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A Deeper Light -

the amazing new album from

Deva Premal & Miten

Live in the UK Deva Premal & Miten with Manose

with Manose

and special guest Maneesh de Moor Nottingham Thursday 13th June 2013, 7.30pm Nottingham Playhouse

London Friday 14th June 2013, 7.30pm The Coronet Theatre

Album released 23rd April 2013 available via Amazon and iTunes

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deva pre sp e cial

ano s withdm e mo or

ne e sh gue st ma

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Welcome to a NEW ERA of QUEST! Quest has come of age, as 2013 will be its 18th year, and with a new owner and team at the helm it looks to be the very best yet. “Quest for me is a journey of self-discovery. It’s a break from reality to true reality. It’s a place where everyone shows up in their best colours, shining with potential. A celebration of all that we are” Julia Wright, New Owner. Joining Julia is Quest veteran Joyaa, (aka Victoria Whelan) who has a great history of delivering festivals in the South West, including Deepak Chopra with Satish Kumar at Dartington. ‘So great to back at Quest in such a full and rewarding way. I have really loved programming this year’s festival - it’s going to be so exciting!’ There is nothing like Quest really, it’s a unique blend of Mind Body Spirit, Dance and Music Festival, based in the heartland of the West Country.

Quest 2013 opens with a bang on Thursday with dynamic workshops from Jamie Catto, Tim Freke and many more then TEN MEN an evening of Inspiring Men headlining with Coleman Barks - from the USA, world renowned as an interpreter of Rumi. One Giant Leap’s Jamie Catto, Stand Up Philosopher Tim Freke, Plus winner of BBC Radio 4 National Poetry Slam Ben Mellor Award winning storyteller Dr Martin Shaw and Poet Extraordinaire Chris Paradox, with music moments by Sika, Nemo, Gavin Frank and Christoffer de Graal.

Also a first for the South West, 3 days of Dance and Movement Festival DANCE QUEST in association with Deep Dive Dance. With recognised international teachers of both stylised and non-stylised conscious dance DANCE QUEST invites you to move! “ Dance and Movement is a powerful metaphor to life and embodying our creative selves, so it’s only apt that Quest hosts such an event’.

Please visit our website for programme updates d

What’s NEW!

Will you recognize it, If you have been before? we have kept the best and brought you more new experiences to expand the magic you feel at Quest. Programme correct at time of press, for updated information and additional events that may be happening please visit


Biographies 6 WORKSHOPS

Thursday 9 Friday 11 Saturday 16


Sunday 20


New Management - Julia Wright, New Owner. New Festival Co-ordinator and Programmer - Joyaa (aka Victoria Whelan). Village Green - we are changing the layout moving the music tent and some stalls to create a Village green - a place to hang out and gather for happenings! New performers and speakers- Coleman Barks from the USA, world renowned as an interpreter of Rumi; One Giant Leap’s Jamie Catto; TV’s Cowboy Vicar Peter Owen Jones; Space Clearing Karen Kingston; Neale Donald Walsh trained Sarah Rozenthuler; singing soul Chloe Goodchild; Energy Master Jason Chan; Grand slam Poet Ben Mellor; another amazing Poet and facilitator Chris Paradox. New Music - World music like Gambian Kora Genius, Sura Susso; Energetic Wild Bluegrass from the Rainbow Girls touring from USA and Japanese sublime and tender duo Kuri. Unplugged and soulful Fitz; zany and engaging Nemov rising stars the contemporary Matthew & Me. Happenings – Life Cairn with Peter Owen Jones, interactive art mural with accomplished Artist Andrew Stacey and Sound Cocoon with Christoffer de Graal. New food – Apart from our regulars like Food Groove and others we have totally new ones like Raw Food by Juiceful, Firewood Oven Pizza, Thai food, Creperie and Falafel and more. Quest Events - Canadian Philosopher & Author John de Ruiter, 14th June, Civic Hall, Totnes, £15 per session 4pm-6pm & 8pm-10pm with an opportunity to meet John informally between the sessions , bring food to share! Glamping – Not sure about camping why not try these new luxury yurts supplied by FairloveYurts. DANCE QUEST - Dance and Movement Festival programmed by Deep Dive Dance Adam Griffin, 3 days of Conscious Dance – see centerfold. Quest 2013 opens with a bang - with dynamic workshops, like Jamie Catto and the biggest evening of the festival - TEN MEN headlining with Coleman Barks Rumi Expert USA, see inside for details. New Website – will be live in early April, we have made the site more user friendly and exciting! New Hotel – next to QUEST is a newly opened Premier Inn, only 2 minutes walk away. Volunteer - Join the family & be a part of the team that delivers Quest. Email


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WHAT IS NEW FOR QUEST 2013? 14 new things about Quest this year!



Thursday Music


Friday Music


Saturday Music


Sunday Music


Exhibitors 29 Festival Information 47 Site Plan


Prices 49 Booking Form


Friday to Sunday 26-28 July FRIDAY 10.15- 10.45

Drum Circle

Stage Tent


11.30 and 4.00

Hula Hooping

Stage Tent



Henna Painting

Room One


2.00- 2.45

Theatre and Stories

Decking Area

Rainbow Children

Room Two



Drum Circle

Stage Tent


4.00- 5.00

Circus Skills

Stage Tent


10.15- 11.15

Drum Circle

Stage Tent


11.30 and 4.00

Hula Hooping

Stage Tent


2.45- 3.45

Henna Painting

Room One


2.00- 2.45

Theatre and Stories

Decking Area


3.45 – 4.45

Circus Skills

Stage Tent


11.00 - 1.00

Rainbow Children



11.30 and 4.00

Hula Hooping

Stage Tent



Henna Painting

Room One


2.00 - 2.45

Theatre and Stories

Decking Area


Music Workshop

Stage Tent


4.15 – 5.15


Stage Tent







FREE Here is a summary of the events that are suitable for children. Look for the events with a smilie for full details. Under 7’s need to be accompanied by a non-paying adult.

Keep checking as we will be adding new events for kids all the time!


Biographies PETER OWENS JONES the Cowboy

Vicar is a writer, television presenter and Priest. Began as a farm labourer, before studying at Ridley Hall Cambridge. Co-founder of the Life Cairn Project & the Arbory Trust woodland burial site. Looks after 3 parishes on the South Downs and is the walking correspondent for the Sunday Times. BARBARA MEICKLEJOHN FREE

is a healer author, musician, teacher - weaving the ancientcraft of the Shaman. Synonymous with integrity, authenticity and vision. Over decades has helped thousands reclaim their natural gifts as guardians of Mother Earth and descendents of Father Sky.


is Head of Economics at Schumacher College. Until recently a long-term resident at the Findhorn ecovillage and former President of the Global Ecovillage Network, he has worked extensively in Africa, Asia and Latin America and is author of a number of books including Ecovillages: New Frontiers for Sustainability. 6

Biographies of all the workshop leaders are available online at KAREN KINGSTON

selling 2 million copies of feng shui bestsellers published in 25 languages, and the world’s leading expert on space clearing. Her books have influenced a whole generation in their attitude towards clutter and the energy of spaces. SIKA International didgeridoo player & multi-instrumentalist. Performer, producer, storyteller and artist. Calling on ancient wisdom, Sika is visibly moved by spirit. At the forefront of Tribal influenced music in the 1980’s, he helped popularize the didgeridoo worldwide. He continues to mesmerize audiences at festivals and concerts, as well as producing beautiful albums.


originally from Hong Kong, is author of The Radiant Warrior, and Infinite Abundance. He is also is a Master of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation. For over 25 years he has inspired thousands of people and passed on the benefits of these ancient arts. CHRISTA MACKINNON

Psychologist, counsellor, hypnotherapist, group facilitator, shamanic practitioner and teacher. Christa practices, lectures & teaches internationally, combining western style therapeutic approaches with spiritual & indigenous traditions. She is the author of ‘Shamanism and Spirituality in Therapeutic Practice’. JEWELS WINGFIELD


An international speaker and workshop leader connecting to the angelic realms who come through in all her work, to lift and inspire everyone to feel that angelic love.


is the author of LifeChanging Conversations, a professional psychologist and leadership development consultant. She creates transformational events that help people to create real shifts in their lives. She has co-facilitated retreats with , Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God. www.

is an inspirational catalyst of personal and collective transformation. Trained in a diverse range of approaches over 20 years, she’s a leading light in the UK for women’s work, environmental awakening and cutting edge couples coaching. Workshops plus SAT NIGHT set at DANCE QUEST

JOE HOARE has run courses for over 14 years. His ‘Quantum Laughter’ sessions run at Alternatives in London. His work on cardiovascular health is used by the Open University, In 2003 he founded the Bristol Laughter Club and his work is in the media, including BBC 2’s ‘Don’t Die Young’. SHEILA BECK

is an International medium. Her readings and course include psychometry, Tarot and mediumship, as well as THE CATCH, guaranteed to get and keep a relationship within three months. Sole distributor of Driftwood Heath natural art.

Biographies JAMIE CATTO

is oddly arousing and crucially, tangibly, useful.” Sunday Times. A creative catalyst, producer and director behind the global philosophy music project ‘1 Giant Leap’ nominated for 2 Grammys in 2003 Selling over 300 thousand albums as a founder member of Faithless. Dont Miss! Thurs only

BECKY WALSH is a catalyst, teacher and speaker on intuition and transformation. Author of 4 books including You Do Know - learning to act on intuition instantly, she was a presenter on LBC. Co-founder of Open Beyond LTD, empowering people to teach & create. Passionate about bringing others back to their own intuition and inspired freedom.

KURI music is dedicated to the land of the mountains in Japan, where they live, as well as the landscapes they have encountered in their world travels. Their music and workshops crosses borders among people of all ages & cultures with meaning and joy from the heart, whilst being connected to the land.


Kevin is a Medium and healer who embraces the healing and transformative power of sound. He works with ancient sacred sound instruments and brings sensitivity and energy- awareness to all his work. JACQUELINE KAREH


Performance Poet, Inspiration Engineer and Destiny Mentor. Totally engaging as he explores the human condition. An Inspiration Engineer he facilitates workshops which empower you to get in touch with your inner genius. His incredible life story as a cautionary tale to guide his clients through their Hero’s Journey. MYSTRAL


TreeSisters co-Founders Clare Dakin and Bernadette Ryder bring 50 years combined experience of personal, organisational and community development including movement, dance, voice, art and spirituality. They’re co-creating a global women’s campaign to reforest the tropics within 10 years . CHRIS WATERS

Psychic Mystral works with Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Runes. She is a Reiki Schiem Master. She studied Past Life Regression with Denise Lynn. She also works with Life Between Lives Regression into the spiritual world.

has been practising Tai Chi and Qi Gong (shi ba shi) since 1996 and teaching since 2002. His belief, that Tai Chi and Qi Gong are for fun, are reflected in the warmth and humour of his workshops.


