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Development Design & Construction issue 6 | November 2011

STUDIO 505 where the flower opens | Lotus Park

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Zinc Invision Hospitality

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Development Design & Construction

Lotus Park

03 07 09 Lotus Park Wujin, PRC D|D & C © 2011

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Summary News from around Asia

Project Profile : Lotus Park with Studio 505

Zinc Invision Hospitality with CEO Kevin Beauvais

We have had an exci ng week interviewing some interes ng names for you to read in weeks to come. This week’s feature is the stunning Lotus Park by Australian architects Studio 505, we also caught up with Kevin Beauvais, CEO of the exci ng and innova ve Zinc Invision Hospitality. In D|D&C TV we catchup with Simon Allison, founder and Chairman of HOFTEL. With so many exci ng features and profiles to come, don’t forget to share us and encourage others to subscribe to this free magazine at h p://development-design-construc

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here may be signs that the worst of the flooding has passed in Thailand, but even a er the waters recede, the effects on the property market are likely to be profound and longlas ng. Although the poli cal turmoil of recent years also impacted the real estate business, the effects were more localised and things quickly returned to normal once the situa on was resolved. However, it is likely to be a very different story in the a ermath of Thailand’s worst floods for half a century. The first obvious impact is on developers who have had their under-construc on projects disrupted. Many new projects have also been put on hold for the foreseeable future as both buyers and sellers take stock of the situa on. Developers are also being forced to consider how the floods have affected

demand. Many buyers are considering high-rise condos rather than ground-level housing, while certain loca ons have also become less a rac ve due to being prone to flooding. Another likely side-effect of the flooding is increased demand from those who can afford it for second proper es in ‘safe’ close by resorts, such as Hua Hin and Pa aya. In these uncertain mes, it is difficult to predict the future of the Thai property market with any confidence, but the effects of the flood are likely to be felt long a er the waters have receded. 


photo: Joe Andrews 2011

affected by the country’s ongoing flood situa on. Despite announcing year-on-year growth during the first three quarters of this year, Pruksa es mates figures for the fourth quarter will show a drama c decline. The company has lowered its revenue target for the year from 30 billion baht to 22 billion baht, while its presales target has also been revised down from 42 billion baht to 30 billion baht. The company has been forced to review its 5-year targets and has also delayed investments in India and Vietnam. In Thailand, only 49 of the originally-planned 78 new residen al projects have been launched. Of these, 46 were launched during the first three quarters of 2011. 


he financial performance of one of Thailand’s major property firms has been badly

Understated Luxury

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ollowing a month-on-month rise of 20.7% in September, sales of new private homes in Singapore fell by 14.9% in October. However, the 1,387 properes that were sold in October s ll slightly outweighed the 1,337 new proper es that were put onto the market. 



eon, the largest retail group in Japan, has announced plans to open eight new shopping centres in Vietnam and Cambodia. Seven of the new retail projects will be in Vietnam, while one will be in Cambodia. Construc on is set to begin on the first projects—one in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Phnom Penh—early in 2012 with the opening dates set for 2014. Six more centres will follow in Vietnam soon a er. Aeon already has stores in China, Malaysia, and Thailand. 



he Malaysian island of Penang is set for a series of major developments in its tourism industry during the next two years with the construc on of six new hotels and a water theme park. All 6 new hotels will be located in the island capital of Georgetown, while the waterpark will be in Teluk Bahang. All of the projects are due for comple on by the first quarter of 2014.



n agreement has been reached by representa ves of the True Green Energy Group (TGEG), CJ Consor um, and Universal Resources Development Incorporated (URDI) to build a number of housing projects in the Philippines. Working together with various companies they represent, the three-way partnership will construct satellite ci es around Metro Manila with 500,000 sustainable and eco-friendly homes and TGEG power plants. The mega-project is part of an overall plan to combat Metro Manila’s housing problems caused

by the mass migra on of Filipinos from all over the country to the na on’s capital in search of work and a be er life. 



