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July 2011

LOGOLOUNGE MASTER LIBRARY, VOLUME 3 3,000 Shape & Symbol Logos Catharine Fishel and Bill Gardner

Item # 193880 AQ ISBN-13: 978-1-59253-690-0 $40.00 US £27.50 UK $44.00 CAN 7 x 8.75 in 178 x 222 mm 296 pages, POB 3000 color photos All rights available Design/Graphic Arts/Branding & Logo Design Ct. Qty. 6

One-stop inspirational logo resource.  Builds on the best-selling brand.  Includes 3,000 logos to inspire design.  Logo design is the #1 job for graphic designers internationally.

A collection of 3,000 original logos, collected and selected by the renowned website, this collection provides an endless resource of ideas and inspiration for graphic designers. Organized thematically with the broader focus of Shapes and Symbols, the collection features logos that cover all categories of logo design, including typographic, illustrative, pattern-driven, and photographic.

Catharine Fishel specializes in working with and writing about designers and related industries. She is editor of the website and is the author of many books about design. Bill Gardner (Wichita, KS) is president of Gardner Design and has produced work for Learjet, Thermos, Nissan, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Kroger, Hallmark, Cargill Corporation, and the 2004 Athens Olympics. Fishel and Gardner have co-authored all the books in the LogoLounge series.

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Rockport Spring 2011 Catalogue  

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