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Teamwork makes the Dream Work

What's the difference between working with a solo agent vs working with a team? pg. 16

PLUS Appraised Value vs. Market Value, what's the difference? pg. 12

Owner's Note The Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty is a hassle free, service driven real estate team led by Realtor/Owners, George & Abigail Herrera.  

Hi, thanks for picking up our official 2017 Queens Home Team magazine. We set out to create this magazine in an effort to explain the value of our team and our Company in an easy-to-read format that would be helpful and informative as well. With that said, within the following pages you'll get to meet our entire team including our Listing Specialists, Buyer Specialists, and Listing/Transaction Manager. You will also get to take a look at our 2016 year in review where we cover successes & learning lessons from the previous year. You'll get to learn about our Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs, & Perspective which are the key ingredients to the Queens Home Team unique value proposition. Then you will get to see our step-by-step marketing plan for Homes, Coops, and Condos in Queens. We also included a few good articles that we think can help you in preparing for a home sale, whether it is now, or in the future. You'll also get a chance to see why our office Keller Williams Realty Landmark is the #1 selling real estate office in all of Queens county. And lastly, you'll get to see the difference between working with a solo agent vs. working with a real estate team to serve you and your Family's real estate needs. Ultimately, we hope you come away from this knowing us a little bit better, and knowing that we are successful Agents, driven by our desire to help people.     


This magazine is dedicated to our past clients, sphere of influence, friends, and family. If you are receiving this magazine it is because we think very highly of you and hope to stay in touch with you in the future. The majority of our business comes from referrals so please feel free to pass along our information to any of your friends, family, or coworkers if they need real estate help here in Queens. In addition, please don't ever hesitate to reach out if you have real estate related questions, need real estate advice, or simply want to catch up :) We hope to hear from you soon!


CONTENTS 9   Queens Home Team 20 Point Marketing Plan

11 1031 Exchange: What is it & How does it Work?

14 How to Sell a House when Someone Passes

3     2016 Year in Review 4   Service Driven Real Estate Works 5    Meet the Team Meet the key players of Queens Home Team: George, Abi, Chris, Sonia & Duane. 11     How Much does it Cost to Sell a House in Queens?  Find out what expenses you can expect to pay as a Queens' home seller. 12 Appraised Value vs Market Value Find out the difference, and what you should be aware of when selling.   13 6 Ways to Maximize Net Profit Find out the secret to selling for the absolute most money possible in Queens. 16     Working with a Solo Agent vs. Working with a Team Learn the difference between hiring a solo agent vs going with a team. 

8 MVVBP Find out what really sets the Queens Home Team apart from average Queens agents.

17 What is a Holdover Proceeding Find out about the process of evicting a tenant for reasons other than nonpayment of rent.


2016 RECAP

Queens Home Team 2016 Year in Review 2016 was a great year for the team. We added a new team member, received the top team award for the third year in a row, and thanks to our amazing clients we were able to help 69 families buy and sell real estate in Queens!  Our goal in 2017:  To help 100 families buy or sell real estate in Queens.




Service Driven Real Estate Works  Our approach to real estate is simple: Hassle Free. Service Driven. Fortunately for us, our unique approach to real estate in Queens has been widely embraced by both home buyers & home sellers.

2016 was a very blessed year for us. We were extremely fortunate to find a new team member (Duane Egyud) who shares our core values, beliefs, and business ethics. As a result, his addition to the team has really elevated the buyer service and taken our team to a whole new level. Our motto and unique value proposition remain strong and in tact: Hassle Free. Service Driven. Fortunately for us, our service driven approach has really been embraced by real estate consumers and people seem to like the idea of working with nice people, who know what they're doing and sincerely care about their needs. We take great pride in our approach of coming from contribution and we hope to elevate the real estate industry, one client at a time. Altogether, we feel that this is a new era in real estate, one driven by technology and full transparency. As a result, we will continue to deliver what we believe to be the modern way of doing real estate in Queens. Our goal this year is to help 100 families and we hope that you or someone you know can be one of them!    


