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R o M i n j a R o 11/16/2010 marianas resort saipan



with the Bridesmaid

Today, I am going to marry the Man of my dreams...

finally.. I found the Love of a Lifetime... Ross

Two becomes One...

This is the happiest moment of my life... I took all the happiness from the world... Minja

My love and my two best friends Eri Yamakawa& Asaka Fujishiro... what else can I ask for.

Minja’s Limousine provided by NaocoCouture Ross golf cart borrowed from Marianas Resort

(from left) Cousin Lee Yukwi, Mom Hwang Hyeja, Dad Young Hak Kim, Minja, the bride, Ross the groom, Sister Yooja Kim, Uncle Akinobu Tomoda, Auntie Shima Tomoda.

Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for all the Love and Care... Minja

eida, badjhoe, patz and floyd - the maestros

Minja’s brother, Young Dae Kim. Thanks for the special music that you’ve shared.

Friends and loved ones..

Ross and Minja Wedding  

Lollipop Issue no. 4

Ross and Minja Wedding  

Lollipop Issue no. 4