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Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Question Brazil | Year II | Issue No. 97 | Goiania, 15 to November 21, 2010 | Editorial Director: Reinaldo Cruz

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He came back in the arms of the people


It was a hard campaign, considering that the candidate had Tucano against itself, the machine state and federal. He was always ahead in the polls and confirmed at the end that most of the people of Goiás was at his side.


arconi Ferreira Perillo Júnior, 47, is a native of Goiania. In the early 80s, was twice president of the PMDB Jovem Goias and national president of the Youth of the PMDB. In 1990 he was elected state representative. In 1994 he was elected federal deputy for the PP, the party of which he became president of the Regional Directorate. In 1995, he joined the PSDB, he became deputy leader in Congress.

In the House of Representatives was vice president of Regulatory Committee of the National Financial, a member of the Committee on Constitution and Justice and member of the Committee on Science and Technology, Communications and Information Technology. In 1998, Marconi Perillo was elected governor of Goiás and reelected in 2002, in the first round with 51.2% of the votes. In October 2006, the PSDB

was elected senator, with 2,035,564 votes, 75.82% of the total in the state. He is vice-chairman of the Senate. In December 2005 and March 2006, received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Goiás Federal and State of Goiás, for activities for development of the arts, sciences, philosophy and letters in the state. Became an enemy of President Lula, the monthly allowance after the episode. Pag 05

Goiania in the Cup circuit in 2014 Andre Pita (FGF) and Ricardo Teixeira CBF)

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Sebastian Vettel is Champion

Photo: Reinaldo Cruz

Photo: Site of CBF

The Governor-elect of Goiás, Marconi Perillo, won Iris Rezende, Governor Alcides Rodrigues and President Lula

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Vino’s Sports premiere site itself

Gateway Brazil debut many new Question Page 19

G20 discusses war exchange rate and does not reach any agreement Page 15

NGOs encourage companies to build reserves Page 18

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

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:::::::::::: General Question :::::::::: “I’m going to heaven and hell in this fight” PMDB’s Vice President Temer. Caiado says that if this occurs will be the end of the opposition in Brazil. It also became clear that he was against the DEM José Serra and support Marconi Perillo, both from the PSDB. Speaking of which, is the Deputy onaldo Caiado declared will appoint someone to hold offiwar on Gilberto Kassab ce in state government? and Rodrigo Maia in an in- Let’s see, because he did not supterview with Veja. port, but respected the decision of The Caiado is outraged at the pos- the party that nominated the desible merger of the DEM with the puty chief of taste.



Tax revenues in the year hits $ 1 trillion day 16/11 Revenue collections in the country this year will reach $ 1 trillion this afternoon. The brand will register around 13:30 (GMT) by Impostômetro (panel installed in the center of the capital from which records in real time, the tax burden in the country)


The Goiás “breathing by apparatus” in the Brazilian championship, but for many the team has been in a vegetative state for a long time, the doctors “Sportswriter” already has a diagnosis of death, but delays the announcement and this will only prolong the suffering of Esmeralda family. On Sunday November 21 naughty boys will invade the town office of “Dr.” Arthur with the clear intention of turning off appliances instead of keeping the club in a division Serrinha

Iris Rezende Iris was seduced and wanted power and now sees his story on a sad end, after two defeats to his main challenger in 52 years of public life. Iris leaves the scene. It is his political demise. The debate now is: What will be the PMDB without Iris?

Or Congress is a circus or the Paulines are the true artists?

he Joker was the most voted in recent elections, it made medallions of national policy outraged. Your name, Everardo Francisco Oliveira da Silva, who got 1,353,000 votes, was subjected to a saying in the TRE (Regional Electoral Tribunal) from Sao Paulo to establish that is literate. According to information he had on October 9 wrong words. For the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) is literate who scored 30%. By this criterion, the comedian is fit and can graduate. But is not that simple, to take over, will face some obstacles. His alleged omission in the declaration of assets when he applied. The other


Tax burden

Globo x Uol

udge Jaime Dias Pinheiro Filho Judge, the 43 th Civil Court of Rio deemed unfounded, the Globo TV and Club 13, which alleged that the site UOL had no right to disseminate images of the Brazi-

problem is the accusation that he lied when he said that was his let-

ter that appeared in the application for voter registration. The law requires that those who exercise public office to be literate. A correction that needs to happen now for the next election, with or without pension reform policy is to prevent the candidate to appear on time or election rallies dressed as a clown or any other character. By doing this, as did Wild Boar and mocks the institution to which he wants to be elected. If Tiririca appeared in a suit, with the seriousness it requires the office and using his real name Francisco Everardo Oliveira da Silva, would probably have another vote and may not be elected. Who was elected was the character

and not the citizen. Nothing against people who use subterfuge or resources to win protest votes, but then we have our hand in the awareness and ask: Is this what they hope to contribute to improving the level of discussions in the Legislature? Not around, not just a doctor or a lawyer who can get elected, but despite the patronage, corruption and some other things we can not lower the level but ...

lian Championship since it has the rights to broadcast . process dragged on since 2005 when the plaintiffs argued that only they have rights over the images. The company has accused YouTube of violating its right to exclusivity. However, the UOL is worth the Pelé Law to reproduce the images

on your page. According to Judge the law provides an exception and allows the transmission of passages within the 3% limit of time provided for in the character of journalism. Therefore, the charge was classified as unfounded.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Question Brazil

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Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Nearly one hundred thousand cases of dengue in Goiás


engue cases reported in Goias January until the last 16 days, a total of 41 weeks, were up 215% over the same period last year, up from 31,584 in 2009 to 99,493 reported cases. The figures were released by the manager of the Surveillance Department of Health, Magna Maria de Carvalho, adding that the number of deaths has also suffered an increase of about 73.7% this year. In the first 41 weeks of 2009 the Health Department recorded 38 deaths, 24 dengue-related complications and 14 for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever - DHF, while in the same period of 2010 were 66 deaths, including 39 dengue-related complications and 27 by DHF. Most cases of dengue this year with complications occurred in Goiania, with 10 cases. The capital also ranks first in number of reported cases of the disease, reaching 36,891 noticicações, followed by Aparecida de Goiânia in 8784 and Annapolis, in 5755. According to Mary Magna de Carvalho, 80% of the breeding of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are inside the houses or close to it. Now that the rainy season is back in the state, it is necessary that the population is engaged in the job by eliminating any type of breeding. The manager explained that the Surveillance Department of Health has directed local governments to take appropriate action to “environmental management”, ie, cleaning gutters, mowing of vacant lots, removal of garbage etc. that can hold stagnant water and breeding during the rainy season. In this sense, the population has a duty to keep their homes, pools and lots without debris and standing water, items that facilitate the emergence of dengue mosquito breeding sites

Interview Question

Paulo Martins da Silva Emater-GO has new owner


gronomist, former Chief Cabinet Secretary and the Secretary of Agricul- And the current staffing is suffiture, Martins da Silva (pictured), cient? You need to make a public the Company assumes Rural Ex- tender? tension and Agricultural Resear- Paulo Martins - The technical stach - Emater, extinct in 1999, and ff is insufficient. The final comperecently recreated by Governor Alcides Rodrigues. Present in virtually all the 246 municipalities of Goiás, the company has advanced research facilities in Goiania, Senador Canedo, Annapolis, Rio Verde, and Porangatu Luiz Alves. Paulo Martins produced a diagnosis in which been identified and the needs of Emater also projects that should be put into practice to meet about 120 000 farmers and representative boPaulo Martins da Silva, President of Embrapa dies such as FAEG and Fetaeg. Check out the inter- tition was held in 1993. We have done a diagnosis that has been view: delivered to Governor Alcides RoThe President, what are its main drigues. In this paper we detect the need to hire about 600 people, proposals for Emater? Paul Martin - It’s important to say including researchers, agricultural that Emater just be recreated by technicians, agronomists, bioloGovernor Alcides Rodrigues. She gists, veterinarians and techniwent into liquidation in 1999, but cians for the extension. Many pethe governor decided to recreate it ople are retiring and the demand to meet the demands of more than is growing Goiás, this taking into 120 000 farmers in Goias and re- account the increase of cattle and presentative bodies such as FAEG also in agricultural production. and Fetaeg. There is no denying the importance of Emater for the Besides the qualified staff that

Authorized duplication of the BR-060

Read and Sign

Question Brazil

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state. We have almost two months to leave the company structured so that the next governor should know what actions to put into practice.

