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Enjoy the Natural Diversity of Costa Rica Costa Rica is always been known as a country with a rich natural and environmental diversity. If you want to witness the true nature and environment then there is no other place better than the Costa Rica. It is the natural diversity of the country which makes it stood apart from other Latin American countries. The best thing is that it is not only the natural diversity you will find here, but you will also find cultural diversity and rich heritage.

Rain Forests: No excursion is finished to Costa Rica without going by its renowned rainforests where you can see the majority of the common assets that this nation brings to the table! While going to Costa Rica national parks, situated in these rainforests, you can appreciate guided visits or self-investigate these zones which contain 5 percent of the world's biodiversity containing a few fascinating creature animal types. Just in these rainforests would you be able to see these uncommon animals in their regular environments coinciding. There are more than 400 types of flying creatures, 1000 types of creepy crawlies, and 2500 types of vegetation. Keep in mind you'll keep running into tropical waterways and see wonderful waterfalls en route! Intriguing Beaches & fishing: The nation's name "Costa Rica" converts into "Rich Coast" so normally it has probably the most delightful drifts on the planet, ideal for a couple's travel understanding. It is perceived as having the most intriguing shorelines in the majority of the world. The best shorelines in Costa Rica are situated along the Caribbean shoreline with its warm light shaded outlandish waters. Because of its beautiful shorelines, Costa Rica is also a great fishing destination. There are many places in the Quepos where you could enjoy the fishing at its best. The Quepos Charters is something that will help you to enjoy the best of sports fishing and the ocean fishing. Whether you are professional fishermen or may be never have your chance in fishing, still you could do a lot of fishing in the beaches

of Costa Rica. In fact there are some charters that will take you 8-10 miles in the sea where you could do FAD fishing and able to catch the rare fishes like tuna, marlin, dorado, roosterfish and more.

The coastlines extend for 1,290 miles and inside those miles you can discover up to 500,000 creature species living there and a few shifted microclimates. Appreciate tropical experiences in these extraordinary waters, for example, snorkeling, scuba jumping, surfing, and windsurfing. The year-round temperature never goes underneath 70 degrees and it never goes over 90 degrees, so you can appreciate these ravishing tropical shoreline treasures lasting through the year!

Enjoy the natural diversity of costa rica  

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