Founder of Express Life, has studied Alternative Medicine & Metaphysics for 30 years. She teaches Reiki, Metamorphic Technique & offers Heart Intelligence Coaching - training others to heal & express themselves & celebrate their uniqueness.

is a Health Detective and Holistic Health Practitioner, uses a practical, multi-faceted approach to self-healing and well-being, combined with wisdom, intuition, sensitivity and a compassionate heart. She loves working with ‘vibrational medicine’, particularly SCIO.

selling author and renowned “stand-up philosopher”. A passionate voice for our collective awakening and is frequently featured in the international media. Life-changing seminars share simple yet practical techniques for being spiritually awake in the real world.

personal coach and writer, has been running Artist’s Way workshops in Canada and the UK for over 12 years. She recently launched Future Self Now – a ground-breaking program for uncovering, and aligning to, your true path.




Biographies SURA SUSSO born in the Gambia, into a family of ‘griots’ (cultural figures who carry the cultural knowledge and identity of the people). Sura started studying the African harp, called the kora, and other percussion instruments at the age of four. Performing and running workshops worldwide LINDA ANANDA

Rainbow Children® Author and Teacher Trainer, is a Movement Teacher using free-form dance and yoga. Weaving together therapeutic storytelling, magical elemental characters, movement, dance and song, she enables children to find freedom, joy and self-confidence.


is a therapist with over 20 years experience. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Past Life Regression, Aromatherapy, Bereavement Counselling and Reiki.


Biographies of all the workshop leaders are available online at CHLOE GOODCHILD


is an international singer, composer and sound healer, dedicated to raising the conscience of humanity through shared sound and song. In 1990, she pioneered The Naked Voice - a new blueprint for transformative voicework. The ‘Singing Fields’ are interactive gatherings where everyone can discover the unifying spirit of Oneness through shared sound. With an eclectic range of East West, collaborating in peace events with HH Dalai Lama (Way of Peace).

is a mythologist, storyteller and author of the award winning ‘A Branch From The Lightning Tree: Ecstatic Myth and the Grace in Wildness’. He leads the Oral Traditions and Mythology programme at Stanford University in the U. S., and the Westcountry School of Myth on Dartmoor in the U.K.

Feldenkrais movement teacher, meditator, dancer, tantrika, yogi, martial artist, swimmer, sailor, ex-horserider, adventurer. Offers sessions, classes and workshops for personal healing and development.


Herbalist (M.N.I.M.H.) has practiced as a herbalist since 2002. He is interested in Plant Spirit Medicine, which involves meeting the herb plants in a more intimate way. He says “There is no substitute for being with the plants that are all around us. I believe they are often waiting to be called in to help with our well being!” Peter is offering two Herb walks at Quest so bring your wellies.



is an award-winning slam poet (BBC Radio 4 Slam Champion 2009, Dike Omeje Slam Poetry Award 2008), writer and actor who performs his work at theatres, festivals, schools, colleges and prisons, nationally and internationally. DAVID GODDARD is an

internationally acclaimed teacher. His books include: Tree of Sapphires, Sacred Magic of the Angels, and others. David regularly teaches in USA and Europe. He is the Co-founder of the Rising Phoenix Foundation; a spiritual education body specialising in distance-learning.


Last year at delivered an introductory course in NLP, and is back this year by popular demand to share with you his experiences when detecting, interpreting and working with energies. Gary will also teach you how to successfully dowse.


Taught for years by 1 is an initiated shaman working with the energy medicine of Peru. She shares these teachings and healing traditions with those who wish to experience healing with ease and grace, bringing sacred ceremony into everyday

Thursday 25 July


Quest workshops start at 12 noon Thursday and at 7pm TEN MEN an evening of Inspiring Men.

Exhibition Halls and DANCE QUEST open on Friday. energies from soul spirit into light and grounding the higher vibrations through our newly opened chakra portals. 12 noon - 3pm Ref T03 £15 [T2]

Political through the Personal Ben Mellor 12 noon - 2.30 Ref T01 £25 [4]

What About You? Jamie Catto

Facilitate bringing your ideas and projects out of your head and into the real world. Jamie mixes a Project-building Masterclass with processes and games to amp up the levels of presence and make sure we’re creating from a 100% inspired and empowered place. 12 noon - 3pm Ref T02 £15 [T1]

Channelling Archangel Michael, the Elohiem and Mary from the Light Gailelaine Working and bringing the new energies into body, lifting and healing old ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

Using poetry, spoken word, storytelling or dramatic monologue: discover the process of creating original works that tackle issues of political importance, by relating and expressing personal experience. Engage an audience through humour, humility, objective and subjective view 12 noon - 3pm Ref T05 £15 [O] Alchemy: Ancient Wisdom and Cutting-edge Physics David Goddard Throughout history and the world, enquirers, mystics, and scientists have sought the means to produce gold and prolong life. In the West, this secret line of enquiry is called Alchemy. An illuminating insight into the reality of Alchemy, and an understanding of its procedures.

ROOM 4 [4]

12 noon - 3pm Ref T04 £25 [2]

The Catch Sheila Beck

In a few simple steps I can guarantee helping anyone single into the relationship of their dreams within 3 months. This will show you step by step how to get, keep and be with your Mr/Mrs right, or your money back. 12 noon – 3pm Ref T06 £15 [DH]

Holistic Yoga Virginia - Yoga Torbay

Full holistic Yoga practice, breath awareness, asana (posture work), pranayama (breathing practices), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), deep relaxation and meditation. A wonderful way to arrive and settle into the festival vibe and escape the outside world! Suitable for all.

ows and ‘so-called’ demons - and when related to differently these same challenging characters become allies and even employees. This reclaims both the energy we’re wasting suppressing them and re-inherits their valuable qualities. Lightness, humour and presence. 3.30-6.30pm Ref T08 £25 [T1]

I see U Tim Freke

Shares his transformative ‘i to i practises’, so that we really see each other and feel the joy of truly being seen; so we can see through the separateness and experience our essential oneness.

3pm - 5.30 Ref T07 £25 [4]

Transforming Shadows Unleash Your Creative Genius Jamie Catto

Raw creative and inspired treasure is released when we play with our shad-


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]




Thursday 25 July 3.30pm - 6.30pm Ref T09 £15 [T2]


The Journey Embercombe

Led by Ley Burdis and Suzy Edwards: Do you love our earth and want to make a difference? Do you long to step towards your authentic self? Our contribution is most powerful when aligned to our gifts, passion, and experience. A taster of the Journey programme - reconnection with the natural environment as a source of power and strength. 3.30 - 6.30pm Ref T10 £15 [2]

Despatcho & Fire Workshop Charlotte Gush Make an Andean prayer bundle for yourself, learn to manifest your prayers and intentions in the physical; a centuries old process, a powerful method of release and healing, then taken to the fire as food for the gods. 3.30 - 6.30pm Ref T11 £15 [O]

An Evening of Inspiring Men Starts at 7pm on Thursday.

Coleman Barks Rumi Expert USA Jamie Catto - Grammy winning Tim Freke - Stand Up Philosopher Dr Martin Shaw - Mythteller Ben Mellor - Grand Slam Poet Chris Paradox - Hero Epic Poet Sika - Earth Didj Shaman Nemo - Fluid Dynamic Magic Gavin Frank - Crystal Clear Song Christoffer de Graal - Genius

Angels of the New Era Joylina

What are they all about, and what are they here to help us do? Raise your vibrations to the 5th and 6 dimensions, working with the 12 chakras, 12 colours of creation and 12 angels and make a closer connection to them. 10

ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

ROOM 4 [4]


A first for the South-West, 3 days of Dance and Movement, with recognised international teachers of both stylised and non-stylised conscious dance. There’s plenty of opportunity to try something new in our taster sessions, or longer workshops to dive a bit deeper. Dance Quest begins with a beautiful Colibri Heart Ceremony from Guy Barrington to open our journey, and closes with a fantastic fundraiser 5 Rhythms dance for the Tree Sisters with Bernadette Ryder. We have 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Biodanza, Soul Motion, Ecstatic Dance, Shakti Dance, Feldenkrais Movement and Contact Improvisation bringing one of the most diverse ranges of non-stylised conscious dance forms ever seen at a festival. Additionally: Bellydance, Tango and African dance provide a diverse range of styles with established steps to learn.

Deep Dive Dance works with teachers and practitioners in creating classes, workshops and events.

In 2002 over 40 Women performed in WOMANSPIRIT featuring Carolyn Hillyer, Lucinda Drayton, Shannon Smy, Tarisha, Jackie Juno and Joyaa. Now in 2013, we have a chance to see our brothers shine.

Dance, in its many forms, brings awareness to body and flow to spirit; it is also a lot of fun and brings a sense of community to any group.

This night could have been a week with so many inspiring men out there, showing up,

standing strong in love.


DANCE QUEST has been put together by Adam Griffin from Deep Dive Dance, dedicated to promoting conscious dance and developing dance community.

See centrefold for more details TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]



Friday 26 July

FOR BOOKING DETAILS SEE PAGE 50 or go online at 8.45 -9.45am FREE [DH]

Tai Chi Chris Waters

Find your centre through the breath of life, the moving flow of your body and the focus of you mind through: Eight Treasures and shi ba shi qigong. The movement and principals of the Tai Chi form.

resonate deeply within the body, help to unblock stored emotion and strengthen circulation of energy. Suitable for all 9am - 9.30am FREE [O]

The Oneness Blessing and Deeksha Mary Earle The Energy of awakening that has been brought to earth to help us ‘Awake.’ Want to know more then come along.Free meditation.

9am - 9.30 Donations [4]

Sacred Sounds Kevin Goulding

Experience the ethereal sounds of the singing bowls and gongs in a wordless meditation. These ancient sounds heal, relax and enhance spiritual awareness. 8.45 - 9.45am FREE [T1]

Osho Meditation Nataraj Osho Leela Team Dance & Silence Meditiation. Osho is famous for introducing active and social meditations and creating a synthesis of Eastern meditation and Western therapy.

10am -10.30 FREE [T2]

Zero Balancing Touching Bone Energy Richard Walters Cathy Towers

Explore transcending emotional turmoil to connect with inner strength and clarity. Bones are the deepest, densest tissue of the body carrying strong, clear energy. Access tension, trauma and also the clearest vibration.

