto fue fundado en 1977 en un antiguo motel en la ciudad de Chicago. Bajo el liderazgo de Salgado , en el año 2010 se pudo construir un hermoso edificio de acero y cristal de tres pisos. Alberga la Academia Instituto Ciencias de la Salud y el Instituto Academia de Liderazgo de Justicia , además de la principal organización -- El Instituto del Progreso Latino . Dignatarios , desde el gobernador Pat Quinn , el congresista Luis Gutiérrez, Anita Alvarez La Procuradora del Estado de Cook County y el alcalde Rahm Emmanuel son sólo algunos ejemplos de las personas que han sido invitadas ya sea para finalizar las leyes o para compartir otros logros significativos con la comunidad. “ La misión del Instituto es ayudar a que las personas a tengan acceso a una movilidad social ascendente “ , dice Salgado , “Nuestro objetivo es catalizar la participación plena en esta sociedad de Estados Unidos a través de la educación, la formación y el empleo . “ Las cinco áreas clave sobra las cuales el Instituto se centra son: El desarrollo de la fuerza laboral , la educación básica para los adultos , el desarrollo de la juventud ,la preparación para la ciudadanía y las escuelas charter . Más del ochenta por ciento de sus 10 millones de dólares anuales de presupuesto proviene principalmente de fuentes federales, estatales y municipales .

Salgado menciona que las leyes promulgadas para reducir la deserción escolar y las tasas promulgadas para que se puedan re alistar estos individuos de “edad escolar” sólo se pueden ejecutar en los sistemas con la capacidad de lograr dichos resultados. A través de la estructura

toria de éxito Instituto del Progreso Latino - Chicago, IL del Instituto , los resultados concretos se han logrado para que asi pueda mejor prepararse la comunidad para participar en la sociedad. Un ejemplo ha sido el programa de licenciatura

empresa de consultoría de gestión el invertir recursos financieros para que el Instituto facilite el intercambio de métodos y conocimientos a otras instituciones de enseñanza a través

Públicas de Chicago. “Nos premiaron con un gran apoyo y el potencial del poder construir 15 escuelas Charter adicionales. “ Salgado señala que el Instituto optara por construir solo 4 o 5 escuelas a corto plazo, cada una ayudando a aproximadamente 250 estudiantes. “vamos a seguir dirigiéndonos hacia las áreas con alta densidad de jóvenes de edad escolar sin estar en la escuela. Solo en el barrio de Pilsen, los datos sugieren que hay algunas 2.000 personas que podrían beneficiarse de las Escuelas Charter “ . Además del apoyo financiero , tanto del sector público como del sector privado, los galardones otorgados a Instituto han venido de la Casa Blanca con el premio “ Campeón del Cambio “ en el 2011. Otros premios incluyen , Afiliado del Año, por el Consejo Nacional de La Raza y el Premio de Reconocimiento por parte del Departamento de Trabajo de Estados Unidos .

para enfermeras. “ Hemos ayudado a personas ya sea con una educación limitada , o que están desempleadas o que ganan menos de $ 10 por hora a poder graduarse de nuestro programa de enfermería el poder obtener empleo ganando hasta $24 por hora .” Es este nivel de éxito que ha provocado que al menos una

“ La clave está en el hecho de hacer bien las cosas, en manera correcta y los resultados correctos seguirán “ , dice Salgado. “ Al seguir esta disciplina hemos podido reunir recursos adicionales a pesar de que la economía se ha contraído. Lo más importante del pais. es el estar presente y ser atento hacia a la comunidad para lograr llegar al “Iniciamos el programa con solo mundo exterior y tender puentes para 40 niños en nuestra Academia de Jus- hacer las conexiones adecuadas . Se ticia y Liderazgo y logramos crecerlo pueden hacer muchas cosas increíbles poco a poco a lo largo del tiempo cuando uno trabaja increíblemente a un total de 250 “ , dice Salgado bien con los demás y se mantiene un , “la calidad de nuestro trabajo nos enorme enfoque en los resultados.” lo reconoció el sistema de Escuelas

A Salgado le encanta lo que hace al diario y cada día que se despierta se deleita en planificar las cosas que debe hacer para seguir trabajando en lo que lo apasiona. Él escogió una carrera cual ha ayudado a innumerables personas el poder lograr el éxito . Durante su discurso de graduación en Illinois Wesleyan University, Salgado compartió algunos de sus pensamientos más íntimos :

Tales pensamientos filosóficos y profundos están muy anclados en su mente, a pesar de manejar una agenda apretada para liderar una gran organización y criar a una joven familia además de participar en un sin fin de Juntas directivas . El es uno de los seis hijos de Don Daniel Salgado Sr. y la Sra. Carmen Salgado. Sus tres hermanas mayores le ayudaron a orientarse para que pudiera mane-

“ Haz lo que despierta el espíritu y el alma . Quizás no comprenderás plenamente dónde vas a llegar , pero el viaje será gratificante y la recompensa , no siempre en dólares , será inmensa. “

jarse exitosamente fuera del dominio de la familia. La influencia de su hermano mayor, Daniel ha sido clave para la solidificación de los valores y las creencias que aprendieron de sus padres y abuelos. Su mantra clave es ser un buen marido y un buen padre

. El resto, como él dice, cae naturalmente en su lugar. La sociedad tiene la suerte de tener a un hombre como el Dr. Juan Salgado en su seno. Él es una inspiración para todos , los jóvenes y los no tan jóvenes . Que Viva ! le felicita y le aplaude a todos sus esfuerzos.

