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editor’s note Hello, Bees! What’s up Whitney Key Club? I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the short, but sweet break. This is such an exciting time of year! With Operation Christmas and the holiday season coming up, this is the perfect moment to remember WHY we chose to do the great service we do and recognize how fortunate we are to be a part of an organization as wonderful as Key Club International! I also hope that those of you who went to Fall Rally South are now inspired to realize that we Key Clubbers do a lot to help our community. Division 30 South was able to raise over $4,000 for PTP! How amazing is that?! That’s all thanks to you! Don’t ever forget how important our work is, we’re truly making a difference! Servin’ with Spirit,

Queena Hoang

President’s Message Hello, SUNny Key Clubbers! It's the most wonderful time of the year; it's December and also that means it's close to Christmas! Can you believe that 2016 has gone by so quickly? I just wanted to quickly say that I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving break and ate all of the yummy food including one of my favorites, mashed potatoes. Additionally, I just wanted to thank all of you for inspiring me by going out to volunteer events and waking up early and giving up some of your time to impact the community. Seeing all of you SO inspired to help make an impact truly warms my heart and I am so blessed to be serving such a wonderful club filled with inspiring people. As December is associated with Christmas, I just wanted to let you know that our annual Operation Christmas Drive has begun! If you do not know what Operation Christmas is, it's a drive sponsored by Salvation Army where our school is in charge of donating gifts and foods for homeless and disadvantaged families so that they can have a memorable Christmas as well. Even a small donation of a few dollars and a canned food truly makes a difference in these families' lives and I truly hope you partake in this special and heartwarming event. Even if you are unable to donate or spend money, you can always participate by becoming a homeroom representative meaning you'll be in charge of your homeroom to ensure that goods are donated and money is collected for gifts. Then, with your Key Club homeroom managers (cabinet members), you'll be able to go shopping for these gifts, which is definitely one of my favorite parts. After December comes the new year, January 2017! Our famous event, Lock-in, which is a 12-hour service event from 6am-6pm held at Whitney HS, is back with even more volunteer events and such! Make sure to be looking out for your emails this month as this event is definitely SUPER POPULAR with over 75+ members attending each year. It's a great way to get some hours while helping a variety of causes: making PB&J for the Long Beach Rescue Mission, having a canned food drive, and much more. This event is definitely one way where you're truly able to meet new Key Clubbers and also hangout with your friends! So, make sure to be on the lookout! :o) On that note, I just want to end by saying a thank you again for everything you do for our club as a member. Your service always is noticed by me and I want to let you all know that you truly have made an impact in the community, so thank you for inspiring me! I hope you have a wonderful December alongside a happy New Years! If you ever want to contact me and be friends, i'm always a message/email away! And to all the seniors with those college apps, I believe in all of you and I definitely understand what you're feeling. It'll be over soon! Keep fighting on! :)

Shining with Service, Isabelle Lee Key Club President ‘16-’17

Over the past weekend, on the 19th, I attended Circle K’s “Key to College” seminar at Cal State Fullerton. Circle K is basically the college level of Key Club just as Builders Club is the middle school level. There we started the day with a service project where we cleaned books. Throughout the rest of the day the Circle K’ers had planned out different lectures where we chose which one to attend that best suited us. As for me, I attended the Social Media Marketing, College Panel, and Time Management seminars. All had great tips and each were taught by a Circle Ker themselves. Overall, the whole experience was really cool and different. I expected the Key to College to be a room full of 100 people but it was more like 20 which made getting to connect with the college people much easier. I hope more of you decide to attend next year because you make so many connections and learn so much new information. //Ankita Morari

Circle K

what to do over..


