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With Turn to Starboard’s Shaun Pascoe

INCORPORATING COURSES 4 FORCES COURSES I FUNDING I CAREERS I RESETTLEMENT Gastec has more than 18 years experience in the resettlement training of MoD Service Leavers, with over 1,000 successfully trained students now working within the industry. Other providers promise - we deliver!

NEW ENTRANT GAS Intermediate Domestic Gas Utilisation This course will allow you to register with the Regulatory Body "Gas Safe Register" to carry out Domestic gas installation and service work within the UK.


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This is a fully recognisable national qualification from an Ofqual recognised Certification Body.

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Gastec is a leading supplier of training and assessment services to the utilities industries, We have been providing training services at all levels for over 20 years. Gastec offer the full portfolio of training and assessment services for the countries leading Certification Bodies. Our state of the art training and assessment centre is just off the M1 in Milton Keynes. This purpose-built centre contains air-conditioned classrooms, Smart Board technology and a range of facilities to make your time with us enjoyable as well as productive. Together with our tailor-made workshops and refreshment facilities it all combines to make the learning experience as easy and as pleasant as possible. We at Gastec recognise the commitment you have made whilst serving and welcome the opportunity to ensure you have a prosperous future as you embark on a new career path. The Gastec New Entrant Gas Course will prepare you for an interesting and lucrative career in the gas utility sector.

NEW ENTRANT ELECTRICS EAL Level 3 Training Package Comprising:  18th Edition Wiring Regulations  Building Regulations for Electrical Installations  Periodic Inspection & Testing This course will allow you to register with a competent persons scheme to permit your work to be self- registered with any local building control office within the UK.

This is a fully recognisable national qualification from an Ofqual recognised Certification Body.


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EDITOR THIS NEW ISSUE OF QUEST SEES SUMMER ABOUT TO MERGE INTO AUTUMN, much as you may be about to move forward into your own new ‘season’. To support you in this transition, QUEST – as ever – aims to be your one-stop guide to resettlement, courses, funding and careers. In its pages we hope you will find all the information you need relating to your ELC entitlement and getting the best from this valuable resource. There’s also advice on how distance learning could open up new study opportunities for you, as could the Access to HE Diploma, which – as its name suggests – could well help you access a course you might have thought out of reach. We check out two career areas that are popular with Service leavers, and with those still serving but with transition already in their sights: electrical engineering, and sport and fitness (the latter with complementary info on training for personal trainers). In addition, on our website at you’ll find an in-depth look at careers in security as this issue’s accompanying online-only feature. Our comprehensive education and funding planner, meanwhile, sums up your learning and personal development opportunities, with advice on accessing available funding and ideas for improving your career prospects. Adding to the usual QUEST mix of useful advice on resettlement issues, we have a special feature from Recruit for Spouses, an independent social enterprise dedicated to supporting, championing and finding employment for spouses and partners of members of our Armed Forces, while – having

already run his own business for 15 years – our regular self-employment guru Steve Bulleyment is back again with 15 invaluable tips for the potential entrepreneurs out there. And, representing those who have already retired, we hear how WWII veteran George Brown is benefiting from the support of veterans’ charity and housing association Stoll. Our cover subject for this issue is former Squadron Leader Shaun Pascoe, who tells us how – following medical discharge – he used his resettlement fund to learn how to sail, going on to set up Turn to Starboard, a charity whose aim is to help other Service personnel who, like him, have been affected by military operations. Holding all this together is ‘The Hub’. It’s the place where you’ll find useful information on courses and training options, alongside relevant business and transition news. As autumn and your transition draw ever nearer, you can rely on QUEST to help you turn over a new leaf!

For all the latest information, visit our website:

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Shaun Pascoe

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YOUR ELC 10 ELC 101: the basics

as Diplom Access vy Civvy sav ruitment rec rt Spouse n suppo Transitio



n to Sta

With Tur



12 Are you eligible for ELC? 14 How to use your ELC funding 16 How to claim if you are still serving 18 How to claim after leaving 20 Avoiding queries or rejection 22 ELC dos and don’ts 24 Distance learning 28 Higher-level study 32 Qualifications to further your Service career 34 On course: Electrical engineering


38 On course: Sport and fitness 46 The Access to Higher Education (HE) Diploma 48 Useful contacts 50 Education and funding planner

THE HUB 52 Course and training options, transition news and reader reports

YOUR RESETTLEMENT 54 Spouse recruitment

56 Civvy savvy: self-employment advice 58 Transition support: help at hand 60 CTP courses and events 62 Transition factfile 66 Trainers in focus: Woodward SHE Ltd


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66 l August/September 2019




Shaun Pascoe

Sailing veterans to a brighter future Research has long found that the ocean has a calming effect on our minds. The sight and sound of water can put us into a mild meditative state, which helps to lower stress levels, improve mental clarity and give a boost to our health and well-being. One veteran who understands the healing power of the sea is veteran Shaun Pascoe. In this special feature for QUEST, Mark Hardaker describes how, upon leaving the RAF, Shaun used his resettlement fund to learn how to sail and went on to set up a charity to help other Service personnel affected by military operations.


to trigger the unwelcome memories that are associated with past traumatic experiences.’ After recognising the positive impact on his overall health, and unsure about his forthcoming transition to civilian life, Shaun decided to continue sailing while studying for a professional sailing qualification. ‘As part of my resettlement from the RAF, and while I was going through medical discharge, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do so I decided to join a fast-track Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Yachtmaster

ormer Squadron Leader Shaun

practices that have now been adopted by

programme,’ he explains. ‘Gaining that

Pascoe commanded emergency

the NHS.

qualification had a huge positive effect

medical evacuations around the

Deeply moved by his ordeals and

on my life. I felt in a better place and it

globe during his 16 years in the RAF. He

finding it difficult to adjust to normal life,

markedly improved my interaction with

served on operational tours in Kosovo,

Shaun, now 50, turned to sailing as a way

others, plus it gave me a new sense of

Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan, leading

to boost his physical and mental health,

purpose and value.’

small groups of highly trained medics on

and within two weeks he felt in a better

board Chinook helicopters to rescue and


treat medical emergencies. Shaun and his


when you’re out at sea there is nothing

‘There is something really quite special

Soon after, Shaun began to reach out to other veterans in the Armed Forces community who were struggling with PTSD,

team helped save hundreds of lives while

about sailing,’ says Shaun. ‘It can provide

physical injuries or other mental traumas,

formulating new and innovative clinical

a therapeutic and calming effect, and

to join him out on the water. ‘The initial

August/September 2019 l


impact of that was pretty special and I

13 staff, seven of whom are ex-military,

started to receive more and more enquiries

and runs several different programmes,

from people wanting to sail,’ he continues.

from RYA-accredited courses for beginners

‘Yet it was clear I needed to make that

to week-long family trips, as well as tall

more resilient by offering more sailing

ship sailing, competitive racing and the

registered charity (Registered

opportunities while raising some money to

extensive Zero to Hero Yachtmaster

Charity number 1148549) using RYA

do that too.’

development programme, giving

sailing courses to support Armed

participants the necessary qualifications to

Forces personnel who have been

begin a career in sailing.

affected by military operations. We

Small team – big difference In August 2012, along with a small group


Turn to Starboard is a Cobseo-

support those who are serving or

of friends, Shaun set up the charity Turn

Meet the fleet

to Starboard from his home in Truro,

To deliver its service, Turn to Starboard


operates two training boats, a Bavaria

Forces and those still serving to get

32-foot yacht and a Swan 43 cruising

perspective on past events and focus

‘Although the initial idea was mine, I

retired, and their families. l

We help those retired from the

set up the charity with four other people,

vessel on long-term loan from a generous

including my next door neighbour, from my

supporter. In 2014, the charity was given

living room at home,’ says Shaun. ‘We got

a further boost when it was gifted a

experiences, expert training and

together as a little committee and spread

92-foot tall ship by the Prince’s Trust.

career-building opportunities

the workload under the theme of a small

The 96-tonne traditional pilot schooner

including the chance to gain

team making a big difference.’

has 18 berths for crew members and is

internationally recognised marine

used as a way to facilitate larger groups


Following a successful advertising

on a successful future. l

Beneficiaries gain tangible

campaign highlighting the charity’s

for sail training. In 2015 and 2016, the

sailing weeks for Help for Heroes’ Band

vessel was used to sail teams of wounded,

of Brothers and Band of Sisters networks,

injured and sick veterans on two round-

discharge, sees them facing significant

Help for Heroes recognised the demand

Britain challenges, while helping to raise

challenges, with some losing true

for Turn to Starboard’s services and

awareness of the trials veterans can

comradeship and sense of purpose,’

injected funds, as did the Royal Air

face on leaving the military. Most of the

says Shaun. ‘So, the aim of the round-

Force Association (RAFA). With an ever-

participants on the 2,000-mile journey had

Britain challenge was to help participants

increasing demand for the service, Shaun

little or no sailing experience and literally

re-engage, reintegrate and gain new

and his team took a huge step forward and

‘learned the ropes’ from professional

skills in the company of those who have

set up a new office a few miles away at

skippers and completed the epic journey in

experienced the same testing conditions.

Falmouth Marina and started taking small

around two months.

Since completing these challenges, 15

groups of injured veterans on sailing trips along the picturesque Cornish coastline.

‘For most of the participants, leaving the military, particularly on medical

crew members have gone on to achieve Yachtmaster status or are close to gaining

‘Our initial intent was to provide gentle sailing experiences for veterans with a chance to help people switch off from their daily lives for a little while. We also offered courses where people could gain sailing qualifications, along with sailing holidays for Service families who had gone through difficult times. Initially we thought that just one of those activities would be most popular, yet they all were in high demand and had the same positive impact for everyone so we continued with them all.’ Sail forward seven years and Turn to Starboard has since provided more than 2,800 sailing opportunities to wounded, injured and sick Service men and women and their families. The not-for-profit charity has helped many participants to benefit from the therapeutic effect of the ocean and reintegrate into civilian life while


opening doors to new careers in the marine industry. Turn to Starboard now employs l August/September 2019





Sailing to success In recognition of his achievements, earlier this year Shaun was presented with a prestigious award by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Endeavour Fund Awards in London. The Awards are held annually to celebrate the achievements of wounded, injured and sick Service men and women who have taken part in remarkable sporting and adventure challenges to help with their recovery and rehabilitation.

that coveted qualification. Our follow-up

Shaun was nominated for the Henry

research also found that the experience

Worsley Award in recognition of the way

had a positive impact on participants’ lives

in which he has inspired others with their

and many are now engaged in another

recovery through sailing, following his own

form of activity or employed.’

diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder

No experience required

(PTSD). For the future, Shaun says his ultimate

Prior sailing experience is not required

aim is for the charity to no longer be

to embark on a sailing voyage with Turn

needed. ‘While most people would talk

to Starboard, with basic boat-handling

about the success of a business in terms

skills, navigation and terminology taught

of growth, that’s not how I believe this

by friendly, professional and experienced

charity should measure its success. Our


success is achieved when the charity is not

‘In many cases it’s better for people to

required any more and we should all be

have little or no sailing experience,’ says

striving for a day when no veteran needs

Shaun. ‘Those who do have often picked

help. However, the reality is that at the

up bad habits by not having formal tuition

moment the need does exist, so we will do

under an RYA syllabus so we need to

the best we can. Also, it could be said that

retrain any bad behaviours.’

if you grow too big you can lose the quality

Sailing trips usually take place for five

agenda, you can start chasing the buck and

days from the charity’s base at Falmouth

missing the focus of the individuals. Each

When former soldier Johnny Slater

Marina. Shaun admits it is common for

day we strive to keep the charity at a level

(pictured above) stepped on an

individuals to be apprehensive before

where everyone is focused on the core

explosive device while on tour in

climbing aboard: ‘Our feedback shows that

purpose of why we are here while knowing

Afghanistan, he suffered multiple

people who sail with us often have doubts

every veteran by name when they come

fractures in both his legs. As well as

before they get in touch, or during the days

through the door.’

living with the physical effects of the

running up to a trip. They think, “I’ve never

With so many positive outcomes it’s

blast, he suffered from mental trauma

been on a yacht, I don’t know how to sail

clear to see how being on the water can

– a hidden wound that impacted his

and I won’t be any good at it”, yet we aim

help to restore the body and mind, as

recovery process.

to send the message that you don’t know

Shaun can attest: ‘Although sailing is

until you try, it may be easier than you

different for everyone, the ocean offers

programme that Johnny heard about

think, and to remember everything takes

calmness and a place where you can leave

Turn to Starboard and the chance to

place in an incredibly relaxed, friendly and

your worries on shore and detach from the

enjoy the therapeutic effects of sailing

understanding environment.

stresses of everyday life. Standing at the

and the sea. After enjoying his time on

It was during a lengthy rehabilitation

helm, being pushed along by the wind and

the trip, Johnny was encouraged to

have to get involved with studying for

staring at the horizon, I can completely

continue his sailing on the charity’s Zero

sailing qualifications and can just enjoy

understand why.’

to Hero course and later qualified as an

‘We also remind people that they don’t

RYA Yachtmaster.

being out on the water. Hopefully some



‘Sailing has had a massive positive

will have a moment of “Yes, I can do this”,

To find out more about the work of Turn

and turning “I can’t” into “I can” is a really

to Starboard, or to make a donation,

impact on my recovery and made me

powerful thing. I’d say just come and

call 01326 314262 or visit www.

feel useful again. Thanks to Turn to

experience the positive effect of the ocean You can also follow

Starboard, I now hold a professional

with like-minded people and maybe learn

Turn to Starboard on Twitter: twitter.

sailing qualification and can look

something new.’

com/turntostarboard and/or Facebook:

forward to finding a new career in the Q

marine industry.’

August/September 2019 l

SIE RR A. A L PH A . VI C TO R. ECH O. We ’ r e p r o u d t o o f f e r c u r r e n t a n d f o r m e r m i l i t a r y p e r s o n n e l s a v i n g s o n s e l e c t e d v e h i c l e s.† Search: Ford Militar y Sales

† Selected vehicles only. Eligibility criteria applies. See for more information.

Model shown is a Fiesta ST-3 3-Door 1.5 200PS Manual Petrol with optional Full LED Headlamps. Fuel economy mpg (l/100km): Combined 40.4 (7.0). *CO 2 emissions 136g/km. Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO 2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. * There is a new test used for fuel consumption and CO 2 figures. The CO 2 figures shown, however, are based on the outgoing test cycle and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration.



ELC 101 The basics


ubject to certain eligibility criteria (see page 12), the ELC scheme offers currently serving

or former Service personnel access to a first full level 3 (GCE A-level or vocational equivalent) or a first higher education (HE) qualification (e.g. a foundation degree or a first undergraduate degree or equivalent) free from tuition fees. Here’s the basic information you need to know … l

The ELC lower tier offers up to three payments of up to £1,000 in three separate financial years; the higher tier offers up to three payments of up to £2,000 in three separate financial years.


The three separate years do not have to run consecutively, and may be a combination of both higher and lower levels.





Withdrawal once payment has been made due to foreseeable postings/

learning course if it continues for more

(the ELC element includes VAT but

Service activities will usually meant

than a year, or for a different learning

excludes travel, accommodation, food,

purpose each year.

books and materials).

If one course combines with others for


that no further claims will be allowed. l

If unexpected Service or

You must discuss your plans with

compassionate reasons cause your

a single learning purpose these can be

your line manager and education

withdrawal, you should seek advice

combined to claim ELC.

adviser before making any financial

from your Education Staff or Learning

A new ELC award was created in 2016.




ELC are available for full- or part-time

which is a single payment of up to

study for a qualification at level 3 or

£3,000 for those with six or more years

above, as defined on the NQF or SCQF,

of qualifying service, which will count

with an organisation on the approved

as all three awards.

providers list maintained by ELCAS.

The PF FE/HE scheme provides Service


leavers and Service personnel in their

− – Service training

qualifying resettlement phase with

You may not claim ELC for:

− – civilian accredited Service training

access to a first full level 3 or a first

(unless at least 30 hours extra work

HE qualification (a foundation degree

is involved, together with a separate

or a first undergraduate degree or



learning of at least 20% of the cost

It’s an aggregated lower-tier award,


You must make a contribution to your

ELC may be claimed for the same

exam, assessment or assignment)


equivalent) with support towards

− – membership fees

tuition fees.

− – books and materials

From its inception until the end of

Only one ELC claim can be made in any

− – normal Service sport and adventurous

March 2019, a total of 390,010 people

one financial year (April to March).


had registered with the ELC scheme and 147,927 claims had been made, to the value of £242.2 million.


August/September 2019 l

We were formed in 1944 to care for the soldiers and families of those who fought in the Second World War. 75 years on, our purpose has not changed: we exist to ensure that all soldiers, veterans and their families are afforded the independence and dignity they deserve. To find out more, visit Help us be here for their tomorrow. Contact us for information on how you can apply for help, find out more, or get involved in one of our fundraising challenges: Tel: 020 7901 8900 Email: ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (1146420) and Scotland (039189) Registered Office: Mountbarrow House 12 Elizabeth Street London SW1W 9RB

Left to right: Brenda Hale, John Tyson, Mark Smith



Are you eligible for ELC?

Take a look at the eligibility rules below to find out … l

All Regular Service Personnel (SP)

have left the Service or entered your

day of service, you will be eligible to claim

currently in service will be auto-

qualifying resettlement phase on or

ELC at the higher tier (£2,000), subject to

enrolled on the ELC scheme, as will

after 17 July 2008

meeting the other conditions associated

meet UK residency requirements to

with the scheme.

future SP on completion of their Phase



1 training. l

Special eligibility criteria apply if you were

What about if you are medically

both ELC lower-tier and FEHE awards

medically discharged from service before


increased from four to six years as

achieving the required number of years’

You are eligible to claim ELC at the lower

of 1 April 2017. If you had already

service. If this is the case, please seek

(£1,000) or higher (£2,000) tier depending

accumulated four years’ qualifying

advice from your unit education staffs.

on your length of service on the date of

service before 1 April 2017, you keep



In detail …

award and FEHE.

When can you start claiming ELC?

of service, you may be eligible to make

If you left service on or after 1 April

You can start claiming when you have

claims at the lower-tier rate if the injury

2016, you are entitled to post-service

accumulated the necessary qualifying

or illness was caused or significantly

access to ELC and FEHE for five years.

years of service. For example, if you

worsened, wholly or predominantly by

If you left between 1 April 2011 and 31

registered on the ELC scheme and have

service, as defined by the Armed Forces

March 2016 inclusive, you will have

been serving since 1 April 2000, you will

Compensation Scheme (JSP765).

until 31 March 2021 to use your ELC or

have been entitled to start claiming at the

FEHE (i.e. five years from March 2016).

£1,000 level from 1 April 2004 and at the

What if you are no longer serving?

If you left before 1 April 2011, you

£2,000 level from 1 April 2008. As noted

If you have already left the Service or are

will retain ten years of post-Service

above, from 1 April 2017, the qualifying

in your resettlement phase, you may be


service for lower-tier awards increased

eligible to claim under the terms of the

from four to six years. However, if you

Publicly Funded Further Education/Higher

accumulated four years’ qualifying service

Education (PF FE/HE) scheme. Take a look

before 1 April 2017, you will still be able to

at the feature on page 18 to find out more –

claim your lower-tier awards.

or, for full details and to check the detailed

To take advantage of ELC support, you must:



have completed four years of full-time

discharged prior to completing six years

eligibility rules, visit

service or, since 1 April 2017, six years

What happens if you are made redundant?

have joined – or since April 2016

Irrespective of whether or not you applied

been automatically enrolled – on the

to be made redundant, you will cease

Find out more

scheme and completed four years’ or,

to accrue service for ELC eligibility on

Much more detailed information is

from 1 April 2017, six years’ qualifying

the day you leave service. If you have

available in JSP822, which can be

scheme membership

accrued six or more years’ service since

downloaded from the ELCAS website at

apply only for a first eligible FE/HE

registering on the scheme by your last day Q

qualification at the level for which you

of service, you will still be eligible to claim

are academically qualified to enter

ELC at the lower tier (£1,000). If you have

learning on leaving the Service

accrued eight or more years’ service since registering on the scheme by your last


discharge. Additionally, if you are medically

your entitlement to use ELC lower-tier

In brief … l

qualify for full state subsidy.

The qualifying service required for

August/September 2019 l

Readers must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest


NEBOSH Qualifications book multiple courses using a single ELC claim Courses run throughout the year at our own training venue in Salisbury or on-site by request



E LC 8616


Call Stuart on 07841 023522

Are you looking for a career in health & safety? 100% of our course attendee’s find our training invaluable and also memorable. Retaining information from courses is usually the hardest part, so we have made sure the course content and the way it is delivered by the trainer, both complement each other.

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Not just a certif icate We want you to benefit from our training, giving you the knowledge and confidence to take your learning in to your chosen career path. We will give you skills to fulfil your duty alongside the urge and passion to want to learn more!

Resettlement has never been easier Leaving the military can be daunting and we know this from experience. Don’t leave it too long to gain qualifications in another industry, keep yourself busy and active!

Call us today on 01980 676859 or online at Who ever thought learning could actually enjoyable! For a ‘common sense approach’ to training, book on to our next course, and experience it for yourself. Military to Military training, we know what you need and expect, and we deliver just that.


