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Quattro Books Fall 2012

Quattro Books presents a borderless, post-national literature, unafraid of breaking the taboos surrounding origin; we are interested in powerful, meaningful writing regardless of its linguistic, cultural or national background, in the process contributing to a community that embodies the multiplicity, excitement, and future directions of contemporary Canada.

The Rules of the Game Ludwig Zeller

Poetry | 150 pages | $16.95

The Rules of the Game reintroduces Ludwig Zeller, the great Chilean Canadian “poet’s poet,” through an enthralling selection of his most engaging works. These short poems span a development of almost sixty years. They are Zeller’s brief songs of eroticism and love, adventure and nostalgia, youthful ardor and the sorrow of age, sorrow and undying hope. They give the reader a great poet’s door into the riches of surrealism, European romanticism, and the age-old Spanish lyric tradition. These vibrant translations of Ludwig Zeller’s smaller pieces are by Griffin Award winning poet A.F. Moritz.

ISBN # 978-1-927443-19-4

Born in 1927 in Río Loa in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, Ludwig Zeller immigrated to Canada in 1971. His immense oeuvre includes some fifty collections of poetry, collages collections, fiction and criticism. His literature has been published in the original Spanish and in translation in many languages, and his collages have been exhibited internationally.

Tea with the Tiger Nathan Unsworth

Fiction | 120 pages | $14.95

Set in an AIDS hospital in an undisclosed African nation, Tea with the Tiger concerns itself with medicine and ethics. The novel explores the corrupt alliance between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry in developing countries. The book is narrated by a young schizophrenic orderly who not only battles his own inner demons, but also the “medical” demons surrounding him. A tense and gripping tale, this story blows the whistle on the use of AIDS patients as experimental guinea pigs.

Nathan Unsworth was born in Edmonton, Alberta and lived there until he was 5. He then moved with his family to Southern Ontario where his father took up the position as a pastor of a church in Selkirk. Nathan is a full-time writer. Tea with the Tiger is his first published novel. ISBN # 978-1-927443-05-7

The Proxy Bride Terri Favro

Fiction | 120 pages | $14.95

In Niagara of the 1960s, a mysterious proxy bride arrives from Italy to marry a candy shop owner with crime connections, only to fall in love with her proxy husband’s teenaged son. Part fairy tale, part gritty realism, The Proxy Bride explores the underbelly of a southern Ontario community steeped in gambling, smuggling and pornography. Terri Favro’s The Proxy Bride is a brilliantly constructed tale of innocence versus wickedness.

ISBN # 978-1-927443-06-4

Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario and living in Toronto, Terri Favro writes fiction, creative non-fiction and articles that have appeared in Prism, Geist, Grain, Accenti, Riddle Fence and MORE, among others. In 2010, she was selected as an Emerging Toronto Writer by the Diaspora Dialogues mentorship program. Her short story “A Shout From God” appears in the 2011 anthology TOK: Writing the New Toronto. Favro has been shortlisted three times for the CBC Literary Awards.

Abundance of the Infinite Christopher Canniff

Fiction | 120 pages | $14.95

Tormented by his wife’s decision to abort their child, a psychologist travels to a small coastal fishing town in South America to distance himself from the situation. It is the same town where his father once stayed after abandoning his family. There, he discovers many unsettling truths about himself and his family. Abundance of the Infinite is a book about the redemptive power of dreams.

Christopher Canniff mentored with MG Vassanji and David Adams Richards. He published in Descant, shortlisted in the Matrix Litpop Awards and the Ken Klonsky Novella Contest, and sold scripts to the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas. He won a short novel contest with LWOT Magazine and published in an anthology with Tightrope Books. He wrote travel articles for WorldTeach, an organization based at the Harvard Institute for International Development for which he worked.

ISBN # 978-1-927443-07-1

Night-Eater Patricia Young

Poetry | 64 pages | $14.95

Sharp and strong as steel blades, the poems in Night-Eater fuse eerie beauty with gleaming wit, and strangeness with tenderness. In showing the intersection of the mundane and the domestic with the uncouth and uncanny, the author again lives up to such praises as “an artist … whose sensitivity to language is characteristic of the truly great in poetry” (R. W. Stedingh) and “Young moves in and out of time and worlds, never flagging or faltering and takes the reader with her” (Susan Musgrave). These are “poems to understand life by” (Rick Gibbs). A masterful and much-honoured poet at the peak of her powers.

