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Q u e s t - Te c S o l u t i o n s Introduces Cost-Effective Wa te r Leve l In d ica tor Products

ď‚Ą Quest-Tec Solutions, a Houston-based company specializing in the development and engineering of the liquid level gage and valve product lines, introduces cost-effective water level indicator products used for various industrial applications.

ď‚Ą With over 40 years of solid experience in liquid level measurement and liquid measuring product development, Quest-Tec Solutions has established its reputation in creating quality, reliable, and cost-ef fective products that make the operation of many industrial companies a lot easier.

ď‚Ą In situations where it is unsafe or unpractical to measure water levels manually, for example, a water level indicator can be the most ideal and valid solution. Expert engineers at Quest-Tec Solutions create a wide range of water level indicator products, including magnetic and non-magnetic gauges.

 “We carry a wide variety of glass gauges that effectively, accurately perform water level indicator functions for all types of industries, including gasoline, oil, chemical, petrochemical, energy, agriculture, marine/nautical and more. We know that these industries deal with dif ferent types of fluids, and for that reason, we offer more than one type of water level indicator. There are various sizes, shapes and compositions to choose from at Quest-Tec Solutions,” as the company promotes.

ď‚Ą The selection of water level indicators produced by the company can be categorized into three primary types, namely the transparent water level indicator, the reflex water level indicator, and the magnetic level indicator.

 Transparent water level indicators are often used in various chemical industries and petrochemical fertilizer applications. They are designed to clearly reveal the fluid level in high pressure, high temperature environments. Reflex water level indicators, on the other hand, use prism glass to provide indication of the liquid level. They are offered in three pressure series – low, medium and high, and are designed for a minimum of -20 degrees F. Finally, magnetic water level indicators are made with cylindrical, magnetic floats inside the gauge chamber that show the water level. They of fer good visibility, and are very safe to use because of their non-fragile metal chambers.

ď‚Ą Among the three types of water level indicators, the magnetic type is among the safest indicator options for high pressure processing environments.

 Experts at Quest-Tec Solutions invite interested customers and business owners to go see and test their products that may be perfectly suitable to their needs and requirements. To contact the company and speak with a representative, call (866) 240-9906 or visit the company’s official website at http ://

Quest tec solutions introduces cost effective water level indicator products  
Quest tec solutions introduces cost effective water level indicator products