The Buyer Division had an amazing year last year. They were able to help 25 new and repeat Buyers find the right property that met their needs. Some of these buyers were our Seller clients who needed help finding a new home, some were first time home buyers looking for guidance in the process, some were repeat buyers who were looking for a strong agent to help them out, and some were investors looking for a property with good ROI for the future. 


The Seller Division of our team also had a great year in 2016. They were able to put over 50 listings on the market and sell 96% of them, showcasing why we are one of the highest selling real estate teams in Queens. As usual, most of our new Seller clients came from past clients who trust us enough to refer us to their friends & family. We also brought on a Transaction Manager who has really taken our client care systems to the next level!  

An "office exclusive" or private listing will always net you less money than if you were to fully expose a property. You never know how much a buyer is willing to pay, and you won't find out unless you give a house maximum exposure.  QUEENS HOME TEAM   |   4

"After working as solo agents for a few years, we quickly realized that forming a team would be absolutely necessary if we were going to uphold our standard of service. There are just too many duties for one agent to handle".

GEORGE & ABIGAIL HERRERA LISTING SPECIALISTS George & Abigail are responsible for guiding homeowners through the Queens' home selling process, and streamlining every step to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. This includes valuing the home, preparing for the sale, and providing expert advice to see if selling is indeed the right option. There is a lot involved with selling a home in Queens so George and Abigail make sure to arm Queens homeowners with all of the information they need to make a well informed decision. Once hired, George and Abigail work hard to make sure that their properties are priced right, staged/marketed well, and negotiated in a way that nets their sellers' the absolute most money possible.  

About Us  George graduated from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Accounting. Abigail received her Degree from Morris County College in New Jersey. George is originally from Houston, TX while Abi is originally from Parssippany, NJ. They have been married since 2009, currently live in Astoria, and have been 5 | Queens Home Team

in the real estate industry since 2008.  



ANA DELGADO “My job is to make sure that our Clients always know what's happening & what to expect throughout every stage of the transaction. I'm also the pusher, which means that I make sure everyone is doing their job to ensure we get to the closing table.”

LISTING & TRANSACTION MANAGER Meet Ana Delgado, Listing & Transaction Manager for the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty.  Ana joined the team in 2015 after working for the Keller Williams Realty corporate office for a few years. There she served as Director of First Impressions and was responsible for overseeing all front desk operations. Ana played a key role in supporting the 200+ agents in the office. 

In January of 2015, we were receiving a lot of new business, and before service began to drop, we decided that we needed to bring on an amazing service driven team member who could help us take care of all of our clients. We know our clients deserve constant communication, honest feedback, and a proactive approach when they hire us. So, when we began our search for a new team member, we began by posting ads, reaching out to past clients, asking friends & family, etc. This led to several interested candidates, however, we have a vigorous 6 interview process that eventually weeded out most people. After interviewing candidate after candidate, we began to get discouraged because we didn't know how to find the right team member that we were looking for. We wanted someone who was friendly, helpful, energetic, reliable, and most importantly, someone who shared our belief that real estate was a service business and therefore service should be the focus every time. If we provide great service, our clients will be happy, and as a result, our business will grow. Fortunately for us, we found Ana, and she is exactly what we were looking for!  Ana's main roles on the team involve Listing and Transaction management. This includes but is not limited to the following:

LISTING MANAGEMENT Ana is the wizard behind the scenes when we put a new listing on the market. She takes care of all the listing paperwork, does all of the internet marketing, arranges open houses, coordinates showings, calls, for feedback, and much more.

TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT Contract to close is a vital phase in the process because so many issues can come up along the way. For this reason, we have Ana, a transaction specialist who works on our files day in & day out to make sure we get to the closing table.



