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Communities living without poverty in a clean and sustainable natural environment.

We work with local partner organisations on small-scale grassroots projects that target the specific causes of poverty and environmental destruction. We achieve this by providing fundraising and volunteer support to our projects.

Relieve financial hardship and poverty in disadvantaged groups, especially children. Advance & promote education & training for all. Provide support & education for disadvantaged young people. Protect & conserve the cultures, flora & fauna of endangered habitats through research & education.




Realistic Ambition

2011 has been a very special year for a couple of reasons here at Quest4Change. For one thing, it marked 15 years of Quest supporting projects in South America and Africa (while the registered charity has not been established since the beginning, the Quest organisation has been fundraising and sending volunteers overseas since 1996). We are also very proud to say that this year, thanks to the outstanding efforts of our volunteers, individual donors and organisational grants, our cumulative fundraising total throughout the years has now surpassed £1.5 million. EVERY PENNY of this has gone directly to supporting our various projects overseas, congratulations and thank you to everybody who has helped us reach this magnificent figure. More importantly however, 2011 has been yet another fantastic year of building new friendships and strengthening old ones. Whether it was the bringing together of a village community in Gloucestershire to raise funds for a school in the shanty town of Villa Maria, Peru, or the solidarity we saw in rural Kenya when the latest sand dam was built and everyone got involved, charity really does bring out the best in people no matter what their involvement. Quest4Change recognises that the old concept of aid – where “the rich help the poor” – is not enough on its own. It is about recognising and utilising the talents, skills and resources that exist on both sides of the globe, to help make our planet a fairer and kinder place to live. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with Quest4Change in the past year in whichever capacity, you are all part of a growing family. I look forward to helping it to continue grow in 2012. With very best wishes

Jonathan Cassidy – Quest4Change Manager


Both Quest4Change and Quest Overseas operate in partnership with local organisations. For Quest4Change, this means setting up partnerships specific to the situation of the projects, striving for the maximum benefit through whichever structure is most appropriate. Quest Overseas is a volunteering organisation, operating since 1996 when the first Quest gap year students headed out to Villa Maria, Peru to work on our children’s shanty town project. Quest Overseas began to work in Africa in 2001. From the very beginnings of ‘Quest’, volunteers have made major donations to their projects and in 2006, it was decided to formalise this through the founding of the Quest Overseas Charitable Trust, registered with the Charity Commission on 14th February 2007. In 2009, the Trust decided to employ a part-time Fundraising Manager, who developed it into Quest4Change as it is today. The most important transformation was diversifying the income beyond volunteer donations to include trust applications, events and other fundraising. This mean we can provide our projects with year-round support .

The majority of UK administrative costs are covered by key supporter Quest Overseas, in addition to some money raised by tax reclaimed through the HMRC Gift Aid scheme. Quest4Change operates from the Quest Overseas office, and is supported with other administrative costs. This support means that every penny raised for the charity goes directly to our sustainable development projects.

With our South American projects, the vast majority do not have UK-based charities, which makes Quest4Change vital for processing volunteer donations, and for requesting funds from UK-based Trusts & Foundations. Our African project partnerships work in a different way, as they are all registered as charities in the UK. Whilst it is still Quest Overseas who manage the Africa volunteers, their donations largely are paid direct to the project partners, without Quest4Change’s involvement. We continue to support these projects through fundraising beyond this, largely with organised events and sponsored challenges. **Throughout this Impact Report, “Quest volunteers” refers to those who have volunteered in South America or Africa through Quest Overseas, regardless of whether their donations were made through Quest4Change or directly to the project partners.

Trustees: Michael Amphlet, Kunal Patel (MSc) Operations Manager: Jonathan Cassidy Fundraising & Administration: Rose Terry (MA) Research & Fundraising Intern: Gemma Clark


Manu Conservation Project

Water Relief Project

Villa Maria Children’s Project

Community Project

Boy’s Disability Project

Orphans & Community Project

Animal Sanctuary Project Children of Hope Project


Tanzania: Sustainable income generation projects & increased food production through school & community farm & garden projects Malawi: Income generation projects (bakery & maize mill) & sustainable feeding centres for orphans & vulnerable children. Kenya: Provision of sustainable water relief structures makes dry lands agriculturally viable increasing farming for food & income generation Brazil: Provision of funding which supports basic food for the boys at Casa Lar

Malawi, Tanzania and Villa Maria, Peru: Building new classrooms & extending buildings to accommodate more students as they progress annually. Securing long term sponsorship of school fees

Kenya: Sustainable, clean water sources Tanzania: Water tanks, taps & new toilet facilities for schools Malawi: Orphan feeding centres providing nutrition and basic care for orphans & vulnerable children Villa Maria, Peru: New, safe sanitary & warm housing for vulnerable families, summer holiday recreation projects & provision of education.

