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Quest4Change Impact Report 2010

Children on our summer project in Villa Maria, Peru.

Quest4Change has been fighting poverty and the destruction of the environment in Africa and South America since 1996

We achieve this by . . . Transforming the lives of children living in poverty in Peru through workshops and education, page 13. Supporting abandoned disabled boys in Brazil to live full, happy lives, page 14. Helping communities in Kenya build sand dams which give them access to clean safe water, page 9. Supporting children in Malawi through school by building schools and child sponsorship, page 7. Working hard to protect the environment and rescued animals in Bolivia through construction and care, page 12. Protecting Swaziland’s wildlife for future generations by undertaking surveys and maintaining infrastructure, page 8. Building schools in Tanzania in rural communities where they are needed most, page 10.



Our mission Meet the trustees The projects Africa; •Malawi orphans and community •Swaziland game reserve •Kenya water relief •Tanzania community development South America; •Bolivia animal sanctuary •Peru children •Rio carnival and community •Manu conservation Meet the volunteers Project partners Corporate support Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Allocation of funds Success stories Moving forward Previous Quest projects Contact

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From the trustees…

Michael Amphlet “I am passionate about the plight of our planet. When you take into account that the planet took 5 billion years to evolve and we've managed to destroy 80% in 200 years through over fishing, deforestation and the pillage of our natural environment. If we destroy our planet it will lead to the destruction of the human race at the same time. Although I donate to charities such as the Red Cross I prefer grass roots charities where you know the money is making a real difference. The people Quest4Change are involved with, are amazing, their inspirational commitment makes all the hard work very rewarding.”

Kunal Patel “I am passionate about children, especially those who have no access to education. I truly believe that children should be given the opportunity to relish their youth and enjoy just being kids. Many have to, or are forced to, work from a young age and miss out on so much. Education is a path out of poverty. I like to know what I'm giving to and where it goes. The organisation is one close to me. It provided me with such an amazing experience on my own gap year. I took a lot out of the work with Quest and in many ways it started me off on a path I was not heading down. The projects and the countries which are involved are so diverse and so interesting, and I'm grateful to be able to assist in any capacity possible. I believe that Quest4Change provides a chance to get involved in projects at the grass roots level. Having worked in development, both on the ground and as a donor, the truly inspirational work is being done in projects like the Kenya water relief project, the Manu conservation project, the Villa Maria project and all the others Quest4Change is working with and have been involved in over the years.”


The Projects…

Projects in: • Malawi • Swaziland • Kenya • Tanzania

South America Projects in: •Bolivia •Peru •Brazil 5

Projects in Africa M A L AW I O R P H A N S A N D COMMUNITY…….………………..…7 S WA Z I L A N D G A M E RESERVE……………………………...8 K E N YA WAT E R RELIEF………………………………….9 TA N Z A N I A C O M M U N I T Y DEVELOPMENT…………………..10

Malawi Orphan and Community Project

This project seeks to support disadvantaged children in the Pensulo district through construction of community infrastructure and improvement of educational resources

Working with Joshua Orphan Care Trust Quest4Change helps provide a safe and secure living environment for orphans, vulnerable children and their families in the Pensulo district of Malawi. We also support children through school and work on grassroots development initiatives. What's the problem? Each community we work in suffers from the debilitating effects of poverty coupled with rising HIV/AIDS rates. Infrastructure is poor, with a lack of good roads, clean, piped water and limited access to electricity. The are has very few health and education facilities. How Quest4Change helps By providing volunteer support to self-help community groups, predominantly constructing schools, small businesses and medical centre's. Achievement’s include: •Construction of a Maternity Clinic in the Pensulo community. •Building a clinic house to attract Dr’s and Nurses to the area. •Construction of an Orphan Care feeding centre. •Construction of two (2 classroom) schools. Helping support HIV/AIDS Orphans, vulnerable children and their families in rural Malawi. 7

Swaziland Game Reserve Project This project aims to develop, protect and help manage the game reserves in the Lubombo Conservancy, Swaziland