ISBN # 978-1-927443-01-9

Patricia Young has published ten collections of poetry. Her awards include the B.C. Book Prize, the CBC Literary Award, the Pat Lowther Award, Arc’s Poem of the Year Award, the Confederation Poets Prize and the Bliss Carman Award. Airstream, her collection of short fiction, received the Metcalf-Rooke Award and was listed as one of the Globe and Mail’s best books of the year. She lives in Victoria, B.C.

Texas Claudio Gaudio

Fiction | 200 pages | $18.95

A diplomat is captured by supposed insurgents and is waiting in a room for his execution. Texas is a provocative story of death against the backdrop of ugly and uncompromising politics. It is also a meditation on empire, imperialism and American hegemony. The writing borrows heavily from philosophy and poetry. A book full of unique visions, written by a writer who has an ear for cadence.

Claudio Gaudio is a Toronto based writer born in Calabria, who studied literature and philosophy at York University. His work has been published in ELQ (Exile Literary Quarterly), and Rampike literary magazine. A portion of his novel Texas is being translated by Francesco Loriggio to be included in an anthology of Italian Canadian writers to be released in Calabria by Rubbettino Editore.

ISBN # 978-1-927443-09-5

Too Much Love Gianna Patriarca

Poetry | 80 pages | $14.95

Too Much Love is a powerful work that explores the author’s personal, political, and poetic life. This collection of poetry affirms that Love, flickering between darkness and light, is ultimately the reason for existence itself. Patriarca speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

ISBN # 978-1-927443-04-0

Gianna Patriarca’s publications include seven books of poetry and one children’s book. Her first collection, Italian Women and Other Tragedies, was runner-up to the Milton Acorn People’s Poetry Award and in 2009 was translated into Italian and launched at the university of Bologna and Naples. My Etruscan Face was short listed for the Bressani Literary Award in 2009. Her work has been extensively anthologized and has been adapted for Canada Stage Theater and for CBC radio drama.

nunami Barbara Landry

Poetry | 100 pages | $14.95

In this work Landry writes about the grandeur of the northern landscape, as well as everyday life in the Arctic. The poems trace the developing relationships with her Inuit hosts: friendship, family bonds, celebration, and loss are some of the themes she explores. Landry introduces Inuktitut into the writing and the Inuktitut syllabics create a stunning visual. This collection of poetry presents a thoughtful glimpse into the heart of Inuit culture.

Barbara Landry was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She grew up in Canada and studied piano and English literature at McGill University. She spent the next 10 years in Mexico, where she taught school-aged children music and English. Since returning to Canada she has been teaching ESL in Toronto. She is the author of two chapbooks: Love Letters (2005) and Heart-shaped Rock (2006) with Lyricalmyrical Press, and a full-length collection of poetry, This is How I Love You (2008) with Quattro Books.

ISBN # 978-1-927443-99-2

Fermata Dennison Smith

Poetry | 80 pages | $14.95

The poetry of Fermata, like the pause or hold in music which the word signifies, conjures the audible spaces between notes and the suspended moment. As the author puts it, this is “terse but lateral but lyrical writing.” Her words “are always on the threshold of becoming solid entities. In Fermata, the pitched sound, held indefinitely or paused indefinitely, is the mind feeling, the restless body, the migrations of geese or memory.”

ISBN # 978-1-927443-03-3

Dennison Smith lives in British Columbia and Norwich, England, where she is pursuing her PhD in Creative and Critical Writing. Her first novel, Scavenger, was published with Insomniac Press, Toronto. Her next novel, Eye of the Day, is coming out with Harper Collins Canada. She has received the Agnes Nixon Award for Playwriting, the Francis Lerner Award for Performance Literature, and the Stand International Short Story Award.

