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FM sector’s concern post-Brexit The latest research from Sheffield Hallam University has revealed substantial concern about the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. The fourth FM sector survey, which was sponsored by strategic exterior maintenance services company GRITIT, and FM service provider Servest Group, focused on service delivery models, client/ provider relationships, and outsourcing trends. When asked what they considered to be the FM game changers in the next five years, changes in legislation as a result of Brexit was mentioned as a key issue. Other potential game changers are: • The use of technology in terms of improving the delivery of services and transparency, specifically, the Internet of Things, robotics, software programmes, and ‘uberisation’ through apps. • Big data and analytics, specifically being able to link data to decision making to improve productivity and service quality. • Culture change - changing attitudes towards working/workplace resulting in changes in how people work and communicate - be it through technology or changes to the built environment as people become less reliant on attending offices or more willing to share space. • Cost - increased competition, buyers’ reduced budgets, and service users’ high expec-

tations, new legislation as a result of Brexit, and the Living Wage increasing costs. The research also revealed that the overall trend towards outsourcing continues unabated, with those who outsource doing so to a much greater degree - 69% now outsource more than 50% of their FM services. This trend is more prevalent in the private than public and third sectors. However, many clients are still taking a shortterm approach to their relationships with their FM partners. Around half said they would re-tender and rescope their current facilities contracts when they reached the end of their term. Over the next five years, demand for TFM, bundled, and integrated forms of service delivery is perceived to increase, while single services will decrease. Outsourcing objectives are broadly similar now as they were three years ago - financial savings, better technical expertise, buying efficiencies, and access to best practice -

but service providers are getting better at meeting their clients’ objectives the research revealed. Communication, working together as a team, and better alignment of strategies and plans are the top areas both end-users, service providers, and FM consultants feel buyers need to improve to better their outsourcing efforts - similar to three years ago. But there are differences between the groups. Those bidding for services (45%) feel there is less room for improvement regarding initial request for proposals and briefings than responding to the tenders (58%). Conversely, more endusers feel there is room for improvement regarding KPIs and reporting (60% vs 48%) and service level agreements (64% vs 46%) than service providers and FM consultants combined. The sector is innovating to a greater degree than in 2013. More than 60% of organisations innovate now compared

to 42% three years ago. But innovation is seldom made a requirement in service delivery using accountable methods such as contract terms (15%) or SLAs (22%). GRITIT and Servest Group commissioned the research from Sheffield Hallam University. It was undertaken during a three-week period in April 2016. An online survey was distributed through i-FM, by Sheffield Hallam’s Centre for Facilities Management Development at Sheffield Business School, and through GRITIT and Servest’s client networks. In total, 368 individuals responded to the survey, substantially more than in 2013. “This research provides invaluable insight into the state of the FM nation,” said Rob Legge, group chief executive officer at Servest Group. “It demonstrates the key concerns of both clients and suppliers and demonstrates that while the two sides are working closer together than ever before, there is clearly more work to be done on both sides.” Jason Petsch, chief executive officer at GRITIT, added: “As a service provider with data at its heart, we are delighted to see big data being considered as a major game changer for the FM sector. The research forecasts that the next five years will see a major change in the sector and we look forward to being a key part of that.” l AUGUST 2016 l C&M l 3

 Industry News

More transparency required to support disinfectant claims Genesis Biosciences is calling for more transparency in the testing protocols that antimicrobial product suppliers use to support disinfectant claims. There are many European standards already in place, with the most important being BS EN 14885:2015 (‘Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Application of European Standards for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics’). This standard outlines that all disinfectants should be tested using a three phase method, where each successive phase simulates in-use conditions more closely. Phase one methods are very simple tests generally used to screen for effectiveness of potential disinfectant active ingredients. Phase two methods are further divided into step one and step two, which cover suspension tests and carrier tests for aqueous applications and hard surfaces respectively. Phase three are field tests that represents the real-life conditions that the antimicrobial formulation will be used in. The field test is run over a number of weeks to confirm that the product is effective at reducing pathogen levels, and it is only after such testing that a disinfectant’s true capabilities can be assessed. Each individual European disinfectant testing standard is identified by mention of the phase within its title, showing where it fits in the testing hierarchy. For example, the very popular BS EN 1276:2009 is a quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics and is a phase 2, step 1 method which, if used in isolation, may be suitable for claims for products applied in an aqueous system. Instead of following EN 14885, many manufacturers in the washroom hygiene sector in particular rely on data from one test method, and often not one which reflects the performance of the product in the actual application. Manufacturers rely on the lack of awareness from end users about testing methods and also the lack of control of efficacy claims in the UK during the transition to the EU wide Biocidal Products Regulations. The role of a disinfectant is to reduce the levels of

Disposables UK renamed as Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd Effective July 2016, the Disposables UK name will disappear and the company will trade as Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd. The experienced merger and acquisition management team at Northwood has ensured that customer requirements have taken priority, so any service disruption during the changeover has been minimal. Paul Mulready, marketing manager at Northwood Hygiene Products, said: “This acquisition always looked to be a good fit and over the last year it has proved to be an excellent one. The additional reach and resource will benefit our customers and we all look forward to partnering our continued growth in the AfH sector under the new corporate name.”

Dr Phil Caunt, research and development specialist at Genesis Biosciences. and the company is now callpathogens so that diseases ing on other antimicrobial and infections cannot manisuppliers to prove its disinfest, however the number of fectant claims. antimicrobial products being Dr Phil Caunt, research sold on the market that lack and development specialist scientific data to support disat Genesis Biosciences, said: infectant claims raises seri“We believe that every anous concerns about timicrobial disinfectant curend-user protection in washrently being sold within the room facilities. washroom industry should Through its Biosan antimipass the EN 14885 threecrobial product range, Genephase testing period. A thorsis Biosciences provides ough testing approach protection to users of washprovides a full-set of scienrooms and feminine hygiene tifically verified data which units through patented creates transparency within ‘vapour technology’ based on the market. When it comes a natural ingredient. The to washroom user protection company’s antimicrobial there cannot be short-cuts. products are thoroughly Choosing to use cheaper antested using methods from all timicrobial products that three phases of the EN14885 lack scientific results can put process. This ensures the end-users at risk of infecproducts’ disinfectant claims tion. Quite simply, if suppliare scientifically verified with ers cannot provide accurate, detailed test results. transparent data then there By following the EN 14885 should be big questions three-phase testing process, against the disinfectant efGenesis Biosciences can fectiveness.” prove with absolute certainty www. that its products provide tection to washroom users,

Kingdom acquires Ocean Kingdom has announced that it acquired Luton based Ocean, an integrated facilities management services provider, in June. Ocean has extensive experience of both public sector and private sector organisations. Its client base includes some of the largest purchasers of FM services in the country, ranging from global business brands and city firms in the private sector to local authorities, non-departmental public bodies, and educational facilities in the public sector. The business was established over 40 years ago and has been run by John Bullivant for over 20 years with the primary goal of offering high quality cleaning and other services with a personal, hands-on approach. It now has a £20 million turnover, three offices across the UK, and 2200 staff. The acquisition continues the expansion of Kingdom to a £105 million turnover and 5600 people. Terry Barton, chief executive of Kingdom, said: “I welcome John and his team into Kingdom. This strengthens Kingdom’s services in facilities management and will enable Kingdom to grow further in the coming years. With this acquisition, plus our relocation in coming weeks to enviable new head offices and the launch of Kingdom India, it is extremely exciting times ahead for Kingdom with what is already a great success story. The exciting journey of Kingdom continues at full speed.”

4 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

First UK local authority receives CIMS certification Dianna Steinbach, director (Europe, Middle East, Africa) services at the ISSA, flew in from Germany recently to present the elected Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, with the CIMS certificate awarded to Metro Clean, part of Doncaster Council. This makes Doncaster the first local authority outside North America to become a CIMS certified organisation. ISSA CIMS certification

was granted to Metro Clean following a comprehensive assessment of its management structure and operations by an independent accredited CIMS assessor. Metro Clean had successfully demonstrated a commitment to the delivery of consistent, quality services designed to meet customer needs and expectations throughout Doncaster.

Cleaning company expansion creates jobs

Left to right: Capital Cleaning’s owner, Moreland McDiarmid, with Ingeus employment advisor Lisa Efe and new recruit Robert Reid. A team of 12 previously long-term unemployed workers are now embarking on new careers thanks to the expansion of a West Lothian commercial cleaning company. Capital Cleaning Service partnered with employment specialist Ingeus in Livingston to give fresh starts to a dozen local unemployed jobseekers at one of its client’s new distribution centres. The employees are now busy working as part of a cleaning team keeping the warehouse, chilled units, and staff areas clean and tidy. The privately run firm, which operates across the central belt of Scotland, prides itself on giving opportunities to local unemployed people and called on Ingeus’s services when looking for staff for its latest contract win. With a talented pool of work-ready, enthusiastic jobseekers at hand, Ingeus was able to prepare candidates, set up interviews at its Almondview Business Park offices, and quickly provide a crack cleaning team for Capital Cleaning’s owner, Moreland McDiarmid. He said: “Enthusiasm and aptitude for our work is much more important than direct experience and I have been hugely impressed with the calibre of people Ingeus has encouraged to apply. I needed to recruit quickly and effectively and Ingeus saved me valuable time, expense and hassle.”

 Industry News

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Best practice: it’s all in the methodology and the management

First BICSc roadshows are a hit The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) has recently launched a series of educational roadshows for cleaning professionals and businesses, which are touring the UK throughout 2016. The inaugural roadshow took place in May at Sealed Air Diversey Care in Northampton. This was followed in June by the second event which took place in Canary Wharf, London at KPMG’s headquarters. Both events were a success and received positive feedback. David Hughes, who attended the Northampton roadshow, said: “My colleague and I thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially the ‘Who’s hitching a free ride?’ presentation delivered by Ken Hallett. It was very relevant to our workplace and we have already put many of the learnings in to action.” The roadshows are a good opportunity for BICSc members and industry professionals to learn more about

the cleaning industry from key speakers as well as share inspiration from peers over a networking lunch. Joanna Begg, customer support manager at BICSc, organiser of the events, said: “We wanted all of our attendees to feel inspired and to be able to take away some actionable insights that they could use to support their own business or career, and judging by the feedback we have received so far we feel this was certainly achieved. We are very excited for our next few roadshows and hope to see many more of our BICSc members and training centres there.”

The latest roadshow took place in Belfast in July. This was the first time BICSc has travelled to Ireland as a team. The roadshows are free to attend for all BICSc members, and £15 for non-members. They feature industry expert speakers from KPMG small business accounting, BICSc, Environmental Excellence Education, and Citation. Upcoming roadshows: • 24 August: Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester. • 5 October: University of the West of Scotland, Paisley. • 3 November: Tortworth Court Hotel, near Bristol.