1) Ice Skating Ice skating can be tons of fun even if you don’t know how to ice skate! You may slip around if you’re new but it’s super fun if you’re with friends or family. A great place to go to is Pershing Square in Los Angeles. You can skate in the midst of LA’s skyscrapers and holiday joy/decorations. 2) Disneyland or Downtown Disney Disneyland can be expensive, however, Downtown Disney is just as festive and fun. If you have the chance, visit the park! It offers so many great things during the holiday seasons when it comes to decorations, food, and apparel. Downtown Disney also has many stores and places to eat such as Rainforest Cafe, Sprinkles, or Goofy’s Kitchen. 3) L.A. Zoo Lights Take a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo during the holidays! Admission online can be as low as $9 and you’ll be able to stroll and take a look at all the light sculptures and reindeers outdoors and under the stars. It is held from November 18 through January 8. 4) Gingerbread houses Gathering up with friends or family and doing something at home as simply as making gingerbread houses can actually end up being tons of fun. Although they aren’t as delicious as they look, they make a great festive decoration to your house. There are plenty of other things to do during the holidays but hopefully you can try one of these ideas or maybe got more ideas from the ones I listed. Happy Holidays! //Kiana Hernandez

Sending Out Professional Emails Kristina Theam I’ve personally found that as the years go by, my email has become more and more important to me. Though that may not be the case for most of you, I believe that knowing how to send out professional emails is an important life skills all students should know before entering adulthood! As my email became more and more important to me, I had to learn all of the in’s and out’s of using it. I always wondering what “CC” and “BCC” meant when sending out emails. My dad used to always try to explain it to me when I was younger, but it wasn’t until I really had to use it that I really understood it. CC stands for Carbon Copy, while BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. When sending an email out to a certain list of recipients, you can always BCC someone that you feel should know the information included in the email, but it’s the email usually doesn’t directly pertain to the person being CC’d. All of the recipients can see who is being CC’d. Here’s an example of a situation in which I would use the CC feature of email. As a Director of Fundraising, I’m going to need to contact many businesses for Operation Christmas to see if any stores want to help contribute to our annual drive. I would send the email out to the companies I’m interested in partnering with, and I would CC Isabelle Lee, our Key Club president! Because the email doesn’t address Isabelle directly, I wouldn’t include her in the normal list of recipients. However, because she is our club president, it’s important for her to know what’s going on in terms of what the DOF’s are doing for Operation Christmas. All of the people being CC’d get a Carbon Copy of the email, so they see word-for-word what I would be sending out. This means Isabelle would see exactly what I’m saying to all of the recipients of the email. I know, it’s confusing, and it definitely takes experience to learn, but I believe it’s useful to at least be exposed to the world of email before getting super into it, if you know what I mean? Now onto BCC, Blind Carbon Copy. BCC is SUPER similar to CC, as anyone who is BCC’d gets a carbon copy of the email. The only difference is that the recipients of the email, and everyone who was CC’d, cannot see ANYONE who was BCC’d, which is why it’s called a Blind Carbon Copy. No one knows that the person being BCC’d received that email. Additionally, everyone who was BCC’d cannot see anyone else who was BCC’d. I personally have never used BCC because I haven’t found a need for it. Hopefully this was a short and sweet way to help you decipher emails, enjoy! Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. :-)

the thankful poem Thankful for the roof above my head For the knowledge I’ve gained from books I’ve read, Thankful for the food on the table For the chance to watch Lakers through cable, Thankful for the friends that stick through the hard times For the strangers that are always dropping dimes, Thankful for the education I’ve received For the number of people I’ve deceived, Thankful for the places I’ve seen For the acne from being a teen, Thankful for the sport I play For the sunny, warm, bright day, Thankful for the people I’ve met For the basketball going through the net, Thankful for the volunteering opportunities For the turn to get to help communities,