The Transport Minister Paulo Sérgio Passos and the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Mauro Barbosa da Silva, authorized in the last 19 days in Goiânia, the beginning of construction of duplication and restoration of BR-060, Goiânia-stretch and Abadia de Goiás also the construction of the overpass at the intersection of BR-060 (Avenida Pedro Ludovico) with the Consolata Ave. The ceremony took place on the BR060, exit Abadia de Goiás, at the intersection of Avenidas Consolation and Peter Ludwig. More information: (62) 3091-2142; Source: Agecom

have left until the restructuring is completed Emater? Paul Martin - Through the agreements signed with the Ministry of Agrarian Development, also in the Agriculture Department, we can leverage some actions, such as the purchase of 70 vehicles, which are being bid and must be delivered later this year. Other vehicles are coming. In partnership with Embrapa we get funds for the purchase of tractors, planters, sprayers and other equipment have been delivered during the administration of Agriculture Secretary Leonardo Veloso. The Emater meets all municipalities in Goiás? Paulo Martins - Today Emater is present in virtually all municipalities in Goiás. She has advanced research facilities in Goiania, Senador Canedo, Annapolis, Rio Verde, Porangatu and Luiz Alves. We need to better structure these units. The Emater also has established partnerships with the private sector in development of new seeds, which already has generated income that comes from royalties. The Company has cash on hand to perform the research? Paul Martin - The Federal Government has separate money for specific investments in research, but we have access to those resources need to develop projects and leave the company structure. That’s what we’re doing. Source: Agecom

Municipalities of Goiás should receive $ 266 million FPM Passing refers to the increase of 1% of the Municipal Participation Fund (FPM) will be made to municipalities in Goiás December 10, reports the chairman of the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), Paul Ziulkoski. He said the figure is about $ 83 million. In addition to forecasting the FPM December, from $ 182 million, Goiás should receive the equivalent of U.S. $ 266 million FPM next month. Passing extra 1% to municipalities was one of the achievements of the movement led by municipalist CNM, who claimed for years that the adjustment action

for the Brazilian municipalities. To assist the mayors to meet financial responsibility as the 13th salary of servers, for example, the Confederation has estimated these values. Summing all the municipalities, the value of 1% of the FPM should be approximately R $ 2.3 billion. Since the estimates of the total FPM of December is expected to reach $ 5 billion. Source: Communication Agency of Goiás. 3

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Investments in Goiás may reach $ 33.2 billion by 2013 million tons, 2.64% higher than in 2009. The harvested area also showed a growth of 10.35%. Mining The increasing demand for gold as a financial asset has stimulated new investments in the mining and processing. One of the invest-

Photo: Disclosure

duction in Goias The partnership provides for expansion of production capacity in Usina Boa Vista, in Quirinópolis, Southwest region, which should become the largest distillery in Brazil. The State was chosen because it is considered a major frontier for the expansion of ethanol in

Sugarcane In the sector of ethanol / sugar are expected to invest in 73 projects for the installation or expansion. Petrobras, through its subsidiary Petrobras Biofuel, St. Martin and the Group have teamed up to accelerate the growth of ethanol pro-

New board took office

Kennedy Sousa Trinity took over as adviser to the State Court of Auditors (ECA-GO). The ceremony held in the auditorium of the Court at the Civic Square. Trinity Kennedy is a former state assemblyman and former director general of the Legislative Assembly.

rizon High, Northern State, and copper sulphide. Metal and mechanical The automaker Mitsubishi Motors of Brazil will invest about $ 1.2 billion over the next five years, at their facility in Catalan in southeast Goiás. The company is launching three new models to be assembled in Catalan, and still build an engine factory. The production capacity of vehicles in the future will be increased from 50 thousand to 100 thousand units per year. North-South Railway In the transportation / logistics, Valec invest about $ 2.4 billion at the end of the construction of the North-South Railway and Integration Center-West, only in Goiás The construction of the railway will link the state to other national and international markets, making local production more competitive with the possibility of sales of raw materials for contractors, service mechanics, security, cleaning and maintenance and others. Moreover, the arrival of works moves restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and general trading. Another area of emphasis in research investment is the intention of foods and beverages. The company Unilever will build new plant in Quirinópolis to harness the agricultural potential in the southwestern region of Goiás In all this is confirmed, the next government can not in any way complaining of “cursed legacy” for a long time.

Governor Alcides Rodrigues

Brazil The Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production (LASP) IBGE confirms the growing demand for sugar cane in Goiás According to estimates, the production of sugarcane in Goiás in 2010 was 45.228

ment projects of the Canadian industry is Yamana, who will want to extract gold in its underground mine located in the town of Pilar de Goias The company already draws about seven tons of gold per year at Ho-

The inauguration was attended by large number of politicians. Oton Nascimento, Secretary of Planning, represented Governor Alcides Rodrigues (PP). Who was also present was the governor-elect, Marconi Perillo (PSDB). Among the state representatives were Marlúcio Pereira (PTB), Honor Cruvinel (PSDB), Vanuza Valarades (PSC) and Álvaro Guimarães (PR), who was reelected in the October elections.

Trinity is going to fill vacancy left by retired counselor, Naphtali Alves. Kennedy’s appointment was approved by the Legislature unanimously last Wednesday, three days. The new director is a civil engineer, born in Goiânia, is 45 years old, married with Tarssys Costa Araújo Trindade and has three children. With information from the Agency of Goiás Communication.

Source: Department of Planning and Development of Goiás

Photo: Flickr/marconiperillo


urvey the industry’s research indicates that the value Seplan is referring to 995 projects still being executed. If all investments are made, the state will have more than 110 000 new jobs Search intention of investments held by the Department of Planning and Development of Goiás State, through the Office of Statistical Research and Information (Sepin) was found to Goias until 2013, an amount of R $ 33.2 billion in investment intentions industrial and service sectors, in 995 projects, with prospects to generate 110,600 new jobs. Of the projected total, R $ 17.01 billion (51.27%) correspond to the segment of ethanol / sugar, £ 5.41 billion (16.32%) from mining and processing, R $ 3.01 billion ( 9.07%) referring to the metalworking industry, R $ 2.74 billion (8.26%) to the activity and transportation and logistics segment of the food and beverage industry, with $ 1.81 billion (5.47% ) of investment. Together, these five activities totaled 90.38% of investment intentions and 28.74% of the announced projects. Of the total planned investment, 15.26% are located in the Southwest Region Planning Goiano. Four other regions that showed intent to focus on investments were the West Goiano (14.78%), Central Goiás (13.79%), Southeast Goiano (13,65%) and South State (12.75%). The other regions totaled 20.37% of the amount provided% and 9.41 relate to the construction of the North-South Railroad Integration Midwest and others that cut across various cities.

Kennedy Trindade receives compliments of Marconi Perillo


Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Politicized | Year Two | Issue No. 97 | Goiania, 15 to November 21, 2010 | Editorial Director: Reinaldo Cruz

The largest in history to neutralize the governor’s support Alcides Rodrigues (PP) and the losing candidate on the ballot in the first round Vanderlan Cardoso (PR) to the opponent of the PMDB. The candidate, who called the allegations of electioneering and “warmed-over coffee,” managed to keep the lead in the polls and still saw the fall of the main opponent in the polls. Marconi Perillo enter history not only because it will govern Goiás for the 3rd time, but also because it defeated in this election a living legend policy Goiás, Iris Rezende Machado, the current Governor Alcides Rodriguez, who helped elect and still break surpassed the taste of the people of Goiás, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is so far, only the most popular president in the history of Brazil.

The main proposals of the Governor elected to Goias

• Transforming the concept of Public Security, the mere repressive apparatus of the state for a system of social defense and protection of citizenship • Revitalize and strengthen the so-

Foto: Divulgação

V José Alencar back feeling abdomen

cial safety net, improving the programs and settings Citizens Income, Salary, School, Cheque House, Stock University and People’s Bank Restaurant and Citizen • Reform of the buildings and public facilities of culture throughout the state; deploy cultural centers in the municipalities of Goiás • Revitalize the State’s highway

ice President Jose Alencar, hospitalized for 21 days in the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Sao Paulo, to treat a bowel obstruction caused by a cancer against which he fought since 2006, came to feel pain in the abdomen on Friday fair. Doctors still do not assess whether it is a consequence of heart attack that he suffered yesterday or the cancer that he has fought.

ted with youth, set to be an actor in social networks and two administrations have made clear that marked the life of the population. Now, we expect the possession and start putting into practice what has been proposed in the campaign. May God bless and help.