10am - 10.45 FREE [4]

10am - 10.45 FREE [O]

Discover the mysticism within the hands. We will be looking at the Science within your hands - Character, Past, Present, Future and Life Path.

Find out about an extraordinary ability you didn’t know you had! Let your body speak its mind, and it will tell you truths you only half knew, and was there all the time if you only knew how to find it.

An introduction to Palmistry Charlotte

Body Focusing Fiona Parr

10am - 10.45 FREE [2]

Sth American Shamanism & Ceremony Charlotte Gush

10am - 10.30 FREE [KS]

10am - 10.30am FREE [T1]

10.15-10.45am FREE [1]

The purpose of sacred ceremony in everyday life…bringing your intention in to the physical. Fitting in time to be, time to heal, time to relax with the demands of modern living.

Felden-What? Nikila Ludlow

How posture, and movement affect the the fullness of your potential, and can creative better life. 10am - 10.15 FREE [ST]

8.45 - 9.45am FREE [2]

Kundalini Yoga Penny -Yoga Torbay

Combine meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing for heightened awareness. Focus the mind and ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

ROOM 4 [4]

Laughter workout Joe Hoare

Mary Magdalene Paul & Carol Arblaster Looking at earliest sources can we apprehend Mary Magdalene’s weighty and prophetic role? Encompassing deep sorrow and rapturous joy. Accompanied by the Celtic Harp

The Catch Sheila Beck

Single to dating in three months guaranteed. A brief outline of this amazing relationship programme, with hints and tips on how to start, and details of how to secure your place on one of these life changing workshops.

Come and have a light-hearted, playful laughter workout, An emotional tonic, A good cardiovascular and abdominal workout. And who doesn’t like to laugh? DANCE HALL [DH] STAGE TENT [ST]

TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]




Friday 26 July


10.15 - 10.45am FREE [ST]

11am – 12noon Ref 102 £7 [4]

11am – 12noon Ref 105 £7 [O]

12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 107 £7 [4]

Explore your rhythm in our interactive drum-circle. Drum from the heart and connect, raising vibrations. Drum for fun and create a groove which will leave you happy and uplifted, even if you have never done this before!

Experience the ancient sounds of didgeridoo, drum and flutes whilst lying down. Journey into altered states of consciousness. Feel the healing energy and Spirit, as Sika plays over and around your body for well-being and power.

Learn to harness the power of the elements, their ethereal manifestation - the Elementals, crystals - the mystical powerhouses of Nature, and your own abilities to change your experience life.

Neutral Space is more than just a system of Relaxation, these are new concepts that facilitate change in the most gentle and profound ways. Leading us through the gateway of duality, through the polarities, to unity consciousness.

Gathering of drums Heidi

11am- 12noon Ref 101 £7 [ST]

Global Sacred Sound Meditation Kevin Goulding & friends Relax and let waves of sound energy from gongs, singing bowls and other sacred sound instruments wash over you promoting Peace, Harmony, Joy and Celebration

Sound Journey Sika

11am – 12noon [T2] FREE

The Trager® Approach Adrian Antrum

The Trager® Approach is a profound bodywork and movement education form which utilizes gentle rhythmic movements to facilitate the release of stressful physical and mental patterns. 11am – 12noon Ref 104 £7 [2]

11am – 12noon Ref 103 £7 [T1]

Meet your Higher Self, Guides & Access Inner Wisdom Richard Walters

This experienced meditation teacher will help you meet your Higher Self and learn to listen to your Higher Self through guided journeys. Do you yearn for insight on life issues? Have you ever wondered who your guides are?


ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

Breath focused Asana practice Yoga Torbay

Use the focus of your breath to enable easeful movement, a moving meditation, bringing about a feeling of relaxed awareness. Learn how the breath can help us energise or relax, in daily life as well as in Yoga. Suitable for all.

ROOM 4 [4]

Inner Mystic -health, happiness & authenticity Flavia Kate

Neutral Space Anita Murray

11am – 12noon Ref 106 £7 [KS]

The Big C Reduce Your Risk! Lorraine Wright

12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 108 £7 [T1]

Cancer numbers are on the rise (prostate cancer has quadrupled in the past 20 years). Find out which behaviours and emotions can increase your risk and what you can do about them. Free taster of Crystal Light UK essences.

Channelling & teachings from the higher realms Gailelaine

Bringing in energies for the growth of the group and individuals, with healing from the magical heart. The soul groups are gathering through the newly activated chakra portals. Bringing the oneness closer, heartfelt love into being for all.

11.30 am and 4pm Decking FREE

12.15 – 1.15pm FREE [O]

A lovable, playful entertainer, who will take you into her magical world of hoolahoops. Teaching you a variety of games and breath-taking hoola-hooping tricks to instill confidence & self-esteem.

A New Vibrational Technology We will be demonstrate and explore. This new vibrational technology which allows us to work with universal energy in a unique and exciting way.

Hula hooping Hoopy-Go-Lucky


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]

Audio Essences Brian Parson



Friday 26 July 12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 109 £7 [T2]

FreeiYourLowerBack&Hips Niklia Ludlow

UNlease your power with Feldenkrais. Gentle movements, discover gentle keys to release pain and tension blocking energy flow. Poor posture/movement habits can be changed through self-awareness. Regain flexibility, stability, strength and grace.

1.30 - 2.30pm Ref 112 £7 [4]

What kind of beings are we being right now? Peter Owen Jones

What we are told is ‘progress’ is actually destroying this beautiful planet. Human behaviour is directly responsible for the sixth mass extinction now facing us. It’s a time of great sorrow and great awakening. Are we destroyers and despoilers or guardians and nurturers?

1.30 - 2.30pm Ref 114 £7 [2]

Egyptian ‘Re-remembering’ using ancient sacred sounds Debbie Walker

Listen and feel these ancient Egyptian tones, including the Temple and Isis. With these frequencies plus ancient oils of Isis, a sense of ‘Re-remembering’ may occur. A short meditation for recollection of your ancient past in Egypt. 1.30 - 2.30pm Ref 115 £7 [O]

1.30 - 2.30pm Ref 113 £7 [T1]

12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 110 £7 [2]

Taste of transformation Pat Angove

Transformation Healing assists in letting go of blocks and emotions that keep us trapped in the same behaviour patterns. You can heal/change something that has been holding you back. Feel the amazing changes in just an hour. 12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 111 £7 [KS]

Discovering Ley lines Gary Williams

Gary re-discovered some of our long lost ancient track ways, and uses dowsing techniques to explore these ancient paths and sites. Combining demos, history and lore learn how to find them too. ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

Dream Weaving Masterclass Barbara Meicklejohn Free

Share your dreams and visions and discover what they reveal about your soul’s growth, as part of the great Web of Creation. Learn to read them and integrate their teachings. 1.30-2pm FREE [T2]

Introducing Treesisters Clare Daikin What is TreeSisters? Why women and trees? Exploring the origin of this global campaign, the correlation between what’s happened to women and the natural world, and the role of women in restoring balance on Earth. TreeSisters is rooted in SW England.

ROOM 4 [4]

HAPPINESS! Theresa Sansome

Allowing ourselves the gift of happiness means we are more available, generous and loving to the world. It’s time to stop running on empty! Looking at personal abundance and following our bliss. 1.30 - 2pm FREE [KS]

7 Words Revolutionary Thinking Richard Grey This revolutionary way of thinking and living will give you greater clarity, new ways to look at things, alternative responses, increased self-worth, release from guilt and blame, and much more.


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]

1.30 - 2.30 Ref 116 £7 [1]

Introduction to Henna Gwen Davies

Learn the history and how to mix and apply henna. Everyone will have the opportunity to create and apply their own temporary henna tattoo. 2pm -2.45 Decking FREE

Partners in Rhyme

Family fun. Award-winning children’s author Peter Bently & storyteller Lucy Curtin present a short play/storytelling for children, followed by a fun activity session. For ages 3+ (unlesss with adult). 2.10 - 2.40pm FREE [T2]

Radiant Alkaline Health John Jezewski Learn the practical secrets to supreme radiant alkaline health and enjoy health beyond danger. Perfect for tackling the chronic health challenges of today. 2.45-3.45pm Ref 117 £5 [ST]

Gathering of drums Heidi

Explore your rhythm in our interactive drum-circle. Drum from the heart and connect, raising vibrations. Drum for fun & create a groove which will leave you happy and uplifted. Come try it!




Friday 26 July

FOR BOOKING DETAILS SEE PAGE 50 or go online at 2.45 - 3.45pm Ref 119 £7 [T2]

Intuition for Stress Free Living Becky Walsh

When you don’t have to search of answers, when they come to you in a flash, life speeds up and we are in a flow. Life becomes easier & we have more time for what we love. When you trust your decisions, you’re much freer from anxiety and stress. 2.45 - 3.45pm Ref 120 £7

Rainbow Children® Magical movement story Linda Ananda

Come and meet the Rainbow Children and become immersed in a world of joy and colour. Children are taken on a journey with an engaging, nurturing story which they participate in through yoga and singing; an uplifting and unique experience. 2.45-3.45pm Ref 118 £7 [4]

Finding the Radiant Inner You Jason Chan

2.45 - 4.45pm Ref 122 £12 [T1]

Learn to transform yourself from chronic worrier to Radiant Warrior. He will teach some life-changing practices to calm your mind, strengthen and heal your physical body, and tune into your natural grace and creativity. 14

ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

Speaking With Confidence Ben Mellor

Using drama games and exercises, vocal, physical and relaxation techniques. Improve your confidence and clarity when speaking on any public platform. Bring a text to work with. For anyone wishing to improve their oratory skills.

ROOM 4 [4]

2.45 - 3.45pm Ref 121 £7 [O]

4pm - 5pm Ref 123 £7 [4]

Take an inner journey into the wild wood to meet with the Wood Sisters. A meditative ‘trance telling’ of the story of The Handless Maiden, with time for group reflection and sharing.

Come and discover what it takes to be the heroine/hero of your own life and why the world needs you to get a move on. Let Chris Paradox take you on an epic poetic interactive Hero’s Journey through the adventure of life.

Celtic Cirlce Wood Sisters

Hero School Chris Paradox

2.40 - 3.10pm FREE [KS]

See and Feel your Life Force Energies Fred & Therese Seward Founders of the Light Haven Centre talk on their Healing and Development courses, taster days and Angel workshops. 3.15 - 3.45pm FREE [KS]

What Is The Best Water To Drink? Mr Jing

“ionized alkaline water could be one of the most important health breakthroughs in our era” Dr.Gabriel Cousens. Find out one of the most fundamentally simple and effect ways to balance your PH and to improve your Health. 4pm – 5pm FREE [ST]

Circus Skills with Duncan

discover talents you didn’t know you had!