Kenya: Sustainable, clean water sources which add to, rather than take from the existing water table Tanzania: Water tanks, taps for schools & new toilets

Malawi Pensulo Maternity, HIV & Health clinic financed & built by Quest volunteers has reduced the walking time of expectant mothers in surrounding villages by over 2hours.

Villa Maria, Peru: Sanitary, warm, safe housing for vulnerable families Bolivia: Purchased land in Bolivian Amazon to house rescued animals & protect species of endangered wildlife


In 2011‌ Quest4Change worked in 8 countries across 2 continents, with 7 organisations in partnership with several local communities. Quest sent 93 volunteers into 8 communities Together they donated nearly £62,000 directly to the projects They built: 4 sand dams 1 orphan feeding centre 9 houses for vulnerable families Two large enclosures for three pumas 2 keyhole gardens, several bag gardens & a mud fridge for schools A well & water pump for a primary school 2 pig sties 4 large tilapia ponds One school toilet block Foundations for a school classroom

And‌ spent hundreds of hours playing games, informal education, swimming sessions, sports, dancing & other activities with hundreds of children and over one hundred hours caring for rescued animals



Poverty, Crime & Drugs The children of Villa Maria live in one of the largest shanty towns in the world, below the poverty line in shacks often with no running water, sanitation or electricity. Many parents work long hours; young people are often left alone to wander the streets, frequently ending up in trouble with the law. The detrimental impact of child poverty spans generations, and has long-term effects not only on the child, but on families, communities and countries.

: 22 Quest volunt eers visited Villa Maria & spent ov er 500 hours in th e school working and playin g with the childre n. They donated £14, 781 directly to the project and helped new houses each to construct 9 with running water , electricity and se werage. This mea ns approximately 9 ad ults & 34 children are now living in m ore dignified conditions - as is th eir human right.

“Such a fantastic project which was very rewarding to be a part of. I especially enjoyed the construction work as the benefits were immediate; presenting a new house to the family reduced us all to tears”

Quest has been working in Villa Maria since 1996, optimizing volunteer support for the construction of simple modern housing for marginalized families, and facilitating primary education and play in the community.

Emily Crisp, volunteer 2011

Many thanks to La Vida who annually sponsor 50 of Villa Maria’s poorest children to attend school - We look forward to a long and bright future with them. (


In 2003 the school had students

aged 3/4years & 30 community outreach

By 2011 we had students ranging from 3 to 9 years & community outreach students…


By March 2012 we expect to have attending students, a since we opened our school. Expansion: Thanks to generous grants from the , we have been able to expand into the next door building & extend by another storey. Donations were received from

grant from teacher for a year.

for child sponsorship, & a to employ a

“When Quest began working in Villa Mar ia, 15 years ago, it was not safe for young peop le to walk from one neighbourhood to th e next. Now Quest su pports an intercommunity football league with 6 team s from 15 different ne ighbourhoods!” Jonathan Cassidy, Q 4C Operations Manager


Grants tot

Lack of funding & social stigma‌ In Latin American societies, people with disabilities are often seen as & many young disabled people are by their families. Casa Lar de Mangueira is home to



ÂŁ4,000 do

in direct project support. Without Q4C support over the years, staff wages would have been unpaid, medication not received & the boys may rarely have left the grounds. A great achievement in 2006 was the funding and creation


nations fo

, covering

r other cos

ts, from

Lar to spen These allo d money w w Casa here it is m items such o s t needed, p as towels, urchasing bedding & supporting shoes, as w on-going c ell as osts for tr ansport/fo od .

