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QUEENS' COLLEGE 1939-1940 Visitor THE KING

NOTE It would be of great service to the College if members of the Club would ki0:dly inform the College Office of any changes of � · their permanent addresses. The College would welcome any corrections of this record, and any material for riext year, especially from abroad. These should . be addressed to THE PRAELECTOR, QUEENS' · COLLEGE. The Pi-a�lector gratefully acknowledges the receipt of a number of items of news from members during the past year. _ The dates given after the names of mempers of the College refer ..: to their B.A. degrees, except that dates preceded by "M." ' ·are. · : dates of Matriculation. : It is realized that this Record is far from complete. The acting of the .. Praelector will be glad to print such omissions as members · " · Club can point out later.

President JOHN ARCHIBALD VENN, LITT.D., F.S.A., J.P._ · Fellows ARTHUR BERNARD CooK, LITT.D., Vice-President, Emeritus _ Professor of Classical Archaeology. ,_·: · REV. CHARLES TRAVERS Woon, B.D., · Dean. and Lecturer in Divinity and Hebrew. ROBERT GEORGE DALRYMPLE LAFFAN, M.A., Bursar and Lecturer · in History. CYRIL MONTAGU SLEEMAN, M.A., Director of Studies and Lecturer· in Natural Sciences. ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS. BROWNE, M.A., Lecturer in Mechanical Sciences. LEONARD JAMES POTTS, M.A., Senior Tutor and Director of · · · Studies in English. EDWIN ARTHUR MAXWELL, PH.D., Junior Bursar and Lecturer in Mathematics. CHARLES THEODORE SELTMAN, M.A., Librarian. PETER FRANK DALRYMPLE TENNANT, M.A., Praelector and ."' . Director of Studies in Modern Languages. . ;-:_ ]AMES ARTHUR RAMSAY, PH.D., Steward and Assistant Director of Studies in Natural Sciences. . HAROLD WALTER BAILEY; M.A., Professor of Sanskrit. •: GRAHAM PATTERSON MCCULLAGH, M.A., M.D. (Belfast), Tutor and Assistant Director of Studies in Medicine. ;._· REv. HENRY ST JOHN HART, M.A., Ghaplain. .

· Honorary Fellows


,:_··_ CHARLES TATE REGAN, M'.A., -�ON. D.SC. (D�rham); F.R.S. ' 'SiR WILLIAM PEEL, K.C.M.G.; K.B.E., M.A. . HERBERT MARTIN JAMES LOEWE,_M.A., Readet in Rabbinics. SIDNEY SMITH, M.A., F.S.A., Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum.





Professor F. L Hopwood, Vice-Dean of St Bartholomew's Hospital, was elected into· an Honorary Fellowship m the. Michaelmas Term 1940.

Sm CHARLES JOHN HowELL THOMAS, K.c.B., K.C.M.G., HON. LL.D. (Wales), Chairman of the Tithe Commission. Sm THOMAS SHENTON WHITELEGGE THOMAS, K.C.M.G., o.B.E., · Governor of the Strnits Settlements. _ Steward of the Manorial Courts ALFRED FRANK TOPHAM, LL.M., K.C.


ROLL OF HONOUR Killed Bagott, W. H.P. (1939). Harris,D. W. (1925), Engineer, Merchant Navy. Maynard, D.G.D. (1936), Flight-Lieutenant, R.A.F. Mitchell, G. T. M. (1932). Rouse, T. H.-(1938), Lieutenant, R.E. Sloan, J. C.P. (1934)..

Organist _ � A. WILKINSON

Assistant Librarian M. J; J-!:oLLIS. For 1940-41, E. H. ISAAC In the Michaelmas term 1939, there were 250 bachelors and . undergraduates in residence; in the Leni: term 1940, �50; in the · · Easter term, 242.

Prisoner of War Pugh, P. D. S. (M. 1937), 2nd Lieutenant, Royal West Kent Regt.