E LC 8747

PROVIDER NUMBER l August/September 2019




How to use your ELC funding When your claim’s approved, there’s a wide choice of where to spend your funding


LC are available for full- or part-


professional self-development

time study for a qualification at


accreditation of prior learning

level 3 or above, as defined on the


vocational training

National Qualifications Framework/


registration and accreditation fees

Regulated Qualifications Framework (NQF/


sports qualifications

RQF),* with an organisation


overseas qualifications

on the approved providers list held by


resettlement training (during last two

ELCAS and viewable at

years of service only).

To find out more about accessing higher-

It could be an A-level, or an NVQ 3 or

level study in particular, take a look at our

equivalent award. You may also use ELC

feature on page 24.

Before deciding on a course, you should consider: l its relevance to your personal development plan l your ability to undertake it l likely disruptions to Service requirements l the flexibility of the study method.

* The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) is

to fund anything above that, too, like

replacing the Qualifications and Credit Framework

university modules or nationally recognised

(QCF) from 1 October 2015 onwards.

diplomas. This might include:




foundation degrees


postgraduate qualifications


other academic qualifications August/September 2019 l

Readers must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest

In a property or construction-related role in the Armed Forces? Why not study a Built Environment degree programme with UCEM? UCEM is a leading, supported online provider of accessible, flexible and cost-effective education producing leading talent for a better Built Environment.

All our programmes are delivered via supported online education and we are an approved provider (1322) for the Ministry of Defence Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme (ELCAS) for armed forces personnel and all our programmes are available under this scheme. See for more information

“Flexibility and support was key for me as being in the Army I get deployed regularly… During these deployments I could not have wished for better support from the tutors and support staff.”

Andrew Dodson, BSc (Hons)

Construction Management student, WO2 – Deputy Facilities Manager, British Army’

Insight into the UK Surveillance Industry As the leading provider of covert surveillance and investigations, The Surveillance Group would like to offer military personnel the opportunity to attend a free Insight Day, to discover more about the surveillance industry. Upcoming Dates in 2019:


Early booking will avoid disappointment, so to confirm your attendance please contact Lee on 0800 5870170 or visit our website: APPROVED BY MoD IN SUPPORT OF THE ELC SCHEME

E LC 2990

PROVIDER NUMBER l August/September 2019




Making an application Your step-by-step guide .................................................


Performance People Ltd The Coach House 10 Townsend Road Shrivenham Oxfordshire SN6 8AS

Performance People Ltd The Coach House 10 Townsend Road Shrivenham Oxfordshire SN6 8AS




3015 E LC


3015in Specialist Training and Qualifications Evidence-Based Coaching & Mentoring

1. Read Joint Service Publication JSP822 – Defence Direction and

Guidance for Training and Education. 2. Think about what fits your personal development plan and your future. 3. Discuss this with your line manager and education/learning staff. 4. Get the necessary approval to enrol. 5. Go to the ELCAS website at and complete the ELC


Coaching and mentoring have been buzzwords for some time now, with proven benefits related to improved performance, enhanced learning and the development of positive attitudes. Others have recognised coaching as a communication style in its own right and positioned it within a leadership framework, whilst creating and sustaining a coaching culture is seen by many as a central to becoming a learning organisation. Combined, their value is now well-recognised within leadership and management, with specialist training and qualification offering a powerful framework for both personal & professional development. Performance People are specialists in the areas of performance, learning, communication and change. Our ACT and NLP courses provide hard science and soft skills approaches to unlocking people potential and maximising people performance, whilst our SBO courses offer foundational training for those wanting to apply these approaches within the business coaching or consulting context. And as an approved Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Scheme provider, all of our programmes offer a direct pathway to ILM qualifications in Coaching & Mentoring at Levels 3, 5 and 7 and Coaching Supervision at Level 7. Mon 09 Sep – Fri 13 Sep 2019 Mon 14 Oct – Fri 25 Oct 2019 Mon 15 Nov – Fri 28 Nov 2019 Mon 02 Dec – Fri 06 Dec 2019 Mon 20 Jan – Fri 25 Jan 2020

ACT Practitioner Coach NLP Practitioner Coach ACT MASTER Practitioner Coach SBO Business Coach ACT Practitioner Coach

Anyone interested in developing themselves along these lines is invited to contact Mark Woodhouse on mobile 07976 821 333 or email We look forward to speaking soon and any opportunity to help with your performance, learning & development.






application form online. 6. Check the ELCAS database of approved providers to see if the course you wish to enrol on is allowable under the rules. 7. If you wish to use a provider that is not on the list, ensure they are eligible to participate in the scheme (they must deliver publicly funded FE/HE) and ask them to apply for scheme membership using the information on the ELC website. 8. Do not leave everything until the last minute. Allow time for any new publicly funded providers to be accepted on to the scheme, as the registration process can take several weeks. Once they have been accepted, you can submit an application to study with them. 9. Providers are expected to waive any initial registration fee, so don’t pay any of your own money towards the cost of their tuition fees – if you do, it will not be refunded. 10. You must submit a separate claim form for each year of a course – if you don’t, it could result in support being withdrawn. 11. Start learning, and make the most of your life! ELCAS has produced a useful flow diagram to sum up the claims process. You can find this in the Annex at the end of JSP822, which can be downloaded from the ELCAS website at Q

August/September 2019 l

Readers must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest


Studied online


Our MSc Project Management is offered in collaboration with 2020 Project Management and is available to study by flexible online delivery with optional annual workshops where you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow students and work collaboratively on project scenarios.

Next intake: January 2020 For further information contact: Alison Lawman | Course Leader E:

MSc Project Management Quest Ad Landscape.indd 1

25/07/2019 14:06:46

Looking for your next career in training? Construction Skills People is the UK’s largest training provider that supports the nation’s construction sector. We deliver a wide range of training and qualifications that support our clients to attain and maintain their regulatory compliance requirements. We are expanding our Assessor Delivery Team by recruiting qualified Assessors and Classroom Tutors to deliver the multi-million-pound contracts that we have been entrusted on behalf of HMG & the EU. If you have experience in delivering Construction or Plant qualifications and are looking for a secure environment in which to continue your career we’d like to hear from you. In return we offer: Competitive Salary + OTE Up to 25 Days Holiday • Employer Contributory Pension Scheme Progression Opportunities • Ongoing Training to support CPD

Interested? Call Perry Adams on 01246 589 501 or email your CV to l August/September 2019




No longer serving? Here’s how to claim your ELC if you have left the Services


lthough the main purpose of ELC

Note: You should contact your SSR with questions only if you have been unable to find the answer to your query on the ELCAS website at www.enhancedlearningcredits. com (this also has a useful FAQs page).


evidence of your last day of Service,

is to encourage serving personnel

which could be a copy of your discharge

Royal Navy

to pursue higher-level learning that

document, a copy of your P45

ELC Manager, Mailpoint 3.3, Leach Building,

benefits both the learner and the Armed

terminating employment or a document

Whale Island, HMS Excellent, Portsmouth

Forces, it also allows level 3-plus learning

stamped by your regiment confirming


to be pursued during resettlement or for up to five years after leaving the Services.*


The majority of this learning is likely to be

your leaving date**

02392 625954

a copy of a utility bill showing your home

address full information about the course you


existing ones), with the qualification

wish to undertake and including details of

Learning Credit Scheme (LCS) Manager,

benefiting the learner and a future employer

your registration date where applicable.

Education Branch Zone 4, Floor 2, Army

vocational (learning new skills or enhancing

and, nationally, adding to the UK’s skills base.


On receipt of the CAN, you can proceed

Personnel Services Group, Home Command,

with payment by sending it, along with your

Ramillies Building, Army HQ

criteria listed on page 12. To make a claim,

20% minimum contribution, to the training

Monxton Road, Andover SP11 8HJ

download the appropriate form from the


Tel: The Army ELC helpline is currently

First of all, refer to the eligibility

ELCAS website and complete it fully, except



When you have completed your course,

closed until further notice; during this time

for Parts 4 and 5 – your Single Service

you must also complete the evaluation form

Representative (SSR) will complete these

and return it to ELCAS. If you do not do this it

elements (you will find their contact details in

could jeopardise your next claim. If you have

the accompanying box). Send your otherwise

any doubts about any aspect of this process,

Royal Air Force

fully completed claim form to them at the

contact your single-Service education/

Learning Credits Administrator,

relevant address (again, see box), along with:

learning representative for advice before

Accreditation and Education Wing, RAF

submitting a claim. Q

Central Training School, HQ 22 TrgGp, Room

all enquiries are to be made by email

221B, Trenchard Hall, RAF College, Cranwell


*If you left the Service before 31 March 2016, please

All applications must be submitted to

refer to JSP822 at

01400 268 183

SSRs for approval at least 25 clear

for the expiration date of your claims.

working days prior to the start of the

** If you were in the RAF, you can request a copy of

course you wish to take. They will

your discharge document from the RAF Disclosures

then submit approved applications to

team at Army

ELCAS. You should not submit your

personnel can request details of discharge dates from

claim form direct to ELCAS.

the Army Personnel Centre by calling 0845 6009663.

August/September 2019 l

NG34 8HB

nt or assignment) s rials sport and adventurous

From its inception until the end of September 2015, 367,632 people had registered withReaders the ELC scheme and must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses 111,094 claims had been made, to the When responding to advertisements please mention Quest value of ÂŁ162.6 million.


W Woodward SHE Ltd.

W W â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹

Your Training - Your Entitlement - Your Future

â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹



HABC Level 4 Full Explosive Detection Dog Handler (ELCAS approved) HABC Level 4 Explosive Vehicle Search Dog Handler (ELCAS approved)


HABC Level 3 Passive Drugs Detection Dog Handler (ELCAS approved) HABC Level 3 Proactive Drugs Detection Dog Handler (ELCAS approved) HABC Level 3 Dual Purpose Drugs Detection Dog Handler (ELCAS approved)

Our FIVE course resettlement package deal includes: - NEBOSH National General Certificate - NEBOSH International General Certificate [Conv] - NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety - NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Safety - NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹



Only from WOODWARD

â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹

Now taking bookings for our Autumn 2019 NEBOSH course packages in Catterick & Rosyth.

â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹


Course Packages available in Catterick, Rosyth & Workington.

â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹

G4S Canine Training School provides specialist canine security qualiďŹ cations and a route to employment with G4S.

5 NEBOSH Certificates 1 ELC Claim

â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹

Tel: +44 (0)1582 458 355 • ,EE$EIGHTON UKGSCOM


Telephone ~ (01900) 609175 email ~



E LC Logo 4435



Course Two

NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

Course Three

Course Four

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

You can still combine a number of these courses to make the

.best use of your Enhanced Learning Credits. Please contact us APPROVED BY MoD IN SUPPORT OF THE ELC SCHEME




at the details below to discuss your personal requirements.

Ipswich: 01473 212535 | London: 0207 194 84 33 E: | l August/September 2019




Avoiding queries or rejection How you can help things to run smoothly


LCAS deals with many claims that

minimum criteria (level 3 or above on the

and research and discuss your learning with

have to be queried or rejected: almost

NQF or RQF) or the learning provider is

your line manager and Service education or

not on the ELCAS approved providers list

learning adviser. This also applies if you are

failure to follow the correct procedure for

a qualifying ex-Service person using your

authorising the claim

ELC. The 25-working-day margin is in place

the course not commencing in the

for good reason. If you don’t plan far ahead

qualifying financial year

enough you could find yourself significantly

incorrect financial data, such as the

out of pocket as retrospective claims are not

authorisation note (CAN) from ELCAS

learner’s contribution being less than

allowed under any circumstances.

learners failing to allow sufficient time

20% or the MoD’s contribution calculated

20% of claims received fail to comply

with the correct procedures. Some of the


main reasons for rejection include: l

applicants enrolling on a course – and


sometimes paying a fee – without first obtaining the necessary claims l


as exceeding the ELC award

offered by an approved provider are

incomplete details or errors in course title

automatically admissible under the ELC

so any claim submitted within 25 working

or course level (these account for 25% of

scheme. This is a common mistake: one

days of the start of the course will

all rejected/queried claims)

provider may supply many courses, but only

applicants not registered on the ELCAS

those approved courses at NQF/RQF level 3


or above (and equivalent) listed on the ELCAS

more than one active claim being

website may be considered for ELC purposes.

between submitting a claim and starting a course – this takes at least five weeks,

automatically be rejected l



a second or third ELC claim being submitted before the course evaluation


form for the previous claim has been

processed for an individual in the same

completed – such claims are also l


Also, do not assume that all courses

financial year.

So: l

plan ahead and get it right first time

automatically rejected

To help avoid rejection on grounds such as


don’t buck the system or pay upfront

the course does not meet the necessary

those listed above, you should plan ahead,


complete your claim with care! Q

August/September 2019 l




Training tomorrow’s



Secure a positive future after serving in the Armed Forces






New 5 week NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision (Property Maintenance) including, Bricklaying, Carpentry, Plastering, Plumbing and Tiling Work Experience with MJ Stevens

An exciting opportunity for work experience and placements for students with our partners ‘It’s all about the Outcome which makes the Training so worth it’:

Genuine placements & work experience available

Situated 4 miles from Lympstone training camp.

For more information, contact us on

01392 437373 Clyst Works, Clyst Road, Topsham, Exeter, Devon, EX3 0DB



ELC dos and don’ts Do:

it out on the ELCAS website at www.

your studies; if you don’t, and can’t


provide evidence that you completed

make sure you understand the regulations – see Joint Service



ensure the training is delivered by an

the course, your future claims will be

Publication JSP822 – Defence Direction

approved ELC provider if using your


and Guidance for Training and

Individual Resettlement Training Cost

Education, which can be downloaded

(IRTC) grant along with ELC to fund a


from the ELCAS website at www.

nationally recognised qualification at


level 3 or above

to course providers until you have

consult your education, learning,

received a claim authorisation note

and line managers to discuss your

training and/or resettlement adviser if


personal development plan

you aren’t sure of the best way to use

plan ahead, leaving at least 25 days

funding for your resettlement training

provider status means that the entire

remember that the scheme operates a

portfolio of a provider’s courses meets

needing to book a course

strict ‘three hits and you’re out’ policy;

the level 3 requirement

be prepared to provide evidence that

if you are eligible and have used the

the course you would like to do is at

Aggregated Lower Tier award you will

financially without having first obtained

least level 3 (or equivalent) on the

not be able to use it again, so think

approval from your own Service and a

National Qualifications Framework

carefully before submitting a claim


consult your education/learning staff

between submitting a claim and l

(NQF) or Qualifications and Credit






enrol on a course or commit yourself

enrol on a course with a new provider

Learning Adviser or Single Service

who is awaiting ‘approved’ status;

benefits the Service (unless your claim

representative if your last day in

wait until this has definitely been

is resettlement-related during your last

service alters from that originally

achieved – if this takes too long, look on


the ELCAS website for an alternative

complete and return the evaluation

provider. Q

ensure the course provider has


approved provider status by checking



automatically assume that approved

Framework (QCF),* and that it directly

two years of serving) l

inform your Education Staff,


commit any payment contributions

August/September 2019 l

questionnaire when you’ve finished

Readers must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest

The difference that makes the difference...


i2i is the first choice for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching training. Our holistic approach ensures that your training and development needs are at the heart of what we do,which allows you to give your new career the start you are looking for.

We specialise in: • NLP Practitioner Training • NLP Master Practitioner Training


E LC 3836


• Presentation Training skills with NLP • ILM Accredited coaching and management programs up to level 7

NLP courses can be done in conjunction with ILM qualifications, i2i are also a ELCAS Approved Provider.

Tel: 0845 121 0475

BECOME A RAIL SIGNALLING ENGINEER Based in Ipswich (Suffolk), our training services have been fundamentally recognised as being pro-active, effective, and technically competent. Our 'Assistant Signalling Installer' program provides candidates with all the required competencies to become employable within the rail industry. Successful delegates will be technically qualified as assistant signalling installers, and hold rail industry recognised qualifications to verify this. This program of training (in conjunction with work experience) leads to an 'Institute of Railway Signalling Engineers' 1.2.220 technician licence. This licence covers the competence requirements for the Engineering Council Engineering Technician (EngTech) registration at Level3. Training is spread throughout 30 days (Mon-Fri) and consists of the following qualifications:

NEXT COURSES: 3rd Feb - 13th Mar 20 1st Jun - 10th Jul 20 1st Sep - 9th Oct 20

Basic Signalling 1 Electrical Installation of Signalling Systems Small rail tools Electrical Principles Safety Precautions When using Electrical Equipment Basic Diagram Reading Manual Handling First Aid Working at Height

(01473)242344 RT Training solutions is a trading division of RT Infrastructure Solutions Ltd Registered in England and Wales: 06903399 l August/September 2019




Keep your distance! ... and let the classroom come to you


Does the course lead to the qualification I want/need?


Will the course train me to the level required (by me or a potential


hanks to distance learning, you

What’s involved?

can study when and where you

Courses delivered through distance

want. There’s no need to be

Can I view the training materials first,

learning range from those taking as


Can I chat to previous learners?

physically on-campus to study or take

little as a few hours, to degrees and


Do I have to pass an entry test?

(some) training courses. And that, of

postgraduate qualifications that may


How much support is available? And in

course, is a considerable benefit to those

involve several years’ study. So-called

of you posted to far-flung locations,

‘short courses’ typically last days or


Can the whole course be done at a

meaning that you can continue your

weeks as opposed to months or years.

distance, or is it necessary to attend

studies wherever in the world you may

Even those subjects with a strong

training sessions at specific times?

be. Nothing need come between you

practical element often have modules

and your preparations for life As well as ‘distance learning’, you may come across other, related, terms such as ‘open learning’ and ‘distance supported learning’.

before committing?

what form?


How much time will I need to set aside


How much does the course cost?


Will there be an exam at the end?


Is the provider inspected or accredited


If I choose to study for a degree, do

that are suited to distance

in the civilian world.


To see a list of ODL QC-accredited learning providers, go to and click on ‘Find an accredited provider’, bottom left.

In truth, all of these

Thanks to the wide availability of useful

for study?

technology these days, learning materials

by an independent body?

and support may be

I have to complete it within three

provided by either one or a combination of the

years? l

following means: books,

types of learning are

email, the internet, podcasts

rough guide, open learning includes

Will I receive any special consideration for study problems as a result of

phone, DVD, CD-ROM,

likely to overlap, but, as a


employer)? l

operational duties? l

Is the course available via learning

and via mobile learning; the latter

tools that I will be able to access? (For

more face-to-face classes than distance

is where the student accesses course

example, if you are in an environment

learning, while the word ‘supported’

content stored on a mobile device or

where IT availability is limited, you

usually indicates that there are tutors

through a wireless server. Some providers

should select a course where it is

and physical material available to help

offer course elements via the iTunes

possible to use paper and telephone,


Store, which can be downloaded free of

at least for a limited period.)

August/September 2019 l

Readers must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest

YOU CAN BE STUDYING FOR YOUR DEGREE IN 2019 Use your ELC and experience to enrol on our courses. We have many courses currently listed on ELCAS including: • • • •

Biomedical Science Psychology with Counselling Occupational Therapy Counselling, Coaching & Mentoring • Physical Education & Sports Coaching • Sport & Exercise Therapy • Sport & Exercise Science

• • • • • • • • •

Physiotherapy Sociology Police Studies Criminology Business Management Marketing Management Sports Management Primary Education 3-7 Primary Education 5-11

Our new mature learner scheme provides additional support for applicants coming from a non-traditional background, speak to us to find out more. Don’t see what you’re interested in? Get in touch with our Admissions Team and we’ll support you to the next step in your career. E: | T: 01904 876598

Military Service Leavers Ad.indd 1

31/07/2019 09:42:36 l August/September 2019




charge. Many courses make extensive

the entrance examinations of a particular

learning, and that use ICT systems to

use of the internet. Others involve tutor

professional body.

enable users to access learning.

groups, which may meet regularly,

Both higher education (HE) and

or ‘summer camps’ of a few weeks’

further education (FE) courses can

direct from the ‘horse’s mouth’

duration to provide classroom education

be taken via distance learning. The

(somebody who has first-hand experience

that complements regular, directed

difference between these is not always

of a course or a training provider),

coursework at a distance.

clear-cut though, and in some cases

written prospectuses and, of course, the

(e.g. foundation degrees), both types

internet. The website of the Open and

are involved. Many qualifications are

Distance Learning Quality Council (ODL

The great thing about distance learning –

modular; this means that you complete

QC) is particularly helpful (again see ‘Key

especially for those, like you, in the Armed

them in sections (modules), often of


Forces – is that it puts you in control of

your own choosing, and credits gained

your education. Once you have chosen

from a selection of such courses can be

and enrolled on your course (see below),

added together to ‘add up’ to degrees and

Who are the learning providers?

you are free to study when, where – and,

other HE qualifications. It is not always

Many learning providers are neither HE

these days, how – you choose, so you can

necessary to have an undergraduate

nor FE institutions, although they may

fit your education around your current

degree to gain a master’s; neither is it

have links of varying strengths with

work and/or family commitments. It’s

necessary to have one in order to achieve

one or more colleges or universities.

entirely up to you.

many professional qualifications.

