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MBMG Performance Defies the Market BANGKOK, 29 March 2012 – The full range of asset management portfolios recommended by MBMG Group in Bangkok completely outpaced the ARC Private Client Indices of leading private banks and investment manager portfolios in 2011. MBMG's 'aggressive' portfolio managed by MBMG Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Paul Gambles outperformed its ARC benchmark by 19.89% in 2011. Additional market-beating results were achieved through MBMG's partnership with Cobus Kellerman of Lancelot Investments SARC, Scott Campbell and Martin Gray of MitonOptimal Guernsey. MBMG's 'cautious' portfolio outperformed its ARC benchmark by 0.92%. "This is just as impressive as the 'aggressive' performance given the extremely tight risk mandate in the 'cautious' investment sector," said Gambles. In addition, the MBMG 'cautious balanced' portfolio achieved a performance 5.84% above its respective ARC benchmark. The MBMG 'balanced aggressive' portfolio outperformed its respective ARC benchmark by 2%. Bangkok-based Gambles, who is a regular commentator on business TV networks such as CNBC, created the allocation model for 'aggressive' portfolio himself at the end of 2010. "To see it outperform its benchmark by 20% in its first year is encouraging. I'm aware that the expectations have been set and that I have to build on this in 2012." In response, MBMG now offers the 'aggressive' collection of investments as a publicly available unitized portfolio, launched earlier this month. Commenting on the overall performance in 2011, Gambles said that the philosophy of multi-manager, multi-asset portfolios, which MBMG has been recommending for over a decade, was yet again a "proven winner". In the 'balanced cautious' portfolio, MBMG used the recommendations of Martin Gray of MitonOptimal Guernsey to achieve a gain of 2.9% versus an average loss by private banking competitors of over 2.94%, thereby beating the ARC benchmark by 5.84%. "Given the constrained and narrow asset mandate, that's staggering performance by Martin yet again," said Gambles. Gambles praised some of the key strategists used by the various portfolios. "Martin Gray, Scott Campbell, Jonathan Ruffer and Steve Cohen are without peers in the way that they translate macro-economic understanding into outstanding multi asset portfolio performance," he said. "They not only read the global economy extremely well, they translate that into exceptional performance year after year." Despite still beating its benchmark, Gambles admitted that the -7.56% loss by GAA Alpha was arguably the "closest thing to a blemish" on MBMG's range of portfolios in 2011.

Commenting on the GAA Alpha performance, Gambles said: "While we don't seek to simply match ARC benchmarks, they are a good indicator of the potential returns available at each risk level. Therefore there is some satisfaction for 'balanced aggressive' or equity risk investors in that the loss was much lower than that of the comparable peer group. Indeed, there are indicators that whatever the global economy throws out in 2012, GAA Alpha is now very well positioned. But any red ink at all on the performance charts is an anathema to us at MBMG." Despite the blip Gambles added: "Nevertheless, to have three out of the four strategies that were available throughout the year in positive territory and to have all of our long-standing third party managers, our newer affiliations and our in-house portfolios all outperform their benchmarks was extremely pleasing." For editors A detailed summary of MBMG's five portfolios performance in 2011 is available in graphic form for editors to view or download here: For a high resolution images of Paul Gambles click here: Further information and media queries MBMG Group Head Office 75/56 Ocean Tower II, 26th Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 19, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana Bangkok 10110 Thailand Email: Website: For Media queries please contact:: Satita Nantasrirat Tel: +66 (0)84 321 7861 Email: About MBMG MBMG was established in 1995 as Thailand's first Independent Financial Consultancy. In 1997 it affiliated with Midas Miton Optimal, led by Scott Campbell, who was ranked number one of S&P top Global Portfolio Managers, 2003- 2007. In 2008, MBMG formed an alliance with RSM Advisory (the sixth largest global accountancy), audit and business specialists. Today, the MBMG Group has more than US$150 million assets under advisement, more than 3,500 clients, five offices, and a team of more than 50 Thai and expatriate staff and associates.

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MBMG Performance Defies the Market  
MBMG Performance Defies the Market  

BANGKOK, 29 March 2012 – The full range of asset management portfolios recommended by MBMG Group in Bangkok completely outpaced the ARC Priv...