THE SOCIETY, 1939..:.40


The .President has been elected a Perpetual Student Bartholomew's Hospital. Mr C. T.. Wood ceased to be Deari on 30 June 1940, and 'has · become Rector of St Botolph's, Cambridge. . . .. . . Mr R.G.D. Laffan, Dr J. A. Ramsay, Mr P. F. D. Tennant;, andDrG.P. McCullagh remain absent_on war service.. ·Mr C. T: Seltman lectured a(the CoJlege de France during the "",;� Christmas Vacation and at . the British Institute in Pari{ ::i ·during the Easter Vacation. In May he was appointed_ to · represent the University of Cambridge in the University_ of.: Paris, where he gave two courses of lectures in the Sorbonne. before returning on II June. He· became · Senior Proctor· on_· ·· · . 1 October-1940. · · Mr H. St J. Hart was appointedDea? from l July 1940. HONORARY FELLO WS


Mr H. M. J. Loewe, M.A.; Reader in Rabbinics, died at his Iio�e ·;: in Cambridge on II October 1940, after a long illness, in his·,.• c fifty- ninth year.

Part II Part I Part I Part II Part I Part II · History: Modern Languages:Pa!i: II Part 1·

Triposes F. E. Brown J. K. Benneworth J. F. Holdsworth - W. T. Hillage (L, G.) . J. Dainty E. Rollinson .E. H. Belcher G. J. Camfield H. D. Wren D. McK. Wood D. H. Hobson J. D. Simmonds A.G. Chapman (F., G.) E. W._Herd (F., G.) M.G. Field (F.). G. J. -Paul(F.) G. H. Hobson (G.)




'7 L. A. Duffield, Ema1tuel <;ollege, Wandsworth, Modern Languages. F. P. L. Good, Royal Masonic School, Bushey, English. T. R. Young, Tynemouth Municipal High School, English. QUEENS' COLLEGE

Preliminary E�aminations Mathematics D. V. A. S. Amarasekara L. Manns Natural Sciences B. T. Price K.C. Waghorne· Modern Languages I J. Kershaw · Mechanical Sciences, B.Wise R. Richardson B. J. Prigmore J. Parker P. G. Redgmen� A. D. Thackara

First· Year. Exhibitions: D. V. A. S. Amarasekara, Mathematics. J. F. Holdsworth, Mathematics. K.C.Waghorne, Modern Languages. J. Kershaw, Modern Languages. J. Parker, Mechanical Sciences. A. D. Thackara, .Mechanical Sciences.

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS AND EXHIBITIONS Entrance Scholarship of £loo: S. G. Ward, Plymouth College,'". Classics. Entrance Scholarships of £60: J. · R. Gibson, Jarrow County Secondary School, Mathe-. matics (Munro). R. R._Matthews, Southend High School, Mathematics. :B. J.W. Winterbotham, St Paul's School, Classics. G. ·B. Greenough, Chesterfield Grammar School, Natural· Sciences. J. A.S. Mowat, Epsom College, Natural Sciences. C. M. Davey, Ampleforth College, History. J. G. Lawrance, St Paul's School, History. Entrance Exhibitions: K. L. Barker, Blackburn Grammar School, Mathematics> P. N. Blackaby, Enfield Grammar School, Mathematics) W. Tipler, Watford Grammar School, Mathematics. · :'� f C. Bevington, Peter Symonds' School, Winchester . ",' . . Natural Sciences. . J. G. Selwyn, University College School, Natural Sciences�· E. J. Hudson, Marlborough College, History (Frodsham). •!

Second Year. Foundation Scholarships: W. T. Hillage, Classics. E. H. Belcher, Natural Sciences. G. J.Camfield, Natural Sciences. H. D. Wren, Natural Sciences. ·A.G.Chapman, Modern Languages. E.W.·Herd, Modern Languages. B. Wise, Mechanical Sciences. R. Richardson, Mechanical Sciences. B. J. Prigmore; Mechanical S�iences. P. G. Redgment, Mechanical Sciences. Third Year. Munro Studentship: J. Dainty. Penny White Prize: F. E. Brown. Ryle Reading Prize_: J. B. Curgenven-Robins�n. Beane Prize: R. H.Wheeler.

