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QUEENS; COLLEGE r938-r93g. Visitor. The King, President. John Archibald Venn, Litt.J?., F.S.A., J_.P.

ADDRESSES WANTED. It would be of great service to the College if members of the Club would kindly inform the College Office of ¡ any changes of their permanent addresses. The College would welcome any corrections of this record, and any material for next year, especially from abroad. These should be addressed to The Praelector, Queens' College. The Praelector gratefully acknowledges the receipt of a number of items of news from members during the past year. The dates given after the names of members of the College refer to their B.A. degrees, except that dates pre­ ceded by "M." are dates of Matriculation.

Fellows. Arthur Bernard Cook, Litt.D., Vice-President, Emeritus Professor of Classical Archaeology. Rev. Charles Travers Wood, B.D., Dean and Lecturer in Divinity and Hebrew. Robert George Dalrymple Laffan, M.A., Bursar and Lecturer in History. Cyril Montagu Sleeman, l'vI.A., Director of Studies and Lecturer in Natural Sciences. Archibald Douglas Drowne, M.A., Lecturer in Mechanical Sciences. Leonard James Potts, M.A., Senior Tutor and Director of Studies in English. Edwin Arthur Maxwell, Ph.D., Junior Bursar and Lecturer in Mathematics. Charles Theodore Seltman, M.A., Librarian. Peter Frank Dalrymple Tennant, M.A., Praelector and Director of Studies in Modern Languages. James Arthur Ramsay, Ph.D., Steward and Assistant Director of Studies in Natural Sciences. Harold Walter Bailey, M.A., Professor of Sanskrit. Graham Patterson McCullagh, M.A., M.D. (Belfast) Tutor and Assistant Director of Studies in Medicine .. Rev. Henry St John Hart, M.A., Chaplain.

Honorary Fellows. Charles Tate Regan, M.A., Hon. D.Sc. (Durham), F.R.S. Sir William Peel, K.C.M.G., K.B.E., M.A. Herbert Martin James Loewe, M.A., Reader in Rabbinics. Sidney Smith, M.A., F.S.A., Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum. Sir Charles John Howell Thomas, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., Hon. LL.D. (Wales). Chairman of the Tithe Commission. Sir Thomas Shenton Whitelegge Thomas, K.C.M.G., O.B.E., Governor of the Straits Settlements.




Steward of the Manorial Courts. Alfred Frank Topham, LL.M., K.C. Organist. S. A. Wilkinson. Assistant Librarian. B. C. L. Keelan. For 1939-40, M. J. Hollis. In the i'.vlichaelmas term 1938, there were 304 bachelors and undergraduates in residence; in the Lent term 1939, 301; in the Easter term, 295. THE SOCIETY, 1938-1939. The President visited the West Indies in the early Spring 1939 and lectured on Empire problems. Dr G. P. McCullagh, Lieutenant Commander, R.N.R., has left to join his unit. Mr R. G. D. Laffan and Mr P. F. D. Tennant have been called away for special duties arising out of the Viar. Dr J. A. Ramsay has joined an Anti-Aircraft unit. Mr C. T. Seltman was invited to give a course of lectures at the College de France, in Paris. !\fr H. St J. Hart preached the sermon at Mere's Com­ memoration on April 18. He has been appointed Examining Chaplain to the Archbishop of York. FIRST CLASSES, 1939. TRIPOSES. W. Durham. Economics, Part I. A. Swinburne. Mechanical Sciences. G. N. Ward. Law, Part II. M. G. Martindale. Mathematics, Part I. T. E. Dean. Modern Languages, Part I. Spanish. J. McC. McNair. C. W. Furneaux. Natural Sciences, Part I. N. F. Hughes. E. Rollinson. B. Samways. D.F. Kelsall. Natural Sciences, Part II. H.L. K. Whitehouse.



PRELIMINARY ExA�IINATIONS. Classics. W. T. Hillage. Economics. J. M. Reynolds. Mechanical Sciences. B. J. Prigmore. R. Richardson. Geography. P. W. Kemmis. Mathematics. F. E. Brown. Modern Languages. A.G. Chapman. E.W. Herd. D. H. Hobson. J. N. P. Kennett. J. D. Simmonds. G. Sunderland. Natural Sciences. L. J. Rowley. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS AND ExmmTIONs.