Teachers at their Best | Les Enseignants à leur meilleur Dr. Gina Valle

Non-Fiction | 300 pages | $24.95

This dual language book gives us an in-depth look at what is happening in diverse classrooms in Canada, and how teachers are making a difference in their students’ lives. More than thirty powerful vignettes take us into the hearts and minds of exemplary educators, as they share their values, convictions, wisdom and knowledge in the classroom and beyond. Truly refreshing in scope, Teachers at their Best/ Les enseignants à leur meilleur is inspirational to anyone who is an educator, student or parent committed to diversity in Canada. Dr. Valle’s work encourages people to think outside the box – and challenge the status quo. Gina Valle is the curator of the photo exhibit Legacies, which, apart from Canada, has also been showcased in Asia and Europe. She is the editor of the book Our Grandmothers Ourselves, now in its third printing, which examines family and aging from twenty different cultures. Dr. Valle’s PhD work was in Teacher Education and Multicultural Studies from OISE/UT. She is the producer and director of the documentary The Last Rite which examines the way in which Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims prepare for death.

ISBN # 978-1-927443-08-8

parterre Elías Carlo

Poetry | 80 pages | $14.95

Much as it is defined as a garden patterned according to patterns of flowers, colours, or other sensory effects, the formalist quality of parterre becomes the garden proper. Conceived more as a “curated” experience, Elías Carlo’s parterre is divided into three sections, which explore spatial relationships as they merge or distance themselves with tonalities of voice, themes, and other poetic approaches of its author.

Mexican poet Elías Carlo was born in Monterrey in 1975. His first poetry collection Para terminar la ausencia was published in 2003. His work has appeared in literary journals and was selected for Diez y nota: Selección juvenil, an anthology of young poets from Jalisco (2010) ISBN # 978-1-927443-22-4

Little Empires Robert Colman

Poetry | 72 pages | $14.95

Through the rapidly altered perspectives of romantic relationship and the demands of economic recession, Little Empires pursues what it means to own your changing landscape. In a deft and pithy, elegantly nuanced and urbane style, Robert Colman charts awareness within our fragmenting society, where ‘tweets’ drown the present tense, and “purpose” loses its hold on sense. Out of it all comes an enriched appreciation of human connection.

Robert Colman is a writer and editor based in Newmarket, Ontario, whose work has been published in literary magazines across Canada. His first fulllength collection of poems, The Delicate Line (Exile Editions, 2009), was nominated for the ReLit Award. ISBN # 978-1-927443-02-6

Painting Circles | Pintando circulos Luciano Iacobelli

Poetry | 100 pages | $14.95

Painting Circles/Pintando circulos is a tightly written book of poems that knits together an assortment of dark subjects: loss of innocence, loss of God and faith, death and oblivion. The book outlines a process of redemption that is initiated with the poet’s embrace of the void. Filling his spiritual canvas with circles, submerging his eyes in an acid bath of zeroes, he cleans his vision. Directing his thoughts to elemental things such as light, sound, water, night; by dismantling, and then reconstructing them, the poet remakes himself and the world. These poetic gems are masterfully translated into Spanish by Julio César Aguilar

Luciano Iacobelli is the author of The Book of Disorders (Quattro Books 2011), The Angel Notebook (Seraphim Editions 2007), seven poetry chapbooks, and two full length plays, The Porch and Byrdbrain. He is also the publisher, editor and designer of Lyricalmyrical Press. ISBN # 978-1-927443-70-1



Contre Dieu | Against God


One False Move

Patrick Senécal

Tim Conley

ISBN # 978-1-926802-78-7

ISBN # 978-1-926802-76-3

Something Small to Carry Home

Romancing the Buzzard Leah Murray

Isa Milman ISBN # 978-1-926802-94-7

ISBN # 978-1-926802-92-3

Where the Terror Lies

The Lebanese Dishwasher

Chantel Lavoie

Sonia Saikaley ISBN # 978-1-926802-82-4

ISBN # 978-1-926802-74-9

Life Without


Ken Klonsky

A Certain Grace

ISBN # 978-1-926802-86-2

Binnie Brennan ISBN # 978-1-926802-84-8

Immigrant Songs:The Poems, Fiction and Letters of Rosario D ’Agostino Collected, Edited and with an Introduction by Antonino Mazza Rosario D’Agostino ISBN # 978-1-926802-90-9

Bravo! A Selection of Prose and Poetry by Italian Canadian Writers Caroline Di Giovanni, Editor ISBN # 978-1-926802-88-6