AMALGAMATED CLUBS The Amalgamated Clubs are continuing as best they may under .· the present conditions. . ·






The R�verend M. H. Edwards (1911), Chaplain-General to·. the R.A.F. Sir Reader W. Bullard (M. 1906) has been appointed H.M., · ·: Minister Plenipotentiary in Teheran. _ G. E. Kirk (1936) has been appointed Director of the British ··. School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, where he· will take up his · •­ · · ·:. duties after the War. ORDINATIONS


A. L.Armitage (1<)36), to J. K. M�rcroft, August {940. E. M. Cobb (1932), to G. M. Braddell, 24 August �939. W. H.S. Curryer (1932), to Phyllis L. Edwards, 29 July 1939. 'Rev.L. A. Elliott (1935), to Sylvia Margaret Hall, 17 October 1939· G.E. Kirk (1936), to Margherita Evelyn Lane, 26 August 1939. A. G.Pouncy (1937) to Joy Dyer, 18 December 1939. ,· - E.Reynolds (1938), to Barbara Joan Spencer-Schrader. · E.A. Youatt (1934), to M. J. Cave, 26 August 1939.


B. F. Adeney (1938), to temporary work at M�rden Parish Church. . · _ _ E. T. Allen (1939), St Nicholas, Sutton St Helens. A. G. Bailey (1939), Christ Church, Skipton. J. J. C. Bangs (1939), how J. J. Creswell, St Helen's Parish Church, Lancashire. L. D. Blathwayt (1938), _Parish Church, Halifax. J. K. Cavell (1939), Christ Church, Folkestone. A. B. Collishaw (1935), St John's Church, Carrington, Notting-,· ham. P. M.Duplock (1938), Parish Church, _Morden. E. V. Johnston (1939), St James' Church, Carlisle. B.S. Maine (1916), St Mary-le-Tour, Ipswich. J. G.Nicholls (1938); St Stephen's, Twickenham. . c: M. Roger� (1938), StAndrew's; Plymouth. . __ · R. A. Shone (1938), Church of Good Shepherd,. W. Derby,··_, Liverpool. J.C. Tyrrel (1938), Holy Trinity; Southall, Middlesex. ·M.A. P. Wood (1938), St Paul's, Portman Square, Londo�: MISCELLANEOUS

E. J. Pitt (1934) has been appointed Deputy Tow·n Clerk ·o( Stoke Newington. . A. C. K.Toms (1891) is Chairman of the Bristol Education·� Committee, and has been.a City Councillor there since 1·932. -;-� · _

DEATHS ._ (See also Roll of Honour) •. · Rev. W. W. Nutter Barker (1885), 29 September 1939. · " ·L. L. D. Black (1898), 27 July 1940. ., B. Brandreth (1932), accidentally killed when returning from __ A.R.P. duty in the black:-out; 23 Febn,rary 1940. ·· D. Calnan (M. 1884), C.B.E., 3 September 1939. F. V. F. G. Grylls (1888), 1940. Rev. J. R. Hannington (1928), 5 February 1940. . Rev. A. E. N.Hitchcock (1910), Rector of St Botolph's, Cam. · · bridge, 7 March 1940. �- _H. M. J.·Loewe (:i;904), Honorary Fellow, rr October 1940. •' Sir Reginald G. C. Paterson (1897), C.B., K.B.E., Deputy Under. Secretary of State for War, 1934, 26 December 1939. W.D'. Rogers (19n), December i939.. · · Girrendra, Raj Singh (M. 1939), died of enteric fever at Bharapur, · 30 September 1940. · Major-General A. C. Temperley (1880), C.B., c.M.G., n.s.o., · · 7 March 1940. 0 � Rev. J. Tho!llas (1884), November 1939. -. ·:· W.S. Wreathall (1900); September 1939.





