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Why We Walk by American Lung Association in Wisconsin on Monday, October 5, 2009 at 6:38am Thanks for sharing your stories in “Why We Walk”. We appreciate your participation and encourage you to continue to stand up for those causes, and help in the fight against lung disease.

American Lung Association… Subscribe American Lung Association in Wisconsin's Notes

"I walk for my Aunt Alma who died of Lung Cancer, and to support the idea of Free Family Fun at a great place" - Jim Crye "I walk for my son, Michael, who had a lung collapse last year, and for my nephew, Ryan, the sweetest boy ever born, who has only one lung" - Dona Wininsky "I will be volunteering in honor of my dad who, this past January, lost his battle with Lung Cancer. He was only 53 years young." - Jamie Stoner "I walk to support everyone with lung trouble, I had to have a double lung transplant 12 years ago" Teresa Gaffner "I walk because my life has been touched by so many people with lung disease. My father died from lung cancer 6 years ago after a 4-year battle. As a nurse, I care for dozens of people who are waiting for lung transplants and for those who have received lung transplants for chronic lung disease. I walk so that someday we can all walk effortlessly and comfortably." - Shalon Jarozewski "Wisconsin's corn ethanol industry is walking for clean air and invites all like-minded individuals to join our Green E85 Team ..." "I walk because my dad suffers from Lung Cancer." - Becky Stadler "I walk because I never want my family and friends to suffer from someone else that smokes." Amanda Krentz "I walk for my daughter and nephews with asthma and my stepfather with COPD. I walk for all those who struggle for breath. I walk for the future... for research, programs advocacy and education so that we all can breathe easier." - Michelle Mecure "I walk for my struggles with asthma, for my husband and the company he works for that provides oxygen for people that need it. I walk to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking so that my daughter will hopefully live in a cleaner world than I was raised in." - Nicole 'napoli' McCumber "I walk for my dad with COPD. I walk for myself with COPD. I walk for all those with a lung disease, those who were courageous and left their families all to soon. I walk for research & programs that educate one another. COPD forced my dad into early retirement, no health care. I walk in hopes that the health care industry recognizes that people with a lung disease need more help then what some receive." - Stacy Gab Sale "I walk because more African Americans die from lung cancer than any other race in the United States." - Quenjana Adams "I walk because after a night of fun and dancing I can wash the smoke out of my hair and my clothes, but not my lungs!" - Vanessa Llanas "I walk because I have asthma. I wasn't born with it and was an athlete throughout grade school, high school and college. I was a long-distance cross country and track star; I even went to State. Asthma has taken away my ability to run. Because of asthma, I spend money on medications each month just to be able to breathe. I don't ever take breathing for granted. I'm lucky to have my asthma under control. Some people aren't so lucky. I walk for them. I walk for continued research and better medication. I walk for young children, older adults and everyone in between who is affected by asthma or lung disease. I walk to Fight for Air!" - Laura Vogt Like · Comment · Share Mary Doherty-Pfeffer likes this.

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Facebook "Why We Walk" Campaign  

Facebook "Why We Walk" Campaign

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