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Welcome Message I absolutely believe anyone that can talk can sing. We come into the world singing, we sing before we can speak and singing together is one of the best ways we can spend our time on this earth. I also believe nothing is more beautiful than a communion of voices united in sound and tonight I can’t wait to hear you all sing and use your voice for good. 40 years ago, Glenn Shorrock wrote of singing to his inner man and self-care. Today this message is more important than ever. The number one killer of our Australian boys and men aged 15-45 is suicide. This statistic has to change. Boys are beautiful. Men are beautiful. Tonight is all about reminding our boys and men of their beauty, their need for self-care and that seeking help when they need it, is an act of strength. We need you here with us, so please know that help is on its way. Finally, a huge heartfelt thanks to our incredible Queensland Music Festival Help is on its Way team led by Pip, Isabel and Bernd, our awesome Staging Director Dan, our visual wunderkind Craig, our Director of Photography Kieran, our wonderful artists Glenn and his band, Brooke, Samantha and Mollie McClymont, Tom and Jeremy, Travis, Jack, Paul Holley OAM and his Voices of Birralee Choir, our awesome Choral Arranger Emma Dean, our fantastic Choir Director Dr Jonathon Welch AM and most especially - every single voice of our massed choir!


PS I produced a charity single of Help is on its Way featuring the amazing Glenn Shorrock, Wendy Matthews, The McClymonts, Beccy Cole, Busby Marou, Travis Collins, Jasmine Rae and Fanny Lumsden and I urge you all to buy the single and know that 100% of the funds raised go to the extraordinary suicide prevention organisation Roses in the Ocean. The single is available through ABC Music on all digital platforms.

This year, Queensland Music Festival is staging its most exciting signature event yet − a mass choral performance of the hit Little River Band song Help is on its Way, raising awareness of mental health and community support. Following on from the spectacular success of the You’re The Voice project in 2017, individuals and choirs of all abilities have been busy learning the lyrics to Help is on its Way. For thousands of people, this is a once−in−a−lifetime opportunity to perform alongside ARIA Hall of Fame inductee, Mr Glenn Shorrock and Queensland Music Festival Artistic Director, Ms Katie Noonan, under the direction of Dr Jonathon Welch AM from the award−winning Choir of Hard Knocks. It is also a platform to speak openly about mental health and to promote support options. First released in 1977, Help is on its Way continues to resonate with Australian audiences of all ages − a reminder that through the darkness, there is always hope and we need not face our challenges alone. We know that men and boys are far less likely than women to seek professional help, so their participation in Help is on its Way has been critical in helping to destigmatise the conversation around mental illness. In the 2018−19 State Budget, the Queensland Government delivered record health funding for Queensland, including $106.4 million over four years for community mental health services. And late last year we released Shifting minds: Queensland Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Strategic Plan 2018−2023, our five−year strategic plan to reform Queensland’s mental health system, with a focus on early intervention and wellness. Each one of us can help foster a sense of inclusion and belonging in Queensland and this event is proof that genuine change is possible if we all sing from the same song sheet. This is a chorus for a good cause, so raise your voice and enjoy the spectacle of this wonderful Queensland Music Festival event.



Program of Events Nunukul Yuggera Dance Company WELCOME TO COUNTRY Dr Jonathon Welch AM YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE Written by Rodgers and Hammerstein Arrangement by Dr Jonathon Welch AM Travis Collins HAPPY Written by Travis Collins CALL ME CRAZY Written by Travis Collins Arrangement by Emma Dean Busby Marou BEST PART OF ME Written by Busby Marou OVER DRINKING, OVER YOU Written by Busby Marou GOT YOUR BACK Written by Busby Marou Arrangement by Dan Walker The McClymonts LIKE WE USED TO Written by The McClymonts DON’T WISH IT ALL AWAY Written by The McClymonts Arrangement by Dan Walker

Joined by Voices of Birralee & Men Aloud

Joined by Voices of Birralee

Joined by Voices of Birralee

Joined by Voices of Birralee

Katie Noonan & Jack Carty YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND Written by Carole King Arrangement by Katie Noonan & Jack Carty Glenn Shorrock & Band COOL CHANGE Written by Glenn Shorrock TAKE IT EASY ON ME Written by Graeham Goble REMINISCING Written by Graeham Goble All Cast HELP IS ON ITS WAY Written by Glenn Shorrock Arrangement by Emma Dean

Joined by ‘The Massed Choir’

Help is on its Way Words and Music by GLENN SHORROCK Arranged by EMMA DEAN

Why are you in so much hurry? Is it really worth the worry? Look around, then slow down. What’s it like inside the bubble? Does your head ever give you trouble? It’s no sin trade it in. Hang on! Help is on its way. I’ll be there as fast as I can. Hang on! A tiny voice did say From somewhere deep inside the inner man. Are you always in confusion? Surrounded by illusion Sort it out. You’ll make out. Seem to make a good beginning, Someone else ends up winning. Don’t seem fair. Don’t you care? Hang on! Help is on its way. I’ll be there as fast as I can. Hang on! A tiny voice did say From somewhere deep inside the inner man.