American Schools Are Missing

389,000 Teachers


Over the last five years, the number of students enrolled in K-12 schools has gone up by 1.6 percent, and to keep up with that growth, the country would have needed to hire an additional 132,000 teachers,


according to analysis from the Economic Policy Institute. But instead, over that period the U.S. slashed 258,000 jobs in local education, a group mostly made up of teachers (although one that also includes

counselors, administration, and aides). That leaves the country with a deficit of 389,000 educators. “A ‘teacher gap’ of this magnitude means not only larger class sizes, but also fewer teacher aides, fewer extracurricular activities, and a narrower curriculum for our children,” EPI’s Heidi Shierholz writes in the report. It also notes that the gap between hired staff and student needs is probably even wider, given that the number of children living in poverty increased over that period, which would mean an increased need in support services. The U.S. just hit a record in the number of homeless students in its schools, and in 17 states the majority of students are now poor. Teacher layoffs have been a significant part of the trend in declining public sector payrolls during the recession and recovery. The government has shed 657,000 jobs over that period. That decline stands in sharp contrast to the Bush years and other recovery periods after recessions. If these jobs hadn’t been lost, the unemployment rate would likely be at least a full point lower. These severe losses haven’t just been an inevitable consequence of the financial collapse; they have been fueled by the drive to austerity and deficit cutting during a weak economy.


Techies Urge Kids

to Learn Code March 18, 2013

Schools across America teach all sorts of field has already been changed by technology, and languages: French, Latin, Spanish, even Chinese. people with all sorts of interests can benefit from However, there’s one language that 9 out of 10 schools learning code. don’t teach: coding, or the language of computers. Music, news, entertainment, health and mediWriting in code instructs a computer to do certain cine, banking, graphic design, fashion, science and tasks and functions. Computer programming com- race car driving are just a few of the industries that mands are the basis for how websites are built, video rely heavily on computer programming. games are created, software is developed and more. of the Black Eyed Peas and basketball Now, pioneers of technology have come together star Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat have taken classes with celebrities to stress the importance of learning in coding. Bosh was a member of the “Wiz Kids” club to code. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates at school and faced teasing from his peers because of Microsoft, Jack Dorsey of Twitter and other tech of it. His response to bullies? “Man, I don’t care – I innovators have collaborated to create, think it’s cool, and you know, I’m learning a lot.” which provides programming classes for students. Bosh went on to study computer programming in college before leaving for the NBA. encourages students to take free online coding classes and to push their schools to offer is learning code now, and can’t believe lessons to help students learn skills they’ll need for he waited so long. “Here we are, 2013. We all

the modern, technology-driven workforce.

to code is just like learning to read, and argues that “you don’t have to be a genius to code!” “Addition. Subtraction. That’s about it,” says Bill Gates. In a tough job market, coders find employment The founders of also have a selfish motive: they have lots of jobs to fill, and not enough job applicants who know how to code. Computer programmers are highly sought after, so finding a job that pays well is no problem for those who know programming languages. Companies often try to lure and keep coders with perks like top-notch chefs in the dining halls and game rooms with video games and ping-pong tables. hopes that students will see that

depend on technology – to communicate, to bank, learning to code can help them achieve their career for information – and none of us know how to read goals and master the skills needed to work in a Cool to be a nerd fast-paced technological world, and maybe even and write code.” skateboard down the hallways at work. also hopes to combat the old “computer An artist for Valve, the company behind video nerd” stereotype. It argues that almost every career games like “Half-Life” and “Portal”, thinks learning

– Compiled by Elise Garofalo for NewsHour Extra

Grappling With the Question: By Karin Chenoweth PUBLISHED 08/22/2013 | Writer-in-residence at The Do you feel as if you are drowning in bad news? Welcome to the club. And not just generic bad news but the kind of bad news that makes you question whether we, as a nation, have the smarts, the wherewithal, the oldfashioned grit to solve our problems.

schools could be.

She chose those countries because Finland and South Korea show up So Ripley did something rather as top of the world and Poland has clever. She sought out kids with ex- dramatically improved in a relatively periences that allowed them to have short time despite a high rate of child

One of the most alarming items on a long list of woes is that while the rest of the world’s kids seem to be getting smarter, our kids don’t. Right now, in fact, it looks as if we are on track to be one of the only developed countries to have smaller percentages of young people graduate from high school and college than their parents’ generation. This just piles on to all the other bad stuff that we hear about schools and education, which I am not going to repeat. You’ve heard it already -- our top kids can kind of pant along behind the rest of the world but the rest of our kids are woefully behind. But why? Journalist Amanda Ripley wanted to understand that question and has written an engaging book that invites us to join her on the journey she folPHOTO CREDIT lowed to get answers: The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got That Way (Simon and Schuster). a point of comparison -- exchange poverty. She chose students who are students. She surveyed large numbers clearly bright, curious and interested She began by asking the experts of American high school students who in the world. -- kids. went abroad and foreign students who studied here, then closely followed So what did they see? The problem with talking with the experiences of three students -- a kids, though, is that their limited life Pennsylvanian who went to Poland, an They saw places where everyone experience means they can’t always Oklahoman who went to Finland and a understands that education is impormake assessments about how different Minnesotan who went to South Korea. tant, and organizes schools around that