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]

4pm - 6pm Ref 124 £12 [T2]

Bamboo sound collection Kuri

Follow a musical sound journey for meditation inviting you into this liner landscape, from there you are invited to try the bamboo instruments exploring their original sounds. Limited to 16 participants



Friday 26 July 4pm- 5pm Ref 126 £7 [O]

5pm- 5.40pm FREE Meet at [ST]

A historical global tour of the ecovillage movement, with slides of the rich and diverse activities found in today’s ecovillages. Plus an exploration of the challenges facing those wishing to start an ecovillage, or to live happily in one.

A gentle taster walk for all on this fantastic site to meet some of our native wild herbs and learn a little of their uses.

Eco Villages Jonathan Dawson

5.15 - 7.15pm Ref 127 £12 [4]

The infinite Heart Sacred Sexuality for couples

4pm- 5pm Ref 125 £7 [2]

Hypnotic Soul Healing Mystral

Experience self-hypnosis, raise the vibrations of the superconscious mind, resulting in soul cleansing. Spirit guides connect you to your higher self. You may contact departed loved ones and scan past lives. Bring a cushion.

Jewels Wingfield

This workshop isn’t a ‘quick fix, trick box’ of how to have better orgasms. It offers the deepest understanding and connection to Sacred sexual loving and transformational intimacy. Whether in a new relationship or together for decades, all couples welcome.

4pm- 4.30 FREE [KS]

Nutrition and Weight Management Julie Sargent

Our bodies need the right balance of nutrients to function well. Making adjustments to nutrition can make a big difference to health and how you feel. If you want to take control of your weight, or have any other specific health concerns come & chat to Julie. ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

6.15-7.15pm Ref 130 [T2}

Medicinal Herb Walk Peter Neuman

ROOM 4 [4]

The shamanic force within Power Animals Christa Mackinnon

5.15 - 6.15pm Ref 128 £7 [2]

Shamanic Sand Painting Charlotte Gush

Using nature to process challenges. Bring some twigs, leaves, berries, pine cones and learn how to process emotions and challenges through nature. A fire will be provided to release your prayers. 5.15 - 6.15pm ref 129 £7 [O]

Body Focusing Fiona Parr

An introduction to the concept of power animals with journeying, visualisation and movement to connect with, and integrate, your power animal. Once integrated its unique medicine will be available in daily life for healing.

FRIDAYfree - free - freeLUNCHTIME PERFORMANCESStage Tent 12.15-12.45pmJason Chan Movement in the Light

Try this process for yourself and find out how you can use this remarkable ability to make good decisions, release old pain, and move forward with your life with the wisdom of your whole body, not just your logical mind. 4.45 - 6.15pm FREE [KS]

Bioresonance therapies Jacqueline Kareh

Dynamic power and strength blended with the grace and beauty of this ancient Eastern art

1pm- 1.30pmBen MellorPoet

Award-winning slam poet - don’t miss!

1.45 -2.30pmKuri Japan

World music that crosses borders

Lie down, relax, let SCIO natural energy frequencies de-stress, nourish, recharge you! Feel good in body, mind & spirit. Plus guided process: SUCCESS in health, wealth, work, relationships. Bring blanket, cushion, pen, paper.


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]




Saturday 27 July


Calling all Women Jewels Wingfield

8.45 -9.45am FREE [DH]

Tai Chi Chris Waters

See Friday at the same time for details

Come & enliven your innate intuitive wisdom, fierce love, deep power, natural wildness and connection to the Sacred feminine that lives within. Come together for radical transformation of humanity and our Earth through reclaiming the Sacred feminine. Women Only.

8.30 - 9.30am FREE [T1]

9.40 - 10.10 am FREE [T1]

See Friday at the same time for details 9am - 9.30 Donations [4]

Sacred Sounds Meditation Kevin Goudling

Osho Meditation Dynamic Osho Leela Team The dynamic uses stimulated breathing, spontaneous expression and physical centering to create

The Alkaline Diet John Jezewski

A-list celebrities in Hollywood are crazy for the alkaline diet. Learn about this cutting-edge highly effective method to achieve a vibrant state of health - a route to achieving your perfect and sustainable weight.

The Artist’s Way Theresa Sansome

Unleash your true self-expression! The way of the artist is connection and letting go: the courage to play and enthusiastically fail. This is for everyone – not just artists. Learn how to live your truth and follow your heart.

Change your Vibration Meditation Joylina

A meditation to change the vibration to the 5th dimension. Create a pure white flower of life in your heart to help yourself and others. 10am - 10.15 FREE [ST]

10am-12noon Ref 202 £12 [O]

You’re the Meaning of Life! Chris Paradox

Yes You! Activate your greatest power, the power to give meaning to life, in this light-hearted yet deeply profound creative workshop. You’ll leave this workshop having collaborated in the writing & performing of an epic tragicomic poem about what life means to you.

Laughter workout Joe Hoare

See Friday at the same time for details 10am - 10.45 FREE [4]

Trager® Mentastics Adrian Antrum

Dance-like movements to delight the mind-body experience with lightness and flexibility. Part of the Trager approach to self-awareness and healing

10.15-11.15 FREE [ST] 9.45 - 10.45am Ref 203 £7 [1]

Kabbalah & Creation Wood Sisters 8.45 - 9.45am FREE [2]

Iyengar Yoga Anita - Yoga Torbay

Focus on correct postural alignment. Benefits include greater flexibility, strength and mobility, emotional balance and well-being. Suitable for all 9.30 - 11.30am Ref 201£12 [T2] 16

ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

A taste of the hidden mystical depths in the Kabbalistic creation myth. An introduction to the Four Worlds of Kabbalah, a meditative ‘trance telling’ of the story, and time for reflection/sharing. The Wood Sisters are a modern mystery school founded by the Rev. Sam Wernham and Sue Charman. 10am - 10.45 FREE [2]

ROOM 4 [4]

Gathering of drums Heidi

See Friday at same time for details

10.15 - 10.45am FREE [T1]

Nutrition and Weight Management Julie Sargent

Our bodies need the right balance of nutrients to function well. Making adjustments to your nutrition can make a big difference on your health and how you feel. If you want to take control of your weight, or have any other health concerns - chat to Julie. 10am - 10.45 FREE [KS]


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]



Saturday 27 July

One Billion Rising Break the Chain Dance

On the 14th Feb 2013 The Biggest Mass Global Action To End Violence Against Women & Girls In The History Of Humankind, took place. Tens of Thousands of Events Held in 207 Countries - dancing and rising together! Come & learn! 11am – 12noon Ref 204 £7 [4]

Connecting to Love Jason Chan

Fear and love are both energies that vibrate at completely different levels. Learn how to raise your vibrations up to a higher level and experience for yourself the bliss of bathing in true love energy. 11am – 12noon FREE [T1]

The Shaman Within Barbara Meicklejohn Free The spiritual profits of investing in ROOM 2 [2]

ity. Nurture them with simple, gentle, movements for the hands and arms – benefiting the whole of your self as well. On floor – bring mat/blanket.

11am – 12noon Ref 205 £7 [2]

11.30 am and 4pm Decking FREE

Intuition and Psychic Awareness Debbie Walker

11am – 11.30 FREE [ST]

ROOM 1 [1]

‘the Four Losses’ are explained and examined in order to integrate all the current changes. Taken from the new best-seller, The Shaman Within.

The use of the OM (Mother Earth) and 528hz (Love and DNA Repair) tuning forks lead to unblocking your psychic awareness, allowing intuition and guidance to flow. The sounds vibrating into your inner Core lead to healing. Plus short meditation. 11am – 12noon FREE [KS]

Developing your Psychic Powers Charlotte

Starting with a meditation, we will interactively guide your intuitive senses and capabilities far beyond your expectations. Practical exercises opening up a world of wonder.

Clear Your Clutter and Find Yourself Karen Kingston

Discover how liberating clutter clearing can be when you engage it consciously in order to reclaim your life. You’ll be motivated to clutter clear as never before when you realise how much your stuff has been holding you back!

Hula hooping Hoopy-Go-Lucky

See Friday same time for details 12.15 - 2.15 Ref 207 £12 [4]

Life is a Dream & You are the Dreamer Tim Freke

12.15-1.15pm Ref 209 £7 [T2]

Life is not what it seems to be and you are not who you think you are. So claims Tim Freke, based on his groundbreaking book Lucid Living. Sharing 7 extraordinary insights that lead to a super-awake state comparable to ‘lucid dreaming’, in which you directly experience that life is like a dream ... and you are the dreamer. This is an experience of all-embracing communion and compassion, which Tim calls simply big love. Do you want to wake up and live lucidly? This is your opportunity.

11am – 12noon Ref 206 £7 [1]

Focus In Your Touch Niklia Ludlow

Your hands are precious. They work harder than any other part of you, and have incredible sensitivity and dexter-

ROOM 4 [4]

Sat 12.15 - 3.15 pm Ref 208 £25 [T1]


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]

Embodying Change Clare Daikin

An embodied experience of the foundational map of the TreeSisters campaign: a change tool that supports us to recognize the truth of our relationship to ourselves, each other, the natural world and our place in the creation of a sustainable future. 12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 210 £7 [2]

Raja Yoga practice Yoga Torbay

An overview of a full Raja Yoga practice, beginning with breath awareness, moving into asana (posture work), pranayama (breathing practices), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), deep relaxation and meditation. Based on the Devon School of Yoga way of practicing. Suitable for all




Saturday 27 July


12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 211 £7 [O]

Laughter bootcamp The yang experience of nls: natural laughter skills Joe Hoare Come alive! Laughter is self-generated sunshine and as a practice reconnects you with yourself and others. It opens your heart and fires up for zest for life.

1.30 - 3.30 Ref 213 £12 [2]

overwhelmed by life? Discover the tools to lead a healthier, happier and fearless life. Real healing awaits.

The workshop to explore yourself with a sound journey, using various ethnic musical instruments and Asian bamboo instruments, art and poetry.

2pm -2.45 Decking FREE

My universe flowing out of the sound Kuri - Japan

Flying With Angels Fred & Therese Seward Discover your energetic ‘Angel Wings’ – attune to your angels and fly in your subtle body to visit loved ones, give healing, or see Earth’s beauty.

The Artist’s Way Theresa Sansome

Unleash your true self-expression! The way of the artist is connection and letting go: the courage to play and enthusiastically fail. This is for everyone – not just artists. Learn how to live your truth and follow your heart.

12.15 - 12.45pm FREE [1]

Quantum healing laser Jacqueline Kareh For scars, pain, health & beauty. For humans & animals.