Entrance Scholarship of £100 : S. G. Cohen, St Marylebone Grammar School, Natural Sciences. (Munro Scholarship). Entrance Scholarships of £60 : A. P. Purdon, Edinburgh University, Mathematics. L. Manns, Darlington Grammar School, Mathematics. J. K. Benneworth, Bridlington School, Mathematics. D. A. Creaton, Haileybury College, Classics. (Frod�ham Sclwlars;hip). T. Nash, Regent Street Polytechnic, London, Natural Sciences. B. T. Price, Crypt School, Gloucester, Natural Sciences. K. H. Mantell, Sutton Coldfield Grammar School, History. J. F. M. Howard Clarke, Felsted School, English. Entrance Exhibitions of £40 : �· McDonald, Sedbergh School, Classics. (Gray Exhibition). h.. R. \V. Buttemer, Brvanston School, Classics. T. A. H. Marshall, Adams Grammar School, Newport, Natural Sciences. R. H. \Vilkinson, Manchester Grammar School, Natural Sciences. R. L. Downes, Stockport Grammar �cl1ool, History. G. J. Paul, Rutlish School, Merton, Modern Languages. M. G. Field, Southend High School, Modern Languages. Kennett Hebrew Scholarship of £90: tenham College. Haynes Scholarship of £80: mar School.

J. deC. Guillaume,


G. H. Hobson, Bradford Gram­





First Year. Exhibitions:E. W. Herd, Modern Languages. G. Sunderland, Modern Languages. \V. Durham, Economics. P. W. Kemmis, Qeography. Second Year. Foundation Scholarships:-· F. E. Brown, Mathematics. C. W. Furneaux, Natural Sciences. N. F. Hughes, Natural Sciences. E. Rollinson, Natural Sciences. L. T, Rowlry, Natural Sciences. B. Samways, Natural Sciences. J. D. Simmonds, Modern Languages. Re-elected to a Scholarship: D. McK. Wood, History.

Third Year. Bachelor Scholarships: I-I. L. K. Whitehouse, Natural Sciences. J. M. Reynolds, Economics. Foundation Scholarship: D. H. Hobson, Modern Languages.

Munro Studentship. Ds J. W. Findlay. Chase New Testament Prize. K. C. Cooper. Ryle Reading Prize. J. K. Cavel!. Beane Prize. Ds A. d'A. Bellairs. UNIVERSITY AWARDS, ETC.

on, A. W. G. Kean (1935), First place in the Bar Examinati rship. Schola Yarborough�Anderson R. Latham (1936), W. A. Meek Scholarship. G. J. Camfield (M.\938), Barnes Exhibition. )V. G. Pottinger (M. 1938), Bell Exhibition,



AMALGAMATED CLUBS, ETC. Rowing. Captain, R. P. Lester. Secretary, M. G. Mack Smith. In the Lents the first boat lost one and the second boat two places. The third boat went up two places into the fourth division. In the !\fays the first boat lost one place, the second maintained its place, and the third went up three places. Rugby. Captain, D. R. Carter. Secretary, C. l\I. A. Bathurst. The first XV. won all its College matches in tl1 e Michaelmas term. In the Lent term they reached the semi­ finals. A draw in the first match against St John's occasioned a replay in which the eventual cup-winners won. Association. Captain, P. L. J. Rowland. Secretary, P. J. Dainty. The first XI. passed out of the Cup in the first round. Hockey. Captain, C. T. Wade. Secretary, G. B. Kenyon. Queens' was eliminated in the third round of Cuppers. Cricket. Captain, P.H. L. Ling. Secretary, M. L. Lawrence. Eight matches have been won, and only one lost by 12 runs, a record for the College. Fielding has been brilliant, and batting and bowling generally consistent. Lawn Tennis. Captain, D. D. Kidson. Secretary, R. L. Ibbotson. The first VI. lost their first league match but won all the others. The year's team was one of the best which the College has produced. Athletics. President, N. E. Mitchell. Secretary, P. F. Thompson. The Club was well represented in the Seniors' Sports, J. G. Buckingham won the Weight and A. B. McG. Houston the High Jump. Squash Racquets. Captain,· B. A. Maynard. Secretary, A. D. K. Peploe. In the l\fichaelmas term the Club won four out of six matches, but in the Lent term there was a certain falling off owing to the absence of members engaged in other athletic activities. Swimming. Captain, F. S. Carter. Secretary, A. M. Niculescu. The water-polo team won the first two rounds of the Cuppers, but lost the semi-finals against Christ's, this year's winners. Rifle Club. Captain, I. R. A. Adamson. Secretary, M. J. Barefoot. A team shqt for the College during the two winter terms in the Small-Bore Competition and was placed · third. . ·