Photo: Flickr/Marconi Perillo

After a close race, Senator Marconi Perillo (PSDB) won elections in the second round and is the new governor of Goiás The dispute polarized Iris Rezende (PMDB), both have ruled the State was marked by exchanges of barbs and comparisons of past administrations, both in debates, as in free electoral. One week before the election, polls indicated a technical tie between candidates, but with a slight numerical advantage Perillo. Favorite from the beginning, Perillo faced earlier in the campaign, investigation on suspicion of having received bribes of $ 2 million, an offshoot of Operation Perseus, the Federal Police, in 2004. In the second round, managed

Marconi had against itself, the State machinery, Federal and Municipal State’s major cities and even with those in power against him has been there and won. Factor for the success of the candidate Marconi Perillo, was to be connec-

| $ 2.00

system, recovering all the highways and implanting a permanent maintenance program (maintenance and enhancement of the 3rd Program Via) • Expand the power system - transmission lines, distribution networks and substations to meet the demands generated by growth of the state

The information is the National Journal. José Alencar presented on Thursday a picture of malaise and was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction. He underwent an angiogram, which showed no major arterial obstructions. Alencar is in the ICU Cardiology Syrian-Lebanese Hospital

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010


Cyro Miranda Gifford Junior Married, 02 children. »Graduate in Business Administration from the University of Mackenzie - SP ‘Founder of Servbon - distributor of food products, based in Uberlandia, branches in Sao Jose do Rio Preto and Goiania. Distributor Kibon, “Socio director of GEM - Agro Industrial e Comercial Ltda, »Partner Newprogress Factory director de Fomento Mercantil Ltda “Former president of ACIEG Commercial and Industrial Association of the State of Goias “Former President of Facieg -

Federation of Commercial and Industrial Associations in the state of Goias ‘Vice President of CACB Confederation of Trade Associations of Brazil ‘Vice President of Abimilho Brazilian Association of Industry Corn »Alternate representation of Goiás at the National Confederation of Industry, wrote international trade missions to countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, India, Japan, Korea, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Chile and the USA »Founder and former president of Adiala (Association for Industrial Development of the State of Goias), which won the formation of productive chains, reducing state taxes for the vast majority of business sectors, exemption from property taxes for new vehicles, strengthening core industrial production as the DAIA and industrial districts in over 20 cities pole of Goias. “One of the founders of the Business Forum in 1999 ‘In 2007 he was honored by the Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra with the title of Citizen, and Medal of Merit Goiano Legislature. Will assume the chair in place of Senator Marconi Perillo to stay on for another 4 years.

Appointments Commitment makes every candidate, when campaigning. There are the famous promises that often does not leave the paper, and generally the claim is that the time was too short to accomplish what was agreed in hundreds of meetings with voters. The challenge for the three Senators from Goiás, and live up to its mandate is to make things work in the government of Marconi Perillo. Will have to do with that money come to the conclusion of Goiânia Airport, which has long lost the status of Inter-

national and not nearly going to support the weight of the World Cup will be closer than everyone imagines. You will need to seek resources to undo the mistake that was smash the Olympic Stadium, which was a good or bad heritage of the people of Goiás Just to mention some of the obligations that the Senators will have to with voters who elected them. Marconi Perillo administrator who is acting Brigadier find heaven, as it has majority in three chambers.

Demóstenes Lázaro Xavier Torres


orn in Anicuns on January 23, 1961. Graduated in law from the Pontifical Catholic University

of Goias, Demosthenes Torres is a member of the gazetted public prosecutor of Goiás in 1983. It was Attorney General of the organ before occupying the post of Secretary of Public Safety from 1999 to 2002, government Marconi Perillo. Affiliated to the DEM, was elected senator of the Republic in 2002 with 1,239,352 votes. He ran the government of Goias in 2006 but won only 3.5% of the votes, occupying the fourth position. Since February 2009, is chairman of the Senate Constitution and Justice, the most important of the House Committee. Was considered by the Journal Times of the 100 most influential Brazilians in the year 2009. Source: wikipédia

Lúcia Vânia Abrão Costa

Term: February 1, 2003 until February 1, 2019 Party: PSDB Occupation: Journalist Vânia Lúcia Costa Abram, was born in Cumari on October 15, 1944 is a journalist turned political. Was First Lady of Goiás during the administration of Irapuan Costa Junior, with whom she was married and had three children. She is the sister of former Senator Abraham Moses Tocantins Neto and cousin of former Congressman and broadcaster Pedro Abraham Jason Abraham. Congresswoman for two consecutive terms from 1987 to 1995. In 1994 the government applied for Goias, then by the Progressive Party but was defeated by Maguito Vilela. Affiliated to the PSDB, was National Secretary of Social

Welfare of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso in 1998 when it was re-elected Congresswoman. In 2000 he launched the candidate getting the city of Goiania 3o.lugar. In 2002 he was elected senator, and was reelected in 2010. Source: Wikipedia with adaptations

Read The Tribune of the King Available on the Web and Printed


Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Federal Representatives Dona Iris (PMDB) 185.887 votes

Rubens Otoni (PT) 171.360 votes

Ronaldo Caiado (DEM) 167.522 votes

Flávia Moraes (PDT) 152.553 votes

Sandro Mabel (PR) 148.532 votes

Jovair Arantes (PTB) 147.445 votes

João Campos (PSDB) 135.937 votes

Armando Vergílio (PMN) 103.210 votes

Leandro Vilela (PMDB) 102.412 votes

Carlos Alberto Leréia (PSDB) 98.383 votes

Roberto Ballestra (PP) 97.235 votes

Pedro Chaves (PMDB) 93.978 votes

Leonardo Vilela (PSDB) 91.842 votes

Thiago Peixoto (PMDB) 906.27 votes

Sandes Júnior (PP) 89.152 votes

Vilmar Rocha (DEM) 85.724 votes

Heuller Cruvinel (DEM)


Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

State Representatives

Helder Valim(PSDB) Jânio Darrot (PSDB) Samuel Belchior(PMDB) Paulo C Martins PMDB Fábio Sousa (PSDB)

Cristovão Tormin PTB

Daniel Vilela PMDB

Jardel Sebba PSDB

Major Araújo PRB

Lincoln Tejota PT do B Evandro Magal (PP)

Nélio Fortunato PMDB

Iso Moreira (PSDB)

Carlos Antônio (PSC)

Bruno Peixoto PMDB

Waguinho (PMDB)

Dr Joaquim de Castro

Isaura Lemos (PDT)

José de Lima (PDT)

José Vitti PRTB

Henrique Arantes PTB Hélio Souza (DEM)

Humbreto Aidar (PT

Ademir Meneses PR Luiz Carlos do Carmo

Daniel Messac

Luiz Cesar Bueno

Sônia Chavez PSDB

Misael Oliveira (PDT)

Frederico Nascimento

Túlio Isac (PSDB)

Nilo Resende (DEM)

Hildo do Candango

Francisco JR PMDB

Álvaro Guimarães

Valcenor Braz PTB

Wellington Valim

Elias Júnior (PMN)

Francisco Gedda

Mauro Ruben

Karlos Cabral 4

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Year II | Issue No 97 | Editorial Director: Reinaldo Cruz Goiânia, 15 to 21 November 2010 $ 2.00 Rafael Moura author of the goal that gave hope green against Fluminense. There was no way, the result of 1x1 practically puts the team in 2nd.

O Goiás E.C. esta virtualmente rebaixado

T Cup in Goiania? Dream or reality?


he Governor-elect has said he saw Goiás by Ricardo Teixeira, president of CBF, good intentions for the capital cities of the state and are part of the circuit through which will pass the World Cup, 14. Receive a game of the World is no longer possible, but get some team that will compete in the competition is perfectly feasible for a state that is passionate about football. Andrew Pita was CBF’s headquarters to plead for a departure from the Brazil squad at the Sierra Gold. For Goiás part of the largest sports


gala of the planet will require investments in infrastructure, so we can welcome the selections and the tourists who usually acompanhalas. Our infrastructure is still poor and people do not realize that the competition will take place in Brazilian soil. Brasilia, one of 12 venues within the state and this is very close to Goiânia Caldas Novas, etc. And how’s this for Fanar your English?

he Goiás almost managed to hold a heroic victory in Engenhão on Sunday, but gave the tie by 1-1 to Fluminense and went into the relegation zone of the Brazilian Championship. Although he managed to halt the campaign of one of candidates to the title, the club’s players complained emerald rather the result and acknowledged that the situation was quite difficult. “We knew we needed to win all four matches and support and pressure from Fluminense. But in an output error of the ball, there was

the penalty that gave the tie to them. Became more difficult. Come play with dignity the rest of the league, “goalkeeper Harlei promised and has already begun to think in Serie B in 2011. “We had many problems this year. We can not build a strong and competitive team to compete in the Brazilian championship, which does not allow mistakes. Now we must think about rebuild the club. Those who stay in Goiás need to put the team in place where it belongs, “said the veteran. Nd.