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I decided to type up this quick and short poem to sum up my life and give an introduction of all the people and things that complete me. The poem above describes some of the things in life that I am very grateful for such as having a roof above my head and having food on the table. Using my rhyming skills, I was also able to incorporate some of the less important things in my life that I am still thankful for. I am beyond appreciative of my family that is always there for me, and I don’t know where I would be in life without the many friends I have made. Some other facts about me include that I love sunny days and I enjoy playing basketball and volunteering. I am a big supporter of Lakers and I take any chance that I have at traveling. //Justine Wu

shalom thanksgiving event At the Shalom Thanksgiving Event, I was reminded once again of why I love to volunteer. Volunteering opens me up to new places, people, and ideas I would not normally encounter, and this was no different at this event. The event began with volunteers preparing the food by cutting fruits and vegetables for the dinner. With culinary skills that would be considered amateur at best, this task was a bit of a struggle, but I came out of it feeling successful and productive. Soon after, the dinner began, and volunteers were thrust into the fast-paced task of serving burgers and hotdogs to hundreds of people that were to attend the service later on into the evening. Once the dinner was over (and the volunteers were fed as well), we were invited to watch the church service that the organization was holding, which brings in the constant exposure to new ideas volunteering gives. Growing up in a household that pretty much believes in all the ideals of agnosticism, the extent of my knowledge of religious proceedings is from the weddings I’ve attended, which even then is not much. This was the first time I attended this sort of religious service, and it was heartwarming to see all the church faiths around Cerritos come together, to honor the first responders and teachers of our community. We listened to speeches from different political figures of our city and their experiences, and I thought it was so eye opening to hear all the speakers at this event. In this way, I was introduced to people and ideas I never would have met otherwise, and in light of this holiday season, this is one of the aspects of volunteering that I am truly thankful for. //Meghan Lee

t h a n k s

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, here is a series of 20 legacy questions that help you reflect on your life and force you to think about the things that make you grateful.

• Name one thing about someone in the room that you really appreciate.

• What made you feel patriotic this year? • What do you value most about your life? • What do you appreciate about your friendship with the people in the room?

• Name one person here who can make you laugh, even months later. Why?

• What unusual traditions, rituals or habits do you have around Thanksgiving?

• Name one ancestor that you think about on Thanksgiving and tell us why.

• What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving Day?

• What random act of kindness did you preform • • • • • • • • •

or that was done to you this year that makes you feel grateful? What do you appreciate about the change of seasons? Name five things that make you happy about today. What does it mean to you to give thanks? How has the celebration of Thanksgiving today changed from when you were little? What is one compliment that you have never paid to someone in the room? What is one thing that you would like to accomplish in the next year? If you could share Thanksgiving dinner today with one person in history who would it be? Why? (Note: it can be a relative) What is one wish you have for the next generation as they begin to establish their own Thanksgiving traditions? What are you really thankful for this year?

Reflect on these questions and they’ll really help you think about how much you really have and the gratitude we should have to the people that have made it possible. And whether it was your parents, relatives, siblings, a teacher, or even yourself, talk time to thank them and let them know you are grateful for all that they have done. //Dani Lee


operation christmas /adopt-afamily

every year Whitney takes on an annual school-wide service event led by Key Club to help struggling families in our direct community during the holiday season. And every year, the "miracle" of the Holiday season is repeated over and over again through the joy of caring and sharing for the neighbors that may not have as much as we do. Adopt-A-Family is a Salvation Army holiday program designed to assist families who are in crisis as a result of unemployment, homelessness, medical issues or other difficult circumstances, and who otherwise wouldn't have the resources to celebrate the holidays. Families who are adopted are provided with food, clothing, and gifts from their sponsors. Donations and financial assistance provide Christmas dinners, clothing, and toys for families in need. Families that are chosen for this program have multiple children with parents that aren’t able to provide enough to feed all the mouths and buy gifts for the holidays. Many of the children actually receive free/reduced breakfast and lunch from the district, but with the long winter break parents need to feed all three meals at home from their own pocket so the food that is donated will be used to feed them not only for holiday meals but also for regular meals. The gift and monetary donations are collected in order to relieve the burden of the parents to buy holiday gifts for members of the family. Gifts can be a bit pricy and we don’t want these families to worry about not having any gifts because they are using the money for rent or other bills. Whitney has been partnering with the Salvation Army for over 30 years and has helped over hundreds of families, so let’s continue the legacy and help the struggling families in our surrounding area. By doing your part and donating within your homeroom, you can change the lives of some families and bring a miracle during the holiday season. Join Key Club in the spirit of giving and experience the joy in generosity and caring. //Dani Lee

“These kids usually get their lunches at school, but during the Christmas time, they don’t have this special opportunity to receive food from their schools anymore, so with Operation Christmas, we have a chance to help those less fortunate who don’t have food on their table like us.”

