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[Tranquila Zine] Rivera Black Women & Self Care | Moyer Black Women & Self Defense | Moyer Colocha-Head | Nunez The Savior | Guevara Decolonizing Parenting | Thompson & Carmier La Mama Vida | Montano La Yerbera | La Liga Ancestral Resistance | Mijente Curanderismo Class Notes #1 Decolonize Travel | Muchacha Fanzine Mosqhoq | Enriquez Quechualish | Enriquez Ceremonial Knowledge | Escobar Reading the Signs | Escobar Hoy Babae | Caparoso Revolution is in My Blood | Elena Our Sea of Islands Women of the Pacific | Wheeler [meta] paradox #5 | Olivia M. The Trifecta | Njoku-Obi Amor Y Sacrificio | Gomez St. Sucia Issue XIII: Inmigrante The Origin of Water | HOBAK Zine List What is The People’s Zine Library?

chicanx | mental health | self care [Tranquila Zine] a d.i.y zine on how to deal with YOUR anxiety. from the perspective of everyday brown, chicanx, indigenous, latinx chicxs! ALMA ROSA RIVERA, editor “Tranquila is a zine created by Brown, Chicanx*. Indigenous, Latinx Womxn* who live and have lived with an anxiety disorder. These are experiences, raw and honest and exposed, from the mouths of real muxeres* ... Anxiety is harsh but there is also the triumph of when we kick its ass. There is the strength we’ve gained from surviving daily feelings that we’re going to die. We’re here. We’re present. We didn’t die! Look how scared we were but now we made it to the days that we can laugh and feel the sun! There will be good days & there will be bad days. This zine is your friend. You might not be able to read it during an anxiety attack or it just might calm you down. Do whatever it takes to make you feel better. NEVER apologize for making space for your mental health...” Also by Alma Rosa Rivera

Glamboyant Zine Issue 1 Glamboyant Zine Issue 2

70 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches Alma Rosa is a Chicana writer, spoken word poet, and zine maker who resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of Frijolera Press, a d.i.y Xicana zine press. She is the creator of Tranquila Zine and Love in the Time of Trump.

black women | mental health | self care Black Women & Self Care Thoughts on Mental Health, Oppression & Healing NAOMI MOYER

2015, 21 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $6.00 Naomi is a self taught, interdisciplinary artist and author. As a Black woman, Naomi is forever interested in African diasporic histories and how they connect to Black experiences and identity. Her writing has been published in Canadian publications such as Briarpatch Magazine and Broken Pencil Magazine. Naomi recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book called Black Women Who Dared with Second Story Press in Toronto which has a starred Kirkus Review and an Honourable Mention from Ontario Library Association’s Top Ten Best Bets 2018.

Provides information, reflections, and suggestions for creating personal health and wellbeing in an oppressive society. Holistic in coverage, Moyer covers topics such as self-care while experiencing anger, anxiety, and depression, as well as surviving white supremacist society, and encounters with racist behavior. “This zine is first and foremost for all self identifying black women as well as anyone who experiences mental health. In it, I share my musings on how mental health and our well being links to our experiences with oppression. The goal is to encourage more healing.”

Also by Naomi Moyer Black Women & Self Defense Thoughts on Personal Space and Reclaiming the Streets paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $6.00

black women | self care | self defense Black Women & Self Defense Thoughts on Personal Space and Reclaiming the Streets NAOMI MOYER “The subject of this zine is something that I’ve wanted to write about for a while. It is for all self identifying Black women as well as anyone who is looking to reclaim their personal space in the streets and public spaces. In this zine, I share my thoughts on how difficult it can be sometimes to walk the streets alone and to find ways of defending ourselves by any means necessary. I would like to point out that this is not a step by step guide on how to make a proper fist, escape from a grab/hold or counter attack. There are so many resources out there to learn those skills. This zine is definitely more of a reflective look on how we walk in the world as Black women and how we can create more safety and peace within our lives as we navigate the multitude of public spaces we occupy.” Also by Naomi Moyer Black Women & Self Care Thoughts on Mental Health, Oppression & Healing paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $6.00