Don’t you forget who’ll take care of you. It don’t matter what you do. Form a duet let him sing melody. You’ll provide the harmony. Why are you in so much hurry? Is it really worth the worry? Look around, then slow down. What’s it like inside the bubble? Does your head ever give you trouble? It’s no sin, trade it in. Hang on! Help is on its way. I’ll be there as fast as I can. Hang on! A tiny voice did say From somewhere deep inside the inner man. Hang on! Help is on its way. I’ll be there as fast as I can. Hang on! A tiny voice did say From somewhere deep inside the inner man. Hang on! Help is on its way.


Animato Voce

Donna Nelson

Glenn Shorrock & Band

Annabel Taylor

Emmanuel College

The McClymonts


Busby Marou

Australian Military Wives Choir Brisbane

Travis Collins

Barbara Howarth

Evon Tam

Dr Jonathon Welch AM

Barbara Parker

Fiona Goldthorpe

Katie Noonan & Jack Carty

Berrinba East State School [B.E.S.S.] Vocal Group

Freedom Train


Bilinda Boyle

Stewart Wilkinson – Musical Director

Bridget McElwain

Pip Joyce – Guitar

Brooke Briggs

Jason Vorherr – Bass John Morrison – Drums

Caboolture Community Choir Inc


Camp Hill State Infants and Primary School Senior Choir

Voices of Birralee

Carmel Nicols

Men Aloud

Cassandra Nolan

Paul Holley OAM – Conductor

Cathee Miller

Joshua Clifford – Accompanist

Cheep Trill


Brisbane City Council

Centenary Community Choir Children’s Health Queensland Community Choir

Erin Zordan

Gabrielle Vining Gail Mercer Going For a Song Graeme Kerridge Harmony in Paradise Singers Helen Derrington Helen Drew High Altitude Harmony Hillie Vieth Huihui (Kairos) Lan Ian Wells ICTE-UQ Chorus Imogen Mee Jackie Atkinson Janeene Wolfe

Chloe Oxnard

Janet Emm

Choir of Opportunity

Jean Tait

Chris Anderson

Jennifer Boyle

Ian Maurice

Chris O’Brien

Jennifer Rose

Christina Creech

Jessica Croner


Chunky Harmoniez

Jill Snell

Soul Song Choirs and West End Social Singers

Clare Patrick

Jo Tuttobene


Clermont Community Choir

Joanne Denning

Colin Green

Joseph Fogelman

Connie de Dassel

Joyce Newell

Cool Harmonies

Joyce van der Ham

Danyelle Powell

Judy Comber

Deborah Tokar

June Gotobe

Deby Brotherton

Just Sing!

Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre Harmony Choir

Kai Chan


Access Arts Singers A-Choired Taste: The Scenic Rim Community Choir Aileen Schlyder Aki noble Alan Charles Alfresco Andrea Edye Andrew Irvine