Bunzl blog reveals operator top concerns Cleaning products and cleaning solutions are the top concern for catering and hospitality operators, according to key words searched on Innovate, the blog from Bunzl Catering Supplies. The news comes on the back of stats from Tork, a brand of SCA Hygiene Products, that revealed seven out of 10 UK respondents had advised a friend not to visit a restaurant following an experience of ‘poor cleanliness and hygiene in the dining area’. The growing requirement for ‘free from’ product labelling is another key area of interest for operators visiting the Innovate blog, which recently celebrated its first anniversary. Originally launched in 2015, the online platform has received over 2000 page views in the last month alone. Further key words identified

by Innovate are ‘allergen’, demonstrating the growing concerns amongst operators for keeping their customers safe, and ‘compostable,’ signifying the growing numbers of operator’s in search of sustainable solutions. To further validate the evidence that cleaning products and cleaning solutions are a concern to operators, the most visited page on the blog has been the Innovate guide to safety data sheets for cleaning chemicals. Paul Willcocks, director, exclusive brands, Bunzl Catering Supplies,

6 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

said: “It is clear that cleaning and hygiene practices are the foremost concern for hospitality operators. We are proud that Innovate has been a constant source of insight for operators as they look to learn best practice in cleaning and hygiene processes. At Innovate’s launch we invited 40 of our key suppliers to regularly contribute content for the blog. Since then we have had amazing insight from our partners including SCA, Huhtamaki, and Colpac, and we have even more lined up for the year ahead. This support has seen the platform become a go-to destination for catering and hospitality operators in search of insight and news to drive efficiencies, safety, and CSR policies within their businesses.” www.innovate.

Matt Baines is learning and development manager at Jigsaw Cleaning Systems. Here, in his regular column, he talks about best practice in cleaning.

Best practice is one of those terms which is so frequently misused it has lost definition. In my experience the question ‘what is best practice?’ usually provokes little more than a blank expression in return. When delivering training on this subject I define best practice as a technique or method which, through experience and research, consistently delivers superior results to those achieved by other means - in other words, the best way to do it. In commercial cleaning, best practice for me revolves around two key areas: cleaning methodology and equipment management. Where cleaning methodology is concerned, a few key elements to consider are: cleaning to maintain safe levels of bacteria; working to prevent cross contamination; changing cleaning solutions when soiled; and using equipment effectively. When it comes to removing or reducing bacteria, impacting on the elements bacteria require in order to thrive is critical: removing the food source by cleaning effectively with the right equipment (microfibre and Masslinn systems, for example) and drying surfaces to remove residual moisture are two common practices. The two most effective ways to prevent cross contamination are colour coding and cleaning from clean to dirty. Assigning different colours to the equipment used to clean in different areas of a premises prevents bacteria being transferred from one to another whilst cleaning from clean to dirty areas ensures that bacteria are removed at source and not transferred from dirty surfaces to clean ones. It’s also very important to change cleaning solution once soiled. Any cleaning solution is only capable of holding so much soil and once this threshold has been reached dirt and bacteria can no longer be removed and cleaning ceases. Using equipment in a way which makes the most of its capabilities and the investment made in it is imperative. For example, folding cleaning cloths into four and refolding when one side becomes soiled rather than scrunching them up provides eight cleaning sides and ensures maximum use, and cutting in around the edges of a room when mopping allows for dirt to be collected and removed and not pushed up to skirting boards and into corners. Finally, when managing equipment, it is important to make sure all equipment is clean, regularly safety checked (Portable Appliance Tested), and stored safely and securely. Best practice is achievable but the thing which underpins it all is training. A cleaning operative cannot know all of the above, and more, without training. The service providers who believe in best practice and are prepared to invest in it are also the ones with a structured training programme in place who reap the rewards.

 Industry News

British Institute of Cleaning Science

Standards and harmonisation Stan Atkins, CEO of BICSc, reports.

People LCC Support Services has filled two top positions to strengthen its management team and drive the business forward. Gerry Askew has joined as commercial director and Phil Smith as sales and marketing director. Bob Vincent, who remains executive chairman, said: “The business is already well over £20 million and on target for £30 million. We are building an alternative to the very large cleaning contractors, so we need highly qualified and experienced directors for key responsibilities.”

In the light of the recent Brexit referendum result, we are reprinting Stan’s article from June 2015. During the general election campaign, Paddy Ashdown for one said: “If that happened, I would eat my hat.” In November last year a single hat was sold for 1.9 million Euros. That much for a hat! What is so special about it? The answer is the head that this hat crowned. Britain's most famous general once declared: "His hat upon the field of battle is worth 40,000 men." The man is, of course, Napoleon Bonaparte. As we near the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s final defeat at Waterloo it seems an opportune moment to review the amazing contribution his legacy has made to the history of the world. The most marked, of course, is Britain's relationship with Europe, which as it turns out is also topical. The 1st French Empire united continental Europe, leaving Britain somewhat separated from the continent. This role has become so engrained in our national identity that it has persisted into the modern age. However, the divide is not just psychological. As Napoleon gained control of more and more of Europe he exported the ideas of the French Revolution and Enlightenment, leading to the standardisation of the following: • Europe's road network (this is why on the continent you drive on the right). • The creation of state sponsored education, universal rights. • Measurements of time and space. Just consider that in nearly the same amount of time it has taken to bring the majority of Europe over to a single currency, Napoleon delivered standardised measurement (metric measurements), constitutional government (in one form or another), and the concept of European unity. How much more difficult would it have been to create and administer the EU had Napoleon not laid the groundwork? Britain, of course, saw few of these changes and to this day remains outside the standardised European model. Napoleon’s standardisation survived the fall of his empire. The practicality of much of the system he imposed was, after all, undeniable even if the man himself was a flawed and a controversial figure. For a man so often described by his critics as a tyrant it is interesting to note that he was always careful to frame his kingly powers within the context of a written constitution - in fact much of the legal code he created is still the basis of French law to this day. Of course Napoleon ultimately failed in his dream of a united Europe and he would die - almost certainly poisoned - whilst being imprisoned on the remote island of St. Helena. As standards and harmonisation become more important across the world even the French accepted at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, somewhat reluctantly, that English is the universal language of film, business and, of course, the Internet. I wonder if lessons could not be learnt for the cleaning industry, its institutes and associations? Although eggs are still sold by the dozen across Europe! 8 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

Robert Urquhart, a member of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, received a Livery Companies’ City & Guilds Award from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace recently. The award is given in recognition of ‘outstanding achievement’ as a City & Guilds of London Institute learner or tutor. Robert Urquhart has been instrumental in setting up and running the cleaning workshops at HMP Rochester, Kent. He started work there 16 years ago when he was assigned to put together a cleaning qualification for offenders. Since then he has displayed enthusiasm and drive to do the best he possibly could for his learners and has never been deterred by any setbacks or barriers he has faced. Urquhart has now developed the course he delivers from the British Institute of Cleaning Science qualification to the City & Guilds NVQ level 2 in cleaning and support services. He has gained his assessors qualification and teaching qualification in both courses.

branch supplier award on behalf of Duplex. Northern business development manager, Mike Conroy, also scooped the AHCP lifetime achievement award.

Mike Conroy and Barry Wilmot. The AHCP represents managers involved in all aspects of healthcare cleaning in all public and private sector services with members drawn from many fields. It assists in the development of standards and protocols used by the NHS and the UK Department of Health. Facilicom UK has appointed Danny Keen as its new corporate solutions director. He will help to strengthen the Facilicom commercial team as it goes through a period of sustained growth.

Bob Vincent (right) with Gerry Askew and Phil Smith. Gerry Askew started his career as a security guard on £2 an hour, working up to FM director of SGP, now Bellrock. He was in-house facilities manager for TV AM for 10 years, and then spent four years at MTV. He said: “In an industry where the big boys are constantly getting bigger, the continued existence of smaller, high quality independent service providers is critical to ensure real viable choice.” Phil Smith started his career in sales for Rentokil Initial and was divisional director for Syra Business Services (now Cordant). He was commercial director for Indigo Services and continued after the Failcom acquisition as a director working closely with the largest global FM groups. He is a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, a member of BICSc and the BIFM, and a founder of The Hill Club. He said: “I am very excited at joining LCC. It is a business with a big reputation for all the things I believe in - quality, service, customer care, training, and fair pay. I am looking forward to raising sales for this top team.”

Robert Urquhart receives his award from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, with Philip Morrish, Master of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, in attendance. Urquhart has built a good working partnership with prison staff and heads of departments to ensure learners have access to clean different areas and types of surfaces to meet the course criteria. His work aims to give course participants the best opportunities once they have been released from prison. The variety of cleaning courses on offer at the prison lay the foundations for learners to enter the cleaning industry qualified with sufficient work experience to gain employment. Duplex Cleaning Machines has announced that, at the recent Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals annual awards dinner, southern business development manager, Barry Wilmot, won the individual

Danny Keen. Keen moves to Facilicom from TC Facilities Management where he was business development director. He has over 20 years’ experience in the cleaning and security industries in operations and sales. His primary role will be to develop relationships with Facilicom’s key FM customers. Geoff Pinkney has been appointed new sales representative at Malton Plastics Ltd and is tasked with developing the business. Primarily this will be within the floorcare division, but he will also be active in bringing new business for the plastic injection moulding and gardening divisions. Pinkney, a graphic designer by profession, has over 20 years sales experience working within a number of B2B sectors including design and marketing, home improvements, and automotive.


With over 30 years’ experience, Vax Commercial are experts in carpet cleaning. Suitable for all environments from leisure and hospitality to healthcare or the public sector, Vax Commercial carpet washers have the power to hit tough dirt head on. If you need to spot clean, a thorough everyday clean or an unbeatable deep clean*, Vax Commercial has the perfect solution for brilliantly clean carpets. *VCW-06 vs leading comparable commercial carpet cleaners.


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 Face to Face

Face to Face with Craig McKay, Kärcher’s director for professional sales and marketing.