“One of the biggest requests our Clients have is communication. That's also why we have Ana, to make sure that our clients hear from us regularly, know what's happening at all times, and know what to expect throughout the process. ”

From left to Right: Duane Egyud, Sonia Martinez, & Chris Tomeo

CHRIS TOMEO, SONIA MARTINEZ, & DUANE EGYUD HOME BUYER SPECIALISTS Our Buyer Division was kept very busy in 2016, helping a total of 25 families buy properties here in Queens county. Led by Chris Tomeo, Sonia Martinez, and Duane Egyud, our buyer agents are projected to help over 50 buyers this year. All of our buyer specialists are long time Queens' residents who work with home buyers in all areas of the borough.  All three of our Buyer Specialists are Certified Buyer Representatives (CBR) which simply means that they are trained to represent home buyers and guide them through the home buying process. They are neighborhood experts who understand what's happening in the market. They each know how to find the right properties and  negotiate in order to win the deal for their clients at a fair price.  


Chris, Sonia and Duane hold true to our values by offering home buyers a hassle free experience driven by their desire to help them find the right property that fits their needs. They work with a limited number of clients and practice buyer broker representation to ensure that service remains at a very high level at all times. The easy going approach that Chris, Sonia and Duane take have been greatly appreciated by their buyer clients because they know that they have a neighborhood expert on their side who can help guide them and offer expert advice when they need it. Chris, Sonia and Duane understand the importance of buying a home, and they are sensitive to the emotional component because they each have been through the process themselves. If you ask them how many homes they've sold, they would quickly tell you that "we don't sell homes, homes sell themselves. It's our job to help buyers identify what they're looking for, find them the right place that fits their needs, and navigate them through the entire process."     Clients rave about Chris, Sonia, and Duane because of their unique, service driven approach. If you are lucky enough to work with them, you will see the difference immediately.  

"We don't sell Homes, Homes sell themselves. It's our job to help Buyers identify exactly what they're looking for, find them the right place that fits their needs, and navigate them through the entire process."

DID YOU KNOW? If you don't hire an agent to represent you & your best interests as a buyer, any agent you work with is by default, working for the seller.










20 POINT MARKETING PLAN mar·ket·ing /ˈmärkədiNG/ noun         the action or business of promoting and                       selling products or services, including           market research and advertising.


A huge part of marketing is the price, so it's important that you set the right price, that will attract the most amount of buyers & get you the most offers. Rest assured, we have a unique pricing strategy that will ensure you don't leave any money at the table.

Over the past 8 years, we've worked hard to develop what we believe to be the most comprehensive and strategic marketing plan for selling homes, coops, and condos in Queens, NY. We have done the research to find out where buyers are coming from, why they are buying here, and where they are going to look for properties. Armed with this information, we've created a marketing plan targeted to potential home buyers and buyer agents in Queens, Long island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and over overseas in over 135 foreign countries! Our marketing plan is constantly evolving as technology evolves.







The better your home shows, the quicker you will sell & the higher offers you will get. So, we always advise our clients on minor repairs and staging that will help the home show in it's best light, and ultimately help sell the home for the most money possible.



We take professional photos of all of our listings, because in this modern age of technology, your first impression is online. Therefore, we stage our listings room by room and take great photos to make sure it looks great.

QUEENS/LONG ISLAND MLS We are members of the Long Island Board of Realtors which includes Queens & Long island real estate agents. All of our listings are entered into this MLS system in order to target Queens & Long Island buyer brokers who have potential buyers for your home.


Unlike most Queens' real estate agents, we are also members of the Manhattan MLS which allows us to target and connect with Manhattan Realtors who have buyers that are searching for properties in Queens.

We are also members of the Brooklyn Multiple Listing Service, another membership that gives us a marketing edge against typical Queens' realtors. This allows us to target Brooklyn buyers looking to relocate to Queens county.

We are members of the International MLS powered by Proxio. This membership allows us to target foreign buyers looking to invest in Queens real estate. As a result, our listings go to 135 different countries & are translated in 19 different languages.


Our listings are powered by ListHub syndication which sends our clients' properties to over 350 local, regional, and notional real estate websites. This includes all of the popular websites such as Zillow, Trulia,, etc.


VLS Homes is a syndication service that sends our listings out to over 2,000 local New York state websites. This allows us to target buyers from all over the state of New York who may be looking to relocate to Queens.