Dee Hudson Donna Kavanagh

Karen Griffiths Karin McCallum Kate Walsh

Katherine Edwards

Miner Chords

Primary School Choir

Kathy Finlay

Mouth Orchestra

St William’s School Choir

Kay Herington


Kelly Coomber

Natalie Antoine

Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus

Kent Hutton

Nite Vision

Sweet Freedom Singers

Kerrie Cull

Olivia Bothwell

Tanya Darl

Kerry Drury

Ormeau Senior Choir

Tara Music Group

Kerry Fesuk

Tessitura Chorus

Kirika Noble

Ormeau State School Boys Choir

Laural Ellerton

Pamela Skirving

The Urban Village People

Leah Rogers

Pat Vaughan

Therese de Dassel

Leith Mccoll

Paula Vanni

Tonya Roberts

Leonie Corbett-Russell

Penny Roysmith

Toogoom Community Choir

Leonie Smith

Peter Gotobe

Trevor Bryant

Linda Campbell

Peter Nisbet

Trevor Pezet

Linda Wulff

Peter Wilson

Velda Brent

Liz Irvine

Pub Rock Choir

Venetta Little

Llinos Hanson

QPAC Choir

Vivienne Counter

Lockyer Valley Something To Sing About

QUT Vox Pop

Vivienne Rolls

Redland Rhapsody Chorus

Loud and Clear

River City Clippers

Voice Weavers A Cappella Choir

Louise de Dassel

Robert Griffiths

Voices of Birralee

Margaret Elizabeth Goodman

Robyn Douglass Young

Voices of Casey

Robyn Ryan

Voices Uncovered

Margaret Hede

Roslyn Owens

Voices with Courage

Margaret Hogan

Ruth Brown

Vreni Forrer

Margaret Lipscombe

Sarah Whiting

Margaret McAllister

Sarah Yates

Warwick Central State School Choir

Maria Wendt

Sharon McBride

Marilyn Andrews

Sheryl Guthrie

Mark Mathieson

Sing Sisters

Marlene Crawford


Marnix Peper

Something to Sing About

Marsden Vocal Group

Sophie Weisselberg

Mei Yang

Soul Song Brisbane

Mel Lawrence Melissa Latimer

Soundwave Community Choir

Melissa McKain

Southern Cross Voices

Michael Scott

Southport Special School

Michelle Cop

St Flannan’s School Choir

Michelle Croner

St Thomas More Catholic

The Rennie Crib

Wayne Denning We Are Family Wendy Goodship With One Voice Brisbane Women in Harmony Inc. Woodcrest State College Vocal Group Yarranlea Voices

Wheel of Well-being The Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) program helps communities and individuals build skills and raise awareness about improving mental health and wellbeing. WoW is based on positive psychology and backed by research that shows particular practices in daily living enhance personal wellbeing and resilience. WoW focuses on six key themes: Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Place and Planet.

You can find out more about this resource online at: www.wheelofwellbeing.org. This resource is supported by the Queensland Mental Health Commission. Wheel of Well-being is owned by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Share-Alike 4.0 International License. Information on this license is available at www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0. Adaptations need to follow brand guidelines available at www.wheelofwellbeing.org and be signed off by SLaM. For permissions beyond the scope of this license contact hello@wheelofwellbeing.org.

Grow your financial future. Visit lgiasuper.com.au

LGIAsuper Trustee ABN 94 085 088 484 AFS Licence No 230511 LGIAsuper ABN 23 053 121 564

“The statistics are good, the runs on the board are great,” Shorrock admits. “It’s just my approach to what I do. I’ve never chased celebrity as such. I was just born at the right time, in post-war south east England. I got sucked into the whirlpool of rock ‘n roll that was 1956. I suddenly arrived in Australia and, to paraphrase Keith Richards, everything turned to technicolour.”

GLENN SHORROCK Glenn Shorrock’s story, when it is finally told, will have the ingredients of an epic. It’s one of ambition, global stardom, longevity and battles. Back in 2016, he released his first album of new material in 16 years, “Rise Again”. And he had some stories to tell. Shorrock, the founding frontman of The Twilights, Axiom and ‘70s hitmakers Little River Band (later known as LRB) carved out astonishing success around the globe and in particular the U.S., where LRB shifted the bulk of its 25 million-plus career album sales. The living legend has the unusual distinction of having been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on two occasions, both as a member of LRB, and as a solo artist. “I’ve been lucky enough, I’ve never had a proper job over my career,” he quips. “It’s one of the measures of success as far as I’m concerned. People say, ‘what’s your success down to’? It’s about surviving and keeping busy in the entertainment industry. It’s something I think a lot about now, being 72 and being a so-called ‘rock legend,’ which I find amusing.”

Shorrock has indulged his passions across the entertainment business, from starring and producing theatre and cabaret shows (“Evita”, “The Rocky Horror Show”, “Grease” and his own productions “One for the Money”, “Go Cat Go” to name just a few). In a career highlight, Shorrock produced and performed alongside the late Sir George Martin in the acclaimed, six-date 1998 production “All You Need Is Beatles”. Shorrock never left the music business, he’s just been spreading-out his wings. “My passport says ‘entertainer’. It doesn’t say ‘songwriter’ that’s just one of the strings of my bow. I’ve been lucky enough to write some very successful songs. None of us knew we were going to be in our ‘70s and singing pop songs. It’s a situation you have to adjust to and I’m lucky to still doing it. Of course it helps to have the body of work behind me.” 2018 saw Glenn release his autobiography and get back into the studio to record with producer and artist, Steve Balbi, and reimagine some of LRB’s biggest hits with the release of Glenn Shorrock Sings Little River Band in March 2019. Touring and performing constantly and now in his mid 70s, he’s definitely not ready to slow down.

album sales accreditations, twenty-two chart-topping singles and a reputation for being one of the most exciting live acts in country music. They are thirteen-time Golden Guitar Award winners including the 2018 ‘Album of the Year’ for their best-selling fifth album “Endless”. They have also won two ARIA Awards, an APRA Award, three Country Music Channel Awards and the prestigious U.S. Country Music Association ‘Global Artist of the Year’ Award.