See Friday at the same time for details. 2.45 - 3.45pm Ref 216 £7 [4]

1.30 - 3.30pm Ref 214 £12 [O] 12.15 - 1.15pm FREE [O]

Partners in Rhyme

1.30 – 2.30pm Ref 212 [T2]

Mythteller Dr Martin Shaw

How do myth, folklore and oral culture create the fertile ground of transformation required to live a life of purpose and a little style, even in the 21st century? Expect ancient story, lively ideas and participation.

Your Naked Voice LiberatetheSoundofYourSoul

Chloe Goodchild

Concerned about your well-being or the discontent in the world? Feeling 18

ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

ROOM 4 [4]

New Economics Jonathan Dawson

We are living through a revolution of how we organise our societies and economies, part of the paradigm shift from a mechanical to an ecological worldview. Understanding these changes will make us more effective in helping to usher in the new and to take advantage of it.

Experience the transforming power of your voice. It is uniquely your song, already singing inside you, and has been all your life. It has the power to awaken the energies of Love within you. You don’t have to try to sing this unique song of your soul - just listen, receive, and let it sing you.

3.30 - 5pm Ref 221 £10 [T1]

2.45 - 3.45pm Ref 218 £7 [KS]

3.45 - 4.45 Village Green FREE

Merlins Crystal Cave Mary Earle

Introduction to Henna Gwen Davies See Friday at 1.30pm for details


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]

Find your centre through the breath of life, the moving flow of your body and the focus of you mind through: Eight treasures and shi ba shi qigong. The movement and principals of the Tai Chi form.

Discover talents you didn’t know you had!

Working with the energy and wisdom of Merlin, we travel to his beautiful cave, a place of insight and transformation with a visualisation journey. 2.45 - 3.45pm Ref 219 £7 [1]

Tai Chi Chris Waters

Circus Skills

1.30 - 2.30pm Ref 215 £7 [KS]

Higher Dimensional Healing Joylina

2.45 - 3.45pm Ref 217 £7 [T2]

4pm - 4.45 FREE [ST]

Spirit of the Drum Barbara Meicklejohn Free

Drum to honour the sacred directions, to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our place on the great web. Connect and heal through sacred sound and vibration. All drums will be provided.



Saturday 27 July 4pm- 5pm Ref 221 £7 [2]

4pm - 4.30 FREE [KS]

Experience a sacred sound meditation in a quiet and intimate setting. Let waves of sound energy from these sacred sound instruments wash over you promoting relaxation, inner peace and healing.

An exciting exploration of the supernatural dimension of Celtic culture. How can we receive healing of body, mind and spirit through an understanding and reception of the wisdom, power and spiritual treasures of our Celtic heritage?

4pm - 4.30 FREE [O]

4.45 - 6.15pm Ref 225 £10 [T2]

Sacred Sounds Meditation Kevin Goudling

4pm -5pm Ref 220 £7 [4]

On Scolt Head, forty days & forty nights alone Peter Owen Jones

During May/June Peter Owen Jones spent forty days and nights alone on an uninhabited island. When there, he wrote a book and will read a few selected passages from it exploring the themes of loss, symmetry and reunion.

There’s more to RAW food than salad chocolate is good for you! Rachana White My passion is inspiring others to choose healthier diets by increasing the raw food .increasing in eating raw foods will give you noticeable, immediate results. Increased energy & joy, Clearer skin, Weight loss, Reduced risk of disease and ageing process.

Bringing in energies for the growth of the group and individuals, with healing from the magical heart. The soul groups are gathering through the newly activated chakra portals. Bringing the oneness closer, heartfelt love into being for all ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

Ultra Deep Hypnosis Past Life Regression Mystral

Attain awareness about your relationships/ career by exploring that life time. How does it affect the present and what did you learn? Includes a 40 min. induction deep into hypnosis. Bring a blanket/pillow. 4.45 - 5.45pm Ref 228 £7 [KS]

Free Your Body & Soul Lorraine Wright

4pm- 4.30 FREE [T2]

Channeling from the higher realms Gallianane

Celtic Miracles & Healing John Gordon

4pm- 5pm Ref 222 £7 [1]

Detecting the invisible Gary Williams

A practical workshop teaching you to find water, minerals, buildings, lost items and much more by dowsing (divining). All dowsing tools provided.

ROOM 4 [4]

As children we inherit our parents’ patterns, beliefs and emotions. These can be trapped in the body, and with emotions from traumatic events in our own lives can lead to ill health and underfunctioning. Develop your ability to identify and clear these emotions, leading to health, prosperity and your true purpose in life.


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]

4.45 - 5.45pm Ref 227 £7 [O]

Sound Journey Sika

See Friday at 11am for details 5.15 - 6.15pm ref 229 £7 [1]

Herbal Medicine Peter Neuman

Our ancestral connection with herbs – and their modern health uses, featuring some of the 7 ancient Celtic herbs, which work just as well today. Herbs can be a vital part of our healing and help restore our connection to nature!




Sunday 28 July

Saturday 27 July Life Cairn SATURDAY

5.15 - 6.15pm Ref 226 £7 [2]

Dragonheart Pat Angove

Come and meet the dragons. They are ready to communicate and impart their knowledge. Come feel, communicate, play and maybe even fly with them. 5.15 - 7.15pm Ref 224 £12 [T1]

Infinite Abundance Jason Chan

Infinite Abundance is a richness that is deep within you and that simply shines out into the material world around you. Join Jason Chan and learn some wonderful practices to connect you to infinite love and light so you can begin to manifest your dreams. 5.15 - 6.45pm Ref 223 £7 [4]

Knowing the Value of Self Becky Walsh There is a direct correlation between what you think you’re worth and what you get paid. Self-worth is often linked up with self-esteem, however you can have a strong sense of self-esteem and still have a low sense of your own value. Raise your value and your income. 6pm- 6.30 FREE [O]

The Catch Sheila Beck See Friday at 10.15am for details 20

ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

ROOM 4 [4]

8.45 -9.45am FREE [DH]

2.30pm Village Green with Peter Owen Jones

See Friday at the same time for details

Life Cairn which is currently sitting on top of Mount Caburn just outside Lewes was the first memorial to those species that have become extinct as the result of human behaviour. There are now five other Life Cairns including one in Sweden and one in Costa Rica. There are now currently over eighteen thousand species on the United Nations red list which means every one of them is in imminent danger of extinction. We now face the sixth great mass extinction in the history of the planet. Until we, each one of us can recognise and accept our part in this ecocide; until we can mourn what has been lost we cannot embrace a future that recognises the sanctity of all life. The reflection of ourselves in this process is a hard truth that we need to know. Together at Quest we build a cairn to honour - please bring a stone for the cairn.

SATURDAY free - free LUNCHTIME Stage TentPERFORMANCE 12.15-1pmSika Journey into the Fifth Dimension! 1..15- 1.45pm Chloe GoodchildCome join the Singing Field 2pm - 2.30pmJason Chan Movement in the Light - Demo

9.45 - 10.45am Ref 301 £7 [T2]

Tai Chi Chris Waters 9am - 9.30 Donations [4]

Sacred Sounds Meditation Kevin Goudling

See Friday at the same time for details

Soul Alchemy with Sacred Oils Barbara Meicklejohn Free Working with sacred Egyptian oils and Sanskrit chants, you will be guided through an initiation ceremony to awaken your soul’s memories to the ancient Mystery Rites of Passage.

8am - 10am FREE [T1]

Osho Meditations The Aum Osho Leela Team

A space to re-experience the essence of who you really are. In the experiencing, expressing and befriending of cultural taboos we gain the ultimate prize of meditation – FREEDOM! 8.45 - 9.45am FREE [2]

Good morning energise & balance Yoga Torbay

10am - 10.15 FREE [ST]

A cleansing and energising morning practice - kriyas (breathing exercises), sun salutations, asanas, pranayama (breath work) and meditation. Suitable for all

Laughter workout Joe Hoare

See Friday at the same time for details 10am – 10.45 FREE [4]

9am - 9.30am FREE [O]

The Oneness Blessing and Deeksha Meditation Mary Earle See Friday at the same time for details


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]

Intro to Theta Healing Ina D’Costa

A simple powerful healing approach, developing intuitive abilities, healing, space healing and spirit release.



Sunday 28 July

FOR BOOKING DETAILS SEE PAGE 50 or go online at 10am - 11.30 Ref 302 £10 [O]

10.30- 12noon Ref 304 £10 [T1]

A hypnotherapy method of assessing the spiritual realms. Deep relaxation, return to childhood, your mother’s womb and visit a past life. View the death experience and then move to the spiritual realms to meet your soul companions and guides. Discover why you chose your particular body to reincarnate in. Bring a blanket/pillow

Find your centre through the breath of life, the moving flow of your body and the focus of you mind through: 8 Treasures & shi ba shi qigong. The movement and principals of the Tai Chi form.

Life Between Lives Mystral

Tai Chi Chris Waters

11am – 12noon Ref 303 £7 [4]

Sound Journey Sika

11am – 12noon ref 307 £7 [O]

Rainbow Children® dancing free Linda Ananda

This joyful, colourful, uplifting freeform dance journey encourages freedom and confidence in movement. Children are captivated by characters that embody the elements and inspire dancing that reflects these different energies (A similar experience to 5-ryhthms and ecstatic dance especially for children).

See Friday at same time for details 10am -10.30 FREE [2]

11am – 12noon Ref 305 £7 [T2]

10am - 10.30 Free [KS]

Come and find out about this powerful healing tool.

A playful, deep practice to move your body and enliven your heart and voice. Nourish your soul, deepen your connection with your essence and others. No experience necessary.

10am-10.30 FREE [1]

11am – 12noon Ref 306 £7 [2]

IntrotoFamilyConstellation Sarasi Rogers

Channelled Essences for the New Millenium Mary Whyte

Channelled essences containing crystal, animal, and flower essences combined with channelled homeopathy and the energies of the Elohim in 100% cognac. Transform your life! ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

11.30 am and 4pm Decking FREE

Hula hooping Hoopy-Go-Lucky See Friday same time for details 11.30 - 12.30 Ref 310 £7 [1]

Intro to Henna Gwen Davies See Friday at 1.30pm for details.

11am – 12noon FREE [ST]

Zero Balancing Richard Walters & Cathy Towers See Friday at the same time for details.

plants that grow wild nearby. A guided walk, including special techniques to deepen our connection with the herbs that grow commonly around this fantastic site. Bring appropriate outdoor attire.