Point2 is another syndication service that we pay for in order to make sure that our listings are on every real estate website you can think of. This allows us to have our listings all over the real estate web.



BROKERAGE WEBSITES All of our listings are published on other real estate brokerage websites. This includes all major real estate companies, as well as the small boutique brokerages, and even down to the small mom n' pop shops in the neighborhood.


All of our marketing pieces are constructed with search engine optimization to make sure that if a potential buyer is searching online for a property like ours, they will be sure to find our listing at the top of their search results.  


We advertise all of our clients' listings on local classified sites such as Craigslist, Backpage, New York Post, QueensLedger, etc. This allows us to target and attract potential buyers that favor using these website for their house hunting.





We have a large social network of over 5,000 followers who also happen to be local Queens and NYC residents. This network allows us to advertise and spread the word about new listings we put on the market.


PRESS RELEASES We create a press release for all of our new listings because our press release website partners syndicate to several different news and media sources which helps us get the word out about a new listing. All of our press releases are also written with search engine optimization.

CO-BROKE AGENTS We've sold over 150 homes in our career and as a result, we've developed very strong relationships with the agent community. This is a targeted group of agents that we announce all of our new listings to since we have done business in the past.

LOCAL AGENTS We have a large database of real estate agents from every single neighborhood in Queens. As a result, we announce our new listings to all of the local agents to make sure that they every time we put a new property on the market.  



We market properties on several popular blogs online. This allows us to target potential home buyers who are browsing the internet and searching through blogs to find homes for sale in Queens.  

Our NYC Keller Williams' offices combine for a total of 1,000+ agents, many of which work with buyer and sellers looking to relocate to the borough of Queens. In addition,


We strongly believe in Open Houses as a convenient time to show the home, but more importantly, as a strategy to create buyer urgency which many times can lead to multiple offer situations. Either way, we can host open houses until the property is sold.

This marketing plan has proven to be effective in selling homes, coops, and condos all over Queens county. As a result, our listings typically sell in less than 30 days, and for 99.1% of list price! Rest assured that if you decide to put the Queens Home Team marketing plan to work for you, you will be getting a proactive marketing strategy that does not stop working until your property is sold. The ultimate goal of this marketing plan is to generate constant buyer inquiries, consistent showing requests, and multiple offers.






        1031 exchange, also known as a like-kind                 A         exchange or a Starker, allows you to roll over your

         e meet with homeowners                  

capital from the property you have sold to the property

W          every week, and one of things we

you have recently purchased. The idea is that you

always do is go through their estimated

would be able to avoid taxes until you sold your

net proceeds so that they have an idea

properties for cash at some later date, and ideally save

what they will net. This is important

some money by paying only one long-term capital

because there are several closing costs

gains tax.

associated with selling real estate here in Queens. Below is a list of the most common expenses so that you can have an idea of what costs are involved when selling real estate in Queens.  1-3 FAMILY & CONDOS A. New York City Transfer Tax:      1% of sale price (up to $500K)      1.425% of sale price (over $500K) B. New York State Transfer Tax:      $4 for $1,000 (or .004%) of sale price

Even if your goals are not long-term but you are looking to save some money now, there is no limit to how often you can use a 1031 exchange, and paying little to no taxes with this type of transaction may seem mighty attractive.. There are two basic guidelines that apply to most cases. First, the value of your replacement property must be equal to or greater than the value of the property you have sold. And second, all of the net proceeds from your sold property must be used to buy your new “like-kind” property.  Along with these requirements, there are two timelines to keep in mind while processing a 1031 exchange. You have exactly 45 days from the day you sell your property to find potential replacement properties. This exchange of properties must be completed within 180 days of selling your former property. There are no extensions available, and if the required transactions are not completed within the number of days given, you will have to pay taxes on your sold property. This is a basic overview, there are several processes & other deeper aspects of a 1031 exchange so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist. 