THE MCCLYMONTS Since releasing their debut EP in 2006, sisters Brooke, Sam and Mollie McClymont have established themselves as Australia’s number one country group with over a quarter of a million album sales, two gold

Their latest album, “Endless” took The McClymonts to #1 on the ARIA Country Album chart for the fourth time in a row and undertake the highly successful ‘Endless’ & ‘Like We Used To’ national tours. ‘Endless’ delivered three #1 singles, “House”, “Don’t Wish It All Away” and “Like We Used To” and was nominated for an ARIA Award for Country Album of the Year amongst its other accolades.



The overwhelming feeling that emanates from BUSBY MAROU is joy.

A dynamic guitarist, vocalist and live performer, Travis Collins continues to excite as a songwriter with Brave & The Broken. Armed with new songs for the album, Travis returned to Nashville last year for a whirlwind recording session with producer of the moment, Luke Wooten (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley) and a studio band including Mike Rojas (Luke Bryan) on keys, acoustic guitarist Carl Miner (Taylor Swift) and bassist Jimmy Carter (Alan Jackson). Every track on the album was either written or co-written by Travis himself, with him joined in the writing room by some of Nashville’s foremost composers such as Jason Duke (Keith Urban) and Dave Turnbull (Luke Bryan). The album debuted at #1 on the country charts.

Tom’s playful onstage presence combined with Jeremy’s freakish instrumental ability has cemented their reputation as one of the most loved live bands to come out of Australia in recent times. They have created a completely unique vibe based on Tom’s approach to story telling interspersed with Jeremy’s guitar virtuosity. They sell out shows everywhere from Surry Hills to Cairns and have an incredibly loyal and diverse following. BUSBY MAROU have recently released their latest single “Sound Of Summer” produced by Oscar Dawson (Alex Lahey/Holy Holy). This is the first single from album 4 which will be recorded in February and released in mid 2019.

With a growing string of hit albums, #1 songs, awards and a decade of winning fans all across the country under his belt, TRAVIS COLLINS continues to cement his footprint as a mainstay on the Australian music landscape. He is as well known for his masterful guitar playing and powerhouse vocals as he is for his depth of songwriting and high energy live performances. Travis is a multiple CMAA and CMC Award winner and RUOK? Ambassador.

DR JONATHON WELCH AM Dr Jonathon Welch AM is a multi-award winning singer, conductor, teacher, songwriter and recording artist with a career spanning over thirty years. Making his debut with Dame Joan Sutherland at the Sydney Opera House in the “Merry Widow” 1988 Jonathon has over sixty stage roles to his credit and has performed extensively in Opera, musicals, Gilbert and Sullivan and in concert alongside many of the world’s greatest singers, directors and conductors including kd Lang, Baz

Luhrmann, and Richard Bonynge to name a few. In 2007, Jonathon’s work creating choirs for the homeless and disadvantaged in Australia was the subject of the internationally acclaimed ARIA, Logie and Helpmann award winning TV documentary “Choir of Hard Knocks”, also creating the “Jailbirds” documentary in the Victorian Women’s Prisons and was a Judge on the highly successful “Battle of the Choirs” TV series for Channel 7. Jonathon has been recognised for his outstanding thirty year commitment to the music industry, youth music education and his work with marginalised and homeless communities with the Australian of the Year Local Hero 2008, ANZAC of the Year 2009, an Honourary Doctorate, an Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2009 and an Honourary Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders. In 2009 Jonathon created and launched “Social Inclusion Week” making Australia the only country in the world to celebrate Social Inclusion nationally, and in September 2012 launched his vision for the future of arts, cultural and wellbeing programs and training for those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage with the “School of Hard Knocks” and “Play It Forward” in 2018.



Over the past 20 years, five-time ARIA award-winning artist Katie Noonan has proven herself one of Australia’s most hardworking, versatile and prolific artists. Named one of the greatest Australian singers of all time by the Herald Sun, Katie has produced 18 albums over her career with seven platinum records under her belt and 25 ARIA award nominations that span diverse genres. Katie has performed for royalty, national and international leaders, and blazed a trail for young women artists. Music, for Katie, is a lifelong lesson, a generous act of giving, and a means to change the world.

