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he global climate changes and increased environmental awareness in society have put immense pressure on the energy industry. The EU and the Swedish Government have set ambitious renewable energy targets for Sweden with the aim of increasing the share of renewable energy by at least 10% by 2020. Göteborg Energi has taken this challenge seriously and decided many years ago to be at the forefront of making the energy consumption in Western Sweden more environmentally friendly. Göteborg Energi’s vision is to actively contribute to “a sustainable Gothenburg” while maintaining economic value creation and profitable growth. Implementing this vision requires a long-term approach and focus on developing sustainable energy solutions that will meet future customer requirements and political objectives. To make this happen,

the company has invested significantly in developing infrastructure for district heating based on waste as well as renewable energy and environmentally friendly fuels for the transport sector. Driven by their vision, Göteborg Energi is also actively participating in R&D projects to develop new energy products and solutions for the future such as biogas, wind energy and energy-ecient solutions for properties and households. Göteborg Energi co-operates with a broad set of players in the dierent projects, such as E.ON, Chalmers University of Technology and Volvo.


öteborg Energi has been a major contributor to lowering the emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxide by 99% and 89%, respectively, in the Gothenburg area since 1985. During the same period, the carbon dioxide emissions have been halved despite district heating delivery almost doubling over the same period. Simultaneously, the company has realised a significant revenue growth (260% in the period 2000-2009) with stable margins while continuously developing new products and services in response to market needs. Over the next 10-20 years, the company will continue to focus on developing renewable energy solutions on the journey towards a sustainable Gothenburg. The question of which energy supply technologies will be used in the future is a matter of both strategic choices and maturity. There is, however, no doubt that the financial strength, know-how and strong customer focus of Göteborg Energi will be used to stay at the forefront of developing the most promising alternative energy sources as a basis for future profitable growth.

SUPPORTING THE VISION Göteborg Energi is Western Sweden’s leading energy company delivering a broad portfolio of energy solutions and services to customers in the region ranging from energy trading, supply of district heating, cooling, electricity, gas, transport fuels and other energy-based services. In order to support the vision of contributing to a sustainable Gothenburg, Göteborg Energi has engaged in a number of projects: • GoBiGas (Gothenburg Biomass Gasication Project) aims to develop technology for large-scale gasication of biomass to be able to replace 30% of the current natural gas consumption with biogas in 2020 and supply biogas as fuel for the transport sector • Development of charging stations for electric cars to provide the infrastructure for charging 30-40,000 electric cars before 2020 • LNG GOT aims at supplying LNG (Liqueed Natural Gas) to the marine sector in the Gothenburg harbour to replace heavy fuel oils with LNG as fuel for ships • Wind power investments aiming at supplying 10% of Gothenburg’s electricity consumption through wind power in 2015 • Participation in R&D project to develop new solar cells with lower production costs