Deeper into Presence: music & movement enquiry Christoffer de Graal

Yoga Nidra Yoga Torbay

Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep conscious Deep Sleep. It brings calm, quiet and clarity. A deep meditation, it leads to awareness through many levels of mental processes to a state of supreme stillness and insight.

ROOM 4 [4]

Drumming for Wild Women Christa Mackinnon Drum Circle in the shamanic tradition for women only . 11am - 1pm Ref 308 £12 [KS]

Intro to ‘Future Self Now’ Theresa Sansome

Are you searching for the right next steps for you? Future Self Now connects you to your inner knowing of your true essence and purpose. A deeply revealing and practical method for lining up to your best self NOW. 11am - 1pm Ref 309 £10 Starts in [1]

Herb Walk Peter Neumann

(weather permitting) Meet the healing


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]

12.15 - 3.15pm ref 312 £25 [T1]

The Feng Shui Art of Owning Space Karen Kingston

The art of energetically owning space encompasses higher levels of feng shui, space clearing and clutter clearing. Learn how to apply the key principles in your home and discover the many benefits it can bring. 12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 313 £7 [T2]

Secrets of Longevity John Jezewski

Be inspired to know that a long and happy existence is achievable now. Understand the pitfalls and outsmart the aging process and learn about this all natural approach to rejuvenation.




Sunday 28 July

FOR BOOKING DETAILS SEE PAGE 50 or go online at with back-care and posture. By night she dances Argentine Tango. Using both, she teaches walking with the wow factor not the ‘ow’ factor! Alleviate pain and stress, with surprising impact on emotional well-being and confidence.

1.30 - 2.30pm Ref 318 £7 [KS]

2.45 – 3.45pm Ref 326 £5 [ST]

Gary demonstrates how you can detect and work with energies, reducing the harmful effects of electro-magnetic fields in our homes and workplace, and heal natural environments. Dowsing tools and instruction provided

A playful journey through rhythm and melody, exploring the meeting of Zimbabwean music, western instruments and all of our voices! Bring an instrument if you play one, if not bring your voice and let’s play!

Working with energies Gary Williams

Music Workshop Ombiviolum Orkestra

12.15 - 1.15pm Ref 311 £7 [4]

Live your Legend Chris Paradox

1.30 - 2.30pm Ref 317 £7 [O]

Laughter Meditiation. The yin experience of nls: natural laughter skills Joe Hoare

What’s the easiest way to live fully and freely with your whole heart and soul? Why is it your greatest destiny to help create a better world? Join Chris Paradox for a powerful and profound exploration of the purpose of your life.

Stretch, loosen up, breathe deeply, shake your body, lie down and laugh. Release serotonin and oxytocin, tune up your immune system and perk up your spirit.

12.15 - 2.15pm Ref 314 £12 [2]

Family Constellation Sarasi Rogers

Reclaim our ancestors as a loving force. The unresolved lives of our ancestors may still be energetically present and carried by us. Restore the lost flow of love in the family system, in this astonishingly healing process. 1.30 – 2.30pm Ref 316 £7 [T2]

Walking Gorgeously! Cathy Towers

By day Cathy is a therapist working 22

ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

2pm -2.45 Decking FREE

Partners in Rhyme

See Friday same time for details. 1.30 - 2.30pm Ref 315 £7 [4]

Mandinka Song workshop (with kora) Sura Susso


Shamanic Journeying the South American Way Charlotte Gush Learn the maps of the Shaman of the Andes, journey to the other worlds and claim that which has always been yours. A deeply empowering tool to carry with you through life.

Virtuoso griot kora player from the Gambia, teaches songs from Africa accompanied by the kora. Griots sang traditional songs as story-telling, sharing knowledge, culture and news to people.

ROOM 4 [4]

2.45 - 4.45pm Ref 321 £12 [2]

TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]



Sunday 28 July 2.45 -5.45pm Ref 319 £12 [4]

3.30 - 4.30pm Ref 324 £7 [T1]

He will share his transformative ‘i to i practises’, so that we really see each other and feel the joy of truly being seen; so we can see through the separateness and experience our essential oneness.

When we accept and love who we are, and have the courage to express our uniqueness, we can lead authentic, fulfilled and creative lives. Fears and beliefs prevent many from doing this. Come and take some vital steps in the right direction.

i see U Tim Freke

Amazing you! Christa Mackinnon

2.45 - 4.45pm Ref 320 £12 [T2]

Life-Changing Conversations Sarah Rozenthule

Are you stuck for words at crucial moments? Do you feel you haven’t really been heard? Does your communication let you down? Get the know-how to have more meaningful and inspiring conversations, whether at work or in your personal life.

The Voice of Inspiration Gavin Frank

Dedicated to the voice inside you! Sound has the potential to inspire, transform, release and engage us more fully with life. Explore simple practices rooted in deep compassionate listening that ignite an embodied, engaged sound that nourishes. No vocal experience needed.

‘Zany & tuneful’ The Guardian Thought provoking, passionate, funky and totally watchable!

1pm- 1.30pmFitz

Performs sincere and intricate alternative folksong Swells of harmonic warmth, that contrasts his wistful melancholy

4pm - 4.30 FREE [O] 2.45 - 3.45pm Ref 322 £7 [O]

SUNDAYfree-free-free LUNCHTIME PERFORMANCESStage Tent 12.15-12.45pmNEMO

Audio Essences & Insight Brian Parson

The Persians said: never make a decision without first exploring it from 3 different states of consciousness. In this session, we will be exploring areas of your life from 5 states of consciousness using Audio Essences.

1.45 -2.30pmGavin Frank

Inspiring singer with crystal clear tone, using chants and his own songs, he is totally engaging.

4pm-5pm Ref 325 £7 [KS] 2.45-3.45pm Ref 323 £7 [KS]

Heart Intelligence Anita Murray

You will leave with an experiential understanding of how Heart Intelligence impacts you and those around you. Using simple techniques you will find more joy, access your passion, transform your relationships, feel more confident and courageous and celebrate your uniqueness! ROOM 1 [1]

ROOM 2 [2]

ROOM 4 [4]

Theta Healing Ina D’Costa

A simple, powerful healing technique providing fast, effective release of negative emotions and beliefs. Learning Theta Healing can develop intuitive abilities, heal plants and animals and aid space healing and spirit release.


TEIGN 1 [T1]

TEIGN 2 [T2]








has been exploring ecstatic dance for 20 years. He trained as a 5Rhythms teacher in 2005 and became one of the first three ‘pathfinder’ teachers of Movement Medicine in 2011. He holds spaces in London, Paris and elsewhere. JEWELS WINGFIELD

is an inspirational catalyst of personal and collective transformation. Dance like nobody’s watching’ To experiencing ecstasy through dance? Not letting yourself be affected by others judgements. To allow the freedom and natural ecstasy that’s already within you.


Through Biodanza we’re reclaiming the full force of our Identity, harnessing the potentials, which lead to greater contact with ourselves, which enriches our connection with others and all life.Colibri is a way to focus into our dreams into reality.Working with Healing Arts, Shamanism & Biodanza for 15 years. NIKHILA LUDLOW see bio on page 7


A playful introduction to this magical dance. Simple exercises to connect with your partner as a ‘leader’ or ‘follower’. No ‘steps’ to memorise - simply walking together, the essence of tango. No dance partner/previous dance experience required. Reza has been dancing Tango Argentino for 9 years and is madly passionate about it.


is a movement artist, choreographer, musician and creative producer drawing from traditional and contemporary pan-African dance and non-stylised movement. Director of Tolo Ko Tolo dance company, She is a solo artist and teaches at Tribe of Doris plus her Foot to Earth Dance Camp and Earth Dances.


Born in France, she is passionate about world dancing & found her true love in Egyptian Belly dancing. Training worldwide with the best choreographers of this Art. Winning “Miss Bellydance UK” in 2011. She is a sought after performer & an inspiring teacher.


long & profound relationship to dance, combined with a deep understanding of our shared humanity and a fierce love of the earth and all its inhabitants. 12 years of offering a safe, permissive space held with expertise and integrity.


has been studying & dancing Contact Improvisation for over 10 years. Co-facilitating Dartington Contact Improvisation, also teaches CI, creative movement & improvisation. It’s a spontaneous & playful movement exploration that emphasises sensitivity & listening to co-create an improvised dance, usually as a duet between two people. LEELA Soul Motion invites creative expression as a moving meditation. It explores how we each connect with our bodies as a vehicle of expression. She is a passionate & committed explorer of life through the moving body & wisdom of silence. Certified to teach Soul Motion™ the lifework of Vinn Marti, USA.


Founders Bernadette Ryder and Clare Dakin use 5 Rhythms dance to take us into an embodied exploration of our intimate connection to the elements, the natural world and each other; opening the door to the framework underpinning the TreeSisters campaign, a map of personal and collective balance.

Julia Hope Brightwell, known as ‘Jewell’, is a IBF qualified Professor de Biodanza and a member of ABTUK, professional body of Biodanza teachers. Jewell shares Rolando’s (creator of Biodanza) vision to create peace, harmony and healing, a return to the joy of living through connection.


Shakti Dance, has its roots in Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan and Saravtar Olivier. It combines the wisdom of yoga and the flow of dance in a seamless sequence of asanas and harmonious movements, following the breath. She has a passion for yoga, dance and has been teaching for 3 years. 27



Exhibitors Exhibition Halls opening hours

Friday & Saturday 10am - 7.30pm Sunday 10am - 6.30pm Thursday - Closed for Setup 7 WORDS STAND 4 An exciting new approace to explaining who we are and why we do what we do. 07736735298 AMOR LONDON OUTDOOR Hand made jumpers. 07800750665 ANGELIQUE DE LUMIERES OUTDOOR 07584791526 ARCTURUS BOOKSHOP STAND 26/27 Inspirational books on health, spirituality, psychology, astrology, shamanism, paganism, channelling, Green Issues etc. Mail order 01803 864363


AURBIC ART STAND 54A Spiritually inspired art for meditation, contemplation, decoration and enjoyment. 01305779735

BARRIE SMITH HYPNOTHERAPY STAND 64 Solution focused Hypnotherapy, Putting YOU back in control. Helping clients with Stress,Depression,Smoking,Weight,Fears, Phobias,Past Life Regression. 01752 710899 BIODYNAMIC QUANTUM HEALING STAND 75 Distant healing includes ancestral/past lives/karmic issues. Autistic spectrum disorders,psychic inteference, personal/business guidance, healing and essences. 01803 402081 BLISS OUTDOOR Fairtrade and recycled clothing and accessories from India and Nepal. 01227 713384 BLUE MOUNTAIN FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC STAND 81 Healthcare not sick care for individuals, families, children and babies. 01752 768722 CADUCEUS MAGAZINE STAND A4 Focuses on health, healing and spirituality since 1987. Current issue, 85, features Sacred geometry, Anglo-Saxon shamanism, Female sexuality and the menstrual cycle, Plant/spirit medicine and perception and Find your naked voice. 01730 816799

