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The Cleaning Show 2017 saw 5767 professional trade attendees during the three days of the show, staged at London’s ExCeL from 14-16 March. This was a 5% increase on the previous Cleaning Show held in London in 2015, with the number of international visitors travelling from overseas increasing by over 9%. The exhibitors praised the organisers - BCCE Ltd, a company jointly owned by the British Cleaning Council and Quartz Business Media - for the high quality of visitors, with

statistics showing that 17% of attendees had an annual budget of over £1 million to spend on cleaning equipment and services. Mark Bresnihan, CEO of ICE - one of the largest exhibitors at the show and sponsor of the highly successful VIP area - said: “The Cleaning Show was a phenomenal success this year for ICE. We were delighted to meet lots of new faces, as well as catching up with our existing and much valued customers...We would like to congratulate The Cleaning

Jim Fitzpatrick, MP for Poplar and Limehouse and chair of the Tidy Britain All-Party Parliamentary Group, hosted the opening ceremony at the Cleaning Show. Show for putting on a fantastic exhibition, with a programme of outstanding seminars all adding to the visitor and exhibitor experience.” Visitors were just as pleased with the show. On average, visitors spent 4.5 hours at the show with over

80% of attendees looking for new and innovative products and services. When surveyed, 71% of visitors said that they would be expecting to spend money on purchases as a direct result of their visit to the Cleaning Show, and 90% said they would be looking to attend again in 2019. Continued on Page 14. l APRIL 2017 l 3


BCC Industry Trends Report 2017 published The cleaning industry contributes over £24 billion to the UK economy according to the latest figures released by the British Cleaning Council. The report - complied for the BCC by market research company, Firedog Research - shows that in addition to being a huge net contributor to the UK economy, the cleaning industry is also one of its biggest employers, with over 700,000 people. Looking at the very latest figures from 2015, the report also highlights that wage growth in the sector is higher than the national average, with a growth of 6.4%

compared to a national average of 2.3%. Further encouraging statistics from the report show that turnover has increased by 21% since the recession of 2010, greater than all economy growth in which turnover increased by just 17%. There’s good news too for small business start-ups in the cleaning industry. The number of new businesses increased by 12% from 4380 to 4910 between 2014 and 2015. The average rate of growth in all other sectors for new business start-ups was just 9%.

During the same period the number of businesses that ceased trading rose from 3600 to 3725 between 2014 and 2015 - an increase of 3%, much lower than UK average of 9.4%. Employment in the industry grew 9.5% - or by 84,000. This was greater than the rest of the economy’s 5.5% growth. The survey also shows that the number of foreign born people working in the industry is larger than the national average at 23% compared to a UK average of 17%. Workers across the cleaning industry are more likely to hold lower levels of quali-

fications than other sectors. A third of the workforce do not hold a level two qualification compared to just 13% across the economy. However, the latest ‘working future projections’ shows that there will be a shift towards more people holding higher qualifications. By 2024, 50% of people employed in the industry are expected to be qualified at level four and above, whilst the proportion of people with no formal qualifications is expected to fall to 4%. British Cleaning Council chairman, Simon Hollingbery, said: “The BCC

is very proud that it is able to carry out this important research on behalf of the industry. It gives us a good benchmark of where we are, and it will help businesses plan for the future. There’s very encouraging signs in the turnover and growth figures, and we need to keep working hard to make sure people in the industry get those higher qualifications. Overall I’m very pleased with the report, and we can go forward with renewed optimism for the future.” www.

National Living Wage - facing the facts In April the Government’s National Living Wage will rise from £7.20 per hour to £7.50 per hour for those aged 25 and over - but it is not as straightforward as it might seem. Here Bryony Goldspink, employment solicitor from law firm Gordons, examines what cleaning companies need to know about the changes. When Chancellor Philip Hammond announced an increase to the National Living Wage in his first Autumn Statement last year, it was less than eight months since the scheme was first introduced. Some argued it was too soon for employers still assessing the impact of increased staff costs, others said the increase was still not enough. Here are the key points that firms need to know ahead of the changes in April. What is the National Living Wage? The National Living Wage replaced the National Minimum Wage for workers aged 25 and over in April 2016. It

states that eligible employees are entitled to £7.20 per year, rising to £7.50 from 1 April. It is worth pointing out that the National Living Wage is separate to the voluntary Living Wage, which is set by the Living Wage Foundation and calculated based on what people ‘need’ to live. Currently this is set at £8.45 for employees outside of London and £9.75 for those in London. So all employees aged 25 and over will be entitled to the new rate from 1 April? Not necessarily. Workers are entitled to receive the minimum rate which applies at the start of their relevant pay reference period. This means

if employees are paid monthly and their pay period runs from the 29th of each month, they will not be eligible for the increased rate until 29 April. The same principle applies for all workers who reach the age of 25 - their new minimum rate will only apply from the start of the new pay reference period. Is there anyone not covered? What about apprentices? If they are in the first year of an apprenticeship, regardless of age, apprentices are entitled to £3.40 per hour, rising to £3.50 per hour from April 2017. Of course, this means you could have apprentices over the age of 25

who are not entitled to the National Living Wage. Once they have completed their first year, an apprentice’s minimum rate is calculated in line with any other employee. Therefore second and third year apprentices aged 25 and over will be entitled to National Living Wage, whilst those aged under 25 are entitled to the National Minimum Wage rate appropriate for their age. Do I need to maintain existing pay scales? Not by law, but you should consider employee satisfaction, motivation and staff retention. If, for example, you have a set of semi-skilled workers earning £7.20 per

hour under National Living Wage and another set of workers earning £8.20 per hour in a higher pay band, then this gap will reduce in April from £1 to 70p. Unless an individual’s contract states that they must be paid at a rate that is calculated according to other rates within the organisation, there is no legal obligation for you to increase any other pay rate. What else do I need to be aware of? Some employers may be tempted to avoid further increases to staff costs by employing people under the age of 25, who remain eligible for the National Minimum Wage (set to rise to £7.05 from 1 April for those aged 21-24). Based on a 37 hour week this could mean a difference of more than £860 per year, but remember this is likely to be unlawful under age discrimination legislation.

Diversey Care ‘headline partner’ for Eco-Schools England Diversey Care has become the headline partner of EcoSchools England, becoming part of the largest environmental schools programme in the world. Under this new commitment, Diversey Care will offer advice and support on sustainable cleaning and 4 l APRIL 2017 l

wider sustainability topics to schools that want to achieve and maintain Eco-Schools accreditation. This will include bespoke materials for pupils and staff and online resources available from a dedicated website at

eco-schools-partners/ diversey/ Eco-Schools empowers pupils to make positive change with a highly focused programme that provides a framework for learning and action. Schools follow a simple seven-step process,

based around nine core topics, to achieve a sustainability accreditation. In England, the programme is operated by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. More than 18,000 schools participate and 1150 of these currently hold the highest level of

award, the Eco-Schools Green Flag. Globally, more than 16 million children attend an Eco-School in 64 different countries. The programme was established in 1994 in response to the 1992 UN Rio Earth Summit.

a clean sheet laundry has evolved...

With the EvoClean venturi laundry system, Hydro Systems has developed a four, six or eight product commercial laundry solution which eliminates the routine maintenance requirements of competing peristaltic systems. Lightweight, with a small footprint, integrated flush manifold, low-level alarm, on-board control system and remote formula select, there really is no comparison. With no chemical drop-off or deteriorating performance from worn tubes, EvoClean ensures consistent results and satisfied customers, wash after wash.

for more details call +44 (0)1344 488880 or visit our website


New Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards announced New for 2017, the Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards have replaced the previous Attendant of the Year Awards provided by the Loo of the Year Awards and relate specifically to the dedicated cleaning staff that look after the facilities, rather than the washrooms themselves. Mike Bone, Loo of the Year Awards managing director, said: “As part of changes being introduced to celebrate our 30th anniversary we decided that Washroom Cleaner more clearly describes our entrants staff who clean and maintain their washrooms. The origi-

nal Attendant of the Year Awards were introduced some years ago when public toilets dominated entries and ‘toilet attendants’ were employed in most entrant’s washrooms.” While the range of gradings and national Loo of the Year Awards and UK/Ireland trophies provide adequate recognition of the washrooms and their providers, it is the people who look after each facility - be they individual washroom cleaners, inhouse cleaning teams or external cleaning/FM contractors - who also deserve recognition.

All cleaning staff will automatically be entered for Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards for all entries that are declared as ‘full time attended toilets’ on the entry form. Judging will be completed at the same time as the Loo of the Year Awards inspection and any cleaning staff seen at the time of the unannounced visit are deemed to represent the whole cleaning team. There will be Washroom Cleaner of the Year Award national winners in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and overall UK/Ireland trophies.

The Individual cleaner national awards and trophy will be presented to the cleaner(s) who, in the opinion of the judges, is/are performing a high quality ‘ambassadorial’ role for the washroom provider in terms of appearance, attitude, commitment, and efficiency. In-house cleaning team national awards and trophy will be presented to the cleaning team employed by a washroom provider with multiple entries in the Loo of the Year Awards who, in the opinion of the judges, are performing a high quality ‘ambassadorial’ role for the

washroom provider in terms of appearance, attitude, commitment, and efficiency. External contractor cleaning team national awards and trophy will be presented to the cleaning contractor company or organisation which, in the opinion of the judges, is providing a high level of service to one or more Loo of the Year Award entrants. National and UK/Ireland awards and trophies will be presented at the 2017 event which will take place on Friday 8 December at St Johns Hotel, Solihull.

CleanJack and Templa join forces

CleanJack time and attendance focuses on communicating cleaning tasks to cleaners and the registration of staff attendance and working hours on every site. After a company takeover in 2015, CleanJack invested in building a new generation system. “Managers of cleaning companies have a real-time overview of who is working where,” continued Niels van den Berg. “The new version allows operations managers to communicate cleaning tasks and messages to cleaners at every location. Cleaning companies can ensure that cleaners are performing the right tasks and working the scheduled hours.”

CleanJack has been developing a working relationship with the UK’s Templa since late 2016. Both companies offer automation for professional cleaning contractors. Together they now offer the integrated service ‘TemplaCMS Time and Attendance by CleanJack’ where Templa’s contract management solution ‘TemplaCMS’ delivers dynamic two-way integration with CleanJack’s time and attendance system. Driven solely from TemplaCMS, the CleanJack database is synchronised through single data entry. The registered working hours in CleanJack are then

automatically sent to the TemplaCMS pay module’s timesheets, offering realtime reconciliation of contracted hours and wage variance control. “The new service synchronises cleaning contract information between both systems,” said Niels van den Berg, CEO of CleanJack. “The result is a very comprehensive system.”’ Rick Stoor, managing director of Templa, said: “TemplaCMS is a single consolidated solution for all aspects of a cleaning contractor’s business, covering activities across the sales, admin, finance, payroll/HR,

Rick Stoor, managing director of Templa (left), and Niels van den Berg, CEO of CleanJack.

operations, and quality departments in the business. It delivers a real-time contracts database, which in turn enables us to maintain live timesheets and wage variance during pay periods.