• What benefits will the relocation to a new, purpose-built facility bring to the UK operation? We’re excited to be moving into our new headquarters this autumn. It’s been a long time in the planning and, as the new site includes a Kärcher Center shop, a large Academy for customer and employee training, and - in phase two - a Wash Center for the public, the move will make a difference to our staff, customers, and the local community alike. When Kärcher launched in the UK back in the 1970s the world was a very different place, James Callaghan was prime minister, you could buy a house for £13,000, and our famous domestic range was still a decade away. We were, from the outset, a commercial and industrial supplier. While we’ve extensively remodelled our current site to move with the times, and introduced our industry-leading Academy almost a decade ago, the new site is almost double the size of our existing premises, so will undoubtedly be a very different environment. Inside, the building is light, airy and energy efficient with space for future expansion. • Will training - and the provision of a dedicated Academy - still be a priority at the new premises? Absolutely! The Kärcher Academy, through its certified training courses, and Kärcher Center Banbury, through informal advice and support, will each serve to help better acquaint visitors with smarter, greener, and more efficient cleaning practice. The Kärcher Academy concept is a market-leading training facility for customers, distributors, and employees. Tripling the size of the current Academy will enable the further development of our training portfolio, in particular to accommodate the larger floorcare and municipal machines within our expanding product range and specialist industrial solutions like ice blasting, ultra high pressure, and industrial vacuums. Moreover, the new facility will enable yearround indoor training if the weather dictates, allowing more users than ever to access our unique blend of theory and practical learning delivered by our onsite expert team. • How is the UK professional market developing, particularly in terms of your ‘Kärcher Center’ approach? Bucking the Internet order trend, we believe that selling effective cleaning solutions requires application-specific knowhow that should be shared with customers face-to-face to help them make informed, sustainable purchase decisions. And that’s why we sell the way we do, providing free site surveys, demos and advice rather than trying to ‘box shift’. The Kärcher Center concept is designed to provide a one-stop-shop for customers, offering sales, service, advice, and practical 10 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

Craig McKay, Kärcher’s director for professional sales and marketing, leads the largest UK sales and support network in the industry.

Building success: a growing business demands a stateof-the-art new headquarters, retail space, and training academy.

learning for the entire Kärcher range - professional hot and cold pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, scrubber driers, carpet cleaners, and sweepers, plus task-specific accessories and detergents. • What product sectors are currently performing ahead of the others? Whereas Kärcher is famous worldwide for pressure washers, we are experiencing excellent growth with our floorcare products. The last two years have also seen significant increases in our municipal products. An interesting development has been the growth of solution selling, be it all-inclusive service and maintenance packages like our ‘Just Add Water’ scheme for scrubber driers, coupling our municipal vehicles with our excellent new ‘Park and City’ battery powered chainsaws and leaf blowers, or Kärcher Fleet, a telematics system that allows automated reporting, alerts, monitoring, and proactive maintenance to ensure optimised machine usage and free our customers from laborious information collation. Also, with our extensive team of Kärcher trained engineers, our service business has grown enormously, as has our hire business, in particular since our acquisition of Manchester-based Clean Sweep UK.

• Can you identify a few of the new products that are performing particularly well? The ease of use, simplicity of training, time saving, and error proofing features we’ve packed into our scrubber driers is beginning to mark them as a product of choice. I’m excited to see an increasing number of end users and FM service providers are stipulating their inclusion in contract negotiations. We’ve seen nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and leisure in particular adopting steam technology. Whilst steam generating vacuums (SGVs) are not completely new to the marketplace, our Kärcher SGVs are game changers. Innovative and practical Kärcher additions have made this much-needed product more efficient and user friendly, with certified hygiene credentials opening it up to a far wider range of uses. Elsewhere, our HDS Trailer is proving particularly popular in municipal, construction, and agricultural settings. This hot water pressure washer has on board fuel and water tanks enabling it to be used independently, anywhere, without the restrictions of mains electricity and water supply. Having such a wide machine portfolio and various different performance classes allows us to bring proven technology across from our other ranges, reducing the amount of parts needed and ensuring a high level of service. Bringing our expertise from mobile pressure washers to a trailerbased platform has raised the stakes completely, introducing simple but much needed changes in terms of noise reduction and fuel economy. Last but not least, it’s important to recognise service as a product. The major investment we’ve made in our team, hire portfolio, and digital solutions like Kärcher Fleet have had a massive impact on our transition from a product-based to solutions-based provider. Continued on Page 12.

And now there are Three!

Compact Professional Original Henry… the answer to 80% of professional cleaning in a single trusted brand. Same Power Same Performance Same “A” Energy Rating Same Long Life

Same Professional Accessories Same HepaFlo Bag Size Same Service Parts Same Warranty

...and Yes the Same Price for all three!

Numatic International Limited, Chard, Somerset. TA20 2GB Tel: 01460 68600 © Numatic International Limited 2016. :WLJPÄJH[PVUZ\IQLJ[[VJOHUNL^P[OV\[WYPVYUV[PJL


Everything you love about Henry... Great Britain n i e ad

 Face to Face

Continued from Page 10. • What impact is the demand for daytime cleaning, and enhanced battery technology, having on your product development strategy? Kärcher has always held the health and safety of operators, staff, and the general public at the forefront of our innovation. We believe safe, quiet, effective, and efficient can all coexist in one product - our hybrid T 9/1 tub and BV 5/1 backpack vacuums allow users to switch between battery or mains power as suits the task at hand. For larger areas, we developed our award-winning step-on vacuum, the CV 60/2 RS. The standing concept offers excellent visibility with amazing battery-powered productivity, yet is still small enough to fit in lifts and through standard doorways. Enhanced battery technology has opened up even large capacity scrubber driers for daytime cleaning use, where their quiet, cable-free ability to leave floors instantly dry virtually eliminates slip and trip hazards. Our range of daytime cleaning machines is designed to offer the best of both worlds - great performance to get the job done quickly, and low noise to reduce disruption and inconvenience. We continue to adapt even exiting successful products to include the latest R&D advances to ensure cleaning is safer, and daytime cleaning better suited to more applications, than ever before. • How are your customers’ environmental aspirations being met by Kärcher? As the world’s leading cleaning technology provider we’re rightly proud of our global reputation as a resource-conserving supplier. Environmental protection is evident in all aspects of our work, from saving energy and raw materials in manufacture to conserving power for the end user with eco!efficiency. We also provide advice, training, and support to those looking to improve the credentials of their cleaning processes and have newly launched an industry first: carbon neutral cleaning. Under the brand eco!zero, we’re offering our customers 100% cleaning with 100% carbon offset. The scheme makes no profit for Kärcher, but instead offsets all our CO2 emissions resulting from production. And our customers can opt to play their part too. For a small premium, they may choose to offset the CO2 emissions of their Kärcher scrubber drier fleet, making it climate-neutral for the entirety of its service life. The scheme is certified according to international standards and customers opting to participate receive a unique climate protection certificate. Thinking sustainably isn’t just morally right, it has financial benefits too. Available across the Kärcher range, our eco!efficiency mode ensures machines automatically operate at their most efficient level, noticeably reducing the consumption of energy, water, and cleaning agent as well as reducing wear and tear on materials and the machine, resulting in longer maintenance intervals, lower service costs, and longer lifetime. Water rates and disposal charges can represent a significant business expense. Kärcher water recovery systems can recycle up to 90% of the total water used, quickly paying for themselves. Our waterefficient design has earned all Kärcher steam cleaners, steam generating vacuums, and scrubber driers over 40 litres a place on the Government’s Water Technol12 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

Kärcher Center Banbury will be the UK’s flagship store, a one-stopshop for both domestic and commercial customers, offering sales, service, and advice, showcasing the entire Kärcher range. The latest in a national network of 17 existing Centers, it will be the UK’s third Kärcher owned, Kärcher operated Center after Bristol and Nottingham. The company aims to have 1000 Kärcher Centers operational across the globe by 2020.

ogy List. This means business purchasers are entitled to claim 100% first-year tax relief products under Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) [1]. When it comes to detergent, the most environmentally-friendly (and economical) way is not to use it at all - that’s the stance we took developing our steam cleaner and steam generating vacuums which all provide certified disinfection to kill 99.999% bacteria without chemicals [2]. We were the first in our field to be awarded ISO 40001 environmental certification and continue to design longevity, repairability, and recyclability into our products as standard whilst striving to make each new product ecologically superior to its predecessor. • In a fiercely competitive market how does Kärcher retain or improve its position in the market? Does it consider itself to be the market leader in the UK? Since 2010 we’ve adopted a ‘Target Market’ approach which has seen us forge even closer links and specialist expertise in different industry sectors, born of the desire to better serve our customers. This has had the added benefit of allowing us real insight into niche needs and helped us collaborate with our customers. Involving them in the specification, development, and preliminary trials of new product innovation ensures we deliver a solution that fully meets customer needs. When you demand such high performance and results, it is about the correct solution, not purely about competitiveness on upfront price. It has to be about lifecycle savings, offering the entire solution. This all starts with a site visit to assess and recommend the correct solution. In terms of our ability to be a one-stop-cleaning-shop, our complete portfolio, support network, and services - including fully installed engineered solutions for dust extraction, pressure washing, vehicle wash, and water reclamation - we are UK market leaders. When it comes to service, we know when a machine is delivered, that’s not the end of the sale - it’s purely another stage in our continuing relationship, ensuring the operators are using the machine correctly, and with advances such as Kärcher Fleet we can now monitor usage remotely to help advise customers how to further enhance productivity and prolong machine life. • Sale, lease or hire? How does Kärcher approach the differing business models currently being used by its competitors to grow market share? As consumers we’re used to next day delivery, try before you buy, hire purchase, all-

inclusive packages, and pay-as-you go. At Kärcher we believe businesses should be entitled to this flexibility too. For years, companies have leased their vehicles, IT equipment, and forklift trucks. Against that backdrop, many organisations are now making the same decision regarding their floorcare requirements. Because upfront capital expenditure on machine technology can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes, the convenience of hiring a machine just when you need it, without any of the headaches of maintenance, is surely an appealing solution. We’ve recently acquired Manchester-based Clean Sweep Hire who offer Kärcher cleaning machines for hire nationwide with next day delivery and full onsite training. When all companies are seeking productivity improvements throughout their business, being able to provide the best in cleaning productivity, but without the capital outlay, is an important, and growing, customer need. Providing a fully costed solution over a three year period makes a compelling business case, and a far easier budget justification. Our recently launched ‘Just Add Water’ campaign allows businesses to do exactly that. Designed especially for your premises, specific cleaning challenges, and usage requirements, this uniquely tailored package includes all consumables, detergents, and servicing at a fixed and transparent weekly cost - delivering complete peace of mind as well as outstanding cleaning results. • What is Kärcher’s strategy for development in the next three year period? What can we expect from the company during that time? By combining innovative mechanical technologies with digital management solutions, robotics, and flexible options for procurement and servicing we believe we’re on the cusp of a whole new level of affordability, accessibility, and visibility. Novel service and support solutions that place the obligation of spares, consumables, service, and operational uptime firmly on the shoulders of the equipment provider free up time, worry, and resource for the end user to focus upon the task of cleaning itself. Networking and digitalisation are impacting every area of our lives, changing our culture, society, and economy. At the recent ISSA/Interclean show we launched Connected Cleaning, bringing together our Fleet Management system and Eco!Manager software for tracking manual cleaning, in a single online Facility Management Services platform. The interest in digital services like fleet management is on the rise, and the ability to integrate smart building data gives us the opportunity to add value to our industry and to the work of building service contractors under pressure to deliver and pass on to their clients even more productivity over man-hours savings, without compromising performance. [1] Defra annually reviews the list of eligible water technologies and products, known as the Water Technology List (WTL): [2] Accordant to prEN 16615, PVC floor, Test-germ: Enterococcus hirae ATCC 10541 SG 4/4 (Floor nozzle with lamellae, 30 cm/sec., steam pressure maximum, VapoHydro minimum) SGV (floor nozzle, 30 cm/sec.,1.steam, 2.stem vacuum, level 3).