, providing essential finance &

Quest volunteers have spent months with the boys, raising

icines from

onths of m e

abandonment first hand. The home provides f for the boys, & extends its activities where possible to outings.

support to the home, ensuring that these young men live their lives with

10 for med

around 8 m

boys who have experienced this

Quest has been working at Casa La since

alling ÂŁ5,7


to a e s a , purch l Project ld be to u ia o c o w S n a angueir l situatio n codes. M io t f a o x t a n t e The idea ared pend & uch as sh ully inde s f s e e m u s o c is be nal er h io t t r u u f it t e s r secu ing in oal is to overcom g r u o , ort term in 2012. In the sh ore recruit m

Taking the boys out and doing activities with them was definitely worthwhile, just to see them happy and enjoying themselves... Brazil Gap Year volunteer, 2009


Rehabilitation - Integration - Inclusion Daily, the of Casa Lar improve life for the young men in their care, promoting into family life and inclusion in the wider Mangueira community. Daily routines and activities are skilfully designed to develop the young men’s social skills and individual personal interests, encouraging them to as fully as possible in Mangueira’s

Despite precarious funding, Casa Lar is stands out as one of the most homes in Brazil. Its commitment to the young men’s adequate standard of living, education and cultural participation ensures they are with as members of the .

Junior is a vivaciou s 25 year old with a great relationship with th e rest of the youn g men at Casa Lar. He ha s mild mental impa irment, but it is the atroph y in both legs that most limits his autono my as he is wheelch airbound in a badly ad apted society. Befo re he had his wheelchai r though, he coul d only move short distan ces by himself, on his knees, causing perm anent damage. Junior loves attend ing the local specia l school with other children, although disabled youth and he had to change schools in 2008. curbed his independ His previous school ence as it was not adapted to his mob floor classroom with ility issues; a 3rdno lift and non whe elchair-friendly to ile ts. While Junior is a ch eerful person, like many of the young goes through perio men at Casa Lar he ds of depression an d frustration, and it Lar in encouraging is the work of Casa self-reliance that he lps combat such pe Junior began a ne riods. In 2009, w programme at Casa Lar involving possible with minim as m an y outings as al help. This starte d with short trips to armed with a shop the supermarket, ping list, money an d ready to ask fo goods. Some assi r help to find the stance was still ne eded, for example on the way but Ju to cross a busy ro nior accomplishes ad such tasks with fe trips to the shops w pr ob le m s. and on public tran These sport continue to confidence no end. improve his self-


Poor treatment & trade of exotic animals Animals in Bolivia are often kept , exotic animals are traded on the with little care as to their well being, they have often been abused which can result in permanent disabilities meaning that they would die without our help.

Working with Inti Wara Yassi this project continues to & where possible into the wild, animals that have been rescued from ill treatment & inhumane captivity. When Quest began working with CIWY, they operated in a small city park with little room for expansion or re-release. Inti Wara Yassi now has 3 large parks: Michia, Ambue Ari, & Jacj Cuisi.

volunteers spe nt constructing ne Sacha & one fo w large animal r Jaqj Cuisi’s ne enclosures, on w e st ar ri e for puma vals, 2 puma cu care work. Volu b s, nteer donation in addition to im s to Quest4Chan portant handswork. on ge totalled ove r , which paid fo r this member of sta ff was employe d directly by Q Jacj Cuisi to man uest4Change fo age the infrastr r an eight mon ucture of this n th period at ewest park’s d evelopment.

forest is rich rain th , e m e h oad sc rt l Amazon r ued suppo ia n s ti r n e o v c o s tr n n envisio of a co oing & lt in plans t Overseas a s h e t u n Q e to its on-g c d e d n r a te a e it e g m it n a p m s h De ins co . Quest4c CIWY rema g in r t u s a n s e in rema . iverse area -d with io b is th t k to protec future wor ort pe to supp o h g the o ls a e W ies, ensurin it n & u m m o of unique cal c a lo e r h a it w is k th r wo erve rts to cons of our effo st... le rainfore irreplaceab


ancially In 2002 & 2008, Quest fin plots of supported the purchase of of new forest for the development for animal sanctuaries, with space We also . acres of sponsored thousands of pa rtn er s th ro ug h ra inf or es t supplied Rainforest Concern & for the veterinary clinic. re than Volunteers have spent mo working with & tructing caring for animals & cons ildings, & new enclosures & other bu in have donated over direct support.