Many companies run large training

At your convenience

And, of course, in these days of laptops,

Increasingly, Service people like you

departments, and there are also many

notebooks, tablets and mobile learning,

are taking distance learning modules

commercial organisations that provide

you can set up and study at a location of

as part of the training that contributes

training to paying clients. Much of the

your choice – home or work, at a cafe, even

to career progression. So, you could

training such providers deliver is of

while travelling. Importantly, too, you can

be studying with a view to gaining

excellent quality and targeted carefully

work at your own pace – there are no term

qualifications that will help you while in

at the needs of civilian employers in a

times to be rigidly stuck to (although you

the Forces or when you leave, or just for

specific market sector. Many commercial

may have to sit exams, which may take

personal interest – out of enthusiasm for a

businesses offering training use the

place only at specific times).

particular subject.

premises of academic institutions to

To sum up, distance study enables you

But how do you know who is a good

deliver courses, and may have contracts

take responsibility for your own learning.

provider and who is not? And exactly

with employment agencies to help their

However, although you will be in control,

which course do you need? All this choice

students find work.

a good provider will offer support – so you

can prove confusing! In the accompanying

will certainly not be alone, left completely

‘Ask yourself …’ panel, there is a checklist

some of the bigger distance learning

to your own devices, but will have back-up

that should help you.

organisations, however – as mentioned

and assistance as and when you require it.

You are likely to have heard of

above – there are many other providers

There are also likely to be self-checks and

Finding out more

interim tests to help ensure that you are

Service education and training staff, both

of courses, some with discounts for

on target, and tutor-marked assessments

within your unit and specialists, can often

Service people (ask your education

to provide valuable feedback, as well as a

provide the best advice about what you

and training adviser for further

telephone helpline to call or someone to

might want and what it is actually possible

information). Q

email for advice if you get stuck.

for you to achieve. They can also

How do I choose a course and provider?

provide you with information about the funding available to support your studies, and recommend

out there too, also offering a wide range



Although necessarily influenced by

the subjects that you should be

demand from learners, there are loads

encouraged to pursue – particularly

of courses available in distance learning

with a view to a second career when

form. And because the choice of provider

leaving the Services. Increasing numbers

0800 101 901

is huge, too, you are more than likely to

of Forces learning and education centres

be able to track down the course you

and personal learning advisers also have


are looking for. This may be something

access to e-learning opportunities.

that will give you a general grounding


Other information sources include

Information about courses is also


Open and Distance Learning Quality

or background in a particular subject or

available from learndirect (see ‘Key

area (that you may go on to study in more

contacts’). It, too, runs its own courses

020 8658 8337

depth later), or you might be looking to

and learning centres with tutor support,

focus on something very specific – such as

where students can undertake online

August/September 2019 l

Council (ODL QC)


RESETTLEMENT ON YOUR DOORSTEP Delivering accredited qualifications and employability skills for service personnel and their families. Use your Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) to start your training programme two years before your intended leaving date and for up to five years after leaving. Combine it with Individual Resettlement Training Cost (IRTC) and get more for your money! Health & Safety NEBOSH, IOSH, HABC Leadership and Management ILM Licensed Hospitality HABC Tree Felling LANTRA, NPTC, NPORS Pesticides C&G, NPTC

For more information Phone: 08453 452235 Email: Website:

ELC 1217




Aim higher!

Higher education at a college or university is about more than just degree courses – it offers a range of options, including Higher National Certificates and Diplomas (HNCs and HNDs), and foundation degrees, all of which generally have a more vocational slant. So, if you’re ready to step up to the next level, HE could be the option for you.


f you’re thinking of embarking on a

the subject. It might be a really fascinating

the option of progressing to a degree if you

higher education (HE) qualification

course, which promises to lead to a host of

perform well enough on the early parts of

that’s great – you can use your ELC

career openings, but if it turns out you’re no

the course.

to fund anything above level 3, and that

good at it, you’re unlikely to end up with a

includes university modules and nationally

good qualification at the end of it – and may

through students completing a number

recognised diplomas. Other HE courses open

even fail altogether.

of modules, the distinction between HE

to you for consideration include diplomas,

It’s a good idea to start by thinking about

(generally academic) and further education

bachelor’s degrees, foundation degrees

the qualifications you already have and the

(FE) (often vocational) can be unclear.

and postgraduate qualifications. The only

subjects/areas you have a flair for. Other

Credits from a selection of courses can often

problem you are likely to have is in deciding

things you might want to think about include

be added together to gain degrees and other

exactly what and how to study!

the course provider’s academic reputation

HE qualifications.

Choosing an HE course

(you can find university league tables and

Both HE and FE courses can be taken via

subject ranking tables online), its graduate

distance learning. The difference between

You may already have a pretty good idea of

employment rates, and links between the

these is not always clear-cut, though, and

what you’d like to study at a higher level but,

university or college and employers.

in some cases (e.g. foundation degrees),

if you’re unsure, our advice is to make sure

Having decided what you want to study,

both types are involved. Many qualifications

you understand the nature of the subject you

you will be faced with a variety of ways of

are modular; this means that you complete

are considering, especially if it’s something

studying it.

them in sections (modules), often of your

new to you. So do your research, and ensure


With many qualifications being earned

own choosing, and credits gained from a

you know exactly what a course is offering

How do HE courses differ?

you – topic areas, what the modules will

The most basic difference is between the

together to ‘add up’ to degrees and other HE

cover, etc. Whatever else you take in to

levels of courses. While most HE courses


consideration, it goes without saying that

lead to a degree, some lead to sub-degree

you must have a strong interest in the

qualifications such as a Higher National

subject and the course content, as you will be

Certificate (HNC), Higher National Diploma


spending three years or more occupied with

(HND) or a foundation degree. In general,

Which? University is a free and

it, which won’t be much fun if it turns out

such courses will be shorter than a degree

independent website packed with

you’re not that struck with it after all!

selection of such courses can be gathered

course, more vocationally orientated and will

everything you need to find the right

You are also likely to do better at a

have lower entry requirements. Some will be

university course for you. See

course if you already have an aptitude for

linked to degree courses, though, giving you

August/September 2019 l

usually takes three or four years to complete


access support under the FEHE scheme to

full-time (some degrees, such as medicine,

Your line manager should be your

commence studies at master’s level but they

can take five or six years).

first point of contact. Each unit has an

Please note that Service leavers cannot

education/learning specialist, and each

can utilise their ELC for study at this level.

Postgraduate qualifications

Service also has a network of educational

popular higher-level course options you

Postgraduate qualifications are HE

and learning centres where advice can be

could choose from …

qualifications that require learners to have

sought and ideas explored.

Here’s a rundown of some of the other

already completed a bachelor’s degree. Most

Higher national certificates (HNCs) and higher national diplomas (HNDs)

types of postgraduate qualification will include

students get together for joint study periods

taught and research elements. They generally

in open learning, with distance learning

fall into one of two categories: postgraduate

generally catering for students who are so

HNCs and HNDs are work-related

certificate or postgraduate diploma.

far away that they study almost entirely by

(vocational) HE qualifications. While


on gaining knowledge, HNCs and HNDs are

Think you’re missing the necessary basics?

designed to give you the skills to put that

If you aren’t already in possession of the

ELC funding for higher education

knowledge to effective use in a particular

lower-level qualifications you would normally

The good news is that your ELC provides you

job. Highly valued by employers, both in

need to build on in order to secure your

with access to a first full level 3 or a first HE

the UK and overseas, they can also count

place on an HE course, the Access to Higher

qualification (e.g. foundation degree, first

towards membership of professional bodies

Education (HE) Diploma – often referred to

undergraduate degree or equivalent) free

and other employer organisations. HNCs

by its shorthand form, Access Diploma –

from tuition fees. This commitment means

can take one year to complete full-time and

could be for you. You can find out all you

that Service leavers who have joined at level

two years part-time (or via, say, distance

need to know about Access Diplomas on

2, say, and have taken the opportunity to

learning). HNDs take two years full-time and

our website: It’s a

gain a qualification such as an advanced

can also be taken part-time (which takes

qualification that prepares people for study

apprenticeship, or other accredited learning

longer). (The award of an HND requires more

at university, and is designed for those who

at level 3 or equivalent, may now be able to

units to be passed than for an HNC.) They

would like to study in HE but who left school

access their first higher-level qualification.

equate to approximately halfway between

without the usual qualifications, such as

an A-level and a degree, although they are,

A-levels. It is widely accepted by universities

– Defence Direction and Guidance for

as mentioned above, more practically based

and colleges, having been developed with

Training and Education, which can be

than the latter.

their support, and is designed to provide a

accessed and downloaded at www.

good grounding in the knowledge and study Q

bachelor’s degrees (see below) tend to focus

Full details can be found in JSP822

Foundation degrees

skills needed to succeed in HE. Although

Foundation degrees combine learning with

equivalent to A-levels, Access Diploma

work experience if you decide you want

courses are put together with people who

to ‘earn while you learn’. The equivalent

haven’t studied for a while in mind – and

COURSE FINDERS Full- and part-time courses

of two-thirds of a full honours degree, this

most don’t require prior qualifications. Many

l Unistats:

is a fully flexible qualification that allows

are suitable for study part-time or in the

you to study full- or part-time to fit your

evenings, which adds to their flexibility. Most

universities and colleges, including

lifestyle. On passing, you will gain 240

FE colleges in England and Wales offer such

student satisfaction and jobs after

‘points’ towards a full degree course, and full

Access courses, and a number are available

study (you have to apply to the college

account will be taken of any prior learning

through distance learning, so you should

and experience you have accrued, too.

be able to find a course that is convenient


Recent developments, including university

for you, and that caters for your interests

partnerships and funding, make these

or career ambitions. You can find out more

qualifications increasingly available to people

about Access to HE courses, browse courses

in the Services.

and read success stories on the Access to

Degree courses A bachelor’s degree is a course of HE

Compare official course data from

or university direct)

Search and apply for full-time courses by course name, provider name or location


National Careers Service: https://

Higher Education homepage at

advice/courses/Pages/default.aspx Search for full- and part-time courses

academic study leading to a qualification

How to learn

such as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor

Qualifications can be earned through full-

Postgraduate study

of Science (BSc). They are sometimes known

time courses, part-time courses, day release,

l Prospects:

as ‘ordinary’ or ‘first’ degrees. A bachelor’s

night school, open and distance learning

degree is designed to give learners a

(see the feature on page 24 of this issue).

thorough understanding of a subject, and

There will usually be more times when

postgraduate-courses l

Postgraduate Search: l August/September 2019




Making university affordable for you Members of the Armed Forces are just as welcome at university as anyone else, and if you are looking to study at university next year, there are a number of useful military bursaries available …


Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS)

talks about where to get any university

The Defence Technical Undergraduate


Portsmouth University

bursaries or grants, very few people talk

Scheme (DTUS) is for Service students


Southampton University

about the grants, scholarships and bursaries

who are thinking of studying engineering


Strathclyde University.

available for those already serving in the

courses, technical courses, business courses

While it is possible to join the DTUS as a


and logistics courses at university. It acts

direct applicant, most students will have

much like a feeder course for students for

to have completed two years of study at

the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and

Welbeck, the Defence Sixth Form College

the MoD Civil Service, and is run by the


cholarships, bursaries and student grants are available for students who need them, but while everyone

What are military bursaries?

Newcastle University


Northumbria University


Oxford University

Military bursaries are schemes designed to

Defence Academy, which is responsible

help students who are in the military. Money

for the training of postgraduates and for

is made available for students who may

general postgraduate education. Those

Army Undergraduate Bursary – Standard (AUBS)

have financial hardships or who are signed

using the DTUS will receive a bursary of

The MoD offers around 150 AUBS a year.

up under specific scholarships.

£4,000 a year towards their studies and can

These payments are generally broken down

These bursaries can be subject-specific

also earn up to £2,000 a year in potential

by the years of your course: if you are doing

as well as circumstance-permitting. Many

training pay on top of that.

a typical undergraduate course you will

roles in the military will require a formal



Only a few universities are actually

be paid £6,000 in total throughout your

education from university, so these

partnered with the DTUS, however. These

course, while those studying a four-year

bursaries will be essential in your progress


degree will receive £7,000. These payments

throughout university, although some


Aston University

will be made in increments every year of

bursaries will depend on whether or not you


Birmingham City University

your study and will eventually add up to the

have passed the officer selection process.


Cambridge University

total amount stated above, also depending


Imperial College London

on the year that you apply. They typically


Loughborough University

break down like this:

August/September 2019 l


apply in the first year of university and

As for AUBS, above, how this bursary is

three years of study, with a final lump sum

you will receive £2,000 per year for

awarded depends on when you apply.

paid on completion of military training. You

three years l

two years apply in the third year of university and

The AUBT is open to anyone who is looking

you will receive a £6,000 lump sum.

in to joining any one of the technical corps.

and you will receive £3,000 per year for l

must be within three years of completing

Army Undergraduate Bursary – Technical (AUBT)

apply in the second year of university

your course and are required to complete four years’ service as a minimum upon commissioning.

These are the Royal Signals, Royal Electrical

Royal Navy Standard and Technical Bursaries

and Mechanical Engineers, or Royal Logistic

Students who are looking at the potential

Corps. You also have to study at or apply to

of joining the Royal Marines, the Warfare,

an Army-endorsed engineering or science

Logistics or the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal

The AUBE is open specifically for high-

degree. The value of this award is £16,000,

Navy as an officer are eligible for a bursary

performing candidates. This means that

which is divided by the number of years

that will entitle them to £1,500 a year.

you will have to have achieved a minimum

remaining on your studies – however, if

Meanwhile, students who are looking to

of ABB at A-level, which is the equivalent

you are in your final year, you will receive a

study accredited mathematics, physics

of 128 UCAS Tariff Points. You must also

lump sum of £16,000.

or engineering degrees at non-DTUS

Army Undergraduate Bursary – Enhanced (AUBE)

be on course to achieve a 2:1 degree or

universities, and are looking to join the

demonstrate the qualities expected of a

Professionally Qualified Officer (PQO)

potential officer. If you can achieve the

This bursary is available to potential

prerequisites for this bursary, then you will

medical, dental, veterinary, nursing and

With grateful thanks to Uni Compare for

receive a bursary of up to £24,000. This

allied health professional officers. It is one

the information contained in this feature.

is £18,000 paid throughout the duration

of the highest-paid bursaries available

To find out more, visit

of your course and the remaining £6,000

from the Army, with a maximum award of Q

when you are commissioned as an officer.

£75,000 paid in instalments during the final

even higher, and will also be expected to

Royal Navy as an engineer officer, are entitled to £4,000 a year in payments.


Trading Trading   asas

UWTSD offers a wide range of degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

We pride ourselves on our excellent links with industry with many courses delivering dual awards - One example is our Computer Networks course which carries CISCO accreditation.


rankeecently in d 7th


for Ache UK adem E ic



Tim Studees Higher Ed nt Exp erienc ucation e Sur vey

The Training Standard Since 1993 | ELCAS number 1763

E LC 4615


Refrigeration Refrigeration  &&Air-­‐Conditi Air-­‐Conditioning oning

Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Comprehensive TTraining raining Standards ElectricalComprehensive   Training to Industry HAL Training has been delivering ELC approved refrigeration and air conditioning training since 1993 and have a proven record within the industry, working with many high profile employers.

15 15  DDay   ay  RRefrigeration   efrigeration  CCourses   ourses  

15F F   Day Courses GGas   as  BRefrigeration By  y  Logic   Logic  CCertification ertification Level 3 F Gas - CAT 1

ity &&  G  6187/31 Hydrocarbon   Hydrocarbon   66187-­‐31   187-­‐31   BBy  & y  CCGuilds ity   Guilds uilds Level 3 Hydrocarbons City

Level 3 Mobile Air Conditioning City & Guilds 7543/01

Elcas Elcas  AApproved   pproved   44615 615 Mobile   Mobile  AAir  ir  conditioning   cPipework onditioning   77543-­‐01   543-­‐01   BBy  y  CCity   ity  &&  G  Guilds uilds and Brazing Training All All100%   100%  Level LevelCourse 3  3   4 Day Electrical

18th Edition Wiring Regulations BS7671:2018 15 15   Day DayCourses CoursesELC ELCApproved Approved

15 Day Refrigeration Courses

Feb 5th   to  to   23rd   2018 Feb   5th   23rd   2018 Apr to  to   27th   2018 Apr9th   9th   27th   2018

We offer bursaries of up to £1000 to armed forces personnel, recognition of prior learning as well as excellent support from specialist staff. Get in touch today and take the first step back into education.


Sep 9th to 27th 2019 Jun 2018 Jun4th 4thtoto22nd 2018 Oct22nd 14th to 1st Nov 2019 Nov 25th to Dec 13th 2019

10 10   Day DayCourses Courses

4 Day Electrical Feb 5th   to  to   16th   2018 Feb   5th   16th   2018 Courses Apr to  to   20th   2018 Apr9th   9th   20th   2018

Sept 16th to 19th 2019 Jun toto15th Jun 4th 15th2018 2018 Oct 28th to4th 31st 2019 Nov 18th to 21st 2019

HAL HAL   Training   Training   services   services   Ltd  Ltd   has   has   been   been   delivering   delivering   resettlement   resettlement   courses courses forfor many many years years however however to to find find ourour services services onon thethe ELCAS ELCAS web web sitesite youyou willwill need need to to enter enter thethe following following search search criteria, criteria, DETA   DETA   2000 2000 Ltd, Ltd, Refrigeration Refrigeration or or 4615 4615 which which is the is the new new center center code. code.

Telephone: 01302 349724 Email: l August/September 2019




Boost your prospects while serving How your ELC can benefit both you and your Service


s noted elsewhere in this

but that are also highly likely to prove

other areas are likely to serve you well in

publication, the main purpose

useful once you leave the Forces, could

future, too – not forgetting the benefit to

of ELC is to encourage serving

include accountancy and management

your Service branch now, of course! Q

personnel to pursue higher-level learning

qualifications, or courses related to

that benefits both the learner and the

health and safety, and facilities or project

Armed Forces. This is to comply with

management. Depending on your Service

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) rules,

role, you could find yourself in a position to

which state that any money provided for

embark on a range of studies that will turn

your personal development has to be of

out to have a very useful crossover into


immediate benefit to both the Armed

the civilian workplace when the time comes

Under the ELC scheme, most courses

Forces and the individual – if not, the

for you to make the transition.

of study undertaken by individuals still

MoD would be liable for tax! (See the

For example, thinking of IT training

serving are exempt from taxation, either

accompanying box for more tax-related

as an example, the Tech Partnership (a

as income or as a benefit in kind, if they


network of employers working to creating

can be justified as ‘work related’. In

skills for the UK’s digital economy) has

order for Service leavers to benefit fully,

those courses that will benefit your own

The best of both worlds is offered by

been involved in putting together a

too, HMRC and MoD worked together to

career and promotion prospects in the

matrix of eligible higher-level vendor IT

reach an agreement on tax exemption.

Services – and ultimately help you find

qualifications, which in these high-tech

This means that the Service leaver (or

employment on leaving – as well as offering

times will prove as useful to you on leaving

their surviving spouse, civil partner or

a benefit to the Service while you remain

as they are while you remain in Service.

eligible partner, where appropriate) will

in uniform.

Similar work has taken place with Summit

not be required to pay income tax on

Skills with regard to building services

payments received under the ELC and

engineering-related courses. A great many

FEHE schemes. This allows them to draw

Some of the areas of education that your Service role might require,

maximum benefit from the least for a limited period.


August/September 2019 l

Readers must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest

Looking for a career in construction? Need to get qualified? Call Train4All today!

Develop Your Future Career with


New Entrants or Technical Upgrades Qualifications at Levels 2, 3, & 4

South Molton, 5 week Level 3 Certificate in North Devon Building, Installation and Property Maintenance

9th Sept 19 23rd March 20

(ELCAS Funded)

4 week Construction Skills

25th Nov 2019 8th June 2020

5 week Level 3 Certificate in Building, Installation and Property Maintenance

4th Nov 19 13th Jan 20 27th April 20 29th June 20

4 week Construction Skills

30th Sept 19 2nd March 20

(Funded for those in last 3 months)

Somerton, Somerset

(ELCAS Funded)

(Funded for those in last 3 months)

Plus NVQs, Diplomas, Short Courses, Health & Safety, Management

For further details: Call 01458 274043 or

• • • • • • • • • •

Part ‘P’ Electrical Electrical Inspection & Testing Plumbing & Heating L2 & 3 New Entrant Gas New Entrant Managed Programme Domestic and Commercial Gas (ACS) L3 Domestic Electrician L2 & L3 Industrial Electrician L3 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration L2 & L3 Air Conditioning New Entrant 10 Day Course L3 NEBOSH General Certificate

Experienced Worker Distance Learning NVQ Qualifications L2 & L3 • Processing Hydrocarbons • Air-conditioning & Refrigeration • Electro Technical Electrician • Engineering Maintenance • Mechanical and Electrical For expert advice contact us:

01652 658151


E LC 1060


Previous Learner Satisfaction Score 99% l August/September 2019




Realise your


Power up your future with a career in electrical or electronic engineering, whose applications span a host of diverse industries

Qualifications range from NVQ level 2, national certificates and diplomas (NCs and NDs), through apprenticeships to master’s degrees, with institute membership at the appropriate grade being available to most professional engineers.

What’s involved?