1000 jobs Remploy milestone achieved by TCFM TC Facilities Management (TCFM) is celebrating placing its 1000th employee with its recruitment partner Remploy. Divisional director, Jeff Lloyd-Jones, will be celebrating with in-store manager, Martin Horvath, at Tesco Canton near Cardiff, where Tarik Miah recently secured a job working as a cleaner. The partnership with Remploy began over 10 years ago and has seen over 1000 individuals become part of the team. On re-signing the partnership agreement last year, TCFM committed to achieving placing its 1000th candidate through working with the organisation. This milestone took less than nine months to achieve due 6 l APRIL 2017 l

to candidates soaring on the back of significant contract wins during 2016. Jeff Lloyd-Jones, whose team has placed more than half of all the candidates in his region, said: “I am delighted that we’ve achieved this milestone. The candidates placed through Remploy that I have worked with are among some the most talented and committed individuals I’ve had the pleasure to know.” Rachel Gardiner, head of HR, said: “We’re over the moon to know that we’ve now placed our 1000th candidate through our partnership with Remploy. Not only am I looking forward to the celebration that will be taking place later this month

but I am also looking forward to seeing our partnership place even more candidates in to the business as part of our ongoing commitment to provide meaningful employment for people with a disability.” Gareth Parry, chief executive of Remploy, said: "I'm delighted TCFM has placed its 1000th employee, on the 10th anniversary of our partnership with them. Their commitment and drive to transform the lives of people with a disability or work-limiting health conditions is incredible and they are setting a fine example for other employers. I look forward to the opportunities the next 10 years will bring."

CleanJack has natural synergies with TemplaCMS and we are delighted to have secured sole distributorship in the UK which enables us to take our integration to the next level.”

Vectair expands in-house sales support team to cover nine languages As a global hygiene manufacturer servicing more than 100 countries from its head office in Basingstoke, Vectair Systems has always aimed to provide the language skills to allow staff to communicate with customers in their mother tongue wherever possible. As the company has grown and expanded into new territories, Vectair has seen a growing need for these language skills, and has therefore invested in expanding its team of multi-lingual sales support staff to further service its customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The team, now made up of six experienced sales support executives, covers nine languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Bulgarian, and Romanian. The sales support executives will work closely with export account managers to service Vectair’s international customers. Paul Wonnacott, managing director at Vectair Systems, said: “We are thrilled to announce the growth of our inhouse export team. We believe that communicating with our customers in their own languages will help to generate a more personal service, a smoother ordering process and overall a stronger partnership.”

HAPPY CLEANING Henry Floorcare Over 10 million Henry vacuum cleaners have been sold worldwide. There’s no secret to his success… reliability, simplicity and always designed to perform for the professional cleaner.

Henry HGB

Henry TTH






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Numatic International Limited, Chard, Somerset. TA20 2GB Tel: 01460 68600 © 5\TH[PJ 0U[LYUH[PVUHS 3PTP[LK :WLJPÄJH[PVU Z\IQLJ[ [V JOHUNL ^P[OV\[ WYPVY UV[PJL


British Institute of Cleaning Science

Making a margin: a contractor’s blog

Spring is in Life near the fast lane the air Simon Gasson, joint managing director of So Clean, London, reports.

Stan Atkins, CEO of BICSc, reports.

It’s that time of year we all look forward to - after a long, cold and wet winter, spring is finally in the air. In our industry, however, those first indications of spring can also signal the time for the dreaded ‘spring clean’. But where did this annual practice come from and why is it still relevant today? Although it may seem like a western tradition, cultures from around the world have been spring cleaning for thousands of years. One of the earliest examples of the spring clean goes back to the Jewish tradition of regular house cleaning just before Passover, the holiday marking the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Since matzah, or unleavened bread, was fed to the Jewish slaves in Egypt, it became a tradition for Jews to rid their house of leavened bread during Passover. To ensure all bread had been removed, a top to bottom house clean was routinely done each year. The night before Passover would be a full-on spring cleaning event, where the family would scour their home with candles for any crumbs in a hunt they called ‘Bedikat Chametz’. In Britain, however, the spring clean can be traced back to the 19th Century and had a very practical purpose. During this period, it was normal for people to keep their houses shut tight against the cold of winter. Back then homes were heated with coal, oil and wood, so as you can imagine they were tough to keep clean. The coming of spring and warmer weather, therefore, signalled a welcome opportunity to make the home fresh again and clean it of the soot and grime accumulated over the winter months. Today we can be thankful that our modern buildings are centrally heated, and our lifestyles have changed in that we no longer spend winters hibernating in quite the same way. Our climate-controlled homes and offices don’t accumulate months of dust, soot and stale air, and our advanced cleaning products and vacuum cleaners help keep the dirt from sneaking in. As a result, the need for a big spring clean may not feel so great. However, with modern buildings comes new issues which our ancestors would never have had to deal with. Nowadays our homes are relatively airtight which means they’re more likely to be full of chemicals from cleaning components - this and other factors can affect the indoor air quality. A spring clean is therefore a great way to keep on top of things and ensure our buildings are clean and safe. Besides the practical benefits, a spring clean can also be beneficial in psychological terms, and in offices where spring cleans take place it has been proven to improve the mood and productivity of employees. If you’re participating in a version of spring cleaning this year BICSc offers a range of skills training in all areas of cleaning. To find out more visit: 8 l APRIL 2017 l

Last week, as I sat in a client meeting about 30 yards from the M25, I found myself asking: “Is any cleaning contract a more perfect microcosm of the challenges we face as an industry than a motorway service area?” Think for a moment about the things you have to deal with: difficult place to get to; a lot of unsociable hours; health and safety issues, both staff and general public; unexpected surges in demand; and not least the outrageous behaviour of some members of the public, who treat motorway service areas as a place they can do stuff safe in the knowledge, I presume, that they will never return. I won’t go into detail, but I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere - not in schools, hotels or even football grounds. So to say that every day brings a new challenge, all 365 of them, is putting it mildly. Sometimes it’s down to the design of the facilities. The new type of central wash hand basins, shaped like huge water fountains, result in the floor being constantly splattered with water as the public walk around looking for the hand driers. Elsewhere it’s the unpredictable volume of traffic. Every year the average motorway toilet is flushed 40,000 times and when three coaches unload at once, you are abruptly reminded of that fact. And then there’s the hazardous activity of litter picking on the roadways with vehicles moving in close proximity tightly covered by safety procedures of course. However, what redeems it all from a management point of view is the outstanding teamwork - not just of our own supervisors and staff, but of the site management. As things stand, we provide teams of staff on both sides of the motorway seven days a week from 7am to 11pm, with the site operator’s staff covering the night shift. To ensure everyone gets to work, the site operator organises minibus pick-ups, not just for our guys, but for all the staff in the shops, restaurants, hotel, petrol stations - the lot. That’s a real bonus. There’s also a real sense of camaraderie between the staff of the different employers on the site. Key team members carry phones and the site operator’s FM is in constant touch with our supervisor. There is total transparency in the relationship and nobody’s afraid of asking for help. As anyone knows, adversity, or even just working under difficult conditions, can bring out the best in people. I guess in Britain we’re known for our backs-to-the-wall approach and in a tough industry like cleaning, it can be intangible benefits like team spirit that make a job easier to enjoy. Am I thankful for small mercies? Yes I am.

Servest acquires pest control specialist Pro-Check Servest has acquired Dundee-based pest control specialist Pro-Check Environmental Services Northern Ltd as it steps into the growing pest control market. Pro-Check offers pest control, cleaning, hygiene services, and environmental solutions, and has been providing specialist services to local businesses and councils since 2000. Operating mainly throughout Scotland, Pro-Check offers Servest the chance to further grow its geographical

coverage. The growing pest control market was also a key value driver for Servest, and marks their third acquisition in four months. The proximity of the company to Arthur McKay's head office, who were acquired by Servest in late 2016, provides further opportunities for the division to offer pest control services to its client base. The ProCheck Environmental Services Northern team will be joining the Servest family and founder, Jim Devaney,

will take on the role of area manager Scotland. Rob Legge, Servest CEO, said: “We welcome a very professional and experienced Pro-Check team to Servest, which will allow us to offer additional pest services and expertise to clients. The move forms a part of Servest’s growth strategy and will help develop our already successful pest control division. The acquisition marks an exciting start to the year as we continue to grow.”

Charity golf day returns in 2017 A charity golf day in aid of Young Epilepsy, is being staged on Friday 22 September 2017. It will take place at Stock Brook Manor Golf Club in Essex. Anyone wishing to participate should contact:


Cutting the cost of clinical waste disposal At a time when healthcare budgets are stretched to the limit, the ability to cost-effectively and efficiently manage the safe and compliant disposal of waste is more important than ever. Phillip Steer, commercial manager - clinical, within Grundon Waste Management’s specialist Clinical Waste Management Service, says education and communication are integral parts of the successful waste jigsaw. We spend a great deal of time working proactively with managers and staff within both NHS Trusts and the private sector - including hospitals, universities, laboratories, care homes, GP surgeries, and dental surgeries. They all share the goals of the safe disposal of clinical waste and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, while at the same time they have to balance financial spend and value for money. Unfortunately, what we often see is organisations failing to recognise the impressive financial savings which can be achieved through improved segregation of waste streams. By that, I mean too many still treat healthcare waste as infectious - requiring more expensive alternative treatment - rather than offensive waste, which costs approximately 50% less for safe disposal. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) guidance ‘The management of waste from health, social and personal care’ - stipulates it is no longer acceptable to classify all waste as infectious or to be extra cautious in a ‘just in case’ scenario. Statistics produced by the RCN healthcare waste survey of 2011 discovered that if offensive waste rates reached 20% within the NHS, potential year-on-year savings of £5 million would be achieved. Six years on from that survey, we have helped some NHS Trusts to reach offensive waste targets of 45-55%. In other Trusts, however, the figures are as low as 5%, meaning they are missing opportunities to save large sums of money which could be spent elsewhere. Why is it so difficult to embrace change? We believe you have to start at the very beginning, which is why our clinical waste experts spend a great deal of time on the wards talking to nursing staff, porters, the administrative teams - literally going through waste management issues department by department to find out how changes can be made effectively and without confusion. Making those changes can sometimes be as sim-

ple as changing the location of bins if you see a bin with an orange sack for infectious healthcare waste next to a sink, then the temptation after washing your hands is to put that paper towel into the nearest bin. The paper towel doesn’t need alternative treatment, it should be going into the domestic waste route, whilst a tiger stripe sack for non-infectious healthcare waste for items such as non-infectious dressings, sanitary waste and incontinence pads should be found on the ward. Simply relocating the orange sack bin and having clear signage about the do’s and don’ts of disposal can help drive the message home. We send non-infectious waste to our own Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities, whilst infectious waste goes for alternative treatment in our Hydroclaves, both of which offer a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly solution to high temperature incineration. Even better, renewable electricity from the EfW plant is then exported into the National Grid, where it provides enough energy to power some 50,000 homes. Education and communication We recognise that employees at all levels need to fully understand why changes are necessary and one very successful approach has been the introduction of waste awareness workshops and training days. There are so many different departments involved in the waste management process that very often we will hold up to six workshops a day in one hospital to ensure that as many staff as possible can attend. We make sure there are plenty of pictures, posters and diagrams, we explain how different types of waste are classified, and detail the Safe

Management of Healthcare Waste’s best practice colour-coded system for bins. Everyone who attends receives a certificate and a Grundon goody bag. We also make the point that as a professional organisation we are fully compliant and up-todate with all the latest legislation, as well as being members or organisations such as the Sanitary Medical Disposal Services Association (SMDSA). This means we take the compliance headache away from managers, leaving them to get on with the rest of their day. We also talk about the strict rules in place for the safe storage and transportation of clinical waste and show them examples of the United Nations approved packaging that we use, all of which helps to reduce any risk of infection. It’s also important to talk about our fleet of specialist collection vehicles and highly-trained drivers and we explain that because all waste is handled in-house, clients have absolute control and transparency throughout both transportation and disposal. By holding events such as these, we know that we are doing our best to spread the word and get everyone on board as much as possible. To further help healthcare employees, in conjunction with one NHS Trust we are also developing an online training platform. We plan to roll this out more widely at a later date, enabling anyone who has any queries about clinical waste to log on and see the information they need straightaway. By utilising the full range of services on offer and working together, we can tackle what is effectively the squandering of clinical waste and achieve real cost-saving results. To find out more, visit, call 01628 501 591 or email l APRIL 2017 l 9