The king of the pole, is now also the king of F-1

ebastian Vettel is the great champion of Formula 1 in 2010. With a flawless race in Abu Dhabi and only with Alonso coming in seventh place, the German won his first world title. He awarded the category without making the team play, unlike the Ferrari that has abused the method with Massa and Alonso in Germany. Mark Webber felt the pressure to compete for a title and went on to prove all the time behind Alonso. Hamilton and Button completed the podium and passed the title for Vettel, as both were world champions in 2008 and 2009 respectively. However, a Russian took over the race. Alonso Petrov grabbed the entire evidence, which helped win the title for the Red Bull. Racing The first round was the busiest of the race. At the start Button jumped ahead of Alonso and Schumacher then ran ahead and saw the car up on its Liuzzi. With the safety car, Alonso’s situation was dangerous because it was fourth in last position that would give the title. After stopping a few cars into the pits stops, including Webber

and Alonso, Petrov stole the show. For it was in front of the Spanish and so remained for more than 30 laps. Webber, behind Alonso, drew no reaction and not even press Alonso. Massa stopped and turned back to Alguersuari and as the fight Alonso-Petrov, the Ferrari has lagged behind the rest of the Spanish race. Over time, things got better for Vettel and it did. After 55 laps and a few more seconds before Alonso finished the race, the world saw a new world champion. Fast, fast, king of the poles and the new world champion in Formula 1. After crossing the finish line, Petrov and Alonso exchanged obscene gestu- This time the German has not done anything stupid and ended up with the F-1 title res, as the Spanish claimed the Russian stance. Fernando Alonso is not satisfied with the loss of And among the pilots, the Ferrari was not the the title in the last round of the World. only one to greet the new world champion. In 2010, Formula 1 knows the youngest world Source: Yahoo! Brazil champion, with Vettel 23 years and 4 months. The biggest prize for the pilot who led the league only one time.

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Roberval Andrade wins and defers decision


f before the race in Curitiba (PR) of the title race truck had five riders with a realistic chance of taking the trophy, after the penultimate round of the year the fighting was polarized between two drivers: Roberval Andrade, Scania, who won the Parana on Sunday (14), and Felipe Giaffone of Volkswagen, who arrived dressed in Andrade and the decision goes to the leadership table. The two are the only ones with chances of winning the championship in the stage of Brasilia, which takes place on December 5. Pressed very early on by Leandro Totti (Mercedes) and at the end of Giaffone, Andrade, who started on pole position, made no mistakes or give chances to their opponents

of trying to overtake, keeping the lead from end to end. After a start without accidents, the first round ended with Roberval Andrade (Scania), Leandro Totti (Mercedes), Felipe Giaffone (Volkswagen), Leandro Reis (Scania) and Paul Salustiano (Volvo) in the top five. Also in the first third of the race, Valmir Benavides, the Hisgué, which runs alongside Felipe Giaffone at Volkswagen went off the road and returned only in 14th position. With mechanical problems, left soon after, saying goodbye to the title match. Then, Leandro Reis and Jose Maria Reis, both Scania, abandoned with problems of turbine. Danilo Dirani, Ford, was another who left the race early.

Ingo Hoffmann C prepares Christmas solidarity Former driver and current head of AMG Motorsport team runs a charitable and nonprofit organizations in Campinas, in São Paulo

Renato Martins (Volkswagen), who came in 7th place, rolled at the end of the line, he escaped and returned to the track, leaving shortly thereafter due to a water hose loose (the pilot confirmed later that the water itself caused his round). Totti vs. Giaffone Even before the mandatory entry of Pace Truck, which approximates the trucks so that the race remains close at the end of the race, Felipe Giaffone Leandro Totti went and took the 2nd position. At the entrance to Pace Truck, the order was Roberval Andrade, Leandro Totti, Felipe Giaffone, Bob Miller (Iveco) and Paul Salustiano. With the restart of the race, Bob Miller went to press strongly Feli-

hristmas in all Christian countries of the world happens on December 25. But for Stock Car dodecacampeão, Ingo Hoffmann, this day so special happen on a different date this year: Dec. 16. The change has nothing to do with his passion for speed or with his work as chief of staff in the largest category of motor racing in Brazil. The São Paulo and

pe Giaffone, who lost contact with Leandro Totti at first, but returned to the press representative of the Mercedes shortly after and beat to begin the attack on Roberval Andrade. Meanwhile, Peter Muffato (Scania), with the truck on fire, smoke across the left lane and caused tense moments in the match, and Bob Miller left with damaged front bumper. “It burst a water hose, just running and broke the bumper,” said the pilot, who had similar problem when Renato Martins. With the victory in Curitiba, Roberval Andrade, Truck champion in 2002, must deduct 16 points Giaffone in Brasilia to reach his second title in the category. Source: Yahoo! Brazil

runs a charity wants to raise funds to make an unforgettable party for the children’s institution. The invitations to the feast of ‘Santa Claus Hof f m a n n’ being sold for $ 40, complete with dinner and soda. Organizers hope to raise the

institute a wide Constribution to the event. Regina made a point to invite everyone to participate in the project Children’s House and Family, which houses children in intensive treatment for cancer. Employees can buy invitations in two ways: on-site and feast day, in Campinas, and the tefefones (19) 3287-8000 or (19) 3287-5834. To learn more about the project just visit the official website of the Institute Ball Forward ( Source: 2

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

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Fuel Pump Speeds Siriema team leaves out of the Rally of the Sierras

Facco and Silvio Luiz Deusdará: double tuned in search of the title, the equipment is first and team structure is the height of the pilots, but this time ...


hat rally is even a box of surprises no doubt ... Whether the route and the obstacles that are known hours before the start, or what can happen during a special, when the dual race against the clock. And that’s what happened on this holiday of the Proclamation of the Republic in San Joaquín, when Silvio Luiz Facco and Accelerates Siriema Deusdará Team, competed in the Rally II of the Sierras on a cold day in the mountains of Santa Catarina. After the Prologue in the Apple Park on Sunday evening, when secured second place in the Super Production grid for the start of this morning (15), Facco Deusdará and dropped as deputy leader

in the Super Production category, the Brazilian Rally Championship Cross Country. For more than 100 km timed section of the duo rode well and imparted a strong pace but was caught with a mechanical problem that made the title race of the season more difficult now. In total the 21 cars that had dropped to complete a journey of 288 km, including 188 two excerpt timed. Of these, many had problems and seven were unable to finish the race between them, pairs of experienced cross-country national, and Deusdará Facco, current Champions Sertões in Super Production, with titles in 2010 and 2009. To Deusdará now is think about the

next and final round of the Championship which takes place on 11 December in Itatinga / SP. “It was a good race where we had much chance to do well, but did not go as planned and we will decide on (the rally) Friends. We made a dangerous section where the fog does not allow us to see anything, and then walked right car was great, we’ve been doing a clean run and so far we saw with the best time in four cars, happened when the pump problem, but rally have these things, “says the browser Ceará. The Second Rally of the Sierras was valid for the 13th stage of the Brazilian ranking of the sport and participated in four categories, where the respective winners: Jean Aze-

vedo / Emerson Cavassin (Cars), Andre Azevedo / Maykel Fair (Trucks), Dario Julio (Motorcycle) and Rodrigo Varela (Quad). Team Accelerates Siriema account sponsored by Gonçalves SA Indústria Gráfica and Yokohama and support of 4x4 Experts, One and Fontoura Days. More information about the team on site Source: Mercia Suzuki O + Communication

LNB states that All-Star Game NBB will be held in January

Third edition will take against the Brazilian team of foreigners


he National Basketball League (LNC) announced that the NBB-Star Game will be played on January 29. A day earlier, the tournament will take place three points and buried. The novelty of the third edition is that teams will be divided between Brazilians and foreigners: NBB NBB against Brazil World. So far, 21 players from seven countries are at work in the league. They are: the Americans Mark Borders (Araraquara), Rashad West (Assisi), Tony Stockman (Assisi), Larry Taylor (Boston), Jeff Agba (Boston), Maurice Spillers (France), Durelle Brown (Limerick), Bernard Robinson ( Mi-

nes), Shamell (Pinheiros), Robert Day (Uberlandia), Robby Collum (Uberlandia), Maurice Riddick (Old Town), Robert Owens (Vila Velha), the Argentine Facundo Sucatzky (Mines) and Juan Pablo Figueroa (Pinheiros), the Dominican Ronald Ramon (Limerick), the Panamanian Joel Muñoz (Victoria), the Cuban Amiel See (Victoria), the Moldovan Malik (Paulistano) and Serbian Dusan Radivojecic (Vila Velha). The headquarters of the event will be set up until the 26th of November. The gyms in the cities of Londrina, France, Victory, Vila Velha, Fortaleza and Natal will be evaluated by the LNB. Source:

All-Star game of the season 2009/2010 (Photo: Luiz Pires / Reporter)


Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Dragon is 3 points away from Sticking


he win over Palmeiras on Sunday, the fourth team in the last seven games of the Brasileirão, was of fundamental importance for the position of athletic-GO in the league. Now, just one victory in the next round on the Avai in Florianopolis, - plus a victory over Flamengo Guarani - to mathematically guarantee the Dragon to stay in Serie A in 2011.