“Loved it!!!!! Will lo ve to come back again to see how things have changed ev en more” Volunteer, 2011 “The work was ha rd, but the people I met & th e memories I've got have m ade it so worthwhile!” Volunteer, 2011 “I never thought I co uld be part of something that re warding & I am already saving up to go again some day” Volunteer, 2011


Cairu, Brazil: Forest Project Over a two year period, Quest4Change worked in partnership with conservation al & local specialists Fauna and Flora Internation devastated Atlantic NGO Amainan Brasil to protect the Coastal Rainforest & its communities. iod include:

Some of our successes from this per

Planting & mapping 2000+ trees; tre; Constructing a floating research cen pentry; car nity Funding a space for the commu Supporting the local theatre group; ough a Providing income for 20 families thr e. replanting &tree adoption programm Visit Fauna & Flora @

Honduras: Marine

Conservation and Community Proje ct

In 2007, Quest4Cha nge supported Util a Centre for Marin the island of Utila, e Ecology (UCME) by providing finan on cial support for th marine ecology ce e development of ntre. We subsidis a ed schooling for loca were thus able to l research students inform the people who in their communiti es of viable ecolog sustainability in th ic al ose areas.

Chile: Conservation Project endangered This project sought to protect the e forests & wildlife of the Chilean Lak t Concern and District. Working with Rainfores pose of the Parques Para Chile the main pur ips to project was to establish partnersh corridors that promote the creation of wildlife connect areas of temperate rainforest in the Chilean Lake District. Through scientific research & volunteer support, d biodiversity information was use to provide a framework for prioritising conservation & to management plans from a local international level.


forest In partnership with Rain Foundation (formerly Concern & the Yachana FUNEDESIN). Quest teams comprising In eight years, a & donated almost volunteers visited Yachan funding various in direct project support, . n and education projects community conservatio d community project base Yachana was originally a m fro With financial support n. tio va er ns co on ly re pu purchase some Quest, they were able to with which to expand its educational possibilities. for lped lay the foundations he s er te lun vo t es Qu , In 2006 , which now has the new m nearby enrolled each year, all fro communities. In the learn afternoons the students about conservation,

Developing reforestatio n, communit infrastructu y & educatio re & income n projects, im generating s almost ÂŁ100 proving c hemes. Ove ,000 in direc r th e years, 142 t project sup volunteers ra port, with w ised h ic h e ssential con conservatio Developed 3 st n ru w ork was ach ction & 0km of interp ieved. retive trails sustainable & Planted 1 construction 000 bamboo materials Constructio canes to pro n of a sugar vide extraction fa Constructed cility & 2hec a footbridge tare crop pla to restore a visiting touri ntations n ancient tr sts a ding route & (this has lea facilities for d to Santa L ucia becom destination in g an interna with an awa tionally reco rd-winning gnised cons eco- lodge. ervation

tion velopment & the conserva de ble ina sta su n ive dr Supporting community nstruction of an volunteers supported co t’s es Qu y. sit er div bio of Ecuador's planting res of interpretive trails, et om kil of ng rki ma , eco-tourism lodge al communities. provide thatch for the loc to over ucuna ded in 2001, the Maquip While Quest’s project en nserving this its dedication towards co in es inu nt co n tio da un Fo incredible landscape.



tion and Food Insecurity‌ Poverty, HIV/Aids, Malnutri has the st countries in the world. It ore po the of e on is i law Ma l& with a population of 15mi ids /A HIV of e rat l ba glo st 9th highe . Over 90% lion, there are an mmues, in extended families. Co lag vil al rur in e liv s ian law of Ma le ir orphans & other vulnerab the ort pp su to st be ir the nities do of living, rising food insecurity & cost children, yet in the face of family. supporting their immediate t jus gle ug str s ilie fam st mo for any community.

g comth JOCC since 2006, enablin Quest has been working wi haned & vulnerable children orp ir the ort pp su to ies nit mu , community feeding centres through the construction of basic is provided daily along with where & care.

Quest volu nteers vis ited Kumw in d irect dona andika vil complete t lage, raisin io ns & work a new fee g in g d ti in r g e le c e ssly for ntre for th centre wil weeks to l provide a e commun ity, picture nutritious & vulnerab d here... T daily meal le children his t o b e tw e th en at’s we began o working in rphans meals ove Malawi in r the next to constru 2 y 0 e 0 ar. Since 6, we hav ct anothe e supporte r two fe & a mate d e d c o in m g centr e munities r n it y c li n s ic as well a s on severa l primary centres. schools & feeding

ICEF, 48% According to UN er 5 years of children und stunted in Malawi have growth, 22% are malnourished.