Continued clean bill of health for Merton schools Julius Rutherfoord’s cleaning standards and focus on health and safety have effectively eradicated Norovirus outbreaks from London Borough of Merton Council Schools and Families premises for seven consecutive years. Norovirus became a serious issue in Merton in the winter of 2007/08 with unacceptable numbers of cases, followed by another debilitating winter of outbreaks in 2008/09. The council launched a rigorous competitive tender process to find a cleaning contractor that could successfully battle this problem through effective and thorough cleaning techniques. Julius Rutherfoord began cleaning Merton’s Schools and Families premises in April 2009, implementing its ISO-accredited management and auditing systems and empowering the existing cleaning teams through training and motivation to transform standards of cleaning. Chris Parkes, operations director at Julius Rutherfoord, said: “Norovirus is a highly infectious and often debilitating infection that can thrive in busy, closed environments like schools - as previous outbreaks have demonstrated only too well. We are passionate about improving the health and well-being of the people who use the facilities that we clean, and have made it our personal mission to eradicate norovirus from Merton Council Schools and Families premises, as well as every single other building we clean.” Zero Norovirus outbreaks at Merton Council Schools and Families premises is in contrast to the national trend. According to Public Health England, the number of laboratory reports of Norovirus in this season stood at 3329 at the start of February - 4% higher than the average number for the same period in the five preceding winters. Chris Parkes continued: “The winter of 2016/2017, when the Norovirus is typically at its worst, has once again revealed a remarkable 100% success rate of eradication, with not one outbreak in any of the schools, libraries or social services establishments covered by our cleaning contract. We are extremely proud to be contributing to a healthier working and learning environment in Merton Council Schools and Families premises. Our meticulous cleaning extends to every facility that we work on, including our own buildings. In fact, Julius Rutherfoord is a winner of the Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Healthy Workplace Award for our own home - The Tramshed in Battersea, London. The award recognises companies that have taken significant steps to provide a more hygienic office environment to help reduce sickness and increase employee wellbeing.”

Hard FM services contract at LBC estates Following a competitive tender process, Platinum Facilities Maintenance Services has been awarded a contract with London Bridge City (LBC). Encompassing eight buildings across two individual estates, covering an area of approximately 1.6 million sq. ft. of mixed commercial office space, Platinum will service all mechanical, electrical and fabric assets within the SE1 building portfolio. The London Bridge City

10 l APRIL 2017 l

property portfolio sits between London Bridge and Tower Bridge and includes the office buildings No.1 London Bridge and Cottons Centre, More London, and Hay’s Galleria. As the sole M&E contractor, Platinum will provide maintenance, technical and engineering support, ensuring total compliance to statutory requirements. As part of the relationship, Platinum Facilities will introduce condition-based mainte-

nance (CBM) to the portfolio. 26 staff will work on the sites. London Bridge City was looking for a single service provider that could offer a bespoke, innovative and effective solution. Platinum’s model is built around transparency, flexibility and customer focus. “We are delighted to add a prestigious portfolio like London Bridge City to our diverse client base in the capital,” said Glen Cardinal, managing director of Platinum. “As an SME, we’re able to work closely with our clients to ensure expectations are exceeded every step of the way. We’re looking forward to the challenges ahead and to introducing a number of innovations that will boost the profile of the LBC estates.”

New partnership for Fila and S2C Midlands Fila has formed a new partnership with commercial cleaning specialist, S2C Midlands. A specialist in retail environments, including motor/sport workshops and dealerships, S2C’s national service spans initial cleans within new buildings to renovation projects. As part of the new partnership, Fila will provide additional technical support through its dedicated project division, and a variety of cleaning products for porcelain and ceramic surfaces. S2C works with multiple brands including Audi, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche. The new partnership with Fila will focus on its motor-related business, which includes deep cleaning and routine maintenance

of front of house, showrooms and workshop/valet areas. “We’ve built up a thriving business over the last 15 years and are incredibly proud of our loyal client base,” said Jane Robinson, managing director of S2C Midlands. “Much of our success is down to our team’s dedication to customer care - we strive to continuously develop our products and methods. The partnership with surface solution specialist Fila will enable us to evolve even further and to tap into additional expertise.” Fila product specification will include treatments to remove daily oil, grease and staining from a variety of surfaces.

FM services for new Ocado HQ ISS is commencing a new contact with online supermarket Ocado. ISS will provide an integrated service solution at its new head office address in Hatfield, which includes catering and hospitality, building maintenance services, cleaning, waste, energy and environmental management, and health and safety management. Ocado is a British online supermarket and the largest 'pure play' online food retailer in the world. In contrast to its main competitors, the company has no chain of stores and does all home deliveries from its three UK distribution centres. Nick Webb, head of office enablement at Ocado, said: "Our new head office facility needs to reflect the core service values of Ocado while at the same time enhancing our reputation as a technology driven company. ISS was able to demonstrate these requirements through a customer centric solution designed to enhance the user experience." Matthew Brabin, CEO, ISS UK and Ireland, said: “We are delighted to be embarking on a brand new contract with an innovative brand such as Ocado. We have close alignment in values, customer service ethos and technology and we also share support for the Living Wage Foundation. These strong standards provide a solid platform for our relationship and we look forward to developing the partnership further and making a positive difference to their new flagship premises.”


Revolutionising compact mopping UltraSpin is a simple to use, compact system that combines a revolutionary high performance spinning wringer. The results are effective cleaning, in less time, at lower cost and with less strain for the user. UltraSpin is adaptable for use in all small areas, the high absorbency and effective wringer makes it ideal for fast spill pick up. The user controls how wet the mop head is through the spinning process and you can use it across all mopping applications. • Fast, super absorbent spill pick up properties • Launderable 100% microfibre mop head • Ergonomic, no bending • No training required • Triangular head, easy corner cleaning, wide floor coverage Tel: 01706 759597 Email:


A resounding success!

By Simon Hollingbery, chairman, British Cleaning Council. I'm writing this month's column after just arriving back home following three fantastic days at the 2017 Cleaning Show in London's Docklands. Not only did the sun finally come out, but so too did the cleaning industry! After a good opening day with a steady footfall, the second day took us all by

12 l APRIL 2017 l

surprise, and the aisles were filled with eager visitors. It's too early after the event to put precise figures on the footfall, but early estimates point to the show being around 12-15% up on the previous one at the Excel. A tremendous amount of business was done on the stands, and I know from my own enquiries that stand holders also did very well securing high quality leads. I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the exhibitors and visitors who played a part in making it such a vibrant and enjoyable event. A special mention also to all those who manned our BCC 35th anniversary stand, in particular Pat Wherton, our secretary, who worked tirelessly helping and advising everyone who passed by. Another extremely pleasing aspect of the show was Contact details

the success of the seminar programme. We put a lot of time and effort in with our partners Quartz Business Media to make sure this part of the exhibition was something that would add real value. The feedback I've had was that we succeeded on that front. There were a number of highlights during the show, but if I had to pick out one to mention it would be the success of the first CSSA Awards. Everyone on the Council felt there was a need for an industry awards that celebrated UK talent, and that is why we helped to sponsor the event. The awards ceremony, held at the Bridge Restaurant at ExCel, was very well attended, with some worthy winners, and I'm sure this will be the first of many more CSSA Awards events. I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank our Euro-

pean colleagues - the members of the EFCI - for attending the BCC meeting in Parliament, coincidently the same evening that the Lords was voting on the Brexit amendments! Whatever happens with regard to the Brexit negotiations, I believe Europe will continue to be an important partner to the UK cleaning industry for many years to come. The Cleaning Show has come on leaps and bounds since its move from the NEC in Birmingham, and we now have an industry event in the UK that is on a par with the big international trade shows, but that is not to say there is any room for complacency. The 2017 show was undoubtedly the biggest and most professional we've ever staged, but we know there are things we can improve on, and we will be analysing the feedback from both exhibitors and visitors

to see how we might improve it in future. But all in all the London Cleaning Show 2017 was a resounding success and I think it proves just how buoyant the cleaning industry is at the moment. The interest from visitors in new equipment, new products, and the thirst for knowledge they possessed was extremely encouraging. I for one cant wait for the next show, which will be held at Event City in Manchester in 2018, and then back in London in 2019.

For further information on the British Cleaning Council and details of its members contact: The General Secretary, BCC Ltd, PO Box 10362, Syston, Leicester, LE7 2WJ, UK E: W:


People TC Facilities Management (TCFM) is celebrating the successful completion of the first apprenticeship programmes by staff at its head office in Surrey. Claire Davis and Emma Benstead have both completed their level 2 programmes in business administration and IT user. The apprenticeship programme commenced last year as part of TCFM’s focus on staff development and motivation, empowering employees with the skills needed to deliver on the back of significant contract wins since 2015. The programme was initially offered to existing employees and has seen 40 people take up the opportunity to develop in a diverse range of business skills from cleaning and environmental services level 2 to management. TCFM is now entering into a phase where apprenticeships will be offered across a wider range of the business. Claire Davis, vetting team administrator, said: “I feel a great sense of achievement in completing this and for having the opportunity to acquire a qualification through my workplace. The apprenticeship included a variety of modules I needed to complete which were marked as a test, professional discussion or by observations. My manager, Sarah Smith, particularly encouraged me to complete my apprenticeship and was very supportive and helpful throughout my journey.” Emma Benstead, IT support, said: “I am currently doing a City and Guilds apprenticeship qualification for IT user. This involves noting evidence on different aspects of using IT, showing an understanding of how they work and how to resolve issues. I am also becoming more knowledgeable in understanding data security and working online safely. To be able to document my every day working life and show a qualification for it is invaluable for me at my age (46) and has also helped in my confidence, especially with achieving passes in my functional skills exams.” Hayley Key, who manages the apprenticeship programme at TCFM, said: “I am delighted that we’ve achieved this milestone. Those undertaking apprenticeships should feel incredibly proud of themselves for completing the courses and

gaining a qualification. Over the coming months we will be celebrating the success of many of our other apprentices completing their qualifications. The apprenticeship programme has been a great success and we see this as a key driver in developing our people, not only for their current roles but as part of their individual development plan for their future progression within the business.” OCS is launching a new apprenticeship programme in the UK which will aim to recruit up to 900 apprentices in its first year. From 6 April 2017, the scheme will offer apprenticeships in a range of operational FM, management and business support functions including ICT and HR. Open to both new and existing OCS colleagues, the programme will offer vocational learning through local training providers and further education colleges, and leadership development to degree level, providing multiple pathways for individuals to progress their career. A series of roles across all service lines and functions will be advertised on the OCS website,, throughout the year. Stuart Rowberry, resourcing and development business partner at OCS, who will be responsible for leading the scheme, said: “The forthcoming apprenticeship levy provides the opportunity for us to implement a development programme which delivers for our people, our customers and OCS. Apprenticeships will allow us to attract and retain the best talent through a focus on supporting their careers while equipping our workforce with the skills needed to best support our customers and the strategic growth of OCS in the coming years.” Following the successful re-introduction of its Undergraduate Bursary, the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) has expanded the bursary to three lucky winners in 2017.