If the Dragon and win the next round Fla., the team coach Rene Simoes will no longer be reached on the classification made by the last four. The Guarani and Avaí own, which could also reach 43 points wins would get less than Goias. I and the whole team we are growing at the right time of the competition. If we win the Avaí,

we ensure that we stay in Serie A. We spent a very hard time for most of the big league. We work with the pressure of having to leave the relegation zone all round. But now things have changed. We still have a very big concern with the group of four brought down, but lighter work because we are not there half Robston said. Despite the favorable situation at the moment, Agenor defender tried to contain the euphoria of the team. After going through a difficult situation for most of the tournament, the player does not want to celebrate prematurely. If you do not win the Avaí, Atlético-GO still has a chance of getting rid of relegation to Serie B last two games: against Sao Paulo, Goiania, and Vitória, Salvador. The situation is not lost to archrival and some even have fun with it, but the more experienced know they have to ensure then to comment on the situation of others. So far only giggles yellows can be seen here.


“Sometimes the fan condemns me, but today (Sunday) he encouraged. We must congratulate our fans. He corresponded off the field, and we correspond in “ We must be aware of all the challenges that arise from the front so that we’re to take risks. We have shown a consistent football in those later rounds, and hope the team stays that way - warned Agenor. The 3-0 rout over Palmeiras was quite celebrated not only by the rise in the standings, but also for good performance.

- Sometimes the fan condemns me, but today (Sunday) he encouraged. We must congratulate our fans. He corresponded off the field, and we correspond inside. Palmeiras not fight for anything in the competition, a victory or a defeat would mean the same for them but for us, no. We knew the game was very important - Robston said.

Edivaldo Rodrigues/DP/D.A. Press



It’s kill or die

Tigger unrecognizable A

team of the New Town was the Bragança Paulista faced the team from the city, starting valid by the 36 th round of the Brazilian Championship Series B. The Tigger started well and after just three minutes took the lead through Bruno Lopes, David played for the striker who played in the output of the goalkeeper. Six minutes after the Braga evened the score in confusion in the area after corner kick. Few chances were created by the Village, and the home team appeared to be better after the draw, and has expanded to 38, setting the score of the first stage, Bragantino 2, Vila Nova 1. In the back of the range, in place of Max Sparrow Eberson, but without creating the attack, was that Berry did another nine minutes of the second half, in a free kick,

headed Marcus Aurelius and expanded. The fourth goal came two minutes later, Juninho Quixadá ventured out of the area, Max slapped, but the ball went. At 29 minutes the Bragantino gave final numbers from the outset, Juninho Quixadá again, kicked, hit back and the striker scored Max. Bragantino 5, Vila Nova 1. Click here to review the goals. The village remains in 14th place in the table of the competition, but depends on a combination of results on Saturday (13/11), to define its placement at the end of the 36th round. The next challenge is against Nautico in Afflicted Stadium on Saturday (20/11) at 17h. Direct confrontation, as teams struggle to not enter the Z-4.


he Nautical was reintroduced on the afternoon of Monday, the Afflicted. While the victory over Brasiliense were still fresh in memory, the speech of the players is that the challenge against the Alligator is already part of the next month and before the New Town, is the only focus. For the defender Walter, the victory over Brasiliense was very celebrated, but the thinking now has to be in Vila Nova. “We played a good game, we won, but now the past is Brasiliense. We must work to address the Village and have the support of fans, so that together, we win, “he said. Who was very happy, and now much more comfortable giving interviews, it was the right-back Flavio, who scored the win over Brasiliense. He celebrated his first

goal with the shirt of the Marine, but stressed the importance of keeping our feet on the ground. “I am very happy and thank God for the phase I’m going. But with his feet on the ground. There’s nothing decided. We will continue training and seek victory in front of the New Town, “the player said. During training, who served during the 90 minutes of the match with Brasiliense gave only laps around the lawn and in the locker room after physical rehabilitation. The rest had a ball working with assistants in the field with Zé do Carmo and Kuki. On Tuesday, with training in two periods in TC Wilson Fields, the alvirrubros begin in earnest preparation for the game with Vila Nova.


Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Question Brazil | Year II | Issue nº97 | Goiania, 15 to November 21, 2010 | Editorial Director: Reinaldo Cruz | $ 2.00

Cuiabá: ECA suspends bidding for the World Cup work D esign flaw, budget spreadsheets contrary to the requirements of the notices and to overprice the works already running. These were some of the reasons that led the Court of the State of Mato Grosso to determine the suspension of two contracts signed by Agecopa (State Agency Implementation of Projects World Cup Pantanal). The problems identified were also sufficient for the court to determine that new contracts will no longer be signed until the defects are corrected. The contracts are for construction of urban mobility for offload traffic to the World Cup. The decision to suspend the contracts is the rapporteur on the accounts of Agecopa, adviser Joaquim Antonio, through trial unique in a precautionary measure. He took into account the report of the Secretariat of External Control of Works and Engineering Services of TBI, which conducts audits of agency actions. Artworks suspended The two contracts were signed by suspended Agecopa Encomind with the company. Refer to the

works of paving of avs. Mario Estrada Palma and the River bank in the district of Ribeirao Lipa, the complement of r. the Eucalyptus and the construction of a concrete bridge over the river Coxipó in Cuiaba. These interventions are called work release by the government, which aim to allow traffic flow for other avenues of greater movement when more complex works are executed in the city. The ECA found that competition in public 04/2010, the Eucalyptus Street and the bridge-was no risk of “serious and irreparable harm to the public purse of around R $ 1,316,393.77.” The problems encountered were: basic design ineffective budget worksheet (BDI) contrary to the requirement of notice, no project

of expropriation of private land that lie in the path of work, lack of project environmental licensing, and overpricing. In this case, the suspension of the contract was signed with the 21/2010 Ecomind, winning a lot, and the determination that the agency did not sign a contract with the winner of the second batch, the consortium Engeponte. The second decision TEC refers to the works of av. Mario Palma and Stream, both in single lane, totaling 2.7 km in length. In addition to finding flaws in the announcement and overpriced, the court found the basic design ineffective. The court also noted differences between bid documents and extract data from published and between what was contracted and what is being executed.

“There was a change to the object auctioned at the signing of the contract, reducing the service to be done, but keeping the same amount originally stipulated in the notice, thereby triggering the finding of overpricing,” says part of the decision. Thus, the ECA established the company’s notification Encomind to suspend the execution of services that have no contractual provision, and adjustments in the project executive and corrections to the contract. Notification and Defense The CEO of Agecopa, Yen Magellan, was notified and must present a defense on the two decisions within 15 days. The agency’s six directors met on Friday to assess the decision of the ECA and expected to speak later on the subject. In accordance with the advice of Agecopa, the only work of urban mobility that was in progress-av. Mario Palma and Road-Stream had been interrupted in October on the recommendation of its own Court of Auditors. Source: www.Copa

DF Governor sees ’’political influence and obscure the Itaquerão “


he Federal District governor, Roger Rosso (PMDB), on Friday sent a letter to FIFA president Joseph Blatter. The politician talks about the pride of the country to receive the World Cup, but criticized the choice of "Itaquerão" arena to be built to host the opening games in Sao Paulo and will be the future arena of Corinthians. The governor says that the DF there are attempts to influence policy by Sao Paulo stadium. "We all are aware of attempts to influence the political decision of FIFA, and the media has been able to present us with scenes full of undesirable values that have been employed in the dispute."

Rosso calls for international body to watch for a possible wrong message if the choices are made based on political influence, a possible reference to the COL/2014 (Cup Organising Committee) has chosen Sao Paulo for the opening of the World, though the stadium has not left the paper, has not guaranteed source of funds and is also outside the timetable set by Fifa. "So we all hope that FIFA is aware of the wrong kind of message that could be passed on to a population-based decision making is obscure influences." The governor also said that the DF selection process may leave a legacy to Brazil. "Ethics and merit should be the basis of decisions so

that the message to people is clear and deep. At this point, FIFA has already begun to build his legacy for the Brazilian population," he argues. "Otherwise, the message to the community will be distorted, and that's something we do not want." Rosso said that, despite numerous stoppages organized by the Justice of the Federal, the federal capital has merits to receive the opening of the 2014 World Cup. "Despite legal setbacks, we are the host city to the country's earliest works in the National Stadium in Brasilia Mané Garrincha, in compliance with the specifications of this entity to the headquarters of the World Cup," he says.