ore their bellies are m in od fo ve ha ho w Children importantly e & school & most m ho at e tiv uc od pr se the r. The centres ea ie pp ha & r ie th al are he ren, g for these child rin ca es ili m fa burden on & inclusive a more cohesive r fo es ak m ch hi w ee up ly, the centres fr ct re di In . ity un comm ed ch can be plough hi w s ce ur so re community small-plot ration such as ne ge em co in to in eeting are also used as m s re nt ce e Th g. farmin places. re HIV & Health Cent , ty ni er at M o ul The Pens ect to have JOCC’s biggest proj & st ue Q en be s ha g itself The main buildin . er th ge to ed et compl nity comprises a mater & m 18 x m 24 s measure outpatient st-natal rooms, an po & te an d, ar w pleted in macy, & was com ar ph a & om ro clinic ides in July 2010 & prov ed en op ic in cl e 2008. Th maternity communities with by ar ne & o ul ns Pe vice & , as well as HIV ad es ic rv se nt ie at tp and ou testing.

Just ÂŁ10 will send a child to the Joshua secondary school for a month, paying for school fees, uniform & food.


Half all Tanzanian children school fees not attend school, despite no


e cases, the rms, lunches or books & in som ifo un ord aff t no can s ilie Many fam teacher home. Despite high pupil to m fro ay aw far too ply sim nearest school is Government has rural areas), the Tanzanian e som in ss cla a to 0 -7 (50 ratios them. tead of renovating & utilizing ins ls oo sch wn do g sin clo been

15 Quest volunteers project su raised £10 pport & in ,959 in d te n w irect eeks helpe income-ge d to create neration several ne mini-proje area’s scho w cts, which ols & com w il l s u m pport the unity for the month s & years to come.

and staff on & construction of schools ati ov ren in ed olv inv lly tia ini Quest was on the its activities broaden, based n see , 08 20 ce sin s ha t bu accommodation, old African proverb,

ise a child’...

‘It takes a whole village to ra

ed in Quest volunteers were involv school farm at development of a sustainable ome & tea Wa’angwaray to provide inc iques, which will innovations in farming techn them as they get open up income strands for rk on agriculture older. Over recent years, wo tended further & income-generation has ex into the community.

£1,610 was raised for LTT by a team doing the Three Parks Challenge, with £500 match funded by Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


are Diarrhoeal diseases of deaths across responsible for a key cause of Africa each year & are Sumaye ol. children missing scho d School previously ha w tanks on site and now the ne to give access not only ey can , but to taps where th fo un da ti on s wash their hands. Th e lunteers in the worked on by Quest vo new space for a summer will provide a class sizes to class , reducing other numbers & more manageable ay available at Wa’angwar School.

Quest volunteers ha ve contributed thousands of hour s of manual labor & finance for construction of seve ral sustainable projec ts, including: Tilapia Ponds (each ho lds fish) Water Tank, pump & well School Renovations, nursery schools, sc hool kitchen & many individ ual classrooms Toilet Blocks & Pit Latrines A training

of keyhole & bag gard

ens accommodation bloc k for vocational

Community library &

hall, a volunteer hous e& ]

Children’s playground s & a basketball cour t Sustainable School fa rm with enclosures fo r chicken, goats, cows & 2 Pig St ies (In 2011, the Sinai w omen’s group approa ched LTT with their own income-ge nerating idea: supported by an initi , al loan..)

“Working with the community to benefit both me & them is a win -win situation! It’s all about sustainability & building for the future, not just the here & now.” 2011 volunteer


In partnership with Excellent


er for drinking & grow Lack of clean, safe wat crops‌

no access to b Saharan Africa have Su in le op pe of % 40 & Over n of Kenya is semi-arid gio re t as he ut so e Th clean water. ing it y & limited rainfall, mak lit rti fe il so or po m fro suffers s. prone to food shortage ter related die every year from wa le op pe 0 00 0, 50 3, an More th Organization). diseases (World Health

Kenya since th the Kamba people of wi g in rk wo en be s ha t s of Ques ms, providing thousand da ale sc all sm g in ct 2004 constru charity ter. Working with our wa g kin in dr an cle th wi people environment to transform the local aim we nt lle ce Ex er & rtn pa od production, health fo s, lie pp su r te wa g in by improv incomes.

13 volunte ers worke two comm d with unities to c o n s truct 3 ne donating o w sand da ver ÂŁ6,500 ms and to directly to strengthen the projec a fourth, t partners . Quest volu nteers hav dams & co e supporte mpleted e d the cons xtension/m truction o aintenanc f 27 e work on a further 1 6!


surface is classed as 40% of the world’s land 80% of the world’s ‘drylands’, which sustains is huge. dams to make a difference d san for l tia ten po e Th poorest people. ater in method of capturing rainw st co t es low ’s rld wo the Sand dams are hnology & promotes sand dam tec nt lle ce Ex as. are al ate dry rur building resilience to clim of s an me a as on ati erv environmental cons change. and people... vide clean water for a thous pro n ca m da d san e on t Jus hours a day d dams save on average 5 san th wi s itie un mm co in Children a lot of time to invest in for their education. That’s their future.