Applicants are assessed according to need, worthiness, endeavour, and overall performance. Each candidate brings something unique so the field of applicants is incredibly competitive. With a passion for his subject - chemical engineering - and an intent to also study languages at university, Adam Jackson, the son of Helen Jackson who works for Deb Ltd, won the inaugural bursary. He used the bursary to buy textbooks and support his studies and is now averaging over 80% in his assignments. The bursary is open to the sons and daughters of CHSA members who, on 1 September 2017, will be 18 years or over and commencing their higher education studies this year. The successful applicants will be awarded a maximum of £4500, receiving the bursary in three installments - £1500 at the start of each academic year or for the first three academic years if the degree is four years or longer. David Garcia, treasurer of the CHSA and chairman of Polaris Plastics, said: “Our employees’ members work hard and this bursary, by giving something directly to their children, is a perfect way for us to say thank you for their contribution and ongoing commitment. Higher education is incredibly expensive. For many the cost is off-putting. Our bursaries lift the pressure a little, giving the lucky winners the resources they need to, for example, buy their books.” Applicants need to submit their completed form, which can be obtained from Linda Belcher (secretary, by 30 June 2017. Those shortlisted will be interviewed in July by a selection panel to be led by David Garcia. ISS has announced the appointment of Steve Mitchell as managing director of ISS Restoration. He will now report to Matthew Brabin, CEO of ISS UK and Ireland, and will be responsible for overseeing the 64-strong Rain-

bow International network, together with ISS Restoration’s commercial, complex and major loss operation. Phil Else leaves the business after 21 years. He joined in 1996 and, following the acquisition of the Rainbow brand by ISS in 2003, successfully led the business as managing director. Matthew Brabin said: “Phil has taken the decision to step away at this time and ISS owes him a great debt of gratitude for his contribution to ISS and the success of the Restoration business over the past 21 years. I am subsequently delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Mitchell into the role of managing director, ISS Restoration. Phil and Steve have worked closely together for the past 14 years."

Steve Mitchell. Steve Mitchell said: “We continue to see a tremendous amount of change, both in the industry and our business. I would like to personally thank Phil for his tireless work which leaves the business on a sound footing, as the industry continues to evolve. Our strategic vision sees the unique and combined strengths of Rainbow International and ISS Restoration’s commercial operation working seamlessly as one. This will position the business to better meet the needs of the changing landscape of the UK insurance marketplace.” Service Works Group (SWG) has announced the appointment of a new board member, Richard Newell. Taking the role of group chief information officer, he will lead Service Works strategic plans to deliver product innovation and flexibility, ensuring that the company continues to meet the needs of its FM clients. Leaving leading law firm Clifford Chance after almost 10 years, Richard Newell was primarily responsible for leveraging technology to provide strategic advantage, identifying the next generation of digital tools and

translating ideas into strategic roadmaps. Having worked with SWG previously as professional services manager, CEO Gary Watkins is pleased to welcome Newell back to the team: “Richard’s passion toward emerging technology and business acumen will be key in driving further company growth and ensuring that SWG continues to provide technology at the forefront of FM.” Richard Newell said: “I am looking forward to sharing my experience in this marketplace and working alongside the senior management team at SWG. It’s an exciting and transformational time for the integrated workplace management software space. With this new role I will look to keep SWG at the cutting-edge of digital facilities solutions as the market continues to diversify.” MAC International has announced that Nicolette Dawson joins the management team as its new marketing manager. Nicolette dawson, who joins the company with a background in PR and marketing, will be responsible for the coordination of day to day marketing activities, building the inhouse marketing function to support brand building to support sales through MAC dealers. “MAC International has grown on the basis of our total product, marketing and technical support to our regional distribution partners and their businesses,” says Simon Ruck, managing director of MAC International. “Nicolette’s role will be to work with our sales team, nurturing relationships with our dealers to effectively communicate our success stories and the unique value the MAC brand delivers. We view this appointment as an opportunity to continue to expand our reach and ensure that the MAC brand is always front of mind for not only the end user but as a vehicle for our dealers in increasing sales and developing their business.”

Nicolette Dawson. l APRIL 2017 l 13


The Cleaning Show 2017 ‘Once again a well organised exhibition with good numbers of high quality visitors throughout the week’

Continued from Page 3. Other highlights of the Cleaning Show 2017 included the free-to-attend seminar programme which attracted over 1000 visitors. The comprehensive programme - which ran throughout the three days of the show - included expert advice on health and safety, growing your business and an insight into the future and the new frontier of robotics. Speakers included numerous industry experts and advisors from the HSE, as well as business gurus and cleaning industry experts. Karen Nicolson, marketing manager at Nilfisk UK, said: “We had an excellent show and there was a real buzz around the hall with good attendance from all market sectors - a great forum for doing business. It is clear that the cleaning industry is progressive, and responsive to market conditions and trends as contractors and clients seek intelligent cleaning solutions to improve productivity and lower the cost of cleaning. Relevant and engaging, the seminar programme and show overall captured the mood and satisfied the industry’s demands.” The Window Cleaning Challenge The Window Cleaning Challenge was as popular as ever, with over 30 contestants taking on world record holder, Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows. As in previous years, Terry’s Guinness 14 l APRIL 2017 l

Left, Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows; Above, the Seminar Theatre was packed during all three days of the show. World Record still remains unbeaten! Winners on each day of the show Steve Fox, Glenn Bailey and John McClean - each walked away with £250 cash having completed the three window challenge in 14.02 seconds, 14.63 seconds and 16.39 seconds respectively. Terry even attempted to break his own record, but wasn’t able to get under the 9.14 seconds he set in Blackpool in 2009. Matt Hodgkins, general manager of Unger UK and sponsor of the Window Cleaning Challenge, said: “The London Cleaning Show at ExCel was a great success and provided the opportunity to meet a wide range of customers from across the industry, as well as end users. It was a huge success for Unger, where we showcased and launched new Unger products.”

Positive feedback Feedback from exhibitors has been incredibly positive with praise for the quality of the people that attended, and many exhibitors confirming that they had taken significant orders during the event. Many companies have already booked their stands for the next London Cleaning Show in 2019 when it returns on 19-21 March. Craig McKay, professional business unit director, Kärcher UK, said: “There’s been a lot of talk of late saying events are dying out, but the phenomenal success of the Cleaning Show only goes to show this isn’t the case. People still buy from people, and in the case of our industry in particular, where the right situation-specific solution is of critical importance

to our customers, nothing beats face to face conversation. It's been a great show and a fantastic shop window to show industry professionals representing businesses large and small the unique strength and depth of the product range, complete cleaning solutions and services that Kärcher provides. Even back in 1935 Alfred Kärcher knew it was the people in our company that make it a success and that still rings true today.” Thomas Stuecken, chairman of OspreyDeepclean Ltd, said: “Another excellent show with increased visitor numbers and, most importantly, key decision makers. We also noted a steady flow of international visitors. We’ve already rebooked for 2019.” Continued on Page 16.

Experience Performance at its Peak Pacvac’s backpack vacuums are designed to deliver ultimate “wearble” comfort, durability and efficiency. Call one of our Pacvac Authorised Distributors to start delivering cost reductions for your business today. EUROPE Alpes’ Hy Étoile-sur-Rhône, France | +33 977 5594 72 Chemical Direct Dublin, Ireland | +353 76 888 7799 Locon ApS Kolding, Denmark | +45 78 75 50 05 Viking Cimex AS Oslo, Norway | +47 22 79 35 35 UNITED KINGDOM Anderson Electrical Trade Derby, England | +44 133 249 7555 Capital Power Clean Broxburn, Scotland | +44 150 624 3775 Craigmore Craigavon, Northern Ireland | +44 283 802 2028 One Stop Cleaning Shop Bristol, England | +44 117 325 4550 RGS Group Middlesbrough, England | +44 164 206 1114 Source Supplies Camberley, England | +44 127 653 7713


The Cleaning Show Innovation Awards The Cleaning Show 2017 Innovation Awards attracted more entires than ever before, making the task of the nine judges more challenging than in the past. Almost 100 entries were received, covering the eight award categories - Cleaning Products, Floor Cleaning, Outdoor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Washroom Hygiene, Sustainable Cleaning, and Management Systems - and the top 45 products across all categories were judged on site at the Cleaning Show. The judges The Cleaning Show Innovation Awards are significantly enhanced by the high quality of judges that generously give their time to judge the awards. Judging took place during the first day of the show. Our role of honour this year comprised: Doug Cooke, chairman of the CSSA; John Stinton, cleaning industry guru and former general secretary of the British Cleaning Council; Scott Smith, director of the Federation of Window Cleaners; Peter Smith, managing director of Principle Cleaning Services; Paul Thrupp, director of operational excellence at OCS Group; Paul Pearce, carpet cleaning guru and former chairman of the NCCA; Stan

Atkins, CEO of BICSc; Bob Vincent, executive chairman of LCC Support Services; and Neil Nixon, conference director and editor, Quartz Business Media. The winners Cleaning Products category: Arrow County Supplies for Quick and Easy. “Innovation is often achieved when novel meets useful and this is very true of the new Quick and Easy cleaning system. Its simplicity and elegance as a practical solution for improving the control and performance of cleaners on the move makes it a must have. It combines the convenience of

automatic dosing and mobility with some of the most powerful cleaning solutions available, achieving outstanding results in a wide range of applications. It is also safe for users (CLP free at point of use) as well as being ‘green’. Quick and Easy is an exciting and innovative product that is setting new standards in performance, practicality, safety and sustainability. No longer does sustainable mean compromise when it comes to performance or cost in use.” Floor Cleaning category (joint winners): ICE for ICE R Scrub 75. “The ICE R Scrub 75 is an advanced, technological scrubbing and sweeping machine that makes cleaning intelligent, interactive and easy. The most innovative solutions are used to get the best results and benefits in small and medium areas. The new design provides comfort and safety during operation. The ICE R Scrub 75 is versatile, able to work in any environment and in any condition such as in supermarkets warehouses, shopping malls, production sites, swimming pools, gyms, car showrooms and service areas. Some of the key features include: Intelligent drive - the 5 inch, high definition colour display offers the same intuitive experience as a

smartphone. All functions and activities are managed from a single interface, where a mere touch of the finger offers access to an extraordinary choice of customisable features to satisfy all types of requirements with extreme simplicity; Rear view camera; Power mode when more scrubbing power is needed, activating Power Mode increases the delivery rate of detergent solution and boosts brush pressure (up to 100 Kg) and vacuum power for the time necessary to tackle heavy duty cleaning; and Eco Mode when the machine is idle, the brush and vacuum motor, the traction and detergent pump will turn off automatically reducing costs and emissions.”

Pacvac ‘cleans up’ at The Cleaning Show 2017

<HDUV 1947 - 70 YEARS - 2017

Window Cleaners We offer: Between 14-16 March 2017, ExCel London opened its doors to yet again host one of the biggest cleaningbased tradeshows in the UK. Pacvac, the world leader in the design and manufacture of backpack vacuum cleaners, featured a strong exhibition display, showcasing their product offering to the world. Thousands of attendees from across the United Kingdom and abroad inundated Pacvac’s stand to test and trial the comfortable and efficient backpack vacuum designs. Representatives from Pacvac’s Authorised Distributor network were present on the stand throughout the three days to connect directly with the customers and end users. The show presented fantastic leads for Pacvac and enabled many new customers to touch, feel and try the products and experience the true 16 l APRIL 2017 l

benefits of backpack vacuums for themselves. “We were thrilled with the level of interest in our backpack vacuum range. To see so many new potential customers and have the ability to speak directly with those who are already using our products was fantastic” said Graeme Trebley, Pacvac Head of Sales. “The support we were able to give to our Authorised Distributors by ensuring manufacturer presence to build the profile of the Pacvac brand for designing and manufacturing superior quality products which truly improve our customer’s bottom line was just great” said Graeme. Visit Pacvac’s website at to learn more and click on the ‘Where to Buy’ section to get in touch with an Authorised Distributor today.