2016, 23 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches, $6.00 Naomi is a self taught, interdisciplinary artist and author. As a Black woman, Naomi is forever interested in African diasporic histories and how they connect to Black experiences and identity. Her writing has been published in Canadian publications such as Briarpatch Magazine and Broken Pencil Magazine. Naomi recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book called Black Women Who Dared with Second Story Press in Toronto which has a starred Kirkus Review and an Honourable Mention from Ontario Library Association’s Top Ten Best Bets 2018.

afro guatemalan-salvadoran | centro americanx Colocha-Head BREENA NUNEZ

16 pages, with illustrations paper, 4.5 inches x 7.5 inches Breena is a non-binary Afro Guatemalan-Salvadoran cartoonist based in Oakland. They are pursuing an MFA in Comics at California College of the Arts. Some of their work has been featured in online articles and interviews with CultureStrike, Fierce Mitú, Taco Talk with Julio Salgado, Huffington Post, Prime Vice, Colorlines, The Beat, Remezcla, and The Baylies.

“This little self-bound zine is a story that is a reflection experience I’m sharing about me growing up in my Central American family in the Bay Area, and trying to understand what it means to be “colocha” (curly-haired mujer). This briefly discusses Afro-Salvadoran presence and history and asking ourselves why do we still feel the need to practice colorism within the Central American diaspora? What does it mean to be beautiful in the U.S. while fitting in with society’s standards of beauty?” Also by Breena Nunez

Being Half Guatemalan Why You Are Cachimbonx Center of My Heart Crocodile Girl Spiritual and Different

centro americanx | el salvador The Savior YEIRY GUEVARA “Where memory and family intersect in our tiny El Salvador.�

2017, 28 pages, with photography paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $12.00 Yeiry is a creative with extensive nonprofit and project management experience. A lady of many talents, Yeiry is a writer, translator and multimedia artist. Her art has been exhibited in galleries in New York and Texas. She is an engaging public speaker as well as the author of bilingual zines. Her work can be found in bookstores and libraries across the country.

disability studies | queer studies | parenting Decolonizing Parenting SE’MANA THOMPSON, editor MARIA TERESA CARMIER, editor

2017, 28 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $10.00

Decolonizing Parenting is a zine by & for queer parents of color. Issue 1 is by queer trans parents of color and issue 2 is by queer trans autistic parents of color. Features art, poetry and writing as well as includes topics on: queer trans parenting, autistic unschooling and single motherhood. Contributors: Vic Aguirre, Esteli Juarez, Selena Velasco, Sahand Azaad, Silver Shandiin, Se’mana Thompson, Maria Teresa Carmier; Joanna De La Torre, Sahand Azaad, Viveka Frost, Se’mana Thompson, Maria Teresa Carmier. Also by Se’mana and Maria

2019, 24 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $10.00 Decolonizing Parenting is by & for qt parents of color. The editors, Se’mana and Maria also create their own zines; Se’mana is the creator of queer indigenous girl and Maria is the creator of zines like grenuda/chillona and super sisters.

queer indigenous girl 1, 2 & 3 super sisters grenuda/chillona

ancestral studies | birth work | motherhood La Mama Vida Re-Membering Motherhood BRENDA MONTANO “La Mama Vida is my most personal zine yet. It is the greatest love letter to my son, Soliah. In November 2015 I was blessed to discover I was carrying a life seed, a human spirit that held within them the ancestors of both myself and my beautiful partner. I began to write because writing is my medicine. It allows me to discover my truest feelings and develop a method to communicate them with myself and others.” Also by Brenda Montaño

2U 4RM ME: A Love Letter Anthology High St. Este de Oakland Tierra De Lucha y Limones Ojos de Raiz Pussy There is a Revolution Inside of Me Voices of Birth Workers of Color

