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Champagne bottles, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and food containers. A team of dedicated Research and Development engineers has evolved a performing range of equipment to match the industry’s demanding requirements and satisfy the quality needs of key international brands. Iris Inspection Machines is known for its Evolution 12 sidewall and sidewall stress inspection equipment, for its Evolution 5 base, base stress, finish and mould reader machine. Iris has recently introduced two new equipments dedicated to the perfume, high value liquors and flaconnage industry, Evolution Ultimate for transparent defects and Evolution Dim for precise dimensional on line. The company has based its development on a long-term partnership with glassmakers in the field of glass defects detection, as well as on an exceptional know-how in the most innovative vision technologies. Iris was the first to develop and propose a 12 camera inspection machine. The success of Iris is due not only to the efficiency of its Evolution machines range but also to the excellent support provided by engineers worldwide.

stamping, pad printing, labelling etc. KBAKammann machines are available with up to 12 printing heads. Traditional ceramic inks and UV-curable inks can be used. Modern camera based article pre-register systems and Single Captured Tooling guarantee best colour-to-colour print accuracy. KBAKammann printing machines are easy to use and set-up with extremely short changeover times.

KLUBER LUBRICATION MEXICANA SA SE CV Stand B26 Av. de la Montaña no. 109 Parque Industrial Querétaro 76220, Santa Rosa Jáuregui, Querétaro Mexico Phone: +52 (442)229 5706 Website:

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ISIMAT GMBH SIEBDRUCKMASCHINEN Stand C17 Rindelbacherstrasse 36-40 74379 Ellwangen (Jagst), Germany Phone: +49 7961 886 0 Email: Website: Isimat excels in designing and manufacturing advanced printing machines for direct printing onto packaging containers. Print quality, reliability and productivity make Isimat’s printing machines the preferred choice in the global market of direct container printing.

KBA-KAMMANN GMBH Stand B22 Andre Tiesmeier Bergkirchener Str. 228 32549 Bad Oeynhausen, Germany Phone: +49 57345140 0 Email: Website: KBA-Kammann of Germany is a supplier of fully automatic CNC controlled screen and digital printing machines for the decoration of glass bottles, drinking glasses and cosmetic glass packaging with almost no limitation to article shapes. These modern printing machines can be combined with other decorating systems e.g. hot-foil

Jarmo Näppi Ahjokatu 4 A, Lahti, Finland Phone: +358 3 829 21 Email: Website: Companies of all sizes all over the world have selected Lahti Precision as their supplier of batch plants, cullet recycling systems, waste fibre, glass recycling systems, engineering studies, and plant modernisations. With over 200 references, everyday more than 50,000 tons of raw materials are processed with the aid of Lahti Precision’s technology to be melted to the highest quality standards required for float glass, bottles, strong reinforcement fibres, warm insulation wool, flat TVs, LCD panels, bright tableware, and various other glass products.

LOGIK SRL Stand E05 Fabrizio Boschi Via Ramazzone, 22, 43010 Fontevivo (PR), Italy Phone: +39 0521 611116 Email: Website:

TRACEABILITY WITH UNIQUE BOTTLE IDENTIFICATION It’s like DNA for glass: an engraved data matrix code with which one can trace any bottle to its point of origin. The hot and cold-end data from all the sensors are assembled in this unique code making it a powerful tool, essential for “big” analysis. Backed by our service, support and training, it’s one of the many ways we’re helping you to get ready for Big Data in the Smart Factory.

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Glass International February 2018