Membership and Benefits ~ IOSH Accredited Training ~ Safety Accredited Member (SAM) Procurement Scheme ~ Secure online shopping And much more Formed in 1947 the professional Trade Association for Window Cleaners Federation of Window Cleaners Tel: 0161 432 8754 /0161 432 9280 ± Web:


Nilfisk Ltd for Liberty A50. “The Nilfisk Group has partnered with Carnegie Robotics, a leading provider of advanced robotic sensors, to develop a ground breaking range of autonomous cleaning machines under the pioneering Horizon Program. Together the partnership is bringing state of the art technology to the cleaning industry enabling customers to deploy unmanned floor cleaning with accuracy and precision. The first technologically advanced Horizon model is the Nilfisk Liberty A50. The new Horizon range utilises a range of sensors to map the environment, detect people, obstacles and drop offs. The robust, perception system therefore allows safe operation within multiple unstructured environments. The CopyCat mode records a normal cleaning pattern for the area in question, allowing the same cleaning pattern to be ‘replayed’ autonomously when the play button is activated. The Fill in mode allows an area to be outlined before the machine utilises an

Facilities Management

Outdoor Cleaning category: Karcher UK Ltd for EASY!Force and EASY!Lock. “Across the commercial, industrial and public sector, pressure washers are one of the most frequently used cleaning machines thanks to their versatility in removing virtually all types of dirt. Yet an important prerequisite for efficient use is that the technology and handling allow fatigue-free working, even during long periods of operation. This is where Karcher’s EASY!Force patent-packed concept comes to the fore. The most exciting innovation is the revolutionary trigger


Through innovation we can help you transform your business From award winning products to vanguards of the circular economy we innovate at every step

- now pushed into the handle with the ball of the hand, the recoil of the water jet automatically presses the trigger against the hand, creating effortless use. The reduced force prevents hand and finger strain and in turn muscle cramps, ideal for both those operating machines frequently or who haven’t the grip strength for prolonged use with a traditional trigger. Further advances include the redesign of both interfaces from the trigger gun to the lance and highpressure hose. A quadruple trapezoidal thread, EASY!Lock allows a tight and reliable connection with only a single turn, perfect for those working in gloves or cold conditions.” Carpet Cleaning category: Truvox International Ltd for the Valet Battery Upright. “Truvox’s Valet Battery Upright offers pristine cleaning results without the hassle of a cable. It’s lightweight and perfect in any commercial setting, cleaning quickly and efficiently. With no trailing cables, the Valet Battery Upright can be used around customers and employees. Other features include: Lithium ion battery that provides 60+ minutes of runtime; HEPA bag included; Convenient carry handle for easy transportation; Comfortable handle grip; Weighing only 5kg makes it ideal for transporting between cleaning jobs; Ideal for daytime cleaning and where electricity points are not easily

Local Authority

accessible; and Battery level indicator lets you know when the machine needs recharging.” Window Cleaning category: Unger UK for the Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning System. “Research indicates that when cleaning indoor surfaces such as windows, mirrors and elevators, cleaning professionals face two key challenges efficiency and safety, especially when working at height. Conventional tools

Continued on Page 18.

advanced algorithm to work out the best, most efficient way to independently clean the specified area. With only three buttons the models are very easy to use with minimal training required for operation.”


We are always thinking of new ideas, new methods and new products that will benefit our customers across their sectors. We innovate to help our customers run their businesses more efficiently, save money and reduce their carbon footprint. We are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of refuse sacks, making over 30 million refuse sacks per week. Our latest innovation is the The Green Sack™ Fusion, made using the latest triple layer extrusion technology that produces significantly more strength than the original The Green Sack™. We are RPC bpi refuse, now part of the RPC group. For more information on how we can help to transform your business call us on 0333 202 6767 or visit l APRIL 2017 l 17


and methods require time consuming rearranging of furniture and electrical equipment for safe access or to reach high or unusually positioned windows. Result - wasted time and increased risks and costs associated with the use of ladders and access equipment. Moreover, the need for intensive staff training creates additional problems, so these infrequent periodic cleaning tasks are often passed to specialist teams or subcontractors. The Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning System is a revolutionary, ready-to-run solution to your indoor window cleaning needs, also perfect for a multitude of other surfaces. Powered by 3M Scotchgard, the Stingray allows you to clean at heights of up to 4m (13ft) safely from the ground, creating lasting protection against dust, fingerprints and fogging with every clean.” Washroom Hygiene category: Dolphin Solutions for its Interchangeable Dispensers. “As part of Dolphin’s new UK manufactured plastic dispenser range, there is an ingenious 3 in 1 dispenser. The BC250 Micro Mini Jumbo Dispenser, BC251 CoreMatic Dispenser, and BC252 Coreless Dispenser all look exactly the same from the outside, but are different on the inside. What makes these dispensers

unique is the spindles that are fully interchangeable, so if you have a BC252 Coreless Dispenser and want to change to Micro Mini Jumbo, then all you have to do is purchase a spindle and the dispenser is transformed. The best benefit is for janitorial companies who have supplied dispensers free on loan and fitted the dispenser for their customer. They won’t have the extra cost of another dispenser, offering genuine savings.” Sustainable Cleaning category: Eco Silver Paper for Eco Silver Paper. “Are you sure that your hygienic paper is really hygienic? Do you know that bad storage of your paper products means you have an open door to bacteria? Do you know that a wastepaper basket could be a bacteria's nursery? Are you sure that your hands after the

drying with paper towels have less bacteria than before washing? To answer these questions arose Eco Silver Paper. It is the first tissue in the world with antibacterial features inside that reduce the bacterial charge naturally present in the paper. The Eco Silver Paper project has been developed through three years collaboration with some Italian universities and Cartindustria Veneta, a manufacturer with a strong pedigree in the production of paper products. Eco Silver Paper guarantees a real defense against bacterial contamination.”

management and tracking of assets, the tools of the trade. Experience shows that anything from 5-25% are not accurately tracked for a variety of reasons. These include internal movement or misplacement, lack of knowledge or attention, even pilferage. Imagine then, a world where our assets were located down to a pinpoint position using the latest technology. We know our mobile phones and other remote devices can be identified using on-board location features, so why can we not use the very same cost effective technology to locate each and every one of our cleaning assets. Meet ICE Locator! ICE Locator uses Bluetooth and GPS technology, providing pin point accuracy of equipment locations.”

Management Systems category: ICE for ICE Locator. “As the UK’s largest independent provider of cleaning equipment solutions ICE is well versed in the challenges currently facing service providers. One of the biggest areas of exposure in terms of compliance is the

From the Show Floor... “Airbiotics UK had a phenomenal first visit to the Cleaning Show. The staff from Quartz went above and beyond the expected level of customer service and assured we had a stress free experience - from booking to setup they were fantastic. The flow of potential customers to our booth was continual throughout the three days. We had put together a wish list of companies we would like to engage with in the coming months and each of those companies visited us at the show - delighted.” Keith Harvey, MD, Airbiotics UK. “The Cleaning Show 2017 was Jangro’s busiest show ever, with such interest in our new Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies 2017/18 catalogue that we had to ship in extras. We are exploring a record number of leads from the exhibition, and all in all we were delighted with this fantastic networking and business opportunity.” Joanne Gilliard, operations manager, Jangro.

“We had a great show, especially as our new product the Valet Battery Upright won the Carpet Cleaning Award in the Innovations Awards. The quality of attendees was high and there was a real buzz around the show, so much so that we have pre-booked a bigger stand for 2019!” Gordon McVean, sales and marketing director, Truvox. 18 l APRIL 2017 l

“What a show - the Pacvac stand was inundated with senior management and decision makers from all sized cleaning organisations, FM companies and Government bodies from right across the UK and even to countries like Poland. This is definitely the best international show that Pacvac has attended to date. We will definitely be back for the Cleaning Show in 2019!” Graeme Trebley, head of sales, Pacvac. “It was a great show, the interest on our stand included both UK and overseas visitors and we've made some very useful contacts. The actual enquiries were up on 2015 and we received a good number of solid leads over the three days. Based on the feedback so far, we've established both end users and potential dealers. This was the result of quality sales leads on our stand plus networking opportunities within the event.” Peter Morley, director, Morclean Ltd.

Thank you for visiting us! A key supply chain partner for any organisation involved in the disposable paper industry.

T: 01286 880 969

E: W:

Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd, Stafford Park 10, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3AB



The CSSA Awards The first CSSA Awards event took place at ExCel during the Cleaning Show and welcomed guests from across the industry. Some 150 people were in attendance to see the awards being presented - a programme developed to recognise everything that shines within the UK cleaning sector – great products, great systems, great contractors, and great people. The awards programme was sponsored by The British Cleaning Council, Industrial Cleaning Equipment - ICE, and Metsa Tissue and was supported by The Cleaning Show and Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine. The awards were hosted by Sean Taylor, chairman of the CSSA Marketing Group (right).

The Contract Innovation Award championed by the CHSA. Winner: Julius Rutherfoord. Presented by Stephen Harrison, chairman of the CHSA (far left).

The Training Award championed by BICSc. Winner: Chequers Contract Services. Presented by Denise Hanson, chair of BICSc (left).

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award championed by BCC. Winner: Robertson Facilities Management. Presented by Simon Hollingbery, chairman of BCC (far right).

The Environmental and Sustainability Award championed by WAMITAB. Winner: Chequers Contract Services. Presented by Chris James, CEO of WAMITAB (left).

The Outstanding Contribution Award championed by The Cleaning Show and Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine. Winner: Chris Duncan, owner and founder of Numatic International. Presented by Neil Nixon, The Cleaning Show and C&M (left).

The Best New Product Award championed by the CSSA. Winner: Industrial Cleaning Equipment - ICE for ICE Locator. Presented by Doug Cooke, chairman of the CSSA (left).

20 l APRIL 2017 l

FEATURE: Healthcare & Hospital Hygiene

Mobile devices: what is their impact on healthcare hygiene? The smartphone - our new constant companion - is making a huge impression on healthcare in extraordinary ways. Ian Catchpole from Tork manufacturer SCA explains how.