: Why Isn’t America Number 1? Education Trust fact in ways that are palpable every day. in Oklahoma, Kim’s algebra teacher never have revealed grades publicly had majored in physical education at -- in the United States grades are conFor example Kim, the Oklaho- a university that accepts pretty much sidered private; low grades shameful. man who went to Finland, saw that all-comers. All the kids knew his main In Poland, struggle and failure seemed students respected teachers for their job was coaching football; teaching to be acknowledged as a normal part of learning. I’m not going to talk about South Korea -- there’s such a thing as taking a good thing way too far, and South Korea seems to have done it. If you ever start thinking that American kids are under too much pressure because they take a couple of standardized tests a year, you might want to read about the strain South Korean kids are under. But one thing -- Eric found the math classes much less boring than math classes back in Minnesota.

knowledge and expertise and matched them in seriousness and focus. Students there know that every one of their teachers has had to sweat out being accepted to highly selective teaching programs the way American students have to sweat out being accepted to MIT. Prospective teachers then have to go through intensive training and student teaching. Back

All these observations simply raise more questions, and Ripley allows us to follow her as she goes to experts in South Korea, Poland, Finland and the United States to get answers about teacher preparation, national standards and assessment that raise yet more questions about what the purpose of education is, what national policies are most effective and what obligations schools have to kids and kids have to schools. The intellectual journey that we travel with Ripley has profound math was what he had to do in order implications for Americans as we consider what to do to improve education. to coach. Tom, the Pennsylvanian who went to Poland, saw teachers read test grades out loud to the class and never saw anyone get the equivalent of an A. Back in Pennsylvania he would have been stunned not to get As for much lower-level work than he saw being done in Poland. And teachers would

This isn’t the book to read if you want your pet policies or proposals to be bolstered. But if you are curious why the richest nation in the history of the world can’t seem to get its educational act together, this is a very readable way to enter into the subject.

Mejorar Ti Mismo — Mejorar Su Vida Ofreciendo clases de noche y día • Repaso de matemáticas básicas, lectura y escritura (ABE) • Prepárese para el examen G.E.D. o finalización de diploma de escuela secundaria • Refuerce su conocimiento de la lengua inglés (ESL)

¡Llame ahora clases cerca de usted! 1-877-607-0680

A Dream Transc

D Mo Words are mere tools used in an attempt to describe Diego Morales’ experiences upon arriving in the United States at age 19 that are indicative not only of the will to create, but the greatness of a land that rewards hope, strength, courage and the desire to contribute. Morales along with his parents Dolores and Juan, in addition to his two sisters Cecilia and Elizabeth arrived in the U.S. in August of 1999. Through the force of will and, in Morales’ eyes, divine intervention the family overcame the challenges associated with a new country, a new language, a set of conditions that included no financial or social capital as they arrived in Sellersburg, IN -- a small town 10 miles north of Louisville, KY. 2013 Chicago White Sox/Ron Vesely

Morales’ zest for life is evident. In spite of such conditions, his indomitable spirit and personal charisma have allowed him to personally interact and learn from people like former President George W. Bush on several occasions, Dick Cheney, John Boehner, Marco Rubio and Warren Buffett. He counts current Indiana Governor Mike Pence and former Congressman Mike Sodrel from New Albany, IN as his mentors. “I love this country and all the opportunities it has given my family and I” says Morales “from my childhood days in my native Guatemala I knew in my heart that I would visit Washington, D.C. when I saw images of it on television.”

Morales is currently the Director of Community Affairs and Relations for the office of Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Facing the Challenges: Hard Work, Hard Study and Learning the Language Two weeks after arriving in the U.S., Morales started his senior year in high school at Silver Creek High School in Sellersburg, IN with a demographic footprint of 99% + Caucasian. His lifelong dream of visiting Washington, D.C. would become a reality as this was the destination for his high school senior trip. That trip galvanized Morales’ thirst for working in government.

cends Barriers

Diego orales Que Viva! Magazine Staff

Morales’ dedication to hard work were evident during the summer prior to going off to college. He enrolled at Indiana University (IU). His parents had said to him “we will help you gain your education, but more importantly, you will have to help yourself.” During that summer he would end up working seven days a week, 16 hours daily at a factory and weekends at a grocery store. These efforts would pay for tuition and other basic needs at IU.