Teaming up at the Tower of London Nilfisk and Total Support Services have teamed up at one of the capital’s most iconic buildings, the Tower of London. The Tower, which was originally built as a fortress in 1078, was used as a prison from 1100, and now attracts more than two million visitors a year. The last prisoners to be incarcerated at the Tower were the famous Kray Twins in 1952. The Tower of London was a new contract win for Total Support Services in 2015, including cleaning, waste management, pest control, and hygiene services. Total Support Services sourced a Nilfisk City Ranger CR3500 outdoor machine from its longstanding supply partner, WB Floors Ltd, based in Croydon. The City Ranger CR3500 is used daily at the Tower for litter collection and gully clearing. The long vacuum hose is also used regularly to clear out litter from the lion pit, a pit that was used to house the lions but now lends itself to collecting general debris. Operations director at Total

Support Services, Danny Gostt, said: “We always use Nilfisk equipment on premier sites, the quality of the equipment and the reliability that brings is critical for us. Additionally, the support we get from WB Floors provides us with peace of mind. We trialled the smaller City Ranger initially but the vacuum power of the CR3500 and the ability to add snow and gritting attachments won us over. Personnel from The Historic Royal Palaces were heavily involved in the selection process and we are all very pleased with the machine’s performance. A fully comprehensive service contract fixes our costs for the three year term and ensures we have no unexpected peaks in expenditure.” The City Ranger 3500 is a four wheel drive, 51hp machine with an impressive 38km/h speed in transport and 20km/h in sweeping mode. The multi-functional City Ranger is one of a fleet of articulated outdoor machines that are easily adapted for a wide range of

functions. A full range of attachments provide for year round use including green maintenance, winter maintenance, and street cleansing. The attachments are quickly and easily changed in minutes, the hydraulic hoses connecting at the turn of a handle. Weed control, rotary and mulch mowing, lawn edging, hedge trimming, suction sweeping, snow plough, and salt and sand spreading can all be carried out by this range of machines. The versatile City Ranger 3500 is also ideal for street washing. The street flusher solution combines two attachments, a front mounted spray bar with nozzles that pivot up to 25 degrees, and a large water tank that is fitted to the back of the vehicle. The 1000 litre polyethylene tank provides for powerful high pressure washing of up to 40 bar and is aided by a 10 metre hand lance. Perfect for high traffic prestigious venues, its working width of 1700mm is built to work around the clock.

Three year healthcare FM contract G4S Facilities Management has secured a three year contract, worth £3.1 million per annum, to deliver FM services to Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Wellbeing Services. G4S FM will provide cleaning services at 41 sites in Bedford, Luton, and surrounding areas, plus catering services to 10 in-patient units, introducing housekeeping on wards to relieve pressure on nursing staff. Additional services include grounds and garden maintenance, pest control, portering, and courier services, as well as patrol and response and building opening and closing security services. The contract started in July, with a three-month transition period to embed all services. Up to 80 members of staff will TUPE across from incumbent suppliers. Peter Jones, MD, G4S FM UK and Ireland, said: “Extending our services with ELFT is testament to the strong partnership between our organisations and the fantastic work of our teams on the ground. I have every confidence we will continue to deliver an excellent level of service and further develop our relationship with the Trust.” John Wilkins, deputy chief executive and MD, Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Wellbeing Services, added: “It is critical we have the right partner organisations to ensure we provide our patients and staff with the best possible care at all times. One of our key objectives is to improve the quality of our community and in-patient services. The new contract with G4S FM will help support that goal.”

City window cleaning contract awarded Specialist Window Cleaning (SWC), part of Incentive FM Group, has been chosen to provide services at 41 Lothbury, which is managed by Cushman and Wakefield, in the heart of the City of London. Under the terms of the agreement SWC will be responsible for cleaning all the external windows of the seven floor serviced office building every other month, in addition to a six-month and annual deep clean. Due to the building retaining its traditional façade of the Grade II listed building and many of it original features, SWC will be using

a combination of window cleaning methods including the use of eye bolts to ensure that the small intricate windows are kept to a high standard of cleanliness. This will be supplemented by a team using a small internal and external cradle. All work will be undertaken at weekends to ensure that there is no disruption to the operation of the building. Anton Beck, building manager at 41 Lothbury, said: “This is a highly prestigious building which is home to some of the world’s leading businesses. It is extremely important that its stunning

façade is kept clean and, having worked with SWC previously, I am certain they will deliver the exceptional standards we require.” Gareth Thomas, operations director at SWC, said: “This is a complex operation which requires a range of window cleaning techniques to ensure that this beautiful Grade II listed building is kept looking its best at all times. Our proven experience in cleaning this type of property means that our skilled team is able to deliver high levels of cleanliness whilst driving down costs.” l AUGUST 2016 l C&M l 13

 British Cleaning Council

The impact of Brexit...and a profile on BACS

By Simon Hollingbery, chairman, British Cleaning Council. The EU referendum has become the defining political issue of our age, with consequences that will probably last a generation. Both major political parties are currently in a state of flux and there remains a huge amount of uncertainty in the economic and business forecasts. As many of you will know, the BCC decided from the outset to remain neutral on the referendum, and now we’re exiting the EU, our

stance is to go along with the will of the British people. However, the council will be keeping a close eye on developments with regard to how this might affect the UK cleaning industry, and will inform members if something comes to light they should be aware of. The key to successfully managing the Brexit issue will lay in the kind of trade deal the UK can negotiate with our ex EU partners, and how quickly an outline of the new agreements will emerge. Huge challenges lay ahead, but the cleaning industry is very adept at facing uncertainty head on and finding a way through. The recent recession is a case in point. The industry undoubtedly took a big hit in the period after the banking crash of 2008, but within a couple of years it was back on its feet, and in many instances doing even better than before. We have very strong links Contact details

14 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

to partners in Europe and these will be maintained whatever the outcome of the Brexit talks. It’s not only an important market, we rely on EU migrant labour to remain buoyant. In the meantime it’s very much business as usual. Britain is still part of the EU, and we can still work and travel freely throughout the continent. Likewise, EU nationals can travel and work here, and it’s important we remind them that they are very welcome, and that they form a very important part of the UK workforce. This month’s BCC member focus is BACS: The British Association for Chemical Specialities BACS is a trade association whose members operate in the speciality chemicals sector of the chemicals supply chain. The organisation has around 125 members, which range from multi-nationals to SMEs and sole traders,

and which include chemical manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, product formulators, distributors, retailers, and service providers. BACS provides members with a wide range of information to help them keep abreast of industry and regulatory developments as well as opportunities for networking at BACS meetings and events. It is a member of a wide range of organisations throughout Europe and seeks to represent the interests of its members by working to shape and mitigate the impact of legislation through engagement with the government, the wider chemical industry, and through involvement at European level. The association prides itself on providing cost-effective membership services, which include the opportunity to participate in the work of sector groups catering for the diversity of members' interests, access to a wide range of information, support on issues, a helpdesk

facility for any regulatory or technical queries, and a range of training courses. Recently BACS teamed up with fellow BCC member CHSA to host a conference on the impact of REACH for the cleaning supply chain. Distributors in the cleaning and hygiene sector gathered in the West Midlands to get answers to their questions on the implications of the REACH regulations. A team of experts from BACS including Martina Williams and former BACS chairman, Peter Woodhead, gave presentations and answered questions about these important changes, giving members and other stakeholders information and knowledge that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to obtain. These kind of events, particularly when BCC members get together in this way, emphasise why membership organisations are so important. They allow interested parties to share important information, and by publishing this through the BCC, can share it with the wider cleaning industry.

For further information on the British Cleaning Council and details of its members contact: The General Secretary, BCC Ltd, PO Box 10362, Syston, Leicester, LE7 2WJ, UK E: W:

UltraSpeed Pro

Want to clean faster, cleaner and easier with lower total costs Still mopping the slow, old-fashioned way? Still struggling with heavy vertical mops or out-dated flat mops? Facing problems with poor hygiene, low cleaning performance and heavy handling? Then it’s time to switch to the future of flat mopping. UltraSpeed Pro - the most up-to date and best performing bucket-and-press microfibre mopping system on the market. • Easy to use - no training required, small footprint for space saving storage • Hygienic - no hand contact with mops or cleaning solution • Faster wringing - simple to use, twice as fast, releases 50% more water • Floors dry faster - reduce slip hazards • Ergonomic and versatile - lightweight, no bending to wring • Versatile - single and double bucket, optional pushbar - easy to manoeuvre on-site Tel: 01706 759597 Email:

 Golden Service Awards

Golden Service Awards 2015 Celebrating a great place to work! Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists pulled off a fantastic performance in the 2015 KimberlyClark Professional Golden Service Awards. With a win in the coveted Best Company to Work For category, the Dublin based company demonstrated that it’s doing a great job for its staff, as well as for its customers. The win was one of an unprecedented four category awards achieved by Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists in the bi-annual facilities management awards hosted by KimberlyClark Professional. Derrycourt also won awards for Best Cleaned Premises for a Healthcare Establishment with fewer than 250 beds, the CHSA Hospitality Award, and the KimberlyClark Professional Cleaning Operative of the Year Award. “Derrycourt provides training, mentoring, and opportunities for all its staff across the company,” said Peter Oliver, general manager UK, France, and Ireland, Kimberly Clark Professional. “Its practices are hugely impressive.” Ann O’Hanlon, Derrycourt’s managing director, said: “As a family-managed business we have a strong ethos of working in partnership with our clients, employees, and suppliers to ensure that we deliver on our service agreements, ensuring best practice is implemented on each site, and that site standards are maintained and exceeded. The management team at Derrycourt believes that our employees play an integral part in our success. Our cleaning specialists are trained to the highest standards, and we provide intensive continuous training and development for all employees. This ensures that as we grow, our employees have the opportunities to develop their careers with us.” O’Hanlon continued: “Training is now more important than ever. The growing skills gap and increased need to compete in today’s economy require that we are dedicated to developing a knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce, ensuring each member reaches their full potential onsite.” Derrycourt is a winner of ICCA and FAS

Sponsored and Supported by:

training awards, has one of the highest numbers of BICSc certified staff trained, and has recently extended its BICSc approved, state-of-the-art training centre. Derrycourt believes a commitment to training is a vital component for the development and progress of employees. “We believe that resources spent on training are evident in our professionalism, service delivery, and overall customer satisfaction on site,” said Ann O’Hanlon. “Our staff are our greatest resource and as such we invest hugely in training, education, and motivation to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of informed service.” The Derrycourt training programme is tailored to the individual from the time they start with the company. It is designed to train operators in a wide range of disciplines including cleaning methods, health and safety, infection control, chemical safety, hygiene standards, equipment safety, and overall customer service. In essence, the training system is designed to create a smarter workforce and yield the best results possible. Derrycourt has had some great success

stories in relation to development opportunities. The majority of the company’s supervision staff have been promoted from operatives, whilst site managers have been promoted from supervisors and the majority of area managers promoted from supervisors or line managers. Career paths are not just confined to operative staff, but also apply to those working in head office. Staff are not only encouraged to develop within their roles, but to apply for promotional opportunities in head office. At least two members of the management team at head office have been promoted internally. Derrycourt has a highly developed system for keeping staff informed, with newsletters, meetings, information points, and a texting system. This all adds to the company’s success and commitment to its staff is demonstrated by its high level of staff retention, currently running at 92%. Peter Oliver concluded: “Derrycourt trains its staff exceptionally well. Staff are both motivated and respected. It’s a great recipe for success and one that’s truly deserving of this Golden Service Award.”