Quest4Change has been working in Swaziland since 2000 in partnership with local people and the Lubombo conservancy. We help conserve Swaziland's spectacular reserves for future generations through education, surveying and infrastructure. What's the problem? Poor management and infrastructure of reserves leads to conservation areas and animals being threatened. Local communities resent the presence of the reserves, the result of which is that invaluable conservation areas and their wildlife are at risk of destruction. How Quest4Change helps We work with locals, improving the management and infrastructure of four Lubombo conservancy reserves so that the parks are viewed more favorably by local communities, educating them as to the benefits of the reserves and their potential for income generation, preserving these important conservation area’s. Achievement overview • We have constructed 2 Neighbourhood Care Point classrooms. • Help construct and extend Majambeni Orphan School •Built and helped maintain 2 Environmental Education Centres • Approx. 20,000 man hours of scientific survey work Supporting the UN Millennium Development Goal 7 - Ensuring Environmental stability


Kenya Water Relief Project This project involves the construction of small-scale water dams and water tanks to improve access to clean water

Quest4Change has been working in partnership with Excellent Development and the Kamba people of Kenya since 2004 constructing sand dams. These dams transform the local environment , providing thousands of people with clean drinking water, whilst improving food production, health and incomes. What's the problem? Over 40% of people in Sub Saharan Africa have no access to clean water. The southeast region of Kenya is semi-arid and suffers from poor soil fertility and limited rainfall, making it prone to food shortages. These dam-building programs see international and local volunteers working together to conserve and improve the local environment. They provide essential protection against the impacts of droughts. How Quest4Change helps 9 Teams of volunteers have spent time on this project building dams, water tanks and planting trees . This work has provided a clean, safe, reliable water supply for over 20,000 people Achievement overview •Constructed 21 sand dams (supporting 20,000 villagers) •Extended or repaired 16 sand dams •Built 3 water tanks

More than 3,500,000 people die every year from water related diseases (WHO)


Tanzania Community Development Project This project has been enabling disadvantaged children to attend school through the construction and improvement of educational facilities.

Working with the Livingstone Tanzania Trust and VEPK Quest4Change began working in Tanzania in 2002, helping rural Tanzanian communities improve their existing education and health facilities. We give disadvantaged children in rural Tanzania the opportunity to attend school through the construction and improvement of educational facilities. What's the problem? In Tanzania Primary education is free, yet less than 50% of children attend school, due to families being unable afford uniform, lunch, books, and in some cases there is no school close enough. How Quest4Change helps By renovating schools, building classrooms and staff accommodation. We have also established a sustainable school farm to help provide a regular income for the school. Children are also taught farming techniques, many of them will not continue to secondary school and this gives them valuable skills. Achievement overview •Constructed a 3-storey accommodation block for vocational training centre apprentices; 3 nursery schools and 5 class rooms. •Constructed a community library; large 8 room health centre and recreational facilities for local children, including 3 playgrounds. Education by 2015

Working towards UN Millennium Development Goal 2 - Achieving universal Primary 10

Projects in South America BOLIVIA ANIMAL S A N C T U A R Y. . … … … … … … … … . … … . . 1 2 PERU CHILDREN…..………….……….13 R I O C A R N I VA L A N D COMMUNITY………………………….….14 M A N U C O N S E R VAT I O N … … … . … . … 1 5

South America

Bolivia Animal Sanctuary Project This project protects, rehabilitates and where possible re- releases animals that have previously been kept in human captivity

Working with Inti Wara Yassi this project rescues, rehabilitates, and where possible re-releases into the wild animals that have been rescued from ill treatment and inhumane captivity. What's the problem? Animals in Bolivia are often kept illegally, traded on the black market with little care as to their well being, they have often been abused which can result in permanent disabilities meaning that they would die without our help. How Quest4Change helps We have been working with Inti Wara Yassi since 2003, providing much needed financial and volunteer support. Volunteers have spent thousands of man hours caring for, feeding and rehabilitating 1,000s of rescued animals from Monkeys to Pumas. When re-release into the wild is not a possibility our aim is to make their lives as comfortable as possible through the construction of bespoke cages. Achievement overview •Purchased 600 hectares of an 800 hectare plot of rainforest to create a new animal sanctuary •Sponsored 1000 acres of rainforest through Rainforest Concern •Built 15 large animal enclosures and cages

We protect and conserve vulnerable animals' and endangered habitats.


