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IT’S ABOUT TO Give you a break 5 ways to improve your Baby’s sleep: naturally Chances are if your kids aren’t sleep-

bed. You can either use tea that is

won’t be waking up having to go to

ing, you aren’t either. So how can you

intended for drinking or find bath tea

the bathroom.

get them to sleep better? Try these

that is specifically indicated for the

safe, natural, and effective therapies.

bath. Try a sleep tea blend, or any of

5. Homeopathy: Homeopathy is

the herbs mentioned above. Also try

an incredibly safe and gentle form

1. Herbal sleep pillows: This is one

adding Epsom salts, which contain

of medicine and can be very effec-

of my favorite sleep aids for chil-

magnesium, a very relaxing mineral.

tive for children and babies when

dren because you don’t have to

prescribed accurately. Based on a

coax them into taking anything. You

3. Lighting: Lighting is key! Blue light

patient’s specific symptom, a homeo-

simple place a sachet full of calming

inhibits melatonin (the sleep hormone)

path will match the most appropriate

and sedating herbs in or around their

from being produced. If your kid has

medicine to each patient. Because

bed. Try a blend of the following

a night-light make sure it is orange

each child’s reason for not being

herbs: lemon balm, catnip, chamomile

or red because they have less of an

able to sleep is different (afraid of

flowers, hops, lavender flowers and

effect on melatonin. Also, it’s best not

the dark, scary dreams, restlessness

valerian. The pillow should be quite

to have any streetlights shining in the

at night etc.) and homeopathy is an

aromatic, once it starts losing its smell

window or lights from electronics in

individualized form of medicine, a

it’s time to change out the herbs. You

the room. Consider using black tape

general homeopathic recommenda-

can pick these up at your local herb

over the bright lights on electronics

tion for every kid isn’t helpful and

shop. Check out The Herb Shoppe

or removing them completely.

they should be seen by a provider

in Brooklyn for good quality herbs.

trained in homeopathy, such as a 4. Chamomile tea: Chamomile is an

2. Bath tea: We often think of tea as

incredibly gentle, calming herb so

a drink but it’s also great to bathe in!

it can be used safely in children. It’s

The combination of warm water and

also tasty so they will actually drink

the medicinal effects of calming and

it. Consider sweetening it with honey

sedating herbs in a bath is a great

if they don’t like it plain. It’s best 1-1.5

way to calm your kid down before

hours before bed so your little one

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Weigl is a naturopathic doctor with a passion for helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Using natural therapies and holistic nutrition she helps both adults and children with a multitude of different conditions. To find out more about Nicole visit her website at www.naturalhealthnyc.com



Naturopathic Doctor, for best results.


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Baby Issue - Natural herbs for sleep, adorable baby trends, and more.


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