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Customer orientation is all about understanding and managing both the value companies create for customers and the value customers create for companies

Customer orientation

Although many companies perceive themselves as customer-oriented, it is not that common to manage the "value to company" dimensions of customer orientation

Customer orientation

Measuring customer value can be challenging, and many perceive high investment and complexity and uncertain benefit as barriers to pursue CVM

Barriers to adapting CVM

However, the companies that succeed in breaking down the barriers are rewarded financially and seem to be more resistant to market turbulence

Average Return on Assets Per cent

Company value to customers

Customer value to company

Measurement of customer value


Implementing CVM requires investments

CVM provides no significant improvement

Not using CVM


CVM is too complicated

38.0% Using CVM

CVM provides an incorrect estimate

The proposed Quantifying benefits of customer value implementing does not CVM are too correspond well uncertain with our culture

Average ROA – 2007-2010 Per cent 10.2 7.0


7.5 2.3

Using CVM

Top management will not support CVM

Recent adopters Non-adopters

5.7 2006


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