Peru Children's Project Quest4Change have been working in Villa Maria since 1996, improving the lives of the children living in this shanty town

This was Quest4Change's first project and we have been working in Villa Maria, Peru for 14 years now. We improve the lives of children affected by poverty, crime and drug abuse through the provision of sporting and recreational workshops. We have also established a primary school and our latest housing project reaches out to vulnerable single mothers. What's the problem? Poverty, crime and drug abuse. The children of Villa Maria live below the poverty line in shacks often with no running water, sanitation or electricity. Their parents work long hours and they are often left alone to wander the streets, with no where to go they frequently end up in trouble with the law. HowQuest4Change helps We provide a program of cultural and recreational activities for 1000s of children in their summer holidays. Our educational support initiative advocates bond building within communities whilst helping to prevent the children from becoming victims of poverty and drug abuse. Achievement overview •Constructed a pre-school for 100 kids. • Built over 25 new homes for single parent families •Taken over 100,000 children swimming in their holidays Quest4Change improves the lives of children affected by poverty, crime and drug abuse 13

Rio Carnival and Community Project This project supports local children from the Mangueira favela, providing them with new opportunities.

Since 2006 Quest4Change has been working with the Mangueira Social Project during their particularly busy Rio carnival period. During this time we provide extra man power and financial support for Tia Neuma and Casa Lar de Mangueira, a home for orphaned and abandoned boys with special needs. What ‘s the problem? Mental health provision in Brazil is very poor, without the support of the Casa Lar home these boys would have no home. How Quest4Change helps Quest4Change has been supporting Casa Lar for the last 5 years, providing essential financial and volunteer support the home. By providing essential funds of over £6,000 a year Quest4Change helps to pay for basics such as food, transport and trips helping improve the boy's quality of life. We also support their long term development. Achievement overview •Provided 1000s of hours of care and support at Casa Lar •Supported the boys to live as independent lives as possible •Funded and created a sensory room for the boys •Donated clothes, medicines, beds and cooking equipment for Casa Lar

Quest4Change relieves financial hardship and poverty in disadvantaged groups.


Manu Conservation project Quest4Change aims to reduce the destruction of the Peruvian Amazon by alleviating poverty in local communities by bringing economic, social and environmental harmony to the Manu region

This is Quest4Change's newest project and we are very excited to be working with the Crees Foundation. This project aims to protect this endangered environment by helping locals to manage the natural resources in a sustainable way. What's the problem? A large amount of land in the Manu region has been logged and cleared for pasture or farming. This quickly depletes the nutrients in the soil resulting in the land being abandoned and farmers and loggers moving onto new virgin forest areas. As a result the land is abandoned and left unused, whist more pristine rainforest goes on to be destroyed. How Quest4Change helps By working with CREES we aim to rehabilitate this land for local communities by creating Polycultures. This system of using multiple crops in the same space imitates the biodiversity of natural ecosystems making crops more resistant to disease, thus increasing the annual yield and providing habitats for local species. Latest news In 2011 Quest4Change will send its first group of volunteers out to this project. They will be involved in reforestation, creating polyculture gardens, trail construction and improving education in the area by helping to construct new school buildings.

Supporting UN Millennium Development Goal 7 - Ensuring Environmental stability


From the volunteers…

“Building cages in Jacj Cuisi felt very worthwhile, especially after getting to meet the animals in Machia.” Chris Bentley, Volunteer Bolivia 2009

“We built two cages at Jacj Cuisi which was really tough but ultimately very rewarding” Hattie Foster, Volunteer Bolivia 2009 "With only one day left in Babati,

Tanzania, I cannot help but think back over how amazing the last 6 weeks have been. I have helped build a school, survived on a diet of beans and rice and most importantly, I have been lucky enough to meet and befriend a community of incredible, selfless and vibrant people ranging in ages from 3 to 83. I can honestly say that my experience here in Babati, with Quest, the Livingstone Tanzania Trust and the Waangwaray school has been something that I will never forget." Dixon Knox, Volunteer Tanzania 2009

“This is a very worthwhile project – a feeling which is reinforced by the reaction of the school and the community to us” Thomas Wills, Tanzania, 2009 “If I could go back and do the whole thing again I don’t think I would change a single part. It was exhausting but totally worth it” Victoria Spence, Volunteer Villa Maria 2009

Volunteer projects making a real difference in Africa and South America.