Congress, Mike Sodrel. Sodrel both accepted him as a volunteer and via natural progression became Morales’ mentor. During his senior year in college, Morales worked as an intern for Sodrel while earning college credit. During the internship he also avidly helped Sodrel on his campaign. Sodrel was victorious, and before long, Morales’ first job after receiving a B.S. in Communications, Political Science and Spanish would be that of a staff member for the Congressman in Political Networking: The Launch of a Career Washington, D.C.

in Politics

and clout in managing the Congressman’s travel schedule and time priorities. This post would allow him to meet and deal with a multitude of high ranking people and government officials. When Congressman Sodrel transitioned from Congress back to the private sector Morales was invited by then Indiana Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman to serve as Director of Latino Affairs. He would later serve as the Indiana Secretary of State’s Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Morales would eventually be proAs a sophomore in college Morales moted several times and eventually Private Sector and Continued Education: had a major political breakthrough serve as Sodrel’s Campaign Manager when he met a businessman with based in southern Indiana, a job that While working in the private sector, intentions to take another run for came with significant responsibilities Morales dedicated himself to pursu¡QUE VIVA! | november 2013


ing advanced studies in business by earning an MBA from Purdue’s Krannert School of Management in West Lafayette, IN. His second MBA was a Global MBA from Tias Nimbas, in The Netherlands, ranked 20th in Europe. This program has affiliates throughout the world and Morales studied at some of these affiliates including : GISMA in Germany, Central European University in Budapest, El Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE) in Mexico, Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Direccion de Empresas (IESDE), Puebla, Mexico, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics as well as Tsinghua University - Beijing both in China. This additional education has given Morales a platform to further solidify his governmental affairs expertise and complement his private sector work by giving his international business scope and acumen an unparalleled, multi-dimensional character.

A debt of gratitude repaid: The U.S. Military After completing his education and establishing himself in government and the corporate world, Morales decided to show his gratitude to his new country by enlisting in the U.S. ARMY where he served as an infantryman for four years. Morales was honorably discharged and is a U.S. ARMY Veteran. His goal in his heart was to know he had served his country and had honored it with the promise of even paying the ultimate price if needed. 20 ¡QUE VIVA!

| november 2013

To further substantiate his loyalty to the United States, in 2008 after having earned all of his degrees and after his military service, Morales was officially sworn as a United States Citizen. From his arrival to the U.S. to this great and defining moment, less than a decade would have passed.

America and Asia as an American.

Path moving forward:

Morales is a conservative man and considers his path as having been guided from up above. As he acquired his Global MBA he met, fell in love and married the love of his life -- Sidonia Nicolae from Budapest, Corporate or Public Service: Hungary. He knows he has achieved the American Dream. He relates the Morales came to a crossroads in story of his two sisters who have also early 2012. He had to decide whether earned their formal college educations to work for a large European firm that and stay close to him trying to learn from his example. He shares that his parents are his first role models who taught him discipline and the concept of “fighting the good fight”. His goal is to share with all people and especially Latinos that if there is a will, there is a way. At the same time, his goal is to respect and be the strongest of stewards to the responsibilities that have been identified synergy with his business bestowed upon him. expertise or work for Governor Mike Pence as his Director of Community The best testament to Morales’ Affairs and Relations. He opted to ability to endear himself to people pursue the latter recognizing the is a picture he took with Warren unique responsibility and once in Buffet. During a recent visit to Indiana, a lifetime opportunity it provided. Warren Buffett visited with Governor His previous governmental experi- Pence’s staff and after some interaction ence has taken him to every county with Morales, a nice rapport was built in Indiana. He considers himself an between the two men. At that time, ambassador for the State of Indiana Buffett pulled out his wallet and asked and through Rotary International and Morales to jointly hold it for a picture several Chambers of Commerce he underscoring a symbolic gesture of has represented either the country or respect and success. When we speak the State of Indiana throughout the to Morales, it is evident he is one with continents including Europe, Latin a charisma of unique proportions.

Su sueño trascendió las barreras

Diego Morales


Las palabras no son más que herramientas que usamos con el intento de describir las experiencias de Diego Morales a su llegada a los Estados Unidos a los 19 años de edad. Estos son indicativos no sólo de la voluntad de crear, sino la grandeza

de un país que premia la esperanza , la fuerza , el coraje y el deseo de contribuir . Morales, junto con sus padres Dolores y Juan , además de sus dos hermanas Cecilia y Elizabeth llegaron a los Estados Unidos en agosto de 1999 . A través de la fuerza

de la voluntad y, según su fe, una intervención divina, la familia superó los retos asociados a un nuevo país , a un nuevo idioma, un conjunto de condiciones que incluirían escasos recursos financieros y sociales al llegar a Sellersburg , IN - una

pequeña ciudad 16 kilómetros al norte de Louisville, KY .

Morales la certeza y le cristalizo el amor hacia el campo gubernamental.

El amor a la vida es muy evidente al llegar a conocer a Morales. A pesar de tales condiciones , su espíritu indomable y su carisma personal le han permitido interactuar personalmente y aprender de gente como el ex presidente George W. Bush en varias ocasiones , Dick Cheney , John Boehner , Marco Rubio y Warren Buffett. Él cuenta el actual Gobernador de Indiana Mike Pence y el ex congresista Mike Sodrel de New Albany , IN como sus mentores .

Su dedicación hacia el trabajo fue muy evidente durante el verano antes de ingresarse a la Universidad de Indiana (IU). Sus padres le habían dicho “vamos a ayudarte a que logres tu educación, pero

el Congreso. Sodrel lo aceptó como un voluntario y mediante una progresión natural también se convirtió en mentor de Morales. Durante su último año en la universidad, Morales trabajó como pasante para Sodrel mientras que lograba créditos universitarios. Durante la pasantía también ayudó con avidez Sodrel en su campaña . Sodrel salió victorioso , y después de un corto tiempo , su primer trabajo de Morales después de recibir una licenciatura en Comunicación , Ciencias Políticas y en español sería como miembro del personal para el congresista en Washington , D.C.