“A few years back you would have to wake up at 3am to fetch water. On arrival at the water point ther e were fire camps by people waiti ng to get water. Curre ntly you can go to get water in les s than thirty minutes.” (Farmers in Kitandi Fruit Tree Grow ers Self-Help Group) “Income has improved because we have bette r harvests from terracing land, be tter harvests from diver sifying crops & time saved. We ha ve more time to work on important issues & can sell a portion of our crop.” (Farmer in the Kwa Mukonza Self-Help Group)


n it y P ro je ct u m m o C & n o ti a M a ri n e C o n se rv ities & the local commun se di ra pa e in ar m is Keen to support th late 2006, ozambique project in M st fir r ei th up t se Quest iasao de OCEAN, AMAR (Assoc EC rs ne rt pa ith w ly local working close arinos Naturales ) & M os rc su Re de os Merguladores Activ oject would departments. This pr t en m rn ve go d an s universitie t in local the lack of investmen s: m le ob pr nt re ffe address two di schools; and the infrastructure such as available on marine lack of scientific data this area. life and resources in

In 2008 th e Scott W ilson grou volunteer p ed with Q u e s t O v erseas, raisin g ÂŁ25,000 t o b u ild a school for 200 childr en in Tofo Mozambiq ue.

Together with the Lu mbombo Conservanc y & local residents, Q4 supported the conser c vation of Swaziland's spectacular reserves future generations. for Over the years, Ques t volunteers spent months carrying out vital conservation wor k, including approximately 21,000 hours of scientific su rvey work. They also raised close to ÂŁ135,0 00 which directly supp orted the projects. Construction of 2 NC P (Neighbourhood Ca re Point) classrooms, 2 food distribution kit chens, 2 picnic sites, 2 pit latrines & renovations/mainten ance at several school s Construction of anim al breeding hutches designed to encourage alternative s to poaching. Over 100km of trails cut/marked/mapped - many of them interactive & over 10 0km of fences checke d/ re paired, & predator passages created be tween parks. Production of hundre ds of tourist informat ion boards, signs, leaflets & maps, to he lp with bringing in tourism in a respon sible manner.



INCOMING RESOURCES Total Incoming Resources



RESOURCES EXPENDED Cost of generating funds



Charitable activities













Debtors: amounts falling within one year



Cash at bank



Amounts falling due within one year












Unrestricted funds








Total funds brought forward






These financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention, and in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (effective April 2008), the Companies Act 2006 and the requirements of the Statement of Recommended Practice, Accounting and Reporting by Charities.


* While Quest4Change’s financial year ends on 30/06/2011, this chart represents income that includes all donations made to Quest4Change by volunteers travelling in July 2011.

As with our previous years, by far our largest source of income remains donations by overseas volunteers on our projects. We have also been successful in increasing the proportion raised from charitable trusts and foundations. Sponsored challenges in particular have been a new source of income growth, whereas the income from our own fundraising events has remained relatively stable.

Allocation by project:


In partnership with Ubaka U Rwanda

ned children with little Genocide, civil war, abando hope of a future 00—8000 children living on There are an estimated 70 the streets of Kigali.

a tenth of its people in Rwanda lost approximately in many children being the Genocide, resulting as offspring of rape or orphaned or abandoned gile, the children have prison birth. Already fra by life in this risky their wellbeing damaged ed by drug abuse, theft environment., characteris why centres providing and violence. This is ve to street life are so children with an alternati important.

In 2003, an ex-street chil d named Ev initiative to h ode Usabyam elp boys livin ahoro starte g ro u d an g h in Kigali. Five donations Evo years later, th de was able to rough local rent a small h ouse, and Ub Ubaka U Rwa a k a was set up. nda is home to 30 boys, p aiming to gu roviding shelt ide the boys er and educa to self-sufficie tion, medical care n t a dult lives. Ed is provided fo u ca tion and r 20 more bo support them ys whose pare . For the b n ts a re unable to oys, replacin environment g street life is not an easy w it h a structured step, but Uba atmosphere. ka provides a supportive fa mily


conditions toilets and crowded living e at qu de ina th wi s om 4 ro aka U all but the boys at Ub at e m ho no an th r are bette e is why our focus for th is Th e. or m h uc m e Rwanda deserv w house for Project is to build a ne pe Ho of n re ild Ch da Rwan ovide the future., as well as pr in d an w no e er th ing the boys liv e me self-sustaining. Th ho e th e ak m to ing rm extra land for fa truction in head out to begin cons ll wi s er te lun vo of p ou first gr summer 2012…..