“It gives families a chance at getting food and presents for their little kids, since they can’t afford it. So I believe this is a wonderful organization that benefits everyone, and it gives you a good feeling too.” Kareema Mohammed, 10th grader

“It really opens our eyes to see families that aren’t as fortunate as us, and it’s amazing to help those who don’t have enough to be able to provide gifts for their children or a dinner for their whole family.” Kiana Hernandez, 10th grader

“It’s very important because, we need all the families that aren't as fortunate enough as us to get gifts in this holiday season.” Alexa Saavedra, 9th grader

“During the holiday times, we’re so privileged to always have food, shelter, clothing, and everything, but it’s important to give it to a family that doesn't have that.” Amina Durrani, 9th grader

why is operation


so important ?

gift ideas Everyone around this time of the season have friendsgiving and friends as. Usually friendsmas consist of either secret buddies wishing your friend group or a gift for everyone! I know it can get hard trying to figure out what to buy. So here’s some few ideas you can give to your friends! If your friend is the type of person who loves collecting pictures or loves hand-made things then this is perfect! Try making them a scrapbook filled with pictures and each can say how much you care for them or talking about the memory within the picture. Another idea is a gift basket filled with what they love like food, clothes, gift cards, etc. Though this might be more on the pricey side they would definitely appreciate the time and effort you put for remembering what they want! If the person you have loves food and you love baking, why not bake them some pastries! Have them all wrapped neatly in saran wrap and tied off with a bow and can all go neatly into small basket! All these gift ideas can be changed to your own liking, I’m here to give general ideas to use! Happy gift making (-: //Kyla Basiana

Fall Rally South

2016 Fall Rally South is an annual event hosted in the month of November where Key Clubbers from Southern California come together to raise money for PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program). This day is filled with interdivisional interactions, new friends, laughter, selfies, cheering and SPIRIT!

fall rally south HI EVERYONE. I’M SURE YOU’VE HEARD OF FALL RALLY SOUTH, AND IF YOU HAVEN’T, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Basically, we go to Six Flags and ride roller coasters. Then, we attend spirit session and scream as loud as we can (AT APPROPRIATE TIMES) for our LTG (this term, it’s Kelly Tran!). The goal is to lose your voice. Throughout the day, you hug random people and do division cheers. Afterwards, we ride the bus back home and you sit in your room and get emotional because Fall Rally is over. Honestly, when I woke up at 4:30 AM, I was so tired and sleepy that I considered not going to Fall Rally. I don’t like roller coasters, and I didn’t want to get up from my toasty bed but I GOT UP ANYWAY and I went to Savanna High School with my eyes half open. What I’m saying is that, although sometimes it will seem like too much of a hassle to go to an event, you should go anyway because a few hours of sleeping in will never be a sufficient substitute for the memories you get from Key Club. Fall Rally South, in my opinion, is one of the best things about Key Club. Fall Rally South 2015 what really locked in my decision that I wanted to become more active and attain a leadership position within our Whitney’s Key Club. I was even more honored and

grateful for the chance to be on Spirit Committee this year to help plan our division’s spirit session. In the spirit nights leading up to Fall Rally South 2016 and the endless emotional Instagram posts following it, I have never felt a passion greater than the one I have for our club. My love for service was reignited as I watched all these Key Clubbers from all over Southern California coming together and battling each other in spirit, hugged strangers and got their contact information, lost my voice during our spirit session, and became a little dizzy from the excitement of it all.