“ Amo a este país y todas las oportunidades que nos ha dado a mí y a mi familia”, dice Morales “ desde mi infancia en mi natal Guatemala sabía en mi corazón que algún día visitaría a la ciudad de Washington, DC , cuando vi sus imágenes en la televisión. “ Morales es actualmente el Director de Asuntos Comunitarios y de Relaciones dentro de la oficina del gobernador de Indiana, Mike Pence.

con la misma importancia , tendrás que ayudarte a ti mismo . “ Durante ese verano se dedico a trabajar siete días a la semana Dandole Cara a los desafíos : El trabajo fuerte, , 16 horas al día en una fabrica durante la semana y en una tienda de comestibles el estudio y el aprendizaje del idioma los fines de semana. Estos esfuerzos le A las dos semanas del haber llegado a ayudarían cubrir la matrícula y otras los Estados Unidos , Morales comenzó su necesidades básicas en la universidad. último año de su secundaria en la Silver Creek High School en Sellersburg , IN. La La Red Política: Su lanzamiento a política demografía de la escuela seria de más del En su segundo año en la universi99% de raza blanca. Su sueño del visitar a Washington, DC se convirtió en una dad Morales tuvo un importante avance realidad , ya que esta ciudad fue el destino político cuando se encontró con un del viaje anual planeado por la escuela hombre de negocios, Mike Sodrel, quien secundaria. Ese viaje seria el que le dio a planeaba tomar su segundo intento hacia

del gobierno .

A Morales se le promovió varias veces hasta que llego a ser jefe de la campana del congresista Sodrel con sede en el sur de Indiana. Este puesto le traería amplias responsabilidades e influencia puesto que el programaría los viajes y prioridades del congresista. Este rol también le permitiría reunirse y tratarse con una multitud de personas de alto rango y funcionarios

Cuando el congresista Sodrel hizo su transición del Congreso al sector privado fue reclutado para servirle como Director de Asuntos Latinos a la Teniente Gobernadora de Indiana Becky Skillman de aquel entonces. Despues de este puesto le serviria al Secretario del Estado de Indiana como Director de Asuntos Intergubernamentales.

Sector Privado y el avanze de su Educación: Al trabajar en el sector privado, Morales se dedicó a realizar estudios

avanzados en los negocios y logro obtener su MBA de Krannert School of Management de Purdue en West Lafayette , IN . Su segundo titulo fue un MBA Global de Tia’s Nimbas en Holanda, con rango una de las mejores 20 universidades de negocio en Europa. Este programa cuenta con filiales en todo el mundo y Morales estudió en algunas de estas filiales , incluyendo: GISMA en Alemania , la Universidad Central Europea (CEU) de Budapest, Hungaria, El Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE), en México , el Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Dirección de Empresas (IESDE), en Puebla, México, la Universidad de Shanghai de Finanzas y Economía (SUFE) , así como la Universidad de Tsinghua - Beijing ambas en China. Esta educación adicional le ha dado a Morales una plataforma para consolidar aún más su experiencia en asuntos gubernamentales y a la vez complementa su trabajo en el sector privado dado su ámbito de negocio internacional y la visión de un personaje inigualable y multidimensional .

Una deuda de gratitud pagada : El Ejército de los Estados Unidos

de los Estados Unidos. Desde su llegada a los Estados Unidos a este gran definido momento menos de una década habría pasado.

Un gran ejemplo de su capacidad de congraciarse con la gente es una foto que se tomó con el Sr. Warren Buffet. Durante una reciente visita a Indiana, El Sr. Buffett convivió con el personal del Gobernador de Pence y después de poder El Negocio o el Servicio Público : interactuar con Morales, ambos lograron Morales llegó a un cruce a principios construir una buena relación. En un de 2012. Tenía que decidir si trabajarle dado momento, Buffett sacó su billetero a una enorme empresa europea quien y le pidió a Morales que se tomaran una vio en Morales grandes sinergias con su fotografía mientras ambos lo sostenían. experiencia en los negocios o trabajarle al Esta foto subrayaría un gesto simbólico del gobernador Mike Pence como su Director respeto y hacia el mutuo éxito. Cuando se de Asuntos y Relaciones Comunitarias. habla de Morales, se trata de una persona Él optó por trabajarle al gobernador con un carisma de proporciones únicas. reconociendo que era una oportunidad única la que se le proporcionaba. Su previa experiencia gubernamental lo había llevado a todos los condados de Indiana. Él se considera un embajador del Estado de Indiana y de los Estados Unidos. Por medio de la Rotary International y otras cámaras de comercio ha representado ya sea al país o al estado de Indiana a nivel mundial a través de todos los continentes inclusive Europa , América Latina y Asia como un ciudadano norteamericano.