Critically acclaimed Australian songwriter Jack Carty writes with an honesty, patience and love of the craft learned through the sheltered valleys and close-knit communities of a rural childhood spent in sleepy Bellingen, NSW. It’s a rare thing that has allowed the poetic London-based traveller to take his quiet truths and breathtaking live show to audiences across The UK, Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia since he first started recording and releasing original music in 2010. The nine years since have been fruitful, and Carty has released five full-length studio albums and two EP’s amongst the constant touring, songs on soundtracks, collaborations, festivals and co-writes. Along the way he’s shared the stage with the likes of: Katie Noonan, Josh Pyke, Bernard Fanning, Matt Corby, Lisa Mitchell, Ingrid Michaelson, Dan Wilson, Brett Dennen, Justin Townes Earle and Joshua Radin; and was a recipient of the bi-annual APRA Professional Development Awards in 2015. Jack has recently relocated from London to Brisbane. He is currently working on a new album, due for release in 2019.

“Bringing communities together. To me that’s big.” Richelle Toshack, Dysart Community Support Group

Everyone benefits from living in a caring and well resourced community. This is especially true in Dysart where people have access to a dedicated Community Support Group. With the help of BHP, local services and people are brought together to ensure community support is relevant and effective. Find out more at BHP.com/community/programs

BHP is incredibly proud to once again support Queensland Music Festival to bring a state-wide celebration of musical and performing excellence throughout regional Queensland. Our relationship dates back almost two decades and our partnerships during this time have inspired creativity, built regional capacity and celebrated the rich, diverse and resilient communities of Queensland. We continually look beyond our own operations for opportunities to contribute to the local communities where we live and work. BHP’s purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world. Queensland Music Festival is just one great initiative that brings our purpose to life: bringing seemingly disparate community members together and fostering important dialogue around major social issues, in this year’s case, around mental health through the Help is on its Way tour. Music is a universal connector. It transcends, empowers and tells stories of struggle and success. We are immensely proud of our partnership with Queensland Music Festival and the indelible experiences we all encounter through it. We hope you enjoy the Festival as much as we have enjoyed working alongside the Queensland Music Festival Team as a presenting partner of this wonderful initiative. Congratulations to everyone involved on an outstanding, memorable and transformative program of events.


Acknowledgments Queensland Music Festival would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which Queensland Music Festival events are taking place, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. PATRON


His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC Governor of Queensland

Diat Alferink Prof. Margaret Barrett Alison Mobbs Jim Reeves Jane Williams John Willsteed

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dominic McGann – Chair Danielle Duell – Deputy Chair Darren Busine – Treasurer

QUEENSLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL EXECUTIVE TEAM Katie Noonan – Artistic Director Joel Edmondson – Executive Director Simon Buchanan – Business Development Director Linda Gordon – Marketing & Communications Director Wendy Mansell – Regional Engagement Director Katrina Torenbeek – Programming & Technical Director PROJECT TEAM Pip Boyce – Managing Producer Isabel Hart – Associate Producer Corinne Buzianczuk – Project Coordinator Bernd Neumann – Technical Manager Jacqui Grinzi – Partnerships Manager Danielle Bentley – Development Manager Natania Hinwood – Senior Digital Marketing Executive Yuverina Shewpersad – Marketing Executive Alex Komarowski – Marketing Coordinator Deirdree Wallace – Ticketing & Functions Coordinator SGC Media – Media Relations PRODUCTION TEAM Daniel Evans – Stage Director Kieran O’Sullivan – Director of Photography Craig Wilkinson - Videographer Darren Aitcheson – Audio Engineer Leila Maraun – Stage Manager Peta Winters – Assistant Stage Manager Kate Atkinson – Assistant Stage Manager CHOIR WORKSHOP LEADERS Emma Dean Cath Mundy Dr Jonathon Welch AM

Queensland Music Festival will be capturing footage during this event. By attending this event, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed and give permission to use your likeness in promotional, and/or marketing material. All such photographs and footage shall be the sole property of Queensland Music Festival, releasing Queensland Music Festival from any and all liability on account of such usage. If you do not wish to be subject to the forgoing, please talk to one of our staff. Thank you for your cooperation.

Share your experience /QLDMUSICFEST



CONTACT DETAILS Level 1, 381 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 PO Box 1060, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 Phone 07 3010 6600 Fax 07 3010 6666 Email info@qmf.org.au QMF.ORG.AU

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Help is on its Way is presented by Queensland Music Festival, Queensland Government and BHP. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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Help is on its Way Official Program (Brisbane)  

The official program for Help is on its Way (Brisbane)

Help is on its Way Official Program (Brisbane)  

The official program for Help is on its Way (Brisbane)