This week, Rosso a challenge to the President of COL, Ricardo Teixeira, on the works of "Itaquerão. The governor does not believe the stadium will be ready for Confederations Cup matches in 2013. The governor-elect, Agnelo Queiroz (EN), considered as decreasing the ability of new Mané Garrincha, who, as the project for the World Cup will have 70 000 seats. If Sao Paulo is confirmed as the site of the opening games, the stadium will have approximately 40 million seats, the same amount of current Mané Garrincha, but with a structure adapted to the requirements of Fifa.

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Cup must inject U.S. $ 155 billion in funds from abroad, says study


study released this week by the bank Confidence estimates that the 2014 World Cup to inject U.S. $ 155 billion in the Brazilian economy from investment spending and spending on tourism from overseas. The Olympic

Games in 2016 should bring additional R $ 28 billion. Due to the strong inflow of funds, the bank predicts an increase in opening foreign currency accounts in the country and the services of hedge receivables and prepaid.

Another effect of the inflow of foreign funds, the bank will maintain the dollar at low levels, encouraging demand for package holidays abroad and buying foreign currency. “For all these factors, we in the

tourism market and tourism exchange, a scenario not seen in Brazil, and that outweighs the period of the economic miracle,” says Gustavo Dias, director of the bank.

Who was Uncle Sam? H

istorians aren’t completely certain how the character “Uncle Sam” was created, or who (if anyone) he was named after. The prevailing theory is that Uncle Sam was named after Samuel Wilson. Wilson was born in Arlington, Mass., on September 13, 1766. His childhood home was in Mason, New Hampshire. In 1789, he and his brother Ebenezer walked to Troy, New York. During the War of 1812, Wilson was in the business of slaughtering and packing meat. He provided large shipments of meat to the US Army, in barrels that were stamped with the initials “U.S.” Supposedly, someone who saw the “U.S.” stamp suggested -- perhaps as a joke -that the initials stood for “Uncle Sam” Wilson. The suggestion that the meat shipments came from “Uncle Sam” led to the idea that Uncle Sam symbolized the federal government.

Samuel Wilson died in 1854. His grave is in the Oakwood Cemetery in Troy. Uncle Sam’s traditional appearance, with a white goatee and star-spangled suit, is an invention of artists and political cartoonists; Samuel Wilson did not look like the modern image of Uncle Sam. For example, Wilson was clean-shaven, while Uncle Sam is usually portrayed with a goatee.

Thomas Nast, a prominent 19th-century political cartoonist, produced many of the earliest cartoons of Uncle Sam. However, historians and collectors take note: Many of Nast’s cartoons may appear to depict Uncle Sam, while in fact they depict Yankee Doodle or “Brother Jonathan.” It is easy to mistake a Brother Jonathan cartoon for one of Uncle Sam, since both figures wear star-spangled

suits of red, white and blue. As a rule, Brother Jonathan was drawn with a feather in his cap, while Uncle Sam was not; and Uncle Sam is nearly always drawn with a beard, while Brother Jonathan was clean-shaven. Some have suggested that Dan Rice, a 19th-century clown, inspired Thomas Nast’s Uncle Sam cartoons. Rice’s clown costume consisted of a hat and star-spangled suit, much like the costome worn by Uncle Sam. However, Rice was born in 1823, and did not begin clowning until 1844; and Uncle Sam cartoons appeared as early as 1838. Therefore, it seems unlikely that Rice was, in fact, the inspiration for Nast’s cartoons. The single most famous portrait of Uncle Sam is the “I WANT YOU” Army recruiting poster from World War I. The poster was painted by James Montgomery Flagg in 1916-1917.

Amnesty urges U.S. to prosecute Bush for authorizing waterboarding


ONDON (Reuters) - The United States should prosecute the former president George W. Bush torture case by the admission in his autobiography that authorized the use of techniques of drowning is confirmed, the group said Amnesty International on Wednesday. In the book “Decision Points”, published this week in the United States, Bush defended his decision to authorize methods of waterboarding, considered by some as torture. Bush said the practice was limited to three prisoners and led to intelligence information that prevented attacks and saved lives. In an interview with NBC television to promote the book, he said his aide advised him not to “fall into the anti-torture act.”

The senior director of Amnesty International, Claudio Cordone said in a statement: “Under international law, anyone involved in torture must be brought to justice, and this does not exclude the ex-president George W. Bush.” “If your admission is unsubstantiated, the U.S. has an obligation to prosecute him,” he said. “In the absence of a U.S. investigation, other states should act and conduct such research for themselves.” The technique of waterboarding has been banned by Bush’s successor, President Barack Obama, shortly after his inauguration in 2009. Interrogators now must follow rules set by a manual of the American army, which rules out the practice.


Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Dilma not get how I cursed legacy and Obama, says Lula


EOUL - In the final days of meetings of the G20 Summit (bringing together the world’s largest economies), President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Friday (12), in a speech, that unlike him and U.S. President Barack Obama, elected President Rousseff not receive a “cursed legacy.” According to Lula, Dilma is another lucky because she helped build what is

today Brazil. “The president Dilma will not make a speech saying that he received a cursed legacy of President Lula because she helped build everything we’ve done so far,” Lula said at the plenary session of the summit. In last Thursday (11) evening, the President presented to world leaders Dilma as his successor in the presidency. “The Obama received an accursed inheritance, which was an unprecedented financial crisis. And I received an accursed inheritance, which was a country going backwards. Our generation will not have cursed inheritance “. According to Lula, on assuming office in 2002, there was no funding for agriculture. According to him, the country currently has cash and self-reliance in various areas such as gas. He noted that with the World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympics, the country will need a lot of investment. During the speech, Lula made an assessment of the economic situation in Brazil. According to the president, the country is experiencing the “best time [economic] the last four decades. According to him, no more than five years,

all the millennium goals set by the United Nations (UN) will be enforced in Brazil. “Brazil is going through its best time since 1958, more than 40 years the country has not lived the moment he lives. By 2015, Brazil will meet all the MDGs, some of them already fulfilled “, he said.

He highlighted that the effects of the economic crisis in Brazil were defeated in six months. “The crisis in Brazil lasted nearly six months. Then the economy was recovering from almost a government decision to strengthen the internal market, “he added.

Feted, Ronaldinho arrives in Brazil during training


onvened by the coach Mano Menezes to defend Brazil in a friendly next Wednesday in Doha, Qatar, the attacking midfielder Ronaldinho arrived late, on Monday, the first training the national team on Arab soil. Prejudiced by the delay of the flight that brought Milan playmaker went straight to El-Gharafa Stadium and had a warm reception from the fans who followed the training and the group of players from Brazil. Applauded by fans and embraced by all players, Ronaldinho came along with Robinho, his teammate at AC Milan. The two got out of the first part of the training, which included a work by heating and stretching led by coach Carlinhos Neves. The defender Thiago Silva, also of Milan, midfielder Philippe Coutinho to Inter Milan and defender David Luiz Benfica’s been hampered by delays in other flights, and also stayed out of the initial part of training. The arrival of Ronaldinho was highlighted by national team players after training. All athletes who attended the press conferences held after the exercise were unanimous in saying that the presence of crack is very important for successful selection. “Not only me, but all players were very happy with his return. I

hope he can come back and show everyone how much he has potential and ability to wear the Brazilian team ever,” said left-back Andrew Santos, in an interview reproduced by ESPN Brazil. But the young defender David Luiz noted that Ronaldinho is an idol for the next generation of the Brazilian team. “Ronaldinho has always been a mirror and a mirror for many youngsters in Brazil, as I saw all the early career of Ronaldinho, seen all his achievements. And today, to be participating in a group that he is present, I just gotta be open to his advice. With the experience he has in football, I’m happy to be staying in a group in which he is present, “he said. Midfielder Luke, in turn, stressed that Ronaldinho is a player that usually infect the rest of the group selection with its irreverence and joy. “Ronaldinho is a guy who always tries to pass the experience he had in the clubs now, in football, World Cup, and I think the environment is more cheerful and the group becomes more confident having a player of his quality,” opined. On Tuesday, the Brazilian team will train for 14 hours (GMT), only this time the Khalifa International Stadium, the venue of the match against Argentina.


Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Dilma: a letter to Lula took Mango

Agency Brazil


rasilia - Dilma Vana Rousseff has had many lives, many names and many life projects. What she never imagined it would be the first Brazilian woman to win by the vote, the highest office in the Republic, until now occupied only by men. She was elected president with 55.5 million votes, representing 56.01% of valid votes, defeating Jose Serra, the PSDB, who had 43,606,000 votes, or 43.99% of the total valid votes (99, 56% of precincts reporting). Many people inside and outside the government, also thought it would be impossible: though the policy has marked his entire life, had never played Dilma before an election. “Dilma has no waist electoral game,” Dilma is tough and scowling, “Dilma is a technique without charisma.” “Dilma has no traffic between the parties and politicians.” All this and much more was said about the then Chief of Staff, when, in 2008, began circulating the news that President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva thought of her as a candidate for his succession. In the second term, government approval and the popularity of President Lula reached unprecedented levels, and this was possible because, after adjusting the fiscal accounts in the first term, economic policy, combined with

the policy of income distribution and social programs began to produce excellent results: a growing economy, generated more jobs, increased income of the poor, inequality declined, the country was becoming better internally and most respected out there. Lula was at some 28 million people left and extreme poverty rose socially. But this paradise was preceded by a political hell zodiac. In the first term these results had not yet appeared. In addition to having made a fiscal adjustment needed, but delayed the resumption of growth, the government faced scandals that undermined the popularity of Lula and the PT. Strong names of the party, which could have been alternatives succession to 2011, were all burned in the crises of the first term. Jose Dirceu, a former chief of staff, was impeached in the mensalão scandal, and former Finance Minister Antonio Palocci was shot breaking the bank secrecy of the home Francenildo. The replacement of Dirceu, Lula has surprised everyone by dropping frames from the PT and politicians allied parties and invite Dilma, then Minister of Mines and Energy, highly technical profile. Lula asked him for a clash of management at the Civil House and a more managerial and less politics. It was exactly what she could do. But this was not the first time that

Lula surprised with the name of Dilma. He had met in Rio Grande do Sul, as Secretary of Mines and Energy of the PT government Dutra. In assembling the first ministry in 2002, he disavowed an agreement already closed for his political coordinator Jose Dirceu with the PMDB and handed her the folder of Mines and Energy. Ali, Dilma worked hard to avoid an electrical blackout, as what had happened in the government of Fernando Henrique, developed the Light for All Program, planned the construction of new dams and diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix. This dynamic is that Lula wanted the Civil House. And Dilma not disappoint. Started to coordinate the actions of all government and gained fame as a tough cookie. “It seems like we live surrounded by gentle and tender man,” joked Dilma at the time. The minister had fallen by the reduction of the fiscal surplus to about more resources for investments in infrastructure works, which create the foundation for long-term growth, heat up the economy and create jobs. At the end of the first term, had money for it and she prepared the Plan for Accelerated Growth (PAC), requested by Lula. The program was launched in January 2007, the first day of the second term. The PAC provided for investments

of $ 500 billion over four years in major infrastructure such as ports, railways and power plants, construction spending in massive slums and housing finance programs, such as My Home, My Life. It was the inauguration of works of sanitation and housing in a slum in Rio de Janeiro, the German Complex, on March 7, 2008, Lula began to choose his successor. “The Dilma is a kind of mother of the PAC. She is collecting, along with Marcio Fortes [Minister of Cities], if the works are going. And now you too will see what is being charged by Dilma.” In a recent television interview International Brazil, Lula told us, in the range of the recording, that day began to mature the idea that Dilma could be the candidate that he had to succeed as it approached. The opposition had two strong names, Neves and Jose Serra, has proven both on the ballot. Dilma had no electoral experience, but represent a novelty. She was a woman, thought the president. If I could transfer it to a part of his immense popularity, it could elect. She even surprised with the confidence, but rejected the idea. Dilma knew all the difficulties that his name would face, including inside the PT. Lula took care of that with the leadership of the party. Dilma was not even a historical framework, but the party also had another name. Who had the 4

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

strength was Lula and his nomination was promptly accepted. The PT has chosen to officially in February this year. Dilma left government, along with ten ministers on March 31 to face the adventure trail. Many names, many Dilma But who is this woman who, having thought about being a firefighter or trapeze artist, having faced imprisonment and torture because of his political ideas, but having never fought an election, becomes the first president of Brazil? Although he had not even played before any election, politics has always been the engine of life Dilma. His performance in the student movement began in the second degree and then at university, fighting the military dictatorship. The militancy in underground and lead to prison. Face torture in the basements of Dops (Department of Political and Social Order) and three years imprisonment in the Presidio Tiradentes. It all started in Belo Horizonte, where she was born on December 14, 1947. His father, Peter Rousseff, was a Bulgarian immigrant. He arrived in Brazil in 30 years, married a teacher named Dilma and had three children, forming a typical middle class family. Dilma, oldest, first studied at a convent school traditional, Sion, where he had love for books, especially literature. Recently, he learned that only she and three colleagues from Sion followed careers. The other became housewives, as was the custom. In 1964, when the military overthrew President Joao Goulart, ushering in the dictatorship, Dilma joined Central State College, high school focus of student unrest in the state capital. Three years after passing the entrance exam for the economy, the University, and joins the leftist organization Polop, becoming an important student leader, cultivated and combative. At this time we got something important in the life of Dilma. Friends who have won today, as former mayor of Belo Horizonte, Fernando Pimentel, and Deputy Jose Anibal today, the PSDB. Claudius Galen flirted with him and had a marriage that lasted a little. The hectic lifestyle and the diving was forced to give in hiding did not help. By then, becomes hill Polop Command of National Liberation, which will merge with the Popular Revolutionary Vanguard (VPR), forming the VAR-Palmares. The VAR-Palmares made some armed actions against the dictatorship, but Dilma, who worked in strategy and planning, has not participated in any of them. In the campaign, however, this passage in his

life was much exploited. Underground, as they ordered the safety manuals, Dilma used several aliases. He called Luisa, Wanda, Marina, Stella, Mary and Lucy. Separates from Galen, who went into exile, and know of Franklin Carlos Araujo, who happens to be her second husband and father of her daughter Paula. Dilma in 1970 was imprisoned and brutally tortured for several weeks. Following is sentenced to three years in prison, time he spent mainly in Tiradentes Prison, where her husband Carlos Araujo also serving time in another ala.Três years later, after being released, build a life together in Rio Grande do Sul, where it rises Paula, who in the late first round, Dilma will give his first grandson, Gabriel.

In Porto Alegre, as in freedom, Dilma can finish the course in economics and then attends the Masters. Operates, with her husband, on the movements of amnesty and the re-democratization. Help establish the state of the PDT Brizola. In 1986, Alceu Collares pedetista was elected mayor of Porto Alegre and Dilma calls to mind the Municipal Finance. Collares was elected governor in 1990 and she became state secretary of Mines, Energy and Communications. The government Collares was the fruit of an alliance between the PT and PDT, which will break in 1994. Dilma then makes the choice of PT, are joining the party. Another alliance that breaks down at this time is the marriage. Separates

from her husband Carlos Araújo, while preserving great friendship and partnership to date. It was as Secretary of Mines and Energy Dilma met Lula and that piqued his interest, whichever you later appointment to the portfolio of Mines and Energy. A cancer on the way The road to the presidency was not easy. With the application already defined and accepted by Lula by PT, Dilma discovers, in early 2009, he had lymphatic cancer. The announcement of the disease on April 25, was a courageous decision. At first, the application was given as unfeasible. She could not beat the disease, and even if he won, the electorate would reject his name, fearing the worst. The doctors assure cure rates above 90%. Dilma makes chemotherapy sessions, he loses his hair and wear wigs for a while, without interrupting the routine of work at the Civil House. At year end, the doctors declared cured. In late 2009, his health is fine and the popularity of the president, even better. Dilma back to a hospital, but now to take care of the image. The board outside of Lula. She makes a plastics and reappears in public in 2010, with his face younger and rested. It’s beginning to electoral battle. But it starts at a disadvantage. In February this year, had an average of 28% preference and Jose Serra, the PSDB, where more than 40%. The first draw takes place in May this year, but is an unexpected factor, the growth of the candidacy of Marina Silva, who had changed by the PT PV. The campaign begins in earnest in August and President Lula comes into play, ensuring the transfer of votes that many people doubted. On May 15 this year, the institute Vox Populi discloses the first survey in which Dilma, with 38%, exceeds Jose Serra with 35%. Different institutes of Dilma point victory in the first round of October 3 for more than 50% of the vote, but it gets only 47% of the vote. Analysts point out two causes for the second round. The growth of the candidate Marina Silva, LW, and a strong wave of rumors, including the Internet, accusing Dilma be in favor of abortion and gay marriage. It loses millions of voters among evangelicals and Catholics. In the second round, the campaign is aggressive, the candidates rise tone in the debates and President Lula back to the electoral arena. But this time it achieves the required majority and becomes the first elected president of Brazil. Original text: Tereza Cruvinel

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

BUG NEWS | Year Two | Issue No. 147

| Goiania, 15 to November 21, 2010

| Editorial Director: Reinaldo Cruz

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3rd Sector. What does that mean?