NON-FICTION Nevermore: A Book of Hours David Day ISBN # 978-1-926802-68-8


Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously Mark Frutkin ISBN # 978-1-926802-96-1

QUATTRO FICTION The Ballad of Martin B. by Michael Mirolla ISBN # 9781926802534 Mahler’s Lament by Deborah Kirshner ISBN # 9781926802619 Surrender by Peter Learn ISBN # 9781926802510 Constance, Across by Richard Cumyn ISBN # 9781926802596 In the Mind’s Eye by Barbara Ponomareff ISBN # 9781926802497 Tobacco Wars by Paul Seesequasis ISBN # 9781926802121 Gaze by Keith Cadieux ISBN # 9781926802107 The Sea by Amela Marin ISBN # 9781926802091









The Panic Button by Koom Kankesan ISBN # 9781926802305 $16.95 Grace by Vanessa Smith ISBN # 9781926802268 $16.95 Break Me by Tom Reynolds ISBN # 9781926802329 $16.95 Shrinking Violets by Heidi Greco ISBN # 9781926802367 $16.95 Real Gone by Jim Christy ISBN # 9781926802015 $16.95 The Adventures of Micah Mushmelon by Michael Wex ISBN # 9781926802628 $16.95 Retina Green by Reinhard Filter ISBN # 9781926802114 $16.95 A Gardener on the Moon by Carole Giangrande ISBN # 9781926802053 $16.95

Good Evening, Central Laundromat by Jason Heroux ISBN # 9781926802046 $16.95 Of All the Ways To Die by Brenda Niskala ISBN # 9780981018669 $16.95 The Cousin by John Calabro ISBN # 9780981018638 $16.95 Harbour View by Binnie Brennan ISBN # 9780981018645 $16.95 The Extraordinary Event of Pia H. by Nicola Vulpe ISBN # 9780981018607 $18.95 A Pleasant Vertigo by Egidio Coccimiglio ISBN # 9780981018652 $14.95 Wit in Love by Sky Gilbert ISBN # 9780978280666 $16.95 Room Tone by Gale Zoë Garnett ISBN # 9780978280611 $16.95

Interstellar by Allan Briesmaster ISBN # 9780978280604 $16.95 hold the note by Domenico Capilongo ISBN # 9781926802084 $16.95 syrinx and systole by Matthew Remski ISBN # 9781926802077 $16.95 Sew Him Up by Beatriz Hausner ISBN # 9781926802022 $16.95 Psychic Geographies and Other Topics by Gregory Betts ISBN # 9781926802008 $16.95 The Sylvia Hotel Poems by George Fetherling ISBN # 9780981018690 $15.95 Ten Thousand Miles Between Us by Rocco de Giacomo ISBN # 9780981018676 $16.95 A River at Night by Paul Zemokhol ISBN # 9780981018614 $16.95

This Is How I Love You by Barbara Landry ISBN # 9780978280680 $15.95 Looking at Renaissance Paintings by Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni ISBN # 9780978280680 $15.95 The Hawk by Rob Rolfe ISBN # 9780978280673 $15.95 My Etruscan Face by Gianna Patriarca ISBN # 9780978280635 $16.95 Garden Variety Edited by Lily Contento ISBN # 9780978280642 $16.95 MIC CHECK Edited by David Silverberg ISBN # 9780978280659 $16.95 Evidence by Samuel Andreyev ISBN # 9780981018683 $16.95

QUATTRO POETRY Without Blue by Chris D’Iorio ISBN # 9781926802558 When the Earth by Lisa Young ISBN # 9781926802633 jumping in the asylum by Patrick Friesen ISBN # 9781926802572 And tell tulip the summer by Allan Graubard ISBN # 9781926802640 Rough Wilderness by Rosemary Aubert ISBN # 9781926802411 Saugeen by Rob Rolfe ISBN # 9781926802398 Book of Disorders by Luciano Iacobelli ISBN # 9781926802282 Strong Bread by Giovanna Riccio ISBN # 9781926802343









FOURFRONT EDITIONS Rain Dance Art by Viktor Mitic ISBN # 9781926802664


Behind the Whip: Dominatrix Art Photography by Maria Coletsis ISBN # 9781926802381 $40.00



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