CHARLOTTE CLAIRVOYANT STAND 56 International clairvoyant, medium, palmist, tarot and oracle. TV psychic connecting you to ones passed over. Life path destiny. 02085757575 CHI MIND BODY SPIRIT OUTDOOR Holistic healing retreats in India a nd Devon for men and women, workshops, reiki training. CHRISTIANS AT QUEST STAND 48/48A A group of Christians from local churches who know the reality and the life of Jesus Christ in everyday life. 01626 260090 COLLEGE OF NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE STAND 18 CNM is one of the UK’s leading training providers in natural medicine. CRYSTAL HEAVEN STAND 14 Angelic goods, aura sprays and crystals to connect to the angelic realms 07793211194 DAWNING MOON STAND 38/39 Wide variety of crystals including the rare and unusual. Handmade healing jewellery, crystal skulls, dragons, ornaments and more. 07536018082

EARTHLY CANDLES STAND 24 Hemp based body care. Unique massage candles new to the UK. All naural products. 01264334267 ENLIGHTMENT NETWORK STAND 80 Experience sessions in Access Consciousness Bars, Heart Intelligence Coaching, Metamorphic Technique, Neutral Space, Reiki – Usui, Karuna, Grecian, Egyptian. 07787565409 EMBERCOMBE STAND A2 A centre for inspiration on 50 beautiful acres overlooking Dartmoor. Programmes/ events for individuals, businesses, schools and Universities. Come find out more about us. 01647 252 983 EQUINOX ASTROLOGY STAND 8 Your Astrological Birth Chart prepared on the spot. Character Profile, Year Forecast , Child Profile, Relationship Profile plus Lunar Calendars for sale. 02032395688 FOREVER LIVING STAND 20 Find out about Forever Living products and all their health benefits.

Exhibitors FUTURE SELF NOW STAND 51 What’s next for you? Visit personal coach Theresa for a highly revealing & inspiring vizualisation session. 07748848617 GAILELAINE STAND 51A Channeller healer and connector to angels, ancients and higher realms. Energy downloads for 2012 shift with initiations for heart centred and D.N.A changes. 01736 795143 GEM ENCHANTMENT STAND 15 An exquisite gemstone jewellery collection offering beautiful healing crystals to adorn and empower. Presented with love. 07818 696734 GEO FOSSILS STAND 9/10 Wide range of crystals and tumblestones. 02088932929 GREEN MAN AND MCS STAND 72 Essences,sprays, books, CD’s, sacred jewllery,courses, runes and wood artefacts. 01392 832005

GWEN DAVIES ARTWORK STAND 16 Spiritual artwork calling on many traditions. 2010 Lunar calendars, cards and prints. Handmade charm jewellery and henna tattoos. 02920 300040 HEALING OILS STAND 22 Specializing in unusual essential oils and therapeutic gels for most conditions, arthritis, tired muscles, bruises and natural first aid. 01752 291396 HEAVEN AND EARTH OUTDOOR Beautiful crystals, jewellery,acupuncture, shamanic healing,meridian therapy, astrology,earth mysteries,sacred ceremony & journeys. 01579350783

JO PAZ STAND 52 Jo has a wealth of experience. Her readings are extremely accurate and full of insight and compassion. JOYLINA STAND 55 TV & Media Psychic Clairvoyant, Teacher and Author. Your future revealed with an in-depth reading. Tarot, Angels, Soul, Past Life. 07702956928 LETINTO OUTDOOR Leticia and Quinto, highly respected shaman combine Native American and Inca traditions to offer unique healing experiences and DNA upgrades. 07956155105

LOVING WHISPERS STAND 59 Eileen is an accomplished medium, tarot and angel card reader who, with her guides, gives sound advice on life issues. 07500721770 MARY EARLE STAND 54 Inspirational readings channelled from Angelic realms. Receive guidance, past life insight. Feel the blessings of angels. 07774565458 MR JINGS LONGEVTY TONIC STAND 44 Everything you ever needed to know about creating your own tonic bar.

HERBALPHARM AND DR STAND 86 Quick palm scan by audiowave apparatus for a whole body reading. Treatments by modern acupuncture without needles. 01633 615118

LIGHT HAVEN STAND 58 Healing helps - healing works. Experience and find out more about the power of Spiritual 01626 774404

INSPIRART BY BRENDA LAMBERT 34/35 Mixed media, semi-abstract vibrant, inspirational and soul revealing paintings. Crystal and gem hand-crafted pendants. 01392 824235

LINDA ANANDA STAND 36/37 Stories and songs with positive messages and simple, fun movement and relaxation activities; a wonder-full resource for parents and teachers. 07814687902

NEALS YARD REMEDIES STAND 45 Certified organic Health and beauty products for all the family direct to you. 07772542143

LIVE LIFE LOMI OUTDOOR Experience Iomi iomi, a beautiful treatment to connect mind and body in the traditional Hawaiin way with a tandem massage. eala.

NUTRITIONAL THERAPY & ALLERGY TESTING STAND 65 What we eat and how we eat is paramount to health and weight - Julie can ehlp you to understand why changes need to be made.

INNER SOUND STAND 47 Ki treatment uses acupressure and martial arts breathing technique to give healing energy leaving one relaxed and revitalized.

MYSTRAL STAND 77 Psychic, astrologer, palmist, tarot/rune reader, past life regressionist, claivoyant. Party/private bookings, telephone readings. 01736 796130


Exhibitors cont. from page 31 01752 362080 OPIE GEMS STAND 28/29 Quality crystals for healing, special jewellery handmade. Native American jewellery and artefacts. Cut stones. 01994 230028 OSHO LEELA STAND 73 Britain’s liveliest personal growth centre. Workshops, Trainings, Community Experience, Festivals, Gatherings and Venue for Hire. 01747 821221 PHEELGOOD LTD STAND 7 Specialists in alkaline health and longevity. Seminars, retreats and web store. 0115 9314257 PURE PLANT SKINCARE STAND 70 Harnessing the power of plant oils and essences to create skincare that supports skin and is kind to the environment. www. 01935829035 RECONNECT STAND 25 Meet the team who produce Reconnect, South Devon’s busy green living magazine, and catch up on any back issues you missed - they’re all free! 01392 346204 32

SACRED EARTH STAND 40 Native American goods and chakra photography. 07725193628 SACRED WEAVE STAND 71 Hand Woven healing mats, crystal grid sets, pure incense, energy healing symbols 01252345903 SAM MILLER OUTDOOR Thai Massage, reflexology, oil massage and healing is intuitively put together for specific requirements: Sam has been practicing for 20 years, treatments are deep and very effective. 07753308553 SAMARPAN ALCHEMY STAND 12 Offering ICGT/ACHO Crystal therapies and Diploma courses. ‘Awakening your Light Body’ and ‘Energy Astrology’ courses. 01392 881534

and rattles. SKY HIGH STAND 66 Healer/clairvoyant/medium works internationally as teacher and channeller. 07876728323 SOULNOTE STAND 33 Chinese and paiste gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, bells, meditation cymbals, CD’s, Himalayan silver jewellery. 01626 895406 SPIRIT VISIONS OUTDOOR Native American drums, flutes, clothing, Cd’s, books, sage. SPIRITUAL PLANET STAND 74 Hand selected, directly sourced crystals, wands and jewellery from around the world. Wholesale available. 07951900260

SCIO STAND 85 SCIO anti-ageing therapies plus REJUVANESSENCE face-lift massage. 07850008133

SUARA SOUND HEALING OUTDOOR Your health and well-being will enjoy the sacred healing codes of the OM and Solfeggio tuning forks. May they bring joy & peace within. 01579383123

SEVENTH HEAVEN OUTDOORS Inspirational gifts including singing bowls, Buddhas, crystal jewellery, shamanic drums

SUSAN HUDD STAND 68 Psychic clairvoyant, medium who appears regularly on TV. 01460 66077 THE SEEKER SYSTEM STAND 78 Spiritual tools for healing and meditation. Seekers, Mudra meditation stones. Pendulums and more. 01730 268220 THE WELLNESS TREE STAND 62/63 The world’s newest cold laser technology combined with state of the art Quantum ScalarWaves to address every facet of stress, health and pain relief. 0845 8732727 THERAPEUTIC & PREGNANCY MASSAGE OUTDOOR Experience the healing approach of intuitive massage practitioner Julia Simmons. Couch and seated treatments. Plus the Bumpbag for pregnancy massage. 01626 207001 TOUCHFIRE AROMATICS OUTDOOR Peter Neumann, local herbalist displays creative and aromatic crafts and candles. Devon made delights for the senses and seasons. 01803 849040 TRAGER - ADRIAN ANTRUM STAND 91 The Trager approach to physical integration. Profound bodywork releases stressful physical and mental patterns via its deeply relaxing

approach. 01364 642 484 TRAYNER PINHOLE GLASSES STAND 23 Find out how these glasses can radically improve your eyesight. 01752837706 WILD FIBRES OUTDOOR Colourful, energetically charged, handcrafted inspirational artwork and tools for spiritual clarity and empowerment. 07905358863 WISHES STAND 49/49A Beautiful crystals, aromatherapy, incense, jewellery and more. Holistic treatments including crystal therapy and massages. Devon based. 07768 535364 TORBAY YOGA OUTDOOR A dedicated space for yoga, meditation, relaxation in Torbay. Come and visit us anad find out more!. 07872517970 ZERO BALANCING STAND 76 A new form of energy bodywork, working with the interface between energy and structure, at the bone level. 07989564660

Volunteer @ Quest

We are looking for volunteers to help us deliver QUEST 2013. If you fancy being part of a team; stewarding workshops, helping with the site or being a runner in return for entry and other perks; please go to and fill out the form online or email us.

Join the family - Volunteer!