Electrical engineering is somewhat


removal and reinstallation of faulty chips

different. In general, Forces electricians

and boards the norm.

work on equipment that moves rather

includes such areas as informatics,

Engineers electricians work across the

engineering is about the way electricity

control, electronics and communications,

whole spectrum of power supply, from

is used to control equipment. However,

power management, manufacturing and

generation to distribution, often in

the very close association of the Institute

science, and engineering and technology.

difficult and dangerous environments.

of Electrical Engineers with the British

Its associated industries span aerospace,

The Royal Navy’s engineers are very

Computer Society demonstrates that the

construction, media and communications,

familiar with electrical generation and

line between electrical and electronic

medical technologies, railways and road

distribution on-board ship.

engineering is blurred.


n simple terms, electrical engineers deal with power generation and power supply, while electronic

Modern manufacturing techniques


Electrical and electronic engineering

than static installations, although Royal

Get qualified!

tend to make replacement of a faulty

Skill up while serving

component more cost-effective for the

All three Services have electronic

qualifications to work in any branch of

consumer than repairing it. This means

engineering specialists, working on

engineering. The academic ones include

that much of the traditional role of the

sophisticated and complex instruments,

degrees, diplomas and certificates, while

maintenance engineer has changed,

vehicles, engines (including nuclear

vocational qualifications include A-levels,

particularly in the electronics field, with

reactors) and other equipment.

apprenticeships, and national and

August/September 2019 l

It is necessary to have appropriate

Scottish vocational qualifications (NVQs/

colleges and universities offering suitable

SVQs). You will also need colour-normal

courses, as well as advice about applying.


vision for this type of work.

(There is more about the IET in the section

If you have the following skills and

on ‘Professional organisations’, below.)

abilities, a career in electrical or

To become an electrical engineer, you would usually need to complete an

For electrical engineering, the

electronic engineering could be for you:

HNC, HND or foundation degree, degree

basic requirement is the 18th Edition


independent thought

in electrical or electronic engineering

Wiring Regulations. This latest edition


imagination and vision

or related subject (e.g. building services

was introduced in July 2018 and


an innovative approach

engineering). Many appropriate courses

demonstrates that holders of the


above-average intelligence

are widely available, in areas including:

qualification know the necessary


a keenness to learn, combined with

electrical or electronic engineering,

regulations and how to use them; it

mechanical engineering, aeronautical

is virtually impossible to start in the

engineering and building services

industry without this qualification. The

engineering. With a degree in a relevant

design of electrical installations has

subject, you may be able to join a

been required to comply with the 18th

company’s graduate trainee scheme.

Edition since January 2019. If you have

To succeed as an engineer, you must

already passed your 17th edition with the

be able to identify a problem and then

you would, again, normally need an HNC

3rd amendment (usually since 1 January

try to find the best solution as quickly

or HND, foundation degree or degree

2015), you can take a one-day update

as possible – and at the lowest cost.

in a relevant electronics subject (e.g.

course. Everyone else will need to take

And, sometimes, finding the optimum

electronic/electrical engineering or

the full three-day 18th Edition training

solution will call for ‘unlogical’ thinking.

engineering technology). An employer

course, which costs around £500.

To become an electronic engineer,

logical reasoning l

an aptitude and liking for mathematics


ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

may accept qualifications in related subjects if electronics was covered as part of the course. Examples include software engineering, computer science and aerospace engineering. The Institution of Engineering and

FIND OUT MORE More specific information on some aspects of electronic engineering can be found in our articles on computing and IT, and telecommunications, which you can find at and respectively.

Technology (IET) website has details of l August/September 2019







Engineering Technicians (EngTech),

Training and development


Once in a role, you may benefit from

Information and Communications

on-the-job training courtesy of your

Technology Technicians (ICTTech).

employer. In any case, it is important

It also sets and maintains the

that you continue to develop your

internationally recognised standards of

skills and knowledge throughout your

competence and ethics that govern the

career, through continuing professional

award and retention of the above titles.

development (CPD). Membership of

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is the second-largest

Chartered Institution of Building Services

professional engineering body in the

Engineers will give you access to CPD

world. It has active networks of members

schemes, news on industry developments

across the world and five categories of

and opportunities for further training.

individual membership. You can read

If you have a relevant degree, you may

about these in detail on its website (see

be able to join your employer’s graduate

‘Key contacts’).

training scheme.

The Science, Engineering and

You could also improve your

An ECS card is instantly recognisable

Manufacturing Technologies Alliance

career prospects by working towards

within the electrotechnical industry

(Semta) is an employer-led not-for-profit

incorporated (IEng) or chartered (CEng)

and allows you to demonstrate your

organisation responsible for developing

status. To do this, you should register

credentials to others – from employers

engineering skills to support the future

with your relevant professional body and

and clients to business contacts and

of UK industry. Says its chief executive,

apply to the Engineering Council. You

colleagues. The card displays your

Ann Watson: ‘The demand for talented

can find out more on the Engineering

qualifications and main electrical

and qualified employees has never

Council website (see ‘Key contacts’). As

occupation, shows you have been H&S

been greater. We act as the catalyst to

an incorporated engineer, you would

assessed and proves your identity on site.

reconnect education and industry, and

specialise in the day-to-day management

create the highly skilled and dynamic

of engineering operations. At chartered

get employment on building sites without

workforce needed to re-energise UK

level, you would have a more strategic

one because many UK employers specify

industry and drive its future success.’

role, planning, researching and

that holding the appropriate ECS card

With this very much in mind, Semta

developing new ideas, and streamlining

is compulsory for those working with

has developed a series of engineering

management methods.

electricity on their sites.

national occupational standards (NOS)

You will find it increasingly difficult to

To find out more, visit Source:

The most highly qualified people

at levels 1 to 5, which underpin the

(degrees and above) generally plan

qualifications relevant to study in this

and manage electrical and electronic

field (further information is available

engineering projects, with the next

direct from Semta – see ‘Key contacts’).

level of expertise supervising their

The Electrical Contracting Industry’s

implementation, and the least skilled

Joint Industry Board regulates relations

people actually doing the work.

between employers and employees,

Experience leads to bigger and better

including productivity, skills levels and

jobs, while gaining academic and

wages. It also runs the Electrotechnical

vocational qualifications will make it

other useful information on electrical

Certification Scheme (ECS), under

possible for you to develop and move up

installation, engineering and maintenance

which people are issued with cards that

the career ladder.

careers in our in-depth look at the

show their overall level of competence,

building trades here: www.questonline.

specialisations and qualifications (see


Professional organisations

Use your ELC

The Engineering Council UK is the

Under the ELC scheme, a wide range

resources for finding vacancies and

profession’s lead body and registers

of learning can be taken, provided it

general background reading:

all engineers who have met standards

is offered by an approved provider


of education, training and professional

listed on the ELC website at www.

competence. It holds the national and is at

registers of:

level 3 or above. For full details of how to


Chartered Engineers (CEng)

make the most of your ELC, refer to our


Incorporated Engineers (IEng)

in-depth features on pages 10–32.

Find out more about this, and


a professional body like the IET or

August/September 2019 l

INFORM YOURSELF You may find the following useful

CIBSE Journal Jobs:




The Engineer:



Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) 020 8675 5211 @CIBSE


What can you earn? As this is such a wide-ranging industry, the following figures can give only a very rough guide to salaries in this sector. l

Adult trainee electricians aged 21-plus will probably start on about £17,000, with improvers on around £20,000

Finding employment

and approved electricians on about

When looking for your first job, it may

£25,000. They will also receive shift

help you to have some work experience.

pay and overtime. The estimated

You can gain this through a work

starting salary for a graduate

placement as part of a course or by

electrical engineer is £20,000.

arranging your own placement with a


relevant company.

EngTechs might expect to earn start on £20,000, rising to £35,000

projects are usually contracted and

as they gain experience, and up to

then subcontracted to many different

£50,000 for senior people. CEngs are

entities. Most people start out in the

the most qualified people, starting

field as an electrician’s mate or work

at about £25,000, and with an upper

for a contractor for a minimum of two

limit that depends entirely on the type

years to gain experience. Once they

of work done, the contract terms, the

have worked for a while on a number of

seniority of the individual, and the

projects, and have a good reputation and

company. The average income for a

the necessary qualifications, they can

qualified chartered electrical engineer

set up on their own. All contractors must inspect and test their own work. They

Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) 01923 260000 @ECITB_Skills Engineering Council UK 020 3206 0500 @EngCouncil

around £28,000, while IEngs could

In the electrical engineering industry,

Electrical Contractors Association 020 7313 4800 @ECALive

is £50,000. l

In general terms, experienced

may also inspect and test other electrical

electrical and electronic engineers

work for landlords, insurance companies

can earn between £25,000 and

and major builders.

£40,000 a year, and senior electronic engineers between £40,000 and £55,000. Q

Institution of Engineering and Technology 01438 313311 @TheIET Joint Industry Board 01322 661600 @JIBelectrical Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Alliance (Semta) 0845 643 9001 @SemtaSkills l August/September 2019




Your fighting-fit future If you’re considering swapping your uniform for a tracksuit – or maybe even a little something in Lycra – you’ll find a variety of careers to choose from. From boot camp leader to basketball coach, personal trainer to Pilates instructor, the sport and fitness sector could be the perfect fit for your future career What’s involved?

(courses on coaching and officiating, for example, can lead to recognised civilian qualifications). The sector will generally accept relevant Service training and experience, but you must be prepared to take additional courses or undergo assessment to reach official standards. Indeed, when many people think of ex-Services personnel


for skilled exercise professionals to fill the

going into the fitness business, military

growing number of employment vacancies.

PT-based organisations (e.g. ‘boot camps’)

one of the fastest-growing sectors in the

Each Service has its PT instructors – you

former members of the Armed Forces. With

UK economy, focusing on the leading and

might be one? Military PTI class 1, 2 and 3,

this in mind, there are courses available

supervision of sport, exercise and physical

and the All Arms PTI certificates qualify

that are specially tailored to Service

activity. The UK has thousands of sport and

holders to join the Register of Exercise

leavers wishing to take up such roles.

fitness clubs, leisure centres and gyms for

Professionals (REPS – see box), and there

The situation is similar in outdoor

public use, and there is increasing demand

is growing formal recognition for military

education and development. The various

ogether, sport and fitness make up one of the UK’s largest employment sectors, as well as


qualifications by civilian authorities

Skill up while serving

August/September 2019 l

are the first to spring to mind, with their outdoor fitness classes run by serving or

regulatory bodies accept only civilian


qualifications, so if you’re an adventurous training instructor, you will have to ensure you meet civilian standards if you wish to continue in this area on leaving the Services.

Get qualified! Many different qualifications help with a career in sport and fitness. Technical ability

or fitness instruction award, and then work

is critical, of course, but also important

to gain the necessary experience.

are personal aptitudes like effective

Many sport and recreation-related

communication, customer care, teamwork

foundation, graduate and postgraduate

and people skills.

degrees will allow you to teach PE in schools. Some of these are part-time or

Example courses: sport

taken through distance learning, so are

Some FE colleges offer specialist

suitable for those already in employment.

qualifications, and UK Coaching works with

Taking a higher national diploma (HND) or

the various sport national governing bodies

certificate (HNC) will also prepare you for a

(NGBs) to provide personal development

management role, although expertise in a

programmes for all sports coaches.

particular sport or area of fitness is also a

There are sport National and


Scottish Vocational Qualifications (N/

Other opportunities in this industry are

SVQs) at levels 1–3. For the most up-to-

massively wide ranging for those with a

date information on these, contact

keen interest, so we’ll focus on just a tiny

SkillsActive direct (see ‘Key contacts’).

sample of the courses available here …

Individuals are assessed in a number of


Becoming a sports masseur

competencies in the workplace, with most

(particularly if you come from a

qualifications requiring six mandatory

background of competitive sport) is

units and four optional ones. To gain them,

an attractive and flexible option for

individuals will need a portfolio of skills

freelance working and/or developing

and responsibilities. Many people start by

into another side of the sport business.

gaining a qualification like an NGB coaching

A sports massage qualification for someone with absolutely no experience can be achieved by taking a combined course in holistic and sports massage, which will incorporate the anatomy and physiology tuition you require. Such a course can be taken as a fasttrack option over 14 weekends plus part-time study during a 12-month period, as well as achieving 220 hours of massage practice outside of the classroom. Prices can be in excess of £3,500, and will result in a BTEC Professional Diploma (level 5) in, for example, Sports Massage and Sports Treatments. l

A course in sports nutrition could add a valuable practitioner string to your freelance bow, allowing you to combine it with, say, coaching and massage. There are plenty of self-paced home study courses in this field (typically you could complete one part-time in four to six months), costing from £350 l August/September 2019






GP exercise referral schemes continue

These days, one of the roles most synonymous with fitness is that of the personal

to grow in the UK. Training to work

trainer. Personal trainers (PTs) need to be adaptable and fully equipped to deal with

with medically referred clients can be

whatever comes their way. Each client will be different and their goals will vary –

undertaken in roughly five days, face to

there really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach in the fitness world. This

face, for those already holding a level

is also reflected in the sheer variety of places where a PT can work. They are longer

2 qualification and will cost around

to confined to the gym, and there are now opportunities to train clients outdoors or

£600. As part of the qualification, you

at their own homes. Delivering online training is becoming an increasingly popular

must also attain the level 3 Anatomy

avenue to take, too, while ambitious trainers might also look at corporate training or

and Physiology theory paper, which can

even working on a cruise ship for something truly outside the box.

cost around £100 and can be studied as

To find out more about working as a PT and how to qualify, read the separate feature on page 44.

an e-learning option.

Use your ELC Under the ELC scheme, a wide range of training can be taken, provided it is offered by an approved provider listed on the ELC website at www.enhancedlearningcredits. com and is at level 3 or above. For full details of how to make the most of your ELC, refer to our in-depth features on pages 10–32.

Finding employment Fitness instructing

A common way to enter the health and fitness sector is as a fitness instructor. Although there are no formal academic requirements for this, a recognised fitness instructor qualification is usually required and the minimum age to practise unsupervised is 18 years. Applicants to upwards, and resulting in externally

total) can be completed in a handful

instructing courses require no formal

validated and recognised national

of days or two/three weekends,

qualifications although it can be an


and costs approximately £650. This

advantage to hold a first aid certificate.

At degree level, a BSc in Sport,

qualification will allow you to, for

If you think you might like to enter the

Fitness and Coaching is a useful

instance, work one-to-one with clients

industry in future, it is – as mentioned

training avenue if you wish to take on

in a gym setting, including planning an

above – an advantage to register with the

leadership roles within the sector or

appropriate programme of training and

Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs –

eventually further your career towards

supervising client progress.

see box). Fitness instructor work can cover

If you already have some teaching

a wide range of activities at a variety of

roles. Such a course can even be taken

experience within the fitness sector,

levels, meaning there is also a range of

via flexible part-time study over a six-

and are qualified as a level 2 Fitness

opportunities available; in addition, entry

year period and is likely to cost around

Instructor or level 3 Yoga or Pilates

to roles at an older age is not uncommon,


Instructor, an exercise and disability

which will be good news for some of our

qualification (e.g. level 3 Programming

readers! A host of industry-endorsed

Example courses: fitness

and Supervising Exercise with Disabled

courses, vocational qualifications,

The aforementioned REPs is a system of

Clients) could widen your employability

apprenticeships and training schemes are

self-regulation for everyone involved with

by helping you to understand different


exercise and fitness (again, see box). And,

fitness markets and the different

as with sport, courses available within the

barriers that some people need help

fitness industry are incredibly diverse.

to overcome in order to maintain an

Sports coaching, teaching and instructing

Again, we offer just a brief glimpse here.

appropriate level of fitness. Courses

Coaching may form part of a full-time


For those looking for a relatively

generally run over a three-day period,

job role in the industry, like a sports

quick entry point into work in this

with extra theoretical work away from

development officer or outdoor instructor.

sector, fitness instructor training

the classroom, and can cost about

Coaches need an appropriate qualification

(there are three accredited levels in


from a sport NGB, and many of the


management or sports development



August/September 2019 l


From one uniform to another; stepping from the armed forces into healthcare Choosing a new career path when you leave military service can be perplexing, particularly if you want a role that uses your existing skills but offers a fresh challenge too. University of Cumbria offers a wide range of courses that merge both physical learning with academic studies to ensure that you’re not stuck in a lecture theatre or behind a desk. There’s even dedicated funding available for many courses. For many armed forces veterans, a role in healthcare ticks all the right boxes, not least as it offers a new way of enjoying a purposeful job role. Working in a health-related field is a continuation of your desire to serve others, the motivation that probably led you to seek MOD employment in the first place. There are a lot of other reasons why careers in health, such as Physiotherapy, Radiography or even nursing, are ideally suited to those leaving the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force; and why you will find it relatively easy to get a job with prospects.

You possess a unique set of attributes and abilities Many of the skills and personal attributes you develop during years serving in the armed forces make you an ideal recruit for health-related jobs. You have proven abilities to learn quickly and follow a series of instructions and procedures to perfection. Much of healthcare is carefully controlled and regulated, requiring discipline and concentration– processes that you will be very familiar with. Many people in the armed forces will also have been required to use complex equipment and quickly understand new technology. These too are everyday features of life in busy hospitals, clinics and medical practices.

Personal factors in pursuing a career in healthcare Former military personnel also tend to be highly focused and good problem solvers. They are able to respond swiftly and calmly to even the most stressful situations. Keeping a clear head in a medical emergency or when someone is in pain can be a tremendous asset in modern healthcare environments. You’re sure to handle difficult situations extremely well. Even in the most cutting edge or traumatic areas of modern medicine, it is unlikely that you will be tested more thoroughly than when you were in combat situations or when the lives of your comrades were in your hands.

The same is true of being able to communicate easily with patients and other professionals from across a wide spectrum. The confidence and communications abilities gained in the military- and the camaraderie you enjoyed- will make you invaluable in creating positive relationships with colleagues and patients.

Ideal job roles for veterans The types of skills and values you gain during military service could well be impressive to a wide range of employers in healthcare. It’s a matter of choosing a particular sector and job role that you feel will interest you, and one that offers good prospects of progression through the 'ranks'. This could be general nursing, or a specialist area such as Occupational Therapy, Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Youth Work or Radiography. Whichever path you choose, the starting point would be to apply for training in healthcare, to add specific knowledge and experience to your transferable skills. The University of Cumbria has a growing community of ex-military because it offers a variety of different services and support to help you to choose the right career path after serving. The team also make the transition from military life to being a mature student seamless and stress-free. They also have particularly close ties with employers in the healthcare sector, we who they know are looking to recruit, so can guide you from one career to another with military precision. If you’re interested speak to the University to discuss your future career options and learn about available funding.

Apart from your ability to work well under pressure, and be disciplined in your approach to situations, you will also have another highly valued attribute to offer healthcare employers; team spirit. Working well with others is a crucial part of careers in health-related fields.

Call us on 03722 912 992 or visit to discover more




coaching or lifeguard awards, and

If you are serious about finding work in the fitness industry, you should be affiliated

gain experience before moving into

to the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). This is an independent public


register that recognises the qualifications and expertise of health-enhancing exercise instructors in the UK. One of its key functions is to provide a system of regulation for

Sports development

instructors and trainers, to ensure they meet the health and fitness industry’s agreed

Most local authorities and governing

national occupational standards (NOS). Members are acknowledged for their:

bodies have sports development teams



that provide sport and recreation on


adherence to the industry’s nationally recognised standards

an outreach basis, taking it into rural


ongoing education.

and urban communities. Experience

They are bound by a Code of Ethical Conduct and hold appropriate public liability

in voluntary sports coaching and

insurance. In order to remain on the Register, members must continue to meet the

administration or strategic leisure

standards set for their profession through continuing professional development

management is relevant. Specific sports


development qualifications and courses

Membership, which costs £40 a year, is open to exercise and fitness professionals

exist at certificate and diploma levels;

in a wide variety of roles. It also allows for the transferability of skills throughout the

however, coaching awards are usually

UK, across participating countries in Europe and around the world.


To find out more, visit

What can you earn? The sport and fitness sector is not particularly well paid, starting with the minimum wage. According to the latest available edition of SkillsActive’s Working in Fitness Survey, the average basic salary is £22,700 across all occupations working in full-time employment. However, this varies widely according to factors such as location and type of work. Some examples are:

personal qualities of the coach are ‘people

office staff who organise and market

skills’. There is a growing trend within

the activities, and a number of

coaching towards part-time or freelance

freelance leaders and guides

employment. Work is available as a

who manage things in the field.

voluntary coach within sports clubs or as a

Service experience is relevant in

part-time session coach in leisure centres.

this area, and it is common to start as

Many coaches work freelance for a number

a contracted expedition manager before

of organisations, and most have other jobs

joining a company in a regular capacity.

The outdoors

Sport, recreation and leisure centres

There are many organisations providing

Sport, recreation and leisure centres

all age groups with a range of sporting,

catering for a wide range of indoor and

physical and development activities, like

outdoor sports exist throughout the UK.

walking, climbing, kayaking and caving,

Employment varies from receptionists,

or just enjoying their surroundings.

lifeguards, coaches/instructors,

Instructors must hold a recognised

supervisors, booking managers and plant

award from the relevant NGB. Expedition

technicians to centre managers. Most

companies usually have a small head

people start in this area by obtaining

August/September 2019 l

full-time gym instructor £15,100


full-time personal trainer £22,500


part-time sports coach £16,700


part-time exercise referral £18,100. Q


as well.




Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) 0330 004 0004 @REPsUK SkillsActive 0330 004 0005 @SkillsActive UK Coaching 0113 274 4802 @_UKCoaching

Readers must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest

Have you ever thought about studying for a degree? It’s not too late to Study Sport at the University of Worcester The University of Worcester has a proven record of excellence in the field of sport and exercise science. We offer a wide range of inspiring courses from 2-year Foundation degrees, 3 year BSc degree courses and Masters programmes. Our courses can be studied full or part-time. The depth of our research affords us some highly specific expertise in a number of areas, from sports coaching science to sports business management. Funding may be available from the MoD’s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme: or from the Student Loans Company: students-and-customers F O R A F U L L L I S T O F O P E N DAYS A N D TO F I N D O U T M O R E V I S I T:


407_MOD Sports advert 185x125.indd 1

15/07/2019 09:43

TIME TO START YOUR NEXT CHAPTER? We’re ready when you are.

Let us help you make the transition. We have a heritage of helping ex-forces personnel use the diverse range of skills and abilities gained during their service careers; by matching them with a course that can introduce a wide range of new opportunies and a new future.

01204 900 600





One-to-one for the win The UK’s health and fitness industry is growing at an exponential rate and is currently worth more than £4 billion. This number is only set to increase year on year, with new fitness facilities opening all the time, backed up by innovative new trends and advances in technology. From social media to blogs, TV to apps and games, fitness truly is the mainstream. It’s estimated that one in every seven people in the UK is a gym member and, with that type of volume, the need for talented, qualified fitness professionals has never been greater …


will be different and goals will vary – there really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach in the fitness world. This is also reflected by the sheer variety of places where a personal trainer can work. PTs are longer to confined to the gym floor and there are now opportunities to train clients outdoors or at their own homes. Delivering online training is becoming an increasingly popular avenue to take, while ambitious trainers might also look at corporate training or even working on a cruise ship for something truly outside the box (see weblink).

ithout a doubt the role that

front of the TV and generally not moving.

is most synonymous with

Some consider sedentary behaviour as

side of becoming a personal trainer, it’s

fitness is that of the personal

dangerous as smoking, and with epidemic

important to explore what other qualities

trainer. Long gone is the perception that

levels of chronic diseases and increasing

are needed to succeed in the world of

having a personal trainer was something

rates of conditions such as obesity,

fitness. It’s one thing for people to eat

reserved only for the affluent; it’s been

diabetes, low back pain and high blood

healthily and call exercise their hobby, but

replaced by the actuality that – day in, day

pressure, it’s hard not to agree.

quite another to live and breathe health

out – personal trainers change the lives

All of this adds up to the fact that

Before considering the education

and fitness and carry an unwavering

of clients of all ages, backgrounds and

today’s personal trainers need to be

passion for the industry. Even personal

abilities. They really are the cornerstones

adaptable and fully equipped to deal with

trainers are allowed to let their hair

of the fitness industry and their influence

whatever comes their way. Each client

down, but the majority of the time they

couldn’t have come at a better time. In recent years we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in sedentary behaviour. We’re spending more time than ever on electronic devices, sitting down in


August/September 2019 l


Cruise to work in the fitness industry


personal trainers can upskill and expand the range of clients they can work with.


Potential courses include the level 3

Under the ELC scheme, a wide range

Diploma in Sports Massage (see weblink),

of learning can be taken, provided it

level 3 Exercise Referral (also known as

is offered by an approved provider

GP Referral), level 3 Exercise for Older

listed on the ELC website at www.

Adults and level 3 Exercise for Pre and and is at

will be eating properly, staying in shape,

Postnatal Clients. Remember that your

level 3 or above.

educating themselves and remaining

ELC can be used to take courses at level 3

motivated – even in the face of incredibly

and above (see box).

long and potentially draining days. It is an

Post-qualification, trainers will be

have the opportunity to truly take things

incredible undertaking and one that isn’t

faced with a choice as they enter the

global. The following is by no means an

for everyone.

world of work. Do they go self-employed

exhaustive list, but it does give a great

and be their own boss, or perhaps take a

idea about where trainers can find work:

personal trainer requires two fundamental

full- or part-time employed position at a


personal training agencies

steps. First, newcomers to fitness are

fitness facility? There are merits to both


cruise ships

required to complete the level 2 Gym

routes, although 76% of respondents to


holiday resorts

Instructor course, which teaches the

a recent Working in Fitness survey were


CrossFit boxes

basics of working in a gym and engaging



gyms and health clubs


schools, colleges and universities.

Practically speaking, becoming a

with clients. The logical progression

In terms of where trainers can

from level 2 Gym is of course the level

find work, there is a range of facilities

3 Certificate in Personal Training.

and, due to the fact that the level 3

Find out more

The completion of this course grants

Certificate in Personal Training is an

Contact HFE, one of the UK’s leading

fully qualified personal trainer status.

internationally recognised qualification,

providers of personal trainer courses and

Naturally, there are many ways in which

the most ambitious personal trainers

qualifications, and discover how you can become a leading personal trainer.


Level 3 Sports Massage course

Tel: 0800 612 4067 Web: Q l August/September 2019




The future is soft

Employment patterns are changing, nowadays a job for life is rare and it is expected that in future it will be normal to change career many times during your working life. Do you have the skills to succeed in this new world of work?


esearch by Centre for Cities shows that, by 2050,

Top 5 HE subjects studied by students with an Access to HE Diploma

machines will be doing many of the jobs currently done by humans. Jobs like construction, administration, storage

and customer service will be done as easily using technology. Today we use apps to order goods that can be delivered by drone, Nursing

or book tickets to travel on self-driving trains when a few years

Social sciences

ago we would have spoken to a member of staff to place the order and a person would have delivered our goods. But there are




Information Technology

Sales and Marketing


Nursing and Midwifery

Business and Finance

Public Services

some things that humans are better at, often known as soft skills. Human abilities for critical thinking, creativity and problem solving are difficult to get machines to do – and Source: Emsi 2019 Q1 data

that means we need to adjust to this changing job market. These skills need to be

Looking at the types of degree-level jobs in Wiltshire that are

developed – in particular

predicted to grow between 2019 and 2024, we see that nurses,

critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and interpersonal

teachers and production managers/directors in manufacturing

communication. As you can see from the table below, current

are growth areas. Access to HE Diplomas can prepare you to

job market analytics reveal that the top five skills have changed

continue your studies at university to take on one of these jobs

between 2015 and 2020.

and potentially increase your earning potential.

How the top five skills have changed 2015 1. Complex problem solving 2. Coordinating with others 3. People management 4. Critical thinking 5. Negotiation

Largest Occupations

2020 1. Complex problem solving 2. Critical thinking 3. Creativity 4. People management 5. Coordinating with others

2019 Jobs

2018 Median Hourly Wages Sales accounts and business Nurses (2231) Primary and nursery education Secondary education teaching Production managers Programmers and software IT specialist managers Financial managers

Making sure you are prepared for change is vital to help you

Marketing and sales directors Business and financial

succeed in this changing world of work. Access to Higher










Education Diplomas can help you develop these skills for use in higher-level study, but they are transferable skills that can easily be applied to the workplace. The Access to HE Diploma is a qualification designed to

What type of people do Access to HE courses? There is no such thing as a typical Access to HE student. Recent data show that they are more likely to:

prepare adults for study at higher level. It is equivalent to A-levels


be female

and is usually studied over one year. In 2017–18 more than 37,000


be aged between 20 and 29

people registered to study an Access to HE Diploma, most of them


be black or from an ethnic minority

completed their studies in one year course. Our course search1


live in a deprived area

can help you find an Access to HE course.


study close to their home.

Three of the top five subjects studied by Access to HE students are linked to occupations that are expected to show the most growth by 2023.

But they all have one thing in common: success! Although most Access to HE students are returning to education after many years away, and in some cases having had poor or disrupted school experiences, they do well both in their Diploma and completing their degree.



August/September 2019 l

Sue grew up in a service family and had attended many

Last year, 26% of Access to HE students got the highest

schools by the age of 12. Her education suffered and it wasn’t until

degree outcome, a first-class honours degree, the same

her own children had grown up that she returned to study. She

percentage as those who went to university with A-levels and

completed her Access to HE course and became a teacher.

other qualifications. Access to HE students are equally successful in work: 90% of graduates with an Access to HE Diploma were employed or in further study six months after completing their degree. Service leavers have several options to fund their studies: l

Enhanced Learning Credits (if you’re registered)


the Publicly Funded FE/HE scheme (the higher education course must be done immediately after the Access to HE courses)

Paula is a healthcare assistant who wants to progress. As a


an Advanced Learner Loan.

working mum of four young children she knew the Access to HE

The publicly funded FE

Diploma would be hard work, but focussing on her goal, to become

and HE scheme pays for

an emergency nurse, keeps her going. She is coming to the end of

your Access to HE Diploma

her Access to HE Diploma studies and is looking forward to going

and degree, as long as

to university.

the Diploma is in a subject

The pressure of intense study, combined with work and

leading to degree and is

family commitments, can cause problems for some students.

done immediately before

It’s a problem recognised by many universities, which work hard

your degree studies. Your

to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive community. Some

education officer will have

have dedicated mental health support, which includes initiatives

more information. You may

to tackle loneliness, self-harm and suicide prevention. Around

prefer to use learning credits

a quarter of students at university are experiencing mental

(ELC or SLC) to pay for your

disorders in any 12-month period, and instances of anxiety and low

course, and many Access to

self-worth have risen sharply, particularly in the LGBT community.

HE providers are on the ELCAS website.

A total of 28% of the 23,950 students who entered higher

Advanced Learner Loan repayments don’t start until you

education with an Access to HE Diploma in September 2017 had

start to earn more than £25,000 per year. And if you successfully

a mental health condition. For further education colleges, in

complete a QAA-recognised Access to HE course, the balance

particular, these challenges can be hard to address. Just 63%

of the loan will be cancelled when you complete your higher

of colleges have dedicated mental health support, with time and

education course. For more information about Advanced Learner

money being the main barriers.

Loans, visit the website.

Engineering undergraduate Layla is also a mother of four and

You may also receive a childcare allowance grant that doesn’t

was in a cohort of eight mature students on her Access to HE

need to be repaid. You can see if you get help for childcare using

engineering Diploma. However, when she arrived at university

the calculator on the website, here:

she had to adjust to being the only one who wasn’t a teenager

calculator Many universities also offer funds to help with the cost

– and the only female student in her class. ‘It was isolating,’ she

of going to university.

says. ‘Lecturers need to be aware of us and what Access to HE represents.’ Tommy is an ex-Royal Marine, who freely admits that his life became ‘quite chaotic’ after his military career was cut short by cancer. Tommy enrolled on an Access to HE Diploma in social work so that could help others like him. He found the structure to stay on the straight and narrow. He starts his new career as a

It is important to look in to your funding options carefully, to make sure you make the best choice for you and your family. Access to HE providers, your education officer or transition staff should be able to help you choose the best route. Higher education is not for everyone, but it could be your route through transition.

social worker at the beginning of June. What does he think of the

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Diploma? ‘It saved me,’ he says.

You may find the following websites helpful. Access to HE website: Real-life stories: aspx Diploma database: PublicSearch/search.aspx Advanced Learner Loans: Enhanced Learning Credits: UCAS: l August/September 2019




Useful contacts

Need to know more? Here’s who can help …


or general enquiries about the scheme, eligibility and

leavers on resettlement. Education and Resettlement Staff

qualifications, seek advice from the following single-

seeking further clarification of sS instructions should contact

Service education and resettlement staff in the first

the relevant SO2 Retention and Resettlement in Regional

instance, not ELCAS. ELCAS’s role is to administer applications,

Command (RC) – DII: RC-Pers-ETS-N-RetResSO2 or RC-Pers-

not provide advice and guidance on eligibility or education/

ETS-S-RetResSO2 or Civ:

learning or resettlement needs. Policy helpline details are as


follows. l


RAF: Personal Learning Advisors (PLAs), and Resettlement

RN: RN/RM Education and Resettlement Officers (EROs), Naval

and Education Coordinators (REC) at RAF Learning Centres.

Education and Training Support Officers (NETSOs) and Naval

Education and Resettlement Staff seeking further clarification

Resettlement Information Officers (NRIOs) at RN/RM Learning

of sS instructions should contact SO2 Accreditation at DII:

Centres. Education and Resettlement Staff seeking further

’22TrgGp-CTS-AndEWg-SO2’ (

clarification of sS instructions should contact SO3 EL3R, at DII:



Mil: 94391 7580 Civ: 01264 381580)

Mil: 95751 6888 Civ: 01400

Mil: 93832 5954

Civ: 02392 625954)

In addition, advice on any aspect of the ELC and FEHE schemes is

Army: Individual Education and Resettlement Officers (IERO),

available from:

at Army Education Centres, which must be used by Service Q

Want the freedom of being your own Boss like Alastair? Alastair served our country for over 20 years.

He wanted to grow a profitable business

“I first heard about Lockforce through Quest. The Locksmith industry sounded interesting, different and quite unusual. I wanted the freedom of being my own boss and having control of my own workload, I also wanted to be able to transfer the work-life experience and skills I have already gained.

He wanted hands on help in his patch.

I’m now a year in and it’s exceeded all expectations, both personally and financially. It’s a fantastic opportunity, be brave, make the decision and call Gayle”

He wanted to change his life

He wanted great training and to develop his skill set He wanted marketing support He wanted a guarantee of the first £5,000 in sales

Join the MOST recommended locksmith franchise in the UK, like Alastair.

Alastair Mcleod, Lockforce Middlesbrough

For an information pack and to see if your area is available, call 0333 567 0590 or email


August/September 2019 l

Readers must consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE committing to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest

Be inspired




The essential skills you gained in the Military can enable you to adapt to a career in the Lifting Industry.

• Appointed Person • Crane Supervisor • Slinger Signaller • Mobile Crane Operator • Courses and NVQs

Extra NVQ categories available:

• Telescopic Handler • Crawler Crane • Compact Crane

We are one of the of train • Gain a CPCS (Construction Plant Competenceprovider’s Scheme) card that gets you on any Contractors Group (UKCG) site operations. throughout the UK • Access to Interview opportunities throughout the UK • We can help guide you through the ELCAS Process • Access to reduced cost accommodation

We deliver training to i take place including cons Many of our team are ex-military and have a wealth of experience in the transition to civilian life. We are here to help you. transportation, renewabl

Ainscough Training Serv Tel:Tel: 01772 01772 623591 623591 Email: Email: Credited Test Centre offe Web: Web: APPROVED BY MoD IN SUPPORT OF THE ELC SCHEME




Rise above the rest, train with the best and join a team that works .... AdvertAdvert 87x126.indd 87x126.indd 1 1

• • • • • •

Appointed Person Crane Supervisor - a Slinger / Signaller NVQ Assessment Se CITB Health, safety & Specific bespoke co 29/09/2017 29/09/2017 11:49 11:49

LEARNER D R I V I N G Tel: 0 C EEmail: N T R E info@

Web: www.a

Train to become a driving instructor with the first and ONLY national school approved by ELCAS* Successfully training Armed Forces personnel for over 25 years 94% Average ELCAS evaluation score Training available in over 50 locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales Train while you serve, training courses are exible to suit your service commitments Advert 87x126.indd 1 Be your own boss, run your own driving school and work the hours you choose High potential earnings, our instructors charge between £23 and £40 per hour Guaranteed position with our driving school upon qualication Previous WINNERS Training School of the Year at the DIA Awards OFFICIAL REGISTER OF


visit or call

Ref: 801


* Course fees apply, correct at me of publishing

0800 197 0010 - 01977 691800 l August/September 2019


Q Plan ahead! Courses 4 Forces Spring final 2015_C4F 16/03/2015 11:25 Page 52

Sponsored by

01908 587665 l l

OUR W ORK YOUR ELC EDUCATION AND FUNDINGFRPLANNER PLACE MENT Gastec has more than 1 years experience in the resettlement training of MoD Service Leavers, with over  successfully trained students now working within the industry. Other providers promise - we deliver!






Gastec Training has for many years worked closely with Britain’s armed forces as they prepare for civilian life. At Gastec we recognise the commitment you have made while serving and welcome the opportunity to ensure you have a prosperous future as you leave the armed forces. The Gastec New Entrant Gas Course will prepare you for an interesting and lucrative career in the gas utility sector. Call now for a special reduced pricing offer on this course.





Your one-stop guide to personal development and education opportunities, improving your career prospects and the funding sources available help you do it 8BZOF$IBOU &Y3PZBM"SUJMMFSZ


CALL +44(0)1908 Personal development and587665 education opportunities Gastec Training & Assessment Centres Ltd. 6 Newmarket Court, Kingston, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK10 0AQ

What is Personal Development (PD)?

PD is about self-improvement and satisfaction. It is open to everyone and can be done for one or many of the following reasons: >> to improve knowledge for personal interest >> to be introduced to new ideas or skills >> to broaden horizons

>> to enhance in-Service career prospects >> to gain qualifications >> to prepare for a second career

PD won’t just happen. You must take steps to find out what’s available and decide what you want to do. Use the flow chart below as a guide

Other sources of information include:

Individual talks to line manager about developing a realistic plan and maintaining a PD record (PDR)

A PD  Route Map

>> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>

Individual decides: >> subject to be studied and qualification (if any) >> level of study (basic/key skills, GCSE, S/NVQ, A-level, degree, postgraduate) >> mode of study (e.g. short courses, distance learning)

unit education or training officer in-Service publications in-Service education centre local library or civilian college the internet Quest magazine friends and family Quest website:



Local colleges or training providers

Distance/ open learning

eLearning – the Defence Learning Environment (DLE)

PD can mean anything from career courses to sports and adventurous training courses. See Q for other options for Service personnel

A range of further education (16+) and higher education (degree and above) courses are available. Ask your education/training officer or local college/library for a brochure

College attendance is not necessarily required. Flexible study can be undertaken by correspondence, or using the internet and tutorial support is usually available

There is now a huge amount of high-quality learning material freely available online to Armed Forces and Civil Service personnel, accessible either over the World Wide Web or via the Defence Intranet. The Defence Learning Environment (DLE) is the MOD’s central distance learning resource, providing ‘one stop’ access to a wide range of eLearning, courses, wikis, forums and other materials across a large number of key topics including: IT skills including ECDL, core competencies, health and safety, languages and business skills. Readily available via your Defence Gateway account. Visit Courses/Online-E-Learning/DLE or

Grants and funding are available for most forms of PD. See ‘Sources of advice and finance’ for details. Course complete? Look for your next learning!

Distance Learning


Distance learning allows you to study at your own pace, no matter where you are. A range of schemes and courses are available but it requires discipline to organise your study time. Most colleges readily offer help and advice to their students. Standard Learning Credits (SLC) and Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) can be used for many of these courses but certain conditions may apply (see Sources of advice and finance).

To find out more, check out the article about distance learning on page 24.


August/September 2019 l

College Courses


You may prefer to attend a part-time class, or short course, at a local college. Your education officer may have this information to hand and most colleges publish a brochure. Some people prefer to study in this more structured environment. You must gain authority from your unit to attend and it is worth seeking unit guidance before making any financial commitment. You may also be able to claim the SLC and ELC. In addition, many in-Service education centres run classes specifically for Forces people and families, especially overseas. Some are free and most are discounted for families. Contact your education/training officer for details.

Personal Development Record (PDR)


Everyone should keep their own PDR in which they should record educational plus other PD achievements, appraisals and courses. It encourages people to assess and evaluate what they are doing, what they have learned, and where they are going in terms of career and personal development. Ask your education/training officer where you can get your copy.

Key: Q Service personnel

Sources of advice and finance Standard Learning Credits


The SLC scheme allows personnel to obtain financial assistance for learning costs. You are able to claim 80% of your course fees, up to a maximum of £175 per financial year. To qualify for SLC funding, the course of study must lead to a nationally recognised qualification, have substantial developmental value and directly benefit the Service.

Enhanced Learning Credits


The ELC scheme offers currently serving or former Service personnel access to a first full level 3 (GCE A-level or vocational equivalent) or a first higher education (HE) qualification (e.g. a foundation degree or a first undergraduate degree or equivalent) free from tuition fees. The ELC lower tier offers up to three payments of up to £1,000 in three separate financial years; the higher tier offers up to three payments of up to £2,000 in three separate financial years. A new Publicly Funded Further Education/Higher Education ELC was created in 2016. It’s an aggregated lower-tier award, which is a single payment of up to £3,000 for those with six or more years of qualifying service, which will count as all three awards. You must make a contribution to your learning of at least 20% of the cost, and must discuss your plans with your line manager and education adviser before making any financial commitment. Detailed information about ELC can be found in the first half of this magazine. For full details visit

Individual Resettlement Training Costs grant


The IRTC grant is available to Service leavers with six or more years’ service and all Medical Discharges. It is a contribution to training costs and can be used internally at the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC) Aldershot, or at a Regional Resettlement Centre (RRC) for vocational training courses. It can also be used externally for training with CTP Preferred Suppliers. IRTC is available for tuition fees up to a maximum of £534. A range of courses at the RTC Aldershot is delivered within the MoD contract, called Contract Funded (CF) training. These courses are pre-paid by the MoD and only ‘cost’ the Service leaver time and a portion of their £534 allowance. No money changes hands for the training but days and funding are deducted from the GRT allocation at a rate of £26.70 per day. The £534 gives access to up to 20 days of CF training. Any exam or registration fees are extra and payable by the student, but other allowances may be available to help with these. The CTP also offers a range of courses that are not within the MoD contract. These are known as Non-Contract Funded courses and you can use your IRTC grant or ELC to pay for these.