2016, 24 pages, with collage paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $5.00 Brenda is a Xicana native from California. Her ancestors come from what is today southern California and Jalisco, Mexico. She was raised in the Inland Empire but has deep roots in both the Bay Area and Northern California. ​ Brenda’s work is grounded in Xicanisma, Reproductive Justice, environmentalism and grassroots organizing. She has always recognized the power of the written and spoken word and now, as a mother, has been enlightened by the magic of birth.

ancestral studies | herbal remedies | latinx La Yerbera LA LIGA

2017, 46 pages, with photography paper, 8.5 inches x 11 inches, $12.00

“La Yerbera blossomed out of a desire to share all of our mother’s knowledge and wisdom with you. What started as a private conversation where we exchanged home remedies and secret recipes turned into a discussion on the lack of validation and weight given to grandmother sabiduria, curandera knowledge and our families greatest heirlooms: los remedios caseros.” Contributors: Amanda Alcantara, Briana Urena-Ravelo, Sarah Maria Acosta Ahmad, Vivi Moreno, Salome Luna Gemme, Yanina Angelini Arismendi, Stephanie Morillo, Natasha Soto, Merelis Catalina Ortiz, Naila Saphia, Elena Vanasse Torres, Jenoris Cava, Luna Olavarria Gallegos, Maritza Jaramillo, Kat Fajardo, Stephanie Orentas, AnaKaren Ortiz Varela, Maria Alejandra Santa Cruz, Mia Rodriguez.

La Liga is an online and print publication showcasing the many ways latinxs, chicanxs, indígenas, and/or latin americans are dissecting their cultural identities; meant to function as a bridge between virtual safe spaces and real life experiences for the current and future latinx generations to explore liberation (not to be Also by La Liga confused with equality); created with the intent to pragmatically disrupt neoliberal white supremacist media outlets and monopolies; interested in exploring pamphleting as an art practice, protest art, permanence of meaning, creating alternative economies, distributing Colorism in Latinx Media and Culture conocimientos, building In Conversation: Ana Castillo community and learning to La Liga Issue 1 hold each other accountable.

ancestral studies | ritual Ancestral Resistance Offerings Practices MAYDA DEL VALLE, editor “This document grew of a collective conversation among us who have been an active part of struggles on different fronts for the dignity and freedom of people who have been historically oppressed. The energy of Creation called for us to continue to actively honor the presence of Spirit in our resistance and our healing and to deepen our connections with each other. This attempt to do so and to share it with others as an offering.”

2017, 20 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches Mijente is a digital and grassroots hub for Latinx & Chicanx movement building & organizing.

Contributors: Belia Saavedra, Mariella Saba, Delia Bruje Fuego, Ernesto Arroyo-Montano, Francisca Porchas, Landis Pulido, Sofia Campos, Lucy Sandoval.

Curanderismo Class Notes #1 INES IXIERDA “These graphic notes were drawn during University of New Mexico’s Curanderismo Traditional Medicine Without Borders class, summer 2017 with Eliseo “Cheo” Torres.”

2017, 32 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $5.00 Ines is a queer disabled interdisciplinary visual artist and bruja in Oakland.

decolonization | travel Decolonize Travel MUCHACHA FANZINE #12

2017, 45 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $4.50 Muchacha Fanzine is a D.I.Y Native Xicana Feminist Fanzine dedicated to promoting social consciousness and decolonizing minds. Muchacha Fanzine tackles issues ranging from intersectional feminism, immigrant rights, LGBTQ liberation, indigenous resistance, black lives matter, anti-capitalism, worker’s rights, environmental justice, body positivity, disability activism, decolonizing travel, and more.