C. Brokerage Fees: 4-6% in Queens D. Seller Attorney:  $1,000 and up E: Residential Deed Transfers:  $75 F. NYS Equalization Fee:  $75 G. Miscellaneous Title Fees:  $200 – $500 H. Pick-up/Payoff Fee to Title Closer: $300 I: Mortgage Payoff ADDITIONAL FOR COOPS/CONDOS  J. Flip Tax: Vary by development K. Stock Transfer Tax: $.05/share  L. Coop Attorney: $450 & up  M. Non-Deed Transfer: $50 N. UCC-3 Filing Fee: $100 O. Move Out Fee: Vary by Development P. Processing Fee: $450 & up Q. Miscellaneous: Vary by development



For example: If you purchased your rental property for $100K and let’s say over time you added new


windows and a roof for a total cost of $20K. Up until

        f you are thinking of selling an income property,

depreciation. So, you take your $100K purchase price

 I       there is a general formula to use to calculate

& add $20K in improvements, then subtract $25K in

your capital gains tax. First, you will need to

accumulated depreciation. This leaves you with an

determine your adjusted-cost basis. An adjusted-

adjusted-cost basis of $95K. Let’s say you sold your

cost basis includes your purchase price, any costs for

rental property for $200K. Subtract your adjusted-

improvements, and the selling costs of your rental

cost basis of $95K from your selling price of $200K

property. Add these numbers up, and from this total

and this will leave you with a capital gain of $105K. If

you need to subtract any and all accumulated

you've made a gain in the sale, as in the example

property depreciation you have declared to the IRS.

above, you take the gain and multiply it by your tax

This will give you your adjusted-cost basis. To

bracket to calculate your capital gains tax. If you have

conclude a gain or loss on the sale of your rental

taken a loss in the sale of your rental property, you

property, you subtract your adjusted cost basis from

can deduct that as a capital loss. Make sure to

the actual selling price..

consult a tax accountant for details.

now, you have declared $25K in accumulated





WHAT YOU CAN & CAN'T CONTROL        hen selling a home, there are certain things you can          

W        control & there are certain things you can not. For example, you can control your Property's Condition, your Availability for Showing, the Price, Warranties, etc. However,

         very house has value, regardless

you cannot control the Competition, the Market Conditions,

 E        of it’s condition. The question is,

Interest Rates, and when the perfect buyer walks in the Door.

how much value? There are several factors that affect the value of 1-3 Family Homes, Coops, and Condos here in Queens and it’s important to note that Appraised Value is different than Market Value. Appraised Value is the value of your home as assessed by a licensed real estate professional (i.e. Realtor or Bank Appraiser). This value is based on comparable sales within the last 3-6 months and is a result of real sales data available at the time. Market Value on the other hand, can be more emotional or subjective because it is defined simply as “what


home”. Market conditions also play a


key factor because in a buyer's

          hen selling a home in Queens, it is important  

When it is a "Buyer's Market", the condition of a

market, market value can be lower

W           to know what the local market conditions

home becomes an important factor and the

than the appraised value, while in a

are, and whether or not the market is in your favor

home should be listed competitively with

seller's market, the actual market

at that time. To do this, you must understand the

comparable properties to be considered "In the

value can be higher than the

current rate of sales (Absorption rate), the current

Market". In other words, when you are in a Seller's

appraised value.

inventory levels, and the current month's supply.

Market, there is more demand than there is

Either way, market conditions are out of your

supply, so Seller's have the leverage. On the other

So, what is the appraised value and

control, but it will be helpful if you understand the

side, when it is a Buyer's Market, there is more

market value of your home? This

difference between a seller's market and a buyer's

supply than there is demand, and as a result, the

question can be best answered by a

market. For example, in a seller's market, the

Buyer's end up with the leverage. Either way, the

local Realtor who sells a lot of homes

condition of a home can be less than perfect and

key is to always price right, and know a good offer

in your neighborhood.

the home can be priced a little higher and still be

when it lands on your table.  

a buyer is willing to pay for your

"In the Market".