Rev._ G. Purcell (1903), Vicar of Bromfield, Salop, resigned following an operation. Rev. H. T. Robins (1924), Vicar of St James, Cross Roadscum-Lees, Keighley, Yorks. Rev. T. Rogers (r908), Vicar of Ashton with Aughton, nr Sheffield. Rev. W. B. Sandherg (r896), Vicar of Cowfield, Sussex. Rev. N. E. Wallbank, Mus. Doc. (1934), Curate, St Bar­ tholomew the Gre;it, \i\'est Smithfield, E.C.r. Rev. D. M. I. Walters (1934), St Stephen's College, Delhi. Rev. R. de B. \\Teichman (1930), Vicar of St Matthias, Plymouth. Rev. E. F. Wilkinson (1915), Rector of Sudbury, near Derby.


Rugby Football. Played for llniversity, C. M.A. Bathurst. Played for University Vandals and for Wasps, A. G. S. Wilkes. Association Football. Played for University, C. R. Shaw. Seniors' Triai, C. R. Shaw ,rnd J. Dainty. Freshmen's Trial, K. Hind, J. Upsdell and H. N. Horsfall. Lawn Tennis. Played in University top Double Pair, J. 1\1. Kantawala, Half Blue. Played for University, M. N. Evans and F. S. Aldercotte. Fenner's Colours, F. S. Aldercotte. Hocl<ey. Blue, G. B. Kenyon. Seniors' Trial, C. T. Wade, G. B. Kenyon and J. C. Tyrrel. Final Trial, G. B. Kenyon and P. R. Gibson. Freshmen's Trial, P. · R. Gibson, K. S. Dimmer and C. P. Sullivan. Athletics. University Relay Teain, E. P. Paterson.



Rev. D. H. Saunders-Davies (r920) should have been described as Rural Dean of Knutsford. ORDINATIONS:-


Order of the Bath, K.C. B. Sir Gerald Canny, K.B.E. (1903). \V. W. Gibson, LL.l\L (r895) received the honour of Knighthood. A. s: Eban (1937), elected to the Browne Scholarship, Pembroke College, Cambridge. EccLESIASTICAL.

Rev. S. N. Agg-Large (1922), Vicar of Apsley, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Rev. F. A. Casson (1928), Vicar of Alperton, Wembley, Middlesex. Rev. D. T. Ca.5son (1934), C.l\LS. Lui, Amadi, S. Sudan. Rev. C. W. Dugmore (1933), Chaplain to the Earl of Shrewsburv, Rector of lngestre with Tixan, Staffs. Rev. R. L Gardner (r907), Rector of Brandon, Suffolk. Rev. T. J: Hardy (189r), Vicar of Upton nr ·Newark on Trent, Chaplain to the Bishop of Southwell. Rev. M. Parsons (r928), Missioner to the Jews in vVarsaw,·· has escaped to safety.

T. Anscombe (1937), Holy Trinity, Lenton, Nottingham. N. J. Blow (r935J, St l\fartins', Epsom. H. R. Carter (1935), Emmanuel, S. Croydon. G. E. J. Foster (1920}, St Stephen's, Bexhill. A. G. Hort (r937), St Mary's, Oxford. 0. A. Hughes (1936), St Saviour's, Cardiff. B. J. Kett (1935), Burgess Hill. G. S. Lloyd (1937), Christ Church, Coseley, Staffs. R. K. Miller (1937), St Mary's, Luton. J. G. L. Prior (1937), St Margaret's, Ipswich. J. D. Sproule (r936), St Mary's, Cardiff. EDUCATIONAL.

D. M. Annett (1939), classical master at Oundle. H. C. Bibby (1935), master at Chesterfield Gram mar School. H. G. Broadbent (1914), retired from Shrewsbury School. E. \V. Chanter (193r), senior physics master at Corfe's Grammar School, Lewisham. H. S. Clarke (1938), mathematics master at Hillstowe School, Malvern. F. W. Garforth (r938), classical master at St George's ' · School, Harpenden. R. C. Latham (r933), lecturer in History, King's College, London. G. \V. W. Markwick (r938), mathematics master and P.T. instructor at \\'est Ham Municipal Secondary School.