It is a scenario that we all recognise. We phone our GP for an appointment after coming down with an illness, only to find out they are completely snowed under. Due to pressures on the system they are unable to see us for at least 48 hours. So what do we do now? The NHS - which does a remarkable job under extremely difficult circumstances offers a range of options. For example, we could telephone the 111 non-emergency line for a remote assessment by a medical expert. We could alternatively head for a walk-in centre or a pharmacy for advice. Or we could go to A&E - which is not an ideal solution whichever way you look at it. For one thing, the overloaded healthcare team is unlikely to be able to deal with us quickly since more serious cases will obviously take priority. And we will be exacerbating an already difficult situation by adding to the overcrowding in A&E. There may, however, soon be another option that will allow us to obtain a diagnosis within minutes from the comfort of our own home. And it will help to ease the burden on our healthcare professionals into the bargain. The NHS is trialling a service that enables patients to gain a quick medical consultation via their smartphones. Anyone suffering from unexplained symptoms can go to the relevant app and speak to an artificially intelligent ‘chatbot’. The app will use algorithms to judge the urgency of the person's condition and advise them what to do next. The app - named Babylon - was set up in 2016 by Dr Ali Parsa and originally focused 22 l APRIL 2017 l

Two common reasons for poor hand hygiene compliance quoted by medical staff are that they are ‘too busy to wash’ or that hand washing supplies have run out. Fewer patients in our hospitals and GP surgeries will reduce the day-today pressures on medical staff and give them more time for scrupulous hand hygiene practices. And the smartphone-based Tork EasyCube system will ensure that there is a constant supply of soap and hand towels to allow them to do so.

its efforts on providing virtual GP appointments. However, the NHS has seen its potential and has teamed up with Babylon in a bid to reduce pressure on A&E. More than 1.2 million people will be able to use the app during the six-month trial period, which is currently in operation in parts of Greater London and the Home Counties. If it takes off the new system could be a game-changer. Only the most urgent cases will be treated at A&E departments which will become less crowded and more efficiently run. Meanwhile, everyone else - those experiencing vague, worrying but non-threatening symptoms - will be able to consult a ‘robot’ from their own homes. And it is all thanks to the smartphone. This is just one of the ways in which our mobile devices are revolutionising healthcare. There are countless other new uses for smartphones and tablets in the healthcare sector - for instance, it is becoming rare for a doctor to hand-write a patient’s notes or to fill out a prescription in an illegible scrawl: most medical operatives now use their smartphones or tablets to carry out these tasks. One issue of constant concern in the healthcare sector is that of hand hygiene. The need for thorough hand washing and drying among healthcare staff has been well documented, yet many studies reveal low levels of hand hygiene compliance in some facilities. Even here the situation can potentially be

improved with the use of mobile devices. One application called iScrub developed by the University of Iowa allows medical staff to record and analyse hand-hygiene observations and provide real-time feedback. Observers capture information about healthcare employees’ reactions to handhygiene opportunities, and this data can be displayed on a spreadsheet. Meanwhile, medical workers in France have been taking part in a study to discover whether or not hand hygiene compliance can be improved with the aid of text reminders. During a 10-month study, health workers in Marseilles were sent regular texts urging them to hand wash. Other texts then congratulated them for doing so. During the text-reminder period the rate of hand hygiene compliance rose from just below 15% to 23%. We at SCA are pioneering our own system that uses a smartphone or tablet to potentially improve hand hygiene. Tork EasyCube informs cleaning staff via their mobile device when a dispenser for soap, hand towels, sanitiser, or toilet tissue needs refilling. When implemented in a healthcare institution, this allows refill levels of essential washroom and wash station supplies to be constantly monitored by the cleaning staff without physically checking dispensers, ensuring the most effective use of resources. And this in turn ensures that medical personnel will always have access to vital hand hygiene. All hand hygiene facilities in a hospital should be quick and easy to use while ensuring a continuous supply. For example, a mild soap such as Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap will provide a gentle hand wash and prevent the problem of chapping or soreness that can result from frequent hand washing. Each cartridge contains 2500 shots of foam soap to ensure a long-lasting supply. Hand towels should also be soft to the touch and gentle on the hands. Tork Soft Singlefold Hand Towels, for example, provide a gentle and effective hand dry and have been a bestseller within the NHS for many years. In areas where hygiene is of paramount importance - such as in intensive care wards - extra soft towels should be provided to encourage good hand hygiene practices. Tork Xpress Extra Soft Multifold Hand Towels are a good option here since they are pleasantly soft to the touch and also highly absorbent. To supplement good hand hygiene compliance, a sanitising product should be made available to staff in a convenient format. Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser, for example, can be clipped to the patient’s bed or kept in the medical worker’s pocket where it will always be on hand when required. The explosion of smartphones and other Continued on Page 28.

FEATURE: Healthcare & Hospital Hygiene

A balancing act In a healthcare setting, it’s not enough for floors to appear to be clean. Gordon McVean, international sales and marketing director at Truvox International, outlines the key factors in balancing visible and clinical cleanliness and budgets. In most buildings the cleaning service is a balancing act between maintaining acceptable standards of cleanliness and keeping within the facility’s budget. In healthcare, this delicate operation becomes critical, given the financial pressures on budgets and the imperative of protecting patient wellbeing. So operational efficiency, productivity and hygiene factors all come into play when selecting and deploying floor cleaning equipment. Combating contamination while also preserving a pristine appearance in a busy healthcare environment requires a cleaning regime that is both tightly specified and cost-effective, yet also flexible to work around the needs of staff, visitors and patients. The patterns of use can be particularly testing. Heavy traffic from feet, wheeled equipment, beds and trolleys, not to mention spills, all take their toll. Floor cleaning equipment must be geared to the different surfaces and materials across the site, which may include buildings of differing eras and designs. Hospital floors tend to be predominantly vinyl or slip-resistant, perhaps with tiled areas in kitchens, toilets or showers. Carpeting may be absent or limited to lounges or other areas, but more common in care homes. The demands of a busy healthcare environment place a premium on equipment that not only delivers hygienic cleanliness, but in an efficient and cost-effective way. So versatility and productivity are vital to make best use of labour and operate seamlessly within the clinical regimen of the facility. Scrubber driers offer the advantage of being able to clean more surfaces efficiently and safely. Our flagship Truvox Multiwash washes, mops, scrubs, By exploiting and dries hard floors (and low-pile the most efficient and carpeting) in a single pass. Imcost-effective cleaning portantly, these floors are ready to walk on in minutes. Its technology, cleaning counter-rotating cylindrical managers can pull off this brushes exert the continuous difficult balancing act of pressure and agitation needed ensuring visible cleanliness to clean a wide variety of surfaces thoroughly - even the and safeguarding against grout lines between tiles, escalaharmful microbes on tors, entrance matting, and lowa tight budget. pile carpets. The high efficiency of this cleaning technology reduces water and chemical usage. This intensive cleaning force is also crucial to achieve hygienic results when using the natural detergents and taurine-based products often favoured in healthcare settings. It also cleans safety flooring effectively without accelerating wear, while optional side brushes cater for the curved areas where it adjoins walls. The Multiwash is particularly well suited to food service areas, operating theatres and wards where the highest standards are critical. Cleaning liquid is sprayed on the floor and then the brushes lift the removed 24 l APRIL 2017 l

soils and water onto a recovery drum that picks up the solution, en route to a recovery tank. No vacuum motor is needed. Soil removal is crucial to achieve hygienic standards of cleanliness. This is a failing of manual mopping, which persists not only in many toilets and washrooms but other areas. Even microfibre mops cannot be relied on to shift stubborn soils and, critically, bacterial contamination. Compact scrubber driers, such as the Orbis MotorScrubber 20 (which has a 20cm cleaning width), are far more effective in terms of results and use of labour. Over large areas - from corridors to wards, and consulting rooms to theatres automation is fundamental to the efficiency of daily cleaning. Stubborn scuff and track marks from trolley or wheelchair wheels are removed effortlessly, and high standards can be delivered consistently and reliably. Noise from cleaning can be a nuisance in any setting, but more so in hospitals and care homes. In its cordless form, the

Multiwash 340/Pump Battery offers the additional benefit of quiet and flexible operation. The absence of a trailing electrical cable removes another risk, for employees and visitors as well. Like clinical staff, cleaning teams need to be trained in procedures to avoid crosscontamination. The polypropylene brushes of the Multiwash are easy to disinfect compared with natural fibres, and they come colour-coded to help guard against cross-contamination between high- and low-risk areas. Compact, with a 34cm cleaning width, the cordless Multiwash can clean 350m2 an hour, boosting productivity. Even higher outputs can be achieved with larger scrubber driers in the Truvox range like the Orbis Battery Scrubber, which pushes output to 1100m2 per hour. Faced with large areas of hard flooring that require daily cleaning and polishing, healthcare teams may also deploy rotary machines. With hourly outputs up to 475m2, the new Orbis eco range combines productivity and exceptional handling in a competitive package tailor-made for contractors serving the sector. Operators appreciate the ergonomic design and low vibration levels of these single-disc rotaries, which are comfortable to use on long shifts. The combination of high pad/brush pressure and optional solution tank for wet scrubbing ensures effective cleaning in all situations. Highly robust and reliable, these British-made machines come in 200rpm, 400rpm and dual-speed models. Powered by a 1100W motor, the streamlined Orbis eco rotaries are an economical option for cleaning teams that need to achieve efficiency as well as impeccable standards. While carpets may be confined to family rooms or are absent altogether in hospitals and clinics, they do lend a sense of comfort in the lounge areas of care homes. Daily and deep cleaning are both essential to maintain a hygienically clean environment. A vacuum cleaner’s filtration systems are vitally important. An outdated or poorly maintained vacuum cleaner can exacerbate allergies and adversely affect indoor air quality. Devices without the necessary HEPA filtration or separate ducted systems will recirculate micro-organisms in the air. Vacuums should provide at least threestage filtration - and preferably a fourstage system - to trap all particles of 0.3 microns and larger. A specialist spray extractor is the key to efficient interim and spot cleaning. Truvox Hydromist machines inject cleaning solution and extract soil with a powerful vacuum. It’s a fast and effective way to tackle dirt and stains in carpets and upholstery, as an emergency response or just to ‘touch up’ areas. Daily vacuuming and spot cleaning will not remove sticky and greasy soils that build up over time and can play host to toxins. Encapsulation is the most effective method for removing these substances. A polymeric cleaning solution encapsulates the soil so it can be removed by vacuuming, restoring carpets to a visibly pristine appearance while also eliminating the soils embedded deep in the pile. By exploiting the most efficient and cost-effective cleaning technology, cleaning managers can pull off this difficult balancing act of ensuring visible cleanliness and safeguarding against harmful microbes on a tight budget.

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FEATURE: Healthcare & Hospital Hygiene

Innovative NHS project puts cleaning operatives back into the community ‘Highly commended’ in the 2016 BIFM Awards, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust’s innovative Clean & Care project has gone from strength to strength - and Prochem Europe is cited as key contributor to its success. Established at London’s Tooting Bec Hospital in 1993, the project, now run by Lambeth Vocation Services, was one of the first in the UK to offer paid work and training to adults in contact with mental health services. Back then, patients on therapeutic schemes reported their work as menial and unrewarding. A group was set up to discuss opportunities for employment and it was agreed with patients that carpet cleaning would meet the criteria for ethical and meaningful paid work. Originally named Home Cleaning Services, the team received national recognition, winning an equality award and ‘Beacon’ status from the Department of Health. In 2003, the project received a grant from Guys and St Thomas’s Charity which enabled the purchase of more equipment and funding for a full time project co-ordinator in Kevin Poulton. “From the very start, the project had bought Prochem machines and chemicals,” said Poulton. “The machines have proven reliable and long-lasting and, as

The project has also invested in training, enabling team members to attend courses at Prochem’s training centre in Chessington.

with the chemicals, are easy to use and highly effective.” In 2007, the project became part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Vocational Services and began to receive core funding from the NHS as health professionals and service users alike recognised that meaningful work, increased income and a renewed sense of purpose were important to improved mental health and well being. “Being awarded a £368,000 contract from Lambeth Council to clean carpets and floors in Lambeth libraries enabled the project to grow significantly and take the work to an industrial scale,” continued Kevin Poulton. “We have now diversified from carpet cleaning into more broadly

based office cleaning with a new name Clean & Care - and, recently, a brand new business website too.” The project has also invested in training, enabling team members to attend courses at Prochem’s training centre in Chessington. Poulton reports that the training the cleaners receive is ‘substantially improving’ the results they achieve. “Training has been core to developing our people and creating a commercial enterprise that offers professional carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning at competitive rates in offices, homes and hospitals while also enabling hundreds of people who have worked for it to learn work skills, gain self-confidence and achieve vocational goals,” said Poulton. “Customers have been very impressed and our cleaners pick up the skills to help them go on to work in full employment or education under their own initiative, as indeed many now do.” Clean & Care uses Prochem Steempro extractors on carpets, upholstery and hard floors as well some hard surfaces and favours a complement of chemicals including Multi Pro, the Natural range, Fibre and Fabric Rinse, Prespray Gold, and NeutraSoft.


