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September 25, 2013

Views from the Giant

Just on the other side of Mt. Carmel Ave., Sleeping Giant State Park is a welcome respite from the constant bustle of QU life. In a world that is more heavily developed by the day, we are lucky to have such easy access to our own little piece of wilderness. Most people know of the stone tower at on one of the mountain’s peaks, but if you look at the map on their website, you will see a myriad of trails that take you to all different parts of the mountain. Take the time to explore and you may find a river for cliff jumping, a rock-rimmed lake, stunning views of the campus, and so much more. -C. Tufts

The Quinnipiac Chronicle Issue 5, Volume 83  
The Quinnipiac Chronicle Issue 5, Volume 83  

The 5th issue of this year's Quinnipiac Chronicle.