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Q1 2014 What’s New? Service Improvements

A Look back over 2013 A Look forward to new services and trends for 2014

Free Offer to all Questmark Customers Introducing the world’s first . 3D Visualizer.

The latest software Updates.

2013 in Numbers


One more Prince 2 practitioner. The Prince2 qualification has now been passed by everyone in our logistics team.

3 9


Two apprentices passed their courses with Questmark and have become full time employees and Questmark experts

Three Data Centres are now running parts of the Questmark/Simplicity Network



Four team members (very bravely!) took on the hardest route up Mount Kilimanjaro

Six Pages of the AV Magazine Video Conferencing Buyers Guide were sponsored.

Nine Questmark Cougars (and cubs!) ran the Cancer Research Race for Life

20 250 2014 2641

The 20 years in business milestone was reached th on the 4 November.

250 trees planted by Questmark

Over 2014 video conferences already booked for 2014

People asking our helpdesk for advice or problem solving – and 2641 solved!

10,000 27001

£10,000.00 PLUS raised for charities by Helen C, Jodie Bellamy, Becky Bestwick and Sam McMaster




ISO 27001 achieved for security across or business and service provision.

£100,000 PLUS invested in new infrastructure to support our customers

FREE OFFER FROM QUESTMARK TO ALL SUPPORTED CUSTOMERS. Helping minimize weather disruption with Travel Free Meetings. The weather in the UK this January has been extreme and in turn, roads have been closed, trains, planes and ferries cancelled. It has of course effected a lot of people’s lives and businesses. To help as much as we can we would like to offer all of our supported customers free software clients (for computers and tablets) and additional Virtual Meeting Room space whilst this weather continues to effect travel. So if you have teams who have to work from home or you don’t want to reschedule a meeting please take full advantage of this offer. Contact the Servicedesk on 0330 300 0330 to set up your additional provision now.

Travel Free Meetings.

A QUICK WARNING – KEEPING YOUR VIDEOCONFERENCING SECURE Questmark have heard through the industry grapevine of a number of occasions where videoconferencing systems have been targeted for fraud. SIP Robots search for unprotected public IP addresses with a link to ISDN and use this to make expensive international calls. If you are concerned that your videoconferencing system may be at risk, please talk to the Questmark/Simplicity Servicedesk for more information on how to keep your system safe.

INVESTORS IN PEOPLE Questmark have started to embark on the process to become accredited with Investors in People. We have always been a company very focused on our team and helping our employees realise their potential. This international standard will allow Questmark to benchmark our standards and commitment to people development. We expect to have achieved this by the end of the year.

Exciting Prospects

Additions to the Questmark service

Questmark are continuing to invest and develop our service offerings to support our customers now and for future developments. Some of the major new things on the horizon are; Microsoft Lync Integration. Questmark will be launching access to Virtual Meeting Rooms via Microsoft Lync early this year. These traditionally separate applications are being easily connected with cloud based technology bringing them seamlessly together for users.

WebRTC. This is an emerging technology which allows for direct video connections from a browser interface. There are no software downloads required, just an appropriate URL to access a meeting. This will open up the possibilities for video communications between organisations, to customers, for remote workers, recruitment and HR. Currently Web RTC is only available on Google Chrome and Firefox and Questmark will be making this service available in early 2014

Data Collaboration. Communication Technology has grown in popularity and usage significantly in almost all its guises. Questmark have implemented a new opportunity for collaboration based predominantly around data and screen sharing. This application brings together previously separate technologies including audio, traditional videoconferencing, tablets and mobiles with real time screen sharing collaboration. This all in one platform is already available and further details will be shared very soon.

Booking Portal. Questmark offer a complete managed service provision to many customers and this includes a booking service for their videoconferening meetings. We have invested now in a booking portal which is under development currently and stage one will be launched in early 2014. This will give another accessible option for those wishing to book and manage meetings through an online portal from anywhere. Further details of this launch will be shared very soon and we would like to take time to thank everyone we spoke to for taking the time to share their feedback and ideas for what they would like from this service.

What’s New


Introducing: The World’s First 3D Visualizer Questmark have been working with Wolfvision – a leading manufacturer of visualizers – for many years. The visualizer, is a presentation tool allowing for high specification images of real time items to be shared either directly, through the internet or via videoconferencing. The 3D visualizer VZ-C3D is ceiling or stand mounted and features two high precision lenses and an onboard stereoscopic mixer which enables 'live' high definition 3D images to be viewed in realtime on any 3D-enabled display screen. Questmark first demonstrated this technology used in a video connections at a demonstration day in a Health Trust education centre where the response to the clarity and potential uses was very well received The 3D Visualizer has seen amazing uses in specialist medical and telemedical applications, and also product design and engineering, science and education. Such high quality and intricate viewing has allowed for medical training that cannot be done with a bare eye. It has allowed for manufacturers to see products development at every stage reducing the cost of faults or errors in products. For more information on the 3D visualizer or other visualizers please contact Questmark on or tel: 0330 300 0000 for a demonstration.

