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The Basics of Level Indicator Level indicators are tools designed to monitor and measure the level of fluids at various industrial applications. These devices are often used to identify the levels of liquid in pressure vessels, tanks, and other industrial containers. There are various types of level indicators, each with corresponding unique functions to suit the needs of varying applications. Because fluids are used in many forms in different commercial industries, getting an exact measure is essential. Without proper devices it will be very difficult to find the quantity and level of fluid stored. In addition, in particular situations where the type of fluid being measured is harmful, manual measurement is impossible and thus, the use of a level indicator is important. Depending on the type of application used, a certain type of level indicator should be chosen. For example, in the process industry, tubular level indicators are used for better visual liquid level indication. If it is for noncontact type level measurement, on the other hand, then radar type indicators or ultrasonic type indicators are to be used. Types of Level Indicators There are many different types of level indicators, each with its own corresponding use and application. These include transparent, reflex, and magnetic level indicators. Transparent level indicators are highly useful in and petrochemical fertilizers and chemical industries. As the fluid is stored in high pressure and high temperature, the transparent level indicator is very useful to find the fluid level. Reflex level indicators are for situations where high temperature and high pressure are available. They are often used to measure corrosive fluids. The colorless fluid used in this apparatus gives better clarity to level indication. Magnetic level indicators are designed with magnetic components to measure liquids, such as cylindrical floats and powerful magnets. The float movement is followed by magnetic capsules, and thus, the level in identified. This type of indicator has good visibility and is absolutely safe to use as it contains nonfragile metal chamber. Some other level indicators include tubular level indicators, float and board level indicators, sight flow indicators, window type sight flow indicators, manometers, and bi-color indicators. To get more information about these devices, consult with the experts at

The Basics of Level Indicator  

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