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Q2 2014 Using Video for accessing British Sign Language Interpreters

The Questmark Team. New additions, certifications and achievements

Raspberry Pods and SimMan – the revolutionary Innovation Centre Questmark are Giving Back

The latest software Updates.

Introducing: As in the whole kit and… That means video meetings that don’t care about who you are or where you come from or even what device you are using. Caboodle is a service which allows anyone to meet via video. So… So, if you want to have a meeting like this

…that do their job but don’t interfere with yours,

With people connecting from things like these:

No Really! Connect with all of these technologies

WebRTC H.323 And the option to: 1)


Web Browser



Audio Calls

Invite new people who don’t have any video conferencing but just a webcam

2) Connect all of your Microsoft Lync users to your other videoconferencing

And do it all with a range of high security options...

PLUS other great features... Yes it involves an app! The best way to understand Caboodle is to Caboodle. Contact Questmark by copying and pasting this link into Google Chrome

The Questmark Team Questmark have welcomed a number of new team members this quarter and seen a couple of changes to our ranks.

Servicedesk Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to Sara Clemens, the Servicedesk Assistant Manager who has taken a break to go travelling around the world – we are very jealous of the adventures she has planned but she has been equipped with video conferencing on her phone and we are expecting a few video calls from exotic locations. As we say goodbye to Sara, the Servicedesk continues to grow and we are in the process of recruiting a number of new staff. The first recruit is Claire Morris who will be taking over Sara’s position.

Administration Sarah Massey has joined the team taking up an office administration role.

Technical and Audio Visual We have also bought on board a new member of the technical team for Northern Ireland. Noel Burke worked with us on a number of AV and video conferencing projects over the years including the Innovation Centre for the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust – one of the most pioneering teaching, learning and conferencing spaces in the world (further details on page 3) and we are very excited to be working even more closely with him now.

PRINCE2 Certifications Working within the video conferencing industry means managing large scale rolls outs, audio visual integration, security processes, and budgets. Questmark have always prided itself on doing this as effectively as possible working alongside our customers. Sarah Dews in our logistics team has recently become a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner. Projects are now all managed using this best practice method. It is used extensively by the UK Government and within the Private sector it is recognised internationally. PRINCE” (an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environments) and focuses on methodology for the management, control and organisation on a project. Of this certification, Lisa McMaster, Operations Director at Questmark said “We are very proud of the work Sarah has put in to achieving PRINCE2. It positions Questmark as a great SME for the public sectors – and indeed all business – to work with”

A project and installation that Questmark worked on with Noel under Sarah’s Prince 2 methodology. Further details are listed below.

Introducing the Innovation Centre

Raspberry Pods & Sim Mans Introducing the incredible Quality Improvement and Innovation Centre (QIIC), pioneering healthcare, technology and improvements. Questmark have been working with the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust for many years, supporting Video Conferencing links, telemedicine, training and education. The Innovation Centre has been an amazing project bringing together a wealth of technologies and ideas which are already giving hospital staff the tools and conditions to build upon ideas for improvement within healthcare.

The Innovation Centre comprises of -

3 Syndicate Rooms The Hub Space Lecture Theatre Training Room Simulation Room Control Room

All rooms have video conferencing links and integration with medical equipment. The main showcase Hub space has three giant pods with large screens, Barco ClickShare, and LifeSize video conferencing. These three pods can operate independently or integrate with each other. They are able to move about the room providing flexible spaces for innovation, teaching and work. The Education Suite includes the Simulation Room and the Control Room. This allows consultants who are training medical students and new doctors to deliver both real time evaluation as well as providing the ability for a recording and streaming for self and peer-reviews. Questmark were very proud sponsors of the opening event and Andrew Pattison took up a role as a Dragon in a “Dragon’s Den” style event which chose a community project for starting a choir in a women’s prison and a video goggles for patients theatre as a worthy winner for funding.