The project partners‌

South America Quest4Change works closely with local project partners to ensure project stability.


Corporate support… The staff at Towers Watson have shown incredible support for our work in the shanty town of Villa Maria, Peru. In 2009 they raised over £6,500 at one cake sale and a sizzling Salsa night. The money they have raised has gone towards building new homes for single mothers in the shanty town of Villa Maria, has helped support children at the quest school and paid for a much needed photocopier.



Towers Watson became involved with our Villa Maria In 2008 the Scott Wilson group built a school for 200 project after the tragic death of a former volunteer Katie children in Tofo, Mozambique. Not only did the staff Ashbridge. Katie was a volunteer in Villa Maria in 2000 and fundraise £25,000 to build the school, but 45 went on to work at Towers volunteered a month of their time to build it. Watson after university. Our huge thanks go to Tofo was in desperate need of school facilities, children Andrew , Stav and the were studying on dusty cement floors with grass walls. whole team at Towers They had no desks, chairs, books, bags or pens. The Scott Watson whose fantastic Wilson group’s work made a huge difference - they generosity has helped worked alongside local people for their children's future, some of the most whilst also providing a building available for community vulnerable children facilities outside the school hours. living in Villa Maria. Corporate supporters have made a real difference in the lives of the people we work with 18

Corporate support‌ A generous donation of 5 full sets of Burgess Hill Town Football Club shirts at the end of last year have gone out to our children's project in the shanty town of Villa Maria, Peru, where they will benefit local adult teams who are currently forming a league. Quest4Change has been working with the Juan Velasco community in Villa Maria since 1999, their demon football team is made up of kids who we've worked with over the years and parents of many of the kids at the Quest school in Villa Maria. Once again our thanks go out to the fabulous Burgess Hill Town Football Club for their support and for donating five full football kits.

In June 2008 Royal Bank of Scotland staff raised nearly ÂŁ20,000 to help build a maternity clinic (pictured left) for the Pen Sulo community, Malawi. Two teams of volunteers travelled out to Malawi to spend four weeks working with locals to build the clinic. Find out how your company can get involved, contact


Corporate support…Liverpool FC The world renowned premiership club Liverpool FC have donated a whole kit, shirts, shorts and socks to our Children’s project in Peru and we are absolutely delighted. Towers Watson who are holding a World Cup Football Fundraiser for us, approached the club on our behalf and were thrilled to get such a large donation from Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC have a thriving community arm which supports a number of projects from Liverpool to the Sudan, focusing on everything from children’s rights and family unity, to running training sessions for children with disabilities. We are delighted that out Children’s Project has been chosen to be a part of their charitable work and are thrilled that this has come at a time when we are developing a new Inter-community Junior Football league in Peru. Children growing up in Villa Maria face significant challenges, the creation of the inter-community Junior Football League will provide children aged between 5 to 15 a safe environment to take part in sport, it will increase inter-community understanding and will help combat anti social behaviour by offering a positive alternative, one of team work and dedication. This donation gets this project off to an exciting start, so thank you Liverpool FC and Towers Watson for all your support.

Thank you to all our corporate supporters.


Trusts and Foundations‌ We would like to extend our thanks to the Trusts who have recently supported our work in Brazil at the Casa Lar Home for physically and mentally disabled boys. The support of The Marr-Munning Trust, the Radley Charitable Trust, The Mosse Charitable Settlement and The Souter Charitable Trust amongst others means that we can continue to provide the boys of Casa Lar with the multidisciplinary care they deserve, improving their lives no end. This year Heather Rayment, our hard working Charity guru won a grant from the Vodafone Foundation to work full time for Quest4Change for 2 months at no cost to the Charity. This kind of support was invaluable to us as a small charity. Heather has been working hard on numerous projects, has been attending training days in London and the experience has been invaluable for both her and the charity.

Does your Trust or Foundation share our vision? If it does get it touch to find out how we can work together to improve the lives of the communities we work with e-mail Trusts and Foundations have generously supported our work, our thanks goes to them.


Fundraising Lots of people like to support us actively every year through fundraising. From sporting events to cake sales, Salsa nights to cross country bike rides. Fundraising is a fun, challenging way to raise vital funds for Quest4Change.

Innovative fundraising Towers Watson held a "Watch the England game at Work" event to raise money for our school expansion and junior football league initiative.