Quest Team

Julia Wright Festival Owner Originally running Quest with Fiona, Julia has now “Quest is a place taken Quest on herself, with where everyone is Fiona helping out this year. shining with potential�

Victoria Whelan Festival Co-ordinator


Looking forward to seeing you there! 33

A catalyst for change and a united voice for the green movement... Resurgence & Ecologist magazine offers thought-provoking political commentary and leading articles on environmental, ethical and social issues, together with stunning art, poetry and opinions to inform and inspire. Contributors include Polly Higgins, Paul Hawken, Deepak Chopra, Michael Morpurgo, Margaret Atwood, Vandana Shiva and… the list goes on. Edited by Satish Kumar. Download a FREE pdf copy from: Six issues a year for £30 (UK rate) Call 01208 841824 today

E N V I RO N M E N T • AC T I V I S M • S O C I A L J U S T I C E • A RT S • E T H I C A L L I V I N G

Knowing Reality

You are called to be what you know is true in your heart

UK Meetings with John de Ruiter “Choosing to live means choosing to be openness and softness of heart at any cost." ~John de Ruiter~

John de Ruiter is a teacher of the most profound principles of human existence. He conducts seminars worldwide, inspiring, uplifting, and opening new doors for his audiences. In deep and gentle dialogues, John responds to the fundamental need for meaning and purpose in life.

• Glastonbury - June 12 7:30pm Main Hall – Town Hall, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, Somerset • Bristol - June 13 7:30pm Clifton Suite, Engineers’ House, The Promenade Clifton Down • Totnes - June 14 from 4-6pm and 8-10pm Civic Hall, High Street

Soulnote • • • • • • • •

Gongs and singing bowls

Chinese and Paiste Gongs Stands and Mallets Superior Quality Singing Bowls Tingshas Playing Wands Bells Meditation CDs Workshops e. t. 01626 895406


Events inspiring heart, mind and soul

St James’s Piccadilly / London



Group Regression

Work, Money and Miracles

Sunday 19 May

Weekend 6/7 July

Journey to your past and future lives

Bring miracle consciousness into your work in the world



Shamanistic Consciousness

Loving What Is

Sunday 16 June

Saturday 13 July

Explore the supernatural and its role in human evolution

Learn how to end your suffering with The Work process of inquiry



Active Dreaming

Ice Wisdom

Saturday 29 June

Saturday 14 September

Learn the core techniques of a synthesis of dream work and shamanism

Transform your world with teachings from the Eskimo-Kalaallit peoples

Tai Chi and Qigong courses, classes and more from qualified teachers based in Devon, Cornwall, London and Hampshire. I I (free online taster course) I 01803 864 160 Join Us at Quest I

Magical Handcrafted Yurts for Hire Special Tents for Special Occasions Telephone: Tobias 01364 73726

British School of Homoeopathy Patient centred learning Founded on principles Grounded in experience The School has a permanent home in a beautiful integrative health care centre in the heart of Exeter. Open for study & tutorials five days a week, with eleven teaching weekends a year.


TO FIND OUT MORE AUDE SAPERE – DARE TO KNOW Established 25 years Principal Mo Morrish

British School of Homoeopathy Exeter Natural Health Centre 83-84 Queen Street, Exeter Ex4 3RP T: 01392 422555 E:

Your course combines academic rigour with a commitment to training to ensure that your students have the practical tools to make homoeopathy practice pay and be a proper job. Society of Homeopaths Recognition Report

Sharing Spiritual Wisdom for 25 years TRY KINDRED SPIRIT MAGAZINE FOR FREE TODAY! To get a free sample back issue of Kindred Spirit simply email your name and address to Quote code KSQUEST1. Subject to availability. Offer ends 30/08/13

Also, download the App and try our FREE issue today on iTunes















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WThe New y n Energ Drago




Sharing Spiritual Wisdom for 25 Years ISSUE 121 • MARCH/APRIL 2013 • £3.80 (USA $9.50 CANADA $10.99)


Myths for Modern Day





25 Years9) $10.9 om for l Wisd (USA $9.50 CANADA £3.80 Spiritua 2013 • JAN/FEB Sharing 120 • ISSUE




At Glastonbury’s Chalice Well





.uk www.kind

Festival Information OPENING TIMES Campsite open 10am Thursday Talks & Workshops Thursday start 12noon Friday - Sunday start at 8.30am Exhibition Halls Friday & Saturday 10am 7.30pm, Sunday 10am - 6.30pm Music Stage Open from 7pm-11.30pm and at lunchtimes. Site closes 10am Monday.

CAMPING The camping and caravan site is in the centre of the racecourse. You can stay on site or visit each day to enjoy the festival which starts each day with yoga or meditation. There is water, showers and plenty of loos. A nightly camping ticket is required. Food and meals are available on site. Please do not bring BBQs.

HOW TO GET HERE Train and Buses arrive at Newton Abbot station and we are only a 20 minute walk or taxi to the venue. Car 30 minutes from Exeter and 35 minutes from Plymouth. Take the A38 or A380 from Exeter or A38 from Plymouth. Follow signs to Newton Abbot then follow the brown signs to the Racecourse. Tourist Information Centre 01626 215 667. Sat Nav users, postcode is TQ12 3AF. Please car share or use public transport.

CHILDREN Children are very welcome at Quest and we have a range of activities and events designed especially for them. Please ensure your child carries your mobile number with them at all times on their wristband. If you lose your child please go to the entrance gate. Children under 5 are admitted to Quest free of charge. 5-17 year olds need a child’s daily ticket.

TICKETS Your ticket gives you entry to Quest, parking, free talks, music stage and the exhibition. We reserve the right to refuse admission. Advance tickets are available until Wednesday 24 July. ACCESSIBILITY & DOGS There are disabled toilets throughout the site. Please go to the entrance gate if you need help with anything. The venue has a strict policy NO DOGS ON SITE, except for Guide dogs.

CANVASSING Please no hawking, canvassing, fly-posting or fly-pitching. FIRST AID If you are in need of first aid please report to the entrance gate. CASH MACHINES There are no cash machines on site but there is a supermarket across the road from the site entrance.

DISCLAIMER Details listed by the Healers/ Therapists/Readers have been accepted in good faith. Quest cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury or loss caused as a result of any therapy, advice or treatment given by any Healer/ Therapist/Reader at the Show. It is important to feel comfortable with your Healer/ Therapist, and, if for any reason you have doubts about their authenticity, level of skill or professional background, you should say so and not continue with the treatment.


is now available from 3-6 people yurts For more information email

LEAVE NO TRACE Please try to keep your immediate camping area clear of loose rubbish as this may get wind-blown and could be dangerous to fellow campers. Please use the recycling bins provided around the grounds at all times. No fires or barbeques on site please. FRESH WATER There is drinking water available free of charge at various points throughout the site. Please see a steward for locations.



Site Map and Floor Plan

Ticket Prices and Information NIRVANA 4 day pass includes entry to the festival plus unlimited entry to all workshops; up to 4 nights camping and £30 worth of food vouchers daily. Total value £346 Price £299 RUMI 3 day pass includes entry to the festival plus unlimited entry to all workshops; up to 3 nights camping and £30 worth of food vouchers daily. Total value £224 Price £199 LOTUS 2 day pass includes entry to the festival plus unlimited entry to all workshops; up to 2 nights camping and £30 worth of food vouchers daily. Total value £157 Price £129 DANCE QUEST 3 day pass includes entry to the festival from Friday plus unlimited access to all DANCE QUEST Workshops. Total value £168 Price 3 Day Pass £79 Total Value £56 Single Day pass £29 HAPPY CAMPER Weekend pass (Thurs-Sun) with up to 4 nights camping £59, conc £55 (Gate Price £63, conc £57)

DAY TRIPPER Weekend pass (Thurs-Sun) £30, conc £28 (Gate Price £33, conc £30) WORKSHOP PRICES Under an hour its free £7 for one hour, £10 for 1.5hr, 2hrs for £12, 3hrs for £15 or £25 * unless otherwise stated. EACH DAY Thursday evening £12, conc £10 (Gate Price: £15, conc £12) Daily £8.90, conc £8 (Gate Price: £9.95, conc £8.95) Fri/ Sat/ Sun Evening after 6pm £7 conc £5 (Gate Price: £8, conc £6) Camping £9, conc £8.50 per day (Gate Price: £10, conc £9) Glamping in Yurts is now available for details Children £4 per day entry ( 5-17yrs) £4 for per day of camping

TICKET INFORMATION 1. Nirvana, Rumi, Lotus and DANCE QUEST Passes are only offered in advance not available on the Gate. 2. Thursday Evening ticket - Quest is open from 6pm onwards on Thursday. Please note that there is no day entry ticket for Thursday day because the exhibition hall is not open. 3. Cancellation policy - before Thursday 25th July - £1.50 handling fee. 4. Advance tickets are in e-ticket format, ie print them out and bring it with you. Available until Wednesday 24 July 2013. This way we help save the planet! 5. The camp site is open from 2pm Thursday to 10am Monday. 6. Entry tickets must be bought for each day either side of the night camping. Eg. If you are camping on Saturday you must have an entry ticket for Saturday & Sunday. 7. Daily tickets do not require camping ticket. 8. Day tickets are valid from 8am - 11.30pm. 9. Concession tickets only apply to senior citizens & students. Proofrequired. 10. We reserve the right to refuse admission at our own discretion. 11. All ticketing enquiries please call 01392 580 889 or email

01392 580889 Printed on RECYCLED paper using vegetable inks by a BS8 555 environmental accredited printer


Booking Form WEEKEND PASSES AND OTHER TICKETS Please indicate which ticket you require and/or how many for each day NIRVANA All Weekend Pass Qty Price Total SAVE £47 £299 RUMI All Weekend Pass Qty Price Total SAVE £25 £199 LOTUS All Weekend Pass Qty Price Total SAVE £28 £129 DANCE QUEST All Weekend Pass Qty Price Total SAVE £89 £79 DANCE QUEST Day Pass Fri Sat Sun Qty Price Total SAVE £27 £29 HAPPY CAMPER All Weekend Pass Qty Price Total £59 DAY TRIPPER All Weekend Pass Qty P rice Total £30 DAILY Fri Sat Sun Qty Price Total £8.90 HAPPY CAMPER Concession All Weekend Pass Qty Price Total £55 DAY TRIPPER Concession All Weekend Pass Qty Price Total £28 DAILY Concession Fri Sat Sun Qty Price Total £8 CHILD Fri Sat Sun Qty Price Total £4 CAMPING (per person, per night)


£9.00 £8.50 Conc. £4.00 Child

Qty Qty Qty


Please fill in your required workshops, including the reference number is which located next to the price and title of each workshop. Also if you run out of space and need to book more workshops, write on a separate piece of paper. WORKSHOP NAME Ref Qty Price Total



P & P £1.50 £






Please make cheques payable to Quest and return to: Quest, Barton Farm House, Dartington Hall, Devon TQ9 6ED Cardholder Name Signature

Entry Tickets TOTAL £ Start date

Camping TOTAL £


Security digits

Quest Uk 2013 Programme  
Quest Uk 2013 Programme  

2013 Programme for the UK's best mix of MBS, music and dance festival