El Camino hacia adelante :

Morales es un hombre conservador y considera que su camino a sido guiado Después de completar su educación y por la providencia. Al adquirir su MBA de establecerse en el gobierno y el mundo Global conoció, se enamoró y se casó empresarial , Morales decidió mostrar con el amor de su vida - Sidonia Nicolae su agradecimiento a su nuevo país por originaria de Budapest, Hungría. Él sabe alistarse en el Ejército de Estados Unido, que ha logrado el sueño americano. Él donde sirvió como soldado de infantería relata la historia de sus dos hermanas que durante cuatro años. Morales se retiró con también han logrado su educación unihonores y es un veterano del ejército de versitaria y que se mantienen cerca para Estados Unidos. La meta en su corazón continuar aprendiendo de su ejemplo. Él fue del haber servido a su país con una comparte que sus padres son sus primeros promesa del haber pagado el precio más modelos de conducta y que le enseñaron alto si lo fuese necesario. la disciplina y el concepto del “ pelear la buena batalla “. Su objetivo es compartir Para fundamentar aún más su lealtad a con todas las personas y especialmente a los Estados Unidos , en el año 2008 después los latinos que si hay voluntad , hay un de haber logrado toda su educación y camino. Al mismo tiempo, su objetivo después de su servicio militar, Morales fue es el respetar y el cumplir con todas las investido oficialmente como un ciudadano responsabilidades que se le han dado.

Recipe Page Ropa Vieja - Cuban Meat Stew

Ropa Vieja is a main course of shredded and braised beef with plenty of healthy, tasty vegetables, like onions, peppers and olives. Our GOYA® Ropa Vieja recipe is sure to satisfy the hungriest of appetites. Ingredients • 2 tbsp. GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil • 2 ½ lbs. flank steak, cut in 3”x 4”pieces • GOYA® Adobo with Pepper, to taste • 2 large yellow onions, finely chopped (about 2½ cups) • 1½ green bell peppers, finely chopped (about 1½ cups) • 1 jar (6 oz.) GOYA® Sofrito • 3 tsp. GOYA® Minced Garlic or 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped • 1 can (8 oz.) GOYA® Tomato Sauce • 1 packet Sazón GOYA® with Coriander and Annatto • 1 packet GOYA® Powdered Beef Bouillon • ¼ tsp. GOYA® Ground Black Pepper • 1 cup GOYA® Spanish Olives Stuffed with Minced Pimientos, sliced • 1 jar (2 oz.) GOYA® Capers, drained • 1 tbsp. finely chopped fresh cilantro • 2 cups cooked CANILLA Extra Long Grain Rice

Fork-Tender Meat

Directions 1. Heat oil in large heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high heat. Season meat with adobo. Add steak to pot and cook in batches, flipping once, until well browned, about 10 minutes. Transfer meat to a plate. Lower heat to medium. Stir in onions and peppers. Cook, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are soft, about 10 minutes. Add Sofrito and garlic to pot; cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. 2. Stir in 3 of cups water, tomato sauce, Sazón, beef bouillon and pepper. Bring mixture to a boil. Return beef to pot. Lower heat to medium low and simmer, covered, stirring occasionally, about 45 minutes. Stir in olives and capers. Cover pot; simmer until meat shreds easily with fork, 1 – 1½ hours, adding more water in ¼ cup measurements, if pot becomes dry. 3. Transfer meat to work surface; shred meat with two forks. Bring remaining sauce to a boil. Mix meat and cilantro into sauce. Serve with white rice.

The key to a successful Ropa Vieja is flank steak. The reason: this type of meat is the perfect candidate for a low, slow cooking process; as the meat slowly cooks in the simmering liquid, the fat and connective tissue melt, and baste the meat from the inside out. The results: fork-tender meat that shreds effortlessly. If flank isn’t available at your market, skirt steak and chuck work great, too.

Guerrilla Marketing for Small Business is More Than Crazy Pens By Michael Sobus | Published: August 16, 2012 Previously I blogged about ways to grab the attention of your market; in advertising one of the most effective ways is to use guerrilla marketing techniques, that is the use of creative and unexpected images that will stop your audience in its tracks.  Here the quirky and unexpected is king because it makes the viewer look again and think about what is going on.  Now you have their attention.  Guerrilla Marketing for small business is much more than crazy pens! And giving the market what they expect to see, is disaster.  As a small business owner you probably love your logo, after all you paid a fortune for it, but now here’s the hard news, no one cares about your logo, no matter how clever it is.a But it is not just in advertising that Guerrilla Marketing is effective, no throughout your entire marketing program Guerrilla Marketing effectively set your small business apart, thereby drawing attention to it and compelling your customers to stop and ask “what is going on.” That is what Walter Dailey is talking about when he says Guerrilla

Marketing is about maximum impact for minimal effort. But much of what he talks about has little to do with advertising.  Getting yourself known as an expert and sharing with an industry group or local newspaper your expertise is Guerrilla Marketing in action. For example, consider Harry, a financial advisor, in the Boston area.  Harry has become an expert in helping families through the arduous process of applying for the US Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Assistance Program.  I know firsthand how difficult that process is, Harry walked me through it patiently providing care and concern every step of the way. Now guess what?  Harry was the perfect Guerrilla Marketer.  By providing unexpected service, at no cost, he sets himself up to manage the assets that may be involved in the process.  Perfect Guerrilla Marketing. Share your Guerrilla Marketing successes!