Marathon success Sunday 18th April was the first ever Brighton marathon, the sun was shining and it was a great day. Four runners took up the 26.2mile challenge in aid of Quest4Change Together they raised over £2,400 - an inspiring amount.

Philippa Browne and her soon to be husband Mark have decided to ask guests to their wedding for a donation to Run for Quest4Change in 2011 the project instead of a gift in memory of their friend Katie Join the Quest4Change Brighton marathon 2011 team Ashbridge who volunteered on the project back in 2000. and we will help you with everything, you'll receive: •Entrance to the dedicated charity village Harry Owen decided that he would support his daughter, •Fundraising tips and advice Chantel’s volunteering efforts in Villa Maria by asking •Help with online fundraising guests to his 50th birthday party for a donation to •Sponsorship forms Quest4Change, he raised £1,255. •A Quest4Change t-shirt •A marathon training program And last but definitely not lest Garion Woodcock who is And 100% of the money you raise will go directly to the heading out to Villa Maria in a few weeks performed rolyprojects we support in Africa and South America. polies for one hour and 25 minutes. Got an idea – contact for support and advice.


Allocation of funds… Destination of donations from volunteers; Rainforest Concern


Quest Overseas Trust Fund


Fauna and Flora


Joshua Orphan care Malawi


Livingstone Tanzania Trust


Excellent Development (Kenya)




Total volunteer donations

Over the years Quest volunteers have donated over £1 million to the projects they have worked on. 100% of all this support has gone directly to the charities and projects, making a real difference in the lives of the communities we work with. Here is the breakdown of where all volunteer donations have been used. For more detailed information on this or any other aspects of the projects please contact Heather on 01273 777206 or e-mail



Success stories…

Quest4Change’s activities minimise the effect of poverty on children in Villa Maria

Aldair’s story; Boredom means that children like 15year old Aldair are vulnerable to the risks of drugs and crime. His mother, who is his sole carer, works long hours so he is often left alone at home. With little for him to do but wander the streets, Aldair became one of hundreds of Villa Maria’s “street kids” making him a target for criminals and susceptible to the lure of drugs. Quest4Change’s workshops have kept Aldair off the streets for over 8 years now. Suffering from stunted growth he was quite a shy vulnerable boy when we first met him, our workshops have given him confidence in himself, he loves dancing, is a regular performer in community shows and now helps run the dance sessions for the younger children. Over the years we have worked with over 20,000 underprivileged children, dramatically reducing the numbers falling into bad habits such as drugs and crime. Ariana’s story; Ariana is one of 100 children who receive a free or subsidised education at the Quest school in Villa Maria, Peru. 5 year old Ariana was abandoned by her parents at a young age, deprived of stability at home without the support of Quest4Change she would also have been denied an education. In Peru education is compulsory but due to the vast numbers of children living in Villa Maria there are too few public schools to meet demand. We established a pre- and primary school 6 years ago, offering subsidised or free education to the poorest children living in Villa Maria. Quest4Change has secured 60 sponsors ensuring the poorest children like Ariana, receive a free primary education. The subsidised fees paid by the other children means the school has a base local income,. Without the school Ariana would not be able to receive even a basic education, because of Quest4Change’s support she is thriving, she loves school and has a passion for reading. Our work has improved lives of over 200,000 people . 24

Moving forward…

Peru Children’s Project – School Expansion

The Peruvian shanty town of Villa Maria is one of the largest in the world, overcrowding coupled with a lack of formal infrastructure has resulted in extreme poverty which acutely affects the development of children in the district. Quest4Change is proud to have been working in Villa Maria since 1998 when we began running a programme of summer activities for local children, these activities give them a positive focus and help to keep them away from the lure of crime and drugs. Due to the success of this project our involvement in the community has developed and we now organise year round workshops in sport, art, dance and music as well as running after school home work clubs and organising community shows. Over the years we began to see a real need for more educational facilities for the poorest, most socially marginalised children. Working with the local community we established a pre- and primary school, offering subsidised or free education to children who otherwise would not be able to receive even a basic education. The Quest school is a place of hope in Villa Maria, encouraging potential for change and inspiring children and their families to improve their own lives. The school currently supports 100 students; the neighbouring property has recently become available, buying this will allow the school to double in Children studying in Grade 4 at the size, enabling us to accept a further 100 children. Expanding the school Quest4Change school in Villa Maria this year will also make it possible for us to set up an adult education programme which will help improve employment possibilities for local residents. Get involved with this exciting project now – fundraise, volunteer or make a donation .


