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QCM |   SUMMER 2017

cont. and share the same birthday, September 14th. I’m technically a Virgo but consider myself a Libra. Both of my parents are happily remarried and I have a younger 14-year-old brother named George. I love mid-century modern furniture. My two favorite colors are coral and teal. Q2: Share with us about your art form and how you came to fall in love with it. Majority of my work is done on either stretched canvases or canvas paper using an acrylic medium. I’d describe my painting style as “realistic-impressionism.” I like to keep things real but not exact and definitely fun! The subject matters I do consist of landscapes, skylines (in particular CLT), house portraits, pet portraits, spirit animals, funky floral, and abstracts. According to my parents, I traded dolls in for coloring books. My grandparents were actually the first ones to introduce me to the painting world. In sixth grade they gave me a gift certificate for a years worth of painting lessons from a local (Apex, NC) artist, Cathy Martin (Red Canvas Studio). Her has a free- spirit teaching style and expressionistic paintings made her art lessons the highlight of my week. The way she used spontaneous color combinations and free form style are part of how I fell in love with painting!

Q & A with Sydney Durrett of Durrett Designs Q1: Tell us a little about yourself. Originally from Cary, NC; I moved to the Queen City a little under a year ago. Before moving to Charlotte, I lived in Raleigh shortly after graduating college. I attended East Carolina University, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and minor in Merchandising. Before moving to Charlotte, I was working for a Southern Living Homebuilder (Corbitt Hills Construction, LLC) as a designer and living in the Triangle. It wasn’t until a turn of events and a new city, that lead me to pursing my passion for painting as a full-time career.   I moved to Charlotte (Southend) with my boyfriend, Cameron, last September with our puppy Sir Raleigh. Those two have been my rock through the entire process. None of this would have ever been possible without them and an amazing support team of friends and family.   Fun Facts: My first car was a 2001 5-speed lime green VW punch buggy. The first day I drove it to school, I took as many friends as I could pile in and stalled out in the middle of an intersection. To this day they still make fun of me. My all-time favorite TV show is “Friends”. Don’t watch it with me, I own all 10 seasons on DVD (before Netflix) and can recite every line. My Grammy and are both left handed 

Q3: What inspires you? Tell us about your creative process and approach. Inspired by light, movement, surprising color combinations and texture I try to collaborate these elements to form realisticimpressionistic compositions. Out of all of those, I put color at the top of the list. My moto is “Mo color, mo betta.” I’ll bring home a new paint color, or several, and just go to town painting. It can make or break my creative juices. Texture is another big. There is nothing better than splatting a big ol’ glob of paint and letting it dry to make it part of artworks’ story. I also find inspiration through my love of interior design. If I’m ever in a creative slump, I like to find rooms that peak my interest with eclectic style and unexpected flare. I try to imagine what artwork would look like to stand out in the space and then just see where it takes me… Q4:  What's your favorite art work (yours or another artist if you like)? Gosh that’s a toughy, I am really into the abstracts these days…and anything with lots of color. Charleston painters Leslie Weaver, and Teil Duncan are two female artists that I LOVE. They both have totally separate styles but are vibrant colors and carefree vibe to the work. I have followed both artists for years and its super inspiring watching them become successful in their art career.  

Queen City Magazine - Summer '17  
Queen City Magazine - Summer '17