Image of the main hub from

and “Enabling staff to go where none has gone before� The opening event and indeed the ongoing events are all utilising multiple forms of technology for sharing information. Twitter was used to share photographs, opinions, hopes and moments from the opening; we have listed a few of our favourite here that followed #QIIClaunch If you want to keep up to date with the recent happenings @SETInnovation or #QIIC Dr Steven Kinnear @DrStevenKinnear Apr 3

SET Innovation @SETInnovation Apr 3

@HughMcCaughey explains that the QIIC is to give all staff space to innovate and improve #QIICLaunch

Today was #QIICLaunch...fantastic to hear so many great staff innovation ideas...also great learning from @ShonaMMcCarthy & @DavidMeadeLive

South Eastern Trust @setrust Apr 3 Dragons Den winners at #QIICLaunch.Video goggles for patients in Surgery and choir for women prisoners@SETInnovation

South Eastern Trust @setrust Apr 3 Leadership Centre @HSC_LeadershipC Apr 3 QIICentre #QIICLaunch already facilitating a fantastic range of innovations and improvements @SETInnovation @setrust

nigelhart @nigelhart Apr 3 Niall Leonard and Craig Renfrew in the education centre at @setrust @SETInnovation #QIICLaunch

Ian Sutherland says QIIC will enable our staff to go where none has gone before #QIICLaunch

Video Conferencing Doctor Appointments Recent Sky News article on GP’s trialling Skype and email appointments hit the headlines this month. (Full story here: At Questmark we have always believed in the opportunities that video can offer the medical sector and have been offering telemedicine applications in a wide variety of areas and disciplines for over 20 years. The news that video links will be rolling out for a catchment of up to 40,000 people and has the high profile exposure this has received adds to this concept that video links are able to offer huge opportunities. This is especially true with the expansion of broadband within homes and video quality raising the potential for video based healthcare.

Andrew Pattison (centre) from Questmark is helped by Dr Frank Casey and Sarah Quinlan to hold up the AV ‘Videoconferencing Award of the Year for a care in the home video link project which continues to develop and pioneer how links such as this can work well for healthcare and society.

However, we must ask the question around the viability of Skype as the technology of choice. Whilst it is a wellknown brand name and many have Skype accounts and feel comfortable with the name, the same cannot be said for using this mode of technology for sharing secure medical information. Having been part of the video conferencing industry for many years we know that Skype is not presenting itself as a secure tool – it is a video chat app for keeping in touch with friends and family. There are a great many video conferencing services and applications which offer an increased level of security and are more suited to this application. Questmark have been pioneering the use of video for care in the home for 12 years, leading the development of telemedicine for the NHS of the future. The costs savings for our health sector are amazing and the opportunities are continuing to be more visible and tangible, but we must understand the implication of this and the technology must be suitable for the uses intended. We must protect patients from anyone viewing or hearing their private consultations whilst continuing to highlight the benefits that video technology can bring to them. Questmark have always put the best possible video quality at the forefront of telemedicine links along with secure connections that protects patient’s private information and data. These elements do not have to come at high costs or through confusing technologies and getting these things right at an early stage will ensure a sustainable future and growth for projects such as these. There are many examples of telemedicine links to patient’s homes and Questmark have been running one of the earliest and most pioneering examples of this for over 7 years. Its impact continues to be researched beyond the UK and forms the foundation for many other similar operations. At Questmark we are very proud to have worked with amazing consultants, nurses, administrative personnel, trusts and hospitals to pioneer telemedicine in so many ways. For any details on our previous works please ask for further information.