I definitely encourage you, if you haven’t already, to go to Fall Rally. Although it does cost money, the experience is once-in-a-lifetime. It is representative of how passionate others are to serve our community, and was my, and many others’, spark of their Key Club journey. //Caitlyn Saw

This was my first Fall Rally, and it was without a doubt, one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had through my entire time in Key Club. I didn’t understand or believe people when they said that Fall Rally was their favorite even throughout the entire year until I went to experience it first-hand. I just wanted to start off by thanking everyone who woke up at 5 in the morning to go show their Key Club spirit, and thanking the DLT and Kelly for putting in so much hard work and effort into making this event a success. Going to Fall Rally really made me realize how close of a family we really are. Although from completely different parts of the region, everyone was so open and kind in meeting new people. Everyone had such great spirit, and it was nice to see so many different people gathering together for the same reasons. The day started out with everyone dragging themselves out of bed to meet at Savannah High School at 5:00 in the morning. We practiced our cheers, bought last minute merchandise, face painted, and bonded with the rest of the people in the division. After that hour long bus ride, we finally reached our destination. Everyone was so eager and excited to finally be able to enter the park, but we had to hold in our want to ride rides as our spirit session was about to start when we arrived. Thankfully, the whole division got in line early so that we could get good seats for the cheer. Pom-poms waving in the air, spirit sticks being shoved high with pride in the air, a little group of spirited yellow shirted people occupied the east side of the amphitheater. All of the leaders of the region, including the LTG’s from many divisions, were up on stage, and the DLT’s were fighting over them. We cheered our hearts out, and made it in the final round, but sadly lost to a fair competition. Afterwards, we were free to roam around and enjoy the rest of the day at the park. I thought it was so neat how people made signs and posters to show off or little clothespins to give away. You could go up to anyone and give them a free hug, or exchange little gifts and make new friends. The atmosphere was lively and something you’ll never experience anywhere else. By the end of the day, my voice was gone, and I had made so many new friends. I loved my first Fall Rally South, and I’m excited already for #FRS2k17. //Denise Chan

8000+ Key Clubbers, thousands of dollars raised for Key Club, the "How Do You Feel" cheer being heard every 10 minutes were just a few of the memorable experiences I encountered my last Fall Rally. For those of you who have yet to experience Fall Rally, it's an event where Key Clubbers all over California, Nevada, and Hawaii attend to cheer their hearts out, meet Key Clubbers, participate in spirit battles, and of course, ride infamous rollercoasters such as X2 and Goliath. Ever since I attended Fall Rally my sophomore year, I can definitely say that this event is one I look forward to yearly. Seeing the amount of spirited Key Clubbers who love volunteering and cheering as much as I do makes me feel truly at home. The people you get to meet are some of the kindest and sweetest souls you will ever meet- they literally go up to you and ask for a picture and some give you free hugs! You get to reconnect with friends from other schools, divisions, and so much more. This Fall Rally, being my last, was probably my most special one. Yes, it had been extremely stressful in terms of making sure that our members had everything ready and making sure we had enough chaperones. But all of that stress had been worth it. Seeing how happy the members were, seeing how much fun they were having, and seeing how much awe they were in made me remember my first Fall Rally and how surprised I was to see how many Key Clubbers there were and how excited each of them were. And what's Fall Rally without the famous spirit rally? The time where our Division cheered their heart out, the time where I realized once again how much I love Key Club, and the time where everyone pretty much lost their voice: that's what makes the spirit rally so special. You get to hear your voice cheering alongside each of the other members in attendance and truly show how much you love Key Club. And being able to reach top 3 once again for the 3rd time in a row truly was inspiring and an amazing way to end my last Fall Rally. After going to the spirit session, our club definitely took a much needed lunch break before heading off on our own to wander around the park, go on rollercoasters, and more. For me, my group decided to go on Goliath and Scream alongside the bumper cars as we wanted to experience some of the rollercoasters before going off to participate in spirit battles and getting some souvenirs. As I look back to my last Fall Rally, I can definitely say I have post- Fall Rally depression (yes it is very much real)! But, I can also say that I look forward to District Convention 2017 in Anaheim, where YOU have the chance to be recognized for tri-state awards such as Member Recognition and more. So make sure to BEE on the lookout. And if you weren't able to go FRS this year, make sure (if you can) to attend next year. Trust me, waking up at 4AM to be able to go FRS is something I never regret (even if I had a civics test 2 days later). :) //Isabelle Lee