alaysian property developer IJM Land Bhd is looking for investors to speed up construc on on its RM5 billion mul -purpose waterfront project on the island of Penang. Built on reclaimed land, the project, known as “The Light” is divided into residen al and commercial components and is expected to take 10 years to complete. However, IJM hopes that the construc on me can be brought down to as low as 5 years with enough investment. Construc on has already begun on the 42-acre residen al development, while the land is s ll being reclaimed for the 105acre commercial site, which will feature hotels, a business park, conven on centre, shopping complex and a performing arts and cultural centre.  D|D&C | 4



ndeterred by the floods, Malaysia’s Tune Hotels is going ahead with its plans to open 20 budget hotels in Thailand by 2015. A 148-room hotel in Hat Yai will be the company’s first in Thailand when it opens in December, and it will be followed soon a er by hotels in Pa aya, Phuket, and Bangkok. With 13 proper es in Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, Tune sees Thailand as a market with long-term promise. In addi on to the 20 hotels targeted for Thailand, the company is also looking to open more hotels in Malaysia, Indonesia and the UK, as well as in new markets, such as the Philippines, India, and Australia, as it targets a total of 100 proper es by 2015. 



ven though the vast majority of Thailand has been un-

affected by the floods that have inundated parts of the country, many foreign tourists are choosing to stay away in what is proving to be a cruel blow to the country’s struggling tourism industry. Influenced by the images of devasta on presented by various media, many tourists mistakenly believe that everywhere in Thailand is flooded. However, the truth is that while the floods have certainly wreaked havoc in roughly a third of the country’s 77 provinces, resul ng in more than 500 deaths, very few of the country’s tourism spots have been affected. Popular seaside resorts such as Pa aya, Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Koh Phangan remain high and dry, yet visitor numbers are far lower than expected at the start of what is tradi onally the high season. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Governor Suraphon Svetasreni es mated that as much as US$825 million in tourism dollars could be lost due to the floods. At a me when the

Thai tourism industry was hoping to get back on its feet a er the poli cal troubles of the past few years, it is indeed a cruel blow. 



hinese entrepreneur Jiang Xianyun has become the first foreign investor to be granted permanent residence of the self-governing Korean province of Jeju Island. Jiang, who owns a department store, logis cs company, and real estate development business, has qualified a er inves ng an inial 63 billion won ($56 million) in a project to build Asia’s largest 7-star hotel and resort on the island.  D|D&C | 5



airmont Hotels & Resorts is to open a luxury new hotel in the fast-growing Chinese city of Chengdu in late 2014. The capital city of the western Chinese province of Sichuan, Chengdu is a regional hub of technology, business, finance, and communica on technology. The new hotel will be located in the city’s Palm Springs Interna onal Centre in Tianfu New Town. The 375-room hotel will include 60 services residences as well as fine dining op ons, a signature spa, and mee ng and events facili es. 



ith its huge popula on, rapid urbaniza on, burgeoning middle class, and rapid rise as an interna onal tourist des na on, China is s ll proving to be a major magnet for all the big American hotel chains. Sheraton has confirmed its inten on to open a 4,000-room resort in Macau and 9 addi onal resorts in China by the end of next year. This announcement came just a few days a er Marrio finalised plans for its 100th property in China, a milestone that Hilton also hopes to reach by 2014. Several other US hotel chains are also keeping pace as Hya , IHG, Carlson, and Club Med have all recently announced plans for new projects in the booming Chinese market. 

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tudio 505, Australian architects and designers behind the iconic Lotus Exhibition Center in Wujin, China.

The center is designed to be occupied through out the year with festivals and function consists of 3 overscaled lotus shaped buildings on a lake was a response from the client request for the architects to “do something beautiful”. The 3 lotuses in various stages of bloom from the initial “bud” to the “open flower” , extend up to 32 meters each constructed in steel and clad in gloss and matt white tiles and with each petal weighing in at several tonnes.