Professional and Career Development Loans These are designed to help people change direction or increase their skills by providing a deferred repayment loan of between £300 and £10,000 to cover up to 80% of tuition fees for a vocational course of up to two years, plus a further year’s work experience if appropriate. Courses can be full-time or part-time, or involve open or distance learning, and people who have been out of work for three months can apply to have all their course fees covered. The low-interest loan is arranged through one of four high-street banks, and certain conditions and criteria apply. Find out which banks offer the loan and order an application pack by calling the National Careers Service on Tel: 0800 100 900. You can also check online to see if you are eligible – visit


Key: Q Service personnel

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme


The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) provides compensation for any injury, illness or death that is predominantly caused by service on or after 6 April 2005. The War Pension Scheme (WPS) compensates for any injury, illness or death that occurred up to this date. All current and former members of the UK Armed Forces, including Reservists, may submit a claim for compensation. For advice and guidance, call Veterans UK’s free helpline on 0808 1914218. Alternatively, you can visit:

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service UCAS deals with applications for first degree and similar standard courses at over 250 universities and colleges in the UK. Remember that you no longer need A-levels to go to university – vocational A-levels/NVQs and access courses now qualify students as well. If you are interested in entering higher education, call the UCAS hotline on Tel: 0371 468 0468 or visit

University Short Courses


The University Short Course Programme (USCP) exists to enhance the general educational development of Service personnel through providing short courses at a range of universities in topics such as leadership and management, regional and strategic studies, and languages. Course fees and accommodation costs are funded by the Services. Further details are available from education/learning centres or search in DINs.

learndirect learndirect is a free government service via which qualified advisers provide information on all aspects of learning, from UK-wide learning opportunities, to career guidance and sources of finance, and other national and local organisations that can help. Advisers can answer questions on any aspect of learning. The website address is The freephone number is Tel: 0800 101901.

Jobcentre Plus Finding a job

Jobcentre Plus has one of Britain’s largest databases of job vacancies, which is updated constantly. The database also lets you search for training, career information, voluntary work and childcare providers across the UK. You can search the database via Universal Jobmatch ( – search for ‘jobs’) or by using the Job Point in your local Jobcentre. When you find a job you are interested in, either using the Jobcentre Plus job search or at the Job Point in your local Jobcentre, Jobcentre advisers will tell you how to apply, send you an application form and may even contact the employer (so have your address, National Insurance number, date of birth and the job reference number to hand).


If you’re unsure which benefits you can get, you can check online using the ‘Benefits calculators’ pages ( – search for ‘benefits calculators’). To find out more about Jobseeker’s Allowance, who can get it and how to claim online, go to the ‘Jobseeker’s Allowance’ pages ( – search for ‘Jobseeker’s Allowance’). You can also claim by phone by calling Jobcentre Plus on 0800 055 6688. There’s a Welsh-language line on 0800 012 1888, and a textphone on 0800 023 4888 if you find it hard to speak or hear clearly. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am–6pm.

Armed Forces Champions


Armed Forces Champions have been established in Jobcentre Plus districts throughout the country to ensure that the concerns of Service personnel and their families are addressed. Working with local bases and Families Federations, the role of the Champions is to raise awareness of the support available through Jobcentre Plus, such as information on the local labour market and how to claim benefits. (Any problems accessing Jobcentre Plus services can be fed through to local Champions via Unit Admin Offices.) l August/September 2019





>> Course and training options, transition news and reader reports

Ex-military perfectly suited to construction industry Former Armed Forces personnel have the perfect traits for careers in construction and logistics, according to one of the country’s leading suppliers of building materials. SIG Distribution has provided a range of careers for those who have left the Armed Forces, employing many with military backgrounds across its UK workforce. The company describes team working, leadership and problem solving as the three main transferable qualities former military personnel tend to naturally have, which makes them great candidates for careers in construction and logistics. Other traits include discipline, a good work ethic, confidence and strong decision-making skills. Roles available in civvy street include managerial positions, IT workers, transport coordinators and lorry drivers, but former Armed Forces personnel run throughout the hierarchy at SIG.


Phil Coghlan is transformation director at SIG following nine years in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers serving in Germany, Bosnia and Iraq. He comments: ‘The Army prepared me to be a good generalist. After I left I realised that my colleagues who’d had careers in engineering or finance were experts in quite narrow areas, whereas I was good at understanding a broader situation and very quickly working out what needed to be done with a team whose skills were quite different to mine. The construction industry relies on practical people who can solve a problem and who get the job done whatever challenge stands in their way. This is exactly the mind-set that people learn in the Forces.’


Andrew Lawson (pictured) is a project manager at SIG following more than 20 years in the Armed Forces, where he served in numerous roles, including Army Officer, military logistics, air assault forces and bomb disposal. He says: ‘The Army, like SIG, is multi-functional with multiple departments, areas and sites that all contribute to the bigger picture. While I’m new to the construction industry, I’m already seeing many similarities with the Armed Forces. The biggest appears to be when we support our customers, going the extra mile to ensure they meet their objectives.’


Former Royal Navy Marine Engineer Terry Burdon spent four years in the military before finding a career as a category manager at SIG Distribution in Leeds. He adds: ‘The main issue I had was transitioning from a job I always wanted to do and had dreamed about as a child, to being out of work and having no clue what I wanted to do. Thankfully the core skills I learned in the Armed Forces made me persevere and helped me to find a new career that I enjoy and can be proud of.’

Some of SIG Distribution’s workers with military backgrounds give their take on working in the construction and logistics sector …



Rupert Tubbs is operations director for SIG Distribution. Earlier in his career he spent seven years in the Forces serving as a Platoon Commander in Asia, as well as an Operations Officer in Northern Ireland and the Gulf War. Says Rupert, ‘At SIG, how we are transforming the business has many similarities with the Armed Forces mind-set – there are clear objectives and a real determination to achieve the mission. In my role as operations director I have responsibility for the organisation of large numbers of people to complete a complex task – this is common to both the Army and the logistics industry.’


James Gardner (pictured) is an operations manager at SIG Distribution having spent nine years working in the Royal Regiment of Artillery. He says: ‘Working for SIG is like being part of a major network of people very much like the military – you are constantly looking to improve communications. The military teaches you to adhere to tight deadlines and utilise all resources necessary to ensure the desired outcome.’

August/September 2019 l

Each year, about 15,000 people leave the Armed Forces in the UK, equipped with a range of skills and abilities perfectly suited to careers in construction and logistics. Says Fran Galbraith, group talent and development director at SIG plc, ‘We would encourage Service personnel looking at civilian career options to take a look at our careers website for current vacancies to see where their skills may match.’ To view current vacancies and learn more about SIG, visit

Seeking an opportunity to enhance your skills and employability? Check out NMiTE’s new Defence & Security CPD series NMiTE (New Model in Technology and Engineering), which aims to deliver a new age of engineering-related education, fulfilling every learner’s potential and, in turn, enhancing value to industry, community, society and economy, has launched its Defence & Security CPD (continual professional development) series with 3CDSG (Three Counties Defence & Security Group) as anchor partner. NMiTE was created to help solve the problem of Britain’s estimated annual shortfall of at least 22,000 engineering graduates with a radical new approach and a curriculum that combines the best innovations from leading universities around the world. Through its CPD programme, NMiTE will welcome experienced engineering professionals and groups such as those leaving the Armed Forces, all seeking the opportunity to enhance their skills, productivity and employability. The Defence & Security series has been developed to support Armed Forces leavers, helping them increase their future career opportunities by covering a diverse range of topics, from global corruption to energy demand. Says Samantha Lewis, head of HR and CPD manager, NMiTE, ‘We identified a lack of lifelong learning opportunities supporting military leavers,

so designed our Defence & Security series to fill the gap. Because we are based so close to military establishments and the defence and security industry “golden triangle” we believe NMiTE will be a really local and visible pointer to the wider world of engineering.’ Anna Roby-Welford, CEO, 3CDSG adds, ‘This CPD series is a further example of the excellent initiatives in the counties to support our Service men and women. It will ensure that their existing, as well as new, skills and knowledge are recognised and accredited, enabling them to better showcase these to current and prospective employers.’ 3CDSG is an association of security and defence SMEs, established to significantly raise the commercial and industrial capacity of the sector, in particular across the three counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, which comprise the hub of the UK’s defence and security industry. The group provides an industry-specific platform to connect SMEs and organisations in the defence and security sector, creating opportunities to collaborate and identify partnerships and joint ventures. Anyone with an interest in engineering within the security and defence sector can sign up to NMiTE’s Defence & Security CPD courses by emailing the CPD team at

Full range of CNet courses gain ELCAS approval World-leading technical education provider, CNet Training, has announced ELCAS approval for its full range of programmes spanning the network cable installation and data centre sectors. CNet has been announced as an Approved Provider by ELCAS, allowing ELC to be used towards its range of technical education programmes across its Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework. The world-renowned programmes provide the perfect opportunity to enhance and broaden skills already gained in the Forces, and give extended knowledge, official certifications and qualifications to help promote career opportunities. Programmes available to Forces leavers from CNet span the entire education framework from the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) level 3 BTEC programme all the way through to the world’s only level 7 master’s degree program in Data Centre Leadership and Management. The CNCI® is one of CNet’s most popular resettlement programmes and teaches everything the learner needs to be able to confidently and accurately prepare, install, test and certify copper and fibre-optic cabling systems. The standard CNet 10-day CNCI® programme has been exclusively adapted for Forces leavers, offering learners an extended

20-day programme, which includes a twoweek work placement with one of the UK”s top installation companies. On successful completion, learners receive official certification with a postnominal title, two level 3 BTEC qualifications and ECS card eligibility (an ECS card is required to allow individuals to work on-site). CNet Training CEO Andrew Stevens adds, ‘We are pleased to be able to offer our range of technical education programmes to Forces leavers, to utilise their ELC. It’s such a great opportunity for individuals to gain the very latest technical knowledge, qualifications and professional credentials to prove their skills within their new careers.’ To register to use your ELC check the ELCAS website using your learner account details: From there, you can search for CNet in the providers’ list (its provider number is 1267). For more information on CNet Training’s programmes, call 01284 767100 or visit

For soldiers, for life: ABF The Soldiers’ Charity at 75 In 2019, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is celebrating 75 years of service as the Army’s national charity

July 1944. Trooper Joseph Connor watches the ramp of the landing craft rattle down into the surf. Ahead, the Normandy coastline rears out of the Channel: shingle; wet, smooth sand and, beyond it, green country retreating into mist. Joseph is one of millions of British Servicemen currently involved in operations across the globe. As the tide of the war begins to turn, the Army Board turns its attention to the welfare of those soldiers after peace is won. The mandate is clear: to protect the current generation of soldiers and their families from the hardships endured by those returning in 1918. Thus, even as Joseph’s vehicle is plunging into the Normandy shingle, plans are in motion for a national charity for the British Army. The Army Benevolent Fund – as the charity was then known – was established by Trust Deed on 15 August 1944. From Hobart House in London, it began to direct its grant-giving activities. These vital funds found their way to young soldiers recovering from sickness or injury; to widows and families struggling with traumatic loss; to former soldiers embarking on the next chapter; and to elderly veterans in need of care, comfort and support. For 75 years, the welfare of soldiers, past and present, has been at the heart of everything it does. Now, 75 years on, Joseph is a sprightly 95-yearold veteran, living independently at home in Glasgow. Back in 2017, The Soldiers’ Charity supported him with a grant for a new tarmac driveway, enabling him to drive his car and mobility scooter right up to his front door. Joseph’s story epitomises the charity’s approach to its work. It is there for soldiers, for life – whenever, wherever they’ve served. In the past year, The Soldiers’ Charity helped 70,000 people in 68 countries across the globe and funded 92 other charities and organisations to support the Army family at large. The youngest person it helped was two years old; the oldest 102. While there is a British Army, there will be The Soldiers’ Charity. See the advertisement on page 11

See the advertisement on page 68 l August/September 2019


Q The perfect fit for Forces families



Recruit for Spouses is an independent social enterprise that is dedicated to supporting, championing and finding gainful employment for spouses and partners of members of our Armed Forces – and getting talent back into the workforce

to positively reinforce the benefits of employing military spouses into


supportive private Facebook forum, we offer CV webinars, free

a group of intelligent, hardworking, ambitious women who were

As well as supporting people back into work, RfS works with

kicking their heels looking for something to challenge and excite

businesses to offer part-time, flexible, permanent or fixed-term

their professional selves. Heledd recognised a need to provide an

contract work that complements the military lifestyle, while providing

opportunity for spouses to get back into the workplace, and change

said businesses with a dynamic, motivated and agile workforce.

organisations, ensuring they recognise how beneficial it is to recruit from this talent pool.

Helping the spouse RfS provides a supportive community for spouses, preparing them for their journey back to gainful employment. As well as a collaborative,

ecruit for Spouses (RfS) was established in 2011 by Heledd

coaching and mentoring with blue-chip professionals, and are a

Kendrick, herself a military spouse, who during her maternity

referral partner for free styling sessions to ensure spouses are

leave took stock of the idea that surrounding her was

interview-ready, in addition to interview coaching.

the perception that military spouses are reluctant to work or lacking in necessary skills. Being married to a member of the Armed Forces is certainly

An intrinsic part of RfS is the ‘Liquid Workforce’. This is a team of agile, flexible military spouses who have been trained by RfS and Alexander Mann Solutions to provide a workforce ready to work

something to be proud of, but it doesn’t always allow for career

for businesses that require project outsourcing or support for their

progression or job stability. Frequent house moves, being the

teams. The spouses work from home, with working hours to suit

principal parent and long-term absences do not lend themselves

them. This provides the perfect solution for the balance of work/

to this group maintaining and growing their careers. But military

family/military. Going forward, RfS is making plans to expand its

spouses have skills beyond work experience. They offer adaptability,

Liquid Workforce, working with more military spouses to offer a

resilience, excellent communication skills and are unfazed by

broad range of workable solutions to businesses.

fast-paced changeable environments. They are a huge asset for businesses that value hard work, commitment and productivity among their employees. Heledd took action. She established RfS in order to provide this group of inspiring people with an outlet to grow in confidence, network with likeminded people, upskill and learn how to get back into the job market. RfS works tirelessly with external stakeholders



August/September 2019 l

Coaching and mentoring

Quest March 2015 Final_2015 06/03/2015 13:16 Page 15 March 2015 Final_2015 06/03/2015 13:16 Page 15 Quest

100% Guaranteed Work Placements

Online training

One story of permanent work RfS was contacted by ex-veteran entrepreneur Michael Coates. He wanted an executive assistant to take control of all administration and organisation of the back room of his company, COMBAT Pest Control. Within 24 hours, he was considering CVs from three incredible spouses and, within a week, he was agreeing terms and conditions with Amie Hills Gray. Amie has continued to work with Michael for a number of military moves and has become an integral part of the company. Amie says, ‘I wanted to continue to be challenged in my career and work for a company that understood the military lifestyle. I knew I was facing at least three short postings in the next couple of years and wanted a role I could do from home. Having this role gives me daily challenges and my own identity. Sometimes I find being an Army spouse quite suffocating.’ The best advice Amie would give to a fellow military spouse looking to get back into employment is: ‘Don’t give up. Amazing and flexible companies do exist, and RfS is 100% the best way to find them.’

A progressive outlook RfS continues to look forward to the future and is planning many exciting developments to aid military spouses back into work. Its existing free-to-access support will be expanded to include a comprehensive career academy for every military spouse looking to get back into the workplace. And the company will continue to develop its partnerships with businesses looking to grow their workforces in the most progressive way – through agile, flexible working. If you are considering a move back into employment, but aren’t sure where to start, or maybe you are considering a change of career or looking to make that brave leap into setting up your own business, RfS can help. Visit our website to register, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and start your journey back into employment with the support of people who know exactly what you are facing … Website: Twitter: @recruit4spouses

Brookhouse Training Centre is the UK’s Number One gas, plumbing and electrical training and assessment specialist. We offer full and part time training courses with Level 3 Qualifications. So, if your next move is a career in gas engineering or domestic electrical contracting, you need to speak to us first. Call today for an informal chat or to arrange a visit to one of our open mornings

0844 415 2700

Go to

Facebook: @recruitforspouses Instagram: @recruitforspouses Q l August/September 2019




STEVE BULLEYMENT you to forget something.

15 years, 15 tips

Write down every item, add

By the time this goes to

it up and double check your

print, we’ll have made it to

numbers. Once the quote is

15 years in business! It’s

out there, they’ll hold you

significant because only a

to it, so get it right at the

small percentage of businesses

start. 5. Cash. You’ll never have

survive for that long – and it’s also longer than I served in the

enough at the beginning.


I didn’t make a profit for

When I started up on my

two years, and so burnt

own, I didn’t have a clue.

through around £60,000

Somehow, through desperation

of ‘savings’ we didn’t have.

and determination, I kept going,

As a result, we had to sell

but I wish I’d known more

our house! Work out before

before I started out. It would

you start how much you’re

have made everything so much

going to need, and talk to


your partner and extended

So, here are my 15 tips, one

family to see if you can get

for every year, and I hope they

hold of cash should you

help you.

Starting a business 1. Do what you say you’ll do. Think about how frustrating it is when someone promises to call you back with a quote or to help you with a problem. Remember waiting in all day and the plumber you booked doesn’t arrive? It’s so frustrating as a customer. If disaster strikes and you know you won’t make it, phone and tell them you’re not going to make it. That’s

need it. 6. Pay your suppliers on

Key skills

Do you have a business idea in your head that just won’t go away? Are you imagining a life beyond uniform where you control your own destiny and become your own boss? I remember it well,’ says regular Quest contributor, Steve Bulleyment, director of specialist auto locksmith company Car Key Man. And, to celebrate 15 years of running his own business, he’s here with 15 tips to support you on your own journey.

so much better than letting them down completely.

few people that make your business work, and suppliers are so important. Get them onside and they’ll keep you out of trouble. 7. Slow down. ‘Slow is smooth and smooth is fast ’ is how Jocko Willink, the US Marine Commander, puts it. It’s easy to rush about, leaving jobs half done, and leaving a string of work unfinished. This happens when an easier job pops up that you know will make some simple cash for you.

early days. On top of that,

number or job reference.

However, you won’t get

many larger companies

Not having this information

paid if the job’s not done.

services. If you have a

have strict rules about

is just a good reason for

Slow down, get the job

special skill, and you’re

what paperwork they need

them not to pay you.

done, get paid, move on.

doing an excellent job,

before they’ll pay you.

charge for it. Don’t

Invoices and statements

guess at a quote, you’ll be

to you. Some just don’t

undercharge just because

need to be sent in within

too cheap. Quoting in a rush

know what they need.

you’re new to get the work,

a certain time, and often

or under pressure from a

Others think it will make the

you’ll never make the

you’ll need an order

company will normally lead

job cheaper. We often get a

2. Charge well for your

business pay. Then … 3. Get paid for the work you do. When I started out, I was embarrassed to chase companies up for money and was owed a lot in the


time. There are just a

4. Never rush a quote. If you

Visit the Car Key Man YouTube Channel at:

August/September 2019 l

8. Know that customers lie

call asking for a price on a ‘spare car key’. A spare is a much cheaper job because it can be done at our workshop, which means no call-out fee. As well as this,

with a spare car key, we

process. Here are my top five

have a pattern of the key to

tips on dealing with change.

copy from. However, when you make keys when all are

11. Stop spending money!

THE CAR KEY MAN Steve’s business, the Car Key Man, is a specialist auto locksmith company covering Lincolnshire. Launching in 2004, Steve spotted an opportunity to solve the problem of replacing lost and stolen car keys. The company now offers workshop facilities as well as a mobile service. Recognising the needs of concerned vehicle owners, it offers free consultations to find an affordable solution to the growing number of car key problems.

lost, it’s much trickier, so it

This is really my top tip. As

can cost three times more.

soon as you decide to leave,

When we give them the

you’ve decided to cut your

option to come to us they’ll

pay. Unless you’re very

tell us ‘But I don’t have

lucky, you’re going to get

prepared you are, the one

moving around the country.

any keys to drive it’, which

paid less for a while. Every

certainty is that you will

Whatever you’re looking

means they’ve lost their

pound you can save, every

be leaving. So start your

forward to, make it positive.

keys. If we’d quoted a spare

overhead you can cut out

planning early and get your

key price, we’d have to

of your budget, is a pound

head around the fact that

Whether you decide to start

increase on our quote, and

you don’t have to earn. If

big change is coming.

a business or you get a job,

no one likes that. Assume

you think you’ll be earning

you’re not getting the truth.

£18,000, try to live on it

When major change

camp and it’s waiting for you.

Ask questions, take the

and see how you get on.

happens, it’s easy to focus

Good luck! Q

time to get all the facts. 9. No one cares about your

12. Find another income.

15. Focus on the good things.

there’s another life outside of

on what we’re losing.

