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Quartz+Co’s junior consultant team is made up of some of the most ambitious and talented students from leading universities in the Nordic region. It is a unique student job, offering a steep learning curve from day one.

Junior consultants work on client projects in close co-operation with experienced consultants. They typically perform tasks similar to those of young full-time consultants, which include data mining, analyses, fact-finding and preparation of presentations - just to mention some. Junior consultants typically work 15-20 hours per week, but we offer great flexibility during exam periods. When their time allows, we also encourage our junior consultants to work on projects full-time and across our three offices. Furthermore, like every other member of our civilisation, junior consultants have the opportunity and the obligation to shape internal projects and agendas, and naturally they are expected to take part in all social events.

A strong junior consultant team is an important way for us to nurture skilled consultants that later can be seamlessly integrated as part of our management consultant team. In order to support them on their journey, junior consultants are fully enrolled in our internal academies, receive intensive mentoring from a personal advisor, their QuartzBack, and are gradually exposed to ever more challenging assignments. During the last 18 months, ten of our junior consultants have become full-time consultants after completing their graduate studies.

We are always interested in new junior consultants for our offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. As a potential candidate, you are typically among the very best in your class and have strong analytical skills. At the same time, it is important, that you are empathetic, courageous, curious and eager to make a difference for clients and fellow consultants.

If you see yourself as part of our junior consultant team, please send your application by clicking here. For further information, please contact Jens Friis Møller.