Ways to

Maximize Net Profit 1. Price Right

If you want to net the most money possible, the first step is to price right. This means finding the sweet spot at which you are able to attract the most buyers & agents possible, which ultimately leads to the most offers and best price possible. You never want to leave money at the table, and you never want to sit on the market.

2. Show Well First impressions are worth a thousand words, and in real estate, they're worth thousands of dollars. So, you have to make sure your property shows as well as possible, both online & in person. For this, you need to prepare, clean, and declutter. Believe us, it will be worth it when you start seeing the offers come in.

3. Maximize Exposure The only way to know that you sold for the absolute most money possible is to make sure that the property is exposed to all agents/potential buyers out there. This means listing on the Queens MLS, Brooklyn MLS, and Manahattan MLS in addition to all the major real estate websites. This exposure will lead to showings, which leads to offers.


4. Cooperate with Agents 70% of our listings are sold to outside agents, and the reason why is because many home buyers still rely on an agent to help find them homes. So, if you want to maximize your net profit, it is very important to cooperate with buyer brokers and make sure that they can get their buyers in to see the house .

5. Make the Home Accessible What good is a house for sale if buyers and agents can't get in to see it? One thing you have to make sure you have in order if you want to net the most money possible is accessibility. If you price right and show well, people will want to see the house and the last thing you want is a problem getting buyers and agents in to the property.

6. Use Good Negotiating Tactics Once you start receiving offers, there are certain best practices that you can use in order to make sure that you don't lose leverage or end up leaving money at the table. You also want to be concious of terms and conditions because is it not always about the price, sometimes good terms and conditions can make a great deal.



HOW TO SELL A HOUSE WHEN SOMEONE PASSES In New York State, the Surrogate’s Court

Probate is the process of proving that the Will is

decides what happens to a person’s property

valid. During probate, the Will is proved to the

when that person dies. The judge in

satisfaction of the court that it's the Last Will and

Surrogate’s Court is called the Surrogate, and

Testament of the person who died. Once the

the person who died is called the Decedent.

Surrogate (the judge in Surrogate's Court) is

That person’s property is called the estate. When a person dies and leaves a Will then they died testate. If the person died without leaving a Will, then they died intestate.

convinced of the validity of the Will, the Executor named in the Will is appointed to distribute the estate and carry out the wishes of the person who died. The Surrogate's Court oversees this process. Administration is the process where the Surrogate's

If the Decedent had a Will, then you file for Probate. If the Decedent did not have a Will, then you file for Administration. 

Court issues Letters of Administration to a qualified distributee of the Decedent. Letters of Administration appoints a Decedent's distributee and gives them the authority to collect and distribute the Decedent's property according to the law.


If the Decedent's only asset is real property (real

If a person dies with a Will, then the kind of

estate), it may not be necessary to file an

proceeding filed is called probate and the property

administration proceeding depending on who

is divided according to the Will.

survives the Decedent. By law, real property vests in the Decedent's distributee at the time of death


which makes the distributees the owners of the

If a person dies without a Will, then the proceeding

property. It might be a good idea to contact a real

filed is called administration and the property is

estate attorney and the tax office to get more

divided according to the law.



A Powerhouse Keller Williams Realty Landmark I & II are sister offices servicing Queens county. KW Landmark is located in Northeast Queens and KW Landmark II is located in Western Queens. Together, these two offices consist of over 500 agents who sell more than 1,100 homes a year! With these type of agents & this type of company, it's no wonder that both offices are ranked in the top 5 for all of Queens!  

             reated as a grand experiment, Keller Williams operates on the premise that if the company focuses all its resources on building its agents’ businesses, the agents in turn will build the company beyond all expectations. With that philosophy, We are reshaping the global industry landscape. Today, more than 139,000 associates and over 790 market centers across the globe are affiliated with Keller Williams.  Keller Williams was designed to reward agents for working together. Based on the belief that we are all more successful if we strive toward a common goal rather than our individual interests, As a result, we all share the vision of serving our clients at the very highest level possible.