A Look Forward Videoconferencing trends for 2014 Lawrence Turton takes a look at the trends looking to gain more traction throughout 2014.

Having just about recovered from the festive period (too many mince pies, drinks and distant relatives) the New Year is already upon us and I can’t help but wonder what this year will hold for the world of video conferencing. Though before I cast my eye over my crystal ball it is important to reflect on just how far the industry has come in a relatively short space of time. Video conferencing systems have existed for a considerable time and have always been predominantly hardware devices leased over telephone lines, though in time these methods advanced to use fixed routes over a standard network connection. This was still quite a limited technology due to the complexities of video transmission, encoding and decoding. In the years that followed various manufactures began to create more powerful codecs that could quite effortlessly transmit, encode and decode video at very high quality and incredibly securely using various protocols such as H.323 and SIP. The adoption of video increased further as the capabilities of PC’s, tablets and mobile devices improved to allow them to process multiparty video, VoIP and live data sharing. It was through these advances that the industry really started to take off. This year, 2014, it seems video conferencing will see a growth once again in its overall adoption and use for a number of reasons.

Integration Perhaps this year more than any other the need for new hardware and technology is far less prominent. The key emerging technologies, it appears, will not be centred on hardware but around tools that focus on end user experience, collaboration and interoperability. The focus for many VC providers in 2014 will be to bring all of the new and existing technologies, hardware and software, together. One example of such a solution are newly emerging software-based MCUs that will enable organisations to deploy software across their own IT infrastructure so that every individual can have their own personal HD video, audio and mobile meeting space. This technology enables anything from Microsoft Lync right through to a meeting room system to easily collaborate, no matter the manufacturer, system or device. This form of solution overthrows conventional telepresence thinking, rendering traditional hardware architectures and interoperability issues obsolete. This is something that we at Questmark will be openly integrating into our service to ensure maximum ease of use from the technology. The leaps forward in this industry during 2014 will be defined by how well this technology is adopted and used as an effective business application that runs on innovative complex technology, but is used in the simplest most effective way possible.

Mobile Communications One key area that will enhance the growth of video conferencing over the coming year is the availability of more and more video conferencing capabilities and services on all desktop and mobile devices. Video is becoming ever more available as we are seeing companies move towards video apps, software and services for desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. There had previously been an issue with the interoperability of the various mobile devices and operating systems though that issue will cease to exist; only increasing the potential for video conferencing having a very positive year Cloud Based Services Cloud-based video services are becoming more popular and even necessary as businesses look for simplified ways of deploying video solutions and ensuring it is openly accessible to their employees. Businesses are constantly looking for the most cost effective ways to deploy business solutions, such as videoconferencing. With the cloud based services available, organisations can avoid expensive infrastructure and hardware whilst simultaneously being able to maximise the potential of a reliable and secure video conferencing network. Web RTC With video conferencing previously being tethered to a specific platform, emerging web and browser based video technology, such as WebRTC, became ever more popular during 2014. This trend is set to continue as the video technology embedded within web browsers allows for the real-time, peer-to-peer voice and video communications many businesses are beginning to seek. Summary As I previously stated I possess no immediate psychic ability, though it does seem all things accounted for, that 2014 will be an exciting year for Video Conferencing. It is a technology that is consistently breaking boundaries and video collaboration is becoming an ever easier, ever more necessary business tool. With the heralding of seamless integration and interoperability anywhere on any device, and an industry focus on sheer simplistic unified communication, the future is looking unequivocally bright.

The Latest Software The latest software releases tested by Questmark are listed below. For any information on how to check your software levels or installing the latest please contact the Simplicity Servicedesk on Tel: 0330 300 0330 .


Systems SX20


C-Series (C20 - C90) / EX


Tandberg MXP Cisco Jabber(Windows/Mac) Cisco TMS

4.7 14.3.2 4.4(3.57)

MCU 4200 Series


MCU 5300 Series


E Series Classic series



MCU 4500 Series

VCS Control


Latest Software

Systems Polycom HDX Series Polycom VSX Series Polycom Group Series

Systems LifeSize 220 Series LifeSize Passport LifeSize Room/Team/Express Original LifeSize LG Executive LifeSize 200 Series LifeSize Unity Series LifeSize Icon Series

X7.2.2 4.1.3 E5.3

Latest Software 3.1.2

Latest Software 4.12.0 4.12.0 4.7.22 4.11.13 4.7.22 4.12.0 1.2.1

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