The Golden Service Awards Further information from: 0203 468 0923

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THE MUST-ATTEND EVENT FOR ALL CLEANING, HYGIENE AND FACILITIES PROFESSIONALS This free-to-attend exhibition and conference offers essential business workshops, legislative advice and products for anyone with responsibility and purchasing authority within this sector.

EXHIBITION STAND SALES NOW OPEN This event sold out in 2015. If you would like to participate we encourage you to contact us now to receive your exhibition pack and reserve space now. Vanessa Van Santen - Smith, Sales Manager +44 (0)1737 855 041 /

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 Laundry & Dishwashing

Laundry and dishwashing: a professional perspective Mick Christian, regional training and demonstration manager for laundry, and Steve Bowler, category manager for warewashing, at Electrolux Professional take a look at the current state of the market and the latest product developments concerning two key areas of the commercial cleaning industry: laundry and dishwashing. line with the exact quantity of water in the drum. In other words, if the machine is 70% full, then both the water and detergent used will be reduced to 70% accordingly. What’s more, from a process validation perspective, Electrolux Professional washers are able to be programmed to achieve full thermal disinfection, with cycles being held at 71°C for three minutes, or 65°C for at least 10 minutes, in order to satisfy the requirements in the section ‘Disinfection of linen’ in the ‘Management and Provision’ Volume of CFPP 01-04.

Low-down on laundry - Mick Christian comments: The commercial laundry market is currently in a transitional phase, with one of the key trends emerging across all sectors of the industry being the continued shift away from laundrettes to on-premises laundries (OPLs). OPLs are a fantastic way for a wide variety of businesses to achieve versatility, consistency, and greater control over their laundry process. However, an OPL can be as varied as the laundry sector itself, and the requirements for one in the care sector may be very different for a hotel than for a gym. The care sector, for example, has seen a surge of care home managers looking to install an OPL in order to implement a proper laundry cycle management process and gain complete control over the prevention of infection and spreading diseases, while saving money in the process. Barrier washers have fast become one of the most effective ways to prevent contamination of clean laundry. The barrier laundry solution has been designed so linen is loaded into the machine on the dirty side and then removed on the clean (opposite) side, with a wall providing a barrier between the dirty and clean sides. As such, as long as the operator adheres to the appropriate health and safety hygiene procedures when loading and unloading the machine, there should be no opportunity for recontamination. In the hospitality industry, OPL solutions can vary dramatically depending on the size of the premises. Dedicated washer extractors and dryers which can cater for the sheer volume of material are often the goto equipment of choice, yet speed is also a key factor as many establishments are faced with the daily challenge of not only meeting the demands of processing the linen in each room, but the need to clean staff uniforms, towels, and other items such as table cloths and napkins. However, not everyone needs such a heavy duty solution. For smaller businesses, there has been a movement towards compact product offerings which can offer the space-saving benefits of domestic washers, with the capacity to cope with commercial loads at a quicker rate than their domestic counterparts. To meet this demand from smaller businesses, last year Electrolux Professional launched its myPRO washer and dryer range. Engineered to bridge the gap in the market for a laundry solution that sits between the domestic and commercial markets, myPRO meets the needs of small businesses including hotels, bed and breakfasts, hair and beauty salons, sports clubs, facilities 18 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

Developments in dishwashing: Steve Bowler comments:

As it is able to complete a wash cycle in half the time, myPRO offers significant benefits over domestic appliances and can also provide that added peace of mind for the end-user as the machine comes with a full professional warranty covering commercial use.

management companies, small care facilities, and restaurants. As it is able to complete a wash cycle in half the time, myPRO offers significant benefits over domestic appliances and can also provide that added peace of mind for the end-user as the machine comes with a full professional warranty covering commercial use. Regardless of specific market sector, the biggest requirement from end-users across the board is that their OPL equipment is hygienic cleanliness, as no customer - be they a hotel guest or gym user wants to take a seemingly clean item and find it soiled or stained. The Electrolux Professional Efficient Dosing (ED) system, which is available on our Line 5000 and barrier washing ranges, is a unique solution to help laundry managers with sizeable operations maintain hygienic best practice whilst also keeping an eye on costs. By connecting via an interface directly to a washing machine’s detergent pump, the ED system is able to regulate the chemical in

The UK food service industry is thriving at the moment, yet is heavily reliant on the performance of kitchen equipment to help keep pace with the demand. In recent years a number of key trends that have emerged which have impacted product developments across the catering equipment market, with two of the most prominent being decreasing kitchen footprints and much greater focus on energy efficiency. Dishwashing equipment - more commonly known as warewashers - is a product range which can add real value to caterers when it comes to accommodating these trends, and both kitchen footprint and energy consumption were key drivers in our own R&D processes when it came to developing the latest warewashing solutions. Taking a closer look at decreasing kitchen footprints, one of the best ways to accommodate this would be to minimise kitchen warewashing equipment by fitting a dedicated under-counter glass washer in the bar or front of house area. Doing so removes the potential need for more than one warewasher back of house, therefore freeing up more space to be used by other equipment, and can also allow for a quicker turnaround of glassware. In order to offer a solution for those who are short on space, Electrolux Professional recently launched its E-flex glasswasher, which offers a compact solution and is an ideal choice to help with fast turnaround times during peak periods. Designed to resolve common warewashing problems encountered by caterers - as well as those operating in the café and pub environment - the E-flex represents an affordable and space-saving option which can be operated via a single button control for easy use during busy services. Given that warewashers are in consistent use throughout the day, a machine’s efficiency should be a high priority during the decision-making process. Water Continued on Page 20.


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 Laundry & Dishwashing

Cleaner, better, faster Peter Marsh, managing director Girbau UK, looks at the latest trends in laundry equipment. At first glance, commercial laundry equipment may not appear to have changed that much in recent years, but take a look under the skin and you will quickly find that the latest on-premise laundry equipment performs even better, offering even greater energy efficiency and advanced yet easy-to-use programming. While customers have always looked at cost when purchasing new laundry equipment, most today take into account the total cost of ownership including everything from utilities to maintenance. The best machines are now able to maximise productivity and throughput as well as tightly controlling the consumption and cost of energy, water, and detergents. The latest computer-controlled highspeed washer extractors have a greater range of programmes to ensure that they can deal effectively with any fabric that will be encountered as well. Cotton sheets are ideal for washing with high-speed extraction, but linen tends to wrinkle when extracted quickly, and delicate clothing may require special wet cleaning programmes. These high-speed machines can also process more washing per hour and clothes washed in them will typically dry in 25 to 30 minutes because of lower water retention. Girbau’s HS Series washers, for example, are already among the most energy and water-efficient models available and their new Smart Load function offers additional in-use economies, especially for laundries that operate machines at less than full capacity on some washes. Smart Load automatically adjusts water consumption and chemical dosing in accordance with load weight, fabric, and chosen wash programme to save energy, water, and detergent without users needing to do anything. It is worth looking for washers with Water Technology List (WTL) approval as these offer not only outstanding efficiency of water use, but also tax breaks to UK businesses when purchased new. For healthcare applications, the latest guidance requires use of a commercial washing machine capable of meeting the

factors in ironer choice. Depending on the size and ironing needs of a laundry a range of models is available from smaller roller ironers, such as the GMP range, to larger dryer ironers such as Girbau’s PB Series with ironing widths ranging from 1.5 up to 3.2 metres. Taking on premise laundry automation to a new level is the Compact ironer which combines drying, high quality ironing finish, folding and stacking in a single machine. Wet cleaning

Girbau’s new ED Series dryers provide total controllability over individual elements of the programme including speed, drum rotation, and heating to ensure maximum efficiency and offer huge energy savings.