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Amica Gaia

Lincoln Cleaning Technology & 4 Clean Pro SRL are delighted to introduce the all new MIRA designed and manufactured in Florence Italy Leila

26 l APRIL 2017 l

FEATURE: Healthcare & Hospital Hygiene

Laundry and dishwashing: enhancing infection control Infection control within hospitals and healthcare establishments is something that has to be in place across a host of different services, including those provided by contract cleaners and facilities management staff. For example, laundry items such as bedding and gowns, and crockery and glasses, all need to be spotlessly clean and germ free. Miele Professional understands these requirements and, as well as providing specialist products for hospital labs and central sterile services departments (CSSDs), it also offers more ‘everyday’ equipment such as dishwashers and washing machines that comply with the relevant legislation and provide hygienic results. These products also contribute to energy and water efficiency. Guidance from the Food Standards Agency states that a high heat is the most effective way of killing E. coli 0157. Dishwashers are used in kitchens, wards and nurses stations across the healthcare sector and therefore need to provide this. Miele Professional’s Hygiene dishwasher, for example, has a thermal disinfection programme and a final rinse temperature of 85ºC to ensure that bacteria are removed.

The machines are also tested and Making it straightforward for busy staff to approved to WRAS (Water Regulatory use the dishwashers also contributes to Guidance Advisory Scheme) category five to effective management. Miele’s Hygiene from the Food prevent backfilling of soiled or machine offers touchscreen controls Standards Agency states contaminated water. Many models, that are both easy to use and clean. Head of housekeeping at St Joseph that a high heat is the most including the Little Giants range, available with dump valve care and nursing home, Inge effective way of killing E. coli are drainage systems, which allow Ostrowski, said: “Everyone who has worked with this machine is 0157. Dishwashers are used contaminated water and suspended matter to easily pass thrilled: it is simple to operate, in kitchens, wards and out of the machine and into the very quiet and, above all, features nurses stations across the drain. a thermal disinfection programme. In addition, the equipment used This offers a huge advantage.” healthcare sector and by cleaning staff plays an important When it comes to laundry, the Detherefore need to role. For example, used mops and partment of Health’s Health Technical cleaning cloths must be thoroughly Memorandum 01-04 (HTM 01-04) for the provide this. washed and disinfected before they can decontamination of linen for health and sobe re-used to stop dirt from spreading. cial care states that, in order to kill bacteTo help with this challenge, Miele ria, linen should be thermally disinfected Professional’s MopStar 60 machine has using washing cycles that achieve 65oC for been specifically developed to do just that at least 10 minutes, 71oC for at least three economically and efficiently. It has a minutes or 85oC for one minute. Miele Propatented pre-spin to remove more dirt fessional’s washing machines have thermal and give greater results. Cleaning cloths disinfection cycles which meet these recan then be reprocessed, cleaned and quirements. The brand’s NeQis Independprepared for reuse in the washing machine, ent Validation System is designed to saving time as well as increasing monitor washing machine cycles to ensure performance. they reach the required temperature and hold times for safe disinfection of laundry. l APRIL 2017 l 27

FEATURE: Healthcare & Hospital Hygiene

Taking control of infection Thomas Stuecken, chairman of OspreyDeepclean, reports. Within a medical or healthcare environment, infection control and the fight against so called superbugs continue to be two of the biggest concerns for healthcare professionals. The government body NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has recently revealed that MRSA and C. difficile contribute to as many as 15,000 patient deaths each year, 5000 of which are a direct result of the patient contracting a superbug. NICE concludes that these figures are unacceptable and that many of the deaths could be avoided if staff simply washed their hands regularly. But is it really that simple? Much of the focus - quite rightly - is about personal and general hygiene. However, dealing with pathogens that are becoming increasingly resistant to the very chemicals employed to kill them means at best a haphazard result and, at worst, disaster for the infected patient. A far more reliable, safer alternative to this broad use of chemicals, and one growing in favour with many hospitals and residential care homes, is the use of steam sanitising equipment. As the original dry steam technology supplier, we have borne witness to the subtle but definite changes in attitude towards infection control in our 15 years in the market. Even as little as 10 years ago, infection control was viewed as a low status job carried out by only a couple of members of

“It is easy to see why dry steam is fast becoming the chosen method for healthcare sanitation. Dry steam is superheated to approximately 180°C and works quickly to remove dirt and pathogens, and their biofilms, including MRSA, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella and C.Difficile, via vacuum extraction and/or microfibre.”

staff per hospital. Fast forward to the present day and infection control staff are an essential, critical part of any healthcare team or environment, utilising the latest innovative technology to combat healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). And yet therein lays a contradiction. Recent trends illustrate a reform back to more traditional regimes when matrons ruled our hospital wards and ‘good old fashioned’ deep cleaning practises were the norm. And it is these traditional regimes that the very modern dry steam vapour technology from OspreyDeepclean fit so seamlessly. The cleaning industry is essentially going back in time with its cleaning practises and utilising new technology in the process. It is easy to see why dry steam is fast becoming the chosen method for healthcare sanitation. It quickly penetrates deep into surfaces, without causing surface damage or destruction that can happen with hazardous cleaning chemicals. Dry steam is superheated to approximately 180°C and works quickly to remove dirt and pathogens, and their biofilms, including MRSA, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella and C.Difficile, via vacuum extraction and/or microfibre. It is incredibly environmentally friendly, using only water as an alternative weapon against HAIs and thus discouraging any antimicrobial resistance. It works by heating a small amount of cold, clean tap water (1

litre of tap water converts to approximately 1600 litres of dry steam vapour) to boiling point whereby it becomes a ‘dry gas’ containing very few water particles. The heat from the vapour saponifies dirt, grease and grime, making it ready for removal. Surfaces are left sanitised, decontaminated, dry and ready for immediate use, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime more commonly associated with the traditional cleaning methods. Knowing how dry steam operates and how it removes pathogens is one thing. But rather than take its word for it, OspreyDeepclean went a step further and conducted scientific research into the efficacy of its dry steam. This was independently validated by the research facility TNO in The Netherlands and is something no other dry steam manufacturer has done. The technology has also been recognised by the Department of Health who presented OspreyDeepclean with the HCAI Innovation Award for ‘outstanding contribution to the patient environment’. These validations on our technology are what set our machines apart. We are the only company to hold scientific evidence to support the efficacy of our machines and we are very proud of this fact. There is no doubt that the cleaning industry and the fight against HAIs will continue but the very clear message from OspreyDeepclean is that, as the HAIs evolve, so will the technology to fight them, thus keeping one step ahead of the pathogens!

Antimicrobial copper success at Lubin Hospital Lubin Hospital - one of Poland’s top healthcare facilities, consistently ranking in the country’s top 10 safest hospitals has just opened a modernised block with new operating theatres fully-equipped with antimicrobial copper touch surfaces. Owned by KGHM Capital Group and operated by its medical company, Miedziowe Centrum Zdrowia (MCZ), Lubin Hospital already boasts antimicrobial copper surfaces in its anaesthesiology, cardiology intensive care, intensive care, oncology, and otolaryngology departments, including

handrails, IV poles and shelving. The extensive fit-out of its new operating theatres adds antimicrobial copper door furniture, electrical sockets, light switches, medical gas panels, surgical lamps, and anaesthesia trolleys. The most frequentlytouched surfaces were those targeted for replacement. “We have been planning to comprehensively equip our operating theatres with antimicrobial copper surfaces for some time,” said Piotr Milczanowski, CEO of MCZ. “I’m delighted we have now managed

Mobile devices: what is their impact on healthcare hygiene? Continued from Page 22. mobile devices on to our society has opened up new and exciting possibilities in every sphere, with healthcare being no exception. Diagnoses via artificial intelligence could lead to fewer people overloading their GP practices and A&E departments, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and HAIs. Babylon hopes that the latest version of its app - due to be launched this month - will be the first robot to be clinically certified by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency for providing medical diagnoses. If it does receive this certification it could provide a major support for the NHS which is struggling to cope with an ageing population. Two common reasons for poor hand hygiene compliance quoted by medical staff are that they are ‘too busy to wash’ or that hand washing supplies have run out. Fewer patients in our hospitals and GP surgeries will reduce the day-to-day pressures on medical staff and give them more time for scrupulous hand hygiene practices. And the smartphone-based Tork EasyCube system will ensure that there is a constant supply of soap and hand towels to allow them to do so. We are continually being told that our mobile phones are hotbeds for germs since we handle them constantly. They have also been linked - albeit tenuously - to ailments such as backache and obesity since the current generation spends so much time poring over phones. But who knew that the smartphone could also unlock such enormous potential for keeping us healthy? 28 l APRIL 2017 l

to realise this project. We constantly strive to implement the latest solutions for protecting our patients and staff from infections, and pride ourselves on meeting high standards of safety and quality of services. Antimicrobial copper is an important part of that ongoing commitment.” Copper is a powerful antimicrobial with broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria and viruses, proven to rapidly destroy pathogens including influenza A, E.coli and norovirus, and resistant bacteria such as MRSA. It shares this benefit with a range of copper alloys - such as brasses and bronzes - forming a family of solid materials called ‘antimicrobial copper’. These familiar engineering materials perform their primary function - delivering hard-wearing surfaces that meet the demands of a busy clinical environment - with the additional benefit of continuously reducing bioburden and thus reducing the risk of infections spreading. In hospital trials, antimicrobial copper surfaces have been found to harbour >80% less contamination than noncopper surfaces. A multi-centre ICU trial in the US further found the bioburden reduction was associated with a 58% reduction in infections. Lubin Hospital joins other facilities worldwide already adding antimicrobial copper surfaces to their arsenal of infection prevention and control measures.

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Taking the hazards out of biohazard cleaning From fires and floods to cleaning up after a fatality, biohazard cleaning is a growth area for the cleaning industry. Simon Biggs, Monthind Clean LLP partner and operations director, looks at the dangers associated with the task, and how to mitigate risk by implementing clear and definitive processes and procedures.

Biohazard and trauma cleaning services are in increasing demand across a variety of industry sectors. Partly due to the stringent regulatory control and health and safety guidelines and possibly because of the ever present fear of litigation, more and more companies realise that the most cost-effective way to deal with such incidents is to outsource to a reputable biohazard/trauma cleaning contractor. From property clearance and decontamination, particularly when a property has been vacated by a hoarder, or someone who was unable to carry out basic domestic hygiene tasks, to cleaning up following an unexpected death, the number of incidences warranting a biohazard clean are surprisingly high. Whatever the trigger is for the clean, the required outcome is the same - to minimise the risk of contamination from pathogens. The risks to health include viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV, which bodily fluids and faeces can carry. Pathogens can come in the form of bacteria, viruses, mould spores, or protozoans they can cause disease and often have a significant presence in sewage waste. Biohazard incidents are not only caused by people - they can be generated from other sources, including extreme weather. If flood waters have been in contact with sewage, they will contain pathogens, and even if they haven’t, they are still likely to contain disease-causing micro-organisms. If postflood clean-up is not carried out properly, 30 l APRIL 2017 l

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be supplied to operatives and includes gloves, overshoes, coverall, mask, face shield, and goggles. Everything must be either disposable or sterilised after use. Equipment should be colour coded, and best practice suggests that using icons in communications (including safe systems of work and procedural instructions) makes it easier to read and recall, as well as reducing difficulties faced by foreign national operatives.