GOBBLE GOBBLE. I LOVE THANKSGIVING and even if you don’t celebrate it, it’s always good to give thanks and be grateful for what you have in life. This year, I’m grateful for the following things: FRIENDS. This year especially, I have learned to surround myself with good people - people who will support me and allow me to grow as a person. Good friends will always be there for you despite the circumstance and you can talk to them about anything. Get rid of negativity and those who don’t want to see you rise up. Having a great support system is everything, and in the past years, I had a little trouble finding that. I’m so grateful this year to be able to find friends who love me. KEY CLUB. Because of Key Club, I’ve learned to manage my time better, develop my leadership skills, get to know so many great people, and make better use of my time by serving my community. Whether you’re in cabinet or not, it is still such a rewarding experience to be in this club. I’m honored to be in such an active club and division, and I’m honored to be surrounded by people who want to change the world. FAMILY. It wasn’t until this year that I really started to know my brother and some of my cousins. I’m grateful to be able to count on them and tell them everything - I never realized how much I had in common with my family until this year! My brother and cousins are now a part of my support system and the level of comfort between us is increasing by a longshot. TEACHERS. I’ll admit that my grades this year are not where I’d like them to be. However, this year, I came to find, I have developed closer relationships to my teachers than in all my years at Whitney. Maintaining a good relationship with your mentors is essential to how you view school, and it has showed me that grades are not everything. I’m grateful to know that I can talk about personal things with my teachers, because they, too, are now a part of my support system. Viewing them as people who criticize you versus people who are there to give you direction when you are lost are two very different things, and this year, I’ve been able to change my perspective to the latter. Remember to thank those who have impacted you in a good way! I hope all of you have a great holiday break and eat lots. :-) //Caitlyn Saw

giving thanks

Over this past year, many things have happened. Some bad- as it is with every year. Nevertheless, there are always "things" to be thankful for. So, to start that chain reaction in your brain, here's a simple list of what I am grateful for in my life: • • • • •

a loving family a home that feels like home no serious damage in health a school where I'm able to learn, and a great one at that the accessibility of technology (which enables me to inquire about various curiosities) music (self-explanatory) safety the economic ability to attain basic needs inspiring, genuine teachers a good crowd of peers those who think of me as their friend the accessibility of nature the ability to talk, hear, and consciously think the ability to read and write laughter sunshine clean water air conditioning time tears eyesight sunsets warm clothing

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ...the list goes on. I hope your list does, too!

To close, here's a question worth asking yourself: Who are you giving thanks to whenever you say that you're thankful? Surely, there must be somebody behind it all… //Eunice Shim


JUSTINE WU Name: Justine Wu Grade: 10th Cabinet Position: Director of Activities Hey guys! If you don't know me, I'm Justine Wu, a sophomore! I am one of the DOAs for this Key Club term! I am a basketball loving, MUNer and I absolutely adore great puns! I also enjoy traveling to new places and I was actually born in Taiwan! I'm a pretty friendly person and I love to meet new people, so be sure to say hi if you see me around in the hallways! Favorite Food: Hot Cheetos and Apples! Favorite Movie: Night at the Museum 2 Favorite Book: Thief Lord Favorite Drink: Lemonade Half Empty of Half Full?: Half FULL! Fears: I am terribly, terribly frightened of birds. Anything bird or duck related, I cannot stand and will probably run the other way screaming.