Rev. N. Miller (1913), retired from headmastership of Kelly College, Tavistock. W. S. Rogers (1925), Ph.D. London. R. R. W. Simpson (1927), art master at the College, Eastbourne. N. F. Tucker (1937), master at Haberdashers , School, Hampstead. R. V. H. Westall (1925), headmaster of l\.elly College, Tavistock. C. H. Wademan (1902), joint-headmaster of Aldw1ck Grange School, Boar's Head, near Tunbridge Wells. MISCELLANEOUS. R. H. Atkinson (1912), Jubilee Memorial lecturer, 1932-40, Society of Chemical Industry. M. N. Evans (1938), awarded the Black Belt of the Inter­ national Judo Association of Japan. J. R. Rose (1932), Surgeon at the 1\Iethodist Hospital, Fatshan, near Canton. . . . . . P. A. T. Simey (1914), retired from !3-hodesian S:1vil Service. J. A. Stewart (M. 1936) is a 2nd Lieutenant m the Royal Artillery. MARRIAGES. M. M. Bull (1936), to Catherine McKenzie Butchart, September 8, 1939. \V. H.J. Hooton (1922), to Dilys Mary Lewis, January 4, 1936. R. G. D. Laffan, Fellow, to the Hon, Lady Stevenson, January 7, 1939. . . J. A. Ramsay, Fellow, to Helen D1cl�son, July 8, 1939. C. van Stolk (1926), to Nancy van D1erman, July 30\ 1939. A. A. K. Whitehouse (1937), to Kathleen Ida Elizabeth Elliston, July 9, 1939. BIRTH. W. H. J. Hooton (192:1), June 6, 1937, a daughter, Mary Elizabeth,



DEATHS, H. A.Brook (1934), November 8, 1938. Rev. A. V. Davies (1890), April, 1939. Rev. J.E. Gardiner (1901), March, 1937. Rev. R. A. Marsh (1912), September, 1938. Rev. J. W. Oman, D.D., Hon. Fellow of Jesus College, Emeritus Professor and Principal of \Vestminster College, Cambridge, May 17, 1939. Rev. T. E. Ushenvood (1864), February, 1939. H.B. Vaughan Pryce (1932), September, 1938. Rev. R. H. Welchman (1892), 1938. Rev. G. A. W. Wilkinson (1909). H.B. Widdows (1895), 1933. CORRECTION AND APOLOGY: The name of C. E. Quainton, who lost his father in February,---1938, appeared by error in last year's record.

THE COLLEGE The A.R.P. trenches dug during the September 1938 crisis were opened up on the declaration of war. Mr Browne, the Senior Warden, has combined the organising ability of the old soldier with the ingenuity of the engineer to put the defences against air-raids into excellent shape (see The Times, ·21 Sept. 1939). Besides trenches, gas-proof and splinter-proof shelters have been prepared in every court, and there are three dressing stations. The splinter-proof shelters have accommodation for 400 residents of the College and for another 50 of the general public. All this is the more necessary because the Staff and Students of StBartholomew's Hospital have been attached to Queens' and this year sees in residence double the normal number of men. In such an emergency each set has, of course, to accommodate two men. The co­ operation of the Office, Kitchen, Gardeners' and Porter's Staffs in all the extra work which has arisen deserves especial praise, ·




E. M. Cobb (1932) has presented some old College bills (see The Dial, Easter Term 1939). Mr Edward Moon has presented a marble bust of his father, the late Robert Moon, Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the College (M.A. 1841). A. B. Stokes (1896) has presented dish-covers. L. Patrick (1921) has presented a dozen silver fish knives an I forks . Dr A. R. Roche (1897} has again presented a tree, rose-trees, and many bulbs. The late Mr Sao Bin Tan, father of E. A. (1936) and E. \V. Tan (1932), made a gift of £mo to the College.

GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE LIBRARY. From The Rev. H. Alldridge Abbott :­ Camden ; Third Series, Vols.i LX, LXI. G. N. Clark, Guide to Engl sh Commercial Statistics, 1939.

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 4th Series,

Vol. XXI. E.T. Allen :H. B. George, The Relations of Geography and History, 1924. · G. East, The Geography Behz'nd Histo,y, 1938. Barbara \-\7ard, Tlze International Share-out, 1938. M. Bruce, Brit/sh Foreign Po/icy, 1938. P. G. Blyth:P·. G. Blyth, School and Scouting, 1925. The Canadian Goodwill Industries:­ R. Needham, Six Sermons, 1678. The Chinese Embassy, London:Seven Pamphlets on the Japanese War in China. Miss Beatrice Clay:.:_ Sir A. E. W. Budge, The Book of the Dead, Facsimilies from MSS. in the British Museum, 1899. Professor A. B. Cook :S. A. Cook, The Old Testament, a Reinterpretation, 1936. A. V. Hall:A. V. Hall, Poems of a South African, 1939,