he first sector is government, which is responsible for social issues. The second is the private sector, responsible for individual questions. With the bankruptcy of the state, the private sector began to help with social issues through the numerous institutions that comprise the so-called third sector. That is, the third sector is made up of nonprofit organizations and NGOs, which aims to generate public service character. The main characters of the third sector are: Foundations It is the institutions that fund the third sector, making donations to charities. In Brazil, we also mixed the foundations that donate to others while performing their own designs. We have few foundations in Brazil. After 5 years, GIFE - Group of Institutions, Foundations and Enterprises - with heroic effort, managed 66 foundations as partners. However, many foundations in Brazil have very little say in the social area. In United States, there are 40,000 foundations, and has placed 10 of the 10 billion dollars of assets. Our largest foundation has 1 billion. Due to inflation, money hijackings and crashes, most of our foundations do not have funds. Live annual donations of the companies that constructed them. In times of recession, these donations dwindle, just as social problems increase. Special Articles The concept of foundation is, specifically, to accumulate funds in good years to be able to use them in bad years. Bradesco is a rare example of foundation funds. Size The third sector has 12 million people, including managers, volunteers, donors and beneficiaries of charities, in addition to the 45

million young people who see it as their mission to help the third sector. A survey conducted by us revealed some figures of 400 largest entities in Brazil in 2000. According to this research, the social expenditure of the 400 largest entities was R $ 1,971,000.00. Altogether, they have 86,894 employees, 400,933 volunteers. Charitable Entities Operators are in fact look after the poor, elderly, street children, drug addicts and alcoholics, orphans and single mothers, protect witnesses, help preserve the environment, educate young and old adults; professional standard; donate blood, meals, books , soup; suicide to attend four hours of the morning; support to homeless, caring for children of mothers who work, teach sports, combat violence, promote human rights and citizenship; rehabilitate polio victims, care for blind, deaf and dumb in short, do everything. Are published figures ranging from 14,000 to 220,000 existing entities in Brazil, which includes schools, neighborhood associations and social clubs. Our study of the entities that participated in the Philanthropy Guide reveals that the 400 biggest entities accounted for almost 90% of the activity in 2001. Community Funds Community Chests are very common in the United States. Instead of each company to donate one entity, all companies donate to a Community Fund, and entrepreneurs evaluate, establish priorities and effectively manage the distribution of money. One of the few existing funds in Brazil, with proven results, is the FEAC, Campinas. Nonprofit Unfortunately, many nonprofits are actually profitable and serve the interests of the users. A sports club, for example, is nonprofit, but their benefits only its members. Many schools, universities and hospitals were in the past, non-profit in name only. Therefore, these numbers reach 220,000. The important thing is to differentiate a neighborhood association

or a club that helps members themselves to a charity that helps the needy in the neighborhood. NGOs Non-Governmental Organizations Not every charity providing services to help people directly. An NGO that defends women’s rights, putting pressure on our members, is indirectly helping all women. In the United States, this category is also called Advocacy Groups, ie, organizations that fight for a cause. There, as here, they are very powerful politically. Socially Responsible Companies Social Responsibility, at bottom, is always the individual, not a law firm, nor an impersonal state. Otherwise, people pass along their responsibilities to businesses and the government, instead of taking for himself. Even aware of it, gripe that the “others” do not solve the social problems of Brazil. However, some companies go beyond their true primary responsibility, which is to make safe products, accessible, produced without environmental damage, and encourage its employees to be more responsible. The Ethos Institute - a nonprofit organization established to promote corporate social responsibility - was a pioneer in this area. Business Donors A survey conducted by us shows that the 500 largest Brazilian companies, only 100 are considered partners of the third sector. Of the 250 multinational companies that do business in Brazil, only 20 are admired. Most companies are considered partners and are small and relatively unknown to the general public. Philanthropic Elite Unlike Ted Turner, Bill Gates and the 54 billionaires that Brazil has only two are considered good partners in the nonprofit sector (Paulo Jorge Lehman Ermirio de Moraes and family). Most donors are individuals of the middle class. This trend continues in the poorest class. The poorer, the greater the percentage of income donated as solidarity. Individuals Worldwide, the companies contri-

bute only 10% of the global philanthropic funding, as individuals, especially middle-class, donate the remaining 90%. In Brazil, our middle class donates an average of 23 dollars per year, less than 28% of total donations. Foundations donate 40%, the government passes 26% and the rest comes from charitable bingo, auctions and events. Press Until 1995, the little coverage that the press was on the third sector was usually negative. With the discovery that most entities is serious and therefore does good work, this sector has gained respectability. Thus, quadrupled inching news about the third sector. The mission now is to transform this new interest in continuous coverage. Youth Social Enterprise Our universities have done little to society, even if they are public. It is rare to find a university professor with an NGO assisting their knowledge. In recent years, the students created Youth Social Enterprise, where students from business schools help entities. Some of the most active are the FEA-USP Junior, the Junior Public FGV, and former MBA students of the USP.

Source: Stephen Kanitz (

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

Tribune King | Year Two | Issue No. 97

| Goiania, 15 to November 21, 2010 |

Editorial Director: Reinaldo Cruz |

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Goias and the biggest sporting event of the World

Reinaldo Cruz


he President of the Football Federation Goiana (FGF), André Pitta, visited the headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) in Rio de Janeiro, recently. Received by the President of the entity, Ricardo Terra Teixeira, André Pitta requested to hold a round of the Brazilian team in the state of Goias to the next year. After the meeting, the President of the FGF was very confident in the possibility of completing the game. According to Andrew, the conversation with Ricardo Teixeira was very productive and the commander of CBF favored to fulfill the request. “I’m sure making a game of Goiás in the Brazilian national team next year. I had a conversation with Ricardo and he accepted the idea well. “ Andrew said after the meeting. Well, let’s go party, like say Juarez Soares, “One thing is

Valdivino Bezerra de Moura Vino’s Sports

one thing and another thing is another thing.” First of Goiânia was always on the road to World Cup and when they are told to bring the biggest event of our sport, I say and I say we must prepare, because the city has a strategic location for logistics of the World Cup. I wrote in Tribune that King was published in the Journal of the Association BUGNEWS Base & Claw Union in September 2007, that even the capital of Goiás did not appear in the list of the 12 seats it was necessary to invest in the battered infrastructure of our major cities, since almost everything is dead or does not exist in fact. Well, Brazil was awarded the right to host the World Cup soccer, Goiânia entered the preliminary list of cities claiming the event and for some time, almost a year and a half has fed the dreams that could have games here this scale. Goiânia was not chosen to be one of the 12 seats of the main competition for’’N “reasons, and the principal of them were: The scarcity of housing, lack of investment by the state in maintaining the existing sports venues, an airport capable of offering takeoffs and landings at least for mid-sized aircraft

Portal Brazil is the Question informative website of the company Reinaldo da Silva Cruz and Communications News Agency Issues Brazil. The portal has its own content, but upon entering his home, the Internet may soon realize that from there, navigate all the pages that are compounding the information network and community service. Portal in Brazil Question you have all the information you

and the main reasons I’m sure it was the lack of commitment from our politicians . The war Marconi Perillo x Alcides Rodrigues, malaise not only brought in the backstage politician and wear for both incauculáveis brought losses to the people of Goiás No brick was seated at a ballpark, the Sierra Gold who was once the best in the country, today is one of the worst places to play soccer in Brazil. The airport is a Federal project is behind schedule in with your century, not only by corruption but also by the inertia of Senators (including Marconi) and Federal Representatives that could have demanded more from Lula. Marconi Perillo, as the Governor has to leave aside picunhinhas talk to everyone who is part of the process, whether that party is. Or else we’ll continue listening to the litany of received a cursed legacy of his predecessor. He has to charge the three senators and 17 federal deputies, the necessary commitment to the state of Goias not get so stuck in time as it is now. The World Cup will not have the privilege of Goiania, as one of the venues that will receive the game, but the World Cup is

need to be well informed. The concept that we try to apply the Portal is that we can bring our culture, sports and trivia from the world of hearing, because we have to make a network focused on local issues, with the awareness that the Internet gives them a dimension World . Politics (politicized), Economy (Money & Markets), Sport (Sports & News), Variety (Olga Maria), Education (Arts & Pens) Celebrities (Piris Hilton), Mu-

still here. Not across the ocean, is here. The population seems not to realize that, just see that few have enrolled in language schools to master a second language that makes all the difference. The proximity to Brasilia is our trump card to also be in the World Cup circuit. Goiânia can host a selection of the size of an Italy or Germany and even Argentina, as it did in the Copa America 1989. But without political will, investment and conscientization of the people on the importance of the event also Goiás, I think we’ll go is a shame, the World level. Marconi Perillo has good willingness and eagerness to do, hopefully others will help too.

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Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil of 15 a 21 November 2010

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