member of the month

charmaine lee

1. Description of yourself: I'm a super friendly person and love to talk to anyone (so don't be afraid to come up and say hi!). I laugh at pretty much anything and everything and have a weird sense of humor. Aside from being dedicated to Key Club, track and field plays a huge role in my high school life. I absolutely love the family atmosphere of the team and have become really fond of the whole team. When I leave Whitney, I am going to miss Whitney KC and my Track & Field family the most. 2. What is your favorite part about Key Club? Key Club is spirit, genuineness, and service blended together to make one big Key Club smoothie! I love how spirited everyone is, and how much heart they put into service. The fact that there is no shame when it comes to spirit is just amazing. Key Club always makes me happy, and I never leave an event feeling anything below high on spirit! 3. Favorite song? You & Me -Marc E. Bassy 4. If I could live in any other time period of the past, which would it be and why? I would live in the 1920's because I've always been fascinated with the exquisite culture and carefree lifestyle of the people who lived in that time period.The 1920s marked the start of women wearing pants and showing some skin as well as the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920, which allowed women to vote. This era was definitely a huge social and political leap for women. 5. Fun Fact!!!!!! I'm a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, but I also love rap music :)

member of the month


1. Description of yourself:

I love my family and volleyball; those come before everything and I don't know who I would be without them. 2. What is your favorite part about Key Club?

I love meeting a lot of new people through every event :') 3. Favorite pizza toppings?

A LOT of veggies and ham LOL I'm lame 4. If you can give one sentence advice about how to live life, what would it be and why? Take risks; life is too short to be living it in fear. it's better to regret doing something than regretting not doing it later. 5. Fun Fact!!!!!!

I LOVE THE BEACH/SURFING!!! (Even though I suck at it, it's so fun).

member of the month

Meghan lee

1. Description of yourself: Hi, my name is Meghan Lee, one of your Historian/Tech Editors for this year! I am a sophomore this year, and outside of volunteering, I love to play the violin, to participate in Model United Nations, and to read. I am awkward when I talk to people, even including some of my closest friends, but as contradictory as it seems, I do love to learn about others and their stories (which may be part of the reason why I love to read). 2. Favorite social media platform? I don't use many social media platforms, but for what it's worth, my favorite is Instagram! 4. If you could be a utensil, what would you be, and why? Out of all the utensils, I would be a spork because I am quite indecisive and I could imagine myself hovering between being a spoon and fork. 5. Fun Fact!!!!!! Whether I will get the chance to read it or not, I always have a book with me. This includes parties, lunch, school dances. It may seem strange, but books are comforting in a way! :')

What made you join Key Club, but most importantly, why did you stay? As a middle schooler, I heard about Key Club and how it was one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world. I had always aspired to help impact my community; however, I had no means in terms of finding a way to events. As a freshman, I joined Key Club because of my desire to serve the community and really help give back to the community I grew up in. I wanted to partake in events I knew that would make someone's life better. Still, to this day, that's what kept me within Key Club. The idea of going to an event, meeting up with old friends and getting to meet new ones, and most importantly, making a difference within my community is what inspires me to stay in Key Club. Seeing how dedicated our members are and how passionate they are to make a global impact truly warms my heart as well. Every time I see a new member join or a member attend an event, it makes me happy to serve such an amazing club that strives to make the world a better place. Due to these reasons, that's why i've stayed within Key Club and also the reason why I decided to become president: to help members find their Key Club moment and fall in love with helping others just as I did my freshman year. Huge congratulations to 12th grader Isabelle Lee for having the most BUZZIN response!

WANT TO SEND Want to be featured here? Send your article to bulletin editor Queena Hoang (AKA me) at! Tell us your “Key Club Story,” “what Key Club means to you,” anything to related to Key Club, or simply advice and/or tips for our club! Maybe you’ll see your article in the next newsletter!


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