Having two sources of

So, make a list of all the

business as much as you.

income will take the

benefits of leaving and

It’s your baby, so even

pressure off when you

find the good things to

though you may think

have a quiet week. Maybe

look forward to. Maybe

about your new business

you work part-time while

it’s taking holidays when

idea at every waking

you build up the business.

you want, being able to

moment, those around you

Hopefully someone else

see the kids in a school

are getting on with normal

in the house is bringing in

play or not having to keep

life. Even in the future,

some money. Getting your

when you have employees,

Forces pension will make a

you’ll be hard pressed

massive difference in the

to find an employee that

early days. Get inventive.

cares like you do. It’s just

The revenue from my Car

how we are as business

Key Man YouTube channel

people. Keep this in mind

pays our mortgage!

when they want to go

you leave. If you’re the

you have a stack of stuff

type that likes a good

left to do.

crack in the crew room, then working alone may

are a few certainties in life

not be your thing. We all

and one is that you need to

go to work for different

pay the taxman. Don’t mess

reasons. Some of us love

with HMRC. They will chase

the technical work, making

you down and make your

something from nothing.

life hell. I tried it, and they

It’s satisfying. Some of us

came and got me! Get some

love the crack, being with

professional help and make

likeminded folks, being able

sure you stay up to date.

to joke with one another.

Advice on leaving Even if you decide to get a job instead of starting a business,

07832 147601 or 01522 514141

13. It can feel lonely when

home at 5 on a Friday and

10. PAY YOUR TAX! There

Get in touch

You may not get that on civvy street, so be prepared for the change. 14. Don’t leave everything

there are a few things to

too late. The 18 months will

remember as you start the

fly by and however under-

Read Steve’s regularly updated blog at: l August/September 2019




A home fit for a hero As the leading provider of supported housing for Veterans, Stoll supports the most vulnerable Service leavers by providing them with an affordable home to rent and the support they need to lead independent lives. People come to Stoll at various stages in their lives, from those who have just started their transition to civilian life to others who require assistance much later, such as George Brown, who – with his wife Anne – moved into the Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions in 2014 …

and almost 100,000 British troops had already been deployed. George had been in Korea a while and had become used to going out on night patrols when he was sent out on the one that would change his life. That night he and three other men from his platoon left the base on a standing patrol. When they were around half a mile in front of their lines they became aware that something wasn’t right. They phoned back to base and, as they awaited further orders, they could hear the enemy closing in around them. They began to withdraw but, as they did so, an ambush began and they were met with heavy gunfire. George sustained serious injuries and was left with 14 bullet wounds in his leg as well as one in his hand. He managed to use him arms to crawl his way through the paddy fields away from the enemy and was eventually found by one of the men he had shared a cabin with on HMS

Asturias, Peter Adlem, who came out after the patrol to try to find survivors. George recalls Peter as ‘one of the bravest men I knew’ and the man who saved his life. George was the only one of the men who left on that patrol to survive. The American military had just introduced its Major Frontline Hospital Program, better known as M.A.S.H., and George was first taken to one of these George and Anne attending a Buckingham Palace garden party in May 2019, in honour of The Not Forgotten Association

frontline hospitals, which was able to


He spent a few days there before being eorge and Anne Brown met in

to the King’s Liverpool Regiment and

evacuated out to Seoul, followed by a

the 1960s while working in a

deployed to Korea.

Commonwealth hospital in Japan. He

Speaking of the five-week boat

spent eight months in a hospital bed

concertinas. At the time, George

London factory manufacturing

journey, George says, ‘I got to know a

before he was deemed fit enough to

was still recovering from wounds he

lot of very nice people on that journey

make the journey back to England.

sustained in the Korean War.

on HMS Asturias, most of them I had

George, born in London in 1934, had


operate to save his leg there and then.

trained with as well. On the troop decks,

already experienced something of the

two-person cabins were fitted with

horrors of war having lived through

bunks to sleep six men, so we became

the Blitz during WWII. At the age of 18,

very close over five weeks!’ When

he was called up for National Service

George and his compatriots arrived,

with the Inniskilling Fusiliers and, after

Britain has already been fighting the

six months of training, was transferred

war in Korea for more than two years

August/September 2019 l


George returned home to his mum and dad aged 19, and it took him a long time to fully recover. ‘Thanks to friends and family I was OK,’ he notes. ‘I had a friend who worked at the local cinema and he used to make sure I got a good seat when I went in the afternoon. It was little things like that that made things better.’ George started learning to drive and went to the Labour Exchange to find work. He got a job in the concertina factory, which is where he met Anne. He later went on to work in the Foreign Office as a driver for ambassadors and senior civil service officials. This job involved a lot of travel and Anne would often go with him when he was working

George in the Commonwealth Hospital in Japan in 1953

abroad, across Europe and America. On one occasion when there was political trouble brewing in Italy, George was

bad.’ George is also now deaf in one ear,

especially with the doctor’s surgery on

tasked with delivering an armoured car

which he puts down to the heavy mortar

site. The community here means that

to Rome, and he and Anne still recall

raids in Korea.

you are protected against loneliness and

the lovely drive back in the substituted Rolls-Royce.

George and Anne used to attend

looked after as you get older.’

his regiment’s reunions every year in Liverpool, although they reflect that it’s

Find out more

the Korean War, George notes how

been a few years since they last did so.

Stoll has been providing support to

it took him a long time to physically

At one of the previous reunions George

the Veteran community for more than

recover and that he never completely

met the man who first treated him in

100 years and is here to support the

got over the injuries. He is now having

the field, who he remembers gave him

next generation of Veterans. For more

to use a walking stick and Anne helps

his first injection for pain relief after he

information about finding a home with

him a lot. ‘He’s good with the walking

was found – ‘Not that it helped much!’ he

Stoll or accessing support, please visit

stick though,’ she says, ‘so it’s not too

recalls. or call the Outreach

Looking back on his experience in

Team on 020 7385 2110. Q

George and Anne came to Stoll four and a half years ago, having been worried that the building where they were currently living was going to be demolished. The area where they had been living had completely changed since they moved in and there was uncertainty as to what would happen


next. Stoll was able to coordinate their move into a two-bedroom flat at the Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions in Fulham. They now have a nice flat, which they have redecorated themselves, overlooking the estate’s gardens, and are supported by the team at Stoll including a weekly visit from their dedicated support worker, Rachel. Friends come to visit and love the gardens. The couple also have two children: a daughter, who lives just down the road, and a son living in Kingston. George receiving a medal of honour at the Commonwealth Ministerial Conference visit to Stoll in July 2017

With regards to Stoll, Anne notes:

Stoll 446 Fulham Road London SW6 1DT 020 7385 2110 outreach@stoll. Drop-in Stoll’s drop-in runs every second Wednesday of the month at its Fulham site (see above), in the Community Hall

‘The facilities here are the best, l August/September 2019



This guide includes the courses currently scheduled to run from September to November 2019 Additional courses may be scheduled by each Resettlement Centre according to demand. A list of all scheduled courses is available from your nearest Resettlement Centre. All the dates given should be confirmed with the relevant Resettlement Centres. Dates are correct at time of going to press.

To book onto any CTP courses, workshops or events, please call the central bookings team on 0203 162 4410 Visit for further details

RC Aldergrove

RRC Catterick

RRC Cottesmore RC Northolt





CTW Mixed Class

CTW Junior Ranks

CTW Mixed Class

CTW Mixed Class

09 September 2019 11 September 2019 07 October 2019 09 October 2019 04 November 2019 06 November 2019

02 September 2019 04 September 2019 23 September 2019 25 September 2019 01 October 2019 03 October 2019 14 October 2019 16 October 2019 04 November 2019 06 November 2019 18 November 2019 20 November 2019 CTW Mixed Class 09 September 2019 12 September 2019 (Course location Preston) 10 September 2019 12 September 2019 (Course location Cyprus) 07 October 2019 10 October 2019 (Course location Preston) CTW Officer/SNCO 03 September 2019 05 September 2019 09 September 2019 11 September 2019 07 October 2019 09 October 2019 21 October 2019 23 October 2019 28 October 2019 30 October 2019 11 November 2019 13 November 2019

02 September 2019 09 September 2019 16 September 2019 17 September 2019

02 September 2019 23 September 2019 07 October 2019 21 October 2019 11 November 2019 25 November 2019

04 September 2019 25 September 2019 09 October 2019 23 October 2019 13 November 2019 27 November 2019

16 September 2019 14 October 2019 28 October 2019 18 November 2019

18 September 2019 16 October 2019 30 October 2019 20 November 2019

09 September 2019 09 September 2019 (Course location Cyprus) 26 September 2019 26 September 2019 28 November 2019 28 November 2019

ESP Job Skills Workshop

05 September 2019 05 September 2019

19 September 2019 19 September 2019 14 October 2019 14 October 2019 14 November 2019 14 November 2019

03 October 2019 21 November 2019

FAR All Ranks

FAR All Ranks

04 September 2019 04 September 2019 27 November 2019 27 November 2019

12 September 2019 12 September 2019 (Course location Wittering) 19 November 2019 19 November 2019 (Course location Wittering)

ESP Job Skills Workshop 19 September 2019 19 September 2019 24 October 2019 24 October 2019 21 November 2019 21 November 2019

FAR All Ranks 13 November 2019 13 November 2019

RRC Aldershot

START DATE END DATE CTW Junior Ranks 03 September 2019 05 September 2019 01 October 2019 03 October 2019 05 November 2019 07 November 2019

CTW Mixed Class

16 September 2019 18 September 2019 (Course location Brize Norton) 04 November 2019 06 November 2019 (Course location Brize Norton) 11 November 2019 13 November 2019 (Course location Brize Norton)

CTW Officer 10 September 2019 12 September 2019

CTW Officer/SNCO

08 October 2019 10 October 2019 26 November 2019 28 November 2019


24 September 2019 26 September 2019 22 October 2019 24 October 2019

ESP Job Skills Workshop 10 September 2019 10 September 2018 15 October 2019 15 October 2019 12 November 2019 12 November 2019

FAR All Ranks 10 October 2019

10 October 2019

New Horizons Moving towards Retirement 09 September 2019 09 September 2019

Self Employment Awareness 11 October 2019

11 October 2019

ESP Job Skills Workshop

New Horizons Moving towards Retirement 03 October 2019

03 October 2019

Self Employment Awareness 28 November 2019 28 November 2019

RRC Colchester

(Course location Bramcote Education Centre)

23 September 2019 25 September 2019 30 September 2019 02 October 2019 01 October 2019 03 October 2019 07 October 2019 09 October 2019 08 October 2019 10 October 2019 14 October 2019 16 October 2019 21 October 2019 23 October 2019 28 October 2019 30 October 2019 04 November 2019 06 November 2019 05 November 2019 07 November 2019 11 November 2019 13 November 2019 18 November 2019 20 November 2019 25 November 2019 27 November 2019

CTW Officer/SNCO

10 September 2019 12 September 2019 15 October 2019 17 October 2019 12 November 2019 14 November 2019

New Horizons Moving Towards Retirement 30 September 2019 30 September 2019

Self Employment Awareness

09 September 2019 09 September 2019 07 October 2019 07 October 2019 11 November 2019 11 November 2019


Central London

CTW Mixed Class 02 September 2019 16 September 2019 23 September 2019 07 October 2019 28 October 2019 04 November 2019 11 November 2019 25 November 2019

04 September 2019 18 September 2019 25 September 2019 09 October 2019 30 October 2019 06 November 2019 13 November 2019 27 November 2019

ESP Job Skills Workshop 19 September 2019 20 September 2019 24 October 2019 25 October 2019 14 November 2019 15 November 2019


04 September 2019 11 September 2019 18 September 2019 19 September 2019

August/September 2019 l START DATE END DATE CTW Senior Officer 03 September 2019 10 September 2019 01 October 2019 22 October 2019 29 October 2019 12 November 2019 19 November 2019

05 September 2019 12 September 2019 03 October 2019 24 October 2019 31 October 2019 14 November 2019 21 November 2019

FAR Senior officers

CTW Officer

ESP Job Skills Workshop 19 September 2019 19 September 2019 31 October 2019 31 October 2019 14 November 2019 14 November 2019

FAR All Ranks 26 September 2019 26 September 2019

New Horizons Moving Towards Retirement Self Employment Awareness

03 October 2019 21 November 2019

RC Plymouth START DATE END DATE CTW Junior Ranks 09 September 2019 11 September 2019 21 October 2019 23 October 2019 11 November 2019 13 November 2019

CTW Mixed Class

02 September 2019 04 September 2019 10 September 2019 12 September 2019 (Course location Lympstone) 17 September 2019 19 September 2019 (Course location Culdrose) 30 September 2019 02 October 2019 04 November 2019 06 November 2019 26 November 2019 28 November 2019 (Course location Culdrose)

CTW Officer/SNCO

16 September 2019 18 September 2019 14 October 2019 16 October 2019 18 November 2019 20 November 2019

ESP Job Skills Workshop

05 September 2019 05 September 2019 21 November 2019 21 November 2019

19 September 2019 19 September 2019 (Course location RC Northolt)

FAR All Ranks

Interview Techniques (Snr Officer)

New Horizons Moving Towards Retirement

02 September 2019 02 September 2019 14 October 2019 14 October 2019 18 November 2019 18 November 2019

24 September 2019 24 September 2019

07 November 2019 07 November 2019

Self Employment Awareness 26 September 2019 26 September 2019 14 November 2019 14 November 2019


New Horizons Moving towards Retirement

New Horizons Moving towards Retirement

10 October 2019 10 October 2019

05 September 2019 05 September 2019

Self Employment Awareness

Self Employment Awareness

06 September 2019 06 September 2019 07 November 2019 07 November 2019

27 November 2019 27 November 2019

RRC Rosyth

CTW Junior Ranks 16 September 2019 18 September 2019 21 October 2019 23 October 2019

CTW Mixed Class

CTW Mixed Class 09 September 2019 23 September 2019 14 October 2019 04 November 2019 18 November 2019


11 September 2019 25 September 2019 16 October 2019 06 November 2019 20 November 2019

CTW Officer 02 September 2019 04 September 2019 28 October 2019 30 October 2019 25 November 2019 27 November 2019


30 September 2019 02 October 2019 11 November 2019 13 November 2019

ESP Job Skills Workshop

19 September 2019 19 September 2019 24 October 2019 24 October 2019 21 November 2019 21 November 2019

FAR All Ranks

28 November 2019 28 November 2019

09 September 2019 11 September 2019 16 September 2019 18 September 2019 (Course location Kinloss) 17 September 2019 19 September 2019 (Course location Faslane) 23 September 2019 25 September 2019 07 October 2019 09 October 2019 07 October 2019 09 October 2019 (Course location Lossiemouth) 15 October 2019 17 October 2019 (Course location Faslane) 21 October 2019 23 October 2019 04 November 2019 06 November 2019 (Course location Kinloss) 11 November 2019 13 November 2019 19 November 2019 21 November 2019 (Course location Faslane) 25 November 2019 27 November 2019

ESP Job Skills Workshop 26 September 2019 26 September 2019 24 October 2019 24 October 2019 14 November 2019 14 November 2019

FAR All Ranks

September 2019 to 17 September ir Single Service Advisors BEFORE 17committing courses2019 hen responding to advertisements please mention Quest

RRC Tidworth

START DATE END DATE CTW Junior Ranks 02 September 2019 04 September 2019 09 September 2019 11 September 2019 16 September 2019 18 September 2019 23 September 2019 25 September 2019 30 September 2019 02 October 2019 07 October 2019 09 October 2019 14 October 2019 16 October 2019 21 October 2019 23 October 2019 04 November 2019 06 November 2019 11 November 2019 13 November 2019

CTW Mixed Class

24 September 2019 26 September 2019 (Course location Chepstow) 28 October 2019 30 October 2019 19 November 2019 21 November 2019 25 November 2019 27 November 2019 CTW Officer 10 September 2019 12 September 2019 08 October 2019 10 October 2019 12 November 2019 14 November 2019 CTW Officer/SNCO 29 October 2019 31 October 2019 26 November 2019 28 November 2019

CTW SNCO 03 September 2019 05 September 2019 17 September 2019 19 September 2019 01 October 2019 03 October 2019 15 October 2019 17 October 2019 22 October 2019 24 October 2019 05 November 2019 07 November 2019 18 November 2019 20 November 2019

ESP Job Skills Workshop

12 September 2019 12 September 2019 26 September 2019 26 September 2019 (Course location Chepstow) 10 October 2019 10 October 2019 24 October 2019 24 October 2019 07 November 2019 07 November 2019 21 November 2019 21 November 2019 (Course location Chepstow)

FAR All Ranks

05 September 2019 05 September 2019 (Course location External Venue) 23 October 2019 23 October 2019 (Course location External Venue) 05 November 2019 05 November 2019 (Course location External Venue)

New Horizons Moving towards Retirement 16 September 2019 16 September 2019 11 November 2019 11 November 2019

Self Employment Awareness 23 September 2019 23 September 2019 21 October 2019 21 October 2019 25 November 2019 25 November 2019

Visit for further details

Military to Mines.



Ever thought of becoming an Osteopath?

Since 2005, TDI has effec�vely provided mine ac�on services to humanitarian and commercial organisa�ons, offering landmine and unexploded ordnance clearance, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), risk educa�on, EOD and IEDD training, fleet maintenance, and remote logis�cs solu�ons in 18 countries across Africa and the Middle East.

“I recently graduated from the College of Osteopaths and I would thoroughly recommend the course to Service Leavers. There is a real sense of camaraderie amongst the students.”

Major Phil Waddell, Royal Signals .

TDI have contract posi�ons available for Project Managers, EOD and IEDD Trainers and Mentors, Technical Field Managers, EOD qualified staff, Mechanics, Engineers, Medics and all associated support personnel.

The College of Osteopaths offers courses which allow you to develop your career whilst carrying on with your current life: • Change your future • Train part-time • Be part of a supportive learning community • Gain a valuable profession. Contact us today for help and advice:

London: 020 8905 1937 consult their Single Service Advisors BEFORE Staffordshire: 01782committing 294 596 to courses When responding to advertisements please mention Quest

INTERESTED? Contact us at:

www.thedevelopmen�ni�a� info@thedevelopmen�ni�a� l August/September 2019




Transition factfile:

Preparation for leaving the Forces Advice from the CTP, official provider of career guidance, skills training and job-finding assistance to Service leavers CTP provision is delivered from ten Resettlement Centres in the UK and Germany, and the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC) in Aldershot. The CTP provides a number of workshops, seminars, one-to-one career advice, and a range of in-house resettlement training for entitled Service Leavers from up to two years before discharge. CTP RightJob is the CTP’s online job-finding service, listing thousands of live vacancies for Service Leavers from local, national and international employers.

Contact the CTP on 0203 162 4410 or visit the website at

A Service leaver’s route map Service leaver completed under 4 years’ Service: CTP Future Horizons – registration upon discharge

Employment Support Programme

>> Prepares PRP with Consultant >> Receives regional employment advice

No Service Leaver completed at least 4 years’ Service: registers with Career Transition Partnership (CTP)

Served more than 6 years – or medical discharge?


Attends Career Transition Workshop (CTW) or equivalent

Prepare Personal Resettlement Plan (PRP) with Career Consultant

Attends: • further CTP workshops • training at RTC/ Resettlement Centre • civilian training attachment • external training • Financial/Housing briefings

Receives advice on or notification of matched job opportunities

Makes job applications

Secures employment

Career Consultant led Wounded, Injured and Sick Service personnel: CTP Assist – registration upon discharge


Develops, reviews and actions PRP: • further advice on: • career options • self-employment • job finding

• training • attachments • research activities • civilian work attachments Consultant supports and monitors progress

CTP support for up to 2 years after discharge; OA job finding support until retirement

Resettlement Services

Resettlement Centres

1st LINE The first stage in your resettlement process is with 1st Line, who offer information and administrative support. They are: >> RN – Education & Resettlement Officers (ERO) >> Army – Unit Resettlement Officers (URO) >> RAF – Resettlement & Education Co-ordinators (REC).

Career Transition Workshops (CTW), career counselling and other CTP workshops, briefings and events usually take place at one of the ten Resettlement Centres in the UK and Germany. Further information can be obtained from any of the Resettlement Centres listed below.

2nd LINE The principal task of 2nd Line is to provide advice and guidance on the resettlement package that will best suit the individual Service Leaver. For those entitled to CTP this will normally be a referral to a CTP consultant and/ or enrolment on a CTW, both of which will require the Service Leaver to be registered for CTP services. 2nd Line are: >> RN – Naval Resettlement Information Officers (NRIO), located at Base Learning Centres; for medical discharges the RN has a single 2nd Line point of contact referred to as NRIO (Medical) based in the Institute of Naval Medicine, Gosport >> Army – Individual Education and Resettlement Officers (IERO) and AGC(ETS) Officers are located at Army Education Centres (AEC) and Theatre Education Centres (TEC); AGC(ETS) Officers may deliver 2nd Line resettlement advice when deployed on operations and occasionally when IERO are unavailable >> RAF – Each Regional Resettlement Adviser (RRA) is allocated a group of RAF stations to visit on a regular programmed basis. 3rd LINE Resettlement support at 3rd Line is provided by the CTP as outlined at the top of this page and in more detail on its website at


August/September 2019 l

Resettlement Centre Aldergrove Tel: 02894 421639 Regional Resettlement Centre Aldershot Tel: 01252 348336/339 Regional Resettlement Centre Catterick Tel: 01748 872949/2922 Regional Resettlement Centre Cottesmore Tel: 01572 812241 (ext 7716) Resettlement Centre Germany Tel: 0049 5254 982 x 5448 Resettlement Centre Northolt Tel: 020 8842 6065 Resettlement Centre Plymouth Tel: 01752 555834 Resettlement Centre Portsmouth Tel: 02392 724130 Regional Resettlement Centre Rosyth Tel: 01383 858230 Regional Resettlement Centre Tidworth Tel: 01980 650689

For the most up-to-date information, please visit

Courses 4 Forces Spring final 2015_C4F 16/03/2015 11:25 Page 52

Sponsored by

01908 587665 l l

Gastec has more than 1 years experience in the resettlement training of MoD Service Leavers, with over  successfully trained students now working within the industry. Other providers promise - we deliver!