Where the Flower Opens a look at Lotus Park by Studio 505

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A light show conceived by the architects show the buds continuosly changing colour from purple to pink and finally magenta. The exhibition center includes 3 exhbition spaces, a VIP room, conference rooms and an outdoor terrace. ď ´

Images courtesy of Studio 505 au/

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Glow City India

ZINC INVISION We catch up with CEO of Zinc Invision Hospitality, Kevin Beauvais

It’s been almost a year since the merger of Invision and Cinnova on CG, tell us about the developments of the last year. 12 months ago we had 5 hotels under Management, 2 investments, & a healthy pipeline of poten al projects. Post-merger as of today, we have added: • 2 Zinc Journeys in Sri Lanka • 1 touch by Zinc Spa in The Philippines • 1 GLOW Greater Noida by Zinc opened in India for the inaugural F1

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• • •

GLOW Trinity Silom by Zinc will add 72 more rooms as of mid-December GLOW Sukhumvit by Zinc will open in Q1 2012 GLOW Pratunam will open Q2 2012

We have actual construc on projects underway in Saigon, Vietnam, Phuket, Bangkok, & Pa aya in Thailand, Penang Malaysia, 2 in Nepal, 3 in India. Of these 10 projects 5 will open in 2012 and 5 in 2013. So this year we have gone from 5 to 10 opera ng hotels and we are on track to have 10 more open that are 100% funded and in progress. Our pipeline is even more robust than a year ago and the future is extremely exci ng.

Zinc Invision has the following brands: i. Zinc City ii. GLOW by Zinc iii. Zinc Edge iv. Zinc Living v. Zinc Journey

Glow Pratunam

Villa Maroc Pranburi, Thailand How do you feel owners will benefit from the variety of brands under Zinc Invision? We are focused on the mid- er and upscale hotels and residen al. We are focused on ROI (Return on Investment) for us and our partners. We will leave Luxury to the individuals looking for ROE (Return On Ego) Sound solid business experience and prac ces.

How do the brands offered by Zinc Invision compare to what is on offer by other management companies? • • •

Unique PODs as iden fied for each segment Technical service and concept team that is world-class Master planning advisory to ensure planning is right from the start D|D&C | 10

Rice Miller Penang ture conscious, while also preserving and posively contribu ng to each loca on.

From a design point of view, is there a look and feel to property by Zinc Invision hospitality? GLOW - GLOW has a flexibly design which makes it ideal to work with individual tastes. Ideal for conversions. 5 Key pillars A delicious bed and pillows, free hi speed Wi-Fi in every room, state of the art fitness facili es, a breakfast that more than sa sfies, and an excellent shower. • ZC - Rigid design guidelines making this suitable for new build. • ZE - On the leading edge of service, technology and convenience. An energizing hotel brands with a level of service and value exceeding anything else found in this segment - for travelers who demand the best. • ZL - Residen al and Serviced Apartments that draws for Zinc Edge signature style. • ZJ - A exclusive hotel representa on resource with eye-opening experiences and immersion in local culture and adventure. Proper es must be in awe inspiring loca ons, eco - friendly and cul-

How is Zinc Invision Hospitality different to its compe tors? • •

Clean and clear. Our single goal is to be GOOD, not big......

What’s the future Zinc Invision Hospitality? • •

Success breeds success Con nue to build our team throughout our 8 offices to support our development locally in each country we operate. When we launched this January we announced that we would have 30 hotels by 2014, as you can see our plan is being executed in a very systema cal and mely process and well on track.

h p:// Images courtesy of Zinc Invision Hospitality

Northgate Ratchayothin D|D&C | 11

Web Watch watch the Wujin Lotus Park Anima on by Studio 505 h p:// au/movie.html

as the Flower Opens D|D&C TV

This week on D|D &C TV we catch up with HOFTEL Chairman Simon Allison and discuss what’s on the mind of hotel owners.

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Summary Hospitality Development news Simon Allison, Chairman of HOFTEL Kevin Beauvais, CEO Zinc Invision Hospitality Studio 505 Lotus Park

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