QuEirns 1 COLLEGE H. St J. Hart:Sigmund Freud, lJfoses and lv£onotheism 1939. M. Ingram :F: S. T yl r, Elementa Practical !hysical hemis try, 19 2 8. ry_ � (! Sir J. \\�alker , I11trod11ctzo11 to Phystcal Chemistry, 1 22. 9 The Jewish Historica l Society:M. Adler,Jews of Medieval England, 1 3 . 9 9 Paul Mellon:E. �- Jones, Catalogue of the Plate of Clare Colle ge, Cam­ bnd_re, 1939 . T. E. Morris :T. E. Morris, fVe!sh Personal and Place ./v'ames, 1938. R. Northam :R. Northam, Conservatism: The Only fVay, 1 939. W. Bashyr Pickard:W. Bashyr Pickard, Adventures of A!cassz·m, r936. Queens' College Historical Society:D. L. Keir, Constitutio11al History of Mod Britain' 1938. E. �- W�odward, The Age of Rejorm, 193sern . _ K. G. Fei!mg, The Second Tory Party, 1 38. 9 W. Thomson :W. Thorn� son, The Sonnets of Shakespeare and Lord South­ ampton, 1938. Sir George Turner:Sir George Turner, ilfary Stuart, .Forgotten .Forgeries, 1934.


From L. F. l\fontefiore :Josephu s, La Prise deJerusalem I, II. . Da1ches, Studies in th1: Psalms. S�holps, Hans Joachim. Sir Fhnders Petrie, Sedmenti. Ancient Egypt, 14 parts.

----·------------------QUEENS' COLLEGE BOOKS BY QUEENS' MEN.

r (Cam11. M. J. Loewe, Honorary Fellow. Render unto Caesa ). Press rsity Unive bridge ay). B. . Maine (1916). Franklin Roosevelt (Murr Way (Gifford). Only the m: rvatis Conse N ). rt!Jam (1921 I'. Ancient History, ridge Camb ltman, Fellow. The T. y Press). ersit Univ ge brid (Cam V s Volume of Plate

' ,.,U 7 • N




R. E. Green, H. T. Green, C. l\L Hobson J. C. Hoer c H. 0 J�nes, A. W. G. Kean, K. Kandiah, A. G. Lloyd �. L Lmg, C. A. Mace, T. E. Morris, R. V. Mosseri, D. Milli� � n ·. Morton, J · C. Norris, R. Northam, P. J. Oldfiel� L°·. Pa';'nc ,, , S. Pedler, H. C. Perry, P. L.J. Rowland , c .H'. Richards, A. R. Roche, W. S. Rogers, G. H. Roper G F Rose, D. C. Snow, A. M. Stevens, H.J. w. Stone, P. A.'Th;r C.H. Thompson, L. W. Underwood L p Walls J s wane. P, The toast of the Club was propos�d by M. . B.a l QI 311 )�. C. !b· Seltman, Fellow and Librarian' replie J· nv;i� (W 1 iam .G1 son (rs9 . 5) proposed the toast of the College The Pres1 dent replied.







Balance, June 1, ,938 Investments Sale of Fitzpatrick Memoi�� 46 New Members ... 0

£ s. d. 89 S 8 23 17 Io

5 0 48 6 o


Fitzpatrick Memoir Printing Notices, etc. Balance, !\fay 31, 1939

£ s. d. 45 5 3 26 I 9 90 7 6 £161 14 6

MAXWELL, Treasurer.

QUEENS' COLLEGE CLUB. was held in the 'I'll tw nly-s v nth Anriual Meeting Annual Dinner The 9. 19 17, June n 3 '01nhi11 li l11 1 m President and the es w L It Id in Ila.II. Those present, besid ., Sir W. W. .M.G K.C E., K.B. , Peel Fellow , w r Sir W. of Rajpipla, ar Kum araj ;it, ,1 Mnj r F. . IIarv y, The Mah Gen. A. C. r Majo , bing Steb L. . H. J 1r t11wd Si11gli 1 Maj r T 'I' 1111 rJ y. rose, A. G. Bailey, M r J. IJ. S. Addison, W. J. L. Amb n, S. G. Btidgett, W. Brow M. L. Bnrkway, M. S. Bartlett, M. pman, H. A. Close, B. S. M. M. Dull, N. A. Carr, R. W. Cha W. E. Doran, R. Ede, llins, W. H. Colton, R. T. C. Cookson, Farr, J. W. Findlay, R. B. , ards F. F. . Edmonds, F. M. Edw se, F. C. Gray, F. S. Green, S. R. Gibson, F. D. Goodliffe,H. Gor 1


The Record 1938-1939