mould spores can present a health risk in the future. Decontamination and cleaning of soiled areas are vital to reducing and eliminating the risk of infection from exposure. Every employer and property owner has a duty of care to ensure employees, residents, and visitors to a property remain safe, and this includes prevention of infection following a biohazard event. The ultimate aim of a biohazard or trauma clean is to remove the source of a public health risk, either by cleaning or safe disposal. In order to do this, the situation is assessed, categorised, and decisions are made as to what will be disposed of and what will be treated and cleaned. The job will then be risk assessed, for the operatives carrying out the work and for the general public, during and after the clean. A plan of action will be decided, in accordance with safe systems of work, and the operatives will perform the clean. The four key stages of clean-up are neutralisation, disinfection, removal and incineration. Infection control is paramount throughout each process. Cleaning takes place in a methodical format to eliminate any possibility of crosscontamination. It is most practical to have safe systems of work for different scenarios prepared, but it is imperative that these are reviewed by qualified personnel prior to the commencement of work, as every job is unique and should be treated as such. Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be supplied to operatives and includes gloves, overshoes, coverall, mask,

face shield, and goggles. Everything must be either disposable or sterilised after use. Equipment should be colour coded, and best practice suggests that using icons in communications (including safe systems of work and procedural instructions) makes it easier to read and recall, as well as reducing difficulties faced by foreign national operatives. Safe systems of work are in place to protect everyone, including the employer, and supervisors must regularly check operatives’ understanding of these, as well as their compliance. Staff are removing and disposing of contaminated materials, as well as working methodically to ensure they do not get injured or contaminated themselves, for example by safe sharps removal and prevention of cross-contamination. Safe systems of work should be easy to understand and available for reference at any time. They should regularly be reviewed, and always after any accident or issue - with all reviews recorded and audited for compliance. These documents are not just there to protect staff, they could also save a lot of time and money in the event of a claim for compensation. The costs associated with providing a compliant and quality controlled clean make outsourcing the task viable in all but the most exceptional cases. When you consider the ongoing costs of training for Biosafe certification, PPE, specialist cleaning materials etc, add to that the labour costs of the required management checks including safe systems of work, compliance with the Health and Safety and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, regular reviews and audits, and contemplate the implications of a breach of that compliance, is it cost effective to keep it in house? However, some organisations do choose to be self-sufficient, but the same legislation and regulations apply to them, and ignorance is no defence. In the workplace, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 give employers a legal duty to protect the health and safety of employees and anyone else that may be on the premises. Outside of the workplace, if an incident occurs on private property, the property owner is responsible for arranging a biohazard clean-up, even if the emergency services attended. From a management system standards perspective, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 cover quality, environmental and occupational health and safety respectively and whilst they demonstrate a company’s commitment to the relevant areas, they are not statutory. Biohazard and trauma cleaning is a skilled and unfortunately necessary service that, carried out correctly, maintains the safety of others whilst providing a satisfying and challenging career for its operatives.


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Caretex Pro laundry range launched The Caretex Pro range from specialist laundry and dry cleaning supplier Alex Reid is now available. Designed for professional use, Caretex Pro provides good levels of cleanliness and hygiene whilst also offering value. Alex Reid already has an extensive product portfolio that includes essential consumables, chemicals, laundry supplies, sundries, machinery, and spares and parts, offering over 3500 items to laundry businesses across the UK. Being part of Christyens UK means Alex Reid is at the forefront of new product innovation and in prime position to bring the very latest technology to its customers. Caretex Pro meets today’s tough laundry demands by providing a range of liquids that offer maximum cleaning

power at lower temperatures and with increasingly complex fabrics. “Our team can’t wait to get the new Caretex Pro range out in the market,” said general manager, Stuart Fullerton. “These products are uniquely formulated and the comprehensive range means that launderers will always have the perfect combination of chemicals to tackle even the most complex wash requirements.” The Caretex Pro range includes nine products, all with a specific function and effective with all water types. Delivered in eco-friendly recyclable containers, the products are kind to machines and are most effective working in combination with the Flux-Box automated dosing system, especially de-

signed for hard-working small laundries. Flux-Box automatically feeds the correct dose of laundry chemicals from the chemical containers via a wall-mounted pump module directly into the laundry machine at the optimum point in the wash cycle - ensuring accurate dosing, consistent performance and minimal waste. Up to eight pump modules can be combined to meet the needs of multiple machines. Alex Reid offers Flux-Box, including its installation, maintenance and engineering support, completely free of charge to those customers agreeing to Caretex Pro exclusively, as well as providing full training on both chemical usage and the Flux-Box dosing system.

Axis launches new company website Axis Cleaning and Support Services has launched a new website to better promote the company’s brand and range of services. The new website has been built with a user-friendly navigation, and functions seamlessly on mobile devices. Simon Giles, Axis Group finance director and Axis Cleaning and Support Services COO, said: “Being a service business, the website is usually the first port of call for customers. It is critical that we make a good impression, and that important information is easily accessible. We are confident that the new website achieves these goals. It has also been built to better support our digital marketing strategy, so we can analyse what information people are most looking for and tailor our content accordingly, making it as useful as possible for customers.”

Fast turnaround of rolling stock is essential to maintain the busy rail network schedules operated by Greater Anglia Trains across the east of England with key commuter links to London. Makita’s back-pack battery powered vacuum cleaners have recently been introduced to speed up the cleaning process and to reduce the physical burden on the cleaning staff previously equipped with mains powered vacs. “It is essential that our trains are cleaned to a very high standard at Greater Anglia,” said Jonathan Shakallis, presentation operations manager for Greater Anglia. “The new Makita back-pack vacs are giving us improved cleanliness levels, faster coverage and much easier operation. We are able to be more detailed when we clean, especially areas like seats and edges.” Makita’s knowledge of air flow and vacuum science, coupled with the proven Lithium-Ion battery platform, is integral in the new twin 18v back-pack vacuum cleaner, which can be used with 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah Makita batteries with respectively 22, 36 and 45 minute rapid recharging periods. On the Makita DVC260 back-pack vacuum cleaner the two 18v Li-Ion batteries are directly housed on the machine to power the 36v DC brushless motor which produces 45 watts of suction power, with a maximum airflow of 1.5m³/min, and maximum sealed suction of 7.1kPa. The HEPA filter can be easily removed for cleaning. The high/low power selection is positioned on the machine control unit and two 5.0Ah batteries give 60 minutes run time in high mode, 90 minutes in low mode, while the dust bag capacity is a generous 2.0 litres. Weighing just 4.3kg and supplied with a full brace harness with waist and shoulder belts for ease and comfort, this quietrunning back-pack vacuum has a lightweight 28mm suction hose, telescopic straight pipe with 500-850mm length adjustment, and a flexible rubber nozzle ideal for cleaning uneven surfaces. Greater Anglia has introduced an initial consignment of 11 machines for its train cleaning operations and is testing the vacuums with other services. “The cordless vacuums are easy to manoeuvre and lightweight, and they have helped to improve our efficiency and reduce the physical efforts of our staff,” continued Shakallis. “We find the twin batteries give us plenty of run-time on maximum suction which has improved our turnaround time. ”


The ultimate cleaning machine! The SEBO DART is the ultimate vacuum cleaner for all sorts of commercial locations. This upright vacuum cleaner is perfectly suited to a wide variety of floorcoverings and is easy to manoeuvre around stools and tables. With its powerful brush action it offers a thorough, professional quality one pass pick-up. The DART features a ‘Flex’ neck, S-Class filtration, an on-board hose, a crevice nozzle, 4-level 32 l APRIL 2017 l

height adjustment and auto shut-off. Available in two brush widths – 31cm and 37cm – the SEBO DART weighs in at just 6.7kg and 6.9kg respectively. The DART’s ‘Flex’ neck gives 90° vertical and 180° horizontal movement, providing superb manoeuvrability for swift cleaning around obstacles. In addition, its flat-to-floor design enables the DART to clean under hard-to-reach places. What is more, when detached from the power head, the DART body is

transformed into a lightweight, powerful suction machine. With easy-to-replace filters and convenient blockage access points maintenance of the SEBO DART is simple. The brush roller is a cartridge design so it is quick to remove for cleaning and replacement. To maintain hard floors there is the SEBO ultra high speed polisher head which uses the latest technology diamond pads to bring a brilliant shine to hard floors

without the use of chemicals. Designed to meet the demands of commercial, the DART is easy to use, easy to maintain, offers brilliant performance and is cost-effective to own. For further information, please call 01494 465 533 or visit: The DART features a ‘Flex’ neck, S-Class filtration, an on-board hose, 4-level height adjustment and auto shut-off.


Super-absorbing pad dries spilt liquids in seconds Robert Scott & Sons Ltd, the single source supplier of over 4500 wholesale cleaning hardware products, has added the Dry-Up liquid absorbing pad to its range. This replaces traditional procedures requiring the use of chemicals and powders, a period of waiting, clearing with a broom, dustpan and brush, and then bagging before disposal. Dry-Up is a super absorbent disposable pad which absorbs spilt liquids (including liquids such as oil and fat) in seconds, bonding it into the pad’s surface by converting it into a gelled substance. “Spilt liquids often demand a speedy response and Dry-

Up’s unique technology enables each pad to absorb up to a litre of liquid converting it into a gel in 3-150 seconds, depending on the composition of the spill,” said sales and marketing director, Alastair Scott. “Dry-Up is an innovative product designed to ensure the safe clean-up of slip-risk or unpleasant liquid spills, such as urine,

blood, coffee, oil, bleach, chlorine, and kitchen fat, which often demands a speedy response. That’s why it’s perfect for spills in sensitive environments such as cleaning up blood or urine in hospitals and care homes, hazardous spills such as oils in the automotive industry or kitchens, and slippery floors in public environments such

as airports, supermarkets and restaurants.” The pad’s triple-layer construction comprises a top polyethylene waterproof layer which prevents the spilt substance from leaking through and shields the user from touching the absorbed substance. The middle absorption layer is made from super absorbent polymer particles which quickly convert liquid into gel and bond the gelled substance into the pad. The pad’s bottom nonwoven layer quickly picks-up spilled liquid and transfers it into the middle layer. With no drips or leaks to contend with, the pad can be quickly and efficiently disposed of.

‘Efficient and compact’ tub vac launched

Disposable microfibre on a roll

High filtration - using a four-stage HEPA 13 filter ensures that particles of 0.3 microns and larger are trapped, while the unit’s 11.5 litre capacity makes for high productivity. Crevice and brush tools are conveniently stored at the back of the machine, and there’s a tidy cable wrap at the top of the unit to prevent tangling.

As one of the first companies - nearly 20 years ago - to introduce microfibre into its range of professional janitorial cleaning cloths and mops, Robert Scott & Sons Ltd has remained at the forefront in the development of the use of this deep cleaning fibre. “The introduction of the MiCloth and Mi-Roll disposable microfibre cloths is another demonstration of listening to customer demand and then providing the answer - in this case helping to solve the problem of cross contamination in care homes, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels,” said Alastair Scott, sales and marketing director. “The low unit price of both Mi-Cloth and Mi-Roll make them truly disposable and offer the cleaning properties of microfibre but without the need for regular laundering to remove dirt and grease. In short they are a highly effective cleaning cloth designed to be disposed of quickly and easily after use, preventing cross contamination and removing the need for costly laundry facilities and chemicals.” Both Mi-Cloth and Mi-Roll are made from 100% low linting microfibre. They are strong, hardworking cloths able to be used with minimal amounts of water and, like all microfibre cloths, without the need for chemicals. These super soft cloths are suitable and strong enough for hypochlorite solutions and are colour coded to help avoid cross contamination issues. Mi-Cloth comes in packs of 50 and the Mi-Roll contains 250 sheets which can be used in dispensers, stored and carried on trolleys, or kept on worktop surfaces.

Contractors looking to clean more efficiently have a new option in tub vacuums offering an A energy rating as the Cleaning Show saw the launch of Truvox International’s new VTVe. Light and manoeuvrable, this compact tub vacuum is designed for contract cleaners. Using standard 32mm vacuum consumables, the VTVe is robust, yet weighs only 6kg.

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