Laundry and dishwashing: a professional perspective Continued from Page 18. consumption, detergent use, and energy consumption are all major factors in the overall operating cost. Manufacturers are always looking to develop innovative solutions to lower these running costs, and this is an area where Electrolux Professional’s ‘green&clean’ Hood Type warewasher comes into its own. The green&clean features an energy saving device (ESD) is an efficient water pre-heating system which uses the steam already created to heat incoming cold water to avoid energy being wasted. Another advantage of the Hood Type is its Clear Blue filtering system which keeps the wash water free from food residue and therefore improving the efficiency of the 20 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

In order to offer a solution for those who are short on space, Electrolux Professional has launched its E-flex glasswasher.

disinfection requirements. A hot wash cycle is recommended (71ºC for at least three minutes or 65ºC for at least 10 minutes) or alternatively a chemical disinfection process. The washing machine’s disinfection stage must be validated at least annually as well. The latest tumble dryers are designed to deliver energy efficiency, high productivity, quick drying and low maintenance. For most laundries dryers heated by gas rather than electricity will offer the best drying and energy efficiency performance. Girbau’s new ED Series dryers provide total controllability over individual elements of the programme including speed, drum rotation, and heating to ensure maximum efficiency and offer huge energy savings. They also feature a highly reliable and accurate built-in humidity control system that automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cool down process maximising energy efficiency and assuring textile care. A small ironer can also increase the operational efficiency of an on premise laundry by dramatically reducing the time required for laborious hand-ironing tasks especially for bedding. Energy efficiency, ease of use, and quality of finish are the key detergent. The atmospheric boiler, sloped ceiling, and inclined arms also ensure that a high rinsing quality is achieved regardless of water inlet conditions. With hard water supplied to over 60% of the UK, including much of London and its surrounds, ensuring its presence does not affect both warewashers and crockery is a constant battle faced by many caterers up and down the country. At Electrolux Professional we’ve ensured that all of our models are able to cope well in a hard water environment, and they are available with two dedicated options which equip them for operating using hard water and tackling its effects over time. The first of these is a built-in internal softener, which treats the water before it enters the machine and prevents the build-up of scale on the warewasher’s internal components. We’ve decided to keep this as an optional addition as the site in question may already employ a central softening plant, where the water is softened before it gets to the dishwasher,

Many of today’s most advanced washers and dryers can be used for wet cleaning, a new alternative to dry cleaning. A growing desire for more environmentally-sensitive cleaning options is increasing the take-up of wet cleaning, which also offers better quality cleaning of water-soluble stains and odours. The Girbau Wet Cleaning System comprises all the equipment needed for wet cleaning including washers, detergents, dryers, and finishing equipment. Girbau’s 6 Series Inteli washers are ideal for wet cleaning and its ED Series energy efficient dryers are designed to dry delicate items safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Healthy cost savings One company that has been able to improve laundry quality and cut costs by establishing its own on premise laundries is Bannatyne’s Health Clubs, the nationwide network of health clubs and spas. Passionate about providing a high quality service, Bannatyne’s wanted to improve its towel service. The company approached Girbau UK, who recommended a bespoke solution based on the business’s requirements and Girbau’s in-depth experience. As well as offering quality and control improvements, the new laundries needed to be simple and easy for staff to use and be cost effective to operate. Continued on Page 22. so a machine-based softener would not be required. The second option we have developed is an automatic de-lime cycle, Zero Lime. The system is intended to regularly clean the heating elements of the warewasher to rid any potential scale build up, which if left unchecked - would start to affect the warewasher’s ability to reach the temperatures required to offer a full and effective cleaning cycle. Zero Lime is also perfect for when only crockery items are being washed, as lime scale often doesn’t show up on plates, despite being present. What’s more, it can even benefit those sites located in soft water areas, as during peak times - such as the summer months - water can often be pumped in from other areas, meaning that machines can scale up without operators being aware. As such, Zero Lime gives caterers the option to descale as and when required without the need for an engineer.



Dirt has nowhere to hide... TOUGH ON DIRT

Professional Vacuum Cleaners • Made in Germany



 Laundry & Dishwashing

Laundry solutions for contract cleaners Immaculate cleanliness is only one of the many demands placed on those in the cleaning profession. Hygiene is of utmost importance, and used mops and cleaning cloths must be thoroughly washed and disinfected before they are re-used in order to contain the risk of spreading infection. Miele Professional’s generation of washer-extractors - MopStar - are perfect for contract cleaners and the leisure business. These machines have been developed specifically with the challenges of the workplace in mind, guaranteeing the perfect reprocessing of mops, cloths, work wear, and other textiles. They combine quality, performance, and efficiency. The MopStar machines feature a prespinning cycle, which happens before the main wash. Starting the cycle with a spin has the effect of removing coarse soil and dirty water, allowing a greater volume of fresh water to enter the wash. At the same time, this also removes any detergent or surface active substance residue, allowing textiles to absorb more tensides from the new detergent. This ensures that mops are cleaned thoroughly and that wash cycles are as short as possible. Impregnation of new detergent into the mops and cloths then occurs in a single process in the washing machine so the mops and cleaning cloths are ready for immediate reuse. The MopStar machines can wash and impregnate up to 68 cotton or 100 micro-fibre mops, depending on the model, saving businesses both time and money.

This year, Miele Professional expanded its range of commercial dishwashers with the launch of three new under counter tank models. All three models produce top-quality results, using innovative technology to adapt to the needs of different loads.

Dishwashing equipment It is not only the cloths and mops which need to be clean and hygienic. For facilities with cafes and bars, the hygienic processing of cutlery and glasses is also extremely important. Dirty glasses can be a source of

Cleaner, better, faster Continued from Page 20. Switching to on-premise towel laundries has delivered a cost saving per club of more than £15,000 per year (excluding utility costs). Overall this equates to a 60% cost reduction for the company. The gentler fabric care provided by the washers and dryers will also prolong towel and robe life, helping to maintain a thick and fluffy feel for longer to provide further savings. Girbau has equipped 20 Bannatyne’s health clubs and spas as far afield as Inverness, Cardiff, and Ashford, Kent with laundries configured to meet the exact requirements of each site. They have a combination of Girbau’s latest energy efficient 6 Series high speed washers and tumble dryers. Every machine features tailored programmes, making it very easy to staff to select the required programme to guarantee the best washing and drying, operational efficiency, and lowest operating costs. Girbau worked closely with Bannatyne’s throughout the install process to ensure a smooth rollout. The handover process included staff training to familiarise the Bannatyne’s team with how to use the equipment safely and efficiently. Girbau’s service team is on-call for rapid resolution of any maintenance issues that may arise during the life of the equipment, ensuring the laundry is up and running as quickly as possible. This is important because all the laundries are in use seven days a week for most of each day. 22 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

spreading infection and also contribute to the reputation of the business. In a recent survey, Miele Professional found that 97% of consumers said they pay attention to how clean the crockery, cutlery, and glassware is when eating out. This highlights the important of investing in high quality, efficient, and effective equipment that can relied upon to produce the best results. When choosing a dishwasher to install, businesses should consider a few important factors. The first is to ensure that the machine guarantees a high quality wash with items having an impeccable finish. Speed is also key for many businesses. Dishwashers need to have fast cycle times and potentially run several times a day. Making sure the machine is reliable and robust is key. Another matter to remember is steam. Dishwashers can often produce high amounts of steam during the washing and drying process. Choosing a machine with a steam condenser significantly reduces the volume of hot, moisture laden air released at the end of the washing and drying process. This feature ensures that glassware and cutlery is effectively dried and cools down fast so that the machine can be unloaded quickly. With cost, it's important to not only look at the cost of purchasing the machine, but also at the cost of actually running the machine. Lifetime costs should take into account cycle times and water consumption, as well as what damage and breakages may be caused during the wash and the knock on effect this could have on the cost of replacing the broken cutlery and crockery. As different businesses can have different needs and priorities from their dishwasher, Miele Professional has designed a comprehensive range of freshwater and tank dishwashers to cope with the demands of high quality cleaning and speed so that all businesses can have sparkling clean, crockery and glasses ready to be used. Tank dishwasher This year, Miele Professional expanded its range of commercial dishwashers with the launch of three new under counter tank models. All three models produce top-quality results, using innovative technology to adapt to the needs of different loads. Special features include programmes tailored to deal with specific loads and degrees of soiling. Users can choose from cycles designed for wine and beer glasses, mixed crockery or pots and pans. Adjustable spray pressures and flexible cycle times and temperatures mean all items are cleaned

thoroughly but gently. In addition, final rinse water volumes and detergent concentrations have been optimised to make the machines as energy efficient as possible. Other design features ensure excellent results. The machines have two spray arms for optimum washing and rinsing, a fourfold filtration system that constantly filters the water in circulation, and hygienic, covecornered design of the cabinet, that make it is impossible for dirt to accumulate in corners. In all designed to deliver the ultimate wash. Easy-to-use touch displays and coloured wash status indictors make operation and set-up fast and simple. They are simple to programme for custom loads and there is the ability to select different languages making it easy for multi-national staff. With short cycles lasting only 45-55 seconds, the tank glass washers are able to cope with huge quantities of glassware. As well as quick cycle times, the tank dishwashers have a high capacity and are able to handle 80 baskets per hour. Miele Professional’s tank dishwashers are as energy efficient as they are fast. Even in standard mode water, electricity and detergent are used sparingly, but in the Eco cycle, water use is reduced to a minimum. The three new models can be used as free-standing units or installed below a worktop. With their reduced height of only 72.5 cm, two models are designed as behind-the-counter glass washers: the 46cm wide PG 8164 with its own new basket system is perfect where space is tight. Greater capacity is offered by the PG 8165 with a width of 60cm. The larger tank washer, the PG 8166, with a height of 82cm, is designed for all types of mixed crockery loads. New accessories including an undercarriage for baskets as well as drip trays add further value to these products. Freshwater dishwashers Freshwater dishwaters are another product that can save businesses time and money while producing immaculate results. Miele Professional’s dishwashers offer fast wash cycles of as low as five minutes with two intakes of freshwater in each wash, ensuring a perfectly clean and hygienic wash every time. The ProfiLine dishwashers are ideal for offices and showrooms. The units can be either free-standing or integrated into the kitchen design. They also include an AutoOpen feature which opens the door at the end of a cycle to allow the contents to cool and dry quicker, so they can go back to work even quicker. The Professional range includes the Speed and SpeedPlus models with a cycle time of little as five minutes. This is partly achieved through the use of a new electronically controlled heater pump. With an output of 8.5 kW, this pump heats the water as it passes on its way to the cabinet. Water is discharged and replaced in each phase of the programme cycle. If your primary concern is energy efficiency, these dishwashers can really help. Reduced cycle times result in considerable energy savings - for example, there are programmes that require just 0.1 kWh per cycle, cutting previous requirements by half. Using the machines is easy. Simple touch-controls and three direct-access push buttons for the most commonly used wash programmes make operating a Miele Professional dishwasher fuss-free.

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Laundry & Dishwashing 

Environmentally friendly Advantage Advantage Plus is Nelson’s newest addition to its Advantage range of dishwashers and glasswashers. Because some warewashers can account for more than 60% of water drawn and over a third of energy used, Advantage Plus has been designed to radically reduce the amount of energy and water required to provide an environmentally sound and economically viable solution for any commercial premises’ warewashing requirements. Its seamless, shallow wash tank requires a very low volume of water and, consequently, less energy to heat it. Double skinned insulation to the wash tank, door, and boiler prevents heat and noise from escaping which not only contributes to further energy savings, but helps create a more pleasant kitchen ambience. Also, the doorclose system, in tandem with the thermal seal to the door frame, prevents heat and

steam from escaping into the workspace during operation. Various built-in water treatments are available with the Advantage Plus, including reverse osmosis and demineralisation. Nelson will advise which is most appropri-

Advantage Plus is Nelson’s newest addition to its Advantage range of dishwashers and glasswashers.

ate to best meet an individual customer’s requirements at the time of the site survey. Other Advantage Plus features include: • Solid design that provides extra stability and durability. • Precision fabricated wash and rinse spray arms ensuring total cleaning and sanitising. • Clever design that improves filling, emptying, cleaning, and maintenance. • Robust stainless steel, high pressure and high volume wash pump. • Multi-level filter system that securely traps debris from wash water. • Automatic dispense system ensuring precise dosing of detergent and rinse aid. Nelson can incorporate the Advantage Plus into its bespoke warewashing systems to create an advanced configuration in terms of location, storage, tabling, racking, shelving, waste disposal, and pre-wash rinsing.