The College gave temporary shelter to various troops, -and . members of the Fire Fightin S 1-vices during the Long· Vacation i940.. • Members of St Bartholomew's Hospital are still with us. A little less than two-thirds the usual number of men in residence. The GoverningBody has decided to grow potatoes in the Fisher Court. GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE. K. A.Hooper (1910), a bequest of £2000. C.H. Thompson (1922), a gift of fruit trees. P. Z. Er�wne, Esq., of Cambri�ge, an American red oak tree. GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE LIBRARY The Rev.H.Alld,ridge Abbot: Camden,: Third Series, Vols� LVIII, Lxu,·Lxm, LXIV.. · · Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 4th Series, Vol. XXII. C. 0.Bean: Commander A. B. Campbell, Battle of the Plate, 1940. AD. Browne: Anon.,-The M_oral of Flowers, with Coloured Engravings, 1833.. · W. A. Chatto, A Treatise <;m Wood-Engraving, 1861. ·· Curzon of Keddleston, British Government in India, 2 vols., 1925. -.. . The Royal _Commission on Historical Monµments (England), London, · :. I, Westminster Abbey , 1924; II, West London, 1925; III, Roman London, 1928; IV, The City, ·1929 i. V, East London, 1930. · .. · H. W. Williams, Views of Greece, 2 vols., 1829. Sir W. Scott, Life of Napoleon, 9 vols., 1827. F. Ross, Ruined Abbeys of Britain, 2 vo_ls., s.a. · Home Counties Magazine, 18 vols. (all issued), 1895ff. The Dean: Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1938, 1939. The Rev. A. E. N. Hitchcock: . · F. Wormald (ed.), The Book of Psalmsjrom the Version of Miles_' Coverda!e, with Facsimile Reproductions_ of Queen Mary's Psalter, ·•. 1930..



The Jewish Historical Society: . A. M. Hyamson, The British Consulate i Jerusalem (1838-1914), n, 1939· H. Loewe: H. Loewe, Render Unto Caesar, 1940.

. A.D. Power: Ecclesiasticus (privately pri�ted), 1939. The President: Archaeologia, vols. 83-87, 1933-37. . · · The Antiquaries Journal, vols. XIV-XIX, 1934-39, including Report on the Excavations at Verulam, 1936. B. Samways: A. Smith, General Inorganic Chemistry, 1907. H. Lamb, Infinitesimal Calculus, 1902. . R. South: W. Gard�er, A Lancashire Entomologist (Thos' Penny of Queens') _ _ m the time of Queen Eltza b:th (offprint), 1931. . Mrs W.H. Swift: MS.diary of the Rev.J. N. Peill, former incumbent of St B�tolph's, 1844. . . .. . . P. F. D. Tennant: En_glands B_la Bok; Englands Vita Bok; Sir N. Henderson's Report m Swedish transl.; and other Swedish pamphlets , 1939. Miss Trye:·· Two MS. Notebooks belonging to J. Jee, former Fellow and Bur�ar; also Proctor, 1819-20. The Rev.F. J. Williams: F. J. Williams, MS. Index to Searle's Histo ry of Queens' College. _ The Rev: C. T. Wood: Maj.-Ge�eral A. C. Temperley, The Whi;pering Gallery-of Europe, . . 1938. . . ' R. Wormell: · R. Wonnell, Kingdom and Anti�Ki�gdom, 1 940.



BOOKS BY QUEENS' MEN Dr A. B. Cook, Vice�President. The last volume and index of ,/'· Zeus. Dr J. A. Venn, President.- Alumni Cantabrigienses, · Part II, ·:: Volume I. QUEENS' COLLEGE CLUB Owing to wartime conditions it was . impossible to hold the · Annual Dinner this year.· Financially the affairs of the Club are quiescent, but it is gratifying to record that forty-,nine new· members have joined. Members may like to know that in April . we invested £60 in 3 % Defence Bonds, and that in November, during the Cambridge War Weapons Week, we invested· a further £65. The balance at 30 June 1940 _was £38. 6d.· E: A. MAXWELL, Hon. Treqsurer ..



The Record 1939-1940