“Decolonizing travel means to challenge and resist the mainstream travel culture that reinforces colonial oppression. In this 45 page issue you will find essays, poetry, photography, visual art, short stories, and a comic all related to socially conscious traveling! Themes range from ethical travel practices, colonialist tourism, western/white savior complex, diaspora, indigeneity, racism, colorism, identity/privilege, imperialism, cultural reconnection, reimagining travel, and more. This zine is for anyone interested in reflecting on ways to resist colonialist traveling all while examining their own role as travelers.” Contributors: Daisy Salinas, Bani Amor, Edyka Chilome, Cynthia Jane Trevino, Anna Munoz, Mechi, Alex Longoria, Siang’ani and Maleny, M. Yoalli Rodriguez Aguilera Also by Muchacha Fanzine

Muchacha #5 Brown Queen Latina Voices of the 21st Century Muchacha #11 POC Solidarity

indigenous language | poetry Mosqhoq | Dreamer | Sonadora A Quechua Poem SANDY ENRIQUEZ “Mosqhoq is a trilingual poem in zine form (or a zine in poem form?) about dreams and the journeys we must take in order to wake up. It is written at an intermediate Quechua level. The beauty of Quechua really comes out in poetry and storytelling, but it’s not always possible to translate it exactly into English or Spanish. That’s why I included a page at the end with notes on my translation choices and explanations for some of the more nuanced Quechua meanings.”

2019, 12 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $1.00

Quechualish An Indigenous Language Zine SANDY ENRIQUEZ “Quechualish is a zine I made about learning my ancestral language, Runasimi (better known as Quechua). I made this zine for people like me, who want to learn Quechua and connect to it because it is their culture and ancestry. This zine centers on my experience as a heritage language learner, I’m not yet fluent in Quechua, so a lot of times I code-switch between Quechua/Spanish/English, which I lovingly call “Quechua-lish.” I also included some very basic and introductory lessons and short exercises in Quechua if you are interested in learning.”

2018, 8 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $1.00

filipinx | comics | poetry Ceremonial Knowledge Erotica Poem-Comics TRINIDAD ESCOBAR A collection of five erotica poem-comics including “When You Haven’t Made Love In A Long Time”; “If You Want To Pay For Your Sins”; “Idianale: Goddess Of Hard Work”; “Wild Violins”; and “Ode to Femmes.” 2019, 16 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $6.00

Reading the Signs TRINIDAD ESCOBAR This is a fictional short story based on the experiences of many modern Filipina American mothers and their daughters. 2018, 12 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches Trinidad is a storyteller from Oakland, California. She is an alumnus of San Francisco State’s poetry program and a Fellow of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics MFA Poetry program.

pilipinx studies Hoy Babae SAMPAGUITA CAPAROSO STREITFELD “A perzine about analyzing the many different things I’ve been told in Tagalog growing up as half-pinxy, as someone who is currently in a state of decolonization and acceptance.”

2015, 16 pages, with illustrations paper, 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches

Revolution is in My Blood On Being Pilipinx/On Being Punk ELENA “for the longest time i believed that my DIY ethic n lifestyle n socio-political roots as the foundations of my reality, my attributed my passion and dedication to intersectional, transnational feminist thought and praxis, as well as being dedicated to radical, revolutionary, anti-capitalist politics as being rooted in punk. as i research and study and connect with more pilipinx, i realize that its in my blood to be a revolutionary, to resist, to always fight for the people’s rights.”

2017, 16 pages paper, 5.5 inches x 4.25 inches elena was born & raised on coastal salish land, now residing in olympia, wa.they split their virgo time between community organizing, writing, working at a bookstore, studying herbalism & gardening, occasionally going to a punk show, and running brown recluse zine distro, a diy smallpress/zine distro/collective that centers the voices of QTBIPOC.

pasifika studies | womxn studies Our Sea of Islands Our Sea of Islands is a zine written for and by Pacific Islanders. The purpose of this zine is to bring focus to Islanders as autonomous Indigenous peoples, away from the API (Asian-Pacific Islander) social rubic to highlight intersectional identities within contemporary realities. 2015, 32 pages, with photography 5.5 inches x 7 inches