QUEENS Real Estate Market

Locally, Keller Williams Realty has grown tremendously over the last few years. Starting with the first NYC office in 2007, Keller Williams now has offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and all throughout Long Island. Founded on the principles of trust and honesty, Keller Williams emphasizes the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing, always putting your needs first. We firmly believe that our success is ultimately determined by the legacy we leave with each client we serve. Together we are working to elevate the industry and change the way real estate has been done in the past. 



in the

Working with vs an Agent.

Working with a Team.

When you hire an individual Agent to help you with the sale of your house, they are solely responsible for all of the following job duties: 

On the other hand, when you hire a Team to help you sell, you actually a group of people working together to help you and your family accomplish your goals as quickly and as smoothly as possible. 

One Agent responsible for: 

Team of Specialists include:

Implementing the marketing plan

Inside Sales Agent generating buyer leads

Scheduling showings, open houses, photos...

3 Buyer Agents always available to show your property

Calling buyers & agents for feedback

Full time Listing Manager (Ana) handling all of the paperwork, marketing, and follow ups for feedback

Showing buyers the property Returning phone calls  Negotiating offers for buyers and sellers 

Market Expert and Pricing Specialist to make sure you are priced right Client Care Manager checking in weekly to make sure that you are happy & comfortable throughout the process 

Negotiating contracts for buyers and sellers Managing transactions for buyers and sellers  Tracking files  Providing customer service to buyer clients  Providing customer service to seller clients 

Expert Negotiator to make sure you get the very best price and terms possible for your sale Full time Transaction Manager specializing in the contract to close phase. Responsible for making sure everyone does their job to ensure that we close on time   In-house Title Company to help anticipate and resolve any title issues as soon as possible

Working with new sellers  Working with new buyers    

A network of trusted vendors to help streamline the process and make sure everything is done right.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. QUEENS HOME TEAM |  16


Do I need a reason to evict a tenant? Not if the lease has ended or if the tenant has no lease. If the lease is not over you must have a legal reason to evict the tenant, like the tenant did something that is not allowed by the lease.

What do I have to do before I can start a Holdover case? Nothing if the lease has ended and you haven't taken any rent after the end of the lease. But, if the lease has not ended you must give (serve) the tenant a written notice before you can start a case. If the tenant or occupant has no lease you must give (serve) the tenant a written notice. There are different notices and you must give the tenant the right one. The written notices are called "Notice to Cure", a "Notice to Quit", and a "Notice of Termination".

A Notice of Termination. You do not serve a Notice to Cure.

What is a Notice of Termination? A Notice of Termination is given to the tenant to end the tenancy. The notice tells the tenant: The reason, the date that the tenant must move, and that a case will be started if the tenant does not move by the deadline.

How much time do I have to give the tenant the Notice of Termination? If tenant pays rent weekly, give the tenant at least 7 days notice to leave. If tenant pays rent monthly, give them at least 30 days notice to leave. Last day in the notice must be the last day of a rental period. For example, if tenant pays rent on the 15th of every month, then the last day should be the 14th of the month, or if the tenant pays rent every Mon, last day should be on Sun. 


A holdover case is brought to evict a tenant or a person in the apartment who is not a tenant for reasons other than simple nonpayment of rent. A holdover case is much more complicated than a nonpayment case. A holdover proceeding can have many variations. For example, if the tenant has violated a lease provision, illegally put others in the apartment, has become a nuisance to other tenants, or is staying after a lease has expired, the landlord may bring a holdover case. A roommate who is named on the lease can also bring a holdover proceeding to evict a roommate who is not named on the lease from the apartment. There may or may not be a landlord/tenant relationship, and the petitioner may or may not need to show a good reason why a respondent’s occupancy should be terminated. The rights of the parties may be determined by a lease or other agreement, housing laws and regulations and/or the New York State or United States Constitution. A predicate notice may or may not have to be served. The information given here is very general and there can be a number of differences in individual cases. The help of a lawyer is recommended in holdover cases.  You can read the Landlord's Guide for more information.  Source:



My tenant never had a lease, what notice do I have to serve?

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