Reliable and efficient dishwash dosing systems Reliable and efficient chemical dosing systems ensure that commercial dishwashers maintain optimal performance. Based on years of industry experience, technical expertise, and customer feedback, Brightwell Dispensers has developed Quantura, a new innovative dishwash dosing range. The competitively priced range provides precise and consistent dosing solutions for a wide variety of commercial dishwasher applications including glass, under-thecounter, single-tank, and tunnel/conveyor dishwashers. Included in the Quantura range is a two pump peristaltic dosing system for dosing dishwash detergent and

Based on years of industry experience, technical expertise, and customer feedback, Brightwell Dispensers has developed Quantura, a new innovative dishwash dosing range.

rinse aid with the option to incorporate a third, additional, peristaltic pump for dosing sanitiser. This system incorporates efficient brushless DC motors and special pulsing technology to achieve super low flow rates. To facilitate the use of powder bowls, Brightwell Dispensers has also developed a solenoid valve version for customers who prefer a solid powder fed system. The Quantura range also includes a cost-effective single dishwash dosing pump for dosing one dishwash chemical into glass or under-the-counter dishwashers.

Taking wet cleaning ‘to a new level’

Contract with Whitbread

Cole & Wilson, Christeyns’ specialised dry and wet cleaning division, has launched AquaWave, a new wet cleaning concept for easy finishing of all types of delicate textiles. Traditional wet cleaning methods demand a substantial amount of finishing due to wrinkling. AquaWave claims to solve this problem with its dry-to-dry technology whereby textiles are cleaned but much less wrinkled, substantially reducing the process time to just an hour. Cole & Wilson has used its years of experience in supplying over 1000 customers worldwide to produce the AquaWave system which offers improved, safer cleaning of garments as well as a competitive finishing time. AquaWave is a combination of innovative chemicals and a balanced cleaning process that, when used in a wet cleaning machine, provides outstanding results. Textiles are soft to touch with great body, maintaining their brightness of colour and a lingering fresh smell. The Aquawave cleaning system works by combining two chemicals: Pro-Fit Wool and Pro-Fit Body. These are used together in a gentle one-wash-one-rinse cleaning process in any chosen wet cleaning machine. Cole & Wilson, like its parent company Christeyns, takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. Pro-Fit Body is readily biodegradable and the surfac-

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division has expanded its presence within the UK hospitality sector by securing a four-year contract with Whitbread – a leading food service and hospitality organisation that owns and operates brands including Premier Inn, Costa Coffee, Brewers Fayre and Beefeater. As part of the agreement, Diversey Care will be Whitbread’s supplier of chemical cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising products and associated services across thousands of premises nationwide. Diversey Care will support Whitbread with a continuous improvement cleaning programme and pilot the latest innovations in remote servicing and monitoring that are part of Diversey Care’s Internet of Clean platform. “We are delighted to secure this contract with Whitbread, which serves to strengthen our reputation as a global player in the food service and hospitality sectors,” said Calum Meadows, country business director at Sealed Air Diversey Care UK & Ireland. “By partnering with such an established organisation, it presents us with the opportunity to share our food expertise and unrivalled technical service, which will ultimately serve to enhance customer experience across a wide range of establishments.”

tants in Pro-Fit Wool comply with the EU Directive EU648/2004 on Biodegradability of Surfactants. One of the main advantages of wet cleaning over dry cleaning is that bleachable stains can be treated using this method of cleaning. Although there will always be some fabrics that are better dry cleaned, AquaWave can be used on a wide range of textiles and even suede, leather, and UGG boots can be cleaned using the AquaWave system.

Cole & Wilson takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. Pro-Fit Body is biodegradable and the surfactants in Pro-Fit Wool comply with the EU Directive EU648/2004. l AUGUST 2016 l C&M l 25

 Odour Control

Getting tough on bad odours If you have a particular room in your workplace that has an offensive stench and no amount of cleaning is helping, you could try AirSteril. It’s an odour control innovation that uses the latest technology to eradicate bad odours and replaces them with a fresh, mountain air smell. It also kills bacteria on the surface and in the air, making your workplace hygienic and smell-free. Cleaning can be frustrating as you are unable to treat the root cause of a problem - once the area is re-used, bacteria returns, bringing the smells back until the next cleaning session. AirSteril, however, treats the root cause. Smells explained Those offensive odours that hit you are created by bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the air. In urinals, for example, that unmistakable odour is due to the build-up of scale and uric salts, clogging pipes which provides a breeding ground for bacteria. Consequently, the

Research into AirSteril’s effectiveness was conducted by the Health Protection Agency in Porton Down. Its findings revealed there was a 59.47% reduction of surface contamination within an hour of the AirSteril unit being activated and in just five minutes it noted a 98.11% reduction in airborne micro-organisms.

smell and germs only multiply. These airborne micro-organisms compromise hygiene standards and pose significant reputational risks to all businesses. There are specialised AirSteril units available that have been created for different industries and to suit different demands, including healthcare environments, washrooms, and commercial. There are portable AirSteril units available too which can be moved from room to room as required. Simply place the AirSteril in the room and it will get to work purifying the air within an hour, leaving you to carry on with your normal cleaning routine. There are no chemicals or filters used so it is very environmentally friendly and there is no risk to individuals. How does it work? AirSteril works by taking in contaminated air and then passing it through a combination of five processes. They work together to disrupt the DNA of bacteria as well as electrically charging the air to remove con-

Enhancing the workplace experience Initial Washroom Hygiene has launched the ECOBreeze Service, a triple-action air hygiene system which filters, cleans, and fragrances the air. The patented ECOBreeze unit is scientifically proven to effectively control the escape and transmission of smells into other areas, in line with workplace regulations. The device pulls stale air through a dust filter to remove physical particles, before passing it through an activated carbon filter to remove malodorous airborne particles. The filtered and deodourised air then travels over a perfumed wick to deliver a fresh fragrance. ECOBreeze Service has been de-

Initial Washroom Hygiene has launched the ECOBreeze Service, a triple-action air hygiene system which filters, cleans, and fragrances the air.

Odour control...inside and out With weekly local authority bin collections being deferred by alternating with recycling collection, many business premises are faced with stepping up odour control both inside and out. Greyland has a range of products to to tackle the problem. Odour Neutraliser is more than a mask for bad smells, it proves fatal to most common forms of odour-causing bacteria. What’s more, it can be used anywhere without fear of damage to surfaces, including polished furniture, glass and chrome, and soft materials. It is ideal for refuse storage areas, hotel guest rooms, nursing homes, and any areas where offensive odours are prevalent. Cranberry and Cotton Fresh Air Fresheners are growing in popularity over other scented products and are evocative of fresh days spent outdoors. In non-aerosol 750ml trigger sprays, Greyland’s Air Fresheners and Odour Neutraliser are ozone-friendly and contain no CFCs. Lastly, for seriously industrial level odours, Cherry Deodorising Fluid is specific for use in and around rubbish bins, waste tips, chutes, and even sewage farms. In bulk five litre containers, Cherry Deodorising Fluid is diluted 40 to one so a little goes a long way. 26 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

signed to reduce environmental impact for businesses - it requires no batteries and the fragrances are non-aerosol based, providing a safe, environmentally-acceptable, and effective workplace hygiene device. The ECOBreeze Service can filter and fragrance up to 44 cubic metres of air per hour. The unit can be programmed to filter and fragrance air based on specific washroom or work area requirements. Ideally, the unit should be located near to the source of any malodours for optimum efficiency - for example, above floor drains, close to washroom door entrances, or near locker areas in sports facilities.

taminates and producing Hydroxyl Radicals, one of the strongest oxidisers known. The high intensity UV light creates a Plasma Quatro which leaves the equipment with a mixture of activated oxygen, triatomic oxygen, and superoxide ions, which all interact to provide efficient purification of the air and all exposed surfaces. Why AirSteril? Research into AirSteril’s effectiveness was conducted by the Health Protection Agency in Porton Down. Its findings revealed there was a 59.47% reduction of surface contamination within an hour of the AirSteril unit being activated and in just five minutes it noted a 98.11% reduction in airborne micro-organisms. This eradication of bacteria and odour helps with infection control within the workplace too. When AirSteril was trailed in an NHS setting users reported a massive 42% reduction in staff absenteeism in just three months. Dr Peter Barratt, technical manager at Initial Washroom Hygiene, said: “The ECOBreeze Service and related aircare systems are an essential part of a company’s hygiene strategy. Beyond hygiene, health, and environmental reasons, a malodour reduction and consistent fragrance will promote a positive experience for users and prove to employees and visitors that welfare is a priority. It also helps facilities managers in their job to keep the workplace in accordance with legislation, by controlling smells.” As part of the ECOBreeze Service the unit is installed by an Initial service engineer and regularly serviced by an Initial washroom hygiene technician.

Bad smells top of washroom ‘gripe list’ Malodours can give visitors the perception of poor hygiene, even if the premises happen to be spotlessly clean. For this reason, an effective odour control system should be a key requirement of any away-from-home washroom. Automated systems will keep the washroom smelling clean and fresh whenever the facilities are in use. Such systems can be programmed to give out bursts of spray at regular intervals according to the hours of service. The Tork Air Freshener Spray Dispenser, for example, gives out odour-neutralising agents at preprogrammed intervals. These are capable of covering an area of up to 170 cubic metres. The dispenser delivers 3000 bursts of spray per refill and can be programmed to last for 30, 60, or 90 days. The system can operate on either a 12 or 24 hour cycle and will run for either a five or seven-day week depending on requirements. A large display on the dispenser indicates how long the refill will last and when the batteries need replacing. Each set of batteries last up to 36 months and there is an optional audio tone which

sounds when a new refill needs to be fitted. Three aromas are available in the Tork Air Freshener Spray Dispenser system: floral, citrus, and tropical.




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 New Products

IntelliTrail system now compatible Klenzan appointed sole distributor for Solupak range with any floorcare machine Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division has announced expanded capabilities for its Taski IntelliTrail fleet management solution. Facility managers can now mount the system on both Taski and competitor floorcare machines, and non-scrubber assets such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning carts, and burnishers to track their entire fleet. Also, IntelliTrail’s new monthly fleet summary report proactively highlights areas in need of attention and even suggests improvements to benefit the bottom line. “Being able to collect data from any floor care asset, regardless of the manufacturer, is a great advantage for facility managers,” said Jan Willem Tinge, global vice president facilities and machines, Diversey Care. “With IntelliTrail, we’re enabling remote monitoring and analysis of floorcare assets to help organisations solve

floorcare and machine maintenance issues with ease.” IntelliTrail combines smart technology, GPS tracking and web applications to provide managers with realtime visibility of fleet performance. The device is simple to install, and provides managers with machine data including geographical position, run

time and lost assets. The monthly fleet summary report proactively manages operations by giving managers 24/7 instant access to actionable data. The report highlights the top three actions needing attention, top sites with variance in operating hours, battery state, crashes, and more.

