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September 25, 2013

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Campus Couture By CAROLINE MOSES

Heather Pullis

Accounting Sophomore

I like to mix statement pieces with affordable pieces for an easygoing but fashionable look. Comfort is always my number one priority though. CAROLINE MOSES/CHRONICLE

T.J. Maxx moves online


Efron’s first appearance since rehab

Zac Efron made his first appearance since rehab this past week. The Disney star was admitted into rehab five months ago for alcohol addiction. After completing the stint in rehab, Efron decided to change his scenery and is currently backpacking to Machu Pichu, Peru, with his father. According to fans, the star looked happy and healthy as he posed for photos with fans.

Cancer scare for Bruce Jenner

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians’s” Bruce Jenner recently opened up about ongoing struggle with skin cancer. Jenner has been diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma, a form of Melanoma, multiple times over the past few years.. The former Olympian has undergone Mohs surgery to remove it. This past week, 63-year-old Jenner completed the second step of the surgery process, which was removing skin cancer from his nose. The Gold medalist has thanked fans for all of their support.

From Pretty Little Liar to country singer




The cough on campus



Ladies, hide your credit cards! T.J. Maxx, our favorite go-to for savings and deals on the best fashion trends, has officially gone online. The discount megastore launched their e-commerce site this week without any big fanfare or announcement, allowing self-proclaimed Maxxinistas to grab their favorite fashions at the click of a button. For years, commercial businesses have turned to online shopping as an additional outlet to target an audience. Unfortunately, widely appealing names like T.J. Maxx and H&M have held back until recently. T.J.’s offers a variety of clothes and accessories to customers at a fraction of the original costs. By selling designer names at reasonable prices, the store has won over a wide audience of shoppers both young and old, and now caters to online shoppers as well. “Consumers like to shop all kinds of different ways,” a spokesperson for T.J. Maxx told The Boston Globe. “There are some people who shop online and because T.J. Maxx doesn’t have a website, that consumer might not shop at all. It’s a way to gain a new customer or an incremental sale from an existing customer.” The best part of T.J. Maxx’s move to online is the launch of their new runway section—a section of the website boasting labels like Diane Von Furstenberg, Missoni, Elizabeth & James, Catherine Malandrino, Roberto Cavalli, Rachel Zoe and Escada. These brands are harder to come by at just any T.J. branch, but there are select, unofficial “runway” stores throughout the country. Though it’s hard to beat the fashion mecca that the actual stores represent, the online installation is a welcome option for busy, budgetconscious shoppers. Also, an online format makes it easier for customers to find specific things without digging through the store’s famously eclectic racks. With these great designer deals at our fingertips, my credit card is already out and ready to go! –C.Moses

As a student in my junior year of college, I have been attending Quinnipiac long enough to have noticed this inevitable trend where everyone seems to get sick within the first few weeks of school. It seems like no matter what you do to protect yourself, all of QU will be plagued by some widespread sickness filled with coughing fits and sore throats. Last year I attempted to create my own safety bubble by self-prescribing acclaimed immune system boosting tablets, along with two packets of Emergen-C and a dose of vitamins daily. Despite all this, I still got sick with the typical runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and sore throat. Earlier tonight, I heard a guy sneeze outside, all the way from my bedroom of the sixth floor in Crescent. I don’t know what kind of crazy, impenetrable viruses are going around on this campus, but sneezing that loud it is not natural. I’m sure most of these viruses are being spread constantly via our infamously clean shuttles. It’s basically impossible to avoid getting sick, especially for those of us who use the shuttle system on a daily basis. I already know a handful of people who are sick, myself included, so it’s only a matter of time before everyone starts rushing to the health center. And to be honest, the only upside to going to the health center is being awarded with some lozenges, and class-A cough syrup that says “QTussin” on the label. It’s basically a knock-off of Robitussin, but it’s unclear what the Q stands for. Maybe Quinnipiac Robotussin? I don’t know. Either way, I find it hilarious for some odd reason. It’s great that Quinnipiac cares enough to make us laugh, despite our back to school illnesses, whether it was unintentional humor or not.–S. Kozlowski

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“Pretty Little Liars” star, Lucy Hale, opened up to Self Magazine about her upcoming country album. The star, who plays Aria on the hit ABC Family show, explained to the magazine that she is nervous about creating an album. However, she still is determined to do it. Hale has previous experience in the music industry; she was one of the five winning contestants on the “American Idol” spin off, “American Juniors,” when she was 14 years old.

Marky Mark and a high school diploma

At the age of 42, Mark Wahlberg has graduated from high school and received his diploma. Prior to his recent completion of online high school classes, Wahlberg had not made it past the ninth grade. The “Ted” star took online high school classes while working and studied whenever he was free, such as on set or while traveling. Wahlberg described his accomplishment as “humbling” and “challenging.”

Hemsworth’s quickly moving On

One day after breaking off his 15-month engagement to Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth was photographed kissing Eiza Gonzalez. According to E! News, Hemsworth had stopped by Gonzalez’s Beverly Hills home to drop off a piece of luggage. Gonzalez, who appeared to have just worked out, briefly chatted with the newly-single “Hunger Games” star before the two started making out.

The Quinnipiac Chronicle Issue 5, Volume 83  

The 5th issue of this year's Quinnipiac Chronicle.

The Quinnipiac Chronicle Issue 5, Volume 83  

The 5th issue of this year's Quinnipiac Chronicle.