Meet Jack, a g ed 1 4 . H e h as b ee n w ith Ub aka U Rw and a for 2 years. Jack had a h ard start in life . Aged 4 h e wa s made to le a v e ho me b y the man who raised him, taken to a bus stop in K igali & le ft the re . Fo r years he stru ggled b y o n his o wn , sleep ing at the bu s station & in side a gao l. One n ight while Jack was at the b y; A fe w d gaol, E vode ays later Ev came od e came & live at Uba too k Jack b ka U R w a n d ack to a. Jack h as his ne w sta mad e the m rt & e xcels ost of at schoo l. future for h He no w s ee imse lf, th an s a real ks to Ubaka : “I love my life at the centre. Befo a nyth ing a re I did not bou t s choo know l and now h ave misse I reali se w d. I try to m h at I a ke up fo r wa s to p o it a nd la st f the cla ss y ea r I . M y sch o o [E vod e an d l a n d my p B e ck y ] w e a rents re so plea all owed to sed that I skip a yea r. was I am thin kin g abo ut 3 d ifferent job b eco me eit s. I wo uld li her a pilot, ke to a highly ed with my ow u c ated docto n clinic o r m r a yb e an a m a m cert ain ba ssad or. I w ill ha ve But I a good futu re.”


“The biological diversity found in Manu National Park exceeds that of any � other place on Earth. UNESCO

Degradation & Environmental on iti tr nu al M y, rt Pove oups, with from 13 ethnic gr le op pe 00 ,0 50 around r day. Manu is home to nt of 75 pence pe le va ui eq e th nd off arou g and pasthe majority living the land for farmin g in st re fo de by e iv the soil. Many people surv d quickly depletes an e iv ns te in ur labo reture, which is both virgin, rich forest, to on e ov m le op ned as pe This land is abando s cycle. sulting in a viciou as affecting as many u, an M in m le ob a major pr Malnutrition is also causing 60% of children & . a third of all deaths

In 2012 Quest w ill send its fi

rst team of volu ject, where they nteers to the pr owill be involved in re forestation, crea culture gardens, ting poly trail construction & bi od iv ersity studies. will also be impr They oving education in th e area by helping struct new scho to conol buildings. It is hoped that with improved ed ucation facilities more inclined to farmers will be settle with their families in the ar help to create lo ea which will ng term sustain ability.


Bio-garden objective: To improve local families nutrition by providing natural crops with high nutrient content which will also generate additional family income through crop sales is 47

years old. She was born in Puno region and moved aged 16 1 her with ol d month to Pa lo to a da al er m Es er da ug ht e has family. sh re he w pa m Llactapa e first people to join Rebeca was one of th usiastic promoter of GROW and is an enth e and her daughter the scheme; both sh dens in Salvacion. now have bio-gar ease the size of her cr in to ts an w ca be Re r ion & create anothe ac lv Sa in en rd ga obi y season. She sees dr e th r fo a to lo Pa in r future business. her bio-garden as he

is 65 years old . He arrived in Salvacion, Man there was a m u when ilitary base he re , a p p ro ximately 23 ye ago. Once Luis ars finished his m ilitary service work in the fi he stayed to elds as a casu a l la b o u rer & timber lo Now he has 15 gger. hectares of lan d & is using on take part in th e of these to e Grow projec t. “ I am learning h ow much I co uld do with my land . I did not k now I could do so much! I wa nt my children to le arn as well so I can leave them th is land & they will be able to live fro m it.�


Quest4Change strives for a world where communities can live without poverty in a clean & sustainable natural environment. Working with our project partners in Africa & South America, we have together enabled many thousands of people to live lives with more dignity & freedom & have supported the sustainable conservation of many environments & the communities within them. Without the generous support of individuals, volunteers, charitable trusts & our corporate sponsors, none of this would be possible.

Charitable Trusts & Foundations

Corporate Supporters

Q4C would like to thank the following Trusts & Foundations for their generous donations in 2010/11 - enabling our project partners to extend their essential work‌.