Dispensers win Red Dot design award Tork manufacturer SCA has received a 2016 Red Dot Award for the Tork Image Design range of dispensers. The Red Dot award is an accolade and an international seal of approval for the premium dispenser range. Tork Image Design dispensers combine stainless steel with black plastic to create a harmonious balance between design and function. SCA developed the range in conjunction with architects and designers. “The Red Dot Design Award is truly an international quality seal,” said SCA senior product manager, Stephen Wright. “We are delighted that the Tork Image Design line has been recognised as a premium choice for design-conscious customers.” The dispenser line beat more than 5000 other products to gain the award in the

Product Design category of the 2016 Red Dot Awards. Tork Image Design dispensers feature a discreet clear panel on the side to indicate refill levels. They can be connected via Tork EasyCube, an integrated sensor system that provides real-time data on refill needs for smarter facility management. “Tork Image Design very much fills a gap in the market,” continued Wright. “Most other stainless steel dis-

pensers have a boxy, functional look while our line is aesthetically pleasing and harmonises exceptionally well with the décor in high-end environments.” The Red Dot Design Awards have been in operation for more than 60 years. A panel of experts from 25 countries assesses all entrants according to a range of criteria including innovation, functionality, and emotional content.

Pest control embraces new technology Appreciating that clients depend on clear information which is accessible 24/7, Shield Pest Control UK has launched an advanced electronic reporting management system. This is based on all Shield’s field technicians now working with the latest PDA handheld devices. The technicians will record and upload all essential data, including treatment reports and any relevant photographs taken on site onto the system. Clients will now have online access to all necessary information in real-time, as recorded by the technician immediately after a site visit. Shield Pest Control’s clients can access this information via a secure website log-in. Daniel Steward, managing director, said: “Shield Pest Control UK aims to be at the forefront of good practice and excellence. In order to ensure this we are continuing to invest in team development and technology. The new management system incorporating the PDA handheld devices is an important development to support our service to our clients. It is now an essential tool for our management and customer services team." 28 l C&M l AUGUST 2016 l

Klenzan Ltd, based in Warrington, Cheshire has taken on sole distribution of the Solupak range of cleaning products for the EU region. The Solupak system is a range of cleaners and sanitisers designed to be used anywhere routine cleaning is undertaken and where storage space is limited and the handling of neat chemicals is to be avoided. The eco-friendly products come in pre-dosed water-soluble sachets (PVOH). An independent company with over 25 years experience, Klenzan is a provider of industrial hygiene solutions. Working across the food, beverage, brewing, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, Klenzan is well placed to market this range of products. The use of PVOH sachets cuts down on the need for bulk storage and ensures that there is no skin contact with concentrated chemicals. Once added to water, the Solupak solution remains totally effective for up to 28 days, retaining its capacity to clean and sanitise without the need to be replenished. Solupak has been awarded the EU EcoLabel for its environmental properties and is approved by the Vegan Society as well as being tested to BS EN 1276 for effective bacterial reduction. Klenzan’s managing director, John Bell, said: “Solupak provides a cost effective, compact and consistent answer to high quality hygiene in catering and food establishments large and small. Many outlets struggle for space and need an easy, safe to use solution for keeping things clean. Solupak offers the perfect product that all staff can use safely and with confidence.”

Power tool manufacturer targets contract cleaning sector Makita, the professional power tool manufacturer, is targeting the commercial cleaning industry with two new vacuum cleaning machines which join the range of mains and cordless dust extraction units, cordless vacuum cleaners, and air blowers suitable for a wide range of industries from construction to grounds care and property maintenance. Makita’s knowledge of air flow and vacuum science, coupled with the proven Lithium-Ion battery platform, is integral in the new twin 18V backpack vacuum cleaner and the new 18V robotic vacuum cleaning machine. The technical merits of both cleaners will enhance the performance and productivity of contract cleaning operations in many commercial properties. Both machines are supplied in body only form for operators to use the batteries from their existing Makita tools. Distributors can supply 3Ah, 4Ah or 5Ah Makita batteries with respectively 22, 36, and 45 minute rapid recharging time. The new Makita DVC260Z backpack vacuum cleaner uses two 18V Li-Ion batteries directly housed on the machine to power the 36V DC brushless motor which produces 45 watts of suction power. The HEPA filter can be easily removed for cleaning. The high/low power selection is positioned on the

machine control unit and two 5.0Ah batteries give 60 minutes run time in high mode, and 90 minutes in low mode. Dust bag capacity is two litres. Weighing just 4.3kg, and supplied with a full brace harness with waist and shoulder belts for ease and comfort, this quiet-running backpack vacuum has a lightweight 28mm suction hose, telescopic straight pipe with 500-850mm length adjustment, and flexible rubber nozzle ideal for cleaning uneven surfaces. The new Makita DVC260Z is being trialled by train operators and airlines to speed passenger turn round. In spacious commercial premises, such as restaurants, exhibition centres and museums, a robotic vacuum that can go to work when pedestrian traffic has ceased, which reduces the need for human activities, enabling labour to be more effectively deployed in other more sensitive areas. The new Makita DRC200Z 18V robotic vacuum will run for three hours and twenty minutes at a maximum speed of 0.3m/s, and cover up to 500m² in either a random pattern, or a fixed area marked out with boundary tape on the floor which effectively limits the vacuum’s area of operation. The main power brush and twin side brushes give a greater Continued Page 29.

New Products 

‘Green’ cleaning is only a click away Green World Innovations has launched an online store, providing customers with a straightforward online shopping experience, and making it easier than ever for businesses to convert to a 100% environmentally friendly, green cleaning system. As the European distributor of the Tersano lotus PRO that produces stabilised aqueous ozone, Green World Innovations is now selling the machine online along with a range of cleaning accessories, allowing businesses to purchase directly and quickly. Martin Booth, sales direc-

tor at Green World Innovations, said: “Potential customers can now go onto our website, browse the online store, and buy whatever they need easily whilst current customers can reorder when their stocks are low. There may still be an element of advising new customers on which solution is right for them and our sales team will be ready to facilitate that.” Available in two different capacities (6500 litres or 3250 litres), the Tersano lotus PRO is fitted onto a wall and a water supply is connected. The machine

then infuses ordinary tap water with a stabiliser creating stabilised aqueous ozone that cleaning staff can dispense into spray bottles, buckets, or even ride on cleaning machines. Stabilised aqueous ozone is claimed to be 50% stronger than bleach and 50% more powerful than chlorine and can be used to clean any surface. After four hours, the infused water turns back into ordinary tap water again and can be poured down the drain safely, without contaminating the environment.

24 dispensers form the Imagine collection Cannon Hygiene has launched the Imagine collection of washroom dispensers to a global audience in over 40 countries - a modern product range which showcases a co-ordinated design scheme to create a style-led washroom suite. The new range comprises a choice of 24 dispensers featuring a modern, geometric look inspired by interior design trends and the Cannon Hygiene logo. Howard Sedgwick, managing director at Cannon Hygiene UK, said: “Washrooms are one of the most visited parts of any organisation, and therefore one of

the most important, so the way they look and operate plays a vital role in underpinning brands and supporting reputations. Combined with our world-class hygiene service provision, the Imagine collection’s thoroughly modern design concept gives businesses the opportunity to really enhance the washroom experience for staff and visitors alike. The Imagine collection is the latest product launch in our long 60-year history. Our restyled and innovative products can help to ensure the best hygiene practices remain front of mind and, importantly, the transmission of harmful bacteria is minimised.”

Power tool manufacturer targets contract cleaning sector Continued from Page 28. sweeping area than other brands and this Makita machine has a 2.5 litre dust collection box. It can operate in vacuum and brush mode or brush-only for larger debris. Ultrasonic detectors and bumper sensors stop the machine on close contact which then sends the machine in a different direction. A buzzer and blinking light on the machine warns nearby workers of the vacuum’s approach. An LED indicates when filter cleaning is required and a cliff sensor stops it falling down stairs. A wireless remote controller can be used and it can be set to start after one, three, or five hours enabling visitors or staff to be out of the building when robotic cleaning commences.

The new range includes Eco Fresh and Seasons spray fragrance units that regularly deliver fragrance to create pleasant washroom environments. There is also a new smaller 500ml Auto Foam dispenser, which uses touch-free technology to aid effective hand-washing. The range also introduces the Auto Cleaner, which uses a super-concentrated probiotic solution to prevent bacteria build-up and malodours in urinals. Delivered using the latest fuel cell technology, removing the need for batteries, it silently doses bug-busting good bacteria around the clock.

New training range available CAM Training Ltd, a division of working at height experts CAM Specialist Support, has launched its 2016/17 range of specialist health, safety, and wellbeing training courses. Tim Jones, professional development director at CAM, said: “Our safety courses are primarily designed to encourage the appropriate behaviour that underscores a robust safe system of work. Through our expertise and experience, we encourage individuals to make health and safety central to their work so that they can challenge the perception of their industry from within. It is our aim, at CAM Training, to help individuals gain qualifications that not only formalise competence, but also develop a personal confidence in their own health and safety professionalism.” Courses offered by CAM Training Ltd include: • IOSH working safely and managing safely. • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. • Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC) IOSH accredited ‘Cleaning windows safely using water fed poles and ladders’. • CAM also offers bespoke, industry specialised training to suit its clients’ specific needs. training

3-in-1 vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, and warm air blower The Aquarius Contractor is a new professional carpet and upholstery cleaner from Kiam Power Products. It is both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, and also cleans and refreshes carpets and upholstery by spraying a mild detergent into the carpet pile and vacuuming it up - all in one go. It features two vacuum motors, which can be switched between single and twin motor use for when more suction is required. It also features two detergent pumps that are individually switched allowing you to spray detergent deeper into the carpet/upholstery for tougher stains. The Contractor features a warm air blower to help dry the carpets, by attaching the vacuum hose to the rear motor outlet.

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The first of the new Vax Commercial tub vacuum range is now available to order. A brand-new, improved version of the brilliant VCC-10C tub, the VCT-01 bagged vacuum cleaner delivers the same great performance with enhanced filtration, plus an easy to service cable with kettle connection. For a fast, efficient cleaning solution that has excellent pick up on carpets and hard floors, look no further than the brand-new VCT-01 vacuum cleaner.



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