Climbs, Rides and Runs,

Questmark giving back

Take Two with Kilimanjaro. A mission to help young children and babies with congenital heart defects. Last year a team of four from Questmark took on the hardest route up Kilimanjaro. The challenges along the way were frightful – full of crevices, steep edges and altitude sickness. Every hour of the climb was an incredible challenge in its own right and we are very proud of the effort that the team put in – showing bravery, resilience and in turn they raised a huge amount for very worthy charities. With such a difficult challenge, not everyone made it to the top and had to take the advice of the experts and descend the mountain earlier than they wanted to. Sam McMaster, Questmark’s CEO is determined to conquer Kilimanjaro and be the second member to make it to the top on his second attempt at the mountain. Training started 6 months ago and the climb is scheduled for June this year. All of this effort is to go towards a charity very close to Sam and indeed Questmark’s heart, the Children’s Heartbeat Trust. This charity provides a lot of support for the Clark Clinic in Northern Ireland, a clinic looking after young children and babies. Babies born with congenital heart defects spend many of their first months in the hospital, within the safety of a trained doctor and nurses’ presence but away from their families at a crucial and scary time for everyone. In an area as rural and extensive as Northern Ireland, families could live hours away from the hospital and medical advice. However, the daily or weekly checks by the nurses and doctors at the Clark clinic are very visual, for example, changes to the colour of the skin. Through this, a group of consultants took the pioneering step of investigating telemedicine links. Sam took the decision to sponsor this initiative, providing small video conferencing units – video phones and internet connections into homes of these children, allowing them to leave the hospital earlier and spend more of their precious first months with their families. These video links allow a lifeline to a medical expert and scheduled weekly checks take place for as long as the family wants to keep the video device in their home. All of the money that Sam raises will go towards this incredible cause and a pioneering use of telemedicine links within the home. If you can support this in any way, the link to support Sam can be accessed here. ter

MooHaven th Last November Questmark celebrated our 20 year in business and celebrated the whole on 2013 with a range of charitable activities. One of the deserving charities was MooHaven, a Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Charity. MooHaven is run by a small dedicated family team that relies on donations and fundraising. Questmark presented Moo Haven with a cheque for £1,000 and that meant a new stable could be built and a better life for more horses could be established. This is an amazing community based local charity where every penny really does make a difference. If you wish to support the great work this new charity has been doing please visit their website.


Online Interpreting for customers, staff and the community available through your video conferencing system.

For the majority of people living in the UK, if we want to call up our bank to query our balance or if we want to order a late night pizza from the place around the corner we don’t give it a second thought. If we go to A&E, our local council or our child’s’ school, then we just show up. For deaf people this access isn’t as easy. A Qualified interpreter is needed. And for and for 150,000 BSL users there are only around 800 BSL interpreters available. Access to these requires travel, minimum call out times and potentially lengthy bookings. Video links are a cost effective way to connect hearing and deaf people in an instant. Questmark have been working with the deaf community for over 10 years, investigating these opportunities. With the vast extent of internet now available across the UK and the investment in software based video communication tools, Questmark have pioneered Universal Access for video links to BSL interpreters. Investments in our new caboodle service and tools for access from web-browsers (with no need to download anything) make the prospects at this time extensive. With a fundamental assurance that all connections are based an open international standard, anyone with video conferencing can now easily connect to a qualified BSL interpreter and offer better methods of communication, whether that be through your website, in your offices and conference spaces or even on reception desks. To find out more about enabling your video systems to have access to Interpreters please contact Lauren Dorling.,

The Latest Software The latest software releases tested by Questmark are listed below. For any information on how to check your software levels or installing the latest please contact the Simplicity Servicedesk on Tel: 0330 300 0330 .


Systems SX20


C-Series (C20 - C90) / EX


Tandberg MXP Cisco Jabber(Windows/Mac) Cisco TMS

4.7 14.3.2 4.4(3.57)

MCU 4200 Series


MCU 5300 Series


MCU 4520


E Series Classic series



MCU 4500 Series

VCS Control


Latest Software

Systems Polycom HDX Series Polycom VSX Series Polycom Group Series

Systems LifeSize 220 Series LifeSize Passport LifeSize Room/Team/Express Original LifeSize LG Executive LifeSize 200 Series LifeSize Unity Series LifeSize Icon Series

X7.2.2 4.1.3 E5.3

Latest Software 3.1.3 4.1.3

Latest Software 4.12.0 4.12.0 4.7.22 4.11.13 4.7.22 4.12.0 1.2.1

Questmark Ltd Please contact us for more information, or any feedback on this new publication. Tel: 0330 300 0000 Email: .

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