3 Ways to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing When You’re Always Busy by debra kaye

As a small-business owner, it can be hard to find the time to do the sorts of activities that help tone the brain’s innovation muscles -- activities like committing to a six-month course of study; making it to weekly networking meetings at your local business club or engaging in nightly journaling and tinkering. These activities take up a lot of time. But you don’t need a lot of time to keep your creative muscle working. It’s possible to boost your brain power constantly and on-the-go, by incorporating brain-boosting and creativity increasing activities into your daily routine.

Here are three activities I recommend to busy entrepreneurs: 1. Give your ideas a home. There are simple tools that make noticing and collecting fresh ideas and inspiration easy when you are out and about, reading newspapers and magazines or surfing the web. From the low-tech pad and pen to Evernote, a capturing software available on iPhone, Mac, PC, mobile phones, and Firefox, simply jotting down ideas wherever you are gives your inspiration a place to live. Software like Evernote syncs these notes to your other devices. Similarly, Backpack is a “to-do list” application with a lot of flexibility that makes capturing data and thoughts easy. A dashboard widget lets you see Backpack items on your desktop. Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour each week to review what you’ve collected and you might be surprised by what ideas you’ve come up with. 2. Travel by foot. We all need to go places during the day. Why not make one trip on foot, if possible? Research shows that even a 20-minute stroll can clear your head and make room for fresh ideas. Many of our most productive ideas come not while we’re trying to force them out in the office, but when we’re away from our desks. A clinical study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed those engaged in walking demonstrate a net increase in the efficiency of the connections within the brain’s structures. And why not make an event out of your walk? John P. Trougakos, assistant management professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough and the Rotman School of Management, recommends people take dedicated lunch breaks daily as a way to recharge not just with nutrition, but with a change of scene as well. 3. Interact with stimulating people and places. Happy hour drinks may seem like a trivial part of office culture, but it’s a great way to interact with other people in a causal, low-stress setting. If you work for yourself, you might even consider setting up your own happy hour where you visit a local cafe or bar (don’t drink too much) around 5 or 6 p.m. for 45 minutes or an hour with the sole purpose of engaging with others. A Harvard-based study suggests that sharing information about ourselves fires up the pleasure centers of our brains.More brain activity means more creativity! The author is an Entrepreneur contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.Debra Kaye is a brand and culture strategist and partner at Lucule, a New York-based innovation consulting firm. She is author of the book, Red Thread Thinking (McGraw-Hill, 2013). 28

¡QUE VIVA! | november 2013

Realizing the Potential of

LATIno SMALL BUSINESS By Bob Annibale and Noel A. Poyo | 11/07/2013

This is a guest post, first published on The Huffington Post, taken from a series of blog-eds from members of the Asset Building Policy Network, which includes NCLR. Bob Annibale and Noel Poyo discuss why so many Latino small businesses struggle to grow – and what can be done about it. For the last nine years, Santiago and Margarita have run a popular neighborhood eatery for home-style Latino cooking in Philadelphia. Millions of Latino-owned small businesses like theirs are playing an increasingly critical role in rebuilding local economies and bringing vibrancy back to urban and rural neighborhoods. Between 2002 and 2007, the number of Latino-owned small businesses grew to 2.3 million, an increase of 43.7%; non-Latino small businesses grew in number by only 14.5% in the same period. More recent studies estimate that there are now 3.2 million Latinoowned firms in the U.S. With annual revenues from these businesses projected to increase from $345 billion in 2007 to $486 billion in 2013, this trend is a promising sign for Latino entrepreneurs and their communities.

necessary capital to grow a business. A lack of familiarity with the legal system, local and tax codes and standard accounting practices can leave entrepreneurs vulnerable to unanticipated costs, scams and unfair business dealings. Limited English proficiency can magnify these challenges for an entrepreneur.

Santiago and Margarita turned to FINANTA, a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution that has supported entrepreneurs in Philadelphia for more than 17 years. FINANTA provides business development assistance and financing solutions in a way that is conscious of its clients’ business requirements, as well as cultural and language barriers. FINANTA helped Santiago and Margarita to strengthen their business practices and eventually made a $90,000 loan to the couple for business exYet while Latino-owned businesses have pansion. The lesson is clear: culturally-relevant increased in number, when compared to business development assistance, paired with non-Latino small businesses, they brought in access to appropriate capital empowers Latino significantly less annual revenue, and grew at small business owners to make smart business a much slower rate. In 2007, average gross re- decisions and expand their business. ceipts for Hispanic-owned firms had increased to $152,700 but were still far below average A growing number of mayors are taking action revenues of $490,000 for non-minority-owned to replicate such experiences. In San Antonio, firms. If Latino small business starts are acMayor Julian Castro recognized the importance celerating, why aren’t revenues keeping pace? of small business in a city that is over 63% Hispanic when he recently launched Café ComMany Latinos -- particularly immigrants merce, a multi-year $1 million commitment -- live outside of the mainstream financial to the delivery of small business development system, and for those that are unbanked or services. underbanked, it is more difficult to access the

Building on this innovative work, the Asset Building Policy Network, a coalition of the nation’s preeminent civil rights and asset building organizations together with Citi, is launching a program aimed at strengthening small business development programs that support predominately Latino communities. With funding from the Citi Foundation, NALCAB - National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders - will document the most effective practices to reduce barriers to growth, unlock access to capital and integrate small business owners into the financial mainstream. This pilot is part of Inversiones, NALCAB’s national initiative to support Latino entrepreneurship, which was recognized as a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to America in 2012. NALCAB will publish the results of this pilot to provide new guidelines and practical advice for the growing number of non-profit organizations and cities that want to support the growth of Latino businesses at the neighborhood level. It will also provide specific policy recommendations for state and federal officials to effectively harness the economic potential of Latino businesses. Latino unemployment is at 9.0%, 1.8 percent higher than the national average. Now is the time to test new ideas that will unlock the full economic potential of Latino entrepreneurs and create the jobs our economy needs.

