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As an Independant family run company, Qudent, have been in business for over 30 years. Based in West Sussex, our engineers cover the South East for servicing and installation work. With a wide range of large and small equipment, our website is constantly being updated with new products and special offers. The Stern Weber S200 Dental Unit is available with hanging tubes or a continental style delivery system. With a wide range of high-tech accessories available, which you can select to customise your ideal treatment centre. The S200 offers excellent value, reliability and lots of options. The doctor’s table consists of: • Articulated and self-balanced arm, with 44cm vertical range • Brushless micromotor • 3 midwest outlets with fibre optic • Removable and autoclavable instrument rest in silicone • Removable stainless steel tray holder • Nurses table with one touch keypad

RRP: £18,280.00

Special Offer price £13,499.00

If you haven’t already, please check out our website below:


THE VOYAGER III TREATMENT CENTRE The Belmont’s reputation for quality, reliability and value for money are second to none. Continuing with the Voyager lineage, Belmont are introducing the latest in this popular series of ambidextrous chair packages. With its below the patient swing arm delivery system and seamless upholstery it’s a real winner! Now with these new features: • • • • •

Chair base and delivery arm re-designed Chair ergonomics and comfort improved Improved vacuum air-flow New 300 series LED light as standard Our special offer includes a FREE NSK Varios scaler

Please ask us for a quotation, we are always competitive! SURGERY SOLUTIONS FROM QUDENT Over many years, Qudent are pleased to have forged a close working relationship with Modwood, as the leading cabinet manufacturer in the UK. We have a number of ranges to suit all budgets. Drawers and cupboards can be made from laminate, foil wrapped or acrylic materials and jointless worktops are becoming increasingly popular using Corian or Hanex. Customised to suit you, there are many other options to meet your requirements.


SIP10 IMPLANT SYSTEM - with LED The Traus Optic Implant System has an LED motor with high performance designed by Saeshin’s own high technology and know-how. • • • • • •

Complete with 20:1 LED handpiece External and internal irrigation Powerful 70N/cm2 DC motor 9 user programmes 8 gear ratio settings Live speed and torque display

RRP: £1,999.00

Special Offer price £1,699.00 X-CUBE SURGICAL MOTOR The Traus Optic Implant System has a brushless motor with high performance designed by Saeshin’s own high technology and know-how. • • • • • •

Powerful 50N/cm2 DC motor 9 user programs and 8 gear ratios Includes a 20:1 surgical handpiece Internal & external irrigation Independently controlled torque and irrigation Multifunctional foot control RRP: £1,475.00

Special Offer price £1,180.00

ULTRASURGERY LED II Woodpecker are a world leading expert in bone cutting efficiency. The Ultrasurgery LED II is easy to operate in all functions and comes with a comprehensive range of handpieces, tips and accessories. • Includes 4 kits and 14 tips: Basic Kit (US1, US2, US3, US1L, US1R, US4, US5, UL1, UL2, UL3, UL4, UL5, UC1, UI2) • Easy operation with bone, root & clean functions • Supplied with 2 handpieces & leads RRP: £2,499.00 • LED handpiece ensures better vision

Special Offer price £2,125.00

Qudent Derotor House 6 Farncombe Road Worthing, West Sussex BN11 2BE

Tel: 01903 211737 Fax: 01903 235878 Email: sales@qudent.co.uk www.qudent.co.uk

Qudent is a division of Quayle Dental Manufacturing (Export) Ltd.

All prices exclude VAT E & OE


The Hyperion X5 is a compact, digital panoramic system, which can be wall or floor mounted. Built to simplify dental diagnostics by producing real-time images. • • • • •

3 laser guided positioning Ergonomic and firm support for the patient Different diagnostics programmes Compact and easy to use Available in 2D or 3D


The Hyperion X9 series can accommodate a full choice of teleradiography images at high resolution. Look at these features: • • • • • •

Innovative and versatile patient positioning system Automatic determination of exposure factors Servo-controlled patient positioning Positioning is facilitated by laser traces 39 different diagnostic programmes Ceph arm option

2D systems from £11,995.00 3D systems from



*3D systems include dedicated PC and Barco medical grade monitor EXTEND AND HYPERSPHERE INTRA ORAL X-RAY MyRay exploits the latest technology with the RXDC X-ray units. Incorporating an embedded 12” collimator. with its constant potential high frequency X-ray generator, the RXDC significantly reduces radiation dosage compared to traditional X-ray units. Look at these features: • • • • •

Handheld wireless device Compact & lightweight Choice of 3 arm lengths available Touch sensitive zones Option of Hypersphere

MyRay’s Hypersphere Option Able to revolve freely around the sphere, the lightweight, compact tube head reaches practically any position, including vertical.

Prices from £2,560.00

Ask for a demo and full quotation

01903 211737 www.qudent.co.uk


Shadow & glare free Full LED technology Low energy consumption Minimal heat radiation Hygienic enclosed construction with aluminium housing Large light surface that provides great workspace Suspended by wires Inclusive of IR-remote control for dimming effects but also has two programmed presets for working in different modes, such as viewing X-rays and working with composite materials ASK FOR OUR FULL DTEC CATALOGUE & PRICELIST

RRP: £2,499.00

Special Offer price £1,999.00

PERFECT HYBRID STOOL Support Design have introduced a new stool to their range, the • Floating but lockable into a fixed position Perfect Hybrid. • Available in heights from 49cm-89cm • Upholstered in vinyl or leather From

£608.00 As UK distributors we can supply the full range of Support Design stools which are designed for perfect posture. Accessories include foot activator, rings and arm supports.

Prices as per website




ENDO RADAR The Woodpecker Endo Radar is a complete unit consisting of an Apex Locator function paired with a wirelessly charged cordless Endo Motor. • • • • • •

Torque range: 0.6 - 4.0 N.cm Speed range: 100 - 650 RPM 3 reciprocating modes 3 auto reverse modes Integrated length determination Wireless communication between unit and handpiece

RRP: £599.00

Special Offer price £520.00

CORDLESS ENDO MOTOR SYSTEM The Traus cordless endo motor system is a dedicated endo motor with integrated contra angle. Featuring a simple control system for ease of operation it is compact and ergonomic. • • • • • •

16:1 or 20:1 gear ratio 5 memory programmes Torque control 1to 4 N.cm 100 - 600 RPM Can be used with all D Type files including NiTi Auto reverse, autostop and reciprocating function

RRP: £525.00

Special Offer price £446.00

E-CUBE ENDO MOTOR SYSTEM Traus E-Cube Endodontic Motor System is a rechargeable endo micromotor and incorporates many advanced features. Complete with a 16:1 contra angle the X-cube is reliable and competitively priced. • • • •

Includes 16:1 Handpiece 9 memory programmes Torque control 0.6 to 5.2 N.cm Auto reverse function

RRP: £575.00

Special Offer price £489.00

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Qudent Product News - Issue 12  

Qudent Product News - Issue 12  

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