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quentin pegram

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College Work


Professional Work

16-17 University of Alabama, School of Social Behavior Sciences Sketch, July 09’



quentin pegram education experience

Atlanta, GA 30318 - 703•969•4491-

Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, May 2009

University of Maryland, College Park - 3.6gpa Winner of Andrew Winters Memorial Scholarship, AIA LEED Green Associate

Business Analyst Professional, CSC Oct 09 - Oct 12

Prepared reports & presentations. Analyzed, tested, and updated multiple databases Traveled to Seattle, WA and Norfolk, VA to support clients on site

Drafter/Designer, Private Home Builder Mar 11 - July 11

Contract work on a 4000 sf house addition Conducted field measurements, updated CAD Drawings, designed bedroom layouts Assisted in preparation of drawings for local county permit process

Drafter, Commercial Assessments

Mar 10 - Feb 11

Architectural Drafter, Arch-i-Techton

Dec 09 - June 10

Project Engineer Intern, VSL

June 08 - Aug 08

Converted hand sketches in to accurate CAD drawings Produced a complete set of as-built drawings for a small retail store using AutoCAD Also drafted plans of three other commercial stores Contract work, supporting lead architect Drafted interior elevations, plans, and sections Conducted field measurements for multiple projects Produced as-built drawings for a residential home and a restaurant addition


Supported engineers with design support and project management Conducted friction calculations and aided in shear rail design and placement Production and management of construction drawings using AutoCAD Tracked progress and status of all active projects software: revit, autocad, photoshop, indesign, sketchup, google earth, microsoft office design: model-making, drafting, sketching, rendering, presentation boards, laser cutter


House on the Bay

A m o d e r n h o u s e , o v e r l o o k i n g t h e O c c o q u a n B a y. F o c a l p o i n t w a s t o h a v e c o n t i n u a l v i e w s o f t h e B a y. T h i s w a s a c c o m p l i s h e d b y e v e r y l i v i n g s p a c e h a v i n g a B a y v i e w a n d a c c e s s t o t h e o u t d o o r s .


Level II

Level II

Level I

Level I




Early building studies and development


63 Solar Panels on Roof

View towards Bay from Master Bedroom

200ft2 Swimming Pool


Performing Arts Center

A mi xed use bui lding located in an urban env ironment. R etai l, commercial, and a concer t hal l are al l located w ithin. A large garden was also designed which connects to the building and a popular local trail. 5

Tra il Ca p it al C res cen t 15’

A water feature starts inside the five story atrium, then leads outside. Once outside guest can enjoy the garden and outdoor performance area.


m Co

Front of House



a rci me

Concert Hall

Back of House Site


Early Sketch


10’ ’ 10

30’’ 30

50’ ’ 50

Outdoor garden is located near popular bike trail

Planted tree line provides buffer between building and houses.

Level 3-5 Tra il

Level 2

N 10’



O u td o o r ga rd e n & Pe r f o r ma n ce a rea

Inside atrium

Wo o l m o n t A v e


Charles Place

An urban mixed-use complex in Baltimore, providing a range of dwelling types allowing for mixed income residents. Small buildings conform with the street edge while a high rise tower arises from the back corner of the site.

1BR Garden Apartment •623sf Suggested Monthly Rent of $650 3700sf of Photovoltaic Panels

Three Level Townhouse 3BR + Study •2442sf Suggested Monthly Rent of $2400

Typical 2BR Tower Apartment •1077sf Suggested Monthly Rent of $925

Three Retail Spaces

Two levels of underground parking










15’ 35’


Automotive Gallery

A modern auto gallery nestled among the trees with views towards the fields. The automobiles are located on a large ramp located in the grand gallery that leads to a roof top deck.


Circulation by Ramp




Inspired by a future drive-in car museum in Nanjing, China by 3GATTI Architecture Studio and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hoffman Display room.

Nestled against tree line, with views outward

Ground Floor

3’ 10’



Entrance Lobby

Gallery Entrance Ramp

Inside Gallery


Max Stress

Centreville Museum

This museum was a project for a structures class. Ever y structural member was sized and analyzed against structural forces. The double height reading room projects outward to grab attention.

Max Displacement


Chinatown Facade

Datum lines borrowed from neighboring buildings

Early design sketches

A m o d e r n y e t r e s p e c t f u l f a c a d e l o c a t e d i n d o w n t o w n Wa s h i n g t o n D.C . T h e d e s i g n c o m e s f r o m referencing datum lines from neighboring buildings and the play of horizontals and verticals.


Sunglass Hut A s -bu i l t d raw i ng s f o r a Sung la ss Hu t retai l sto re, co m pl eted fo r a bu i l d i ng assessment company.


House Addition

I designed the right wing of this third level floor plan for a house addition, under construction in Rockville, MD.


Drawing Studies

Va r i o u s d r a w i n g s d o n e o v e r t h e y e a r s .


Drawing Studies


quentin pegram


Portfolio 4.0  

Current portfolio: consist of personal, college, and professional work. 2007-2012

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