Moving forward‌

Casa Lar

Ana Mariela 5 year old Ana Mariela started the long process of consultations and treatment for her tumor back in March 2009. The first of her operations was February 15th 2010, planned for this time of year so that she doesn't miss any school (she is one of the children receiving free education at the Quest school). Ana has had her first few operations and is recovering well. The latest team of volunteers in Peru went to hospital to visit her which really cheered her up. Ana and her whole family, send a thank you for the support which has saved this young girl’s life.

As many of you may be aware we here at Quest4Change have been working hard over the last 18 months to increase the support we give to the Casa Lar home for disabled boys in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are pleased to announce that life for the boys at Casa Lar is continuing to improve. Thanks to the support of UK trusts and donors Quest4change has made a number of valuable purchases for the home in Rio, including mattresses, food and clothing and numerous social and education trips have been arranged for the boys and they are all attending some form of school according to their needs or their circumstances. If you would like to know more about this project and the boys who live at Casa Lar or would like to know how you can help then email To all our supporters, Thank you.


Previous Quest projects‌

Brazil Coastal Rainforest Project This project helps to protect the devastated Atlantic Coastal Rainforest by working with community grassroots associations. Quest joined conservation specialists Fauna and Flora International and local Brazilian NGO Amainan Brasil in 2005 to help protect the endangered forests. Since then Quest has continued to work directly with Amainan on various social projects which continued year round. Santa Lucia Cloud Forest Project This project supports community-driven sustainable development, conservation and education projects. Quest first supported the Santa Lucia project by sending donations and volunteer teams in 2001. Through Rainforest Concern this support continued until 2005. Since this support was carried out, the community run eco-lodge at Santa Lucia has won international recognition and awards. Maquipucuna Project This project supports community-driven sustainable development through alternative income generating schemes with special reference to eco-tourism. Quest worked in Maquipucuna, Ecuador from 1999 to 2001, the first project with long term partner Rainforest Concern, however the Maquipucuna Foundation continues to be dedicated to the conservation of Ecuador's biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources. Honduras Community & Marine Conservation Project Our Honduras project on Utila put scientific outputs into educational resources for local people and combined this with practical conservation work. Quest volunteer teams wprked on Utila since 2007 where we have been supporting the local NGO in their development of a marine ecology centre. Ecuadorian Amazon Project Working with our project partners Quest4Change aims to raise environmental awareness and conserve the Ecuadorian Amazon by promoting the sustainable use of resources and providing viable economic alternatives to logging, cattle ranching and the production of illicit crops. The project supports groups through a variety of conservation, micro enterprise, agricultural assistance, healthcare and community development and education programmes. Chile Conservation Project Through the continuing link between Rainforest Concern and Quest, this project has been running since 2005. The project works with Chilean NGO; Parques Para Chile with expertise from the Macauley Institute. Funding is provided by the UK government through the Darwin Initiative. The main purpose of the project is to establish partnerships to promote the creation of wildlife corridors that connect areas of temperate rainforest in the Chilean Lake District. Through scientific research and volunteer support, biodiversity information will be used to provide a framework for prioritising conservation and management plans from a local to international level.


Contact Information CONTACT Heather Rayment TELEPHONE + 44 (0)1273 777206 EMAIL FAX + 44 (0)1273 204928 ADDRESS 15A Cambridge Grove Hove East Sussex BN3 3ED

TRUSTEES Michael Amphlet and Kunal Patel

Quest4Change, a Co. Ltd by Guarantee, is registered in England & Wales. No:05877731, Charity Registration No:1117956


Pictures from the projects in Malawi, Bolivia, Tanzania, Brazil, Peru, Swaziland and Kenya.

Quest4change: Impact Report 2010  

Since 1996, Quest4Change and its partner volunteering organisation Quest Overseas have sent more than 2,000 volunteers to various projects a...

Quest4change: Impact Report 2010  

Since 1996, Quest4Change and its partner volunteering organisation Quest Overseas have sent more than 2,000 volunteers to various projects a...