GRT is the length of time that a Service Leaver is eligible to spend on resettlement activities, including workshops, training Gastec Training has for many years worked courses, civilian work attachments or individual resettlement closely with Britain’s armed forces as 4VF,JOH.#&   they prepare for civilian life. At Gastec we provision. recognise the commitment you have made

Transition services and entitlements

while serving and welcome the opportunity to ensure you have a prosperous future as

you leave the armed forces. The Gastec New COURSE CARRIES LEVEL 3 ACCREDITATION Entitlement Entrant Gas Course will prepare you for an EFSGPS )BWJOHDIPTFO(BTUFDBTUIFQSPWJEFSGPS     discharged  All Service Leavers, other than those asinteresting Earlyand lucrative career in the gas NZSFTFUUMFNFOUUSBJOJOHBGUFSZFBST     ZFBST utility sector. Call now for a special reduced EXJUIresettlement TFSWJDF *XBTDPNQMFUMZJNQSFTTFEXJUIUIF   to receive  UIF pricing offer on this course. Service Leavers, are entitled the support QSPGFTTJPOBMJTNBOEIFMQBGGPSEFENFCZ     CZ BMMUIFJOTUSVDUPSTBOETUBGG     detailed in the table below. 4HU+..PSHBO 3FUE


    includes grants, allowances, travel warrants, resettlement leave, consultancy, transition workshops and subsidised training.

Yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Service 1. <1 2. 1+ 3. 4+ 4. 6+ 5. 8+ 6. 12+ 7. 16+

Normal Discharge

Medical Discharge(2)


<4 Yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; service or administratively discharged

CALL +44(0)1908 587665

CTP GRT(1) IRTC CTP GRT(1) IRTC Gastec Training & Assessment Centres Ltd. 6 Newmarket Court, Kingston, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK10 0AQ No 0 No FRP 10 Yes No 0 No FRP 30 Yes ESP 0 No FRP 30 Yes FRP 20 Yes FRP 30 Yes FRP 25 Yes FRP 30 Yes FRP 30 Yes FRP 30 Yes FRP 35 Yes FRP 35 Yes

Notes 1. Amount of GRT is in working days. 2. This includes Reservists who are Medically Discharged due to injuries sustained during operational commitments. ESP: Employment Support Programme FRP: Full Resettlement Programme

Duty Allowances for Resettlement Activities Individual entitlements to allowances are found in JSP 752 and other single-Service regulations. If in doubt, Service Leavers should ask their resettlement advisers or Unit HR for advice. As with other duty entitlements, payments made in the pursuance of resettlement are made only for â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;actualsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and administered through Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) self-service menus. At all times, receipts must be retained and produced in the event that a Service Leaver is selected for audit. Service Leaversâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; entitlement will depend upon the nature of their discharge and the length of their Service. When selecting a training provider to deliver resettlement services, Service Leavers should be aware that the MOD operates a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Local Training Firstâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; policy. Wherever possible, resettlement training should be undertaken local to (i.e. within 50 miles by road or 90 minutes by public transport) Service or home accommodation. Notwithstanding this, external training, including training undertaken overseas, that will incur subsistence costs may be arranged through any training provider in the event that there is no available CTP in-house training or training providers that can deliver an equivalent training outcome locally. All overseas training (see overleaf) must survive HQ scrutiny; and all accommodation, UK or otherwise, other than that offered under exceptional residential arrangements, must be booked through the Defence Hotel Reservation Service (DHRS). All residential accommodation offered by training providers must be pre-authorised by the Unit.

â&#x20AC;¢ Vulnerability Assessment â&#x20AC;¢ Resettlement Brief â&#x20AC;¢ Resettlement Interview â&#x20AC;¢ Gateway to 3rd Sector: â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Housing â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Finance â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Social Benefits â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Employment â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Pensions â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Health

Employment Support Programme >4<6 Yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Service

â&#x20AC;¢ Job-Finding Service â&#x20AC;¢ â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;RightJobâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Access â&#x20AC;¢ Consultant Interview â&#x20AC;¢ Housing Brief â&#x20AC;¢ Financial Aspects of Resettlement Brief â&#x20AC;¢ Access (on a standby basis) to 50 Various Resettlement Training Centre Courses â&#x20AC;¢ Post Discharge Consultant Support (up to 2 years) â&#x20AC;¢ Employment Fairs and Events

Full Resettlement Programme >6 Yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Service

â&#x20AC;¢ IRTC Grant (£534) â&#x20AC;¢ Resettlement Leave (up to 35 days) â&#x20AC;¢ Career Transition Workshop (3 days) â&#x20AC;¢ Other Workshops â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Self-Employment Awareness â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Small Business Start-Up â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CV Writing â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Interview Skills â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Networking â&#x20AC;¢ Career Consultancy â&#x20AC;¢ Travel Warrants (up to 7) â&#x20AC;¢ â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;RightJobâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Access â&#x20AC;¢ Financial Aspects of Resettlement Brief â&#x20AC;¢ Housing Brief â&#x20AC;¢ Access to 50 Various Resettlement Training Centre Courses â&#x20AC;¢ Post Discharge Consultant Support (up to 2 years) â&#x20AC;¢ Employment Fairs and Events

Standard Learning Credits Enhanced Learning Credits Access to first FE/HE qualification Resettlement Grant Officers with 9 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; service up to £15,505 Other Ranks with 12 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; service who are AFPS 75 up to £10,596 Officers and Other Ranks who are AFPS 05 up to £10,883 Officers and Other Ranks who are AFPS 15 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; no rate currently available

For the most up-to-date information, please visit

Please always contact the Forces Pension Society for the most up-to-date information Tel: 020 7820 9988 Web: l August/September 2019




Resettlement Training

Service Leaver Support Teams (SLSTs)

Training provided by the CTP

Can be found at Army UK divisional and district HQs and at some regional brigades. They provide Service leavers with information and help on a wide variety of subjects, including employment, housing, schooling, finance and other resettlement issues. They work in close cooperation with other agencies, including the RFEA, single-Service specialists and the CTP.

Skills training takes place at the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC) in Aldershot and at a selection of Resettlement Centres. The RTC has bespoke workshops within its Building and Engineering Departments, and also offers Management and IT courses. Many of those on offer result in civilian-recognised qualifications. To find out more about the wide range of courses available, and to search for dates and locations, visit our website at For all other enquiries, to check availability, or to make a booking or payment, contact our Course Booking & Information Centre (CBIC): Civilian: Tel: 01252 954 007 Email:

Training provided by Preferred Suppliers The­­­Preferred Suppliers List (PSL) identifies a range of local training providers offering some of the most common vocational training that Service leavers undertake. In order to qualify for the PSL, the training organisation is obliged to demonstrate financial reliability, appropriate insurance cover, past performance, future plans, training facilities, accreditation levels and quality standards. The PSL is published at and is also held in each of the Resettlement Centres. Preferred Supplier status is subject to continuous evaluation, on each course by the Service Leaver, by the CTP and by annual review.

Overseas Resettlement Training Resettlement training should, wherever possible, be undertaken either in-house (given the value for money and quality assurance available on those courses) or locally in recognition of the local training first policy. Authorisation for overseas resettlement training can only be made by HQ SDE staff on a case-by-case basis and through the intelligent application of the following conditions. >> The training outcome is not available under the local training first policy, either within the UK for those serving in UK or within their normal theatre of operations for those serving overseas. >> The total costs of the training overseas to the MOD, including eligible subsistence allowances and travel costs, which will be claimed under current regulations, are less than those that would be incurred if undertaking the training in the UK, i.e. the value for money consideration. >> SDE staff have reasonable assurance of the quality of the training and its recognition by UK employers.

CTP RightJob CTP RightJob is the CTP’s online job-finding service, listing thousands of live vacancies for Service leavers from local, national and international employers. The CTP works with hundreds of organisations that recognise the benefits of recruiting from the ex-military talent pool, and value the experience and strong working ethos Service leavers bring with them. The site is accessed via the CTP website and the login required is issued during CTWs. Call the Central Employment Team for more information, on 0121 236 0058.


Call 0203 162 4410 For booking your Career Transition Workshop (CTW) or any other workshop or briefing. (This is a not a premium rate number and you should only be charged at the normal national rate, dependent on the phone provider) Alternatively, if you are calling from a military line, contact the Resettlement Centre running the workshop which is normally the Resettlement Centre that you are registered with for your resettlement. Contact details can be found in the list of Resettlement Centres provided earlier in Factfile. CALL OUR COURSE BOOKING & INFORMATION CENTRE (CBIC) Civilian: Tel: 01252 954 007 Email:


Any request for overseas training must arrive with SDE HQ staff at least eight weeks in advance of the intended departure date, to enable the necessary political clearances for successful applications to be made.

CALL OUR CENTRAL EMPLOYMENT TEAM (CET) Tel: 0121 236 0058 If you have forgotten your RightJob password, have been locked out of your account or require support using RightJob.

CTP Employment Events

CTP Future Horizons

Our events can be of great benefit and provide an excellent opportunity to network with potential employers and discuss the job market in general, as well as within specific industry sectors. The main types that we hold are: >> Employment Fairs – attended by a wide range of national and local employers, seeking the skills, quality and experience that Service leavers have >> Live Online Chat Events – enable Service leavers to chat one-to-one with employers during dedicated time slots, about their company, current vacancies and any training needs >> Company Presentations – these focus on one particular company, which is normally actively recruiting for a number of vacancies. >> Search for upcoming CTP events on our website at

CTP Future Horizons understands that leaving the Armed Forces is a key point in the lives of all Service leavers, and believes that everyone who has served, even for a short period of time, is entitled to support in transitioning from the military into civilian life. The programme will provide support and assistance to enable you to find suitable employment upon leaving the Armed Forces. Through its network of partners, it will link you in to the most appropriate level of support you need to help with the transition. CTP Future Horizons has been developed in response to the recognition and commitment from the MoD to improve resettlement provision to Early Service Leavers (ESLs). It is open to ESLs across all Services, regardless of how long you have served or the reasons you have for leaving. The programme has been designed and is delivered by the RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity. To discuss any aspect of CTP Future Horizons, please call Richard Jones, Programme Manager, on 07428 705 770 or meet with a CTP Future Horizons assessor at the following locations: >> ITC Catterick, Hook Company: 01748 872949/2922 >> ATC Pirbright, Sword Company: 01483 798614 >> Resettlement Centre Plymouth: 01752 557635 Follow Future Horizons on Facebook, and receive the latest news and updates from the programme.

RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity We exist to provide life-long, life-changing support, jobs and training opportunities to Service leavers and Veterans, irrespective of circumstances, rank, length of service or reason for leaving. Founded in 1885 and operating across the UK, we have the specialist knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between military life and civilian employment. We work in partnership with other organisations and employers who, like us, respect and value the unique qualities and abilities of all those who have served. We are the leading provider of job opportunities and employment advice for ex-Forces men and women. We have thousands of job opportunities with employers who value military experience. We advise you on careers suited to you and we know which employers are recruiting in your area. We work with you so that you have a good CV, and support you through the application and interview process. To register with us … Tel: 0121 2360 058 Website:


August/September 2019 l

CTP Assist CTP Assist aims to help wounded, injured and sick Service personnel who have the greatest need to find a new, fulfilling career that meets their individual needs, and to assist them in moving on with their lives. The support given will help to pinpoint a rewarding and realistic change of career. Service leavers who are likely to be medically discharged and are ready to engage in resettlement will be referred to the programme by their Chain of Command. To find out more about how CTP Assist can support you, visit

Courses 4 Forces Spring final 2015_C4F 16/03/2015 11:25 Page 52

Sponsored by

01908 587665 l l


Gastec has more than 1 years experience in the resettlement training of MoD Service Leavers, with over  successfully trained students now working within the industry. Other providers promise - we deliver!



Gastec Training has for many years worked closely with Britainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s armed forces as they prepare for civilian life. At Gastec we

Even if you have a job to go to on leaving the Armedrecognise Forces, you are still the commitment you have madestrongly while serving and welcome the opportunity advised to attend the CTP Career Transition Workshop (CTW), with other to ensure you havealong a prosperous futureany as you leave the armed forces. The Gastec New CARRIES LEVEL 3 ACCREDITATION that you will find of benefit,COURSE such as CV Writing or Interview The Entrant GasTechniques. Course will prepare you for anpurpose EFSGPS )BWJOHDIPTFO(BTUFDBTUIFQSPWJEFSGPS      interesting and lucrative career in the gas NZSFTFUUMFNFOUUSBJOJOHBGUFSZFBST    ZFBST sector. Call now foroptions a special reduced of these workshops is to help you to recognise and utility assess your and learn

skills in order to approach the civilian workplace and market yourself to a future employer. These are skills that are important to develop for life, and not just for your next job. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know.

The Self-Marketing Approach is based on the application of well-established 4HU+..PSHBO 3FUE

   marketing concepts to the task of getting a new job. Marketing is about delivering COURSE CARRIES LEVEL 3 ACCREDITATION products and services to meet case, are 0VSQBTTSBUFFYDFFETBOEPVS  customers    needs.    In this %VSJOHNZUJNFJOUIFBSNZJIBWFBUUFOEFENBOZ    you     the EFENBproduct, OZ  DPVSTFTBOETFFONBOZJOTUSVDUPSTCVUUIFMFWFMTPG       IFMFWFMTPG &-$"4FWBMVBUJPOSBUJOHJTTFDPOEUP       JOTUSVDUJPOBU(BTUFDXBTFYDFMMFOU*BNOPXBWFSZ     customer   OPXBWFSZ that the the customer is your next employer. the OPOF 1MFBTFUBLFUJNFUPWJFXUIF   Your   task   is  to persuade TVDDFTTGVMTFMGFNQMPZFEHBTTBGFFOHJOFFSBOESFNBJO      BOESF  &-$"4XFCTJUFUPDIFDLPVUPVS       JODPOUBDUXJUI(BTUFDXIPXJMMBMXBZPGGFSBEWJDF         range of benefits, which you bring, DVSSFOUFWBMVBUJPOSBUJOH  match his or her needs. 8BZOF$IBOU &Y3PZBM"SUJMMFSZ


Throughout our lives we are faced with choices or options and as you prepare to leave the Services, you are potentially about to face some of your biggest ones yet. You can never start this preparation early enough, so plan your resettlement carefully and thoroughly. In order to commence a successful self-marketing campaign one of the first things you should do is to decide what it is you wish to achieve.


pricing offer on this course.

Define the product >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>

CALL +44(0)1908 587665

Identify as wide a range of your skills and experience as you can From these, you can choose which ones match what the employer wants Gastec Training & Assessment Centres Ltd. 6 Newmarket Court, Kingston, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK10 0AQ Demonstrate value to the employer List your successes Focus on skills and attitudes rather than tasks Identify transferable skills Learn to think in terms of product (you) and customer (your next employer) Remember, customers buy benefits Define yourself in terms of unique selling propositions (USPs)

Prepare self-marketing literature Your CV should include: >> a personal profile â&#x20AC;&#x201C; your USP >> major achievements â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the benefits you brought to current and previous jobs >> a focus on your transferable skills Your CV should avoid mentioning: >> details of salary >> references >> any negative aspects of your career to date >> clichĂŠs, jargon, abbreviations and untruths

Understand the world of work >> >> >> >> >> >>

What has changed since you joined the Services? How do those changes affect you? How do you effectively manage your own career? What are the different patterns of work? What do you want from a company? How do you negotiate a salary package?

Identify your interests and skills >> >> >> >> >>

What are your interests? What transferable skills do you have? What training or qualifications have you done? Can you identify what you have achieved so far? Does all this help you decide what to do next?

Proactive networking >> >> >> >>

How do you establish a useful network? How do you use networks to help you research? How can networks help you into a job? How can networks help with career development?

Research the market

Networking advice

>> >> >> >> >> >>

>> >> >> >> >> >>

Decide on sectors, geographical areas etc. Use directories, databases, internet etc. Ask for information Use your personal network Use industry associations, chambers of commerce etc. Attend jobfairs and conferences

Implement a marketing campaign Use a variety of approaches, including: >> responding to advertisements >> direct approaches by phone and letter >> networking >> employment agencies >> develop a system and keep records of all activities >> follow up approaches systematically >> learn from your mistakes

Start early Create mutually supportive relationships Use these at all stages of career development, not just at time of job change Networks are useful information sources Successful people develop networks Use them to market yourself and your organisation

The CTP can help you find the answers to these questions through attending workshops and one-to-one sessions with your Career Consultant. If you are not yet registered with the CTP, speak to your local Resettlement Officer or Service Resettlement Advisor for further advice.

Sell yourself on a face-to-face basis >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>

Research the employer Prepare interview responses Dress appropriately Arrive early; impress everybody you meet Smile Avoid crossing arms and legs when sitting Maintain eye contact Answer questions honestly, but focus on the positive Manage the interview to match your benefits to the employerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs Prepare questions that you can ask the interviewer Seek feedback and learn from mistakes

For the most up-to-date information, please visit l August/September 2019




The full package

Lieutenant Gary Bickley, Royal Navy, reports on his experience of NEBOSH instruction at Woodward SHE Ltd

period of weeks, which allowed time for consolidation and course work prior to the

helpful with the application process, and

next module starting.

with providing admin support throughout

‘The standard of instruction was

the course and afterwards. The catering

excellent, with all of the lecturers

was very good too, with a wide selection of

being highly qualified, experienced and

sandwiches and baked potatoes on offer, as

knowledgeable. They were enthusiastic

well as cookies, biscuits, muffins and more

and used a range of different learning

at break times, along with tea, coffee and

techniques that were appropriate to the


subject being taught. They encouraged

‘An added benefit is Woodward’s

candidates to think around the subject

associate scheme, which provides an

and to examine health and safety issues

excellent opportunity for successful

critically and objectively.

candidates who wish to deliver training to

‘The modules were very thorough Lieutenant Gary Bickley, Royal Navy

‘Woodward were very efficient and

in covering the syllabus and providing

use Woodward’s accreditation. ‘If you’re considering gaining any

candidates with the knowledge required.

NEBOSH qualification as part of your

‘I attended one of Woodward’s

They also encouraged candidates to carry

resettlement, I would certainly recommend

NEBOSH resettlement packages, which

out research and further study in their own

using Woodward SHE Ltd. They’re very

encompassed the National General

time, in order to achieve a higher standard

professional, friendly and offer great value

Certificate, Construction Certificate, Fire

of pass. The lecturers provided guidance

for money.’

Certificate and Environmental Certificate.

on what to revise/research and signposted

The package was very competitively

candidates to numerous websites and

Further information can be found at www.

priced and spaced out over a suitable

journals, which proved to be very useful.


✆ 0800 3800 007 Fancy yourself as a Civil Aviation Authority Accredited Commercial Drone Pilot?

Gain your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) and join the rapidly growing Drone Industry at the right time. Use your IRTC, SLC and JPA Accommodation credits towards a short residential training course that will enable you to earn money using your drone commercially. Residential Course includes: • • • • • •


Theory Training and Examination Practical Flying Training - try our huge range and exciting fleet of drones Flight Assessment - at no extra cost Operations Manual - writing workshop Proofing and Submission of Paperwork to CAA Drone Pilot Academy Membership - includes members industry day - Add your name to our database of pilots No resit fees

Discounted Rate for Service Personnel

Prices from £370 incl. VAT* Usual price £995 plus VAT

*When using resettlement grant £534, SLCs £170 and JPA for food and accommodation. Forms on request.

questmagazine Quest Magazine Group: groups/quest Quest Magazine Company: company/quest Quest Magazine Profile: quest-magazine


August/September 2019 l

If you already have aviation experience then a shortened course may be available.

Photography | Video | Survey | Crop Analysis | Topographical Surveys | Inspections





E LC 4436


20 Day Resettlement Program with a 10 day work placement

Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI速) Resettlement Program 20 Days = 5 Days Copper Cabling | 5 Days Fibre Cabling | 10 Day Work Placement

Adopted by the Royal School of Signals

Eligible for ELC funding

The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI速) is the perfect program to start your new career within the network cable installation industry, it provides two qualifications, official certification and eligibility for an Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Datacomms Specialist card - a must to allow you to work on-site.

Everything you need to start a new and successful career

The CNCI速 program includes 5 days copper cabling and 5 days fibre cabling, and Service Leavers also gain a 10 day Work Placement, allowing actual on-the-job experience which has the potential to turn into employment:

u 20 day program

For those more experienced, CNet Training has many other Network Infrastructure and Data Centre education programs that can be funded with ELCs, please contact us to chat through The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework which shows career enhancing routes that you could take following your CNCI速 certification.

Call us to find out how you could benefit from joining the Network Infrastructure Sector +44 (0)1284 767100


5 days of copper installation


5 days of fibre installation


10 days of work placement

u Gain two industry recognised qualifications u Gain official certification u ECS Card eligibility

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All your ELC info under one roof - are you looking for training courses or jobs. Quest has it all.

Quest August 2019  

All your ELC info under one roof - are you looking for training courses or jobs. Quest has it all.