Contributors: Kapi’olani Lee, Jess Kealiihoalani Toshi M., Rex Halafihi, Joanna Santos, Lauren Ulugia, Cole Calvo, J. Vehia Wheeler, Bean Kaloni Tupou

Women of the Pacific J. VEHIA WHEELER, editor Contributors & Stories: Teri’imaevarua III, Princess Ruth Luka Keanolani Kauanahoahoa Ke’elikolani, Bean Kaloni Tupou, Chantal Spitz, Melodie Turori, Fu’una

2017, 24 pages, with photography paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches

asexuality | femmehood | disability studies [meta]paradox #5 the neuroqueer issue OLIVIA M. This zine is about the intersections between queerness, queer asexuality, being autistic, and having depression and anxiety. Topics include: femme and disability, bi-ness, queerness and atheism, asexuality and disability, queer and ace language, ace and aro relationships, and body image.

2016, 88 pages, with collage paper, 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches

The Trifecta: Black Femmehood, Asexuality, Gender Identity and its Intersectionality MARIE NJOKU-OBI “This zine is about a few things - art, sexuality, race and its intersectionality. It’s about how I interpret the way media represents people like me by explaining the way society sees me. It’s about creating my own art about my experiences when I don’t see any art reflecting that (in the mainstream). It’s about exploring what it means to be a black, non-binary, asexual person.” Also by Marie Njoku-Obi

i wish i had my voice last night

2016, 21 pages, with illustrations paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches Marie’s work features anatomical hearts and portraits of imagined black people exhibiting strength in the ability to expose themselves for the ultimate goal of self love and self acceptance.

immigration | carceral state Amor Y Sacrificio SAYURI GOMEZ “Amor Y sacrificio...touches on the trauma of crossing the border and the lack of accessibility to resources such as health care in the U.S....”

St. Sucia Issue XIII: Inmigrante ST. SUCIA 24 pages, with images paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches Sayuri is a writer and activist who identifies as a queer Mexican woman. She is a co-organizer of No Shame Distro, which is a small zine distributor that promotes writers and artists of color.

paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, $7.00

“This is our immigration issue. We hope that it brings solidarity and warmth to folks everywhere that are struggling to make a home in a strange place and their children that follow them. Accompanying the issue is a letter from a mother in a detention center. It was translated and submitted to us by her daughter telling her mother’s story. We could not edit this letter down or take anything out to fit in our regular issue so we published it as it’s own booklet.” Contributors: Cenorina Ramirez, Alejandra Garcia, Lina Zuluaga, Lisa Marquez Puchot, Isela Chelinski, Georgina Isela Lopez, Samantha Reynolds, Norma Beatriz Sanchez, Evelyn Gutierrez, Slutwalk Chicago, Ana Gallegos, Emmber Garcia, Olivia Peregrino, Katherine Torres, Jennifer Serrano, Andrea Vivas, Evelyn Cuautle Suarez, Leticia Garcia, Karla Rosas, Sofia Galvan, Melina Chavarria, Diane Benavides Rios, Eunsoo Jeong, Martha Alvarez, Monica Kessler, Isa Anne Castro

demilitarization | resistance The Origin of Water: Hobak Jeju Solidarity Zine #1 HELLA ORGANIZED BAY AREA KOREANS gangjeong village of jeju island means “the village of water.” gangjeong stream provides 70% of the drinking water for seogwipo city, which is the entire southern half of the island. gangjeong is known for its pristine water, which villagers believe flows from underneath gureombi, a mass of smooth volcanic rock that lines the coast of the village. gureombi is held sacred to the village, and is said to be the “heart of gangjeong.” on march 7, 2012, the navy began destroying gureombi to make way for a new ROK/US naval base. Contributors: hobak, juyeon, hyejin’s mom, ellen, jeong young hee, miriam, judy, hyejin, lindsey