A huge thank you to our wonderful Corporate Sponsors for their project donations & raffle prizes for our Annual Reunion Fundraising Ball‌

The Evan Cornish Foundation

The Oak Trust SMB Trust

The James Tudor Foundation The Marr-Munning Trust The Rowan Charitable Trust

Strathspey Charitable Trust

The Monica Rabagliati Charitable Trust The Souter Trust

Burgess Hill Town Football Club Treatme.Net Delta Force Paintball Travel Nation Footprint Travel Guides

Triodos Foundation The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust

UIA Charitable Foundation

We would also like to thank the FSI (Foundation for Social Improvement) for their support & training in 2011.

If you are a Trustee or have links with a charitable organisation or a business that may be interested in supporting Quest4Change projects, please contact Rose at


Quest Overseas Volunteers are absolutely vital to the work our

Fundraisers are so important to Quest4Change & it’s truly heart-

projects do. Not only do the volunteers’ donations form the major part of funds raised for our projects, but their hard work & motivation also helps to drive the projects forward. In 2011 Quest Overseas volunteers built: one feeding centre, five sand dams, three large animal enclosures, nine new family homes, four fish ponds, three pig sties, a water tank, toilet block & classroom foundations. Not to mention the thousands of hours spent working & playing with the children & animals of our communities.

warming to see so many people willing to devote their time & energy to raising money for our projects. Across 2011, among others, we have seen eight marathon runners, one triathlete, two cyclists & nine hikers all don the Q4C T-shirt & get fundraising for us. Not forgetting our wonderful eBayer's, donors to our one-off appeals, & those who took donations at their special occasions. To all our Fabulous Fundraisers: we simply could not do what we do without you!

If you would like further information on to get involved either as a volunteer or fundraiser, please email or visit


Charlotte Ashbridge ran, swam and cy cled the Liverpool tria thlon raising over £800 for housing in Villa Mar ia. This amount was generously match fund ed by £250 by he r employer, Grant Thornt on LLP (Chartered Accounts).

Brighton Marathon 2011— Kevin Love (who finished 42nd out of 8,000!), Katy Lee, Nikki Harman, Charlene Marriott, Dan Jewitt, Matt Parkinson together raised over £2,800 for our various projects!

Father and daughter Chantel & Harry Owen cycled from London to Paris raising a huge total of £6,000 for Villa Maria!

Friends & family of the Ashbridges’ raise da fantastic £1,340 fo r Villa Maria over th e year Thanks to staff at Br edon Hill Surgery, Peter Hickman’s Hairdress ers, kind birthday do nors & one amazing dono r of £750.

Our fantastic 2010

annual volunteer ba ll raised up to £200 - not bad for a night of eating, dancing & prizegiving!

Pricewaterhouse Coopers match funded the efforts of our brilliant Three Peaks Challenge team with a generous £500. The nine-strong team raised a total of £1,610 for Livingstone Tanzania Trust.

n Edmund Northcott ra the London Marathon, Lar de Mangueira, as raising £500 for Casa illan Cancer Care— well as £500 for Macm well done!


We rely on the generosity of people like you to help us continue our vital work. You really can make a difference today. 100% of your money will go where it is most needed, overseas on our projects.

TELEPHONE 44 (0)1273 777206 FAX 44 (0)1273 204928 EMAIL REGISTERED ADDRESS Quest4Change 15a Cambridge Grove Hove East Sussex BN3 3ED We are open 9am and 5.30pm every weekday.

Quest4Change, a Company Ltd by Guarantee, is registered in England & Wales. No:05877731, Charity Registration No:1117956

If you are a UK taxpayer and would like us to be able to reclaim the tax back on your donations, please also download a Gift Aid form from our website and post this to the address opposite. ONE-OFF GIFT Donate online quickly and securely with BT MyDonate: If you have any specific instructions about where we should spend your donation, please let us know. By cheque: please makes cheques payable to ‘Quest4Change’ and post to the address opposite. Don’t forget to include a Gift Aid form and details of how you would like the money to be used. REGULAR DONATION Regular gifts help us to plan for the future. By supporting Quest4Change with a regular gift you will help ensure we provide essential support for our projects now and in the years to come. Please contact the office for details on how to make a regular donation.

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Quest4Change Impact Report 2010/11  

Read all about our achievements during the year...

Quest4Change Impact Report 2010/11  

Read all about our achievements during the year...