About the Asset Building Policy Network The Asset Building Policy Network (ABPN) is a national coalition that collectively advances savings and asset building policy at the federal level, builds national capacity of the network’s members, and bolsters long-term financial security for low- and moderate-income communities of color. ABPN members include: Center for American Progress, Citi, Corporation for Enterprise Development, National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders, National Council for La Raza, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development, National Urban League and PolicyLink. ¡QUE VIVA! | november 2013


All they need are the tools to get there. These resources are online and totally FREE! Explore different career paths. Prepare for career training or college. Plus students and parents can network and stay up-to-date on the latest college and career planning news via Trip To College on Facebook.

Inflation, corruption, inequality top list of Chinese public’s concerns By Jacob Poushter | Published: november 8, 2013 This weekend, top leaders in China plan to Inequality – Just over half in 2013 (52%) Many were skeptical of the accuracy of this focus on a whole host of reforms, ranging from said that the gap between the rich and the rating, but Pew Research polling shows the initiatives to open up the nation’s economy to poor was a large concern, according to the number concerned about inequality has fallen since 2008, when 72% said it was a very addressing challenges such as corruption, environmental problems, and social big problem. issues. In our years of asking the Chinese questions about their views about the Environmental issues – An increasing state of their country, here are their number of Chinese are concerned about answers on key issues: environmental issues, as suffocating air as a very big problem by 59% in China, pollution makes international headlines. In according to a spring 2013 Pew Research the spring 2013 survey, 47% in China said Center survey. When asked which is the air pollution was a very big problem and 40% issue most important for the government describe water pollution as a big concern. to address first, 53% of the Chinese public said inflation, while 26% named Social issues – Lurking in the background inequality and only 11% cited unemof this year’s plenum are increasing concerns about ethnic tensions within China. ployment. Inflation shot up to 3.1% in Recent attacks in Beijing and Taiyuan September, making it a pressing issue have highlighted the issue and there have for China’s Communist party elite. been tough questions from abroad for the Corruption – Just over half of Chinese Chinese government on its treatment of its (53%) said that corrupt officials were a own citizens. A spring Pew Research survey very big problem, according to the spring found that only a median of 36% across 2013 survey. The recent conviction of Bo 38 countries surveyed in 2013 said the Xilai and accounts of personal enrichChinese government respected the personal ment among former Communist leaders freedoms of its people. Furthermore, China from China’s state-owned enterprises had among the worst rankings on govern(SOEs) make the issue even more salient. Many spring survey. Earlier this year, Chinese officials ment restrictions of religion, according to the observers believe SOE reform will be one of the released an updated Gini coefficient of .474 (a Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life top goals of this weekend’s leadership meeting. measurement of inequality where 0 represents Project Government Restrictions Index. It is estimated that 35% of business activity perfect equality and 1 equals maximum income and 43% of profits in China result from SOEs. inequality), down from a peak of .491 in 2008. Jacob Poushter is a Research Associate at the Pew Global Attitudes Project.

Today’s look at 2013’s Mexican Independe by Tony Barreda

Rain, what rain? God overruled singing Amazing Grace, the National Mother Nature and the parade started Anthem and God Bless America. To on time, continuing a tradition in East us in the UBM, the loss of monies

and Local officials participated in paying their respect to the Mexican Community. Children of all ages were

Chicago that started in 1926. Only twice have the parades been cancelled, the first time due to World War II the second time out of respect to the victims and families of the tragedy of 9/11. A communiqué from President Vicente Fox was received by the Union Benefica Mexicana to consider cancelling the annual Independence Day Celebration because of 9/11.  The UBM instead, led a procession from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church to Block Stadium where the Bishop of the Diocese of Gary joined more than 2000 marchers/mourners.  Immigrants without papers, American citizens of diverse ethnicities joined in

seen on floats, Mariachis, Combos, CDS in abundance, all oblivious to the pelting rain. While attendance was not equal to last year’s festival, those that braved the weather were treated to delicious food and continuous music all night commemorating Mexican Culture and the Independence of Mexico.

already invested for the festivities did not compare to the loss of lives in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Each year, our community joins the UBM in memorials.   Flash forward, 2013, the rain soaked the Queen’s and her Court’s beautiful gowns, umbrellas popped open among the literally thousands that lined the parade route.  The only thing not sopping wet were the pride and hearts of those that paraded and its viewers.   Perennials Emilio de la Garza Post 508 and Lake County Sheriff, John Buncich’, horse riders presented our colors.  Other Federal, State, County

Mr. Barreda is president of La Union Benefica Mexicana based in East Chicago, IN.

ence Parade and a historical perspective

For more information or to file a complaint call 1-800-628-2909 or visit


You have the choice to live in any house or apartment you can afford.

It’s the law. We protect it.

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