2013, 60 pages, with collages paper, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches HOBAK, a network of radical anti-imperialist Koreans in diaspora, organize to bring attention to the struggle against militarism in Gangjeong Village on the island of Jeju in South Korea.

accomplices not allies

a love letter: fuck white supremacy

art girl dreams

art life: musings & advice from a queer artist of color

art life: don’t quit yr day job!

blckmzic: black banjo

caro 4

caro 4.5

caro 6

chapin and other love stories

chiflad@ zine

cosmic alexithymia

d.a.n.g! issue 1

d.a.n.g! issue 2

de vista

diario vol. 1.5

dr. rad’s queer health show

decolonizing library science

empower yoself before you wreck yoself

important indigenous people in history

in the margins the blossom edition

give me my flowers while i can still smell them

going places pt. 1: dine diaspora

interstellar bruja

in the margins guide to self care

king of soul

kittenhumyn vol. i no. 2

midnight bird

miserable dimension vol. v


muxeres en lucha

my mouth tastes like horchata

panocha platicas

por el amor al barrio

kittenhumyn vol. ii no. 2

purple is to lavender

qt collective: the dreams issue

rosa salvaje



return to saturn (the first orbit)

sally hemings dreams

shik’is shi heart

soaked in cinnamon: a city witch finds healing

st. sucia issue vii

sugar coated

sweet thang body issue

sweet thang mind issue

take care

take care of your home, take care of your fire

tenacious: art & writings by women in prison

the heart we grew issue 1

the heart we grew issue 2

the nizhoni beat

the philosopher wytch issue 1

travel drawings

the philosopher wytch issue 2

[untitled] dandelion

thru the fog

WHAT IS THE PEOPLE’S ZINE LIBRARY? Zines are self published works circulated on a small scale, usually printed out via photocopier. Zines can be about anything you want: comics, fanzines, poetry, etc. ​ e People’s Zine Library (TPZL) is a free online library circulating over a hunTh dred zines by BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) on topics such as: being afro-latinx and centroamericanx, on Black feminism, living with disability, parenthood, self-healing and self-care. TPZL zines are the personal collections of the founders Se’mana Thompson and Kathryn Johnston. ​ HOW IT WORKS: ​TPZL is using the free Integrated Library System Librarika to manage the library. Patrons can sign up for a library card to check-out a maximum of three zines for up to three weeks (subject to change). TPZL takes care of packaging and postage for check-out/in of zines so patrons don’t have to worry about anything. We want TPLZ to be accessible to everyone! Only print copies are available at this time. To join send your name, email and address to ​ MEET TPZL: Kathryn Johnston, Administrator & Librarian Kat is a disabled Tejanx librarian and artist.​ Se’mana Thompson, Administrator & Curator Se’mana is a queer disabled Akimel Otham artist and unschooler parent. ​ SUPPORT A ZINE LIBRARY BY & FOR BIPOC: ​Donate zines. Contact for information on how you can send packages to us through the mail. Donate time. In the future we will have volunteer opportunities that may include seeking out donations of zines and entering zine information into Librarika. Donate money. The most effective way to help us build our library is by donating to ​ *A BIG THANK YOU TO THE AUTISTIC PEOPLE OF COLOR FUND MICROGRANT!* Se’mana, on behalf of The People’s Zine Library, was awarded a microgrant of $250 from the Autistic People of Color Fund, which is a fund for community reparations for autistic people of color’s interdependence, survival and empowerment, made possible through the American Association of People with Disabilities Hearne Leadership Award and portion of sales from the book All the Weight of Our Dreams.

Profile for Se'mana Thompson

The People's Zine Library 2019 Catalog  

A 25-page print catalog detailing approximately 50 zines and listing approximately 60 more zines currently available through The People's Zi...

The People's Zine Library 2019 Catalog  

A 25-page print catalog detailing approximately 50 zines and listing approximately 60 more zines currently available through The People's Zi...